Algebra Grades 6-8

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This workbook applies the Kumon Method to algebra, so your child will build strong algebra skills without feeling anxious or overwhelmed. Topics include solving for x, simplifying algebraic expressions, linear equations, inequalities, graphing equations, and more.

8½ x 11 inches. paperback. 192 pages. color. US $14.95 / C$17.95




This workbook applies the Kumon Method to algebra, so your child will build strong algebra skills without feeling anxious or overwhelmed. Topics include solving for x, simplifying algebraic expressions, linear equations, inequalities, graphing equations, and more.

8½ x 11 inches. paperback. 192 pages. color. US $14.95 / C$17.95

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Pre-Algebra and Algebra Workbooks


6th Grade, 7th Grade, 8th Grade



74 reviews for Algebra Grades 6-8

  1. Amit

    helpfull for my kidsits really help my kids for day to day practice and getting better in studies

  2. Dandelion 🌼

    Helpful concepts to enhance understandingSo we bought this to help out GEM 7th grader. During the pandemic academic year. It was a rough year and our student got their 1st B ever. The book was very helpful with explaining some concepts and allowing extra practice. Khan academy too helps tremendously. The pandemic year had a stronger mental affect though. Overall a helpful study guide.

  3. Clio

    Excellent bookMy kid does it every week. Great exercise book!

  4. Clarice Taylor

    good algebra workbook for jr highThis was a really good workbook for my child going into the 8th grade. We used it as summer review and it gave me a good idea of areas where she was struggling and areas where she had attained mastery. If your child has not started algebra, this is only helpful if you plan on doing a lot of teaching the concepts. My only complaint is that there were not even brief instructions or examples for the different types of problems. It would have been helpful to have an example prior to each new concept. (It’s been a long time since I had to divide fractions – that required a quick search before I could explain it.)

  5. Christopher Woodall

    It’s an excellent practice book!Excelente book, I’ve been using it to accelerate my son knowledge on math and he keeps going, he loves it! He is in 6th grade and he is already halfway the book.❤️📗

  6. Lily

    Kumon Math Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Intro-Geometry, Geometry Will Make Kids Become Math Genius!!!Before I bought Kumon Algebra & Geometry series, I bought a dozen available other Algebra Geometry workbook for my 11 year-old son. That was total waste of money. My son finished Kumon Pre-Algebra and Algebra 190 page two workbooks this summer vacation within 1 month, and suddenly became a Math Genius, since he is only 11 year-old and 5th Grade. And now he found the Kumon Geometry 2 workbooks are exactly the same style, super clear, super easy to follow, and the middle school math suddenly became a piece of cake!!!Actually, I bought all available Kumon workbooks for my son since 2 years ago. He loves it! Math life became so wonderfully simple, and we are very grateful to Kumon Genius Math series…

  7. Mohammad

    Excellent BookExcellent customer service. My first one lost. They sent me another one. Every topic is clearly explained with easy examples. I recommend this book and will by other series also.

  8. Dave Dave

    Too easy for middle schoolMy 7th grader, who is a B student in math, said this book was too easy for a middle school.

  9. rk

    GoodLikes it hop my kid benefit from it

  10. Liz

    PerfectGood reference and practice book. I bought both pre algebra and algebra. Books are great!

  11. sagu

    Good for elemantry AlgebraI bought this book for my 6th grader . It’s a good book for doing extra practice for Algebra. I

  12. Amazon Customer

    Good refresherSeems to be a great summer review for my son who is struggling with math. He is using this book for review with a tutor.

  13. Chris

    Warning: Pages MissingMy book arrived in beautiful shape except that it is missing 8 pages including the answer key for the first half of the book. The pages count up normally from 1 to 80 and then revert to pages 65-80, repeating math lessons 33-40. The book is missing the review pages and the answer key for part 1. The second half of the book is intact. I had purchased the Pre-Algebra book last year despite some reviewers warning the answer key was missing, but that book arrived fully usable. This one is not.

  14. Tk

    Awesome Book!Glad I purchased.

  15. Jemal Nelson

    It was a giftIt was a gift

  16. Sharina

    Just like the kumon work books from classesDoesn’t provide good “teaching” methods or examples but if you have an idea of what you’re doing you can certainly help your kid out.

  17. Tom

    UsefullArrived fast, has a lot of useful problems and nice addition

  18. Mamabear

    Good for practiceChallenging enough for my 6-7th grader who is afraid of challenging herself. Working with this book helps her realise how smart she is.

  19. John Gholdson


  20. Amio

    Great for enabling kids to learn on their own!Got my son through the summer. He’s more confident about his math heading into 8th grade. Great book.

  21. CB

    I don’t like this book very muchI don’t like this book very much. I bought it as a supplemental summer book for my daughter. For one it doesn’t give a review of how to do the equations. Also, the answers for the first part of the book are in the middle of the book and for the other half of the book are at the end so you have to hunt them down.

  22. hendra sentoso

    This is an excellent book to learn algebra on the explanation in step …This is an excellent book to learn algebra on the explanation in step by steps on how to do the equations is excellent

  23. Dean Haidar

    Great priceVery helpful my kid in learning Algebra

  24. T Scott

    Three StarsThis is ok for a supplement book. There is not enough description to use it to learn new skills.

  25. Lola

    AlgebraGood for summer attention to remember or maintain algebra skills

  26. Massachusetts


  27. Veve

    Thank youThank you for the book

  28. Amazon Customer

    Not as expectedExpect book to be more explanatory and self learning style

  29. Tildon D.

    awesome love it,awesome

  30. mik

    Algebra workbooknice problems…

  31. KC_KC

    Great products as advertisedGreat products as advertised

  32. Josh&jess


  33. aneta

    Five StarsGood book a lot od problems and explanation

  34. Arvind Shanker

    GreatGood book, new as expected

  35. Carol hutchinson

    knew moredummie???

  36. ellisisland

    Five StarsGreat book to practice your algebra for higher math.

  37. GLORIA

    HelpfulGood , helpful for kids

  38. Amazon Customer

    God sendGreat

  39. AGT

    Great bookGreat book for kids

  40. Darrelynn A. Garza


  41. R & J Dam

    Missing Answer Key for Workbook 1Had to return book. Sadly Workbook 1 answer key section is missing. Inside cover states answer key for Workbook 1 is located in center of book. This book does not have one…

  42. Elia L.



    Great bookGreat

  44. yoonjae lee

    good easy question again again againgoodeasy question again again again remember

  45. joseph Masterson

    No exclamation how to do math equationsI bought this book for my niece thinking that it would explain to her how to do the math problems not just a bunch of math equations for her to do with no explanation how to do it SMH very disappointed

  46. Janiece a. Williams

    Five StarsI Love Kumon and their theory on mastery

  47. BAKlineRMR

    Five StarsThank you!

  48. PrimeCustomer

    Five StarsVery good.

  49. Jagannathan

    Highly recommendedGood approach and excellent coverage

  50. Sandipan Ray

    Five StarsNicely defined.

  51. Jm Schleicher

    Book I received has incorrect answer keyI am having difficulty using this book with my child because the answer key is a misprint. See from my photos, the book is Algebra Workbook I, the answer key in the back is for Algebra Workbook II.

  52. Amazon Customer

    Wrong Answer Key.Book 1. Answers are for Book 2. I reordered. Hope it’s right now.

  53. Dihydrogen Monoxide

    Practice, Practice, PracticeThis workbook provides the student with lots of opportunity to practice Algebra I, as well as elements of Algebra II. After a fractions, order of operations, and values of expressions review, Part I (“Workbook I”) introduces the learner to simplifying algebraic expressions, solving equations, and algebraic word problems. The first volume concludes with an exploration of simultaneous linear equations, as well as simultaneous linear equation word problems. Part 2 revisits (and expands upon) simultaneous equations, before moving on to inequalities, graphs, linear functions, and horizontal, vertical, parallel and perpendicular lines.

  54. Amazon_Lover

    2 books in 1You get TWO books in one and the answer key for book one is in the middle of the book. At the end you will find the answer key for book 2. It isn’t that hard to figure out when you actually take the time to read the table of contents… Excellent workbooks.

  55. Chandu

    good bookKids liked this book

  56. Daphne B.

    Excellent books!I bought those books for my 7th grader when I realized how is her knowledge of math learnt from school. Looks like they don’t do any topic thoroughly, just bits of everything that sadly results in not mastering anything. My child manages to score above average in her math class but doesn’t have a confidence at all.All books in the series contain extra practice and very little explanation on how to do it. If you need a book that includes short and clear explanation I highly recommend “Everything you need to ace Math” Both my child and I find it very helpful.We are on the third book and planning to finish all 5 by the time my child starts high school. She already got a lot of confidence in math and even challenges her older brother with some problems. Highly recommended!

  57. Sngglbnny

    We love the Kumon series for maths!There are many sections in this book – review of fractions, exponents, order of operations, negative numbers, values of algebraic expressions, simplification of those expressions, solving equations (substitution method and addition/subtraction method), simultaneous linear equations and “applications” i.e. word problems and graphs (slope of a line).There is an initial step-wise explanation of how to solve equations, but after that you are on your own… which I love – use your head to figure it out! Answers are given at the end of each section, but without any explanations – which also we love – they exist only to determine whether you got it right or not – there is no spoon-feeding the answer.They are supposedly harder than the corresponding grade-level in Ontario – I do not know about that. Our daughter (grade 2) is fairly advanced in math for her age and she enjoys doing some sections out of these for fun – like puzzles.This is a workbook, not a textbook – there are many, many problems for solving – lots and lots of practice. There is enough space for solving (but you can always use scrap-paper if you need). The quality of the paper is good (much cheaper than printing stuff from free websites online – also, you don’t have to waste time searching; cheaper than the classes!).If the above is what you are looking for, definitely buy this book. You will not regret it.

  58. Prashanth S

    Individual years book would have been betterI love these books as they keep kids engaged . But felt should have bought 3 books seperately.

  59. Nino

    UnderstandableGood book

  60. Amazon Customer

    Good buyGood buy

  61. Xuan

    BUY IT for maths!!!Help my son good book if Kumon

  62. Saba

    lots of Algebra practisei am happy with the material quite a lot for my son

  63. Emma

    Came in good shapePerfect

  64. Vg1804

    Very well designedVery well designed to slowly master algebra, without even realizing.

  65. Hemendra

    Four StarsKumon books are really great for kids. Amazon is the best place to buy these.

  66. David

    Good value and.good bookGood book but can be difficult to do some of the problems.

  67. Frederique

    Excellent preparation for a previously unsure, under-taught childOne month, in summer, of working through this book prepared a previously unsure/under-educated child for his 9th grade.

  68. Li Zhen

    GoodA bit hard than I expect. But it is fabulous.

  69. Mathieu

    👍Exactly what I was looking for

  70. meng zhang

    very goodvery good

  71. Amazon Customer

    Lo recomiendoMuy buenos para practicar este tema con mi hijo

  72. Cristiane santos

    Praticar para fixar !Ótimo para fixar conteúdo através da pratica desses exercícios .Exatamente o que procurávamos para garantir uma maior habilidade .Super recomendado .

  73. Coutinho, edson vieira


  74. SHAFT

    Not what it seems!Expecting much more in relation to the amount and quality of questions in each exercise. This book is not like the booklets provided at the centres. Very disappointed.

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