Grade 3 Word Problems

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This workbook helps your child build a strong foundation in word problems with multiplication and division. Children will progress gradually through our activities, to confidently choose which operations to use to solve word problems. Then, by mastering graphs and tables, your child will advance to more difficult word problems with ease.

-Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division
-Estimation (round numbers)
-Reading bar graphs and pictographs

8 ½ x 11 inches. paperback. 80 pages. full color. US $7.95 / C $8.95




This workbook helps your child build a strong foundation in word problems with multiplication and division. Children will progress gradually through our activities, to confidently choose which operations to use to solve word problems. Then, by mastering graphs and tables, your child will advance to more difficult word problems with ease.

-Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division
-Estimation (round numbers)
-Reading bar graphs and pictographs

8 ½ x 11 inches. paperback. 80 pages. full color. US $7.95 / C $8.95

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182 reviews for Grade 3 Word Problems

  1. VariMommy09

    Great Supplemental SourceMy son who is 6.5 and starts 2nd grade in the Fall is not an avid reader (he turns 7 in December). In fact, he acts like its pulling teeth :(. Although he is a year ahead and his reading is on a 3rd grade level, his comprehension is only on a mid second grade level. I bought this book to work through during after school and in the summer. I love the layout of this book. The passages are just the right length and the questions are not too difficult; however, he would have to comprehend both the directions and passage in order to answer the questions correctly unlike other comprehension books that pretty much have the answer in the sentence. My son flies through those books because they don’t require comprehension just good test taking skills. He works on these sheet daily. I plan on moving on to grade 4 once he starts second grade. Would definitely recommend this book for those looking to assist their child in comprehension. There are sections for compare/contrast, context clues, comprehension, fill in the blank, charts, crossword puzzles, making predictions, sequencing and much more. I also like that my son is still getting some challenging reading in as well! Great job Kumon. (I am also a fan of their Math books. My son is working on grade 3 addition and subtraction and has started on my simple multiplication).

  2. Michaela Baker

    Perfect for teaching at homeI got this to give my son a head start for 3rd grade during the summer and it has been great. It explains each lesson and makes it easy to understand. I love that it focuses on understanding of text instead of just teaching kids how to read a word. Plenty of work to complete unlike other workbooks. Would recommend to any parent trying to home school.

  3. Amy LT

    Great GuidanceEvery summer I buy workbooks for my two boys. This year I chose Kumon, I purchase the whole collection of Grade 4 for my son going into 4th grade and the whole collection of Grade 3 (thinking Grade 2 would be too easy) for my son going into 2nd grade. Later on I found that my younger son had difficulties in some areas in Grade 3 so I bought Grade 2.This has been a great guidance for my kids and I. The books helped my kids learn step by step and I really do see improvements. Its great for me, I simply use the answer sheet to correct and it helps me find out what their weaknesses are. Overall I really like Kumon workbooks compare to previous companies that I have purchased because I do see improvements. Next year I will purchase Kumon again.

  4. Jasmine T. Baer

    You can’t go wrong with KumOnLike many kids, my son has little problem with his math facts. However, word problems stumped him on a regular basis. After working through 2/3 of this book, I’ve noticed improvement in his word problem solving ability. The trick is to be able to identify certain clue words that let you know whether you need to multiply, divide, add, or subtract in order to solve a problem. This workbook does a good job of presenting problems that help my son identify the key words or phrases needed in order to determine what type of operation is needed to solve the problem. Better yet, my son can sit with me and do 2 or 3 segments at one time without getting bored or antsy. We also use other Kumon books (multiplication, division, reading, writing, etc.), and they are equally effective. These books are great at supplementing what is being taught (or, not taught in some cases) at school.

  5. The Daring Show Review Team

    Needed – reviewed by The Daring Show Review TeamAs a person who had a hard time in school with Word Problems, I instinctively bought this book for my 3rd grader in hopes that it would make word problems seem easier. He has mastered most of the principles within the book but one thing I hoped it would do was explain how to dissect a word problem to be able to answer it. It didn’t do that. Kumon, in my opinion follows the Montessori rule of teaching, and therefore I do not recommend this product for independent study for kids who haven’t had introduction to this type of math. I do recommend this product for parents who are willing to review the answer keys and give more in-depth instruction before giving this material as reinforcement of that instruction.

  6. PB Lady

    yet good way to reinforce mathBecause these are word problems, I hoped reading comprehension would be improved as well as math skills. But so many of the problems are written the same. My grandchild simply looks at the numbers in the sentences and does the math. I have to encourage him to actually read every word in every problem. It is a simple, yet good way to reinforce math, however. I would recommend. But be a teacher and go over the problems with the child.

  7. joanna

    Good workbookGood practice help my daughter. Practice word problems at home at a slower speed help her calm down and think.

  8. Cynthia Booker

    Wonderful, Easy and Fun LearningGreat way for your child to spend time working math problems. Easy to read and understand. Answers in the back of book give step by step instructions on how they came to the answer.Wonderful for studentsCBooker

  9. Larissa

    Kumon word problemsI prefer Kumon books to others because of gradual introduction to the targeted skills with sufficient number of repetition to master the materials.

  10. Amazon Customer

    Fits the billMy son, rising into 4th grade, was not doing well on focusing on reading the question. His arithmetic was fine, but he would work too quickly and not pay attention to what was being asked of him. The 36 lessons in this book were an excellent fit. Each lesson focuses on level appropriate addition, subtraction, mixed calculations, multiplication and division. Plus some graphs and time problems. Level of difficulty was not arduous and it would taken him about twenty minutes to do two lessons a day. Maybe 10 questions a lesson on average. Perfect for summer time and giving him some responsibility in keeping track of where he was supposed to be. His skills in reading the question improved and he even grudgingly admitted that it was a lesson well learned. I did tape the back few pages shut where the answer key is located.

  11. Mary M

    Great educational booksLove the Kumon books! I use these for extra help with my child’s school work. The way the books progress make learning something new so much easier for kids!

  12. Varinderjit Kaur

    Excellent workbookExcellent workbook! My son loved it!!!

  13. StevenJones

    Improves math and reading comprehension skills.My daughter needed the extra help with word problems, and working out the multiple steps needed. This book provided that experience and allowed her to sharpen her skills. I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to work on improving their kids maths kills and reading comprehension.

  14. Nicole Ng

    Too easyWord problems are way too easy for third graders. All are simple straight forward questions. I would prefer more multi step and challenging problems.

  15. Janelle Butler

    It is perfect for “filling in the gaps” for my sonI have ordered all the books in the 3rd and 4th grade series…math and reading/writing. After I ordered 2 books, I was so impressed that I wanted them all. It is perfect for “filling in the gaps” for my son. He can work at his own pace and continue learning throughout the summer. We are going to continue with these books throughout the school year. I would highly recommend these books to any parent who wants to help their child make major improvements in reading and math.

  16. Y.G.

    not a good book for kids to practice word problemsI like the Kumon method so I bought many Kumon books. Unfortunately the Kumon word problems series is very poorly designed. For every page, the first problem is good but it has an example solution. The rest of the problems have almost exactly the same pattern (with different numbers), thus kids do not even need to read the question carefully, but just follow the pattern and fill in different numbers. Therefore this book is not much useful.A good word problem book should lead kids to think about every question and find out the proper solution. There are patterns among word problems, but the book should not have made it so obvious that kids do not need to think at all.

  17. Laura

    Great booksMy son was so happy to receive these books. They will do a great job to supplement his 2nd grade curriculum and keep him occupied.

  18. Wes

    My sons love it! They actually wanted to do moreMy sons love it! They actually wanted to do more! Thank you for taking the guess work out of summer education! I am just copying them on my scanner and letting them go write on that instead of the books.The books are very high quality and delivery was quick and painless!

  19. Dude

    good workbook!A lot of questions!

  20. Nancy

    Grandson loves itMy grandson is required to do 40 minutes of math a week at home. This is his favorite workbook.

  21. Justin K.

    Great to keep the brain busy during summerI really like the variety of word problems in this book my daughter has been doing several pages a day. Some are more challenging than others and i really like that.

  22. Lorraine


  23. FWIW

    Glad I got it!Great supplemental learning tool for 8 to 9 year old.

  24. Amazon Customer

    Best book for kids to practiceBest book for kids to practice

  25. Emily

    My daughter was struggling with word problems in math so …My daughter was struggling with word problems in math so we added this into her day and it did help.

  26. RMelvin812

    Excellent learning material!Very helpful and useful for my 8 yr old daughter who was struggling with Math. She enjoyed using this workbook as something to do when she was bored. With the number of problems per page, it allowed her to get significant practice and improve her overall skills.

  27. Luo

    Good priceKumon Children workbook is a lot cheaper than Barnes & Noble.

  28. L. Williams

    Myriad Word ProblemsWord problems can be a challenge. This workbook offers a variety of word problems for extra practice. Word problems for addition or subtraction is followed by length and time. Multiplication and division is followed by mixed calculations which require two processes for resolution and then graphs and tables is after that. An answer key is in the back of the book.

  29. john

    Four Starsgood

  30. Gerry

    Four StarsHelpful.

  31. Shanna

    Good BookGood Material to keep your kids ahead. Bought it when my son was in regular public school, however he is now in a charter school and they keep him challenged enough so haven’t had much chance to use these.

  32. Michael

    RecommendableUseful for my growing kid who was going to Grade 3 and helped him overcome the obstacle- he knew everything.

  33. UMESH

    Helped a a lotReally good work book. It helped kids a lot. I recommend it.

  34. Real buyer

    Good practice bookGood

  35. Kay

    Highly recommend!My daughters grades have improved. I have her and two other girls work on these Kumon books daily after school. No need to spend hundreds on the Kumon classes. She finally made the A/B honor roll list ! Highly recommend!

  36. EK

    I find these books are easy and don’t last longProblems are below grade level. I find these books are easy and don’t last long. Can make a page of problems for him to do each day myself in no time. Or have him do math apps on line.

  37. ALAN73

    Four StarsGreat books for my 6 year old son. Keeps him busy with interesting problems.

  38. Amazon Customer

    I would say this is good for the first half of 3rd grade and maybe …I would say this is good for the first half of 3rd grade and maybe for a review afterwards. However, in my child’s class they were far more advanced by the end of the school year so this doesn’t quite fulfill the difficulty that my child experienced.

  39. 2critical

    Manageable for a 3rd grader without constant helpMy 3rd grade daughter needed a bit more than math worksheets that challenged her ability to add coins. :-/ This book starts off very easy (addition/subtraction problems) and is doable by her without needing my constant help. So, its great to help her learn to problem solve on her own.

  40. Healthy Living

    Great learning resourceEasy to read and fun for my child to use. Questions and problems are presented very well. Will buy more and the next grades as time goes by.

  41. Kelly Taylor

    Wish it would have started a little more basicMy first grader is really interested in word problems so I got this hoping that it would at least start more basic and build to more complex problems but it doesn’t. So it is great if your child already grasps double digit calculations but if not you’ll need to master that first.

  42. Patricia L.

    perfectPerfect for keeping your child’s skills up over the summer or when on break. The additional work helps them to sharpen their skills as well. I believe the book is right on target with what our child is learning in class at the moment.

  43. Chau Edge

    Great workbook that will enhance your child’s learningGreat workbook that will enhance your child’s learning. My 9yr old accelerated through it rather quickly. It is self paced and similar to the material your child would get exposed to in an actual Kumon program.

  44. MB

    Nice but boringNice but a bit boring/ repetitive for my 3rd grader.

  45. rabia

    like itI have not used it yet for my son but i like all kumon books as they easy to understand and learn for kids.

  46. Amazon Customer

    Supports HOTS!Great critical thinking and problem solving practice

  47. Barbara L. Collins

    Four StarsI am using it in adult low level ESL and it is a gentle intro to math language.

  48. LJMom

    Perfect for PracticeMy 9 year old is smart in math, but word problems needed some attention. We made copies of these sheets to practice him applying his UPS check (Google it) and his underlining, circling, diagraming, solving, checking and grades on word problems.

  49. Mk

    Helpful book for my 3rd grader !Helpful book for my 3rd grader ! I would recommend this book to other parents for their children as well

  50. VikSin

    Excellent workbook for word problems (very intuitive questions and challenges …Excellent workbook for word problems (very intuitive questions and challenges students). Thanks Kumon. I dont seem to find similar for 4th Grade – please help with this.

  51. C. Gillespie

    She loves itHad to bring this on vacation with us bcs my second grader loved it. She ignored her coloring books, and video games for this book. She will be done before summer and I will have to get 4th grade.

  52. JACO

    Great thinking tool!It was just what I needed for summer tutoring a 9 year old. Simple math is easy for him when the problems are given with the predetermined function: add, subtract, etc. This makes him THINK first.

  53. Alicia F.

    excellent summer workbookI buy these books every year for summer math practice. My son struggles with word problems and this book has helped. I also purchase the kumon reading book.

  54. Amazon Customer


  55. dean

    Four Starsmy daughter loves it

  56. Z. Cai

    Nice bookNice book for kids study

  57. Abraham

    Four Starsvery good book

  58. Meskerem Daba

    Five StarsGood extra practice for your kid.

  59. I. Khan

    Perfect for 2nd or 3rd graderExcellent book for my 3rd grader. I always feel he needs to do more at home than the regular work from schools… these books do an awesome job.

  60. Sarah S

    Five StarsAwesome. Great supplemental work during breaks.

  61. Libbey

    Four Starsgift

  62. kyuumu

    great buyI purchased this book to help with my son’s homeschooling. It has really helped and is very thorough. I am planning on purchasing other books from this company.

  63. Kat

    Great practice for my 3rd grader!I purchased this workbook for my 8 year old daughter . She has been anxious at school doing math word problems. This book gave her practice in s concrete fashion.

  64. Ruth O Bowlby

    math helppurchased this to help a grandchild that was having problems with math and figured it would help out at school to re-enforce extra help at home.

  65. Lior & Michal

    Five StarsGreat Workbooks

  66. Kunde

    Three StarsQuestions are rather repetitive and not too challenging for a 3rd grader.

  67. vsvs

    math problems exersiseGood additional practice for our kids, extra work for them, they do not like it, however we as a parents love it, keeps the child trouble free and busy.

  68. Lady K

    Five StarsMy granddaughter told me that I was her best friend after receiving her Kumon workbooks!


    … practice on their math and They have been a great tool.I use this books to help my kids practice on their math and They have been a great tool.

  70. Laura

    Five Starsgood math help

  71. Amazon Customer

    Excellent for children with ESL.Very well set up. The problems are well though out for complication and ‘word trips’ seen in everyday life.

  72. Jess Dean

    perfect for extra helpExactly what we needed. Daughter was struggling since the start of 3rd grade. This has helped her significantly.

  73. fdjhdghjhg

    My kid love it.My kid love it.

  74. A Grandma

    I recommend. Great LearningPerfect …Shipping and Price

  75. Christine Yang

    I like this book and it works good for my lazy …I like this book and it works good for my lazy 3rd grade boy! He enjoys the book a lot!

  76. Denise

    “very good condition”?I guess this is a relative term…Yes, the cover was intact…and all the pages were there…too bad someone else’s child had already filled in the answers! No very good condition by any stretch, and someone should check these books prior to labeling them as such.

  77. C’Los

    good study toolgreat study tool. My 6 year old was challenged and learned from it. Will again buy the next school year.

  78. Christine Hill

    Great BookGreat book, kept my daughter fascinated for several hours. Good review over the summer months. Will certainly get more books.

  79. Julia Bridgewater

    Fast arrivalI like the book, my daughter has fun with those problems and it helps her improve math skills. Recommend it to every 1-3d grader.

  80. jon

    Five Starsgood

  81. Dorothy Ashley

    Five StarsGood Practice problems.

  82. Amazon Customer

    PerfectPerfect for my daughter. It helped a lot to learn more about mathematics and basic things like multiplication, addition and subtraction.

  83. SDfromTX

    Very helpfulI have been using Kumon work-books to teach at home and they are certainly helpful.

  84. Pam P

    Can’t go wrong.This is the best of them all. You can’t go wrong with KUMON. My son loves his Kumon workbooks. O

  85. Dino


  86. TM

    Five StarsExactly what i was looking for thos should help my son thanks!

  87. Lucia Sulistiyo

    Excellent book for my son!!This is an excellent book for my son. It has math stories that will exercise his math comprehension. Very happy with this book!!!

  88. Solu

    Five Starsgood

  89. Maria L. Cruz

    Excellent purchase!The condition of the workbook is impeccable. Prompt service and delivery. Thank you, looking forward to doing business with you again.Sincerely,lulyluvsazh

  90. kaychan

    Five StarsMy grand daughter loves to study because of this work book.

  91. Kim B

    Nice work book!Great for your third grader!

  92. maxime

    ThinkingGreat for my son, keeps him thinking.

  93. Omar E Ramos

    Five StarsGreat for my homeschooler kids!

  94. G. liang

    Five Starssimple, but effective.

  95. Helen Johns

    Loved it!Loved this book! Very helpful!

  96. NINA

    Five StarsGood problems for a third grader.

  97. Rushikesh

    Five StarsNice Product for KIDS

  98. Andricio Bombaster

    Five StarsFast delivery and great price


    Five Starsgreat

  100. Ita Foster

    Two StarsI wish there were more diverse types of questions in this book.

  101. Gonzoactive

    Five StarsGood

  102. mel

    Five Starsgreat book

  103. suruchi sharma

    did not come on time.I don’t like this at this book is one and a half month late that too after talking to customer service at amazon. My daughters summer break is going to end in a few weeks and all her time has been wasted waiting for this book. I will not buy from Kumon ever again,

  104. HR

    Five StarsKumon rocks

  105. Danny

    Five StarsIt helped my granddaughter.

  106. Amazon Customer

    Five StarsNice book. My son loved it

  107. GDSouza

    Kumon momI needed extra math and reading/writing practice for my kids in 3rd and 1st grade. These books are easy to understand, very systematic and kids love it. we take them along in the car even for short drives. It keeps the kids busy in the back seat. would recommend these to any parent that would like their child to excel academically. who doesn’t?? I’ve purhased about a dozen plus Kumon books from amazon already and intend to purchase many more.

  108. michael

    I LOVE IT!!This book is great for students practicing in class & at home. I am having my students do these worksheets and I don’t see them getting dummer I see them getting smarter;

  109. Amazon Customer

    Very good book for additional homework.I got this book for my 8 years old and I like it a lot. She needs more homework that school offering to stay challenged so this book is great for that. We been using it every day and I can see the difference it makes in her learning style. I do recommend it.

  110. Manisha

    LevelThis comes with difficulty level and problem arranged in such a way for Kidd’s to get confidence as they move to difficult problems

  111. Josie

    Five StarsGreat book.

  112. shirleyG

    Not rigorous enoughSome questions are not rigorous enough! Confused my son.Not very recommended!

  113. Kindle Customer

    Good Practice BookI always like Kumon books. I will post some pictures as well

  114. Susanne A

    Great Practise!Love that there are questions based on various mathematical operations (multiplication, division etc). Enough practise on similar concepts to ensure that the idea is driven home for new learners. Enough space to show thinking in pictures, numbers and words on each page. Questions are challenging enough!

  115. Peter Smith

    Classic Kumon, regulards won’t be disappointed, newcomers might like itThe media could not be loaded.

     This book is more of a mix of word problems covering addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, some geometry and time. If you’re just starting Kumon let your child go at their own pace. Yes it’s repetitive, yes it’s hard work and yes they will get better.

  116. Amazon Customer

    very helpfulmy 8 year old loves it. I see how it helps

  117. Iryna

    Great workbooksLove all Kumon workbooks!

  118. Yoonjoo Nam

    Good math book!Easy to use!

  119. Tigerlily101

    Very Useful! Super Kumon BookKumon Word Problems Grade 3 is a useful book for my son. After finishing the other Kumon Grade 3 Maths books – Multipication, Division, Addition & Subtraction, we moved on to this Word Problems books. The questions were written in a straight forward manner and in simple language. It is a good way for children to apply what they learned in school in different contexts.Like Word Problem Grade 1 & Grade 2 books, the American English could be puzzling for my son at times. However, it is still a super workbook.

  120. sreenath

    Well structured workbookImproves math skills plus reading comprehension. Worth it.

  121. Sunny

    Amazing book!Love this book most! So much fun!

  122. Sabrina M

    Fast shipping good quality!Fast shipping good quality!

  123. Cindy

    It’s a good exerciseMy kids like it

  124. Fang Chen

    Very easyIt’s very easy for grade 3

  125. Amazon Customer

    Excellent mathbookGood math book to use

  126. Adnan K.

    Too easy questionsI think it’s too easy for my three years old son. I think a lot K5 learning is better than this

  127. K Lee

    Good bookIt is a great buy.

  128. MommyC

    Very helpful for practiceVery helpful for practice

  129. Tamyka Bullen

    WorkbookI am so happy with the book.

  130. Tanika Robert

    Great learning resourceDaughter loves this book. Perfect for this time!

  131. Blessing

    Good to have time to put your kids throughGreat

  132. Mrs Ayesha Khan

    Nice Book!This work book was very helpful to my child in year 3. It helped him to build on problem solving and apply basic maths skills learnt at school. It was repetitive but this helps the child to gain confidence once they keep getting questions correct. My only negative point would be that the terminology used in the book is American english which can confuse a child. eg.units and some other words.

  133. MLH74

    Helps with school workMy daughter’s basic maths was very good but she had problems adjusting to word problems. This book gave her confidence at school as she knew she could do it! We sat together for a few, reading the question and working out what calculation she needed to do to get her answer, then she started doing them on her own and was really proud of herself when she got them all right. A really good way to practice and get confidence.

  134. Gitanjali

    Good bookDifferent types of word problem is available to practise for each subject and with mixed

  135. Honey

    Nice sampleGud book , rate r on higher side

  136. Stephane

    As expected. Well done workbook and my daughter loves it.Excellent

  137. Amazon Customer

    GoodI like it, good practice book.

  138. erika c.

    great conditionuse for reviewing

  139. Luca Gorton

    Great for children needing lots of practiceIf you child is advanced this is not for you . BUT great for children who need repeated practice for a topic to be solidified in memory .

  140. Peter van Binsbergen

    Super!Super Hilfe für mein 8 jährige Sohn.

  141. Kristie

    Thank you so much 😀Thank you so much 😀

  142. johann

    Five Starskumon, they really know what they are doing with these books.

  143. Alie Ang

    Definitely Helped Prepare My Kids For SchoolAs I said in a previous review of Kumon, we do as much work in preparation for the coming school year as possible and it definitely helps.

  144. Vinayak S A

    Must buyMust buy. Builds fundamentals.

  145. Bessie Rego Sanchez

    Five StarsAll word problems. Just what we needed to practice

  146. fell

    Five Starssuper workbook for study by levels

  147. Flowing

    Good practice but not very imaginativeThe questions are straightforward and easy to understand, unlike many of the questions I see in the Nelson math books.

  148. MSN

    Good workbook. Helped my kid practice and understand word …Good workbook. Helped my kid practice and understand word problems.

  149. Mia

    Five StarsIt’s very useful for my daughter.

  150. Ranjith Madhavan

    Very useful for 3rd gradersLot of interesting problems that will improve the analytical skills as kids go through it regularly. Mainly useful for revision not to learn the actual concepts. Highly recommended for 3rd graders.

  151. Amit S.

    Good and effective for my childI find my child struggling with the first few pages, and then gradually becoming more confident . And becoming more capable of solving word problems. We have not completed the book, but the change is evident : it is a well designed and effective workbook.

  152. Nino

    PerfectI fully satisfied. This book is perfect workbook.

  153. Rachana

    Five StarsVery helpful in work problem-solving. Helped my daughter to build more confidence in the word problems.

  154. Surabhi

    Nice bookGood.. but quite expensive

  155. Amazon Customer

    Easy learningKid likes it. Shipment arrived on time

  156. zsuzsa

    Five Starstghx

  157. Amazon Customer

    Five StarsGood for grade 3

  158. SB

    Five StarsExcellent. They have also provided how the final result would come by calculating briefly.

  159. Amazon Customer

    Very useful books for children learning mathematics.Very useful books for children learning mathematics.

  160. vishal gupta

    basicvery costly books as per content

  161. Vidya sriram

    Five StarsReally a awesome book for kids practice.. I really love this..

  162. Silvia

    ConsigliatoUn libro che accompagna il bambino attraverso esercizi graduati a volte un po troppo semplici ma grazie al meccanismo della ripetizione e’ utile alla comprensione del testi

  163. James

    Five StarsGreat

  164. sothi

    Five StarsExcellent quality

  165. Karen w

    Five StarsVery Good, thank you.

  166. SP

    NiceNice…I recommend

  167. Harleen Kaur

    Five Starsgood questions

  168. Beena Singh

    Three StarsIts okay, not upto the expectations

  169. Latoya

    Enhances maths skillsVery informative

  170. Moumita

    Three StarsGood but very simple word problems I would recommend Singapore word problems

  171. Amazon Customer

    Five StarsVery Good book for kids…

  172. yami

    Rápida entregaSiempre un acierto.

  173. Amazon Customer

    Five StarsIt really helped my son at school performance in class 3

  174. Bernardo Coca

    PerfectoPerfecto para repasar mates de 3o en inglés, hacen pensar a los niños con los problemas que se formulan. Repetiria

  175. Muralidhar

    Very prompt delivery by amazon as usual and the book is amazingVery prompt delivery by amazon as usual and the book is amazing

  176. Nidhi

    Four StarsGreat book.

  177. Seema

    Four StarsGood

  178. Mama 2t

    Four StarsGreat

  179. Dharmesh Shah

    great study booksKumon books are excellent to give your child an extra edge in Maths and English. Using it for years now.

  180. Steve Ketley

    Five StarsGreat practice nook for 10 year old

  181. P Molinari

    Five Starsgood

  182. Taiye

    Five StarsGood

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