Grade 1 Word Problems

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This workbook will introduce your child to word problems with simple addition and subtraction. The illustrations in our workbook increase comprehension and provide a fun learning experience.

8 ½ x 11 inches. paperback. 80 pages. full color. US $7.95 / C $8.95




This workbook will introduce your child to word problems with simple addition and subtraction. The illustrations in our workbook increase comprehension and provide a fun learning experience.

8 ½ x 11 inches. paperback. 80 pages. full color. US $7.95 / C $8.95

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177 reviews for Grade 1 Word Problems

  1. l.k.

    Nice little resourceUsing as daily practice with my 1st grader.

  2. Portland Mom

    Great skill builder!My son is fantastic at basic arithmetic however lacks language skills to complete word problems. The Kumon book helped him gain math vocabulary to complete word problems. The problems had easy math but student has to determine that you must use subtraction in more than / less than / the difference between questions. As well as addition in all together, in all, the sum of, the total questions. This helped to expose him to the different ways problems are asked. And helped him to carry that vocabulary when reasoning through more difficult problems.I would recommend this for intro to arithmatic students as the problems are easy and repetitive so that your student can get practice with the basics, but also become familiar with the different ways a problem can be posed.I haven’t tried grade 2 yet, but will definitely give it a try!

  3. nithya

    Good extra practice work bookGood for first graders . Has both addition and subtraction word problems . Pictures are easy for kids to understand

  4. Amazon Customer

    Space for writing a bit smallI got this book for my rising kindergarteners who is a very strong reader and ahead in math. She was quite capable of doing the problems, but the space for writing was too small for her. This isn’t really a criticism, as I bought the book for a child younger than recommended. However, I wanted to offer it as a heads up to anyone in a similar circumstance. (We ended up having her write the final answer on a separate piece of lined paper.)

  5. Amy T

    Great book for kids to practice math questions!I very like this book. It has many math problems questions for my kids to practice.

  6. Michael Walters

    Great for homeschoolingUsing for homeschooling. My daughter hates the hands on curriculum we’ve been using. I purchased three Kumon workbooks to use instead. So far she’s really enjoying them. I love that each books focuses on a main theme for it’s subject. If you’re looking a review type workbook Kumon is not for you. These are meant to help a child learning the subject get enough practice to become fluent at it. These have a lot of repetition, perfect for what I needed.

  7. Lucy L

    Good book for math word problemThis is a good book to teach kids math word problem.

  8. Amazon Customer

    We are using for K and I think it will work well for usOur present curriculum didn’t have many word problems so I wanted to supplement.

  9. Amazon Customer

    Wording are very confusingThe wordings to the question is not clear, even an adult find it confusing.

  10. brokenangel

    HIGHLY recommend Kumon. They rock!I have been using Kumon workbooks for homeschooling my child since I began years ago for pre-k…she is now in “2nd grade” (although I don’t focus on the pressures of staying in a “grade” because my child has multiple special needs and learning disorders)…Lots of awesome visual word problems that make it fun! SO worth the money for each and every book I have ever bought and over the years I have bought over 20. I have never been let down. HIGHLY recommend these workbooks!!

  11. Scarlett Smith

    EXCELLENTThis book is EXCELLENT. It includes sections on addition, subtraction, and ordinal numbers. Review chapters mix it up (addition and subtraction, for instance).The book progresses from easy problems to more difficult ones. It’s really, really great. I may buy another one so my son goes through it one more time. He can work on it, mostly, by himself, at this point. He’s six.

  12. Sarah Davis

    THE BEST!My son is advance for his age. He skipped Kindergarten and went straight to First Grade. Kumon workbooks have helped him get ahead. He’s been working in them since he was 2 years old. He truly enjoyed this book, along with the others and learned a lot. I plan on buying this first grade word problem book again just as a refresher. Wish I would of photo-copied the book instead of having him write in it. I plan on buying the second one as well. I highly recommend kumon workbooks! No need to go directly to kumon tutor centers, you can teach your kids at home for free.

  13. Sunil

    My kid is learning to solve independently.So going good my child is slowly trying to work independently with this book. But it’s going very slow.

  14. Blessedmomof3

    I have a smart 4 year old!I homeschool my four year old daughter. Although she is “PreK” she is performing at a first grade level. This book is exactly what I needed to assist her with word problems. It provides her with solid, colorful visuals and uses terminology (How many altogether, how many in all etc.) to help walk her through each problem. It’s really an awesome book! No doubt my princess will be ready for Harvard!

  15. yani

    Great books!I am very happy with my kumon selection. My child practices daily (2 to 6 pages at different times during the afternoon) – My nieces and nephews have used kumon for the last couple of years with great success-I highly recommend this program.

  16. Carol

    Great Way To ReinforceWe home educate our children, I use this as a reinforce word problem skills since their math program only has a problem or two each lesson. My 7-year-old is flying through this one and we’ll be getting 2nd grade soon.

  17. Katherine 2

    and so far I feel this book is useful, and has good concepts for a first graderI started doing these with my child last week, and so far I feel this book is useful, and has good concepts for a first grader.

  18. penguingrooves

    Best Kumon book to date.This is perfect for an advanced Kindergartner or a 1st grader who knows basic addition and subtraction. I love that the book requires both math and reading skills. If your child can’t read well yet, wait until s/he can.The questions are simple math problems like 8+5 and 8-5. But, because it requires reading instead of the numbers being written out, it forces the child to comprehend what is being asked. It’s a great intro to worded math problems. I wish there were more workbooks like this for practice.

  19. CW

    Very helpfulThis book is wonderful. 1st grade started of with work problems, it was so useful to go over it at home so our granddaughter understands!

  20. dgal1234

    Good book.pretty good book, i would recommend it. there were three or four word problems that neither my son, wife nor I could figure out what was being asked, but over-all the book is nice.

  21. jorge mora

    Age appropriate kinder to grade 1.5.5yr old loved it!

  22. Herve lapnet


  23. Liz

    Great prep book for grade one.We bought this to use during the summer to help get our child ready for grade one. This is an excellent resource with lots of exercises and colorful pictures. I like the addition and the subtraction word problems that are included in this book. The word problems were so simple that your child can practice reading and math at the same time.

  24. Amazon Shopper

    Not badI’m not going to over hype this book, but it’s a pretty good. It’s very clear in explanation, and I like that they have some problems already filled out to be traced, that way the child can comprehend it. I will be trying Kumon’s “Word Problem 2” book too.

  25. Eagle Yi

    Four StarsLooks easy to use . Will try and see. Always straight forward.

  26. HikingMom

    Eager to learnI can’t be happier with ALL KUMON 1st grade books. I work with my 6.5 year old son as a supplement to his school work. He actually enjoys his homework. Each lesson gently prepares the him for the next milestone. I like the way the books are structured.

  27. Kayla Silva

    Good workbookGreat for my first grader who enjoys word problems.

  28. emilee whittingham

    Excellent for homeschoolAwesome and the pages aren’t too busy.

  29. Anna Watkins

    Love Kumon books!Wanted to introduce my kiddo to word problems to help him with his math and also comprehension. So far this book has been a great help as he enters the 2nd Grade.

  30. AL- B TheRealReviewer

    Excellent supplemental to school work.This is a great learning and practicing book. It has just the right amount of difficulty for the grade level chosen. What is great about it also is that it is easy to find parallel subjects to whatever your child is learning in school..Comes with answer key that allows you to go back and review wrong answers.

  31. mnork

    High quality paper good for lots of erasing if neededChallenging but not too frustrating. High quality paper good for lots of erasing if needed. Kept my first graders attention; he was motivated not discouraged. Very happy

  32. Stacie Bethea

    Awesome! My 6 year was struggling with word problems …Awesome! My 6 year was struggling with word problems but 2-3 pages daily has made a huge difference and now my baby girl is more confident in her skills

  33. My Family

    DisappointedNearly all of the problems in this book are the same (no creativity or nor any encouragement with thinking in a variety of ways – pointless after a page or two). While repetition is nice and can be helpful, my daughter was bored with this book very quickly. There are many other books out there with a variety of ways to learn word problems. I wish I could have seen in this book beforehand. I’m disappointed that we bought it and wish we could return it. Will save it to use with our other daughter for preschool. Just too basic.

  34. Amazon Customer

    Builds Confidence in skill developmentMy little granddaughter enjoys completing the workbook pages on her own. Excellent drill and practice format.

  35. Nia_921

    Love KumonLove Kumon workbooks – my 6 year old just finished first grade and decided to help him with his math word problem – he has some comprehension problems with word problems. He does them well, 2 pages a day. The work progresses just right for him.

  36. 3in2yrs

    Kumon always a quality productI’ve purchased several workbooks from Kumon. I’m always pleased. They meet my specific topical educational goals to help supplement standard public school. I’m sure I’ll purchase more.

  37. arya

    NiceGreat book

  38. Swaminathan

    Excellent book to begin word problemsExcellent word problem book

  39. Intune with the Universe

    Very helpful for the young studentA gift

  40. Jon

    Recommend for HomeschoolingMy daughter has progressed very well using this as part of her home-school math curriculum. We are very glad that Kumon has these workbooks available for us to use. They are a great resource for us. We also use Kumon Geometry & Measurement for math and recommend it as well.

  41. Ritah Murphy


  42. Healthy Living

    Great learning resource for childrenEasy to read and fun for my child to use. Questions and problems are presented very well. Will buy more and the next grades as time goes by.

  43. Sita

    Good book!Meets the need! My son is in first grade.. it was a little bit on the easy side for him.. finished the book much faster than I thought he would! Good one to use during spring break!!

  44. feedback8

    I like this bookI like this book. There is a lot of repetition, but I find that with most math books. This one is set up well and makes it fun for my kindergarten homeschooled kiddo.

  45. D

    Three StarsThe problems seems repetitive with the sme kind of wording and language. I expected variety in the problems.

  46. shanmugapriya

    He does daily 5 pages and it is a good practice for the children to learn mathMy son is enjoying in doing kumon books. He does daily 5 pages and it is a good practice for the children to learn math. This increases the speed of doing addition and able to remember it forever.

  47. Kilene B Carlson

    Excellent!!Love the Kumon product line! We have bought several over the years. The word problems for first grade is wonderful! My little boy can read and comprehend the problems with little help from me.

  48. Kim

    Highly recommendOne of the best math workbooks.

  49. Koda

    good book!It is good practice book for kids! There are tons of math quizzes that are around the world, so kids can practice them and also learn math is useful to know to solve those kind of problems.

  50. Wheels Snipes Celly

    Great BooksMy son is in pre-school, but has shown aptitude for 1st grade work. This is a great work book for him to drill and practice with. it will help him through 1st grade math.

  51. DW

    love itI love this book and so do my 4 years old. His reading getting fluently and he could solve and answer the question by himself.I recommended this book for all “gifted” kids. More challenging. Will continue using Kumon

  52. Ghazwa

    Great WorkbookI bought this book for my 6 years old kid. she is happy and welling to do the exercises in daily basis. This book encourges her mentality in thinkg and calculating. I strongly recommend this book for any parents who want to make thier kids A Students

  53. Kirsten Rehfeld-Brown

    Great work book for starting on solving word problemsEasy word problems that lead up to harder problems. My students get overwhelmed with wordy word problems and these are easy and confidence building before they get into harder problems. Great book and I love the visuals.

  54. hawraa

    GoodI recommend to buy from this book as it was helpful for my child to start recognize and write by his own. And a good book for parents to teach thier kids at home

  55. land

    received used oneordered a new one bur received a used one.

  56. Gaurav

    Top Quality, Excellent SellerTop Quality, Excellent Seller

  57. Amazon Customer

    Five StarsMy daughter is a National Honor Roll student because of this book.

  58. coolbrz

    … to work on over summer and my kids actually like them. They do a couple pages a dayWe bought these to work on over summer and my kids actually like them. They do a couple pages a day. I would highly recommend them!

  59. purvi

    love all word problem bookslove all word problem books,…. I have all set for 1 ,2 and 3, and now I also ordered for 4th grade !!!my son also love it

  60. MS

    Good BookI have used this book for the Word Math problems. This is pretty good for practice. I had to supplement other books too for grade 1 Math. Thank you.

  61. Sean Newton

    Solid fundamentalsMy 1st grade daughter is using this to supplement the pathetic lessons they want to tell me they call math.Will be getting the 2nd grade books for sure.

  62. Twindad

    Good for going into 1st GradeA nice review of kindergarten. Repeats sentences and is easy for 5 to 6 year olds to follow. Should help with 1st grade

  63. HP

    Five StarsExcellent word problems for K grade

  64. snarkysnail

    Perfect for a parent who wants their kid to get …Perfect for a parent who wants their kid to get extra practice but doesn’t want to have to help work out the problems with them.

  65. P. Arias

    perfect fitJust what we were looking for! My daughter loves it and brings it with her everywhere to practice. Will buy the next level.


    Five StarsThis is a great book to practice st home, useful book!

  67. John H. Fletcher

    Best source for my kids after school studyingCan’t go wrong with Kumon. Best source for my kids after school studying!

  68. dp


  69. Cyndi

    Kumon books are great. My kids use them as part of their …Kumon books are great. My kids use them as part of their homeschool and love it. Makes learning new skills easier.

  70. CASunshine

    Extra homework for kid during summer break.It’s great to get the kid prepared for the next school year. It was not a real fun book for kid but it does work for learning.

  71. theblackboa

    5 starThis book is helping my child a lot. I would highly recommend this book to others. Perfect for working parents where they do not have time to prepare their homework.

  72. Onri

    GoodThis is a good review and help to my son as he is learning how to do word problems. It is the beginning and I will continue using.

  73. DM

    Four StarsHas great math word problems

  74. Hewett

    Awesome Supplement to My Current Math CurriculumI teach 1st grade, my students love doing the problems. They can read the problems on their own and able to show their work in the space provided.

  75. brem

    She used to hate Math but now she is having fun with this …It helps my daughter a lot. She used to hate Math but now she is having fun with this book.

  76. fdjhdghjhg

    My kid love it.My kid love it.

  77. satheesh

    Four StarsGood

  78. PKG139

    its available lesser price outside.its available lesser price outside.

  79. Joni R.

    GoodGood start to learning math for kids unsure of themselves on the subject. Very nice book to use for teaching!

  80. Aysha

    Five StarsAll Kumon books is helpful 👌🏻

  81. Althea

    too easy and too repetitive. Not challengingMy child got this when he was 4, he’s kind of advance in math, and one of my friends suggested me to let him try some “harder” math questions. Well, this is totally too easy (addition and subtraction under 20) and too repetitive (really? all the similar question sentences with just the change of numbers and units?). My son was not just challenged, but also wondered why “it’s all the same! No fun to do it”.The only thing positive I could think of for my son to work on this book is to read questions on his own.

  82. charityadair

    I just Love all Kumon products! No complaints here…I have bought several Kumon workbooks andante rials and have yet to be disappointed! My children really enjoy the products too!

  83. Yelizaveta

    Teaching toolWe are fans of Kumon workbooks. This is just another one of their wonderful products. Fun and challenging for children.

  84. Lil Gal

    Five StarsAl Kumon books helped my child excel in school.

  85. MicKae

    Five StarsWe really like this, it’s perfect for what is being taught in first grade right now!

  86. Kumarandurai Selvaraj

    value addMy kid is liking this book a lot and already completed the whole book. This book makes learning easy for kids.

  87. Sandopui

    Five Stars1st grader loves it

  88. Rajagopalan Shivakumar

    Five Starsmy kindergarten child is enjoying this

  89. A. Nelson

    Five StarsPerfect for little ones heading into 1st grade.

  90. snehal patel

    Five Starsmy daughter love this workbook

  91. Juanita Ingram

    Five StarsPleased! My nephew and his wife use these for their children.

  92. Amazon Customer

    Five StarsGreat Product!

  93. TwistedEquation

    Five StarsGreat Book

  94. Saikat

    Five StarsAwesome…!!

  95. Ellie B.

    Five StarsThese books are amazing!!!

  96. Shamal

    Five StarsI like it.

  97. Joyce

    Five StarsJust what I was looking for.

  98. Charlie Kim

    ExcellentEvery as stated.

  99. mesopotamiancrow

    the real kumon is bettermy son is taking kumon at a kumon franchise for reading and is autistic. september 2011, he had a kindergarten reading level and now July 2012, he is on 3rd grade level. he STRUGGLES with math too, but i tried to save money and do kumon everyday with these worksheets, but he is not comprehending.

  100. Sarithakumari Namineni

    Five StarsVery good book

  101. peaceful

    Five StarsGood

  102. Blondie

    Two Starsdont like this product

  103. K. Delgado

    Boring and too repetiviveMy 5 year old is pretty ahead in math..and I hoped he would enjoy these. Nope. They bored him to death. This is a very boring series, and next time I’ll get something with more variety.

  104. wahine

    Good but BasicI am a fan of kumon and this is very much in line with all their books. Solidly and step by step working through what the book covers. It is very basic and would be a good first introduction to word problems. The numbers involved are below 15 and mostly below 10. I probably wouldn’t have bought it for my year 1 child if I could have seen the content, as it is better suited to a kindergarten child with an average grasp on basic number concepts. My child happily completes it as it has nice pictures along with each problem.

  105. Solstice3

    Great for Critical Thinking SkillsPerfect for the child that loves math but not reading. Helps develop critical thinking skills and instill the need for reading.

  106. KMMR

    Really nice supplemental workbookI bought this as a supplement to my kid’s normal school curriculum, to add a bit more and hopefully challenge her a bit more. I really like how they lay this book out – the problems are easy to read and understand. I sit while the kiddo reads the problem and solves it on her own for the most part. I help where needed but the book does a great job of making both the addition and subtraction problems easy to visualize and understand for the child. I have a few of Kumon’s books and so far I have been very happy with all of them.

  107. Z Hayes

    Excellent Math learning resource for ages 5-7We have used many Kumon practice books over the last year and this is another winner. Our daughter will begin first grade this fall, and I’ve been using this book over the summer to teach her how to approach word problems. The book deals with numbers under 15, so some of the exercises may be quite simple for advanced learners. In such cases, I’d recommend using this as a review book and supplementing its use with Kumon Grade 2 Word Problems. I’d also recommend these other Math titles in the Kumon series for those entering First Grade:Grade 1 AdditionGrade 1 SubtractionGeometry and Measurement Grade 1

  108. Nancy Green

    Not badI bought this Kumon math workbook for my 1st grader. It includes first grade addition and subtraction practice. It’s easy to work with, well written and explained. It has lots of practice materials and going over stuff. But my daughter thought it is just too simple and easy. This book just has page after page of math problems. There is little instruction and there are no fun things or any variation. Instead of being repetitive, I wish it should have added more variety to the problem set. I do not recommend this workbook unless you are just looking for drills and then you can find online worksheet generators for free. We simply used the free printable worksheets on the Beestar website (its math programs are completely free ). It is probably the best among the many learning sites. The worksheets are well-designed and have both time and accuracy targets set for your child to practice. If you are like me, you will be glad to find that sometimes free stuff is even better. An effective way to achieve mastery is to time the drills. I recommend you run a clock for your child and set a fun speed goal to get rid of procrastination. For a benchmark, you can use Beestar online math tests to compare your child’s speed with others. My daughter’s math skills (include speed) improved significantly with this book. I’m glad I bought it.

  109. Ordinary User

    Five StarsWe love Kumon work books.

  110. lydiadeetz

    Not the Best Kumon WorkbookI normally love Kumon workbooks and have been using them for years. They re-designed all their books a year or two ago, and I have not liked their newer ones as much. The score keeping makes it too crowded, and is unnecessary, IMO.This book in particular really didn’t work well for us. First off, the problems are mostly in past tense. This makes is pretty confusing for a 5 year old, who is just learning how to do these types of problems. Plus, the problems are just written in a way that seems unnecessarily confusing!Maybe I’m being too nit-picky, but here’s an example from Unit 28:”Bob had 4 seeds. He planted 3 of them, but then his father gave him 5 more. How many seeds does Bob have now.”I’m not a Math teacher, but I feel that this could be worded SO MUCH better to make it more clear what they’re looking for!Something like:Bob has 4 seeds in a cup. He plants 3 of them. His father gives him 5 more seeds to put in his cup. How many seeds does Bob have in his cup now.Subtly different, but easier for a young learner to understand.We finished this book, but it’s definitely not one of Kumon’s best.

  111. SHIBY

    Five Starsgood

  112. P. Shin

    RepetitiveSame style questions and not much challenging for the first graders. It’s too repetitive in a boring way

  113. Fanny F.


  114. kai

    good booki recieved this book yesterday and my 5 years old son very exciting to start do it and he likes it。will recommend for children in reception and year 1.

  115. Amazon Customer

    very usefulIt helped my online students

  116. L. S. Avery

    Literacy and Math all-in-oneMy daughter was having difficulty at school with her schools quick 10 (a series of math question given to the children first thing in the morning). The simple addition and subtraction she had no problem with, but the questions that required sentence comprehension (e.g. Johnny has six apples, Mary has four apples. How many apples are there altogether?) were just beyond her.Having successfully used other KUMON books to improve her Math, I decided to invest in this, and I am glad that I did.As with all of the KUMON books it starts simply, and included pictures so the child can use those to count, but within 10-lessons these pictures are gone, and the child must think about the questions and extract the mathematical equation themselves.The questions cover both addition (Person A has 10 x, person B has 3 x. How many x?), and subtraction (C has 7 y, D has 4 y. How many more y does C have?) so that the child can get a good understanding of working out both. Later in the book it moves on to Ordinal numbers (E is in a line, there are 4 people in front of them. What position is E?), so gives a good grounding.The literacy side of the book is good too since the questions are all written long form, the child has to read, understand and decipher the problem which naturally improves their reading comprehension skills.Although progression through the book is slow (on purpose) this works in their favour and is quite contrary to the current teaching approach of touching on a subject for a short period and then coming back to it. This is all about getting the basics right first.As an introduction to reality based math (rather than the pure abstract) this is an excellent introduction, and I would recommend it to any parent who is seeing their child struggle with this kind of problem.

  117. True

    Perfect for my girlArrived super quickly! Exactly the type of exercises I was looking for. Has answers at the end also in case someone should need them.

  118. sunny

    Its okayWord problems little complicated to understand for little kids.otherwise its ok

  119. Erika A

    ExcellentGreat product

  120. C.B

    To easyI was somewhat disappointed with this purchase. I found the word problems to be far to easy for my Grade 1 son.

  121. Amazon Customer

    GreatGood for children learning, has really help with my son’s maths skills

  122. priya

    Maths solving problemsGreat book for my SK.

  123. Billy Cheng

    Keep going!!!Good quality!!!!

  124. もっかもか


  125. Vishal

    Worth money!!!Worth money!!!

  126. Rud

    GoodGood for home practice

  127. Shruti

    Good bookNice bookSimple and easy to understand .

  128. Legionista

    Great priceMy son enjoys learning from this book

  129. Ms Mona

    Five StarsAn amazing book, very good a need for every child, my 5 yr old just love solving it.

  130. Cal

    Decent, not impressive.It is alright for a kindergarten age child, however, the grammar in the book seems a little off. Questions were marginally repetitive and child got bored fast but was still able to complete exercises since there is only a few questions per exercise. I highly doubt it will be challenging enough for a grade 1 so definitely get the next level up for your child.

  131. mary

    I like this bookI like this book, however it is for children who are confident addition/ subtraction, probably for those who are 6 or nearly 6 year olds. The rest is great as usual for Kumon

  132. Amazon Customer

    Very good for teacher and studentsVery good for teacher and students …as the explains the fact with pictures very clearly…even students can understand by themselves…has good amount of questions and answers…

  133. Splashy

    Swift DeliveryMy daughter absolutely enjoys this one

  134. David I.

    Helps teaches skillsGreat practise for my son. The skills build nicely starting off easy and adding as the books goes on

  135. Dame Kat

    Student my need some help with the reading but excellent as alwaysDaughter successfully finished book with minimal help

  136. Cristina Arciniega

    PerfectPerfect like always !

  137. Vinayak S A

    Must buyMust buy. Helps build fundamentals.

  138. Kristie

    Thank you so much😀Thank you so much😀

  139. Karen’s Godin


  140. Alie Ang

    Definitely Helped Prepare My Kids For SchoolAs I said in a previous review of Kumon, we do as much work in preparation for the coming school year as possible and it definitely helps.

  141. asterix

    Five StarsAddition and subtraction practice with word problems – just what we needed.

  142. CosInf

    Great!Very useful and logical to start your kid learning.

  143. Som

    Very good book.Very good book…..this book is very useful for kg to 1 standard kids…. My daughter loves to solve this book’s math problems..

  144. Amazon Customer

    Best approach and I tried manyCombines comprehension and appreciation of the fundamental maths. Best approach and I tried many.

  145. sreenath

    Worthy buyGood illustrations and guidance for a 6 year old.

  146. fell

    Five Starssuper workbook for study by levels

  147. Todeswanderer

    My daughter loves itMy daughter loves it, her previous kumon books where getting all too easy, but this is perfecta great way to keep her occupied, entertained and train her brain all at the same time

  148. Mudassar

    Four StarsIt’s Goog

  149. Amazon Customer

    Very good books, well organizedVery good books,well organized, only in India take take 1 grade higher books like if your child is in grade 2 then go for grade 3 books

  150. varsha

    Great oneGreat worksheets

  151. Kayra’s

    I would recommend itIntroduces word problems very well and increases their confidence.

  152. RG7680

    A good book for a struggling child and it sets the basics up nicelyWe liked this book at first as it has some nice written long questions and quite a lot of repetition which was useful. However, we did find that it wasn’t very varied and by the end it was getting a bit boring and we thought our daughter wasn’t learning anything new so we stopped it. It starts giving a child pictures to represent the problems and then the pictures disappear so that they have to read the words to decipher the questions.

  153. Regina

    Five StarsHighly recommended!

  154. Mrs Ayesha Khan

    Good work bookA nice introduction to problem solving for my son in year 1. Only negative is there is a lot of American English in it e.g units which can confuse a child.

  155. zsuzsa

    Five Starsgreat

  156. Sridhar

    Not worth the moneyNot a great book.. Problems are not upto the description. Waste of money

  157. Amazon Customer

    very goodvery good

  158. Sandip

    Good bookVery useful.

  159. Amazon Customer

    Used!Disappointed that we received a used book!

  160. Sciencetweacher

    Good starter book for Word ProblemsStarts easily and gradually gets slightly more complicated. Would suit a 4-5-6 yr old. My 5 yr old is happy to do a page every day or two.

  161. Pallavi Kulshrestha

    Five StarsReally a very good book for child

  162. Lillians Bookstore

    Five Starsthumbs up

  163. Karen w

    Five StarsGood, thank you.

  164. Amazon Customer

    Best for holidays practiceVery good workbook for practice.Best 4 summer and winter break practice

  165. Basseemah Hassanin

    Five StarsAs expected if only my granddaughter would do the work without moaning.

  166. D

    Five StarsGood for practice

  167. lolo

    Five StarsVery good book and came in time

  168. olga khan

    GoodSee the pictures

  169. madnan71

    very good!It is definitely worth buy. My son has improved in his school since he started this book. I would definitel recommend it.

  170. Amazon Customer

    Five Starsvery good book

  171. Cassie

    Five StarsVery expensive

  172. Venkateswara Rao Battula

    Five StarsVery good book.

  173. Suthaharan

    Five StarsDaughter love it

  174. JasTiV

    HappyHappy with it.

  175. Zein Eid

    Five StarsExcellent

  176. antonella

    metodo kumonmetodo di insegnamento innovativo, piacevole e motivante per il bambino anche se ci sono esercizi molto ripetitivi. veramente valido in aggiunta al sistema scolastico

  177. bffggjX

    Five Starsgood one

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