Grade 1 Writing

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Through a series of colorful activities, Grade 1 Writing introduces children to sight words, parts of speech, and writing sentences, stories, and letters. All of our Writing Workbooks are aligned to State Standards to ensure success in school.
Topics Covered in this Book:

  • Long vowel sounds
  • Sight words
  • Punctuation
  • Nouns, pronouns, verbs,and adjectives
  • Simple sentences
  • Writing a letter
  • Writing a story

Aligned to State Standards.

8 ½ x 11 inches. paperback. 80 pages. full color.




Through a series of colorful activities, Grade 1 Writing introduces children to sight words, parts of speech, and writing sentences, stories, and letters. All of our Writing Workbooks are aligned to State Standards to ensure success in school.
Topics Covered in this Book:

  • Long vowel sounds
  • Sight words
  • Punctuation
  • Nouns, pronouns, verbs,and adjectives
  • Simple sentences
  • Writing a letter
  • Writing a story

Aligned to State Standards.

8 ½ x 11 inches. paperback. 80 pages. full color.

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189 reviews for Grade 1 Writing

  1. nithya

    Good extra practice work book that motivates kids learningWords are repeated to give good practice

  2. Amber

    Builds Confidence While TeachingI am so happy to see my daughter working easily through writing. We struggled at first with other methods and curriculum, but when I stumbled on this and started working through it, my daughter is so confident and not only writing better, but also reading better and faster. She can do a lot of the work independently even as the difficulty increases, and it’s actually a highlight of our homeschool day. I was surprised because it’s nothing flashy, but it has turned out to be great at building her confidence to step more into the reading world herself.

  3. LaToya

    I love these!!!This is a great book to help struggling readers my girls got through this in a month and I just ordered grade 2 because I saw a difference. I just began homeschooling and decided the both had to start out at grade level 1 even though they are not in those actual grades. Most of it was easy for a 2nd and 4th grader but they were challenged by the end. Most important for me is that I see growth and I decided to move on to the next level. We also have the grade 2 Reading and grade 1 Geometry and Measurement. Right now they really help for boosting the skills they have already acquired and filling in learning gaps.

  4. Amazonian Amy

    We recently found Kumon workbooks and we love them. We homeschool with a pretty laid back …We recently found Kumon workbooks and we love them. We homeschool with a pretty laid back style of learning, but some things like math and writing are learned best (by my kids anyway) by practice. This was a perfect fit for us. Short 2 page lessons and not overwhelming. A bit repetitive. But it works so well for a beginning writer/reader because it doesn’t feel overwhelming with new format and info every day. I can see the progess in only a month. We have a few Kumon books and we will definitely order more.

  5. Michelle

    Good to keep up skillsAm using these workbooks with my Kindergarten twins.They’re able to read the directions any comprehend 90% of them but some are not clear and would benefit from simplification. Bottom line, I’d buy it again and find it worthwhile. would benefit from simplification. The material isn’t very challenging but helps keep their skills sharp. Bottom line, I’d buy it again and find it worthwhile.

  6. Vikki W

    Really helped after my stroke.This book came in very handy after my stroke. Will buy the next level and keep going. Therapist said my hand writing improve a lot faster than normal.

  7. Cory Jerome

    It helpsMy daughter was having a hard time keeping up with all the other kids in her class and her grades shown it.We wanted to put her through Kumon learning center, but it was not affordable at the time and my wife found these books on amazon. Since my daughter been working in these work books she has improved a lot and her grades have improved in school. If you have time to work with your child and looking at an affordable way to help I would recommend these work books they help.

  8. Amanda

    Good for extra practiceGreat basic writing book to supplement school work. Good variety of exercises and examples.

  9. northern light

    It will help the kids for basic writing. However …It will help the kids for basic writing. However, it is not exactly the book my son got from the Kumon school.

  10. reviewmom

    HELPS WITH SPELLING AND VOCABULARY!This book helped my daughter improve her spelling! The books are great for review and works as a supplement not a full curriculum. There are lessons on verbs and nouns etc, but the lessons assume your child already know what verbs and nouns are.

  11. Jorie Celardoor

    Tip to motivate your child to complete Kumon books!Love all of the Kumon books! Here’s my tip for those of you whose kids are reluctant to complete the books: tape coins (pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, or variate all four). When your child completes both the front and back, they get the coin!

  12. Christina R

    Great resource!I’m using this workbook with my kindergarten son to reinforce concepts he’s learned at school. It’s great for fine motor practice, writing concepts, and review of reading concepts such as consonant blends like “ch, sh, th”, long and short vowels. We’ve loved all the kumon workbooks and will be using more as a bridge to first grade.

  13. shanmugapriya

    Best for test practiceThis is fabulous book. There are lot of words and fill in the blanks in this book. The children can learn the spellings and daily they can do each exercise as a test to improve their Ela skills. Really good for test practice. By this we can see the skills of our children. My child is doing it very quickly.

  14. H.S.

    Kumon is greatWe really love kumon books in our house for homeschooling. My daughter went through it and we ended up getting grade 2 layer in the year, which was great as well.

  15. Jenny Chen

    Not so much as a material teaching writingThis book provides many practices of phonics and spelling, but not many for other skills for writing at the discourse level. A little bit disappointed because this book seems to repeat what’s covered in Kumon’s reading book at the first grade level.

  16. Amazon Customer

    Really Good!I love it! Great book , my son has learned a lot from it .

  17. nicolezw

    practicalMy six-year-old son loves these books, very practical books to help children learn math/reading/writing step by step. My son is eager to get 100 marks by working hard.

  18. Amazon Customer

    I like all the Kumon productsMy daughter uses this book to work on her writing skills and stay on track this year. I like all the Kumon products.

  19. HikingMom

    Eager to learnI can’t be happier with ALL KUMON 1st grade books. I work with my 6.5 year old son as a supplement to his school work. He actually enjoys his homework. Each lesson gently prepares the him for the next milestone. I like the way the books are structured.

  20. Rose


  21. Joyzer

    My son has had difficulty with handwriting. This has …My son has had difficulty with handwriting. This has been helpful, giving the structure of sentences and writing to practice. Have been very helpful. I am really loving the Kumon workbooks.

  22. Amazon Customer

    Four StarsPerfect for the summer slide

  23. suleqa

    ExcellentVery easy to follow for a 6 year.

  24. Candace Brown

    I was satisfied, but…This is a good book; however, the only concern is that it does’t teach from the stand point of a child not being introduced to the topics before starting the book. It starts from the concept of assuming the child already is familiar with the topics discussed. The book does make learning fun and it is pretty systematic with how it flows.

  25. home mom

    Workbook Expanding skillsLove the exercises that expand from the other workbooks. it is a good supplement to the set of workbooks. We started with the get ready for kindergarten workbooks and keep progressing through the series of books. I like how each skill builds on the next making it easy to master a skill.

  26. Customer

    she loves to write in it & it has cool little activities that she really enjoysMy daughter, who’s just completed kindergarten LOVES this book, she loves to write in it & it has cool little activities that she really enjoys. I highly recommend this if you are trying to keep your kiddo interested in learning over the summer

  27. Jessica

    Kumon boring workbooksNot many subjects were covered in the book.Work problems keep repeating from this chapter to the next one.

  28. Maria Kelly

    This is a great book. ButThis is a great book. But, there are pages where it is difficult for my son to fit his response in.

  29. gigi.chew

    Love the booksI have bought almost all my homeschoolers supplies through Barnes and nobles and when they don’t carry my grade level I need, I get it from Amazon! Love the books 🙂 I think they are on par with the actual grades they’ll need to learn the material by.

  30. Mrs.

    Highly recommendFantastic book

  31. KLamp

    In line with the first grade curriculum.My son has really enjoyed this book and is learning along the way. Perfect and in line with the first grade curriculum in Virginia from what I could tell.

  32. DCT

    My son does not like to writeWe are working through it. My son does not like to write. It is what it is I guess.

  33. globaljuju

    Nice and simple!Great for my very low second graders that lack basic spelling and phonics. Very simple. they can do it alone. No funny business.

  34. RT

    very good bookGood kumon book that any first grader can take..

  35. Jen Foster

    Great book but it only has about 60 pages so …Great book but it only has about 60 pages so you would probably have to buy one or two more books if you plan on homeschooling and using one lesson five times a week.

  36. J. Choy

    Four StarsWorks well.

  37. HR

    Kumon rocks!!Love these for helping with homeschooling my kids. The gradual progression into the lesson is wonderful, I have a ton of these and hope Kumon continues to make many more subjects…like going into high school!! Pleeeeasse!

  38. Phoenix

    Excellent. Very bright, and colorful, and full of really cool activities.Makes teaching my daughter writing that much easier. and she Loves to work out of this book. I’m using these for homeschooling. Highly recommend.

  39. Anonymous

    FineLooks fine. Little bit difficult for beginners.

  40. AmazonBo

    Three StarsPersonally, I felt it was more grammar than writing, I was looking for actual writing not teaching grammar.

  41. Jay & Deb

    Five StarsGreat educational resources. I would recommend these workbooks to parents and educators.

  42. 123456

    Highly recomendedMy doughter loved this book and did a lot of work by herself. I highly recomend it.

  43. Courtney Metzinger

    Five StarsMy son loves these Kumon workbooks, they build gradually, and we have them in several subjects.

  44. Aha

    Four StarsMy Kindergarten daughter like doing this

  45. Bea

    Five StarsArrived on time and as promised.

  46. CASunshine

    This is needed as a supplement homework.We use this book to get our son be prepared for Grade 1. He did really well. I would recommend for the parents to use this for the summer break homework.

  47. Tylla

    Great.My daughter loves doing it. Great.

  48. stephanie

    This has been a FANTASTIC addition to my son’s first grade home school curriculumThis has been a FANTASTIC addition to my son’s first grade home school curriculum! So glad we found this book.

  49. dani

    Great supplement! It covers a broad range of topics …Great supplement! It covers a broad range of topics related to writing and language arts. I was was highly impressed with this product.

  50. hera

    perfect!!!!This is a perfect workbook!!!I will order new workbooks for 2nd for my 1st grade daughter soon.I would like to try mathematics workbook as well.

  51. Amazon Customer

    Five StarsGreat book … My kindergartener enjoys it so I’m super happy about that

  52. Grace

    Perfect!It’s good for my daughter who is in kindergarten. It’s useful.

  53. John H. Fletcher

    Best source for my kids after school studyingCan’t go wrong with Kumon. Best source for my kids after school studying!

  54. Shopper2

    This was perfect for himI have a kindergarten with advanced reading level. This was perfect for him. A bit challenging but not too much.

  55. Lior & Michal

    Five StarsGood!

  56. jill

    Five StarsGreat practice for summer bridging

  57. Koda

    I am very excited to do it with my son!It seems very helpful for kids to learn how to write properly. I am very excited to teach my son with this book!

  58. Amazon Customer

    It’s fun to do when they are learningMy daughter loves Kumon books. It’s fun to do when they are learning!

  59. Nena

    Good material!It’s a very good workbook but if you child is advance I suggest buying the next level. This goes for all the other workbooks!

  60. Mohammed Qayed

    Great BookGreat Book

  61. Comic book Guy

    Kumon basedIt’s Kumon, it has to be good

  62. Amazon Customer

    Five StarsA nice mix of tracing letters and the following up with freehand writing of the same letters/blends/words.

  63. george diffin

    Five Starsgreat for kids mine loves it

  64. fdjhdghjhg

    My kid love it.My kid love it.

  65. Mamemo

    kindersmust a have for kinders

  66. Beltha M. mboh

    Five StarsGOOD

  67. Nurse

    My son hates to study. He hates these books, but what can we do…My son hates to study. He hates these books, but what can we do…

  68. Lil Gal

    Five StarsAl Kumon books helped my child excel in school.

  69. AM

    Five StarsThis is a great writing book, my daughter looks forward to it every day

  70. Phuong

    I appreciateI appreciate. You solved the problem. I am happy to receive my book. I hope to order your book again.

  71. Michelle Yao

    Five StarsGreat practice for kids!

  72. Miwako Adachi

    Five StarsIt’s a great practice book to keep up child skill especially in long summer break!

  73. Sandopui

    Five Stars1st grader loves it

  74. Rajagopalan Shivakumar

    Five Starsmy kindergarten child is enjoying this

  75. Li

    good quality!systematic practice for writing, good quality!

  76. Amazon Customer

    Five StarsGreat Product!

  77. Babu

    Three StarsCostly

  78. Doug

    Five StarsGreat Product. Highly recommend.

  79. Saikat

    Five StarsAwesome…!!

  80. Alcina Darville

    Five Starslove this book

  81. C.E.C

    Five Starsvery good

  82. Shamal

    I like it.I like it.

  83. lilreg

    greatgreat book

  84. Aymara Reddoch

    Five Starsok

  85. Liza Trask

    Five StarsExcellent

  86. sergio

    It’s okay!We needed to challenge our daughter. This wasn’t helpful.


    08/22/18I received a used product

  88. Carrie

    recommendI bought both reading and writing for my will-be-first-grade son before summer. During our 5 weeks vacation out of country, these two books were my son’s language study materials. He loved them and finished 3-4 pages each day and before we get back, he already finished both them. Both his reading and writing were improved and he said he wants to do more this kind of practice. It will be better if there was more pages (totally around 40 sheets per book) to fill his whole summer break. Recommend them to other parents to avoid the summer sliding down.

  89. Maria Miller

    Prefect starting book to get kid ready for Grade 1My first order of a Kumon book and I am really happy with it. A great book and a nice learning experience for my child. My son has worked on Beestar grade 1 online every week online. He expressed interest in writing. This book is another effective and more affordable than the Kumon classes locally. My child loves both Beestar and the Kumon book series, as they are fun learning tools for this age transition and I am sure he will be ready for first grade. I will share it with my friends and other Beestar parents. I really look forward to see my son’s progress using this book and hope his honor roll rank at Beestar will move further up. I hope Kumon continue to deliver high quality material to move students above and beyond the average resource.

  90. Amazon Customer

    Five StarsGreat

  91. Amazon Customer

    Five Starsvery good.

  92. Gerard Rein

    good product, but long time to receivegood product, but long time to receive

  93. Helen F.

    great help and simplemy son loves it, great help and simple, for special need kids

  94. Emily A

    Perfect for worksheets!Excellent condition and very fast delivery. This book is intended for the class I’ve been assigned for student teaching. I cannot wait to try it out!! The activities look great and the images are very engaging!

  95. Lucy L

    Good bookGood for 6 years old kids

  96. Antonie G.

    good buyquarantine homeschooling for my soon to be 1st grader

  97. Nunu

    Excellent bookVery nice book for Grade 1 students!

  98. Pthomas

    Good for kindergartenWe got this for my kindergartener during the quarantine. It is not difficult and he enjoyed working on this.

  99. Holly S.

    Great but WowGreat quality book. Pages feel thick and are in colour.Pros: I like that there is a space on each page for the child to write their name and the date. It’s great practise.Cons: I’m not sure if we are just behind due to covid lockdowns and school closures but this felt a little advanced for grade one without some parental help. I will have to revisit this once we get a decent amount of it done. I may be wrong but your child will either need help with this or will have to be able to read independently already.


    Happy with this book!I bought this to help my 7 year old son improve his reading and writing and we are very happy with it!

  101. IciEtLa

    Fantastic educational tool!I purchased this for our child who is 5 to support her learning along with the subtraction and addition books. They are wonderful – start with very simple exercises that gradually get more challenging. They also have many pages – unlike other workbooks we’ve purchased, which have much fewer pages. The repetition in the books builds confidence, before children move onto the new concept (nouns, adverbs, plural, singular) etc. The child is meant to be able to sit down and do the exercises on their own – but I tend to sit with our child to guide her through the different tasks. Highly recommend for supporting young learners! Grade 1 was the appropriate level for our 5 year old. I’ll definitely purchase other books in this series!

  102. T. Jay

    Great to keep kids on taskThis was perfect for when the kids got booted out of school because of covid.It allowed us to continue doing some of the work they were missing out on to keep thing fresh in their heads and on task.The kids may disagree because they were hoping for 5 straight months of no school work but with this book we were able to continue uninterrupted.

  103. gulli

    GoodNice for practice.But sentence writing is not in the book.Same pattern repetition alot.

  104. Jyotsna

    Great for Grade 1My girl is having fun doing it!!

  105. Marium Afzal

    nice book for an eager 5 year oldTeacher approved.

  106. Madonna Bibby-Smith

    Kumon for the winAfter trying many book for my son I find these Kumon books very easy to comprehend for the little guy, simple concise questions and easy for any 1st grader to understand. I was really pleased!

  107. Coach Mike (SG)

    Well designed and suitably challengingWell designed learning activities and suitably challenging. My 6yo son is learning and progressing well. Most of the time, he is independent. To make it more challenging, we give him spelling test after completing a unit.

  108. Amazon Customer

    GreatGreat for writing Practice.

  109. sadia

    Kept it simple, built the concept step by stepThis is great book for under $10. They have introduced phonics in a systematic order. The practice of sight words is age appropriate. I have been homeschooling for 10+ years and I recommend it.

  110. MRS

    Good!I tried several writing workbooks before and this one is the best because give my sin confidence to write by himself.

  111. Julie_V

    Love the way it progresses.I just love the way it progresses and introduces new concepts. My son started it when he was 4,5 y.o. and we aren’t native speakers, but he readily grasps anything due to the way it’s introduced. Highly recommended and will definitely buy the next books.

  112. Kristina

    came fastson loves them

  113. Mike

    my son like this bookmy son like this book

  114. Samridhi Gupta

    Big Thumbs UpMy son Is hooked to it the day it has come. It’s a good book for starting grammar for kids

  115. amit bhagat

    Interactive bookThis book is so good my kid , it has improved her capabilities and comprehensive too. She enjoys practice her book and excited to get points for the same.

  116. Prashanth S

    Practice make the kids perfectGood books to practice

  117. Reema

    Good book for home schoolingNice enough book with short activities that repeat concepts so that the child gets them easily. I think the progression of concepts is good.

  118. Merry

    Good book!My 5-year-old found it very interesting. He does one page every day. It help kids build skills step by step.

  119. Amazon Customer

    Awesome!It’s great and easy to use and learn by kids

  120. Xw01

    Bom para qlqr um que esteja interessado em adquirir vocabulário e desenvolver a escrita.Comprei para me alfabetizar em inglês, já tinha experiência com o Kumon. Terminei o livro em menos de 1 semana. É ótimo tanto pra adultos quanto pra crianças. Meu nível de inglês é intermediário, estou usando só pra fazer exercícios complementares.

  121. Adonis

    Grade 1 writing practiceGreat practice for Grade 1

  122. Darcy G.

    Very Helpful fun for kidsVery helpful for getting my daughter ready for grade 1. she is ahead of her class in learning. these books use games and pictures to help learn

  123. Cameron M Dale

    It’s a good toolMy daughter is working through it and learning. Can’t ask for more

  124. Crystal Webster

    Great for a range of agesHappy with it

  125. Punit

    Good practice workbookKid likes it, keep him busy. Good practice.

  126. Karlina

    Kumon is always an addition in our home 🙂Love kumon I studied kumon as a kid and now my daughter and she finds these so helpful in improving on what she already knows. Some questions can be repetitive however in life much of what we do is repetitive and a lot of progress can be based on memory which I believe where this system stems from so I don’t mind it, it also helps in ammending any mistakes my daughter would make.

  127. Onayimi

    EngagingMy 5 year old finds the exercises very interesting. I never have to remind him to do his Kumon.

  128. Fabio

    Appropiate LevelAssisted with my daughters education.Thank you

  129. N S

    Great bookPerfect for little learner. Very happy

  130. Ash

    Amazing!!Amazing and very helpful when teaching my child how to write

  131. Mayonnaise

    Very good book for learning to write.We got the book yesterday and my son really enjoys completing the pages.

  132. MP

    Great bookLove it

  133. Mona

    Right level for sk and grade 1Perfect for grade 1 ! Helps to learn different forms of verbs.

  134. Cristina Arciniega

    Always excelentAlways excelent and educational. It would be amazing if you add a little resume of the theory before each lesson.

  135. Muhammad

    Excellent writing practice for grad-1Worth the price

  136. Suzy Zhu

    Four StarsNot bad…

  137. Splashy

    A must haveMy KG daughter finds this really interesting

  138. momodudu


  139. CG Brown

    kid hated it, but he learned a lot from itkid hated it, but he learned a lot from it

  140. Amazon Customer

    This workbook is great! The pictures are so helpful and make it’s …This workbook is great! The pictures are so helpful and make it’s interesting for my son to practice writing. The tall and small boxes for the letters are nice cues for my graduated kindergartener learning how to print letters. Thanks!

  141. DEE

    Great buyGreat buy,

  142. Kristie

    Thank you so much 😀Thank you so much 😀

  143. linda.

    GoodGreat for handwriting practice for 5yrs old,

  144. Jess

    Note to Australian purchasers – text is printed not semi-cursiveI was disappointed to realise the text of this book and the writing based exercises and printed. This isn’t ideal for Victorian (and most Australian) kids who are learning to write in semi-cursive.The tracing exercises are printed, however the students could use semi-cursive in the other exercises. The words to select from however are printed so the child will need to adapt their written response.

  145. Alie Ang

    Definitely Helped Prepare My Kids For SchoolAs I said in a previous review of Kumon, we do as much work in preparation for the coming school year as possible and it definitely helps.

  146. Muna Tahjud

    Very goodIt’s good for my SK boy

  147. Marina

    Four StarsVery useful for teaching toddlers writing.

  148. Sillesoeren

    Okay, but not as good as the Maths booksWe have Kumon books for Maths and for English. The longer we use them, the better we like the Maths ones. The Kumon system seems to fit better to addition & Co. than to wirting and reading.

  149. CosInf

    Great!Very useful and logical to start your kid learning.

  150. fell

    Five Starssuper workbook for study by levels

  151. Murali Raghunathan

    Good engaging materialvery useful

  152. Utkarsh

    Recommend itLovely book for 5 year old.

  153. charantej

    Good one for kidsIt’s very helpful

  154. Amazon Customer

    Five StarsGood

  155. Amazon Customer

    GoodI liked itUsed it for my child

  156. 大嶋 英司

    Good workbook for kids of different abilities.This is a good workbook for kids of different abilities. It also shows interesting illustrations about the word or sentences which is ideal for children whose first language is not English.

  157. Prachi killedar

    Four StarsNice book.. Attractive activities… Kids love it

  158. Todeswanderer

    I like Kumon bookthis is another great Kumon bookvery good to challenge your child at home a littlerecommended for children of 4-5

  159. Amazon Customer

    Five StarsMy daughter loves to do the activities.

  160. as

    同じシリーズのreading1の後にこのwriting1をしようと思い、息子に買いました。reading1を4回繰り返した後、この本を小4の6月からする予定でしたが(コピーして繰り返す形で)…。readingと違い、文法問題が入ってきます。名詞の単数形・複数形、三単現のs、sight wordを空所補充する、所有代名詞、主格代名詞、動詞の現在形・過去形、など。日本でいうと中1で習うのかな?中2?しかし、説明が日本語ではないので、この場面でしか聞かない上記の文法用語を使わずに、平易に説明は出来そうです。でも、小4の6月からするのはやめようかなと迷っています。英語教室にも行っていなくて、小3の秋から、アルクの2000語タッチペン付き絵辞典で英語を家で母とし始めたばかりなので(接した単語数は1000語は超えました)。もう少しあとにしようかなと、思い始めました。内容はいいと思います。イラスト付きでイメージしやすく、readingと同じ単語には同じ絵がついていて、レイアウトもすっきりして、見やすいです。もう少し、フォニックスをして、聞いてわかる単語を増やして、その後に取り組もうと考え始めました。追記:結局予定通り取り組みました。reading grade1と合わせて5回取り組みの様子は、reading grade1に書きましたので、そちらを読んでください。Be動詞の過去形は中2で習うんですね。息子は日本語の説明はなしに、このworkbookで体で覚えました。まだ小4、もうすぐ小5ですが、体で反射的に覚える時間がたっぷりあるので、この調子で小6終わりに、このシリーズ(readingとwriting)のgrade3を終える感じで進めるつもりです。3月からgrade2に入り、息子は学年が上がったことを喜んでいます。英語教室には相変わらず行きたがらず、母と毎日20ー25分、問題文を音読し、答えを書き、答えも音読する、という取り組みを続けます。シャドウイングは1年前に比べよくできるようになり驚いています。子どもの能力は凄いです。追記2:grade2のreadingとwritingをしている途中(現在小5)です。小5春から中1のワークを3回繰り返してから、3学期(1月)に英検5級を受けました。満点合格しました。リスニングは余力があると思います。合否通知の文言では、6月に4級を受けたら合格可能性は96%とありました。英語教室に全く行かず、親も英語を話せなくても、英検3級くらいは合格できそうだなと感じています。あと少しで、このシリーズのgrade3のRとWに突入です。英語を身近に聞いたり話したりする環境になければ、readingとwritingの2冊(各36課)を5回(360回分)繰り返してほぼ丸1年かければ、随分上達します。grade1を小3-4年で、grade2を小4-5年で、grade3を小5-6年迄でするのが理想です。公立中学生たちより語彙は増えます。文法は日本の中学生が習う分には及びません。補わないといけないです。

  161. zsuzsa

    Five Starsgreat

  162. asif razzaq

    Worth itVery productive

  163. Maricel Duldulao

    フォニクス習った子におすすめI recommend this to kids who know their phonics already. It is a great practice book in writing and reading. Great pictures. I would also recommend this for normal Japanese first grade junior high school students. (My 7-year old son uses this.)

  164. Amazon Customer

    kids love itkids love it

  165. Ms. J. Swain

    These books are excellent and it has really helped my daughter become more …These books are excellent and it has really helped my daughter become more confident with her reading and writing.

  166. Lucia

    Introducing spelling to a bilingual childJust what we needed to start with spelling from a bilingual point of view for a 8 year old.

  167. Lillians Bookstore

    Five StarsThumbs up

  168. Shane

    Great book, consegna very fastThis item arrived quickly and is in new condition, works wonderfully, and is sold exactly as described by the seller

  169. parul

    Five Starsvery useful book

  170. Richa

    Five StarsMy son is 5yrs and he loves it.

  171. Sylvia.7

    Five StarsThanks!

  172. Serena McCormack

    Exactly what I orderedLove kumon

  173. Jo P


  174. yedu


  175. olga khan

    Great workbooksKumon method is very smart.

  176. Amazon Customer

    Five StarsReally helpful

  177. JasTiV

    Suitable for purposeSuitable for purpose

  178. Zein Eid

    Five StarsExcellent

  179. Ahmed Esmael

    Reception yearExcellent for my 4 years old son

  180. Monika

    Five Starsnot too great

  181. stephanie Lamanna

    Five StarsAs always very good from Kumon.

  182. Maureen Akiri

    Good buyKeeps my daughter engaged and focused

  183. BianKat74

    Five StarsAppropriate book to start learning to write

  184. Z. E.

    very good and my son like itvery good and my son like it


    Two StarsIt wasn’t what I was wanted


    ExcellentSmart way to teach children.

  187. shanker m.


  188. Fariba Raeisi

    Very nice book!Very nice book for kids who already learned the letters. The only thing that it would be great to add to this book is a CD!

  189. Grasshopr


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