ABC’s Write and Wipe Lowercase Letters Flash Cards

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This sequel to ABCs Uppercase Letters Write & Wipe will help children learn to write their lowercase letters. These flash cards also include a dry-erase marker which allows children to practice the stroke order of lowercase letters again and again.

6 x 8 inches. 32 hard plastic cards. dry erase pen. color. US $9.95 / C$11.95




This sequel to ABCs Uppercase Letters Write & Wipe will help children learn to write their lowercase letters. These flash cards also include a dry-erase marker which allows children to practice the stroke order of lowercase letters again and again.

6 x 8 inches. 32 hard plastic cards. dry erase pen. color. US $9.95 / C$11.95

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36 reviews for ABC’s Write and Wipe Lowercase Letters Flash Cards

  1. Tammy C

    He enjoyed tracing the letters and numbersI bought these for my 3 year old son. He was being introduced to writing at preschool and felt left behind (already at 3). He seemed to lack confidence as the other children had progressed faster. I bought these flash cards, the upper and lower case as well as the numbers and we practiced at home together. He enjoyed tracing the letters and numbers, and using the arrows and going from the dot to the star was useful for him. He also liked that he could erase them (big deal for him). Within weeks he gained the confidence to try writing the letters on his own and his teachers say he is participating in class. The pens in the package are cute at first but the ink runs out quickly. I ended up buying a set of dry-erase markers and an eraser so that he could practice with different colors. This also helped him to stay engaged.

  2. Ruth

    Excellent productLove love love. Will buy for others. My two year old learned how to write her letters in no time.

  3. Kindle Customer

    Great Product!This is an excellent educational tool for all you moms and dads. The idea of the wipe away cards really makes it fun for your children. my daughter took to these cards right away. Its also more practical and a great “switch off” from tracing on paper. Not that I’m opposed to good old fashion paper and pencil. This really does teach them to write their numbers and a letters the correct way. The cards and pens are also great quaility products. I would recommend this to any parents!

  4. S.F.

    Tracing cards are wonderful to help children learn lettersTracing cards are wonderful to help children learn letters. The Kumon Method is a “must” for all children to excel in math and reading. This would be a nice addition to their worksheets. Kumon materials start with pre-readers and PK is a wonderful time to start this.

  5. chanel smith

    THE BESTI have purchased all three of the write and wipe letter/numbers. Large letters and numbers with the dotted lines make it super easy for my 3 year old to trace. These are easy to wipe as well.

  6. SBoykins

    EducatorThese cards are awesome and very helpful to the children’s writing.

  7. Heba

    Love itMy daughter love to write and wipe

  8. Rebecca

    Great concept!These cards are fantastic! I have my two year excited to do them each week and he does really well! The fact that they are reusable is perfect, I don’t have to print a bunch of worksheets.

  9. Amazon Customer

    Great grand son has Apraxia of speech and some small …Great grand son has Apraxia of speech and some small motor control issues…he really enjoyed working with these and I have ordered to small case letter set..thanks

  10. Leah S Bush

    Great tool for learning!I would buy these again in a second. I bought the uppercase ones at a garage sale and my little ones LOVED them so I got these too. I use wipe off crayons for them instead of the pen. Less mess for me.

  11. Na Di

    I like the idea and the pen is perfectI like the idea and the pen is perfect. But the card are too tiny, and my child can work without my help.

  12. MommyDiva

    Wipe and Wtite CardsThese cards make writing fun and easy. No need for a lot of pressure with the dry erase markers and its easy to re-trace letters with a quick wipe form a finger, hand, or eraser. We also have the number cards and these are just as fun to use.

  13. grannynannygg

    Green green greenLovely idea but very dull dull dull pictures. I would rather see black & white pictures than icky green green and only green pictures on the non writing side.

  14. annielouise69

    Not as good as other Kumon books/products.First, let me say I love Kumon books and so does my 4 yo daughter. We take them to restaurants and appointments to pass the time and do some learning. One of the great bonuses of Kumon books is their portability; it goes were we do.The flash cards are not at all what I expected. My daughter would only be allowed to use the cards while supervised as she would be more interested in writing on herself than the cards.But perhaps the thing I am most disappointed is how the flash cards take away her autonomy and the look of pride on her face when she comes running to show me the page she just finished on her own.

  15. Xenia Montiel

    Five StarsThis has been a great Addition to my classroom!

  16. Amazon Customer

    Five StarsGreat for my 3 yr old! He enjoys them and teachers say his letter formation is getting much better.

  17. Hilda Perez

    Great and fund learningGreat and fund learning tool

  18. charles

    LearningExcellent for my kid

  19. Thinker

    Excellent product! Fosters fine motor skills while engaging the …Excellent product! Fosters fine motor skills while engaging the child. Highly recommended.

  20. Silvia Bilacchi

    It’s great!A wonderful help for young children who are learning the basic skills on writing. I highly reccomnd this prodcut. As a matter of fact, I reccoomend all Kumon products. My kids love them! and me too!

  21. Mombabes

    Open right away!Very disappointed in this product as when my son went to use it the marker was completely dry & since we didn’t open it right away the return deadline passed & its worthless!

  22. Gia Kumar

    Five StarsMy daughter loves these!

  23. Elizabeth A. Bagyan

    A teacher’s perspectiveI bought these to use with my 3 year old son. He is in preschool now and they are introducing letter writing and sounds. I am a teacher (licensed in K-6 and ESL K-12) and often have to teach beginning reading skills to my students, especially phonics (knowing which sounds each letter says). So from that perspective, here are the reasons I did not give this product 5 stars:1. There are pictures on the back of each card of a word that starts with each letter, but they should have put more thought into a couple of them. For example, for “o” they have a hand holding up one finger for the word “one.” When teaching phonics to a beginner, you want to start with the short vowel sound. “One” is a terrible choice as an example word for “o” because it actually sounds like a “w.” I just drew an octopus on the card and tell my son that the hand is pointing at the octopus ;). The other letter that has this issue is “e,” for which they use “ear” as an example. “Ear” is a challenge because once again that is not the short vowel sound, and it will confuse beginners. I drew an elephant. If you want to get the most out of these cards, you should be using them as a way to reach letter identification and phonics. Have your child say a sentence like “O says /o/ like octopus.”2. This is a very minor complaint, but the “q” lacks a tail, and I never teach that letter that way, not do I see students writing that way. I just tell my son that it can be written both ways.Overall, I am very happy with this product. I bought it to use for handwriting AND phonics practice, but if your child is already solid on letter identification and phonics, then these would not be issues for you. If, like me, you want to use these for more than just pure handwriting practice, I suggest you make those small modifications to the “o” and “e” cards. I just don’t understand how a company can create a product like this and have these issues. How hard is it to have a teacher experienced in teaching phonics look over your final product to avoid mistakes like this?

  24. Alpha Betty

    Good product but more a question than a reviewThis is a lot of fun for our three year old. I came here to ask a question, though, and noticed that there’s no place here to ask questions, as with other products Amazon sells. That is my real purpose for being here. Has anyone used a regular dry erase marker on these?

  25. SwimDad_808

    lower case Wipe and WriteBought this for my 3 yr son who is now in preschool. I think the product quality is great and durable enough to withstand my son which says a lot.It’s helped with his recognition of the lower case letters, but his pen coordination is still not that good yet to make actually legible lettering, but i think the practice is helping his fine motor skills. I can see improvement in his simple shapes over the past month which this may or may not have helped with.Overall, I like many of the Kumon products and this is one of them.

  26. Jennifer M Lucchetti

    my 4 year old loves these cardsMy 4 year old loves these cards; we have the upper case & numbers too. I would definitely recommend them.

  27. C. Dearston

    Don’t buy itThese seemed like a great idea, but it turns out they aren’t. Only ONE side of the card (the side with the letter) is dry-erase…and what kid isn’t going to turn the card over at some point and write on the other side (the side with the picture)? So they quickly get ruined. Not worth the money.

  28. AL

    Easy to reviewThis is great!

  29. Gloria Booth

    Great writing toolExactly as stated. It only works with Marker supplied. It would be great if it worked with washable markers

  30. Karrie

    We like how large these are…We like how large these are….now to use them on a more frequent basis! Would be neat if they had a more permanent style “home” for the cards as the box is showing some wear from putting them in and out.

  31. Jaykay436

    Very AmericanThese are nice cards and come with a dry wipe pen. they are very American though, the ‘t’ and ‘y’ are written differently to what my son is learning. Also some of the descriptions are a little odd. Like X is for ox or q is for quiet, s is for sand etc. Sometimes I feel there would be a more obvious choice.They are a good start though and I would recommend them.

  32. Diana Motyovszki

    Great quality but not suitable for phonics.Great quality, my only concern is that for letter “e” they have “ear” and for letter “o” they have “one”, so I just use different words when teaching these sounds. For older children familiar with phonics it should not be an issue.

  33. compgeek

    Good purchase to teach 3 year old to writeVery easy to use, my son learnt to write ‘a’ and ‘b’ in about two weeks.That a marker with eraser comes with the set is handy.Overall, a good buy for the price.

  34. Karen

    Great fornkidGood fit kid to pla with whilst also learning at the same time. She loves it!

  35. Dr. G Kaur. Maan

    Three StarsMy baby was enjoying it but, he lost the pen. Now cards r waste

  36. olga

    very badI have ordered those Kumon books for my daughter and son to practice their knowledge. One disappointment is that it has not been received yet,I have been waiting for almost 20 days. Another disappointment is that my poor kids waiting for those books 🙁 Otherwise, the books should be good.

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