Grade 4 Decimals & Fractions

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This book focuses on addition and subtraction of decimals and fractions. Children learn to read, write, and order decimals to the hundredths place and fractions up to 20/11. Our workbook also familiarizes children with proper and improper fractions, as well as fractions with like denominators, preparing them for more advanced math concepts.

Topics Covered in this Book:

  • Addition & subtraction review
  • Read, write & order decimals to the hundredth place
  • Vertical form addition & subtraction of decimals
  • Read, write & identify fractions up to 20/11
  • Rewriting improper fractions
  • Addition & subtraction of fractions with like denominators

8 ½ x 11 inches. paperback. 96 pages. full color. US $7.95 / C $8.95




This book focuses on addition and subtraction of decimals and fractions. Children learn to read, write, and order decimals to the hundredths place and fractions up to 20/11. Our workbook also familiarizes children with proper and improper fractions, as well as fractions with like denominators, preparing them for more advanced math concepts.

Topics Covered in this Book:

  • Addition & subtraction review
  • Read, write & order decimals to the hundredth place
  • Vertical form addition & subtraction of decimals
  • Read, write & identify fractions up to 20/11
  • Rewriting improper fractions
  • Addition & subtraction of fractions with like denominators

8 ½ x 11 inches. paperback. 96 pages. full color. US $7.95 / C $8.95

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141 reviews for Grade 4 Decimals & Fractions

  1. Amy LT

    Great GuidanceEvery summer I buy workbooks for my two boys. This year I chose Kumon, I purchase the whole collection of Grade 4 for my son going into 4th grade and the whole collection of Grade 3 (thinking Grade 2 would be too easy) for my son going into 2nd grade. Later on I found that my younger son had difficulties in some areas in Grade 3 so I bought Grade 2.This has been a great guidance for my kids and I. The books helped my kids learn step by step and I really do see improvements. Its great for me, I simply use the answer sheet to correct and it helps me find out what their weaknesses are. Overall I really like Kumon workbooks compare to previous companies that I have purchased because I do see improvements. Next year I will purchase Kumon again.

  2. Sinini

    Great book for practicing fractions and decimalsI bought this for my son to practice fractions and decimals during the summer before heading to fourth grade. All of the lessons were very easy for him to complete. I expected it to be a little bit more challenging, but overall I liked the book. The answer key is in the back, which makes it easy and quick to check the work.

  3. voltron

    Very good work book.I was tutoring a child who was having issues with the topic. When tutoring one of the difficulties one encounters is finding examples to practice with. This book has lots of math problems to work, and after doing several different math problems of the same type, the child pick up the technique to solve the question. The book has so many math problems to work with and different types of problems from straight foward fractions, to word type problems. Oncenyou figure out where the child is having issues you find questions correlate with it and work them out. Once you do a few many children get the grasp and do well.

  4. MelS

    Fantastic Extra PracticeI love this extra math practice for my 4th grade son. It is great that I can have him work on a couple of lessons per night (in addition to his regular schoolwork) and can see for myself whether or not he is understanding the concepts. He doesn’t have a problem doing this extra math because he REALLY likes the idea that he is “working ahead” of where the class is in school.I would recommend this for children who perform best when they get plenty of repetition, children who may be behind and their parents need a book to use with them, or those who might want to work ahead of the class.

  5. Amazon Customer

    great for practicebought this for my kids who needed help, great for practice at home

  6. DaQueenBee

    I LOVE KUMON AND ALL THEIR WORKBOOKSMy son used to get tutoring through Kumon several years ago when he was in public school. So when I was shopping for math workbooks for our homeschooling that I saw this Kumon workbook and others I grabbed it really quick. And I am really glad I did…Kumon’s way of teaching at the tutoring/learning centers has been brought to there workbooks now too! and it is awesome…They start the children off with easy work to first work on building their confidence in themselves as to their ability to do the work comfortably and then slowly work there way into higher learning…Before the child knows it he or she is working at a much higher level with the same ease…I love it!!! thanks Kumon PRAISE GOD!!!

  7. Amethyst25

    Starts really basic for a solid foundationI really like this textbook. I used it for one of my Summer tutoring clients whom needed to go at slower pace and, needed a stronger decimal and fraction foundation to build on for the next year. It begins really basic and builds slowly. This book isn’t for children who are on the average or above average curve as they will grow bored as it will be too repetitive for them. I recommend this book as a supplement for a child struggling in this area at a one lesson a day pace then move on to Kumon Grade 5 Decimals & Fractions after completing.

  8. Janelle Butler

    It is perfect for “filling in the gaps” for my sonI have ordered all the books in the 3rd and 4th grade series…math and reading/writing. After I ordered 2 books, I was so impressed that I wanted them all. It is perfect for “filling in the gaps” for my son. He can work at his own pace and continue learning throughout the summer. We are going to continue with these books throughout the school year. I would highly recommend these books to any parent who wants to help their child make major improvements in reading and math.

  9. Lotts Wife

    Most grade-school workbooks try to cover the full range of …Most grade-school workbooks try to cover the full range of topics in one workbook, and as a result do not dedicate enough pages to important mathematical concepts. Kumon’s research has found, however, that children find learning easier when they tackle one skill set at a time. With these findings in mind, we designed our newest line of workbooks to help children with one particular mathematical skill set per book.

  10. Anika Dudley

    Good buyI bought this for my daughter when the Corona virus started. It was a great supplement for usual school work for the moment.

  11. Ann Lamb

    Great for HomeschoolI homeschool and use these books as a main curriculum and then add DVDs and fun projects. I also print free worksheets off the internet to go with the lesson. Love them!!

  12. LMP

    Too much “basic”For an entire book dedicated to decimals and fractions, I was expecting more than pages and pages of adding fractions with like denominators. The cover does mention this, but it was not that obvious. The book is very simplistic, and too long to just repeat the same, simple types of problems. Check out the other grades if you think your child can add with different denominators or if you want them to explore simple multiplication of fractions. The decimal lessons are also very simplistic and superficial. My 2nd grader mastered this in a few hours….

  13. gisa

    Same exercise with no progressIt was doing the same thing for the whole book.A lot of exercise is fine but I expect some progression with difficulty. But this book started with simple and end in simple. Don’t waste your money on this book

  14. N N

    Four StarsI felt it’s more repetitive that it should be. Was not much challenging to my kids.

  15. Jacqueline Epps

    My daughter’s teacher suggest for my daughter to work on …My daughter’s teacher suggest for my daughter to work on her decimals and fractions,because I tried the word problem and was successful I decide to try the same brand she is excited to learn.

  16. Shweta

    Practice workbooksKumon books are meant for practice and speed, dont expect them to cover in depth concepts

  17. Porsha

    Decent for beginnersThis book is good for kids whom never worked with decimals or fractions before. I had to skip over way too many lessons to challenge him even remotely. I am now on the hunt for another fractions because the section he really needed help on wasn’t enough.

  18. Christina Teutsch

    Not exactly what I expectedWas looking for something to teach fractions. This was more for practicing fractions. Not beginner friendly.

  19. Shari

    Nice books to teach and drill conceptsSo far I have liked all the Kumon books I have gotten for my son. I use them to supplement Singapore Math for homeschooling. I’ve used Grades 3 and 4. Will continue to buy…

  20. Donna

    Simple, Straightforward Instructions…I tutor an 11 year-old homeschooler and we’ve added this book to his curriculum to strengthen certain math skills not emphasized in his other math books. He loves it and finds it quite easy. The instructions are clear and not too wordy, enabling him to work more independently than with other books.

  21. JustinTime

    Great way to help your kidsWe use this for our 6 year old and 10 year olds and not only does this really help them learn but they also enjoy doing it. Before these books my kids struggled and now are keeping up with their classmates

  22. NYMom

    Four StarsKumon workbooks get the job done!

  23. Teacher

    TutoringThis is just what I needed for tutoring. I hoped it had more lessons in it though. Showing examples. Children need to be shown what to do before doing it for better understanding.

  24. Kindle Customer

    Four StarsGreat book.

  25. Aaron.A Arzu

    Decimals made easyA great book to help kids break down decimals.

  26. Dusan L

    We Love Kumon Math Books and have purchased many of themWe Love Kumon Math Books and have purchased many of them. This one is the first disappointment thou. Our son is in the middle of third grade so we though to get him little bit ahead with fractions. To our surprise ALL fractions examples in this book have a same DENOMINATOR. This means that instead of 4 grade fractions problems you have simply a 1st grade simple math such as 1+3, or 5-1 etc…. We don’t understand why in 4th grade fractions book there are not examples with different denominators as this is the real challenge for students. If this would be the book for 2nd graders to introduce them to fractions I would understand, but for the 4th Grade this book doesn’t present any challenge.

  27. JERRY


  28. OCTrojan

    Good study supplementGot these at the recommendation of our son’s tutor. His test results are gradually improving, so I guess they’re helping him learn the subject material.

  29. Bridget Brothag

    Effective worksheet math workbook!Great repetition of practice!

  30. Pichette

    Love this productLove this product! Review pages at the beginning and then tons of problems for kids to work on their skills

  31. Gyungah kim

    Loved it!I loved it!it was great!

  32. Paul A.

    Four Starsk

  33. m.a.b.

    Helpful little bookGreat little books – helps me so I can help the youngsters

  34. Kindle Customer

    Four StarsHas helped my child improve math scores with regular practice.

  35. stfras

    awesomeI love the kumon books great work and I recommend it to kids who need practice my son loves the little pictures but its mostly little examples and worksheets I bought almost all they offer in math and love all of them

  36. E.J

    Book Decimals & FractionsThe book was bought for my grand Doughter and it helped her a lot to understand the math that she was going through so over all it did the job I thank that all parents should take take a look at this book thanks,

  37. Amazon Customer

    Great purchasegood book

  38. Colin

    Four Starsbought this math workbook for my granddaughter who needed some extra help in her math. Very useful

  39. Amazon Customer

    The book basically had the problems in it, but …The book basically had the problems in it, but it wasn’t explanatory to my grandson, in other words didn’t explainhow to solve the problems

  40. New Orleans South Florida

    Five StarsGood lay out. Fun. Accurate. Helped with my son’s frustration.

  41. Lynn White

    Book was used when I received itWas not to happy with the book as there has been pages that were worked on. And to find a contact person it is really had to find someone to talk to

  42. lena38

    love KUMON serieslove KUMON series. start buying them when my son was 3, now he is in the 4 the grade. very easy and simple but i can see the results.

  43. ecogdill

    great value! and fastKumon books rock! great value! and fast shipping

  44. Moleb

    Great help for kids and parentsEasy to teach and learn for kids

  45. jaehoon

    Four StarsGood

  46. Terri W

    Kid friendlyThe colors and pictures seem to help my grandchild overcome the idea that he’s learning. I’m completely happy with this book. I’m purchasing more from this company.

  47. Jeff Reid

    excellent.Already seeing an impact on our daughters grades, excellent.

  48. Darlene Frazier

    EducationMy daughter has worked on this all summer long and done really well. .. I hope it prepares her for 4th grade. ..

  49. Sammie Jo

    Five StarsKeep up with school over summer break

  50. Joni R.

    Kumon is Great!This is a good book to teach focused decimals and fractions and I am looking forward to introducing it to our 4th grade student.

  51. Sandra

    Good practiceThis is a good book for review. It doesn’t teach decimals and fractions but has plenty of practice to reenforce the math problems.

  52. Amazon Customer

    Three StarsGood book

  53. Guaranteed purchase

    Five StarsItem received in brand new condition. Thank you. Will buy again here. Thank you.

  54. George M.

    Great learning toolJust wish there were more editions or worksheets. Great practice, but it would be great if more books were available to keep practicing throughout the year.

  55. Diane L. Salmon

    Five StarsGreat help for granddaughter starting Decimals and Fractions.

  56. Tahino Wright

    Great For The KidsExcellent book for my kids to practice and master decimals and fractions. I would recommend the whole Kumon series to everyone.

  57. Nandy

    Five Starsmy daughter loves this and it is simple to understand the concepts.

  58. Barkha

    Three Starsmy daughter loved working through this book.

  59. Ozcan

    Five StarsAs expected

  60. HlalH

    goodIf you want to keep your kids busy and with good math exercises… buy the book…I’m very happy with this purchase

  61. Michael M. Dao

    Three StarsGood for tutoring

  62. Dottie

    good workbookThis is a good workbook for decimal and fraction practice. I have been using Kumon workbooks for the last 5-6 years.

  63. Christine Bunn

    Five StarsGreat book to use to teach students about conversion between decimals and fractions.

  64. Onri

    GoodUsing for my son to help with improving his ability with fractions. I enjoy the book, son uses for extra help.

  65. fayw

    greathelping my 5th grader with math is a task and kumon books make it easier for me I grade the work and he’s learning on his own.

  66. The lionheart

    Five StarsGreat

  67. Chi Wang

    Three StarsIt’s OK book for kids.

  68. Andricio Bombaster

    Great for 4th grade kidsWonderful book

  69. Amazon Customer

    Five StarsGreat Product!

  70. Vaughn

    Five StarsThis was a great teaching tool!

  71. Polly

    Five StarsNo comment

  72. Vijay Hajare

    Five StarsGood product, I love Kumon series

  73. Julia

    Five Starsmy son work with it

  74. Geunae Park

    printed wrongIt printed wrong on unit 16(Page 32).When it was unit 16,then the next unit was unit25(Before unit 25,the page was page 49).

  75. Lara


  76. HR

    Five StarsGood work books will continue to buy

  77. Amazon Customer

    Five Starsgreat

  78. maryam

    Not worth itNo instruction

  79. Dawn Joy Price

    Kumon LoverMy son has used these books since Pre- K and I like the repetition. With this particular book he was learning fractions before decimals and having him start with fractions was challenging. The book doesn’t have a smooth transition from one to the other as with some other topics.

  80. Vivian

    Five StarsLove it

  81. C. Nahum

    Excellent for mastery!We’re so glad KUMON is now publishing books for upper level math! Using these books has helped my children master these concepts. They are taught step by step, to the child. Whether you homeschool, or are in public school and need extra help mastering the concepts and math facts, these books are fabulous!

  82. Amazon’s Amazing Customer

    Repetitive WorksheetsThis book is a practice book. It can’t be used for teaching.It can be used as extra worksheets for kids after they have understood the concepts.I paid $7.16 for this book, I could instead just printed some free worksheetsfrom the internet. 🙁

  83. Thony Oandasan

    Great!Great book!

  84. WEINA LI

    The second oneI ordered it before. My son finished it. It is really helpful and I bought the second one for my daughter. The exercises are good for kids working at home. I like them.

  85. Sukhi


  86. mary

    Very goodMy niece really likes it

  87. christine s

    educationThis will come in handy for extra help with school pages very clear

  88. Sean

    I found the books good at laying the foundations for basic maths and EnglishI ordered the Kumon range of books to help my nine year old son in primary school. Every year his school report at the end of July is average. I’m okay with average. That was until this July, when his report was below average. On parents evening a couple of months before the report, his teacher never indicated that he was heading for a below average grades and he only has homework two night a week that lasts around 20 mins. So over the summer holidays we looked at private holiday and after school tuition, which in my area is about £300 per month. This was a bit pricey for my budget, and as this is primary school work, it is something I should be able to help him with myself. After reading some of the reviews, I purchased the Kumon range for Grade 4 (Grade 4 = Year 4) to help him catch up over summer, and Grade 5 to keep him ahead in the school year. I found the books good at laying the foundations for basic maths and English. My son finds them easy to follow and also enjoys doing them. It is October now and my son is already answering the teachers questions quicker than the ‘top table’ in his class. Overall, I am very pleased with the Kumon books and hopefully doing this extra homework should reflect in his year 5 report.

  89. RJ


  90. sreenath

    Easy but essential practiceA bit simplistic but necessary practice . Hope to follow it up with grade 5 fractions and decimals.

  91. Zaina

    Good purchase!Kumon books are always good for practice.. Happy.

  92. Andrea

    Could be better. The section on decimals is VERY tedious.The book is OK, just VERY ripetitive, especially on decimals.I bought it to help my daughter who had just been introduced to them, but this book all it offers on the subject is just hundreds and hundreds of sums and subtractions. As they point out (and it is the ONE teaching point), the key is aligning the decimal point, but1) the book doesn’t really encourage you to put numbers in column yourself and2) the concept of aligning the decimal point is mastered reasonably quickly any way.So, the first 24 sections are really ripetitive. We ended up skipping a good deal of them because incredibly tedious. After all, if you know how to do a sum you know how to do a sum :)The bit with the fractions is more interesting.As it cost me about £4.30 I can’t complain too much.

  93. Amazon Customer

    Good book to explain fractions n decimalsGood workbook

  94. Sabina

    GoodGreat at home tool

  95. Cindy

    It’s a good exerciseMy kids like

  96. Annie

    Good product for the costNot what I was expecting. Thought it would have more basic fractions as a refresher but instead includes math problems using mixed fractions (whole numbers and fractions). No fancy images, just traditional worksheets.

  97. Mirlene

    NicePerfect for my 9 year old

  98. Meimei

    ReviewGreat for review

  99. Amazon Customer

    Great workbookThese workbooks have really improved my son’s math marks. It takes time, but if they work on it every day, it works.

  100. Sharon Dorival

    FunThis book provides good at home support for students.

  101. G


  102. sandra

    book exceeds my expectationAlthough my child is not currently ready for this level book but I have purchased the full set of these books as I intend to use them all with my child as they progress.I liked the fact the full and complete range is clearly set out on the back cover so you know exactly where you are going.The print is clear and easy to follow.

  103. SM

    Four StarsCreates independent learners

  104. MichelleyR

    Top NotchThese Books are top notch. My kids actually really like doing them so that makes it NOT a total chore to do homework extrasThank you for developing these books

  105. Douglas

    Excelente!Recomendo para crianças em regime de educação domiciliar e também para as crianças que frequentam escolas (públicas ou privadas), uma vez que, por influência dos iluminados do MEC, a matemática já não é tão exata assim, sendo necessário explicá-la levando-se em consideração uma visão geral do mundo e das práticas sociais. 🙁 (Se professores competentes não entendem, imaginem os alunos).AJUDEM VOSSOS FILHOS!Obs.: O fato de estar em inglês não dificulta em nada o aprendizado pois o método é intuitivo. Um dicionário simples inglês – Português é o suficiente.

  106. Amazon Customer


  107. Amazon Customer

    very usefulvery useful

  108. DomP

    Very good book but thereVery good book but there;s a lot of repetition. I wish they were more example or explanation with visual aid to help the kids understand.

  109. Toad

    ThanksAs promised, as expected. Thank you.

  110. Shawn T

    Good bookVery good book to revision

  111. johann

    Five Starskumon, they really know what they are doing with these books.

  112. pedersolli

    Easy way to learnThis method helps my 3 kids to work at home!!..The homework was never boring anymore!!!!Train the concentration and made them to think faster !!!! I loved kumon books !!!!!

  113. Warren

    Good for extra learningGood for extra learning

  114. fell

    Five Starssuper workbook for study by levels

  115. GTH

    Five StarsExcellent book

  116. Mitsu:)

    Handy for everyday practice!Great books for extra practice for my 8 years old!

  117. working parents

    Five Starsgreat for kids who like or need extra math work

  118. Ana K.

    Five Starsvery good

  119. charuta

    Four StarsGood and easy practise

  120. Rashmi Ramachandran

    Excellent bookVery good book for practice.

  121. zsuzsa

    Five Starsperfect thx

  122. Amazon Customer

    Need improvement as it’s Not helpful for grade 4Not that useful. 2/3 of the book is just addition and subtraction of decimal numbers.

  123. JD

    Five StarsMy daughter Love it

  124. RP

    Four StarsGreat value, as expected from Kumon

  125. JDZION

    Excellent productExcellent product

  126. Lillians Bookstore

    Five Starsthumbs up

  127. jeyakumar kingsley

    Five Starsgood

  128. M G COUSER

    Five Starsbrilliant book. great service. thank you

  129. Eduardo

    Artículo de buena calidadMuy buen libro de ejercicios para practicar diariamente.

  130. Amazon Customer

    Excellent workbookI love all Kumon workbooks. My children take good interest in solving them and have improved their skill on maths quickly.

  131. Mama 2t

    Four StarsGreat

  132. Dharmesh Shah

    great study booksKumon books are excellent to give your child an extra edge in Maths and English. Using it for years now.

  133. Nix Sam

    Great way of learningIts a great book for my child to learn and practice. So much of practice papers with increasing standard make it perfect to learn by heart.

  134. Amazon Customer

    Five StarsWonderful book, really works

  135. Shashi

    Five Starsgood ones daughtr 6yr old completed all of them

  136. Jose F.

    Five StarsGreat book.

  137. JujuCD

    Muy útilLos niños disfrutan y aprenden. Es cortito, y ellos mismos se puntúan. Han mejorado su nivel de mates considerablemente. Lo recomiendo.

  138. Oisha

    Five Starsbriliiant learning tool

  139. Oz

    Five StarsExcellent book!

  140. Amitata-Naturals

    Five StarsFantastic Product!Thanks

  141. sushama hari

    Utter uselessSeveral repeatation of exercises

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