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Mr. Toru Kumon, Founder of Kumon

Kumon [koo-mon] began over sixty years ago with a father and son in Japan. High-school math teacher Toru Kumon created a step-by-step, individualized approach to help his son, Takeshi, improve in math. This approach, known as the Kumon Method, established the basis for what would become the world’s largest supplemental education program, with learning centers in 56 countries and a student population of over 4 million. To learn more about Kumon Learning Centers or to find a location near you, visit https://www.kumon.com.

Kumon Publishing North America was founded in 2004 to bring principles of the Kumon Method to a wider audience. We have grown to become a leading independent publisher in childhood education, selling over 2 million workbook copies annually worldwide.

Our books are created through close collaboration between instructors, editors, artists, and designers in both North America and Japan, resulting in workbooks that are highly effective and intuitive while offering children a unique and fresh approach.

Our books are available at your local bookstore, some toy and educational supply stores, and online retailers such as Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble.com.

The Kumon Workbooks Approach

Here’s how Kumon workbooks empower students to learn on their own:

  • A gradual progression through content in which each step builds logically and naturally on the previous one
  • Intuitive page and activity design, so students know what is asked of them without having to rely on a grown-up
  • Carefully structured activities that promote learning through doing (as opposed to passively absorbing information)
  • “Just right” challenges that set students up for success
  • Sufficient repetition for memory and understanding
  • Each book targets a single skill at a specific level, so you can provide the right lesson for each child
  • How We’re Different

    Pick up any Kumon workbook and you will immediately see that we offer something different from our competitors.
    What sets us apart?

    High quality original artwork.
    We support independent artists and designers in the US, Japan, and around the world.

    We don’t license other media to sell our books.
    We believe children don’t need the latest fad or cartoon character to develop a love of learning.

    An obsessive attention to detail.
    Our editors, artists, and designers develop each page with painstaking care and craftsmanship.

    Cross-cultural collaboration.
    With offices in North America and Tokyo, we are uniquely positioned to develop materials with a global resonance and appeal.

    High quality paper, printing, and binding.
    As with our editorial and design work, we don’t compromise on quality when it comes to print and production.

    The Kumon Method in Action

    Want to see the Kumon method in action? Take a look at the sample page sequences below, from some of our bestselling early learning titles, to see how it works.


    Intuitive for children

    Our books are intuitive for children.  When teaching how to write letters, we start with simple tracing exercises, and then teach the letter L, because it is the simplest for children to learn from a fine motor control standpoint.  Following L, we teach T, and so on.  This may seem strange to adults who have learned to write according to alphabetical order, but it helps kids learn to write letters without frustration.

    Uppercase Letters_revised_ 3
    Uppercase Letters_revised_ 5
    Uppercase Letters_revised_7
    Uppercase Letters_revised_8

    The right amount of support

    We provide the right level of support so children can find the answers with confidence while developing new skills. 

    When teaching number sequence, we start with a clear path to follow, from one number to the next. Once the student has had a little more practice, we can remove the path and provide other supports—like arrows at the trickiest spots—where they are needed most. 

    Revised_Num 1_30
    My Book of NUMBERS_1_30 7
    Let's Color

    Gradual, step-by-step
    development of skills

    Our workbooks approach topics with step-by-step learning in mind.  In our coloring books, children begin by scribbling freely, but eventually learn how to color with control and precision. This is a natural and comfortable learning progression for students, and an important precursor to writing letters and numbers. Plus, our use of sturdy, high-quality paper promotes the natural development of this skill in a fun, enjoyable way. 

    Lets Color 1_ Pasta
    Lets Color 2_ Water
    Lets Color 3_ Pot


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