Grade 2 Reading

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In Grade 2 Reading your child will build on the basics to acquire vocabulary. Answering who/what/where/when/why questions and charting passages will strengthen your child’s critical reading skills.

Topics Covered in this Book:

  • Vocabulary Building
  • Consonant Combinations
  • R-Controlled Vowels
  • Compound Words
  • Synonyms
  • Antonyms
  • Irregular Plurals
  • Who, What, Where, When, & Why
  • Title & Table of Contents
  • Chart the Passage
  • Sequencing
  • Reading Stories

8 ½ x 11 inches. paperback. 80 pages. full color. US $7.95 / C $8.95




In Grade 2 Reading your child will build on the basics to acquire vocabulary. Answering who/what/where/when/why questions and charting passages will strengthen your child’s critical reading skills.

Topics Covered in this Book:

  • Vocabulary Building
  • Consonant Combinations
  • R-Controlled Vowels
  • Compound Words
  • Synonyms
  • Antonyms
  • Irregular Plurals
  • Who, What, Where, When, & Why
  • Title & Table of Contents
  • Chart the Passage
  • Sequencing
  • Reading Stories

8 ½ x 11 inches. paperback. 80 pages. full color. US $7.95 / C $8.95

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143 reviews for Grade 2 Reading

  1. Violet

    Good for my son but,Some question is printed incorrectly.We have to look at it carefully.

  2. kate2595

    Good promptsRecommended by my daughter’s second grade teacher as summer bridge work. The problems and prompts are appropriate for this age.

  3. Amy LT

    Great GuidanceEvery summer I buy workbooks for my two boys. This year I chose Kumon, I purchase the whole collection of Grade 4 for my son going into 4th grade and the whole collection of Grade 3 (thinking Grade 2 would be too easy) for my son going into 2nd grade. Later on I found that my younger son had difficulties in some areas in Grade 3 so I bought Grade 2.This has been a great guidance for my kids and I. The books helped my kids learn step by step and I really do see improvements. Its great for me, I simply use the answer sheet to correct and it helps me find out what their weaknesses are. Overall I really like Kumon workbooks compare to previous companies that I have purchased because I do see improvements. Next year I will purchase Kumon again.

  4. Shante J


  5. Amazon Customer

    It is good for the kids .The book is very good for the grade level.

  6. Detective Vien

    Great for extra learning!Kumon product line is great. I have been using their workbooks and I highly recommend them. Just be careful on some of the books like the learning with money one because the prints are very small that they are hard to see. Overall I enjoy these books in teaching my toddler. Good job, Kumon!

  7. Portland Mom

    Great for introductory work!This is good for transition from 1st to 2nd grade. The first half of the workbook introduces spelling structures and vowel sounds in a scaffolded method. The second half is reading comprehension. It moves from short passages to longer ones. Main idea questions, then detail qustions and finally detail questions.

  8. pao

    Awesome resources for keeping kids learning at home!Awesome resources for keeping kids learning at home! My nephew really liked it! He was done with this practice notebook in less than 2 months! He is attending 2nd grade an already asked me if I can buy grade 3 books for him. Thanks Kumon!

  9. niyasmom

    Great learning deviceBought this book over the summer for my first grader going into second. The great is great in that it starts easy and gets more challenging. The challenges are also incremental. The only downside I found….I wished they gave some example pages that showed new concepts. Otherwise, this has been great to keep my daughter a little bit ahead.

  10. Sofie B

    Happy parentsIm a mother with 7 & 9 yr old kids and these books are great love the content find them very helpful especiallt when my kids have no homework this is their go to books to practice id definately reccomend these books

  11. Poétique

    Predictable activities, promotes independenceI like these books because my daughter can do them on her own. She is almost 5. I do think they are a little easy, but with Kumon, you can always adjust the levels as needed. I would get one grade above what you think your child can do, because you can always go down, but if it’s too easy, it’s a waste of money. We will definitely move on to Grade 3 before she enters kindergarten.

  12. Sadia Siddique

    GREATThis is a good book to teach kids about the basics of English language. It has a lot of rules and practices. It’s so colorful that I love it more than my student. Worth the money

  13. Dips

    Good for daily practiceMy son is in 1st and I bought this book for his daily practice . He already finished the first grade so I thought of buying grade 2nd edition for him He enjoyed it so much and do it on his own .

  14. Okimom

    This was a great workbook for my son to learn who is taking …This was a great workbook for my son to learn who is taking esl class. There are many stories that rated easy to hard.He used to do every morning before going to school and it only takes 10 to 15minutes to finish one story.I think this book helps kids who is reading under grade level books to understand more.

  15. MK

    Working wellGreat supplement for distance learning. My 2nd Grader seems to enjoy the pages

  16. homeschoolfor2

    Perfect excercise length for extra practicdI purchased this book for my second grader, for extra comprehension practice. I found the excercises to be the perfect amount for additional practice after homework, or over school breaks. The content is attention catching for young readers, and it’s just enough to excercise their skills without getting boring. I am always happy with Kumon products!

  17. Karin Allen

    Highly recommend!My son finished this book over the course of the school year, I use these books as supplements for when my kid doesn’t have any assigned homework. The rule in our house is at least 30 minutes of homework per day, so if the teacher hasn’t assigned any, we turn to these books. This particular book is excellent in that it progressively gets more challenging. It has a series of short stories and then the child answers questions, practices handwriting, etc. There is a spot for the reviewer to “grade” the answers and enter a score, and he liked that too.

  18. Blondi387

    RecommendedThis was recommended and I am hoping it helps my son easing into 2nd grade reading before the start of the school year.

  19. Janelle Butler

    It is perfect for “filling in the gaps” for my sonI have ordered all the books in the 3rd and 4th grade series…math and reading/writing. After I ordered 2 books, I was so impressed that I wanted them all. It is perfect for “filling in the gaps” for my son. He can work at his own pace and continue learning throughout the summer. We are going to continue with these books throughout the school year. I would highly recommend these books to any parent who wants to help their child make major improvements in reading and math.

  20. Amazon Customer

    The stories are too shortI like it for the most part. My only concern is that the comprehension stories are too short. My son will unfortunately have to take a standardized test. The stories in the comprehension portion on those test are long. I want him to become accustom to reading lengthy text. These book unfortunately doesn’t provide that.

  21. Stephen Becker

    Great workbook for the summerI used the text over the summer for my son who was preparing for the 3rd grade. It was a bit challenging for him but he succeeded in completing it over the summer. I was really proud of him. I did have to read along with him for comprehension but the stories were good and interesting for him.

  22. susan chui

    WorkbookThe kids can understand it and do it on their own

  23. Vanful

    I would purchase it againIt has been a great book to help combat the summer slide

  24. Amazon Customer

    GoodPerfect for little ones to study with parents and have a great time!

  25. Melissa Tomlinson

    He usually groans about “summer school with mom” but he actually said “I like these” about KUMONOverall I give the KUMON books 5 stars. My son just completed second grade this school year and we have been doing these this summer as he is a struggling student. He usually groans about “summer school with mom” but he actually said “I like these” about KUMON!

  26. Chau Edge

    It is a great way to enhance your child’s learningWe started out using Grade 2 material as the actual Kumon program measures and takes a similar approach. It ensures the child has full mastery of the basics. Our son motored through this quickly though given it is self paced. In the course of a year he has moved from Grade 2 to Grade 5. It is a great way to enhance your child’s learning.

  27. Prime Customer

    This book is colorful and nicely laid outThis book is colorful and nicely laid out. My son has finished 3rd grade but we are doing this book over the summer go give him more practice reading passages and answering questions. We are able to do 2-3 pages at a time even with his very short attention span and low frustration threshold. We will move on to a more difficult book after we complete this one.

  28. eka

    It is a very good workbookIt is a very good work book. My son loves it. This book is a great resource to help your kids if you have time a desire. We use this book as an extra practice to prepare him for school.In terms of skill level it’s fairly well correlated to the public schools curriculum. The repetitive nature of the exercises in this book really helps. We highly recommend it!

  29. Vishwanath Kumar

    Good educational bookLike

  30. SCM

    Great for practice!Excellent! Purchased for a friend her kid actually likes this!

  31. Amazon Customer

    Four StarsGreat book.

  32. NYMom

    Four StarsKumon workbooks get the job done!

  33. ccoop

    Clear, Concise, and StraightforwardI love all the Kumon books! I ordered this book to keep my daughter abreast of her reading skills during the summer. She loves it! Clear, Concise, and straightforward.

  34. Jay & Deb

    Kumon Workbooks are an excellent teaching resources and the children seem to grasps the …Kumon Workbooks are an excellent teaching resources and the children seem to grasps the concepts more readily. I would recommend all the resources that Kumon produces.

  35. lin

    Love Kumon workbookMine daughter love it

  36. Nia_921

    We love KumonLove Kumon workbooks – my 6 year old just finished first grade and decided to keep his math fresh as well as prep him for the next grade. He does them well, 2 pages a day. The work progresses just right for him.

  37. Amazon Customer

    Extra practice for any studentGood practice for 2nd grader

  38. ann

    In the latter half of the previous book (Grade1 Reading) …In the latter half of the previous book (Grade1 Reading) it was filed with short stories and comprehension questions. I was expecting more of that in this one but turned out as I read through pages its more on short sentences and filling in missing words in those given sentences.

  39. Intune with the Universe

    Very helpful for the young studentA gift

  40. Chilly Winters

    Excellent purchase! I would recommend the Kumon Reading Workbooks …Excellent purchase! I would recommend the Kumon Reading Workbooks to other friends and family members.

  41. Amazon Shopper

    I like itI have tried many reading workbooks, and of them all I really like this one, but if your child is not the best reader you will have to read with them after page 25.

  42. Carly

    Kumon at HomeThese workbooks are perfect for tutors and teachers. As a tutor myself, I’ve worked at Kumon and I love the concepts of the program. They’re highly effective with many different needs, skill levels, and learning styles. I’ll definitely be incorporating these into my curriculum when I become a teacher!

  43. Kate

    Very solid curriculumAll of the Kumon products are so good at building skills step by step.

  44. Simplify

    Kumon is greatI homeschool my son and this book works very well for us. I only wish that they would do two or three workbooks in the same grade level as he usually finishes one workbook in one semester.

  45. medtek52

    Great seriesThese books are well written and cover basic material in a fun way. Granddaughter loves to work in them. She thinks they are fun. Will continue to use these for summer catch up and to prepare for the next grade

  46. Amazon Customer

    Five StarsMy daughter made such a wonderful improvement… Recommend it if you are consistent you will get results…

  47. Amazon Customer

    SpectacularGreat books

  48. Amazon Customer


  49. J Texas

    Five StarsMakes learning fun! Full color on every page.

  50. Norman

    used itemJust received it and found the workbook was used! wondering if anyone checked before shipping it.There is an obvious crease on the cover and from page 1 to 9 there are writings by pencil. I’ve requested a replacement.

  51. coolbrz

    … to work on over summer and my kids actually like them. They do a couple pages a dayWe bought these to work on over summer and my kids actually like them. They do a couple pages a day. I would highly recommend them!

  52. DW

    My tot love itI love this book and so do my 4 years old. His reading getting fluently and he could solve and answer the question by himself.I recommended this book for all “gifted” kids. More challenging.

  53. Sudhi R Proch

    Five StarsVery nice book for learning comprehensions.

  54. CanenFuder

    My son loves this workbookI have purchased quite few Kumon workbooks for my son and this one is his favorite. He loves the stories and I love that he can finish his work quickly.

  55. george c. luckette

    ReadingWords cannot express the experience that these books offer a child or a teacher of children the basics of learning. These books offer great home school advantages for everyone.

  56. Sandra

    I really like this book my daughter love to practicing on itI really like this book my daughter love to practicing on it.

  57. Martyman

    Five Starsworks great for kids.

  58. John H. Fletcher

    Best source for my kids after school studyingCan’t go wrong with Kumon. Best source for my kids after school studying!

  59. M.G.H

    Five Starsvery good book for my future 2nd grader

  60. Alex

    TRY FLASHKIDS INSTEADFlashkids produces a much higher quality textbook for children. The reading passages in Kumon are not engaging and interesting for children. The difference between Kumon and Flashkids is very obvious when you look at the reading passages. In flashkids, they use interesting history and science to educate children while they practice reading skills. Kumon just uses pointless bland passages.

  61. Paugh W Shadow

    Love this for their learningGreat education

  62. Amazon Customer

    Must haveExcellent

  63. Marie Moulod

    Five StarsTHX!!!

  64. SJ

    A change is comingMy son’s doing addition, subtraction, word problems and reading books from Kumon. We just really started this book and he’s getting better.

  65. Katie

    Five Starsuesful

  66. Butterfly

    Great choiceI love the layout and how the lessons flow. Wish I had found this books long ago. Purchased for extra practice to add to our home school curriculum.

  67. Esenen

    Four StarsExcellent product and delivery time thanks

  68. fayend1

    Five StarsGreat learning tools!

  69. Health Diva

    Good reviewGreat for practice.Good book to use.A good practice for kids.A great book to review for reading for children.

  70. NM

    Must haveMust have item for a kid who needs improvement of reading abilities. I am so glad I bought it! Thank you!

  71. Amazon Prime Shopper

    Five StarsGood book to practice reading comprehension

  72. RKefi

    Five StarsGreat Item

  73. Sam

    Five Starsmy daughter love this workbook

  74. sharad

    Great productGreat product

  75. Enny

    KUMON READINGExcellent book. My 6 yr son loves all the Kumon book. Kumon Reading provide a step by step clear instructions to reading comprehension.

  76. Jeoungho Park

    excellent!excellent !

  77. Omar E Ramos

    Five StarsGreat for my homeschooler kids!!!

  78. Ellie B.

    Five StarsThese books are amazing!!!

  79. Ed

    Five StarsGreat Book !!!!!

  80. Eddie SD

    Five Stars5 Star

  81. Ibrahim Jaleel

    Five StarsMy daughter enjoyed reading

  82. Mama01

    Five StarsExcellent

  83. Trekkies in JT

    Good but teacher beware…It’s a good product but Kumon doesn’t allow teachers to photocopy a class set, which renders it useless.It would be appealing to the homeschool population.

  84. zhumingzhi

    Context not enoughContext is not enough. My son just one day finished it….

  85. Sid

    I don’t believe it meets 2nd grade standardsI felt it is is more like 1st grade + level. Kumon should raise the bar on reading comprehension. In the current form, it may not meet the standards.

  86. Deaf Garcia Family

    It’s a great product but my 7 year old says its extremely …It’s a great product but my 7 year old says its extremely boring. He normally loves doing book work but he hates this workbook.

  87. Mark Wittrock

    Not usable.Work book is all marked up in marker and pen and not usable.

  88. Andrea Simental

    Great book! My kindergartener is about to finish itGreat book! My kindergartener is about to finish it, so I don’t think is grade 2. In my opinion all kumon books are a little behind on the grades. But it works! This book along with the other books had help him practice every day, and get better. The kindergartener does a lesson a day.

  89. fdjhdghjhg

    My kid love it.My kid love it.

  90. Xiomara Murillo

    Five StarsGreat

  91. R. Sturgeon

    Five Starsmy 1st grader is loving this

  92. GDSouza

    Kumon momI needed extra math and reading/writing practice for my kids in 3rd and 1st grade. These books are easy to understand, very systematic and kids love it. we take them along in the car even for short drives. It keeps the kids busy in the back seat. would recommend these to any parent that would like their child to excel academically. who doesn’t?? I’ve purhased about a dozen plus Kumon books from amazon already and intend to purchase many more.

  93. Rebecca Espinueva

    Five StarsGreat “games’ that make learning so much fun.

  94. J. Zhang

    Excellent bookExcellent book. My 5 yr daughter enjoys working on all Kumon books. Kumon Reading provide a step by step clear instructions to reading comprehension.

  95. LouisN

    Writing book for 2nd yearBought it for my son as he is going to 2nd year. So far he really likes so much that we keep doing it everyday!

  96. Lil

    AmazingMuch better than expected.

  97. Sally

    I love these books.Bought this for my 6 year old son.

  98. Tigerlily101

    Very Good Homework BookKumon Reading 2 is a homework book that is suitable for children who are studying the KS1 curriculum to practise phonics and reading comprehensions. I found its no stress “step-by-step” slowly but firmly approach helps my sons, who doesn’t like writing much, to improve his skills. The attractive illustrations and colourful pages makes doing homework less painful. I found this book a good introduction workbook.The book has 36 exercises. The first half of the book (exercise 1-26) is a review of vowels, consonants, compound words, synonyms, plurals, sequence and who/when/where/why/what. Then from Exercise 27 onwards, the book deals with reading comprehensions.Similar to Kumon Grade 1 Reading book, the answers required for the Reading comprehensions were in “fill-in-the-blank” sentences style with key answers blank out, and the rest of sentences already printed. For example:Question: Is the character a boy or a girl?Answer: The character is a _____. (The child needs to write the actual answer: boy.)I feel that this makes learning process less stressful for beginners as it requires writing the key part of the answers only but yet they could gain ideas of how to answer questions properly in sentence format. My son certainly benefited from it. He likes working on Kumon Reading Workbook range much better than others.The only thing I don’t really like about Kumon Reading book range is that it suffers the problem of having American contents. Like the Kumon Word Problem range in Maths, I need to check the wordings on the exercises and reading material before letting my son working on it. A couple of such examples are: (1) a story is based on some basic knowledge of Baseball, and (2) it uses the word FALL rather than Autumn. For this reason, it can only be used as a complimentary workbook to the other UK workbooks such as Collins and Schofield & Sims.

  99. SY

    IT’S GOOD BUT NOT ENOUGHKumon is a good brand and this Gr. 2 Reading is suitable for my kid. But it’s not enough to cover most knowledge of reading for Gr. 2

  100. Tamika A.

    Decent contentI mainly purchased this to help my daughter with her comprehension and there is a good amount of activities pertaining to it. Definitely recommend.

  101. Maria

    Great for reading comprehensionGreat book! Works really well to teach reading comprehension in a step by step manner.

  102. MACEY

    Very good exercise bookIncrease the number of children’s words, children also like it

  103. Vlad

    Kumon series are a mustReally, we do homeschooling and we use all the Kumon series for review and tests.

  104. B B

    EssentialI loved how clean the font was in the book and clear to understand. I would have preferred more pages. Used for my son who will be going to grade 2.

  105. MP

    Je le recommandeUn excellent livre. Mon fils est en 2 eme année, mais c’est un peu trop compliqué pour lui, c’est pour ça que j’ai commandé le livre de 1 ère année.

  106. Amazon Customer

    Good reading matterIt is interesting reading in English, both educational and fun, and it is inexpensive and fast delivery.

  107. Xue jiao Zhang

    NiceGood practice book.

  108. abg2008

    Very helpful workbookAs a homeschool mom and a tutor I use this workbook regularly to review and reinforce concepts with my students. Appreciate the layouts and clean pages and the systematic build to the level of the work.

  109. C.F.

    RecommendedCame on time haven’t used it yet but took a quick glance perfect for what I need it for.

  110. MrsPB

    Was it not American, it would be perfect36 progressive lessons in vocabulary building, grammar and reading comprehension.You have vocabulary lessons, vowels, consonant combinations, compound words, synonyms, antonyms, irregular plurals, who/when/where/why/what, reading the table of contents, sequence, reading comprehensions and reviews.Solutions for all lessons are in the back.There are filling in the blanks, tracing words, linking words and pictures on the colourful pages.It takes about ten minutes to complete a two-page lesson.

  111. Gloria

    Great.The lessons were explained well. Helped understand the foundation on building good skills for beginner readers.

  112. Cindy

    It is a good exerciseThe content of the exercises is very good

  113. Marie

    Kumon workbook fun and rewardingMy Daughter was having trouble with her reading. We tried our local Kumon center before buying this book. It is very similar to the in class work sheets. My Daughter really enjoyed this book and found it fun to work on.

  114. weiqing shi

    good quality but easier levelI bought for my grade 2 boy but it is obviously a little bit easier that what his actually level.

  115. Rud

    GoodGood for home practice

  116. Samantha Devries

    Helped my daughter with reading/writingMy daughter really likes the Kumon books. It’s helped her a lot with reading/writing

  117. Dhruva.G.shankar

    AmazingVery useful for kids recommend to buy👍

  118. Joyce Agpangan British Columbia

    Great for kidsMy kids had fun learning through the Kumon books. The best!

  119. S IROH

    happy with itArrived on time and as described. Happy with it

  120. priyanka

    InterestingThe worksheets scale up in difficulty/complex modules gradually and that is a good boost for the kid.

  121. Captain Marvin Smith

    Good book for your kidsMy kids love it and we love as well

  122. Pauline Howell

    not good for a child whe does not like to writeI expected more reading material, not good for a child whe does not like to write.

  123. Di MM

    Good valueGreat workbook

  124. Aravind

    Just what you needThis book adopts a very good incremental approach to make kids learn.The reading content is superb and makes kids read what they do in those ages. I have seen some books where basic sentences are taught with examples that are not known / relevant to their age.

  125. majeed

    Very goorVery good books helped my daughter a lot.

  126. NaNa2017

    nicenice book

  127. Alie Ang

    Definitely Helped Prepare My Kids For SchoolAs I said in a previous review of Kumon, we do as much work in preparation for the coming school year as possible and it definitely helps.

  128. WAN HUA LI

    Goodit is good. Shinpping is fast b

  129. O. L.

    Four Starsok

  130. as

    reading writingのGrade1に引き続き取り組み始めました。この本は小4の3月から取り組みました。出てくる単語は、first,fur、horn、hard,jar,cart,fork、hen,fun,soil,boil、join、loud、round、mouth、mouse、arrow、bow、crow、throw他多数。フォニックスの考え方を入れて単語が並んでいるので、読みの予想ができます。カラフルなイラストも添えてあるのでいいです。くっつき言葉=uphill、rainbow,snowflake、fireplaceなど。同義語=coldとicy、bigとlarge、strongとsturdyなど。反意語=upとdown、leftとright、inとout、topとbottom、smileとfrownなど。疑問詞、短いお話と読解力問題、短いお話(160語まで程)を読んでイラストの順序をととのえるなど。短い文章には過去完了、stop to doも、仮定法もでてきます。短い文章はくすっと笑えるオチがあり、楽しいものもあります。また、簡単な科学的な論説文もあります。他に子どもの身近な日常生活、アリとキリギリス(他にも童話があります)、飼い犬の視点から書かれた女の子と飼い犬の話も。文法の説明はきっちりしなくても、日本語でざっくり意味を教えてやって、子どもは意味が分かった上でスラスラ読み慣れるといいと思います。その音を聞き慣れてから、仮定法や過去完了の文法を教えたらいいと思います。日本人幼児向け、小学生向けの問題集より圧倒的に語彙が増えます。短い文では、中3の教科書くらいの長さでしょうか。もっと長いかもしれません。日本人向け問題集より英文に慣れられます。英語学習歴は小3の11月から。家で、アルクの絵じてんで単語を聞くところからです。教室通いはしていなくて、両親とも英語は喋れません。中学英語は理解できる母親と取組中。Grade1で形式や出題・紙面に慣れているので戸惑うことなく1日1課しています。1日目、2日目、1週間後、2週間後、1か月後、の目安で5回同じページを繰り返して。(後ろの方の文章を読む部分では7回位繰り返すかもしれません)順調に進めており、同じクラスで英検2級に合格している(保育園からall Englishのところに通っている)子にはかなわないけれど、ちまたの英語教室に小3くらいから通っている子よりよくできると言っています。本人の感覚なので、何とも言えませんが。しかし、力はやっただけついているようです。設問も答えも、必ず音読させるよう気をつけています。小5の1月に受けた英検5級では満点合格しました。小4終わりに5級問題をさせたら、文法問題ができなかったので小5初めから中1問題集を3回繰り返しました。中学に上がる前でないと時間が取れないので、小学生で取り組むのにいい本だと思います。

  131. Venkatesh N.

    Good bookGood book, quality is excellent but over priced.

  132. Maricel Duldulao

    Great step-by-step reading workbookMy son started this book on Dec 26th and has been doing it everyday since. He enjoys finishing one page after the other. Lesser pictures than book 1 but still enjoyable for him.

  133. 大脇 弘嗣


  134. Muembu

    NiceGood for 2 graders

  135. Bhavin

    Nice book…Recommend for second grade kids.

  136. Amazon Customer

    kids love itkids love it

  137. Juan Pedro Ruiz Gimenez


  138. RKDas

    Small bite sized chunks of work that is perfect for the kidsSmall bite sized chunks of work that is perfect for the kids. Takes no more than 10 minutes per exercise.

  139. Jenn J G

    Five StarsGreat!

  140. Deepti Sharma

    Four StarsGood book for grade 2

  141. Leeanne Perras

    damaged upon arrivalproduct arrived damaged.

  142. Suthaharan

    Five StarsDaughter love it

  143. Mama 2t

    Five StarsGreat

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