Grade 3 Reading

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Your child will master prefixes, suffixes, sequencing, and defining words by context with our Grade 3 Reading Workbook. Through Kumon’s gradual progression from fundamental reading concepts to story excerpts and comprehension questions, children feel confident and eager to keep reading!

Topics Covered in this Book:

  • Vocabulary Building
  • Prefixes & Suffixes
  • Compare & Contrast
  • Defining Words by Context
  • Who, When, Where, What, Why, & How
  • Chart the Passage
  • Sequencing
  • Making & Revising Predictions
  • Reading Stories

8 ½ x 11 inches. paperback. 80 pages. full color. US $7.95 / C $8.95




Your child will master prefixes, suffixes, sequencing, and defining words by context with our Grade 3 Reading Workbook. Through Kumon’s gradual progression from fundamental reading concepts to story excerpts and comprehension questions, children feel confident and eager to keep reading!

Topics Covered in this Book:

  • Vocabulary Building
  • Prefixes & Suffixes
  • Compare & Contrast
  • Defining Words by Context
  • Who, When, Where, What, Why, & How
  • Chart the Passage
  • Sequencing
  • Making & Revising Predictions
  • Reading Stories

8 ½ x 11 inches. paperback. 80 pages. full color. US $7.95 / C $8.95

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128 reviews for Grade 3 Reading

  1. Pewter68

    Overall, a Good FindI believe that the “Kumon Reading” series of workbooks are fairly new. Kumon is predominately known for their Math program and set of Math workbooks. However, my student used to be enrolled in the actual Kumon program at a local Kumon learning center, and so we are familiar with both programs as a result. I’m really happy that Kumon decided to mass market their methods in workbook form, that anyone may purchase at a store or over the internet. It’s far cheaper, and that works for us. I’m sold on their methodology: incremental, sequential, repetitive learning. Students rarely understand a concept the first time, and will never gain confidence in their own abilities unless they are exposed to concepts again and again.Kumon has attempted through their Reading workbooks to repeat the success of their established Math workbook series. What Kumon has done with the Reading workbooks is to basically abbreviate their Kumon Reading program into a usable workbook. This workbook goes beyond reading comprehension and really attempts to drill down to sequencing the events in a reading passage, learning how to define a word by the context in which it is used, and to critically analyze reading passages for contrasting and descriptive content, among other concepts.This workbook goes beyond just reading a passage. As we all know, reading should be about critically thinking about a concept or a story. Kumon really works on addressing reading skills in a way that all students can find a good starting point, and building upon knowledge from there.One important point to remember about these Kumon workbooks: if your child/student has difficulty with one level of workbooks, then simply drop back to another grade of workbooks. The goal of any educational program is not to overwhelm the student, but to build student confidence. If your student is not able to grasp this Grade 3 Reading workbook, then drop back to a Grade 2 Reading workbook. If your student breezes through this Grade 3 book, then move your student on to Grade 4.We use this workbook as a supplemental tool for my student’s reading program. My student has mastered phonics, and is comfortable discussing a reading passage in detail. I really wanted to add another layer to her reading program, and this meets our needs. Overall, a good find.

  2. D.R.B.

    Works for what we need.Though I like the Kumon math workbook series better, this works for supplementing beyond what my child is learning in school. I have a 1st grader that is doing beyond first grade work and this book is easy for my child to understand and follow along.

  3. VariMommy09

    Great Supplemental SourceMy son who is 6.5 and starts 2nd grade in the Fall is not an avid reader (he turns 7 in December). In fact, he acts like its pulling teeth :(. Although he is a year ahead and his reading is on a 3rd grade level, his comprehension is only on a mid second grade level. I bought this book to work through during after school and in the summer. I love the layout of this book. The passages are just the right length and the questions are not too difficult; however, he would have to comprehend both the directions and passage in order to answer the questions correctly unlike other comprehension books that pretty much have the answer in the sentence. My son flies through those books because they don’t require comprehension just good test taking skills. He works on these sheet daily. I plan on moving on to grade 4 once he starts second grade. Would definitely recommend this book for those looking to assist their child in comprehension. There are sections for compare/contrast, context clues, comprehension, fill in the blank, charts, crossword puzzles, making predictions, sequencing and much more. I also like that my son is still getting some challenging reading in as well! Great job Kumon. (I am also a fan of their Math books. My son is working on grade 3 addition and subtraction and has started on my simple multiplication).

  4. Amy LT

    Great GuidanceEvery summer I buy workbooks for my two boys. This year I chose Kumon, I purchase the whole collection of Grade 4 for my son going into 4th grade and the whole collection of Grade 3 (thinking Grade 2 would be too easy) for my son going into 2nd grade. Later on I found that my younger son had difficulties in some areas in Grade 3 so I bought Grade 2.This has been a great guidance for my kids and I. The books helped my kids learn step by step and I really do see improvements. Its great for me, I simply use the answer sheet to correct and it helps me find out what their weaknesses are. Overall I really like Kumon workbooks compare to previous companies that I have purchased because I do see improvements. Next year I will purchase Kumon again.

  5. Michaela Baker

    Perfect for teaching at homeI got this to give my son a head start for 3rd grade during the summer and it has been great. It explains each lesson and makes it easy to understand. I love that it focuses on understanding of text instead of just teaching kids how to read a word. Plenty of work to complete unlike other workbooks. Would recommend to any parent trying to home school.

  6. Savvy Shopper

    Best reading-help books ever!We had a struggling 3rd grader in the family who was only reading at the 2nd grade level. After requiring him to spend 45 minutes everyday reading (over months), and buying him flash-card exercises, his reading improved, but he still wasn’t able to comprehend what he was reading. Then I bought him 3 of these Kumon books. The exercises made all the difference. Lots of variety to not only improve what he was reading, but he was able to paraphrase the contents of the reading afterwards. Success!! He was just reassessed at school, and he has now achieved 3rd grade reading and comprehension skills. When riding in the car the other night with his Mom, he blurted out, “Huh!” His Mom asked, “What’s that about?” He said, “We’ve gone by that restaurant several times (a place that’s famous for their homemade breads), and I was never able to read their sign before. It says, “Eat at Fayzes, You’ll love our buns.” They both laughed, and they were both sooooo proud.

  7. KatMom

    PREPARE YOUR CHILD FOR STANDARDIZED TESTS!!My 3rd grade son is struggling a bit when it comes to his reading skills. It is also the FIRST time that the school district we live in is forcing our children to start taking standardized tests in 3rd grade (they used to not have to take them til 6th grade!!). My son’s teacher suggested these Kumon books so that my son would have a better chance at passing his tests. After all, if they DONT pass the standardized tests then they are NOT allowed to go on to the 4th grade!! This book will give him the extra boost he needs! I would suggest it to ANY parent whose child is struggling a bit….or even to just give your child that extra “edge” needed to succeed. 🙂

  8. chine

    good to buyjust a practice book. what else u.want to.expect? good enough

  9. Sharon D

    Mix It UpOverall, this is a very good workbook. The lessons are just the right length and challenge the child adequately.I used this workbook while tutoring a third grade student who was having some reading problems related to her inability to pay attention. On the nights when she was able to focus she was appropriately challenged. The only problem we had was boredom when there were several similar lessons together.I would recommend this book for a child at or just below the third grade reading level.

  10. Blues

    fun and useful bookGood book with good materials and nice art design.

  11. Janelle Butler

    It is perfect for “filling in the gaps” for my sonI have ordered all the books in the 3rd and 4th grade series…math and reading/writing. After I ordered 2 books, I was so impressed that I wanted them all. It is perfect for “filling in the gaps” for my son. He can work at his own pace and continue learning throughout the summer. We are going to continue with these books throughout the school year. I would highly recommend these books to any parent who wants to help their child make major improvements in reading and math.

  12. Alisson Leech

    Your child will learn!My 3rd grader’s reading level significantly increased within months due to this book! He’s almost done with 3rd grade and will move on up to the 4th grade book. I just started my 5th grader on the books. Will continue during summer vacation. We have the math books too.

  13. Wes

    My sons love it! They actually wanted to do moreMy sons love it! They actually wanted to do more! Thank you for taking the guess work out of summer education! I am just copying them on my scanner and letting them go write on that instead of the books.The books are very high quality and delivery was quick and painless!

  14. D. Ross

    … has been using Kumon workbooks since Kindergarten and we LOVE them. I told her teacher about them thinking …My daughter has been using Kumon workbooks since Kindergarten and we LOVE them. I told her teacher about them thinking that this should be implemented it schools. My daughter thinks that they are so fun and she is learning lots. I highly recommend these books to any parent/guardian, teacher, or tutor.

  15. Reader from SF

    Great study supplement!Purchased this book for my almost 8 yr old, it is probably a little more difficult then the material he’s going through in school; that was my intention and we found it a fabulous supplement to his school work. he loves the books and they way they’re structured (especially the points system); we love the way the material is organized (they move slowly from less to more difficult reading) and the fact that he’s building up his vocabulary and comprehension skills. Highly recommend Kumon books!

  16. FWIW

    Glad I got it!Great supplemental learning tool for 8 to 9 year old.

  17. SHAR

    Huge Fan of KumonI care for/educate children 2y-2nd grade and I’ve been using Kumon for about 10years and it never disappoints.

  18. mr fun

    The nutcracker was even nicer than it looked like on line It was a great Christmas gift All …The nutcracker was even nicer than it looked like on lineIt was a great Christmas giftAll were happyAs far as the books they are greatAlthough the person who has to do the extra work isn’t always happy:)

  19. L. Mole

    Awesome help for kids and parentsAwesome book, all the Kumon books are great for kids learning and struggling

  20. Brendy Sierra

    Great book!My 8 year old daughter was having some trouble in reading comprehension. She dive into this boom is almost finished with it and she has improved on her reading comprehension skills. This book is excellent.

  21. maryam

    Too easyIt’s a good book, butIt’s not that challenging and my son did half the book and I guess he just learned 3-4 new words from the lessons. He is going to 3th grade this fall and he is an average kid. I guess only the last 20 lessons are good. The rest are too easy

  22. RJK

    So far so goodGood quality and I liked what I saw so far. I’m going to use this as my summer supplement so I will come back with a full review in a couple months.

  23. Max Coov

    A great reading supplement for my kiddo who struggles with comprehensionA great reading supplement for my kiddo who struggles with comprehension, we will definitely be using it/ progressing during summer break.

  24. Patricia L.

    perfectPerfect for keeping your child’s skills up over the summer or when on break. The additional work helps them to sharpen their skills as well. I believe the book is right on target with what our child is learning in class at the moment.

  25. Ka Chi Wong

    Four StarsVery good work book for my daughter.

  26. Healthy Living

    Great learning resourceEasy to read and fun for my child to use. The content is presented very well. Will buy more and the next grades as time goes by.

  27. FOOTBALL team and then

    Easy to useReading isn’t always so fun. I haven’t start using it. But I flip through the book really fast. The format looks kids friendly with bold prints and pictures. The book itself has nice material. It won’t make a whole even if you erase it hard.

  28. Amazon Customer

    Makes concept and skill review simpleThe grandkids enjoy the repitition and format of the review workheets

  29. Chilly Winters

    Excellent purchase! I would recommend the Kumon Reading Workbooks …Excellent purchase! I would recommend the Kumon Reading Workbooks to other friends and family members.

  30. Chau Edge

    Great workbook that will enhance your child’s learningGreat workbook that will enhance your child’s learning. My 9yr old accelerated through it rather quickly. It is self paced and similar to the material your child would get exposed to in an actual Kumon program.

  31. Coralis

    Good book.Has been a great help in keeping my son on his toes and on top of the things that he learned in the 3rd grade.

  32. Lorraine


  33. Lady K Walters

    I liked it for my GrandsonThis book was a good help for my Grandson last summer who came to stay for a bit. I wish we had had more time for it.

  34. Raquel Espinoza

    Great PracticeMy daughter is a pretty good reader and we purchased the book for summer practice. She was able to follow along with no direction and I’m hoping the practice will help out when school starts.

  35. Alicia F.

    Great summer practiceI buy these books every summer for my son. They really help maintain and improve his skills over the summer. I also purchase the math word problems one.

  36. george c. luckette

    Grade 3 readingThese books are great for advancing a child’s education level, teaching in well designed steps helps the child and the instructor . I will continue to share these books with all I can.

  37. Jay & Deb

    Kumon Workbooks are excellent in focusing upon one concept thoroughlyA must have resources. Kumon Workbooks are excellent in focusing upon one concept thoroughly.

  38. rabia

    Like itKumon books are good for practice. They are written in a way that it comes easy to kids and kids are not overwhelmed by it.

  39. Michael

    RecommendableVery helpful specially when he was in grade 3

  40. Marie Elizabeth

    Reading. HelpHelpful and cheaper than a tutor

  41. medtek52

    Great series.Working with granddaughter during summer so she does not lose skills They cover a lot of material. She loves to work in the book and does not fuss when having to do her “homewor”

  42. vane

    good bookThis is a good book. IT is challenging and it really made my little sister get thinking. I highly recommend it.;)

  43. Derwishj

    Helpful and loved by kidsKumon and Scholastics educational books are great. I do not have a preference one over another and buy both. My daughter loves them. I see the progress too.

  44. Paugh W Shadow

    Five StarsBest supplement for helping my child learn the subject in more detail.

  45. ailjum

    Love itI purchased this book because of the positive reviews. I have a daughter who is struggling with reading. This book help her a lot. I would recommend this book.

  46. Charles Michael Radler

    Fast and foundFast and found

  47. EnglishHarbor

    great resourceMy son, as many boys are less enthusiastic about reading. However, the assignments kept interest. It has kept him during the summer months not loose out on learning.

  48. Chuanhui Yu

    good book. don’t need to go to kumon to …good book. don’t need to go to kumon to spend a lot of money. they gave the same study material in class.

  49. linda

    good workbook.This is good workbook for re-enforce my son’s reading skills. combining a lot of reading materials and questions, help child master the reading techniques and gain confidence in his reading abilities.

  50. Vishal

    Great dealGreat deal. Prompt deliver, clean books.Kids love it.. all was exactly as promised. WIll keep coming back as kids move to higher grades. – Cheers

  51. Ibrahim M H

    BestBest, Best product and the Best Mercent, it is cheaper and made it easy for us. you can buy the best from Amazon

  52. tharmone

    Don’t meet 3rd grade standardToo easy for a 3rd grader. In school they read havier articles.

  53. Magalene Molock

    Grade 3 ReadingGreat work book that my daughter can work at her own pace. this is an excellent resource that she can look at from time to time.

  54. M

    Good workbookGot this for my 8 year old,he has done couple of pages in it,but it is a very good workbook,I usually get Kumon workbooks for him.

  55. Health Diva

    Great bookGood review book.The children look using this book for practice.Great review book for kids.All parent should use this review book.

  56. qq

    Four StarsGood

  57. R. James

    … the proof I need to know Kumon books are awesome!My Kid’s report card is all the proof I need to know Kumon books are awesome!

  58. Woo

    Five StarsGood

  59. C’Los

    good study toolgreat study tool. My 6 year old was challenged and learned from it. Will again buy the next school year.

  60. Ronald L. Blackwell

    Four Starsgood

  61. G. liang

    Three Starsboring and too easy.

  62. Amazon Customer

    Five StarsAnother great book

  63. Kim B

    Great!Easy to follow and perfect for your third grader!

  64. Kim Nieves

    Kumon ReadingMy girls love kumon. Well written. Age appropriate .

  65. aichai zheng

    Five StarsNice workbook, good for kids practice after school!

  66. Gale

    Clearly writtenNice information and good format.

  67. W. Miller

    Five StarsGood

  68. Omar E Ramos

    Five StarsGreat for my homeschooler kids!!!

  69. MafiaMom

    Smart Mamas Use Kumon!!!Very helpful on reading comprehension!!!

  70. Amazon Customer

    Five StarsLove kumon’s books!

  71. Ezechi Anonye

    Five StarsMy child loves it!

  72. Ed

    Five StarsGreat Book !!!!!

  73. delyes

    Five StarsVERY GOOD


    Five Starsgreat

  75. sarah thompson

    Five StarsGreat

  76. 9king

    Five StarsGreat additional workbook.

  77. lilreg

    Five Starsgreat book

  78. HR

    Five StarsKumon rocks


    Two Starspassages not long enough.

  80. Rasim Coskun

    One StarVery bad condition

  81. Hailee

    Five StarsMy son loves this book !

  82. Amazon Customer

    Five StarsMy kids love the Big Joe bean bags. They are sturdy enough for my older students to use.

  83. Denise Gluchacki

    Four Stars🙂

  84. GDSouza

    Kumon momI needed extra math and reading/writing practice for my kids in 3rd and 1st grade. These books are easy to understand, very systematic and kids love it. we take them along in the car even for short drives. It keeps the kids busy in the back seat. would recommend these to any parent that would like their child to excel academically. who doesn’t?? I’ve purhased about a dozen plus Kumon books from amazon already and intend to purchase many more.

  85. Katherine Cuttonaro

    Three StarsOkay

  86. Nunu

    Excellent bookVery good book, which is not too difficult for Grade 3.

  87. Tammie

    Very helpfulIf you have a child that needs extra help. This workbook is perfect.

  88. Yulei Wang

    very helpfulvery helpful for 7 years old children

  89. Hina

    ExcellentMy kid love it

  90. OQT

    KumonKumon has a great reputation and this book meets those expectations

  91. Samantha Devries

    Kumon books are funMy son really likes the Kumon books. It’s helped him a lot with reading/writing. He prefers Kumon to the other language arts books we have

  92. Boluwade Bukola

    RecommendedGood book

  93. MommyC

    Very helpful for practiceVery helpful for practice

  94. Paul Cutler

    GreatI’ve known about Kumon books for a long while, if you want to get your kid a headstart in this world, these are the books to use, pure and simple.

  95. TJacques2016

    Worth every pennyThese books follow the same path as the guided tutoring program as the program at any Kumon learning center.

  96. Sharon Dorival

    EnjoyableGreat pages of fun

  97. MichelleyR

    Top NotchThese Books are top notch. My kids actually really like doing them so that makes it NOT a total chore to do homework extrasThank you for developing these books

  98. Amazon Customer

    kids love itkids love it

  99. SM

    Four StarsGreat book!

  100. MSN

    Four StarsWas helpful with the kiddo’s reading comprehension.

  101. Liz penhale

    Great productMy son loves it!

  102. johann

    Five Starskumon is always a good book for kids to work with

  103. erin wiedmer

    Great book for a late readerIt is a super program. The paragraphs are short and interesting and the texts progress in difficulty slowly thereby preserving the confidence as the child progresses.

  104. Kristie

    Thank you so much 😀Thank you so much😀

  105. Amazon Customer

    Four StarsCorresponds with the course and needs of a grade 3 student

  106. Smyan

    Best seriesLike the series

  107. Sherese

    Five StarsGREAT books to teach kids and at a GREAT price!

  108. NatG

    Five StarsKumon books are great resources for teachers or tutors.

  109. Wayne smith

    Five StarsMy kids really enjoy these books. Fun and colourful too.

  110. AngelaB

    Five StarsRecommend 👍

  111. as


  112. Mabel

    Good book for practiceGood

  113. Client

    PerfectVery good books

  114. Toto

    Five Starseasy to follow

  115. Harleen Kaur

    my child enjoyedvery child enjoyed it

  116. Amazon Customer

    Five Starsexcellent

  117. Amazon Customer

    No use of purchasingI dint understand why reading and writing books are same. What is the difference and it’s a mistake of taking both.

  118. Dharmesh Shah

    great study booksKumon books are excellent to give your child an extra edge in Maths and English. Using it for years now.

  119. Andrea

    Great bookThis book is great. Lots of exercises with lots of vocabulary.

  120. Mama 2t

    Four StarsGreat

  121. Kwame

    Five Starsjust as advertised.

  122. samantha longfield

    ThanksLooks good

  123. Zein Eid

    Five StarsExcellent

  124. JujuCD

    usefulVery useful. my kids actually love them! And they really need the extra help. I strongly recommend Kumon to all kids who needs getting up to speed.

  125. Salmah q.

    Five StarsExellent response to my messages.

  126. Taiye

    Five StarsMy daughter is progressing with this book

  127. laxmi N chudali

    Five Starsok

  128. wj

    Five StarsGreat for consolidation exercises

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