Focus on Reducing and Calculating Fractions

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Your child will master reducing fractions to their common denominators in order to add, subtract, multiply and divide fractions without difficulty or frustration.

Ages 10 and up

5 7/8 x 8 1/4 inches. paperback. 64 pages. two color. US $5.95 / C$6.95




Your child will master reducing fractions to their common denominators in order to add, subtract, multiply and divide fractions without difficulty or frustration.

Ages 10 and up

5 7/8 x 8 1/4 inches. paperback. 64 pages. two color. US $5.95 / C$6.95

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4th Grade, 5th Grade, 6th Grade, 7th Grade


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46 reviews for Focus on Reducing and Calculating Fractions

  1. C. Wee

    Daily drillsThe exercises were good practices for home use to supplement what was learnt. Helps the child to fall into a simple daily routine to focus and work through 2-3pages.

  2. True Revu

    Good Supplement, Minor DownsideThis is a good supplement for extra practice for calculating fractions. Only downside (reduction of 1 star) is that it would be nice to have more than a handful of the same type of problems to work through, before the book moves on to another concept. Otherwise, all good.

  3. Mona Schmidt

    Nice Study Material!My son is in a 5th grade. He is very good at math. Since I am working full time, I ask him to do several pages per day in addition to his home work/project etc. Kumon emphasizes repetitive work. So it is rather simple, but it helps kids to acquire needed skill to be good in math. I highly recommend this book.

  4. Aaron

    Decimals made easyThis purchase was to help my kids practice math and it was perfect

  5. OCTrojan

    Good study supplementGot these at the recommendation of our son’s tutor. His test results are gradually improving, so I guess they’re helping him learn the subject material.

  6. J. Choy

    Four StarsGood enough.

  7. stfras

    wonderfulI love the kumon books great work and I recommend it to kids who need practice my son loves the little pictures but its mostly little examples and worksheets I bought almost all they offer in math and love all of them

  8. Ting

    Great fraction workbook for Grade 4 curriculumStraightforward instructions and decent number of practice. My daughter used this after finishing fraction section in a general Grade 4 math workbook to further her understanding and manipulation of fractions.

  9. Kindle Customer

    So far so good.bought for my 11 year old in sixth grade, to help with her math class this year. So far so good.

  10. S Y

    Too easy for 10 year oldKind of easy for a 10 year old. I think this should be targeted more to 9 or under kids. 10 year olds will not learn anything from this besides repeating some work they have done. The flow is decent though, they start from simple and then go a bit more complex on all different variations of adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions.

  11. Amazon Customer

    Four Starslove it !!

  12. Josh&jess


  13. Sammie Jo

    Five StarsThese book groupings are easy to teach

  14. glasscity

    I like Kumon seriesI always like Kumon series. Even though the recommended age may not be accurate as each child is different. Overall this book delivers what it intends.

  15. Addy’s Mimi

    Kumon Math.Great book for keeping the third grader on track.Love these Kumon books.Highly recommended.

  16. Jian Wu

    Four Starsit helps

  17. Jo Marie K.

    Thumbs up for KumonThis book really helped my son to understand and master his maths skills in fractions. Exercises were well planned. Highly recommended.

  18. Beth C. Schwartz

    Easy review bookEasy to use quick review for math ideas.

  19. whitepine

    Succint and SuccessfulJust what my son needed for a succint review of processes.

  20. vkmays

    Five StarsLove these books! They are a great way to enhance skills over the summer!

  21. SDfromTX

    Very helpful…I have been using Kumon work-books to teach at home and they are certainly helpful.

  22. JoAnne Bassham

    Five StarsLove! Just what I needed!

  23. N. A.

    Five StarsExcellent! My child has mastered fractions!

  24. Amazon Customer

    Three StarsAs expected.

  25. carrot

    Five StarsVery helpful for teaching math

  26. Amazon Customer

    Five StarsGreat

  27. piamaria Mc-Z

    Five Starsgood

  28. Amanda

    Kumon is helpfulAfter the Kumon workbook of grade 5 Word Problems, we got this fraction workbook for our son. Choosing Kumon Method has always been our top priority. This book includes practice of reducing and calculating fractions. Truly, there are over sixty pages of practice! Concepts are introduced gradually and built upon one another so that my son can advance through fraction without frustration or anxiety. My son also does math practice in Beestar (a wonderful website as a supplement of practice from school and Kumon workbooks. It is probably the best among the many learning sites. The worksheets are well-designed and have both time and accuracy targets set for your child to practice. Thanks to all the wonderful practice, he has shown great progress in math.

  29. LZ

    Easy but a great workbook to learn the basicsIt took my 10-year old (just finished fourth grade) four one-hour sessions to finish the whole thing. Some concepts were new to her such as fraction multiplication, but the one example at the top is clear enough for her to learn how to do it. She didn’t need any help. She is 99 percentile in math at her grade level. This book is not hard for her, but it offers a clear path for kids to learn the basics.

  30. M

    Five StarsGreat practice sheets.

  31. Danielle

    Lots of problems to practiceThere were more than enough problems to work on for practice. It was helpful for both my fourth and fifth graders.

  32. Dame Kat

    I love KumonArithmetic skills are crucial for understanding and being flexible in mathematicsKumon’s gradual progression from simple to more complex has ensured that my daughter is strong in math at schoolThey don’t do nearly enough practice at school so please please get your kids practicing arithmeticI teach special Ed students and I have to say these books are great! The paper is thick so that it is easier for students with writing output issues and the layout is not distracting or too busy for children’s eyesI highly recommend kumon

  33. Nilay

    Excellentthis is an excellent book to take your kid from initial level of understanding of fractions to take him to much advanced operations. highly recommended

  34. Amazon Customer

    Great qailityJust as described

  35. CLeung

    Kumon books are greatGreat basics book!

  36. Nathalee Wilson

    Perfect for learningExtremely happy

  37. Amazon Customer

    Four StarsAs expected

  38. Tarik

    Great book for working through with your childGreat book for working through with your child. Very clear examples and answers to all questions in the back in case your maths is as bad as my wife’s.

  39. Dee

    Good to goI have using Kumon and Jump with my kids for years. Very good book

  40. Suhael Choudhury

    Perfect DIY aid for developing independent skills.Very methodical and intuitive. My son is enjoying solving the workbook.

  41. Samuel Lee

    Five Starsgood book, my daughter love it

  42. Mrs L A Hughes

    Great bookAt last – after 10 long years my son finally understands fractions! No stickers, no rewards, no smiley faces – just hard core fractions that make sense!

  43. Amazon Customer

    Excellent workbookI love all Kumon workbooks. My children take good interest in solving them and have improved their skill on maths quickly.

  44. Kwame

    Five Starsjust as advertised.

  45. Zein Eid

    Five StarsExcellent

  46. antonella

    metodo kumonmetodo di insegnamento innovativo, piacevole per il bambino anche se ci sono esercizi molto ripetitivi. veramente valido in aggiunta al sistema scolastico

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