ABC’s Write & Wipe Uppercase Letters Flash Cards

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These write & wipe flash cards will help children learn to write their uppercase ABCs. Each card features the outline of a letter on one side with proper stroke order noted, and a picture and word illustrating the letter on the other. A dry-erase marker is included so children can write and erase letters over and over!

6 x 8 inches. 32 hard plastic cards. dry erase pen. color. US $9.95 / C$11.95




These write & wipe flash cards will help children learn to write their uppercase ABCs. Each card features the outline of a letter on one side with proper stroke order noted, and a picture and word illustrating the letter on the other. A dry-erase marker is included so children can write and erase letters over and over!

6 x 8 inches. 32 hard plastic cards. dry erase pen. color. US $9.95 / C$11.95

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46 reviews for ABC’s Write & Wipe Uppercase Letters Flash Cards

  1. JLAAK

    My 4 year old approvesThese are great! My 4 year old loves to trace these letters. There is a card for each letter of the alphabet then there are a few smaller cards with 6 letters to trace in a smaller font. I’m deducting a star because both sides of the cards are NOT eraseable. So if your kid draws on the backside with the dry erase marker it doesn’t come off. I would still purchase these again if I had it to do over because my kids gets excited to learn and that was my goal.

  2. JenD

    These are great for my special needs son’s homeschool programThese are great for my special needs son’s homeschool program. They are a nice size card. The reasons they didn’t get five stars are because the dotted line to follow is too light, it should be a bit more defined. The pen that came with the cards is very small and hard for my son to manipulate and use a proximal grasp. Maybe make the pen more like a normal sized pen.

  3. Adam

    The dry erase markers don’t work.The flashcards are good quality. The markers don’t work. Its a good thing to buy extra markers, with an eraser!

  4. Priscilla

    Great quality and made to last!My daughter loves using these! I only wish that both sides were wipable. We’ve already got some pen marks on the picture side just from accidental bumping it. Great quality and made to last!

  5. Amy

    These cards are exactly what I need for my 3 …These cards are exactly what I need for my 3 year old! I only wish there it came with a bag or reusable box to store the cards and marker in.

  6. kat

    Wish you could color both sidesGreat cards wish you were able to draw on both sides, my kid likes to color the animals, was disappointed they dont wipe off

  7. Sarcasmo

    Will Result in Acceptance to HarvardI just wanted to put down a 5-star review but amazon wants more out of me. So you’re going to get it.Love them. Have victimized others with appropriately aged childrens with gifts of them.One thing I don’t really like is that only one side has the wipeable finish. All the other reviews might say this but I didn’t read them. Because I’m a goddern cowboy–that’s why.Oh, and that Harvard thing is bull. But seriously, they’re pretty cool and my kid likes them.

  8. S. Joyce

    Great product! Easy to use!I love the Kumon flash cards! My son likes using them since they are colorful and can be wiped clean and used again and again. I purchased my own wipe-off markers so we had a color variety. The black marker provided was boring and didn’t seem to “completely” erase if not wiped off immediately. Seems to keep my son interested longer and makes it more fun. We also learn about colors at the same time this way. Overall I highly recommend this product (and any of the Kumon learning products).

  9. Ruth

    Buy!Excellent product.

  10. Lauren

    Not the best for our needsI wish these had the dry erase material on both sides of the cards… my 3 year old wants to draw on the picture side but the marker does not erase. The pictures are also pretty terrible… see my photo. The green color doesn’t help a little kid identify many of the generic ones and others are just kind of… really? Of all the words that start with that letter? X = boX… hey guys what about xylophone or x ray like every other kids alphabet uses? The dry erase on the letter side is fun and worth it at least so they’re not a total waste.

  11. Jill

    Ink stains clothesMy son is 3 and I was looking for activities for him while we are working on his attention span. He likes tracing these cards. I like that the pen is thin like a regular pen, but I did not realize the ink is not washable on fabric. We ruined a shirt before I figured it out. I now use these as flashcards until I can find thin dry erase markers.

  12. Reviewer

    Nice ideaMy daughter likes these, and its one more way to reinforce letters. We dont do them often and dont really “drill” these things at home, but its ine more thing to add into the mix. My daughter thinks the dryerase is great fun.

  13. Supermom719

    Reusable!My child really enjoys these cards. And I love the fact that it is reusable. Just trace the letter and then wipe off when done. My 4 year old is learning to write and becoming more familiar with the alphabet.

  14. Janet Reynolds

    Great teaching toolEasy to wipe and re-use, helpful in teaching my 3 year old.

  15. erika del rosso

    What you see is what you getIt’s good my kid likes it

  16. M. Crane

    great product, small penThe cards are nice, but the pen is too small for a small hand. Younger kids need bigger pens to be able to able to hold it correctly. I bet a kid aged 5 or 6 would do great with it.

  17. Luwisa Smart

    Five StarsThe best activity for learning how to write

  18. Kindle Customer

    Great Product!My Daughter loves these cards! Very good quaility product and they really work! They really make writting very fun to learn and in a very practical way.

  19. AprilPNP

    Five StarsMy kids really enjoy these cards

  20. Jeya

    Love it!This goes perfectly with the Uppercase Letters workbook my kids are using. They even have the lines numbered!

  21. Mary

    Five StarsGreat learning tool

  22. Pen Name

    GiftOrder the for a neighbors kid a d she sent me pic of him enjoying it. It was a hit

  23. L. Roemmele

    Great practice!My 3 year old son LOVES these! He practices writting his letters 3x’s a week and really has fun with them. He even likes to use the eraser.Just don’t leave them alone with the pen. LOL

  24. Ajk

    Great Product!My 4 yr old twins love these! THey love writing the letters and then “erasing” them with the cool marker eraser. They ask for them if there is a letter they are having trouble writing on their own.

  25. Margo

    Four Starslove the card size

  26. Susie Consigny

    Five StarsGreat books for young learners!

  27. Paris Jones

    Five StarsLove these!

  28. Marlene Guerrero

    Well madeThey are large enough for small hands to learn small motor skills and proper writing procedures. Perfect

  29. KBN

    good but has a design flawMy almost-4 year old immediately loved these, and practiced writing each letter with great enthusiasm. The directions are wonderfully age-appropriate about how to encourage the child to practice writing in a gentle way and keep it fun.BUT we didn’t realize right away that only the colored side of the card is coated, so unfortunately he wrote on the (white) backs of several of the letter cards and we can’t erase it. To complicate things even further, the small-letters practice cards are white on the coated side and colored on the (not coated) reverse. confusing. And it would have been so easy for them to coat both sides! or at least mention in the directions that they are not.

  30. Amazon Customer

    It’s a great tool for starters like himMy 2 y/o son loves this! It’s a great tool for starters like him! Highly recommended!

  31. Momma of 8 and 10 yr olds

    Great learning tool!My 3 and 1/2 year old enjoyed these immediately! He figured out the pen has an eraser sponge right away and writes and erases the letters. We have been working on writing using blank papers and blank ‘writing paper’ eraser boards but they just weren’t working. He either wanted to write huge ‘C’s or scribbles. This allows him to write in lines and so accurate letters. He looks at letter, says ‘Z for Zachary’ or other, then looks at picture on back to guess the word then turns over and starts writing. Can it get any better than that??? I am sure he will write on the backs which others say isn’t erasable which is too bad however it doesn’t take away from the learning we have experienced! Will continue with other Kumon products and hope to enroll in classes once back in the US at age 4.

  32. T. L.

    Nice idea, but could be betterThe cards are a good size and and the included pen is nice set. Unfortunately the pen stopped working after one day. I don’t understand how since we kept the cover closed and my daughter did just minimal tracing. Also at issue was only one side of the card is laminated. Hard to tell and monitor a toddler to only draw on one side.

  33. Crystal

    My almost 4 year old and 2 year old love these!It was a ton of fun to do the letters together. We didn’t have the problem with the other side not being coated. It is pretty noticeable that it isn’t coated on the other side. I don’t know why someone would think that putting the dry eraser on that side would wipe off. The pen is a nice size for their hands and there is a small eraser on the top of the pen that the kids love to use, which leads to them wanting to write the letter so they can erase it! Also the marker is non toxic and doesn’t have that yucky smell that most dry erase markers have.

  34. Grammy

    Uppercase ABC;sMy four year old granddaughter liked this set very much. The biggest problem is the pen is permanent if the child writes on his/her clothes. I could not get the black marker out of her pants.

  35. April

    Great for Older ChildrenThese are nice little cards, I like them very much. That said I am a bit turned off by Kumon’s age recommendation for these. The package says 2 and up. Now if you were planning on useing them as flash cards for your 2,3, and even 4 year old, great but the actual ability to write letters and numbers is beyond most 2&3 year olds so I just have to preface that my 3 year olds already know their letters and numbers but are still unable to clearly write with a pen (a more advanced motor skill). That said, these would be great for your child 4+ for writing practice, and as flash cards for children younger than that. Also, if your child writes on the opposite side it won’t come off very easily.

  36. Kevin J Broderick

    Marker doesn’t workMy daughter received this for Christmas and I just opened it to help her and the marker does not work. Not sure how to get hold of the company to get a new marker.

  37. B. Griffin

    Great concept; poor executionI was excited about purchasing these cards for my four-year-old, because she likes the other “wipe-off” books I purchased (in the Roger Priddy series). While the idea is a good one, we soon discovered a serious design flaw: only one side of the cards is coated. The other side does not wipe off, much to my child’s dismay (and mine!). Also, I think the drawings on the back could be a little more colorful; they’re all the same shades of green.

  38. C. Dearston

    Don’t buy themThese seemed like a great idea, but it turns out they aren’t. Only ONE side of the card (the side with the letter) is dry-erase…and what kid isn’t going to turn the card over at some point and write on the other side (the side with the picture)? So they quickly get ruined. Not worth the money.

  39. Gloria Booth

    Well made but can’t use washable markers.Exactly what was needed to improve letters

  40. Kate L

    LovelyIt was fun to write and clean it off after. I just wished that the other side of the card is also erasable.

  41. Amazon Customer

    Good but my son likes to use the marker on …Good but my son likes to use the marker on both side and it only has coating on one side for you to erase the marker.

  42. Thomas Neumann

    Er hört nicht mehr aufHatte das Buch für den Sohn meines Patenkindes gekauft. Sie wollte den Kleinen nicht überfordern, da er noch im Kindergarten ist. Daher schienen mir die Bücher von Kumon gut geeignet, da er selber entscheiden kann, wie viele Seiten er bearbeitet. Nun, er war von den Büchern (hatte gleich ein paar bestellt) nicht mehr loszubekommen. Tatsächlich konnte er auch schnell die Zahlen (anderes Buch) und die Buchstaben schreiben. Leider fehlen die Umlaute, da das Buch für den englischen Sprachraum gemacht ist.

  43. compgeek

    Good purchase to teach 3 year old to writeVery easy to use, my son learnt to write ‘A’ in about two weeks.That a marker with eraser comes with the set is handy.Overall, a good buy for the price.

  44. JoJo

    Spielerisches Lernen der BuchstabenMeine Jungs (6,4 Jahre) lieben es. Beim Spielen/Malen lernen sie die vorgemalten Buchstaben. Die passenden Tiere auf der Rückseite sind auf Englisch. Für uns war es super, da meine Kinder auch Englisch sprechen. Für nur deutschsprachige Kinder sollte man vielleicht die deutsche Variante von diesem Material holen oder andere Bilder selbst drauf kleben

  45. Jazzie

    Sparks interest in lettersThis book as really spark my DD’s interest in letters. The instructions are clear and easy to follow. After a few initial guidance, she can now trace the letters without any parental guidance.

  46. Pavan Khosla

    Five StarsGood

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