Read what our customers have to say about Kumon Books!

These are my boys’ favorite workbooks! My 2-year-old learned to cut very well because of your books. The older ones love the bright colors and fight over who gets to complete which book.

-Michelle Y.

We love the Kumon books especially at the pre-k to k level. They are excellent for skill building. We have been using them for 8 years and have really been happy with the results. The books are extremely well structured for incremental skill building…


…We always recommend them to our homeschooling and non-homeschooling friends who want to work with their pre-k to k children. Because each book is focused on a particular topic or skill it is simple to assess their progress at the books completion. It works far better than combined programs in single books. The glossy, bright picture artwork is engaging for the child as well. We were very pleased with the homeschool buyers coop was able to offer a package.

-Beth P.

My daughter has loved using the Kumon books. She started with the First Steps Workbooks and progressed slowly to the traditional workbooks. They have provided her with hours of fun and learning. Her favorites have definitely been the cutting and pasting books along with the mazes. The Kumon books are colorful, cute, and a great way to learn meaningful skills in a fun, age-appropriate way….


…I really appreciate that the books take an incremental, step-by-step approach so that new concepts can be grasped in a slow and steady process that is not frustrating, but rather enjoyable and natural to the child. Although my daughter has needed some assistance, most of the work can be done independently which is also nice. I have not come across another workbook line that can accomplish so much!


Kumon Math has been a life saver for us. My daughter responded really well to the drill method of learning math facts and has caught up on over 2 years of learning in about 2 months. We are slowly working through all the books from first grade (she is currently in 2nd grade) and expects to finish the 3rd grade books by the end of summer. I highly recommend using Kumon if you find traditional methods don’t work.

-J. Ram

We love Kumon Books! My son is dyslexic, and the repetition and review that’s included in their math workbooks is just what he needs! We will continue to use them all the way through…I think I bought all that Kumon offers, I was so impressed. I would highly recommend them to others.

-Katherine B.

We absolutely love the Kumon book series. These are a great asset to our home schooling.

-C. Zoulek

My experience with Kumon Books has been extremely positive. I was looking for math drill work and found just what we needed to fill in the mathematical gap. My kids enjoy passing each lesson and look forward to finishing one workbook and moving on to the next. In fact, I’ve noticed such a drastic improvement in calculations that I am adding the word problem books and geometry & measurement books this spring!

-Erin G.

My daughter doesn’t like math but she enjoys using the Kumon workbooks. They are just colorful enough to keep her interest but not too busy to be distracting. I appreciate that they focus on one skill in each book. It helps my daughter to see her successes and encourages her to try skills that are difficult. I highly recommend these books for anyone with a reluctant student.

-Jennifer Marino

The books are great — my daughter is two and a half and loves those appropriate for her age. They are all little games and she can get through 3–4 pages whenever she does them.

I believe it is helping her correct her pen grip and improve her fine motor skills.
– Amy N