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This sequel to My First Book of Mazes is designed to further enhance children’s motor skills and reasoning. Once children experience and master the easier maze patterns of the first book, they will be able to advance to the more intricate patterns of this workbook. This increased level of difficulty will refine children’s motor skills and further sharpen their reasoning and critical thinking skills.

8¼ x 11⅔ inches. paperback. 80 pages. full color. US $7.95 / C$8.95




This sequel to My First Book of Mazes is designed to further enhance children’s motor skills and reasoning. Once children experience and master the easier maze patterns of the first book, they will be able to advance to the more intricate patterns of this workbook. This increased level of difficulty will refine children’s motor skills and further sharpen their reasoning and critical thinking skills.

8¼ x 11⅔ inches. paperback. 80 pages. full color. US $7.95 / C$8.95

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154 reviews for Amazing Mazes

  1. LadyDi412

    Fine Motor/Pencil Skill Building with Mazes!If your child is being resistant to writing and other fine motor skills, consider introducing him to the world of mazes and connect the dots. My five year old has always had strong gross motor, but never had the attention span to sit and work on fine motor skills. He hates coloring, writing numbers and letters, and having him write his name is like pulling teeth. Until one day I had a maze in a packet of handwriting exercises. He loved them! So, having prior experience with the Kumon series, I immediately purchased this book after I ran out of mazes from his other workbooks. He loves it!The book is 80 pages long with mazes on the front and back of each page, so 80 mazes in total. The front page is a maze with a theme such as follow the path through the farm or the vegetable patch. The maze on the back of the page is a standard black on white maze with geometrical lines and shapes. It is clear where the maze starts, an arrow points to the beginning, and where the maze ends, a star is the finish line. For a Pre-K or Kindergarten student, the difficulty level is just perfect. My son actually had to take his time to work the through the maze, but it’s not too intricate to cause frustration. The mazes are also not super easy. I found my son stopping, picking up his pencil, and then placing it back down to continue. Part of his issue is that he does want to pick up his pencil to trace or follow the lines. So, I believe this will help him to realize that picking up his pencil while writing is ok. Additionally, the mazes become more challenging as you progress through the book. Furthermore, the book is approximately 8 x12, so the mazes are on a full sheet of paper. Some of the Kumon books are actually REALLY tiny (like the size of a 5×7 photo!) and realistically using the book is almost impossible, but this book sized for small children in mind. Everything needs to be BIG, and thus, this book is big. I will be buying additional books once this one has been used up.

  2. Thinking Out Loud

    Another Great Book in the Kumon Maze SeriesThis book of mazes is recommended for ages 4-5-6, but we got it for my son when he was 3 years old. He had previously worked through “My Book of Easy Mazes” (for ages 2-3-4) and “My First Book Of Mazes” (for ages 3-4-5), so we were confident that this book – the next in the series – was the appropriate level for him.I think if you’re looking for a maze book, but aren’t sure which level book to get, go with the one for which your child’s age is the middle number, e.g., if your child is 4, try a maze book for ages 3-4-5. I think it’s okay if the mazes are too easy at first. For my son, it was nice to see his confidence build as he had a sense of accomplishment after every maze he finished.I like mazes because they encourage my son to pause in the thinking process to look ahead to see which path will pan out – this seems like a good cognitive ability to have. Also, it gives him a chance to practice his pencil grip, which is something I think about because I never corrected my daughter’s pencil grip when she was a pre-schooler (I didn’t think it mattered!) and now, as a 7-year-old in first grade, she still holds a pencil incorrectly (which makes her writing messy, and her hand hurts after even short writing assignments).My only complaint about this book – and all Kumon workbooks – is in regards to the workbook’s binding. The spine is thick enough so that when the workbook is open, the book and pages do not lay flat, making it difficult to write on them. For every new page my son works on, I have to REALLY press down on the binding to open up the pages and keep them down. My son could easily be self-sufficient while he works on his mazes, except that I have to be always nearby to push down the pages for him, otherwise he gets frustrated. I don’t know if the binding is a function of the paper quality – which is very good – or what, but I just wish the pages would stay flat when opened, or at least be perforated so they could be easily removed and used as worksheets.

  3. Christinex2x2

    Good book of mazes but could use more pagesMy son is almost 5 and he breezed through this book way too fast though it was nice to see that he had to think about these before he did them. I bought a really big book of preschooler mazes at a wholesale club but he was able to cruise through that 200+ page book in a month of off and on use on the weekends. Both books cost the same. This book was defintely harder but after a week he had already gone through most of the whole book. I have twins so I had another book – yes, I buy two of everything – so this time I took that one apart (after boy #2 rejected it for the most part)and didn’t give him the whole book at once. Made that one last much longer. A good choice and the mazes defintely made him think about how to work them out before doing them – something he didn’t have to do much of in other books we tried. A good and fun book. My other son didn’t seem to have the patience to want to put much time into thinking about the mazes before he did them so he had no interest in it after a few uses. He found it a bit frustrating which I found odd because he is my “must color within the lines perfectly kid”. I would recommend this book but it makes me wonder if it might be a bit too easy for a 6 year child.

  4. Roberto R Batista

    Excellent little activity for little kidsMy daughter enjoyed it big time. Finished the entire book in a little over a week; had to control it a bit. Really good exercise for kids and keeps them away from the screen. Highly recommend.

  5. Maggie W.

    Fun for new maze into but level up if your child is already good at mazesGave this to my 4 year old for Christmas and he immediately stopped opening presents to do it. I had to drag him away. The mazes are a nice variety of shapes and themes (gardens with shovels and piles of dirt blocking the way or racetracks with traffic cones or other cars to avoid) but in the end I think it was too easy. He finished the whole thing over two days in under an hour total. If this is your first time introducing mazes to your child it’s a fun and colorful place to start, but if your child is already super into mazes the I’d level up. Planning on buying the next level in this series though so I think the publisher is good. They also have a ‘completion certificate’ you can tear out and fill out for your child.

  6. bodenmama4

    Simpel but funI have four year old twin boys, and they had mixed reviews on this. One of them LOVED this book, I wasn’t sure how they would do, and he picked up the concept very quickly. The only reason he wasn’t done with this within a couple days was because I paced him. His brother on the other hand, used it more like a coloring book, and had very little to no interest in actually completing the mazes. Ironically, he’s usually the rule follower and the other one is the boundary pusher ;)I personally love the Kumon books and their basic structure of starting them off slow and building up to mastering the skill. I have had great success in the past with my oldest son (now 8) using these books and they are definitely my go to in learning new skills.

  7. Dane shopper

    Sons favorite book!I have a 5 yr old who loves the maze books! I use these as a ‘reward’ when he has finished his other homework. Kumon has colorful and happy pictures and the mazes are perfect for the starters. We have already gotten the next maze book where the mazes get a little harder. This has even doubled as a ‘cutting’ book because my son likes to cut the pictures out after he has done the maze.The only con – and I say this in all my Kumon reviews – is that they don’t perforate their pages. It would make life SO much easier if Kumon would spend a little more and run the pages through a perforator on the press before having it bound. I am tired of trying to remove pages and ripping into the pictures and such.Aside from that one thing… this is a great book for little ones.

  8. You

    Love Kumon ProductsMy kids love the Kumon books. My 3 year-old does these puzzles. I’d say he’s maybe a little on the advanced side, so I would say probably on average 4-5 year-olds would love this and it would be a little easy for the average 6 year-old. I had to sit with him and really show him how to do them the first couple of pages, but after that he could do them on his own. I really liked that this particular book seemed like a challenge for him. Some other activity books for little little children are so easy that they can flip through it in minutes and be done! My son would do 3 or 4 mazes a day and then be done and each maze took him a couple of minutes at least. Really great for concentration, motor skills, critical thinking, etc. Excellent product.

  9. Amazon Customer

    Challenging but still fun.My kid cruised through the easy mazes in this series so I upgraded her to this workbook. I love how this series has different levels for kids to work at their own pace. We don’t use the pencil with these, we just finger trace so they can later be passed on to my friend’s kid. This book is challenging, but still fun. We love it!

  10. HomeschoolMamaofIrishTwins

    WonderfulOur children are homeschooled for Kindergarten. We study several different subjects.. with different workbooks.. by different publishers! We use Kumon, DK series, What Your Kindergartener Needs to Know, Brain Games,,, etc. I want to make sure our kids can handle having questions & problems presented in different ways so they can learn to answer even if it’s new to them. Our girls LOVE mazes. It’s a great way for them to warm up for homeschooling and it’s fun for them. Exercising their brain via problem solving, fine motor skills as well as their visual motor skills. They are also learning to start at the beginning of the maze or the end of the maze.

  11. Jesper26

    80 Mazes That Are Just Challenging EnoughI bought this for my almost 4 year old son. I expected him to not be able to get through it for at least a few months because he is still 3. He absolutely loves mazes and this book was the perfect thing to challenge him. The mazes started out right on his level and progressively got more challenging. It really has improved his logic and reasoning skills. There are 80 mazes in the book and he did quite a few each day, so he got through it pretty quick but he really enjoyed it. I would recommend this book for any child who loves a little challenge.

  12. Peachie

    Great maze book!My 4 year old son LOVES mazes. He usually breezes through maze books. This one is just a bit more challenging for him, so it’s been a welcome change.

  13. Gamer

    My 4 year old really enjoys theseYou can tear out the pages if you like. They are perfect for my 4 year old daughter- she was hesitant at first cause she had never done a maze before, but she caught on quick and they are too easy for her now- but she still enjoys doing them. We use them as writing practice. I tell her she needs to be careful to keep the line in the middle of the maze corridors to help with her fine motor skills and control.

  14. G

    it’s a good time killer when they are waiting for their food …I’m not a fan of kids playing with electronics 24/7… instead of taking out a tablet or phone for my kids to play with when they are at a restaurant, I give these kumon books to him to play and work through when we eat out…’s a good time killer when they are waiting for their food to come or when they finished their food but the “boring chatty adults aren’t done with their meals or conversation”……..

  15. Vicki

    Pretty good maze bookThis maze book is pretty much like the maze book that comes before this one, (Mazes 3,4,5). If I could only choose one maze book it would be the 3,4,5 book. There wasn’t that much difference in skill level.

  16. PPortillo

    A bit repetitiveCan be a bit boring for a child after a few pages. Its only maze after maze. My child will only do about 3 at a time. So dont expect this will occupy your child for more than a few minutes. Still, it helps them use their motor skills and helps them improve their handwriting. We do a few pages every other day.

  17. Woohoo15

    Great for 4-year-old!Colorful and challenging, this book has many pages to entertain early maze fanatics! The book is sturdy with thicker pages. Each page has a slightly harder maze, and the open space to draw lines is wide enough to help foster hand-eye coordination. Highly recommend!

  18. Trisha Tourgelis

    Great workbook.I love Kumon workbooks. My son is now 5 and has been using these books for a little over a year. They are perfect for little ones to learn how to do mazes and just the right skill level. We’ve started with the easiest and have slowly been moving up. The price is always great on Amazon as well. Highly recommend.

  19. Savannah

    Great book!Myb5 year old did mazes in this book for 2 hours straight on our 5 hr car trip! I call that a win!!

  20. Amazon Customer

    Nice colors and challengingI bought this for my just-turned-5 grandson and he loves them. Some are more challenging than others and the colors and pictures are lovely.

  21. lisapete

    … to upgrade to this maze book (she’s done the easy mazes previously)My 4 year old is very excited to upgrade to this maze book (she’s done the easy mazes previously). This one is a bit more challenging, but that’s exactly what we wanted. I have seen a huge improvement in her handwriting skills after using these maze books.

  22. Anthony P

    Glad I have itMy kid loves this. She doesn’t want to do the “harder” pages but it’s a good opportunity to teach her how to overcome laziness/giving up attitude and show her how to tackle something that looks complicated but isn’t. “Go backwards!”

  23. Abigail

    Perfect for preschool and K!We LOVE Kumon books. I homeschool and love to use these for my pre and k aged kids. I really think it helps their fine motor control and problem solving skills. It is also a great quiet activity for while I work with older kids!The pages are thick and good quality. The pictures are bright and creative.My son recently brought a Kumon book on a plane ride and it kept him busy for 45 minutes. I think that’s great for a just-turned 5 year old!

  24. Active working mom

    6 year old loves theseMy kindergartener does really like homework. We use these as a “reward” at the end of his homework. The other day, I walked out of the room to help our other child. When I came back he had completed 10 pages and insisted on doing three more to finish the book. He loves them and had progressed in his skill. It have even spilt over into his confidence in the other homework.

  25. Designer Mom

    Nice mazesVery cute book for our little 4 year old guy. The pictures are nicely detailed making simple mazes fun for him. Great for fine motor development and kindergarten readiness.

  26. Chicago Book Lover

    This Maze Book is Perfect for a 5 Year OldMy five year old grandson loves these mazes. He completed twenty of them in thirty minutes! Some are harder than others but not in any special order. Great book and value!

  27. busymom

    Love Kumon books!We homeschool and I needed some extra stuff for my 4 year old to do. He loves mazes and this book is fantastic. The mazes look simple at first glance but there are many that require a few tries. We tore out the pages and put them in page protectors so he can do them with dry-erase. It holds his attention well and has a nice mix of easy confidence building mazes as well as more challenging pages as well.

  28. Mrs. Colleen Gallagher

    Amazed with these mazes!!!This book is perfect for your preschooler!!! Hours of fun. Much different than typical books of mazes. My son (4 years), loves these because there are streets in maze shapes and many different themes of mazes. This is great practice for pre-writing skills. We always trace with out finger, then a pencil, and then a highlighter! This tip provides extra practice and makes the book last longer. This is one of my son’s favorite activities. He would complete the book in one sitting if we let him. It is that much fun!

  29. SunnyAZ

    Kumon creates great mazes for little children!!!When my now 7 year old was 4-5 years old, we started buying the Kumon maze books and he just loved learning how to get through each maze. These workbooks are colorful & great for traveling or days away from home. I really think that all of the Kumon series of workbooks carefully ease a child into whatever subject matter you pick. If your little one likes mazes and wants to master them, then I highly recommend this series as a place to start. Good luck & have fun!

  30. Steve

    My kid sits with this book for AN HOUR!I have young twins. One of them will grab these books and a crayon and trace the mazes for nearly an hour. He won’t even watch TV that long. He goes from front to back of the book and when he’s done, he starts at the front again. He doesn’t even care that he already has drawn on a page, he just traces again over and over. I have bought every book in the series.

  31. Red-Eyed Zhaan

    Great maze bookBought this for my 4-year old, and he whizzed through these. Loved it, and he wants another now that he’s finished all the mazes in this one. It was the perfect activity for restaurants, car trips, or anywhere we had to sit and wait.

  32. Niki

    Best maze booksGreat price and great book. I really love Kumon books, keeps my child interested and excited about learning new things!

  33. LoganMama

    Perfect for my kindergartenerMy kids love the Kumon Maze books. We start with the 1st in the series “My Book of Easy Mazes” and progress from there.

  34. Mary Gilbert

    Don’t buy used maze booksI bought this maze book for my grandson, who has just turned 4. I wasn’t surprised to see that many of the mazes inside had already been worked, but I was taken aback that most of them had been done with ball-point pen. Those that had been done in pencil I was able to erase so they could still be of use, but I was unable to give them as a gift. They now get use – with pencil – on the occasions of visits to my house, and I erase them after they have been done.The book itself is quite good, with pleasant graphics on good quality paper. I do recommend the book. Just don’t buy a used copy!

  35. Amazon Customer

    Great bookSo, my 4 year old daughter is almost done with the book, but she was very captivated with it.

  36. Sweetpea

    Colorful and Fun80 pages (back and front) of colorful mazes! Fun way to practice motor skills. My son is 4.5 and loved the mazes.

  37. MDaehn

    Great maze book.My almost 4 year old granddaughter loves this maze book.

  38. Judy

    Grandson enjoys mazesOur grandson really enjoyed this workbook.

  39. Amazon Customer

    More challenging than the other maze books for this age groupMy 5 year old loved this! Kept him super entertained during a long flight.

  40. Thugnanimous

    Better than othersI’ve been pretty happy with the Kumon series product offerings, but this book is better than their average offering. They mazes are challenging but not frustrating, and there are lots of them. I rate it higher than the parallel product from other series of books I buy, School Zone. 

    Mazes Animals Activity Zone (Ages4-6)

  41. kassichi88

    Just rightBig hit with my 4 year old. They’re not too challenging, so there’s no frustrated tantrum. They’re awfully fun though, so she isn’t dismissive of the mazes. Overall great living room book for when we’re having family time!

  42. Raising Thinkers

    I love this maze book!I am six years old and I love mazes. This was my first Kumon maze book. I loved this one so much that my mom bought me two more. I would recommended this book for young children.

  43. E. Van Der Scratchy

    great for almost 5 year old who loves mazesMy son is almost five and can whip through a book of mazes for 4 year olds in about two seconds. This book was the exact perfect level for him: he could finish the mazes without becoming bored/frustrated but each one took him several minutes to complete. He had great fun with this book.

  44. Amazon Customer

    Too easyFun mazes but my 5 & 3 old grandchildren blew through the book in less than an hour. Overpriced for the level. Should change recommended age on cover & advertising.

  45. Cailyn Kelly

    great for pencil controlMy kids love doing books with mazes. Keeps them occupied for hours

  46. Klinkerpopper

    My kids love these mazes!The mazes are fun, yet Kumon keeps the challenge up. The mazes start out easier in the beginning with wider spaces between the lines and simpler puzzles. They slowly ramp up the challenge and the kids don’t even notice. All my kids notice is the fun they are having.

  47. MGL

    Mazes book correctedI was very pleased with my purchase. At first, an incorrect book was sent to me. I contacted the seller and he immediately fixed the issue. I was allowed to keep the book sent to me and the one I ordered was mailed out right away. I would definitely order from this seller again.

  48. Vanessa–beauty shop

    NiceGood book for kid

  49. Katie

    Love these Kumon workbooks!I try to do a little bit of workbooks with my 6 year old son each night and he loves mazes. We both like the Kumon books in general. They progress in a logical way if you complete the pages in order.

  50. Amy

    Perfect practice for the writing-averse kidMy son hates coloring, drawing, and writing, but loves mazes! This is perfect handwriting and pencil practice that he begs for. I cannot believe how hard he fights other pencil activities, yet he adores this book. Very very happy, will need more!

  51. MontanaLove

    My kids love these!All the Kumon Maze books have been a big hit with my kids (my son just turned 4 and he’s just the right age to be starting this one). Love the space for the pencil lines and the clear, non-confusing maze paths. Excellent!

  52. flgatormom

    Mom, where are my mazes?I am asked that question by my daughter (age 5) almost every day. She loves doing these mazes. I actually take them to church with us so that she can sit quietly and do them during the service. She likes figuring out how to manuever her way through the mazes. Lots of fun.

  53. Girl from down under

    Fun and learningI used the Kumon maze books for both of my children. Both of them have enjoyed the challenge of finding their way through the mazes. I found that this was an excellent way to develop their pencil skills while having fun.

  54. Sassy

    Amazingly Developmentally AppropriateThis is the 4th of several levels of the mazes I have given as gifts to my grandson. The mazes are leveled so very well, and progression through them is delightful. I look forward to every new book as he grows with them.

  55. PapaBoosh

    Four StarsA little easy for the said ages.

  56. J. FORCUM

    Great challenge for our 4 year. She asks to do her “Homework”Perfect for our 4 year old (still a challenge). But our 7 year old still has fun with them. Good, fun colors. Not super cheap and boring. Well made.

  57. Carolyn Rodriguez

    Great mazes!We bought this for our 4 1/2 year old son. He loves it! As soon as he got it, he did several of the mazes. He prefers the mazes with pictures more than the abstract mazes.

  58. Thomasina I. White

    Five StarsVery challenging and a lot of fun for my grandchildren.

  59. K

    Fun Fun FunMy 5 year old made quick work of these and he loved the book. He finished every page and we then bought the next one. I like that he is engaged with practice pages.

  60. tspia

    Great mazes, slightly advanced for a 4ypTerrific little book, mazes very well designed. One page has a 3-d maze, the other facing page has a line design. 4 yo loves the 3-D ones but prefers the 3-4-5 leve version at this point.

  61. Omar Lopez

    Five StarsThis book made my daughter smarter by learning abt mazes. Thank you!

  62. Joseph Schwab

    Great WorkbooksAnother great workbook from Kumon. My daughter loves to work out these mazes. She has done this whole book while age 4. If you have a kid that needs a little challenge, this is a great book.

  63. Ecatch

    Love this line of books!Really great books for keeping kids busy in summer so the retain info while out of school.

  64. tammy hamilton

    Five Stars4 year old grandson loves

  65. Polar Bear

    Great maze puzzles for children.A nice selection of maze puzzles for children. My 5 year-old granddaughter enjoyed these very much. Range of difficulty levels.

  66. Sara Henry

    good entertainmentI have an independent 4 year old who usually doesn’t want help but loves to do “schoolwork” so this book is a great middle ground. It is fun and easy for him to navigate on his own — great for providing a little peace and quiet!

  67. Amy

    fun book of mazesKumon is great i own quite a few of their books this book is great and helps kids with spatial reasoning and problem solving. No two mazes are the same either which is great. I recommend it to parents

  68. Dimples 22

    He REALLY enjoys themMy grandson immediately began trying to solve the mazes. I’m happy it has three age levels as he has almost surpassed his age group!

  69. MARV

    Five Stars4YR OLD LOVED IT

  70. Richard and Liz

    The BEST Maze books 🙂All our kids have just LOVED these books. The mazes are colorful, get more challenging as you proceed through the book teaching eye-hand coordination, pencil and thinking skills.Highly recommended.

  71. M. Lotto

    This is a good oneMy kid likes workbooks. This is a good one. If your child is visually focused and likes the satisfaction of puzzles and mazes, go for this book.

  72. MomR

    great book!my son loves it!

  73. GrammaKGW

    Four StarsGrandson loved them.

  74. cd

    Crazy MazesMy grandson enjoys this so much. He is asking for more books with mazes.I’ll keep looking for more until then thanks so much.

  75. Verocharru

    Great.These mazes keep both my 4 and 6 year old busy.

  76. R. C.

    Five Starsperfect occupational therapy for 5 yr old at church or in car.

  77. urban09805

    Our 6-year-old enjoyed this.Our 6-year-old enjoyed this book, but wasn’t super challenged, and finished the book very quickly. If your child is advanced, I recommend purchasing the next level.

  78. Angel M.

    My five year old can’t get enough!My five year loves doing these mazes. They are just the right combination of challenge and fun.

  79. L

    Good kids book.Fun book. My son finished it in a week. Keeps the kiddies occupied while mom is trying to cook dinner.

  80. Ashley Crookston

    Perfect for our 5 year oldWe got this book for our 5 year old who is obsessed w/ mazes. He would have done the whole book in one sitting if we had let him.

  81. Jazz Fan

    son loves itThis is the second Kumon maze book we’ve bought and my son will be 4 next month. He loves them and is very good at it. We love Kumon.

  82. Carie B

    Wonderful maze book!Age appropriate & fun mazes for my little maze loving 4 year old!

  83. Amazon Customer

    Five StarsMy kids love mazes and it really helps them learn to write fluidly.

  84. S. Bang

    Great for kids who love mazes!My son loves mazes so he loves this book

  85. barbiejen2

    Another Kumon winnerMy 3 and 5 years olds love all the Kumon books and amazing mazes is no exception. My 3 year old started with the first Kumon tracing book and her writing skills are great. I can highly recommend Kumon.

  86. usuallyhappy

    Book great for mazesThis book is great for mazes, but spend the money and buy new. Even when they say nice used shape, it isn’t.

  87. Diana

    Five StarsMy five year old loves doing mazes. This Kumon series is really good

  88. BC/DE

    Five Starsgrandchildren loved it!

  89. Dianne Pearce

    Fun Book!This book teaches young children how to control their pencils and works on control that later aids in their penmenship.

  90. Linda Wilson

    Granddaughter loved itGave this to my granddaughter for her 4th birthday. She said it was one of her “most very favorite” presents.

  91. Jonathon Campbell

    Five StarsPerfectly fun.

  92. D. Mersnick

    Good with 4 year old.Bought this for a 4 year old nephew. He loves it.

  93. motoxracer

    Five StarsMy son loves these!

  94. DS5209

    These are great.My child is into mazes right now. These are great.

  95. Vikas Goyal

    Love this book!My 5 years old daughter loved it and really like to figure out the way by her own .Very good book for preschooler & kindergartener.

  96. Camille Castaneda

    Five Starsgreat mazes.

  97. Amazon Customer

    Five StarsGreat price for kumon

  98. Raymond Silvasy

    great mazesgreat variety, challenging, holds the kids attention

  99. xabrinax

    age range is more for 3-5 year oldsThey are easy to medium for my 4 year old daughter. The ages says 4-6 on the cover of the book. I would say 3-5.

  100. SS

    Five Starsgood books My 4 year loves them.

  101. retiredrita

    Interesting maze bookThe book of mazes is good, but past the first few mazes, are too difficult for a 4 or 5 year old.

  102. kelly renee patterson

    Every single maze was already completedI love these books normally, but every single page in this book was already used! Not sure how it was even reasonable to resell

  103. Erik K. Kober, Business Consultant, Small multi-business owner

    Was excited to find a good price, but did not meet book standard of …Was excited to find a good price, but did not meet book standard of “very good,” based on half of the puzzles/mazes already being completed…

  104. Jennifer Tzivia MacLeod, author of the Seven Day Manuscript Machine and Writing the Bible for Kids

    Perfect mazes for my 4- and 6-year-old!The kids are actually pretty bored with mazes, but I bought this book anyway because the graphics are so eye-poppingly beautiful. (I bought it at the same time as I purchased the Kumon book of Easy Crafts, also reviewed here on Amazon)The kids were intrigued, and so was I, and have requested these mazes regularly ever since I brought them home.As homeschoolers, it’s nice to take a “maze break” with between formal subjects, and the mazes are neither too difficult nor too hard for either child. I would say the mazes on the front (the 3-d, full-colour ones) are pretty easy; I can usually solve them at a glance, but perhaps the 3d throws off the kids, because they take a bit longer than usual. The back mazes (single-colour) seem more challenging in structure, yet somehow simpler to solve because of their visual simplicity.The paper is nice and thick, giving it a more important feel than most “throw-away” mazes we can find and print off the Internet (where there’s no shortage of mazes). The full-colour graphics also make these feel like a special thing, not just any other printable.The mazes do somewhat escalate in difficulty, but generally, I just flip through the book until each kid finds a maze he/she wants to do. There is a nod to variety towards the end of the book, with character-shaped mazes and direction puzzles on the back of some of the later ones. There’s also a “certificate” at the back that we will probably never use – we don’t need a piece of paper to tell us we’ve done some mazes.In general, I don’t think these are wildly educational, but I bought them just for fun, and indeed, they have proven quite fun. Along with the Easy Crafts book, this maze book would be great for bringing along with kids to any confined situation where they can’t run around as usual – airplane ride, hospital stay, grandparent visit. (perhaps not a restaurant, as you don’t necessarily want glue everywhere!)For the reasonable price of this book, I feel we’ve gotten great value – in fact, I’ve been pleasantly surprised, and would highly recommend this book.

  105. Michael F. Dillon

    Great maze book!My son is 3 and he loved this book and finished it in a few days. If you have a young kid who loves mazes, this is for you!

  106. Kristian

    Great mazes.My son who just turned 4 the other week loved this book. He went through it in just a few days. I’m on Amazon now picking out more maze books.

  107. Julia K

    Lacking variety, not engagingMy 3.5 year old is a big fan of mazes so I bought just about every maze workbook for pre-K&K category, and this one is just…so so BORING and monotonous. Yes, the book has 80 pages, but there are basically 2 types of mazes repeating themselves over and over again. And if you are in 4-6 age category.. it will be too boring. Just see the photos attached- all the mazes don’t have too much difference about them. In that sense I prefer School Zone workbooks, they keep child more interested.

  108. tracy

    Five StarsSon loves it.

  109. Augusto Sellhorn

    Nice looking mazesI just got my 5 year old this book and she loves it. Almost half of the mazes are rendered in a beatiful isometric view with decorations, while the other half are not as decorated but offer more challenging and complex mazes, so it has a really nice learning curve.The quality of the paper is great

  110. Teatime

    Perfect for my daughterMy daughter (3.5 years) was delighted to have one page a day as a treat.

  111. Mar

    The book is nice but the quality is badThe book is nice but it’s poor quality. Very frustrated that all pages are coming apart after a few times of use!!!!

  112. EH

    I do not need a mazes book like that.almost mazes pages have been finished, I do not need a mazes book like that..

  113. Vanna

    Not challenging enoughDc ages 7 and 5 whipped through this in less than a day. Still, we like the Kumon series of workbooks and were grateful for the diversion this maze book brought.

  114. brunswick grama

    Fun Puzzel bookMy 4 year old grandson loves to work maze puzzles .He loves this one, its not too difficult yet is challenging .

  115. João Brumer

    Excelente atividadeComprei esse livro para aumentar o nível dos labirintos que meu filho de 3 anos fazia. Muito bom. Em cada folha, uma mais atrativo com ilustrações e temas, outro mais difícil. Achei com um preço bom na época. Valeu a pena.

  116. MARCIA

    Otimo livro para passatempoLivro de labirintos.Sao 40 atividades ilustradas e mais 40 atividades mais simples.Meu filho de 5 anos adorou.

  117. schmetterlingskokon

    Viel Spaß, kurzweilig und fördert die Kleinen 🙂Sehr schönes, abwechslungsreich gestaltetes Buch!mit allerlei Labyrinthen bei denen vom Start aus der Ausgang gefunden werden muss.Prima zur Beschäftigung der Kleinen. Auch ohne Englischkenntnisse kein Problem!Würde es jederzeit wieder kaufen. Der Verlag Kumon ist super!

  118. Cliente Amazon

    Buena calidad de papelMuy buena calidad de papel. Gordito . Al final viene un diploma de finalización. A partir de 5a seguro pero lo haremos con calma

  119. Jimena

    ayuda a la coordinación visualMe gusta porque tienes que observar muy bien hacia donde vas.

  120. Amazon Customer

    Great learning experience but fun, tooWe have ALL of the Kumon Maze books. My 4 year old grandson loves them . He is niece going through a whole book every second week and is almost ready for the ‘elephant’ one!

  121. La buhita

    Laberintos divertidosSe trata de un libro de laberintos graduados en dificultad para niños. El libro es de gran calidad y ayuda a los peques a razonar de forma divertida mientras dan con el camino correcto.

  122. Anita

    learn slowly step by step 👍my little one having fun with this book and learning 👍

  123. yvr_mom

    High quality book!This is a high-quality book! The pages are thick paper and have bright colours. My 4 year old son loves these mazes. I’ll be ordering him the next level soon!

  124. one_two_three

    Highly recommendedI had bought this book for my 4.5 years old twin daughters and they have just finished it. As with most other KUMON series this book suited them very well. They were doing 2 pages (four mazes) per day without much efforts. I can’t say whether this is due to this book or just their natural development path, but I noticed that their drawing skill definitely improved over the last few weeks.This is one of the KUMON books I definitely recommend.

  125. Miriam Mendez

    Good qualityVery good to exercise kids brain

  126. Surabhi

    Excellent and amazing mazes!!!What we love about the Kumon books – the methodical gentle approach with enough instructions for parents and ample motivation for little ones. Becoz the exercises, increase in complexity gradually, little ones totally look forward to these books. The book provides ample writing and visual exercise opportunity. mazes become difficult and the confidence becomes better. Love the usage of normal day to day things and animals for making mazes. We typically use a finger first and then pencil for better results. We are using the amazing tracing from Kumon also in tandem and it makes a powerful combination for writing. My little one never sleeps without doing some pages and at times i have to wrestle it out of his hands.

  127. Ana

    Great maze bookGreat book

  128. Graham

    Must have itemMy wife uses these for home schooling and seems to be pleased with the content. My four year old also loves spending time doing these. Great buy!

  129. LETICIA

    Calidad excelente y precio justiMe gustó mucho, diseños originales y muy bien para las edades que el producto menciona, sin duda una manera divertida de trabajar el pensamiento de los niños

  130. AlessandraMARS

    libro molto belloHo conosciuto per caso i KUMON BOOK e da allora ne ho comprati diversi: sono esercizi per bambini presentati sotto forma di gioco. al mio 5enne piacciono molto

  131. Amazon Customer


  132. DEIRDRE

    Good for 4-6 year oldMy daughter loves this maze book, challenging but fun

  133. Frances L

    Good for developing fine motor control which is important for …Good for developing fine motor control which is important for hand writing skills. Especially good for kids who maybe aren’t as interested in colouring in books.

  134. Margaret Willard

    Five StarsI really enjoyed the Mindfulness DVD and found it very helpful. Thank you and I will order again.

  135. Julie B.

    GreeatMy son loves these Kumon books and in particular loved the maze workbooks the best. Kumon workbooks are well thought out and my children all enjoy using them.

  136. J

    5 year old loved this book and kept asking for moreMy 4.5 year old loved this book and kept asking for more. We bought the next level up.

  137. Kajal Shah

    very helpful to teach kids focusthe puzzle proceeds gradually from easy levels to difficult ones. some of them really challenge the kids and keep them interested

  138. J. Huggins

    This was the hit for our son’s Christmas, he …This was the hit for our son’s Christmas, he likes them so much, we decided to remove all the pages and laminate them so he can do them over and over again.

  139. 314

    Nice for 2.5 – 3 year olds. Probably too easy for 4+Nice maze book but too easy for the age range. My 3 year old raced through them all in half an hour.

  140. Carolina Ramos

    secuela en inglés del libro laberintosEs un muy buen libro para que los niños fortalezcan sus habilidades espaciales con laberintos adecuados para aquellos entre los 4 y los 6 años.

  141. Dimple

    Very goodReally good book for mazes

  142. WShopper

    Habilidades mentales divertidas para los pequesEs una manera divertida de ejercitar el pensamiento crítico y lógico de los más pequeñitos. Les enseña paciencia y a buscar soluciones. Los libros de kumon en general son un apoyo magnífico.

  143. Olena

    it was a bit too easy for himMy 5 years old son loves it. it was a bit too easy for him, but he enjoyed it and now ready for next level of mazes book.

  144. Cliente de Amazon

    Entretenimiento y entrenamiento mentalContiene 80 laberintos. La mitad son paisajes o animales y la otra mitad son laberintos tradicionales.

  145. Jan

    Excelente libro para niños de 6 añosDivertido y útil para trabajar atención y planeación con los pequeños, así como reforzar coordinación viso motora

  146. Sylvia

    Very good buyLovin’ all Kumon books! This one entertained my 5 year old while travelling..

  147. ND Ottawa Canada

    Five StarsMy son loved this and didn’t want to put it away.

  148. Jason

    I’d rather print the online Like printed from online better

  149. cristina

    EntretenidoMuy entretenido para menores de 4 y 5 años.

  150. Victoria

    good qualitybook, very bright and very well donethis is second book from Kumon mazesmy 3 y.o got first one on his Birthday and house was quiet for couple dayso, we decided to buy morevery-very recommended

  151. Chi

    For my 4 years daughter it is right level, …For my 4 years daughter it is right level, maybe it could be more complicated, may be maze is too large?

  152. Nilesh parikh

    Amazing mazesGreat book for children

  153. busyshopper

    Five StarsMy daughter loves this series.

  154. Felix

    Laberintos para los más pequeñosIdeal para niños de 4 años.Todavía sería mejor con hojas plastificadas para que se puedan reutilizar las páginas.Son muy divertidos.

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