Grade 1 Addition

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Through our unique step-by-step progression of activities, your child will be able to confidently add sums beyond 30. To lay the foundation, children first count, read, write, and order numbers 1-120. By mastering the number system, as well as patterns and sequencing, your child will advance to addition with ease.

Topics Covered in this Book:

-Counting, reading, writing and ordering numbers to 120.
-Understanding the whole number system
-Addition sums beyond 30
-Patterns & sequencing

8 ½ x 11 inches. paperback. 96 pages. full color. US $7.95 / C $8.95




Through our unique step-by-step progression of activities, your child will be able to confidently add sums beyond 30. To lay the foundation, children first count, read, write, and order numbers 1-120. By mastering the number system, as well as patterns and sequencing, your child will advance to addition with ease.

Topics Covered in this Book:

-Counting, reading, writing and ordering numbers to 120.
-Understanding the whole number system
-Addition sums beyond 30
-Patterns & sequencing

8 ½ x 11 inches. paperback. 96 pages. full color. US $7.95 / C $8.95

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203 reviews for Grade 1 Addition

  1. Lori M.

    The effectiveness of these books has been paramount!I’ve been using these books with my 3 and 5 year old for a little over a month now and I love them. This addition book was for my 5 year old. This is above her grade level but I like to push her and this predicable study curriculum and routine has made it easy. We do 2 pages of Addition and 2 pages of Reading most every night. I can’t say that my 5 year old enjoys it but she’s 5. She doesn’t like any work. I encourage her and let her know that smart people don’t wake up smart, they earn it and “Hard work works hard when talent doesn’t work.” Although, it’s like pulling teeth to get her through this book, she has learned the number line to get the answers on her own, what to do when she goes beyond her fingers counting, number patterns, she puts the date on every page, and her name writing is the best it’s ever been. I kinda wish that the problems were vertical rather than horizontal but I trust the curriculum and I know teaching her this first has a purpose.I heard about Kumon first from a parent who goes to private school with my 5 year old. I went to the Kumon location and had both the kids tested and priced. It was going to be roughly $430 per month for college students to teach my kids 1 subject each (either Reading or Math) twice a week. As usual, I consulted Amazon and found that I could purchase all the books for less than the price of 1 month of what that tutor was going to charge me. Plus, while the tutor teaches the children, I would have to be there too but I couldn’t interact with the instruction. I’d have to be in the lobby. That seemed to me like a huge cost to be lazy and not do it myself.The effectiveness of these books has been paramount! It’s only been 1 month but my 3 year old who is left handed is now writing her name with unprecedented accuracy. She did the entire “My Book of Amazing Tracing” and has now started on the “My First Book Of Uppercase Letters.” She actually does enjoy the books. I plan to continue and finish all the books with both of my children.

  2. Jan D.

    Great work bookHelp build confidence going into second grade

  3. Jami

    Great for the intended ageFor what it is, this book is pretty great. But for my son, a few things made it difficult to use. My son is 3 and hyperlexic, and he’s already doing addition and subtraction. I wanted to get him something to encourage his love of math and numbers. This would’ve been perfect except for two things:1) Numbered math problems. Seeing a number before the math problem made it seem like it was part of the math problem. He kept trying to figure out what he was supposed to do with that first number. For beginners, this could be a problem.2) Small space for answers. I understand this book is for older kids. My son doesn’t have the same motor skills as a 6-year-old and writing the answers in such a small space was difficult.

  4. penlight

    lots of straight math problemsthis unlike singapore styles is just lots of math problems. less emphasis on word or visual problems. I prefer this method to be honest as practice makes perfect in math I believe. visual and word problems should be started later in 3-5 grade to add variety and challenge.with the advent of ipad apps that can randomly test similar such problems (math board solid paid app, mental math solid free one), my kid is much more engaged and I can take practice anywhere with me. such static workbooks are less and less useful. i do like though how kumon does math groupings (adding 0 or 1 to every number so kids see the concept of adding 0 or 1).my friends use kumon tutoring classes and say wonderful things about it. worth considering i believe if you think your kid needs a boost and you can’t offer it at home.

  5. sblack

    Excellent teaching toolsI’ve used these Kumon worksheets with good success with my kids. They are fabulous for helping to keep a fast learner moving forward in mastering math skills and practicing them so they become expert at applying the knowledge. I have also used them with my learning disabled child to help him review skills and refresh his memory. These are a great summer learning resource!

  6. Mz Frizzle

    Great pattern forming foundation!Teaching algebra II, algebra, prealgebra, and multiple levels of elementary math. These are my basic go to pattern recognition books for all beginning math students! They make math fun, simple, and easy.Will always buy to support early math learners so the older ones have the basics in place.

  7. Yuhao Wang

    Good as math homework, but it’s a little bit too easyI like Kumon 1st grade writing book more than addition or subtraction book, because addition book seems a little bit too easy for first graders. A lot of additions they already have been taught in the kindergarten, but it’s still good for them to practice as extra homework and they think it’s easy to finish.

  8. Kay

    Summer math practiceGot this for my kid to practice in the summer. Good repetitive practice but all the equations are written left to right direction, I wish they have some equations/questions going straight so it would be easier to teach him when it’s beyond 1-10.

  9. Maria

    On point.Daughter is currently working on this book. She’s got the addition 1 through 20 down, it needs a little more guidance on how to add past 20. I’m teaching her the old school way since having a number guide isn’t always practical. All in all, pretty on point, she’s getting the hang of it, and her number writing is much neater now than it was at the beginning.

  10. Kristina

    I have used this with more than one class of students and always had great results.I am a huge fan of Kumon products. This addition workbook has been so helpful with getting my first grade students to write their numbers properly. I always start the year with several students who struggle figuring out which direction their number should face. While completing this workbook they repeatedly practice writing their numbers. I have seen huge improvements in their number writing as well as their ability to add within 20. I have used this with more than one class of students and always had great results.

  11. Joyzer

    The workbooks seem to be good enough for now and I like them a lotMy kid has been having difficulty keeping up with math at school. I started doing a worksheet everyday when he gets home from school. These are helping a lot. These are very similar to the worksheets that they use at the Kumon Centers but are it’s a lot cheaper to do it at home with my son for now. The workbooks seem to be good enough for now and I like them a lot.

  12. Michael Walters

    Great for homeschoolingUsing for homeschooling. My daughter hates the hands on curriculum we’ve been using. I purchased three Kumon workbooks to use instead. So far she’s really enjoying them. I love that each books focuses on a main theme for it’s subject. If you’re looking a review type workbook Kumon is not for you. These are meant to help a child learning the subject get enough practice to become fluent at it. These have a lot of repetition, perfect for what I needed.

  13. Alberto

    Son loves itMy son loves doing math. He’s in K and doing 2nd grade math but we got this to help with his speed in getting to the answers. Its a little simple…but the repetition does its job.

  14. Mari

    Great learning toolI thought this was a great product. My son is doing 2nd grade level math in school, but we thought a solid review of the basics was warranted, and I do think it has helped him solidify the basic addition concepts. As advertised, it systematically takes you from the most basic additions to additions up to 28. It’s just a bunch of practiced, but well arranged such that the child ‘gets’ it as he progresses.

  15. reviewmom

    My daughter’s mental math has Greatly improved!At first I didn’t like this book, but used it anyway with my six year old daughter. I’m so glad we persevered through it! My daughter’s mental math had gotten so much better! We have done away with counting on fingers and she can count up mentally! If you stick with it, you will see the results! Mental Math will be CRUCIAL as math concepts become more challenging! Also, I prefer using this book to do math drills, rather than printing out sheets every day.

  16. Michelle

    Am using these workbooks with my Kindergarten twins. They’re …Am using these workbooks with my Kindergarten twins.They’re able to read the directions any comprehend 90% of them but some are not clear and would benefit from simplification. Bottom line, I’d buy it again and find it worthwhile. would benefit from simplification. The material isn’t very challenging but helps keep their skills sharp. Bottom line, I’d buy it again and find it worthwhile.

  17. Sat_Sonic

    What more can I say about Kumon…Excellent product!Our 5 yr old twins have been working these books every since they were 2.5 or 3. Man they really work. They are basically able to read and write on their own (haven’t even started kindergarten) and are already showing strengths in mathematics. Wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for the Kumon approach. They have a reiterative step by step approach which gets more difficult as the child moves farther through the lessons. Would recommend to any parent wanting to get their little one off on the right path when it comes to education.

  18. Cory Jerome

    Great helping toolMy daughter was having a hard time keeping up with all the other kids in her class and her grades shown it.We wanted to put her through Kumon learning center, but it was not affordable at the time and my wife found these books on amazon. Since my daughter been working in these work books she has improved a lot and her grades have improved in school. If you have time to work with your child and looking at an affordable way to help I would recommend these work books they help.

  19. Niko


  20. Melanie Hernandez

    Great quality workbooksGreat Systematic approach to mastering addition. These are super high quality workbooks printed on a nice, heavy paper. I’ve spent a ton of money on workbooks over the years, but kumon is definitely the best. I have my kids do a page every day and I have definitely seen a great improvement in their addition skills and they are performing better in math overall.

  21. Kelly C.

    Just basic addition pages presented in steps–buy a cheaper book for same effect.I usually love the Kumon series. However, I was not thrilled with this book. It just basically presents addition single digit numbers to other numbers up to 25; it uses no pictures or activities at all to reinforce.The print in this is much smaller than the basic skills addition books. I use touch math when teaching my kids, and the print in this was really too small to do that successfully. I had to copy the pages and enlarge them to 175%.It’s ok, that’s why it did get three stars. However, cheaper books and freebie online printables will do the same thing. Not really worth the money.

  22. Raja Balu

    Great Samples…We used to try giving sample sheets by own and downloading from the internet. But these samples and directions are awesome. Worth for the money I spent.

  23. Koda

    good book!My son is going to go to school this year so I purchase this to make sure he is ready for the school. I haven’t start to do it yet, but I remember when I was young I had KUMON math after school program. This book is just looks like that and it helps kids to practice to solve simple math addition but faster and faster when they are used to do this.

  24. E. Melcher

    Good bookInterestingly enough, I purchased for my 1st grader to practice. The first half of the book is so basic we just skipped it. The second 1/2 has good drills for her. Using the 1st half for my kindergartner to practice writing his numbers and start learning math facts.

  25. Tina

    Disappointed…Not what was expected.Bought this for my 4 year old who was doing addition in his Montessori pre-k class as reinforcement. I thought it would be the best level for him but too bad the 1st 30 pages are nothing but writing numbers. I was expecting the entire workbook to focus on addition since he can already do his numbers well past 100. We are going to complete the book but I guess I’ll be reviewing more closely in the future.

  26. Anna Watkins

    Kumon Equals AwesomeI loved the repetition in this book. Something my son extremely needed. He is almost finished with this book and has already started on the 2nd Grade level of Addition. It has helped him so much.

  27. Patrick

    RecommendGreat product for children beginning to learn their facts.

  28. ronnie

    Similar but not the same as Kumon class workbookAbout 85 pages of practice materials, ranging from super easy review stuff (sequential numbers from 1-100) to adding 1-10. Example: You get 4 pages of add 3’s to a number. Similar but not the same workbook you get from Kumon classes which has more repetition and more practice questions.

  29. XXEQU1S

    I ❤️ that’s very easy to follow and the points system grading helps as …My 6 yr old ❤️s it! I ❤️ that’s very easy to follow and the points system grading helps as a form of reinforcement for my son!!!

  30. Kamalakar

    Very usefulGoodwood.

  31. Amazon Customer

    Very very useful to keep my son occupied and learn at the …I wish I bought this earlier…… the book is colorful, inspiring and takes one step at a time…Very very useful to keep my son occupied and learn at the same time.

  32. Michelle Yao

    So we use these books to do homework like her big sisterMy almost 4 year old daughter loves to play school. So we use these books to do homework like her big sister. She will be well prepared when she enters kindergarten.

  33. Mrs. Gray

    Still looking for a good bookThis is ok for someone being introduced to number and orders. This would have been great for my 5 year old a year and a half ago and work up slowly

  34. La Wonda Harris

    This is exactly what I was looking for. With …This is exactly what I was looking for. With all the new math, kids are not mastering the basics. The repetition is helpful and continues to build. I will be using this in addition to what my grandson is learning in school.

  35. Brendy Sierra

    Great for my 5 year oldThis book has been awesome. My 5 year old kindergartener absolutely loves math. And these lessons are amazing for his age.

  36. tmichele

    Kept Her InterestedMy daughter loves the Kumon workbooks. She spends time, on her own without prompting from me, working in her workbooks. She has requested the 3rd grade Kumon workbooks (she is now in 2nd grade) because she wants to make sure she has them when she starts 3rd grade in September. They are basic, simple, and easy to follow.

  37. Maria Kelly

    Excellent book for my first graderExcellent book for my first grader. He was stuck on his Xtra math addition work, until he received this extra practice using this addition book. It really has made a difference for him to remember his addition tables.

  38. georgina

    Fun, daughter (7 loves)My first grade daughter who is 7 thinks that it is really cool to do these. Not sure when that perspective will change but for now she can stay up late doing a couple instead of going to bed and she considers them a real treat!

  39. Helen H

    Great book. I got this for summer practiceGreat book. I got this for summer practice, and am very happy with it. There is enough repetition for a child to get familiar with the number combinations.. and it has helped my shaky adder be more confident and quick with simple adding problems.

  40. shanmugapriya

    My son is doing this regularly and enjoys it. …My son is doing this regularly and enjoys it. He does addition and word problems book on a regular basis. He learns lot of math by doing the kumon books. These books help a lot to do the school math.

  41. Sage

    good bookIt’s a good book but I wish there were more repetition with simple problems. It jumps too quickly and not enough of the simpler problems.

  42. Linda Wilcoxson

    Great fun and educationalLearned she knows more than me

  43. J. Choy

    Four StarsGood for what we wanted.

  44. Irfan

    Must buyAmazing book must have

  45. R. Stewart

    I like the Kumon booksI like the Kumon books. This is a way to save $$ but of course, just like anything you need to spend the time with your kid. This helped my daughter with her math facts over the summer. Kid approved!

  46. DM

    Four StarsGreat for addition problems, would be even better if they could include subtraction rather than selling them separately

  47. Richa

    Five StarsVery good book for 4 year olds. It starts with number tracing going upto addition.

  48. Jaime Marie Lin

    Too easy for Grade 1Too easy for grade 1. It is more of a review than a challenge. My son is in kindergarten and he was really bored with the book so we skipped to the last part, which ended up being a review for him.

  49. Liz

    Great practice book to get ready for grade one.Great practice for grade one. Highly recommend photocopying the pages to get the most out of the workbook. I like that it sequentially teaches the addition plus one, plus two.

  50. Mohamed

    Five StarsAlways on point, kumon too much of repetition.

  51. Cat family

    Get ahead in schoolMy daughter studied this on her summer break now she’s making awesome grades in first grade

  52. PKG139

    its available lesser price outside.its available lesser price outside.

  53. John H. Fletcher

    Best source for my kids after school studyingCan’t go wrong with Kumon. Best source for my kids after school studying!

  54. Fengfei

    too easy to a kindergartenerI bought this book to my daughter, she’s a new kindergartener. The book is fine, but my daughter said it is a little bit easy for her, she needs more difficult problems.

  55. Kumar K

    Five StarsMy sone enjoyed doing math from the book

  56. James

    Great BookGreat book for my 6 year old.

  57. Ladona

    Five Starsgreat will use it next school year

  58. Jennifer Lorenz

    Five StarsExcellent! My kids and I love Kumon!

  59. Santa

    Three StarsA little redundant in the beginning. The first ten lessons are just filling in the blanks.

  60. fdjhdghjhg

    My kid love it.My kid love it.

  61. Amazon Customer

    NiceIt is a nice book , my 6 year old loved it totally

  62. S J

    Five StarsGreat for practice for kg

  63. Rebecca Gring

    Five StarsGood book, written in orderly, logical fashion.

  64. Jay2boo

    Very niceVery good and educational

  65. CaliS6

    Five StarsJust as described

  66. Beltha M. mboh

    Five StarsGOOD

  67. Yelizaveta

    Teaching toolWe are fans of Kumon workbooks. This is just another one of their wonderful products. Fun and challenging for children.

  68. TT&C

    Five Starsgood

  69. Lil Gal

    Five StarsAl Kumon books helped my child excel in school.

  70. Omana

    Great Products!All the Kumon products are great! They have been a great tool for keeping my 5 year old engaged and learning!

  71. Nurse

    Good buy!My son hates them, but his studying skills are improving this Summer!

  72. Anjan

    Excellent Product!Excellent Product for kids learning and pricewise also good! I would suggest parents to buy this product for kids. Thanks!

  73. Amazon Customer

    Five StarsEnjoying the book

  74. Natalie Rucando

    Five StarsThe review of numbers 1-100 is very helpful in the beginning of the book.

  75. Sandopui

    Five Stars1st grader loves it

  76. Rads

    Just kindergarten math contentNot really grade one level for Katy,TX ISD. Its kindergarten level mostly. No facts, no doubling, no adding by 10s .

  77. Tammy J.

    Great workbook. my children got lots of addition practiceGreat workbook. my children got lots of addition practice.

  78. Babu

    Three StarsCostly

  79. Amy E Bauer

    Five StarsFun for my first grader.

  80. Xiaochao Zheng

    Is this a grade-one math book?My 5-year old son has completed “Simple Addition”, “Addition” and now is doing “Addition, speed and accuracy”. I am looking for the next level addition book, which should introducing grouping/regrouping, but I am deeply disappointed by the Kumon Grade-one book.The problem is that this book starts from pages and pages of number-writing and “+1”. I don’t want to pay any fraction of the $8 for skills that a 3/4 year old can complete. I returned this book right away.

  81. Rajagopalan Shivakumar

    Five Starsmy kindergarten child is enjoying this

  82. STK

    Excellent product and servicesExcellent product and services

  83. Ernie Moch

    Five StarsGood show.

  84. Shamal

    I could not pair with the TV,I could not pair with the TV,

  85. Amazon Customer

    Five StarsAwesome

  86. baboo

    Two StarsToo easy for this grade level

  87. Laurie Ann Shields

    Five StarsAwesome workbook. Kumon is awesome

  88. Jamie Chun

    Five StarsHelps so much!

  89. J. Bon

    Five StarsGreat

  90. Kim Nieves

    Five StarsKumon is a great started book.

  91. peaceful

    Five StarsGood

  92. Beth M

    Five StarsGreat!

  93. Warren J. Dew

    The only book your child needs to learn basic additionThis book takes a child from writing single digit numbers through addition of numbers into the teens. This corresponds roughly to the arithmetic taught in the first semester of first grade in most U.S. public schools. Prior to starting this book, the child should already know how to count, at least to 20 and perhaps to 100. In addition, children at this level may need an adult to read the brief instructions on each page, and perhaps to help explain some of the initial concepts if the child is entirely unfamiliar with addition.The book consists of 43 double pages of problems, with some front matter and an answer key in the back. The 43 double pages are as follows:1-5 (10 pages) are on writing numbers, starting with single digits and going up to 20. There is some tracing to help beginners learn how to form the digits. There are dot patterns to help the child understand the correspondence between the numerals and the quantities they represent.6-14 (18 pages) are on writing two digit numbers by filling in blanks in tables of numbers, starting with tables up to 30 and progressing to tables that go up to 120. Writing the numbers in context reinforces the ordering of the numbers; in addition, the arrangement of the tables in rows of 10 helps prepare for the learning of place values later on.15 (2 pages) are on the relationship between ordering and adding 1, teaching the child that adding one is the same as incrementing to the next number.16-20 (10 pages) are on adding 1 to numbers up to 118, for sums up to 119, reinforcing the relationship between incrementing and adding.21-25 (10 pages) are on adding 2, starting with a half page illustration of how adding two is the same as incrementing twice, and then proceeding with drill on adding two to single digit and double digit numbers into the 40s.26-28 (6 pages) are on adding 3, starting with a half page illustration of how adding three is the same as incrementing thrice, and also initially providing a number line on which the child can count ahead by three when adding 3 to single digit numbers. There are then a few pages of drill on adding 3 to single and double digit numbers into the 20s.29-30 (4 pages) are drill on adding 4 to single and double digit numbers into the teens. In the remainder of the book, where a single digit and a double digit number are added, the double digit number is between 10 and 19 inclusive.31-39 (18 pages) are drill on adding 5 (4 pages), adding 6 (4 pages), adding 7 (3 pages), adding 8 (3 pages), adding 9 (3 pages) and adding 10 (1 page) to single and double digit numbers.40-42 (6 pages) are drill on adding various single digit numbers to single and double digit numbers.43 (2 pages) is a review, consisting of filling in blanks in a table of numbers from 61 to 100 and adding single digit numbers.The book provides a lot of repetition throughout; it can be started by a child who only knows how to count verbally and how to hold a pen, pencil, or crayon, and by the end of the book the child should have a good grasp of addition and a start on memorizing the sums of single digit numbers.On completion of the book, the child is ready to move on to 

    Grade 1 Subtraction (Kumon Math Workbooks)

    , which introduces additional arithmetic concepts, and corresponds roughly to the arithmetic taught in the second semester of first grade in most U.S. public schools. The addition and subtraction books can optionally be supplemented with 

    Geometry & Measurement Grade 1 (Kumon Math Workbooks)


    Word Problems Grade 1 (Kumon Math Workbooks)

    , especially if these books are used as a full home school curriculum, rather than as a supplement to public or private schooling.Of course, the point of the Kumon workbooks is to allow your child to proceed at his or her own pace, irrespective of age. The Kumon math workbooks are designed to work together in a progression, so it’s best to select a first workbook for your child that includes your child’s current proficiency level.Unlike other workbooks, the Kumon workbooks focus on introducing a few concepts gradually and providing enough repetition to ensure the child actually learns the concepts. For children who enjoy working alone, the workbook is likely to be all that is needed to progress through the relevant material. For more gregarious children, the card games 

    Sleeping Queens


    Zeus on the Loose

     may help with learning and drilling on addition concepts and practice, but workbooks will still be needed for proficiency in putting the results on paper. For my first grade daughter, the combination of this workbook and the two card games gave her proficiency and confidence with addition, and took her from thinking she was “bad at school” to realizing that she was “good at math”.

  94. Melissa J. Newman

    Much better than the kumon addition bookThis book is much better than the kumon: addition book and the Kumon:simple addition book. Just skip those two books in the series, and just buy this one. In this book, in each two pay layout, the problems are divided into 4 sections. If the child is older, they could do all 4 sections. The first two sections are 2 pt. per problem. The 3rd and 4th section are 3 pts per problem. The total is 100 pts. For a younger child, the pts can be skipped, but for my 2nd grader that needs to work on his basic addition facts, he likes me to time him and give him a score. My son did not like the Kumon:simple addition and kumon: addition book, and he never wanted to work on them during kindergarten or 1st grade. Seeing a whole page full of problems was too daunting of a task. Breaking up the problems into 4 sections is better, because it is less scary to the child. I set the timer for 5 minutes, but ideally I want him to finish between 2 – 3 minutes. This is a 1st grade book, and he is a 2nd grader. We are working on speed now. By being able to break up the pages by half or 1/4, I can adjust the amount of problems assigned to keep him within our target goal. Or I could use the first section for learning the material, and then the other sections for timed work. Anyway, this Kumon book is worth the money.

  95. KMMR

    I love the Kumon workbooks and so does my kidI have been using the Kumon workbooks to supplement my kid’s normal school curriculum and they are wonderful! What they teach is great, how they teach it is great, and best of all – my kid loves to work on these and she doe sit on her own! I grabbed this one and a few others for summer to prep the kiddo for 1st grade next year. Highly recommend these workbooks!

  96. Dragon mom

    Bad way of learning mathI have to write a bad review for this book because I believe it is hurting kids in thinking math. This book is teaching kids to add a 1 to any number for 7 days (350+ questions), add 2 to any number for 7 days, add 3 to any number for 5 days… Imagine asking an adult x+1=? 350 times for 7 days…it makes him thinking stupid. I did not realize this problem until after I tried my daughter for a couple weeks. While it’s a painful (not-so-effective) practice on counting numbers, it trains a kid to think stupid in math. My daughter knows single digit addition well prior using this book. After 2 weeks of Kumon, she turns to be sick of adding 1s or 2s…and she is confused. Now, we are using iPad downloads of Farm Land Math, Math I (Save Lambs from a Wolf), and sometimes Bingo Math. Anyone of them are 10 times better to teach a beginner math to think smart. This Kumon Math is really the worst math book I have ever seen. On the other hand, we are using Kumon Reading 1, and it is a really nicely done book. My 13-year-old niece is using Kumon level F…it’s very good too. However, I hope no one uses this Kumon math 1 book for a child. It drives a child crazy for not much good reason.

  97. Rachel Thomas

    Exactly what I wantedMy child is already doing addition at school in grade one but I wanted to give her a little bit of help and a bit of a boost. I had bought other addition books but they went straight to column addition. That is covered in the grade 2 and 3 Kumon books, whereas this was perfect for my grade one child as a straight forward introduction to addition.We did a few pages each night and she has completely got the hang of it. In fact, once she finishes this book I will move her on to the grade 2 book even if she is still in grade one as she loves doing it. What is great about this book is that it gradually gets harder so it didn’t scare here. It just seemed to flow through, without any sudden jumps.I am now also buying the grade three multiplication book for my son and will review that when it arrives.

  98. SHIBY

    Five Starsgood

  99. homeschool mom of 4

    disappointedI bought this book to supplement our first grade math curriculum. The first 14 lessons are on number writing not addition at all. Then the lessons progress from 1 plus all the way to 118. (1+118) First grade is about learning your math facts. That was 3 more unused lessons. Then we move on to 2 plus all the way to 39 another (2+39) 3 more unused lessons The process continue all the way to 9. I used less than half the book what a waste of money. I have used all the Kumon books and liked them until this book. My advice if you want relevant math facts practice that will actually be useful skip this book and save your money.

  100. Natalie

    Complete breakdown of the book.This does not deserve the 1-star ratings a few have given it. In order to enjoy higher levels of math, you need a rock solid foundation of basic skills. That requires practice and lots of repetition, to the brink of boredom (hopefully not too far over the brink). If your child knows some of this book already, thank yourself or your teacher or both, please don’t yell at the book. Hands down, this was the best book for my child out of all of the ones we’ve used so far.This is great for beginning kindergartners, but you’ll likely spend additional time reworking the handwriting sections like we did. Think of it as real lessons (with much help and guidance from yourself) that will eventually transition into unguided practice somewhere around the middle of the book. And you should be patient and not try to get through the book quickly. For a first grader, I suspect this is probably supplementary practice material and will require little to no guidance from parents, but I don’t really know because she isn’t in that grade yet. I wouldn’t skip the handwriting section unless you absolutely know they don’t need it. A teacher has around 30 kids and may watch your child form their numbers for only minutes out of the year, if even that. Nothing wrong with spending an hour or two of your time to make sure they have a lifelong skill taken care of.I’m going to break down the sections so you can understand how I used it. To be clear, if my child’s success was due mainly to some innate ability, then I wouldn’t bother reviewing the book, but the reality is the book’s organization and approach deserves a ton of the credit. I am convinced that the majority of children will have similar experiences as long as they are moving at their own pace and get the guidance they need. One or two sessions a week was a good pace for us because she has nightly homework, music lessons, gymnastics, … you know the drill. Time off to play is critical. Approximately 15-30 minutes per chunk, regardless if that was half a lesson or several lessons. If it’s more towards half a lesson, then I would stay close to 15 minutes so they don’t become overwhelmed or exhausted from the difficulty of it. If they are flying through the stuff, let them revel in it until they start to lose their concentration. That’s around 30 minutes right now for my kid. I may sound like a slave driver because of how detailed I am with all of it. The way it actually works, though, is hand holding through completely new concepts and lots of patience and praise. If they don’t get it, don’t move on, try another day using a different approach. For concepts already understood, I let her do it herself and just hung around doing something else quietly in the room. If she got frustrated, I would help talk her out of the frustration and to refocus and not be so upset that something is hard. If she couldn’t drop the frustration, I turned it into a lesson on one or two topics that needed to be gone over the most and then ended the session for the day, not worrying about finishing the page. Most of the true emphasis was on pattern finding; the actual addition just takes care of itself in this book.The first lessons are tracing large numbers, following the arrows so that you are forming them properly. It immediately starts to shrink the box size over the next several lessons and ends with the appropriate writing size for 1st grade. It also introduces the counting dot groups that you see on all standardized tests. There is a smooth transition into the counting system, which progresses from filling in a basic group of 10 in various rows, followed by straight down a column, followed by the middle of one row to the middle of the next row, followed by various randomized or different patterns. Progressive and systematic. Easy. During this stage, I had my child redo numbers that needed handwriting practice, going back to the tracing sections for specific numbers until her muscle memory improved.Use the counting sections to constantly find patterns. For example, when filling down a column, have them recognize that the 1’s space stays the same and the 10’s space increases by 1’s versus rows where the 10’s space stays the same and the 1’s space increases. Have them point out any other patterns they see, regardless of how simple or how many times they’ve seen it before. Page 27 #4 was an especially good pattern for this age – I asked her to predict the next two numbers and she easily got it even though it was the only time that specific pattern was used. That is because we took advantage of the basic patterns used earlier in the book. The final counting lesson (#14) pushes up to 120, so students understand how to continue the counting system beyond the standard stopping point of 100. I graded her based on her quality of handwriting, making her take as much time as necessary to make it look as good as she could. I slowly increased my standards to push her progress, but tried to be realistic about what a kindergartner’s hands can do.After that, they will write the number that comes next, using an arrow as a designator. It quickly transitions between the arrow and the more traditional ‘x + 1 =’ system. They will learn that addition is simply an extension of the counting system. Then there are many pages of practice and that is the point: repetition creates mastery. It does this again with 2’s, then 3’s, and so on, but each additional number uses less and less pages of practice because it is an easy transition from one step to the next. We always found patterns afterwards; for example, if one number is held constant and the other other number being added to it increases by 1, then the answers must also increase by 1. Basic, but very important. I don’t point them out directly. I ask her to find them, sometimes using guiding questions, and then we work together to create a statement that is mathematically clear; you can sneak words into their vocabulary like row, column, constant, diagonal, …Grading was important. If she got something wrong, I would tell her how many were incorrect, but she would have to find them. She got half credit back for each one she fixed. If she still missed one after the check, then no credit, but we went over them carefully until she had it down. Sloppy handwriting wasn’t counted as incorrect unless it was totally unreadable, but I made her erase and redo anything that she obviously didn’t put a good effort behind. The emphasis was on effort made, not getting the writing perfect. All lessons were untimed from her perspective. I did time them occasionally to see how she was progressing. I allowed her to use her fingers, but encouraged her to try not to. By the end of the book, she was mostly done with that crutch.She really wanted 100%. She didn’t always get it and this book helped her to understand that it isn’t possible to get 100% all the time, but it doesn’t mean you aren’t good at it. Early on in the addition section (adding 2) she tried to bang out two consecutive lessons as fast as possible and scored a 70-something and an 80-something. She was disappointed. Our discussions on what good effort means finally hit home for her. She improved her focus and stopped racing. I also changed my standard that I would not check her work until she had checked it herself first. I didn’t place much emphasis on the grade after the lesson (I was really doing it so that she wold be used to the idea of being graded), but she saw it as a challenge, so I took advantage of that and used it to improving her concentration skills such as filtering out distractors and such. Still, under no circumstances did I allow it to be a negative experience; we worked through it until it was always a positive experience, using the concept of continuous growth.By the end of the book, she was confidently adding 16+12, 13+13, 15+13, 12+13, 9+14, … 50 of those, in her head (no fingers for counting), good handwriting, 100% accuracy in 58 seconds (give or take a few seconds). That’s what this book does if you take full advantage. Totally worth it. In all, we spent about 7 months on this book, moving at a casual pace and supplementing it with other skills such as mazes, money, time, logic, writing, science… mostly from those 1st grade practice books every bookstore has. The outcome is what I care about, not how quickly we get there.

  101. Gabci

    very helpfulIt helps my son learn and practice the basics of addition. It helps with mastery of math addition.

  102. HT

    Disappointed..That is not what I expected. The first 14 lessons are just tracing and filling in the blanks, too easy for Kindergartener kids, not worth for the price.

  103. Abhijit Priyadarshi

    Content is v goodThis book has very good content.

  104. reshma

    Great book to teach basic addition.I wish i would have found this book much earlier. My kid is having trouble with math. Have tried many ways but nil. But this book has given enlightenment. Even though it looks boring, but the questions given for practice are actually a step by step process to level up the skill. Its not merely drill and repetition. Of course, the parents (guidance ) need to understand how to use. For me, its totally worth the money.Note : if your kid is already smart in addition then this book is not for you. This book teaches REAL BASIC ADDITION (not supplementary practice like other workbook) that is useful for first time learner or those who has difficulty in mastering addition.

  105. Rosemond

    I will buy more of this booksIt helps the kid to know their addition

  106. ANG

    Good foundation practice but behind curriculumLots good foundation practice, but for a Grade 1 student, this book is too easy. I suggest students can practice on this book before they get to great one.

  107. IciEtLa

    Fantastic educational tool!I purchased this for our child who is 5 to support her learning along with the writing, subtraction and addition books. They are wonderful – start with very simple exercises that gradually get more challenging. They also have many pages – unlike other workbooks we’ve purchased, which have much fewer pages. The repetition in the books builds confidence, before children move onto the new concept (nouns, adverbs, plural, singular) etc. The child is meant to be able to sit down and do the exercises on their own – but I tend to sit with our child to guide her through the different tasks. Highly recommend for supporting young learners! Grade 1 was the appropriate level for our 5 year old. I’ll definitely purchase other books in this series!

  108. Layla

    Very good and helps my 6 years old we like itVery good and helps my 6 years old we like it

  109. Begum

    ExcellentMy sons maths has improved, very pleased with it

  110. Amazon Customer

    Good bookMy 5years old love this . Kumon is the best

  111. Nehnik

    DecentI like the quality of the book . However , the first 20. Pages are on number chart . So for a person like me who is interested only in addition book this was a bit of a waste . The book costs 8$ I expected a some addition techniques instead of filling in missing chart numbers over 20 pages .

  112. hina

    Perfect bookThis book is good for children strong base age 5 above

  113. S Riaz

    Kumon Addition Grade 1Kumon workbooks are very useful for drilling certain aspects of maths into a child – in this case, addition. They can be a little boring, but one page a day can be really useful in aiding mental maths ability. The workbook goes from putting in missing numbers to adding up to 10 to a number. Schools now tend to teach various long winded ways of adding (example, if adding 9, then add 10 and take away 1, etc etc). These can be useful tools, but actually learning number bonds by rote and then progressing to adding in columns always seems to me to lead to less mistakes in calculations. I have used the Kumon workbooks for all my children and, although they are not the most exciting and inspirational books, they are really useful. If children feel confident in the basics of maths: adding, subracting, multiplication and division, they will go on to do well in a subject which so many people find difficult.

  114. Erika A

    Great bookSmart purchase

  115. YURI

    GOOD BOOKGood good for kids and thanks you Amazon as always with the best service.

  116. Amazon Customer

    greatMy 5 year old enjoys working with this book. It’s a great resource during quarantine

  117. Cameron M Dale

    ExcellentVery good teaching tool

  118. Moti

    Only problem is that it is super repetitive and not enough number writing practice while doing …My 3 year old loves math and he loves this work book. Only problem is that it is super repetitive and not enough number writing practice while doing math. I would appreciate a book that teaches to write numbers and also has basic addition along with it.

  119. Sarah H

    My son has really enjoyed this bookMy son has really enjoyed this book. I am not sure what is going on at his school with teaching Maths as he seems to have disengaged from their teaching and has dropped down a subgroup, but he has been quite happy to work through the Kumon books for Maths and other Maths work books happily seems to understand the concepts and enjoys doing them. Addition Subtraction and multiplication as well as KS1workbooks have worked for him

  120. onlineshoppingjunkie

    Great Kumon Math workbookMy son loves this book. He asks to complete couple of pages every day. The best thing is that the material is presented in such way that the kid learns new stuff and also practices numbers that he has already learned in the previous lessons. Also, it is not boring and my son doesn’t get tired at all. Pictures on every page help too – he draws when he feels like it. Another great Kumon workbook!

  121. Wendy

    Content is behind the curriculumGood quality from paper and print aspects, but the content seems behind the curriculum.

  122. Amazon Customer

    A little bit boring for kidsIt is a great little book but it gets quite repetitive. My child got bored of doing the same activities over and over again. I wish it had more variety.

  123. Rm

    Good book.. Its for 5 onwards..If u r in indiaFirst i was doubtful if repetition really helps..but it did and 1page at atime this book really helped my 5.5yr old child.. He knew the concept but made mistakes but by the end of the book he makes 1mistake in 50 addition.. It as an additional benefit of yourchild doing at his own comfort instead of rumning around classes…. I am happy and would def recommend

  124. Allan

    Good workbook for improving addition concept and speedGood workbook for reinforcing addition concept and building speed through repetitive exercises. There are 43 assignments and 96 pages. Each assignment is rated from difficulty of 1 to 3 stars. Attached photo is an example of the exercises. My son in kindergarten has no problems working through the workbook.

  125. saher

    NiceGood for kids

  126. Karlina

    Love kumon, I recommend all their books.Love kumon I studied kumon as a kid and now my daughter and she finds these so helpful in improving on what she already knows. Some questions can be repetitive however in life much of what we do is repetitive and a lot of progress can be based on memory which I believe where this system stems from so I don’t mind it, it also helps in ammending any mistakes my daughter would make.

  127. CiBì

    UtileMa bisogna sapere usare il metodo. Io forse sconsiglierei il fai da te. Li ho acquistati, ma da genitore è davvero difficile costringere alla costanza su un libro i propri figli. E i risultati, passati i primi semplicissimi livelli, iniziano a mancare. E così lo stimolo ad investire 15-20 minuti tra lavoro e correzione.Poi dipende a che grado di scuola si trova il ragazzo e quanto tempo ha a disposizione, oltre alla sua disponibilità a lavorare su se stesso oltre al lavoro imposto dalla scuola.Sicuramente l’attività quotidiana permette l’emergere di schemi e trucchi di calcolo personali che alle volte se imposti non vengono interiorizzati.

  128. Brenda Tanner

    Definitely will order moreGreat service. Thank you

  129. Lucie


  130. Kat

    Very easy to understandReally like how simple and easy to learn

  131. thewolf

    Ein tolles Übungs- und Lernheft, welches auch Selbstorganisation und Strukturiertheit fördert!Meine beiden Söhne – 6 und 4 – haben jeder dieses Heft in weniger als einem Monat durchgeackert und dabei viel Spaß gehabt. Langeweile hatte sich bei ihnen keine eingestellt, sondern im Gegenteil: Da der Schwierigkeitsgrad sehr langsam zunimmt, war dies das optimale Mittel, die Addition bis +9 richtig gut einzuüben! Auch als Mathematiklehrer eines Gymnasiums empfehle ich diese Hefte sehr gerne meinen Schülern, da dadurch die vielen Lücken aus der Grundschulzeit behoben werden können: Es ist wie beim Fußball: Wenn die Technik stimmt, macht das Spielen viel mehr Spaß!!!

  132. Chiyya

    TrialSeems ok. delivered on time. paper back and page quality is ok. teaches numbers till 200 plus and addition to quite a high level. gonna start my kid on this. let’s see how much she benefits from it.

  133. N. Chouhan

    Excellent insight to additionMy son was struggling with his basic addition, and this book broke really helped him understand the concept of addition.There is a section where the child can review their basic numbers from 1-50 and then understand how to add numbers gradually. The book is split but focusing on adding one number at a time, rather than a range of sums. The book is quite fun and encourages the child to learn independently.A great book, with a good price, would highly recommend.

  134. Holly

    HelpfulGood dor keeping my daughter’s skills up to date

  135. Rajbir Singh

    Good workflowGood flow of information and practice exercises

  136. Splashy

    Like it!I will buy next level when it’s time

  137. MichelleyR

    Top NotchThese Books are top notch. My kids actually really like doing them so that makes it NOT a total chore to do homework extrasThank you for developing these books

  138. Mr Patel

    Nice bookWhy send your kid Kumon, save money and buy these books and spend time with your child and get them educated.

  139. Tarik

    If you are lazy like me to google and print of sheets or would …very straight forward book, the Kumon mantra is repetition so the early stages are exactly that. If you are lazy like me to google and print of sheets or would rather have a neat and tidy book to use then this is for you.

  140. momodudu


  141. Amazon Customer

    UsefulThe book is really helpful to practice addition.

  142. K W

    Very goodA great practice book. Easy learning.Recommend!

  143. Kristie

    Thank you so much 😀Thank you so much 😀

  144. Soya sauce craver

    Focus on one addition pattern at a timeDrill one addition pattern at a time

  145. Edofippo

    Very happy with these productsI bought these book for my sister that has down syndrome, i think that really stimulate her mind and she likes passing her time doing these exercises too! I bought even others of the same type! Very happy with these products.

  146. Raj honest feedback

    Not the bestNot the best option out there. For this price i can buy so many workbooks that teach the same thing.

  147. Amazon Customer

    Good for toddlersThis is a good start ,basic , good for toddlers

  148. Caroline

    It was how I learned and it is the best way.The whole Kumon approach is very common sense. It starts with the basics, builds foundations, and once learned these should be with any child for life. It was how I learned and it is the best way.

  149. CosInf

    Great!Very useful and logical to start your kid learning.

  150. Juan Pedro Ruiz Gimenez

    excelentelo recomiendo, es uno de los mejores libros que he visto para el aprendizaje de los niños, el método Kumon es lo mejor que hay para l desarrollo mental de los peques

  151. fell

    Five Starssuper workbook for study by levels

  152. Sciencetweacher

    Happy with this bookIt’s exactly what I wanted and expected from Kumon. Drills in adding up to 10 to a number. The last few pages go beyond 10 but only just. My 5.5yr old in Yr 1 does these without much problem but it helps her build speed.

  153. Jack&jill

    Worthwhile tortureI bought the subtraction book and started my kid on both concurrently. As explained in the review for subtraction, both are repetitive but has been useful in getting the basics right.

  154. Onimuoyinbo

    LearningGreat for learning Maths

  155. Darrien

    Sehr schönWir haben das Buch in der Vorschulzeit bearbeitet und waren sehr zufrieden. Die Inhalte wurden sehr oft wiederholt so das sich der Lerninhalt sehr gut einprägt.Am Ende des Buches können die Kinder Addition bis 20 in plus und minus. Inhalte der 1 Klasse Grundschule

  156. R.M

    Not in a good condition as described.It’s very disappointing to see the book in a very very used condition. It’s not in good condition as described, and some of pages were written by the markers, not by the pencils. I don’t think I can use this book for my children at all.

  157. Alie Ang

    You Can’t Ignore The Benefits of Rote KnowledgeAs I said in a previous review of Kumon, Practice makes perfect. Kumon definitely helps.

  158. Sunita

    Good bookBest book. Its makes your child to practice more and more

  159. Amazon Customer

    … books For India always get 1 grade higher books like if your child is in grade 2 then go …Well organized books For India always get 1 grade higher bookslike if your child is in grade 2 then go for grade 3

  160. Chandramohan V

    Good for the kindergarten kidsGood for the kindergarten kids to learn addition through simple methods. Highly recommending

  161. Amazon Customer

    kids love itkids love it

  162. sreenath

    GoodGood practice sheets . Helps to develop confidence in the kid.

  163. Rich

    RecommendedKumon products are great!

  164. Lynette Kufuor

    Sure the book is new?This is how I received the book today. The cover has been drawn on and is bent. I paid for a new book expect to get a new book.

  165. Sharin

    Fun, but too simpleVery good workbook, my son automatically understood the concept, and he could work on it by himself, which also made him very proud of his achievement. The addition can be a bit repetitive, I had to skip a few pages as he was getting bored..

  166. Anna

    Three StarsGood but a little too easy

  167. A.S

    Four StarsAlmost forst 30 pages are of counting and then addition starts

  168. Jan

    Great helpLots of practice which helps to reinforce learning.

  169. Todeswanderer

    another great kumon book for kidsanother great kumon book for kidswhat else can I say all kumon books are a fantastic learning materialrecomended for children of right age

  170. Padma

    Five StarsBest book for my 5 year old

  171. lyric

    Good but not SuperbThe books are good however it’s repitative addition which doesn’t allow the kid to think but memorize not very advisable for maths but overall ok for one time practice …

  172. Sandip

    Good bookVery useful.

  173. Grasshopr


  174. Amazon Customer


  175. Jo P



    Five StarsReally helps my child to practice a lot , it really methodical for me.

  177. Amazon Customer

    Five StarsExcellent book to improve mental maths

  178. Sam

    Five StarsGood book to learn adding

  179. Padmini C

    Five Starsmaths made easy….

  180. get3

    unendlich langweiligDa einige Kinder aus dem Freundeskreis ein Kumon-Lerncenter besuchen, wollte ich diese Hefte einmal ausprobieren – die natürlich das Lerncenter und die dort angebotenen Aufgaben nur widerspiegeln, aber nie ersetzen können.Ich war enttäuscht von diesem Heft. Es ist wirklich sehr langweilig aufgebaut. Mathematik – oder eher Rechnen – wird trainiert, indem immer die gleiche Art von Aufgabe zigmal wiederholt wird. Das mag eher langsamen Kindern helfen (wobei ich mir auch das kaum vorstellen kann, denn die Langeweile wird sich einstellen), Kinder, die das Prinzip der Addition begriffen haben, werden keinen Spass an der einseitigen Wiederholung haben.Sollte es um das Einschleifen der Rechenart gehen, dann würde ich für letztlich weniger Geld, deutlich mehr Aufgaben, klar gegliedert und gut gemacht empfehlen wie im “Zahlenfuchs, Clever rechnen üben”. Da in diesem Heft Addition und Subtraktion nicht auf einer Seite zugleich vorkommen, kann man sich auch dort auf nur Addition konzentrieren.Der Anfang, die Zahlenreihen, sind ganz nett in diesem Kumonheft. Aber da besorgt man sich doch lieber aus der Kumonreihe die Bücher “numbers”. Sobald die Zahlen klar sind, gibt es bessere Übungsheftchen.

  181. CLARKE Nadege

    Three StarsGood

  182. Cliente Kindle

    Muito bomÓtimo livro. Minha filha de 5 anos adorou fazer. Tem um ritmo muito adequado e começa por uma boa revisão dos números.

  183. Amazon Customer

    Five StarsVery good book for kids

  184. madnan71

    Very good!it is definitely worth buy. My son has improved in his school since he started this book. I would definitel recommend it.

  185. Barbara T. Villaseñor G

    Libros kumonMuy buen producto

  186. Fab

    ottimofa tutto con progressione +1 +2 etc quindi i bimbi si sentono gratificati da subito. buon acquisto. lo ricomprerei? certamente!

  187. Amazon Customer

    Five StarsIt a good book

  188. deejay

    Just okay!I got carried away with this one and the subtraction book as well. It is really good to have it handy, especially when on-the-go, but after purchasing I realized I can write up the same stuff that these sheets have, on a blank paper and have my daughter do her sums on that. I would say it is a bit spendy to purchase practice books. Definitely not for me and I will not be spening my $$ on practice books.

  189. angeloluigi

    ottimo per chi ha difficoltàUtilissimo per il recupero o il rinforzo nei recuperi in aritmetica. Utile agli insegnanti e ai genitori. La progressione è armonica e graduale. l’esercizio proposto è quotidiano.

  190. Cara Campbell

    Too dull and boringThis simply did not suit my 5 year old daughter. She found it dull and boring. The first few pages are simply counting from 1 to 100. I know she can do that but she wasn’t willing to do this workbook. Too many tears and abandoned part-way through.If your child enjoys form-filling and straightforward repetition, then this type of workbook could be a good fit. However, if your child needs something more interactive and imaginative, then I recommend the Letts Magical Topics series instead of Kumon.

  191. Mathieu C.

    Very good / Très bienTrès bien mais fait doublon avec le livre d’additions pour 5-6-7 ans.Very good but very similar to the book “addition ages 5-6-7”.

  192. Ahmed Esmael

    Five StarsExcellent for my 4 years old son

  193. Ashish

    Five Starsvery good practice book!

  194. Mr Richard Templeton

    Five Starsbut quite expensive, will be back for more.

  195. user

    Five Starsi am very happy with this purchase

  196. Prita

    ShockingShocking ! First gmat and then engineering level math books sent out !

  197. Prachi

    My son loves this bookAbracadabra dabra

  198. aastha jain

    DislikedThe book just throws worksheets of addition.. did not find it useful at all. Dislike.

  199. Wing Tse

    Five StarsItem as Described. Thank you~~

  200. Praveen Raja P

    Three Starsnot as expected

  201. Waqas Habib

    Five Starsliked it

  202. AlexandraSonne

    Sehr nüchtern und sehr einfallslosHabe viel von Kumon gehört,aber es ist wirklich sehr nüchtern und einfallslos.Immer wieder das Gleiche.Artikel wurde zurückgeschickt.Hier ist nichts Besonderes.


    NiceSmart way to teach children.

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