Grade 2 Writing

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Writing is a valuable skill for school and beyond. Kumon’s Grade 2 Writing Workbook teaches your child important concepts such as subjects, predicates, irregular verbs, and punctuation.

Topics Covered in this Book:

  • Vocabulary
  • Nouns, pronouns, verbs, adverbs, and adjectives
  • Irregular verbs
  • Contractions
  • Subjects and predicates
  • Punctuation
  • Writing a story

Aligned to State Standards.

8 ½ x 11 inches. paperback. 80 pages. full color. US $7.95 / C $8.95




Writing is a valuable skill for school and beyond. Kumon’s Grade 2 Writing Workbook teaches your child important concepts such as subjects, predicates, irregular verbs, and punctuation.

Topics Covered in this Book:

  • Vocabulary
  • Nouns, pronouns, verbs, adverbs, and adjectives
  • Irregular verbs
  • Contractions
  • Subjects and predicates
  • Punctuation
  • Writing a story

Aligned to State Standards.

8 ½ x 11 inches. paperback. 80 pages. full color. US $7.95 / C $8.95

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120 reviews for Grade 2 Writing

  1. christian Teo

    Great practice bookKids love to practice write on the book, enough subject to keep them engaged and interested.

  2. Maryam

    Great book.Amazing book. After buying so many book I decided to purchade writing and reading book for my second grad son and I am working with him every day. He has improved a lot. He is reading faster. II wish they had more books for second grade.

  3. Amy LT

    Great GuidanceEvery summer I buy workbooks for my two boys. This year I chose Kumon, I purchase the whole collection of Grade 4 for my son going into 4th grade and the whole collection of Grade 3 (thinking Grade 2 would be too easy) for my son going into 2nd grade. Later on I found that my younger son had difficulties in some areas in Grade 3 so I bought Grade 2.This has been a great guidance for my kids and I. The books helped my kids learn step by step and I really do see improvements. Its great for me, I simply use the answer sheet to correct and it helps me find out what their weaknesses are. Overall I really like Kumon workbooks compare to previous companies that I have purchased because I do see improvements. Next year I will purchase Kumon again.

  4. KT

    Definitely Not 2nd grade!Bought this for 1st grader (half way through the year) with SEVER adhd… thinking that while distracting, the colors and pictures and ‘fun’ of this book my capture her interest. It makes her excited to do worksheets… also the EXTREME ease of this entire workbook Also makes her excited because she can rush through them without ANY trouble. I like kumon, I love the price of kumon, the doodle likes this pictures and color… I know schools are all different and kids develop and learn and memorize at different speeds etc, but really there is zero challenge… purchased the 3rd grade (because I do REALLY love and trust kumon)… fingers crossed it will present some learning (instead of just reinforcement & practice) and even challenges.

  5. Vicki Silenzi

    Very helpful handwriting tool!My son needed some quick review/practice to improve his handwriting. (He’s in second grade.) This book has been perfect. We do have a trading system in place (handwriting earns him screen time), but he doesn’t resist practicing, and he sees the results from the first page to now. There are grammar lessons embedded in the written work, and pages vary enough that it’s not too repetitive. Thank you, thank you!!!

  6. Cynthia

    Summer learningSon loves working on it once he gets started and can tell of improvement with his writing.

  7. Bryant Gutierrez

    Fun bookGreat reinforcement book for early elementary years

  8. rajesh kedar

    Nice way of exercising the writing skillsMy kids enjoying the books at the same time able to gain the knowledge of writing.

  9. Alena S

    It is like an activity bookI just got this book over the weekend. Asked my daughter to do 2 pages. She did and then asked if she could do 2 more! I think we’ll go through this book very fast. It is like an activity book, but with rhyming, vocabulary words, matching, and writing of course. It starts out simple enough to encourage the child to not get nervous about this book, and to want to proceed to the next page.

  10. Janelle Butler

    It is perfect for “filling in the gaps” for my sonI have ordered all the books in the 3rd and 4th grade series…math and reading/writing. After I ordered 2 books, I was so impressed that I wanted them all. It is perfect for “filling in the gaps” for my son. He can work at his own pace and continue learning throughout the summer. We are going to continue with these books throughout the school year. I would highly recommend these books to any parent who wants to help their child make major improvements in reading and math.

  11. Sindiful

    Perfect to hone in on those writing skills.My son is a lefty, and writing has always been a struggle. I’ve seen him write neat many times, but at school, he writes sloppy. He gets bored and writes too fast! This book was a great choice to hone in on those writing skills and improve the motor skills in his left hand. My son LOVES the book. It has a place for a grade on each page, and he gets excited when I give him a 100. He writes so neat with this book! Thank you Kumon Learning.

  12. Chau Edge

    It is a great way to enhance your child’s learningWe started out using Grade 2 material as the actual Kumon program measures and takes a similar approach. It ensures the child has full mastery of the basics. Our son motored through this quickly though given it is self paced. In the course of a year he has moved from Grade 2 to Grade 5. It is a great way to enhance your child’s learning.

  13. SmithMDW9711

    Good practice for 3rd grader who was falling behind in writing.I bought this for my 3rd grader to help with his writing skills, and it’s working well so far. The lessons are grouped so first they trace each word or phrase, and on the following page they write the same words on their own.

  14. Dudz

    Great but took very long to arriveBook was Great but delivery sucks. Took almost 2 months to arrive.

  15. Tu

    I ordered a new book but I got used book

  16. Blessedmomof3

    Kumon never disappoints!I homeschool my three children and have always used Kumon as a reinforcement for my lessons. My son is in K and we enjoy the lessons and ample practices that this book provides.

  17. LBZ

    Too easy for 2nd graderToo easy for 2nd grader, my son is first grader, already done these in Kumon BI, (first grade level), parent who wants to order this book need to think about 3rd grade or 4th grade writing book!

  18. TY


  19. HR

    Love these books for my kids!Kumon is amazing with how they set up the learning with their books, they review and then gradually work into the new topic and so my kids are never confused because its not just a basic worksheet book its an actual learning book and teaches you from step to step! Kumon you rock please keep coming up with new stuff because I absolutely love your books!!

  20. Mommy

    Excellent quality books!I love these books. They teach and reinforce what you’ve already learned in such an ingenius way. So much fun with bright colorful pages. The pages arent too busy though. We love kumon!

  21. MC

    Not the bestI don’t like that half of the workbook is done with a ghost answer written in already. I can see 1 or 2 per topic, but half of each page is too much. Feel cheated.

  22. Jsf1313

    Not what I neededI was searching for support material to help my child with his writing skills, I found this book more geared towards ESL students. Definitely not what I expected.

  23. Amazon Customer

    Four StarsGreat summer work book

  24. NYMom

    Four StarsKumon workbooks get the job done!

  25. Ita Foster

    Good book. I wish there were lessons in it …Good book. I wish there were lessons in it that practiced writing more than a sentence at a time. Other than that, excellent.

  26. Ashley Thomas

    Kids loving to learn!My son loves this workbook already!

  27. Brittney Burns

    Excellent!!Excellent!!! My son loves doing this book and its VERY close to what they learn in class with the way the instructions are. I think that he will be more confident in 2nd grade now that we are using this over the summer.

  28. gigi.chew

    Love the booksI have bought almost all my homeschoolers supplies through Barnes and nobles and when they don’t carry my grade level I need, I get it from Amazon! Love the books 🙂 I think they are on par with the actual grades they’ll need to learn the material by.

  29. Jay & Deb

    this is an excellent source for teaching writing fundamentalsAs an educator and parent, this is an excellent source for teaching writing fundamentals. I would recommend this book to both teachers and parents.

  30. Gxiong

    No writing practiceI don’t like how there’s no writing section for kids to write paragraphs or summary.

  31. crafty0710

    Great book, but kind of easy for grade 2Great book overall, covers a range of things, not boring, practical. But -1 star since it is kind of too easy, more like for first grade.

  32. Guerrero Amarillo

    very nice works to the 2nd graders my daughter love it …very nice works to the 2nd graders my daughter love it and since she got it she her letters are more pretty and even

  33. Anonymous

    FineNot good for beginners but worked fine for my kid.

  34. Harish

    Waste of money for a 7 year old… good enough for 5 year oldVery easy nothing much to learn .Only tracing words.

  35. Al Q.

    Four StarsThis book is great for practicing…

  36. hera

    kumon is better than other workbooksthis it first time I bought kumon workbooks.I think kumon is better than any other 7 year old daughter likes to study with komon book.It helps her a lot.

  37. S & J O

    Great review to help my son be ready for 2nd …Great review to help my son be ready for 2nd grade. But just to be clear this is more handwriting and paragraph content. Not creative writing.

  38. hawraa

    Good👍 good and helpful. Good start for kids. It helped my son to start reading and recognize letters. And also an easy book for parents to start teaching kids at home.

  39. Eva Diaz

    Five StarsMy son like it this book, he learn and practice his writing. I m really recommend.

  40. L C

    Do it!My daughter is getting more out of this than school… PeriodEnough said

  41. John H. Fletcher

    Best source for my kids after school studyingCan’t go wrong with Kumon. Best source for my kids after school studying!

  42. M.G.H

    Five Starsvery good book for my future 2nd grader

  43. Paugh W Shadow

    Best for your kidGreat education

  44. Eric Rex Wolf

    Used book but helpfulBook I received my have been a return as it looked like it had been looked over and the back was folded over. The material it covers seems good but I expected a new book.

  45. Nancy M

    KumonThis writing book is great. Bought for my 7 year old to work on during the summer. This way he would be prepared for 2nd grade.

  46. onestone

    Five Starsorganized

  47. Mel

    Gives off answersI did not like the way in which they designed this book. Too easy and gives off the answers right away. Definitely would not recommend.

  48. fdjhdghjhg

    My kid love it.My kid love it.

  49. fayend1

    Five Starsgreat learning tools!

  50. Amazon Customer

    Five StarsMy 7yrs old son love this Kumon work book!!Awesome!!

  51. Juliana Palma Bugarim Nunes Pignaton

    Five StarsMy daughter loves this book!

  52. Katie L.

    They love it and it keeps them sharpBought this for my daughters to do during the summer! They love it and it keeps them sharp!

  53. nz

    Three Starsthis book seems a bit too easy for 2nd grade.

  54. Suzana

    Three StarsNot what I was expecting but useful

  55. Christina B.

    great product, asfast shipping, great product, as described

  56. Anon, Arlington, VA

    Workbook was weak and definitely too easy for second grader levelI like the Flash Kids series better. Have bought many Kumon workbooks, but I thought this one was weak and definitely too easy for second grader level.

  57. Doug

    Five StarsGreat Product. Highly recommend.

  58. Daniel B.

    Five StarsNice

  59. Amazon Customer

    Five StarsGreat book.

  60. dmg

    Five Starskids and parents like them

  61. Esenen

    Five StarsExcellent product and delivery time thanks

  62. Amazon Customer

    Five StarsGreat

  63. Eddie SD

    Five Stars5 Star

  64. Gonzoactive

    Five StarsGood

  65. Anastasia S.

    Bad bindingThe binding of this book is very poor quality. After using book twice pages are coming out.

  66. CJ

    Five Starsgreat book!

  67. Shaydenba

    These books are honestly amazing. It’s difficult to find a workbook that teaches …These books are honestly amazing. It’s difficult to find a workbook that teaches English the way my daughter’s elementary school does, but this does a wonderful job. Plus, my daughter thinks of them as fun, and less like homework. The pages themselves are fairly sturdy and made of good quality paper, so they’ll stand up to a good bit of erasing (perfect if you want to use this with another child). However, I found that my first grader was already covering what the grade 2 workbook had in it, so we’re using it as review this summer.

  68. Gerard Rein

    Four Starsgood product, but long time to receive

  69. Amazon Customer

    Five StarsMy daughter likes it very much.

  70. Linda LIN

    Good book for reviewing worksAdvantage:The book covers many aspects. Good for reviewing on different topics.Disadvantage: too easy for some 2nd graders. Most of sections have tracing writhing which is way to easy. 2nd graders need more challenging works.

  71. Rupesh

    Good bookGood book for gr 2 student but it’s too much easy for them

  72. MrsPB

    Happy with a workbook at last!American book with American spelling and words, hence the 4 stars. Otherwise perfect to teach new words, grammar and spelling.In this book there are 36 lessons (they are on two pages and can be done in about 10 mins).You get vocabulary, pronouns, irregular plural nouns, verbs in present and past tense, irregular verbs, contractions, adjectives, subject and predicate, adverbs, punctuation, writing sentences and then stories.The pages are colourful and since the exercises are short and sweet, it’s easy to keep the children’s attention captive for those 10 minutes they work in the book. Mine are quite happy to work away by themselves with no or little help. In the back, you can find all the solutions, so needn’t worry if this subject is not your forte…

  73. Amazon Customer

    Great!My boy hated writing before. But he finished G1 and G2 less then 7months while I was homeschooling him(G1). Highly recommended! 😉

  74. Brittani

    Overly simple for grade twoAlthough the content is good for the grade level, essentially all of the answers are given for each lesson so it was not challenging for my daughter

  75. Le Thi Thu Hoa

    So simpleThe book is so simple for the grade 2.

  76. Ronan Hughes

    Good for basic learningThe kumon books are good for basic learning, however after a while I found the learning becomes very slow.Would recommend for basic learning but would not continue after stage 3.

  77. one_two_three

    Yet another KUMON bookI got this book for my twin 7yo daughters, who are currently in Year 2. This book supplements their school learning quite nicely. It is definitely not as challenging as KUMON’s mathematical books of the same grade and children can fairly easy do 2 pages per session.If your are willing to spend time and effort this is a good alternative to paying £70 per month per subject for attending KUMON training center.

  78. abg2008

    Very helpful workbookAs a homeschool mom and a tutor I use this workbook regularly to review and reinforce concepts with my students. Appreciate the layouts and clean pages and the systematic build to the level of the work.

  79. Gloria

    Impressed.The lessons were very well explained. Pictures really help.

  80. xiaoming li

    Good bookMy daughtwr loves the book

  81. Nisa

    easy to teach and learnGood quality

  82. N S

    Very good!Excellent practices. Keep kids engaged. Highly recommend

  83. Maria elizabeth sobrevilla de la cruz

    Good qualitySeems good but I didn’t use yet I will update my review after

  84. Rud

    GoodGood for home practice

  85. Xw01

    Lindo livroVem com as respostas no fim do livro, tem uma abordagem mais densa que a do Writing grade 1, ow já era esperado mas é ótimo pra treinamento!!

  86. Gosia

    Good book.Very good learn book for children.

  87. MP

    Excellent bookA great book. Love it

  88. Samantha Devries

    My daughter loves this bookMy daughter really likes the Kumon books. It’s helped her a lot with reading/writing

  89. Timber

    I wish the TDSB used these booksGreat book with great exercises for my son. He has learned more from this book than from his teacher and his writing has noticeably improved. I wish the TDSB used these books.

  90. Stephen Adolphus

    Repeat customerI have been using these Kumon workbooks for my 7 and 5 year old daughters. They enjoy doing the exercises. Great for supporting and supplementing the work they do in school.The only problem is that it is sometimes difficult to select the right level when purchasing the books.

  91. Brooklyn Maciborski

    Kid approvedNephew actually liked to do this!! Amazing

  92. Kristina

    GrearGreat tool for kids

  93. Dee

    Worth itGood book for a 7 year old. I bought it as a holiday homework book to keep the child busy n all kumon books have met my expectations!

  94. Madhulika Sharma

    Four StarsLovely book as i needed

  95. 大脇 弘嗣


  96. Di MM

    Good valueGreat workbook


    NiceMy son loves it.

  98. S IROH

    Happy with itArrived on time and as described. Happy with it

  99. Shamara Morgan

    Too EasyWaaay too easy, I didn’t bother using it as it gives the answering and it very simple for a 2nd grader.

  100. johann

    Five Starskumon is always a good book to have for kids to lean from

  101. Gurkirat Bajwa

    Great bookGreat learning tool

  102. Nasrin

    Not badNot bad

  103. Pauline Howell

    Five StarsPerfect, it will fefginately improve his writing skills.

  104. O. L.

    Four Starsok

  105. as

    小5で取り組んでいますカラフルなイラストで単語をイメージさせるので日本人向けの教材よりいいと思います。日本人小学生向けより幼児向けな見ための紙面ですが、習う単語はjoy、noise、march、ache、destroy、scratch、anchor、cage、addition、invitation、vision、ridge、election他多数。arrive、freeze、offer、connect、listen、carry、hurry、bury、worry、spy,try、reply、marry、supply他多数が出てきます。日本の問題集より圧倒的に語彙が増えます。代名詞の所有格・目的格、this・thatの指示形容詞・指示代名詞としての使用、名詞のイレギュラーな複数形、不規則動詞、形容詞の比較級・最上級、主部と述部、副詞、句読法の?!「」.を正しくつける、空所に適切な形容詞を語群から選び短い話を完成させる、等の内容です。5回繰り返すためコピー代で700円余りかかりますが、本体とで1700円程です。日本の中学の教科書より実用的な良い文がたくさん載っています。質問文を含め、全文を音読するのがいいです。外に習いに行かず、家だけで小3秋から、英語の勉強をぼちぼち始めました。いつも母親が読む後について音読させているので、とても耳がよくなっているようです。字を見ず(見てね、と言いますが本人は面倒で見ないのです)母親の読みだけを耳で聞き、ついて言っています。そういうことをさせたかったので、英語圏のワークをしています。日本人向けのワークだと音読する部分が少なすぎるので。GRADE1の時は短く切らないとついて言えませんでしたが、今は初めての文でも7単語位なら平気で、おなじみの質問文だと10語以上でもシャドーイングしています。このシリーズのGRADE1のRとWもしました。先日英検5級を受けましたが、満点合格しました。英語圏のワークだけをしていて、5級問題をさせたら、リスニングは簡単に全問正解、リーディングはさっぱりわからない、という状態でした。それで、日本人向け中1ワークを3回繰り返しさせて試験に臨みました。英語圏のワークを音読もして取り組んでいれば、リスニング力はつきます。同時に取り組んでいるのは、日本人向け中2問題集と、scholastic社の、grammar2とdairy word ladders grades1-2です。もう少しでこのwriting2が終わるので、3に進む予定です。writing3と同時には中2問題集を引き続きと、scholastic社の、100words kids need to read by 2nd grade(繰り返さない)と240vocabulary words kids need to know grade2(3回繰り返し)をする予定です。英語に取り組み始めて2年と少しでやっと英検を受けました。満点近くで合格させて、英語が得意と思わせたかったのと、周りの子で英語教室や公文に行っている子達が小5の6月10月に5級を受けて合格しており、本人も受けてみたいかな、受けてみてもいいよと言ったのが12月だったので、1月の受検となりました。6月の4級でも合格可能性は高いと判定されていましたが、4級は小6の10月に、日本人向け中2の問題集が終わるので、受ける予定です。塾なしでも大丈夫です。

  106. Daniel


  107. Somasundaram

    NiceGood book

  108. Grams

    Five StarsMy grandchildren like playing school, they are enjoying these books.

  109. Smyan

    Excellent home practice booksExcellent home practice books

  110. Bhavin

    Nice bookReally recommend for all second grade kids.

  111. Amazon Customer

    kids love itkids love it

  112. Amazon Customer

    GoodMy daughter loves this book

  113. Juan Pedro Ruiz Gimenez


  114. Greg Ekland

    my child enjoyed the bookgreat book

  115. Amazon Customer

    I would recommendVery good

  116. Sandip

    Good bookVery useful.

  117. Kia76

    Lezioni in madrelinguaGrafica, contenuti…

  118. CLARKE Nadege

    Three StarsGood

  119. Zein Eid

    Five StarsExcellent

  120. Vivek

    ProductNot worth for kids expensive product

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