Focus on Multiplication: Numbers 1-10

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By completing this workbook, multiplying numbers 1 through 10 will become second nature for your child.

Ages 7 and Up

5 7/8 x 8 1/4 inches. paperback. 64 pages. two color. US $5.95 / C$6.95




By completing this workbook, multiplying numbers 1 through 10 will become second nature for your child.

Ages 7 and Up

5 7/8 x 8 1/4 inches. paperback. 64 pages. two color. US $5.95 / C$6.95

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2nd Grade, 3rd Grade, 4th Grade


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65 reviews for Focus on Multiplication: Numbers 1-10

  1. Marcos

    The books are also great to assess progress and remediate topics they might find …I use the Kumon books for my kids as an additional homework. They work on one book, one page a day. It became part of the routine for them. The books are structured so that the kids learn by themselves and gives them enough variety for continuos interest.The books are also great to assess progress and remediate topics they might find difficult. The kids generally start the books in the summer before school starts and by the time they get to class they were already introduced to some topics and it shows later on their grades since instead of learning it for the first time in class they are in fact reviewing what they already practiced on the books. Love the Kumon method and recommend to all parents.

  2. BizCrank

    Might be good for practice, but not an adequate teaching tool.Boring! I’m teaching my rising third grader math over the summer to prep for entering third grade. I bought this workbook to use in tandem with another multiplication workbook. Kumon claims their system is great, but my bright kid is writing but barely processing anything. There is no explanation for the child about what multiplication is or what it means. There are no visuals to aid in understanding what multiplication accomplished or why multiplication may be necessary or helpful for figuring something out.All of the lessons start with grayed out answers that she’s simply tracing, but not actually processing the equation. In my opinion, there’s not enough randomized or individual practice…and it’s boring as all get out. Thankfully, we planned to use this with another workbook AND I have flash cards. Otherwise, I fear this workbook would be woefully inadequate for actually teaching information that sticks.

  3. According To Danni

    Great Start for Kids Learning Multiplication.Loved this workbook. My son is having so much trouble retaining his facts. This book is great, straight to the point, skill building. Just repetitive enough that he can memorize them easily. Four out if five stars because it only goes up to 10 not 12 times tables.

  4. Kindle Customer

    Eager to learnAwesome multiplication workbook. My granddaughter just finished 1 St grade and is eager to learn more multiplication facts and this book is perfect.

  5. Lauren

    Just as advertisedExactly what i needed for keeping my son on track during the pandemic

  6. JalynJoe

    We love Kumon!I homeschool my son and use Kumon’s math workbooks as practice/support work. There is no jumping around. They’re laid out so that the pages run smoothly.

  7. Amazon Customer

    Amazing repetitive practiceThe repetitive practice helped my daughter finally memorize the multiplication table !! Thank you !

  8. stfras

    wonderfulI love the kumon books great work and I recommend it to kids who need practice my son loves the little pictures but its mostly little examples and worksheets I bought almost all they offer in math and love all of them

  9. Elizabeth Aceves

    Multiplication PracticeGood book for your child to practice multiplications. Repetetive drills to facilitate concept and help child remember time tables. Satisfied.

  10. Cmartin

    Great book for extra practice.Great extra practice for my granddaughters. Love Kumon.

  11. DaNae N. Lacy-Watts

    Simplicity.Very simple for my daughter. She is learning so much.

  12. epharm

    Nice redundancy for simple math problems – good training bookMy daughter likes using it for math problem training. now, as she finished half of it, she has improved in both recollection and speed,. she like to time herself, and work in that challenge. recommended.

  13. Cameron N.

    Five StarsGreat for a student to practice multiplication over the summer.

  14. John

    My son is eating this up and it shows in schoolMy son has been working on this since he received it. His class is just starting the concept now, and it is refreshing for hime to get a running start for a change!

  15. sister


  16. Isabel

    I love KUMON booksI love KUMON books, they come in colors (very attractive for kids) and the paper it’s easy to work with.

  17. Harish

    Very easy .. not at all challenging levelVery basic level … should be for age 5+ and not 7 . My daughter didn’t enjoy this nook at all .

  18. Amazon Customer

    DisgustingThis book was so dirty it wad disgusting, It looked like it came out of the garbage. I wouldn’t give to my dog to chew on. I had to throw it away.

  19. Chandra

    Worth buying,Loved it..Easily understandable to kids.Recommended..!

  20. Jamila

    Excellent as always Kumon.Kumon Books are always the best for reinforcing skills. Used with Second grader

  21. Jeff

    One StarFake Kumon books.. The book is a lot smaller, material feels different. Will not buy again!

  22. Meg

    Good, and It could be better.We always like Kumon books, even though the recommended grade may not be accurate as each student is different. I bought this workbook for my son while teaching him multiplication. It provides mostly a bunch of multiplication problems, but it does not help teaching multiplication! I can write out some problems like this. This book was written with number sentences. I wanted to expose him to both number sentences and stacked problems.To improve my son multiplication speed, I used the FREE worksheets printed from the Beestar website. It is probably the best among the many learning sites. Their worksheets are well-designed with both time and accuracy targets set for you to practice. You will find that sometimes free stuff is even better. I gave 4 stars as it is not exactly what I believe a multiplication book for little ones should be, it does help with the speed and accuracy.

  23. Gerard Rein

    good product, but long time to receivegood product, but long time to receive

  24. CTmama

    Great for 8 year olds!Awesome way to practice multiplication!

  25. Jane

    NOT IMPRESSEDI got this for my 6 year old to work on over the summer. The layout is silly. For example, in the 2 pages I attached, the first set of problems lists all the 2x’s in numerical order, then the problems get mixed up right underneath. How does this help the kid learn when the answer key is above?? And the next page is right next to the answer key. And then that’s it for that number sequence, and it moves on to the 3x’s. Not a very intuitive layout, and does not promote intuitive learning process

  26. Adesh Ramsewak

    good bookgood price very helpful

  27. FT

    Teaches the standard 1-10 Multiplication TablesThis is a nice book with 70’ish pages that teach multiplication of numbers. There are separate sections for each number from 1 to 10. There are mainly two ways they do it.1) The regular way with 2×1=2, 2×2=4 and onwards.2) A nicer way where they have numbers given between 1 – X and you have to fill in the missing number for the digit you are learning. For example, 3,6,9..will be missing from numbers between 1 to 10. So, kids will learn what actually means when you multiply.A good book to start off multiplication for the young ones.

  28. Livia Martins

    ótimo exercicos progressivos de multiplicaçaoo modelo de exercicios propostos pelo kumon sao bem organizados , progressivos e gostosos de fazer, na pandemia esta ajudando muito meu filho a superar desafios da matematica e assim ele avança e supera os obstaculos propostos

  29. Isabel Barbato

    It’s helping with memorizationMy 3rd grader likes filling out the worksheets and is helping her memorize her multiplication tables.She can work independently and it’s self explanatory.I think she would have liked more games or riddle solving but it’s a great purchase nevertheless.

  30. Lucy

    un peu cheron peut trouver moins cher pour contenu similaire.

  31. Anneliese S

    Easy to learn!Loving this book! It is making multiplication understandable for my kids! Takes them through step by step on how to do it and builds on the previous skills!

  32. Peony

    Recommended to help memorise times tablesBought to help daughter in learning times tables . Excellent as it is repetitive and has helped tremendously in memorising the times tables .

  33. abg2008

    Very helpful workbookAs a homeschool mom and a tutor I use this workbook regularly to review and reinforce concepts with my students. Appreciate the layouts and clean pages and the systematic build to the level of the work.

  34. Jin

    DisappointedI’m a little bit disappointed at this workbook. I was expecting it to be a little more challenging. They should include more details so that we know what it looks like

  35. Gloria

    Great for practiceThis book is great for grade 1 & 2 (ages 6 & 7). Helps review and practice.

  36. angeloluigi

    esercizio quotidiano per l’aritmetica.utilissimo per il recupero o il rinforzo nei recuperi in aritmetica. Utili agli insegnanti e ai genitori. La progressione è armonica e graduale. l’esercizio proposto è quotidiano.

  37. Vincy To

    Good quality book.Great for those who are just starting to learn their multiplication

  38. Amazone

    Super für die Sommerferien!Kumon hält was es verspricht. Für das Buch werden etas dickere Papierseiten verwendet. Dies ist sehr praktisch, da man dadurch den Stoff sehr gut wiederholen kann, in dem man vorherige Lösungen weg radiert. Das papier leidet nicht darunter.Innerhalb kürszester Zeit hat unser Kind das 1×1 mit viel Freude erlernt.Zu beachten ist, dass das Kind die Lehrweise von Kumon mag. Unser Kind und wir mögen schlicht aufbereiteten Stoff ohne Schnick Schnack.

  39. Cathy Gorel

    Arrived on time and as describedItem arrived on time and as described

  40. Scorpiolove

    amazinggreat for kids. my daughter found it helpful.

  41. Hyun Joung Yoo

    QqIt’s good

  42. Amazon Customer


  43. ***J****

    Kumon books are greatSuper fast delivery. I love Kumon books.

  44. Demoisellebourcotte

    SuperTrès bien

  45. G


  46. Kali

    Diferente formato. Ahora ellos no nosotros.Han cambiado el formato. Este es más pequeño de los que ya tenia.

  47. Amazon Customer

    Kumon workbooks are great.My son knows his times tables because of this book.

  48. Tannis C

    Print worksheets online for freeSave your money and print out worksheets online for free.

  49. Sheffali

    Nice bookBought it due to the brand name kumon. Nice dodging exercises that gives repetition a good focus. It could have more pages.

  50. Amazon Customer

    Five StarsExcellent workbooks to supplement to regular school work. The pages are simple and easy to work with.

  51. R of NF

    Great workbook!Really is helping in my son’s studies.

  52. Sreerama

    very goodvery good for kids

  53. jun

    Five StarsGOOD

  54. Peter Smith

    Good, but short, and not enough focus on the difficult pairsI’m a fan of Kumon, but this book falls short of the mark. Too quick/easy and not enough focus on the “difficult” pairs of 6-9 multiplied among themselves that children usually must memorize. Timed drills from kumon and the two basic multiplication books are better.

  55. sumit patel

    MultiplicationI like the pageis

  56. CiBì

    UtileMa bisogna sapere usare il metodo. Io forse sconsiglierei il fai da te. Li ho acquistati, ma da genitore è davvero difficile costringere alla costanza su un libro i propri figli. E i risultati, passati i primi semplicissimi livelli, iniziano a mancare. E così lo stimolo ad investire 15-20 minuti tra lavoro e correzione.Poi dipende a che grado di scuola si trova il ragazzo e quanto tempo ha a disposizione, oltre alla sua disponibilità a lavorare su se stesso oltre al lavoro imposto dalla scuola.Sicuramente l’attività quotidiana permette l’emergere di schemi e trucchi di calcolo personali che alle volte se imposti non vengono interiorizzati.

  57. Sandip

    Good bookVery useful.

  58. parul

    Five Starsvery useful for grade1

  59. Juan Carlos Carmona

    Padre para practicarMe encanta porque los niños pueden practicar desde casa cuando están de vacaciones! Ejercicios sencillos que pueden practicar ellos mismos

  60. Wendy Arnold

    … I expected – and this will help my grand-children beautifullyExactly what I expected – and this will help my grand-children beautifully

  61. AJain

    Easy for 7+thinner than I expected. Easy for 7+ years

  62. monkeyface

    DisappointingNot what I expected. Typically, a page of exercises in this book goes:6×1=6×2=6×3=6×4=So unimaginative and simply boring! I don’t see how it will motivate children to learn this skill. Frankly, I could make these “exercises” myself. No attempt is made to explain what multiplication is and there are no illustrations or any graphical support. There are some exercises where the child must trace the numbers in the respective table, but it’s not clear how this would help as all the answers are given. I’m returning this book.

  63. lea derzsiova

    … there’s only a few pages on ……there’s only a few pages on each number to practise on…so it doesn’t have the desired effect…othervise good

  64. Pradeep Kumar

    OverpricedBook is good but very expensive

  65. shanker m.


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