Grade 1 Geometry & Measurement

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In Grade 1 Geometry & Measurement, your child will learn the basics of numbers, shapes, measurement, money, and time. Your child will gain confidence by practicing problems with two- and three- dimensional shapes, counting coins, and telling time to the hour and half-hour.

  • Count and skip-count to 100
  • Compare and order numbers -Identify, recognize, name, sort and compare basic two- and three-dimensional shapes
  • Use non-standard units to measure and compare concrete shapes
  • Coins (penny, nickel, dime, quarter)
  • Telling time (to the hour and a half hour)

8 ½ x 11 inches. paperback. 96 pages. full color. US $7.95 / C $8.95




In Grade 1 Geometry & Measurement, your child will learn the basics of numbers, shapes, measurement, money, and time. Your child will gain confidence by practicing problems with two- and three- dimensional shapes, counting coins, and telling time to the hour and half-hour.

  • Count and skip-count to 100
  • Compare and order numbers -Identify, recognize, name, sort and compare basic two- and three-dimensional shapes
  • Use non-standard units to measure and compare concrete shapes
  • Coins (penny, nickel, dime, quarter)
  • Telling time (to the hour and a half hour)

8 ½ x 11 inches. paperback. 96 pages. full color. US $7.95 / C $8.95

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84 reviews for Grade 1 Geometry & Measurement

  1. Profile

    Well-rounded book!Bought this for our 6-year old to help with incremental understanding of concepts. School curriculum jumps around and never provides enough repetitive, incremental, practice/learning. Since distance learning & covid have revealed why our kids have been struggling in school we enrolled them in Kumon and have bought all of these Kumon workbooks starting with simple +/-, simple sentences, sentences, words, rhyming words/phrases, writing grades 1 & 2, reading grades 1 & 2, counting coins, coins & money, telling time, and now geometry & measurement grades 1 & 2. We weren’t sure what to expect with the Geometry & Measurement books, so we were pleasantly surprised that they cover less/more, grouping concepts, review of time/$, and introduce length, volume & geometric shapes. I’ve decided to start both my 6 & 7 year olds at the beginning of the Kumon workbook series to fill in all learning gaps. They are able to do about 2-3 pages in 4-5 books a day (about 10 pages a day takes them 1-2 hours). So far they’ve completed 4 full books each this month and are learning at a much faster clip now all on their own, no hand-holding! Thank you Kumon for creating an independent learning curriculum with results! Wish I’d known about Kumon when my kids were 3. Glad they are catching up now, thanks to Kumon, as it only gets harder to fill in learning gaps as they get older. Highly recommend these books. Don’t start at whatever grade your child is currently in. Instead, start at the beginning of the series (even if it’s easy) and make sure to correct right away and given immediate feedback once they’ve completed a section, so they can correct bad habits and move smoothly through more difficult concepts later. Directions are clear, simple, and easy for a child to complete on their own. If the directions are confusing then that’s a sign they need to go back a level & have gaps in their learning, because Kumon is a self-directed curriculum that teaches self-learning. Gaps in knowledge prohibit a child to self learn. That’s we have decided to start at the beginning and both our daughters have made significant progress quickly and gained confidence, accuracy, and speed!

  2. FamilyMan “Don”

    Great Series, Generally Requires Adult SupervisionOverall Summary:Highly recommended for preparation and practice of concepts. Generally better if you sit with them for help.Description:Kumon is simply practice, practice, practice. These books provide the necessary problems to get your child prepared for the concepts and problems they will encounter. With this book it is grade one. I have found that even though my child’s school is pretty good, the amount of material provided is not sufficient. This is where these types of books, and particularly Kimono, comes in.With the Kumon series, based on my experiences with my daughters, is that I have to work with them to provide the reasoning behind what they are doing. What is the purpose of measurements, equations, etc. Basically try to relate these abstract ideas presented in the books with their own experience. Otherwise the problems become very mechanical and boring. This is an issue with every book, not just this series.This book, and those in this series, are an excellent supplement to the homework provided in school used to reinforce ideas that they have learned in class. My child’s teacher has reported excellent improvement and she now wins awards regularly. Whether this is based on more of an active participation by me, or the books, I am not sure. But I will say that the books do provide an activity for both of us to engage in.

  3. Veronica

    Kumon is geniusI am so happy with this book. My son absolutely loves it. He is in first grade and we homeschool. This has really helped his reading and comprehension skills also. He reads all the instructions and understands what he needs to do. Usually he hates doing school but he really likes doing this book or any other kumon book. He has really gotten a better understanding of putting numbers together and grouping. We are half way through the book and can’t wait to finish. So far it’s actually not much about measurement. More grouping numbers. But love it!

  4. J&J’sMommy

    Great for homeschoolI’ve used Kumon Workbooks for our homeschool curriculum and I’ve loved using them for the past 4 years. It is an affordable option and teaches mastery skills. By the time my boys (7 & 5) are finished with a Kumon workbook they are confident in the concept/skill.

  5. Kannan Nachimuthu

    Content is good.Keeping my little one (pre school) busy during the lockdown days. I bought the set of 6 books. These books are worth it.

  6. Lana

    Misleading title, weak on materialIf 60% of the book has to do with numbers (just numbers), it shouldn’t be called Geometry and measurement, more like – Numbers, some more Numbers and here’s a little shapes and measurements. But then, I suppose, it wouldn’t sell that well.There are 36 chapters in this 80-page book. Geometry & measurements, such as time, shapes, etc, start with Chapter 20. Chapters 1 through 19 have to do with numbers, numbers grouping, counting, numbers from 1 to 10, to 20, to 120…It works for us as I got this for a kindergartner in preparation for the 1st grade (more of a number refresher as their class already went through all the numbers and comparison), but I’d think it’s too easy and not enough Geometry and measurement itself for a 1st grader.Little hint – pay attention to the pictures and specifically table of contents.

  7. Cory Jerome

    A++My daughter was having a hard time keeping up with all the other kids in her class and her grades shown it.We wanted to put her through Kumon learning center, but it was not affordable at the time and my wife found these books on amazon. Since my daughter been working in these work books she has improved a lot and her grades have improved in school. If you have time to work with your child and looking at an affordable way to help I would recommend these work books they help.

  8. HikingMom

    Eager to learnI can’t be happier with ALL KUMON 1st grade books. I work with my 6.5 year old son as a supplement to his school work. He actually enjoys his homework. Each lesson gently prepares the him for the next milestone. I like the way the books are structured.

  9. northern light

    Four StarsIt is good for young kids to begin understanding the stuff.

  10. Kathy Watts

    Kumon Math WorkbookThe Kumon Math Workbook is a great learning activity book for children. My kids are enjoying the book.

  11. AL- B TheRealReviewer

    Help your child get ahead of the game!This is a great learning and practicing book. It has just the right amount of difficulty for the grade level chosen. What is great about it also is that it is easy to find parallel subjects to whatever your child is learning in school..Comes with answer key that allows you to go back and review wrong answers.

  12. Sharon

    Too basic for Grade 1I felt that most of this book was more like a review of Kindergarten work than an introduction to Grade 1 work. Other than that the worksheets are typical Kumon style. Clearly written instructions and illustrations.

  13. A.N. Lyritzis

    My 6 year old loves doing exercisesThis book gets the child to think scientifically while building math skills and maintaining interest. Put it this way, my daughter who can’t sit still now pleades with me to do exercises from this book. I think this book is a good stepping stone to build a scientific mind set.

  14. Jon

    Would recommend for homeschooling.My daughter has progressed very well using this as part of her home-school math curriculum. We are very glad that Kumon has these workbooks available for us to use. They are a great resource for us. We also use Kumon Word Problems for math and recommend it as well.

  15. Cassandra Mitchell

    SuperGreat workbook…

  16. Mommy

    Just the right levelExcellent book. Challenges my second grader but not so difficult that its discouraging. Would buy again. Great for homeschool

  17. Cashmere Miller

    Four StarsLove it

  18. Stephanie

    Great book!Teaching my math loving 6 year old some advanced stuff, he finished the book already and there’s my humble brag for the week

  19. Michael Walters

    I’m a but disappointed in the workbookI’m a but disappointed in the workbook. Kumon prides themselves on focusing on one subject at a time giving the child lots of practice. However this book covers a wide variety of telling time, counting money, measuring and some simple facts families. There are separate workbooks for telling time and counting money so why was this added? It basically skims over the topics like any other much cheaper workbooks.

  20. shanmugapriya

    Practice for math skillsThis book is also good for test practice. We can see how far the child is good in math skills. Whatever they learnt in school , they can practice this book. This is best during summer.

  21. Amazon Shopper

    It’s okayDidn’t really like this one. There was a couple of pages for geometry & measurement, but most of the book was focused on counting(like how many are there, which side has the most in the group, counting money, and write the missing number, stuff like that).

  22. RT

    good bookGood one for first graders.

  23. MDB

    Bougth it for my first graderMy first grader loves this workbook. He looks for it and make its exercises ten pages at the time. There is no need for me to ask him to do some “homework”, he just enjoys it very much!

  24. Kim

    Great workbookMy kid enjoyed this book.

  25. Jay Smith

    Awesome book, but for it really work you have …Awesome book, but for it really work you have to consistently do it with child. I recommend just going to Kumon 🙂

  26. Lior & Michal

    Five StarsGret for practice

  27. PKG139

    its available lesser price outside.its available lesser price outside.

  28. John H. Fletcher

    Best source for my kids after school studyingCan’t go wrong with Kumon. Best source for my kids after school studying!

  29. Joni R.

    Can’t go wrongYou can’t go wrong with the Kumon books. They teach kids well and easily and the kids seem to enjoy them. I certainly do too!

  30. Koda

    It is very good!Good for kids to learn! The way they arranged each subjects of lesson is very clean and clear to see.I really like it!

  31. mesopotamiancrow

    for math reading problemsthis book is great for our wee ones that struggle with math reading problems. it gives them the problem of trying to figure it out and read directions.

  32. fdjhdghjhg

    My kid love it.My kid love it.

  33. PJ

    I purchased new one, but got used oneI purchased the new one, but I got the used one, not even good condition. Terrible experience.

  34. Yelizaveta

    Teaching toolWe are fans of Kumon workbooks. This is just another one of their wonderful products. Fun and challenging for children.

  35. Chrissy

    Love it!Great daily assignments for my kids? Easy to use and builds on skills. It is now part of our daily routine!

  36. Anjan

    Excellent Product!Excellent Product for kids learning and pricewise also good! I would suggest parents to buy this product for kids. Thanks!

  37. Ejoke

    Five Starsgood

  38. Sandopui

    Five Stars1st grader loves it

  39. Amazon Customer

    Five Starsuseful

  40. Matt

    I would not recommend anyone to buy this bookThis is a terrible book. The first 43 pages is just number! Two pages length, one page of weight, area, volume, temperature..yikes

  41. Divi ghosh

    Maths but not geometry !Maths and measurements Problems in the book are great, but has nothing related to geometry !!!! A little disappointed !

  42. Saikat

    Five StarsVery Good Book …!!

  43. Brooke

    Five StarsGreat!

  44. pam cardenas

    Five Starsgood

  45. Abigail

    Reliable, As Always.Concepts are introduced very clearly thru repetitive and colorful exercises. My boys have always used Kumon books and they are learning a lot.

  46. Oscar

    Five StarsGreat Product

  47. nino

    Five StarsVery good

  48. Palak

    Two StarsGood

  49. Nana

    One StarNot a very good book, I have used Kumon for other subjects and they are excellent

  50. AstraDaemon

    A Mix of Previous Kumon WorkbooksIf you have already used previous Kumon workbooks like 

    My Book of Easy Telling Time: Learning about Hours and Half-Hours


    My Book Of Numbers 1-120 (Kumon Workbooks)

    , or 

    My First Book of Money: Counting Coins

    , this will be kind of a review for your child. It’s a useful way to reinforce what they already know, and teach them what they might have struggled with in previous workbooks.It has counting and counting by skipping numbers; identify, recognize, name, sort and compare basic two- and three- dimensional shapes; using non-standard units to measure and compare concrete shapes; learning about coins (penny, nickel, dime, quarter); and telling time (to the hour and a half hour).I think children as young as 5 yrs old could use this workbook.

  51. Gerard Rein

    good product, but long time to receivegood product, but long time to receive

  52. GDSouza

    Kumon momI needed extra math and reading/writing practice for my kids in 3rd and 1st grade. These books are easy to understand, very systematic and kids love it. we take them along in the car even for short drives. It keeps the kids busy in the back seat. would recommend these to any parent that would like their child to excel academically. who doesn’t?? I’ve purhased about a dozen plus Kumon books from amazon already and intend to purchase many more.

  53. Krishna

    Great book. Must buy for kids!I bought the books for few grades. They are excellent in teaching kids basics of this subject. But parents have to teach the kids what the book is. It is not self explanatory. But if you take few moments and reach your kids the concepts, this book is very good at re-enforcing the concepts

  54. Lesley

    Great Workbook, Money Unit in American CurrencyMy six year old son has been making his way through this book. It’s doing a great job of reviewing addition before entering the units of geometry and measurement. It’s not very colourful on the inside. The instructions are clear and simple for him to read on his own. The money unit is in American currency, I decided to skip over that to prevent confusion due to the different pictures on the money and the monochromatic nature of the illustrations.This book teaches:Addition reviewOnes, tens, hundreds placementNumber linesTimeLengthWeightAreaVolumeTemperature (not unit specific)Coins (American currency)3D and 2D shapesThere’s an answer key in the back. My son is enjoying this book. The first lessons are quite repetitive, but they’re challenging him just enough. It’s a good book to coincide with our current curriculum.

  55. Liya

    My daughter likes itMy daughter is almost 5 she finished the whole book. Exercises are good for day to day learning. Interesting

  56. Amazon Customer

    Great butI love these books !! They have helped my son so much . He is doing awesome in grade one because I’ve been doing these books with him since kindergarten and it really helped prepare him.

  57. Karlina

    Love us some kumonLove kumon I studied kumon as a kid and now my daughter and she finds these so helpful in improving on what she already knows. Some questions can be repetitive however in life much of what we do is repetitive and a lot of progress can be based on memory which I believe where this system stems from so I don’t mind it, it also helps in ammending any mistakes my daughter would make.

  58. Lawrence

    Daughter Really Enjoys ItGreat For Child Learning

  59. Arieanna

    Makes learning fun!!My six years old niece completed this book without having to be prodded. Will definitely buy again in the series!!

  60. Douglas

    Excelente!Recomendo para crianças em regime de educação domiciliar e também para as crianças que frequentam escolas (públicas ou privadas), uma vez que, por influência dos iluminados do MEC, a matemática já não é tão exata assim, sendo necessário explicá-la levando-se em consideração uma visão geral do mundo e das práticas sociais. 🙁 (Se professores competentes não entendem, imaginem os alunos).AJUDEM VOSSOS FILHOS!Obs.: O fato de estar em inglês não dificulta em nada o aprendizado pois o método é intuitivo. Um dicionário simples inglês – Português é o suficiente.

  61. Sophia S.

    my kids like it!my son like this workbook and even can not stop writing : )

  62. Splashy

    Swift DeliveryI will buy next level when it’s time

  63. Amazon Customer

    Well structured and laid out booksI wanted to do a bit of Mathis with my kids over the holidays and these were recommended t me. They are pitched at the right level and, although they can be a bit repetitive, this seems to be good for reinforcing the main skills… The kids seem happy with them.

  64. Kristie

    Thank you so much!😀Thank you so much!😀

  65. SoBadSoGoodMom

    Three StarsI found it Too simple for grade 1.

  66. Loyalty Dog Treats

    Five StarsReally easy to understand, my daughter loves it.

  67. fell

    Five Starssuper workbook for study by levels

  68. Fatima O.V.

    Esperaba más geometríaLo cierto es que me esperaba más ejercicios de geometría (soy una asidua consumidora de kumon para mi hijo de 4 años).

  69. Cristina Arciniega

    Five StarsPerfect and so educational !!

  70. CosInf

    Great!Useful workbook.


    Three StarsGood material. Delivery later than promised.

  72. Amazon Customer

    kids love itkids love it

  73. jaydegemini

    Kumon geometry bookLove this book, it’s got lots for my 5 year old to do in, and it fun too.

  74. Sandip

    Good bookVery useful.

  75. MNH

    Five StarsIt is helping a lot for my 5 years old

  76. olga khan

    Great book. Good for kg2 and grade 1kidsGreat book. Good for kg2 and grade 1kids.

  77. Lillians Bookstore

    Five StarsThumbs up.

  78. Venkateswara Rao Battula

    Very good book. Kumon helped lot by printing theseVery good book. Kumon helped lot by printing these books

  79. Sharin

    Very fun and informative!Really great book, covers a wide range if concepts, age appropriate, my son enjoyed working on it. It was easy enough for him to understand it, but also challenging enough, that he felt proud of himself after completing the book!

  80. antonella

    metodo kumonmetodo di insegnamento innovativo, piacevole e motivante per il bambino anche se ci sono esercizi molto ripetitivi. veramente valido in aggiunta al sistema scolastico

  81. Cliente Kindle

    Razoável – para um brasileiroPara a criança não versada em inglês o livro é quase impossível de ser feito sem acompanhamento, ao contrário de vários outros títulos da série. Além disso, a parte de contagem de moedas é voltada especificamente para a contagem e reconhecimento de cents de dólar.

  82. Amazon Customer

    Three StarsThis is good but delivered little late

  83. Olubukola

    highly recommended..This is really very very good .

  84. swati

    One StarHardly any pages on geometry and measurements

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