Grade 4 Multiplication

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Through our gradual progression of step-by-step activities, children learn how to multiply three-digit numbers with ease. By reviewing the commutative property of addition and number sequencing, our workbook builds confidence before introducing new skills.

Topics Covered in this Book:

  • Vertical form multiplication
  • Three-digit times three-digit multiplication
  • Commutative property of multiplication
  • Patterns & sequencing

8 ½ x 11 inches. paperback. 96 pages. full color. US $7.95 / C $8.95




Through our gradual progression of step-by-step activities, children learn how to multiply three-digit numbers with ease. By reviewing the commutative property of addition and number sequencing, our workbook builds confidence before introducing new skills.

Topics Covered in this Book:

  • Vertical form multiplication
  • Three-digit times three-digit multiplication
  • Commutative property of multiplication
  • Patterns & sequencing

8 ½ x 11 inches. paperback. 96 pages. full color. US $7.95 / C $8.95

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140 reviews for Grade 4 Multiplication

  1. Pat Zacharczyp

    Great for the little ones!I loved this math book when I was little! I have learned a lot from this math book. I highly recommend this to any 4th grader (6-7 yrs) so they can learn new concepts and skills.

  2. Amy LT

    Great GuidanceEvery summer I buy workbooks for my two boys. This year I chose Kumon, I purchase the whole collection of Grade 4 for my son going into 4th grade and the whole collection of Grade 3 (thinking Grade 2 would be too easy) for my son going into 2nd grade. Later on I found that my younger son had difficulties in some areas in Grade 3 so I bought Grade 2.This has been a great guidance for my kids and I. The books helped my kids learn step by step and I really do see improvements. Its great for me, I simply use the answer sheet to correct and it helps me find out what their weaknesses are. Overall I really like Kumon workbooks compare to previous companies that I have purchased because I do see improvements. Next year I will purchase Kumon again.

  3. BDN

    Great Book to Learn Your MultiplicationThis book is great to learn advanced multiplication. At first it has a review, then it takes you into two digit by two digit and three digit by two digit and so on. Over all this is a great book, and I recommend that you should buy this book.

  4. Amanda E.

    Good practice, but not much funI usually love Kumon due to its ability to make learning fun with topical activities. This one is more straight up multiplication equations, and no fun games or activities to practice and apply what is learned.

  5. Janel

    Great Multiplication PracticeI got this book for my cousin to practice his multiplication. He’s a bit older than 4th grade, and knows his times tables, but doesn’t multiply automatically. (He repeats the times tables until he gets to the right answer 7-14-21-28, etc.) His mom wanted him to be more automatic, so I got him this book to practice with. It’s worked perfectly to give him that little bit of extra practice, without boring him. He’s improved a lot, and actually asked to get a fractions book next. I was concerned that the “4” on the cover would demotivate him, but he liked getting to do “easy” work, but still feel challenged. He worked to do them as quickly as he could, which helped him to get that automaticity that he was missing (and keep him entertained.) I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who’s child is struggling with multiplication, wants to get ahead, or just wants some extra practice.

  6. B_stein8

    loved this for helping my 4th grader improve his math skillsI purchased this to supplement my sons multiplication. He seemed to be struggling with multiplication facts and his speed when doing multiplication problems. We had him do a couple of pages of this book every day and it seem to just get easier and easier for him even though the problems increased in skill and ability. This book was definitely a great addition to supplement his needs during our homeschool journey. I think it would also be at the perfect addition to a summer when you don’t want your kiddo to forget What they learned during fourth grade.

  7. Yesi Avila

    Great buy!It’s very nice quality thick paper. My daughter LOVES IT!! She loves cutting and she feels good after each project because she gets to “keep it” I do think some of these need improvement because they end up either cutting off the whole picture and then you have to tape it together or some don’t come out right it instructed her to cut the gray lines and she did she’s only 4 but the robot came out noddy looking 😂 Sweet innocent kids. Great practice excellent buy! Definitely recommend the Kumon books I don’t Home school but I do workbooks on their days off.

  8. DaQueenBee

    I LOVE KUMAN AND THEIR WORKBOOKSMy son used to get tutoring through Kumon several years ago when he was in public school. So when I was shopping for math workbooks for our homeschooling that I saw this Kumon workbook and others I grabbed it really quick. And I am really glad I did…Kumon’s way of teaching at the tutoring/learning centers has been brought to there workbooks now too! and it is awesome…They start the children off with easy work to first work on building their confidence in themselves as to their ability to do the work comfortably and then slowly work there way into higher learning…Before the child knows it he or she is working at a much higher level with the same ease…I love it!!! thanks Kumon PRAISE GOD!!!

  9. Elaine Archibald

    Pick Your Own HomeworkMy grandson’s class has two days of pick your own homework. I use these worksheets, especially the times tables, to help him be prepared for class. He doesn’t hesitate to complete them. I like them so much I bought the reading and writing. By the way I’m a retired teacher

  10. Janelle Butler

    It is perfect for “filling in the gaps” for my sonI have ordered all the books in the 3rd and 4th grade series…math and reading/writing. After I ordered 2 books, I was so impressed that I wanted them all. It is perfect for “filling in the gaps” for my son. He can work at his own pace and continue learning throughout the summer. We are going to continue with these books throughout the school year. I would highly recommend these books to any parent who wants to help their child make major improvements in reading and math.

  11. qSunflower

    Great product looking to buy moreGot this workbook as supplement to what my daughter is being taught in class. Great product looking to buy more. My only suggestion is that the practice pages to teach the kids are longer and more detailed and also could use a review. Other than that I would highly recommend!

  12. Miggy

    She likes itFor a gift. She really likes the workbook.

  13. Lotts Wife

    Most grade-school workbooks try to cover the full range of …Most grade-school workbooks try to cover the full range of topics in one workbook, and as a result do not dedicate enough pages to important mathematical concepts. Kumon’s research has found, however, that children find learning easier when they tackle one skill set at a time. With these findings in mind, we designed our newest line of workbooks to help children with one particular mathematical skill set per book.

  14. Chau Edge

    Great way to enhance your child’s learningGreat way to enhance your child’s learning. There are plenty of problems that run the child through basics to 3-digit problems. The only drawback is that my son mastered it quickly using about a third of the book and quickly moved onto long division/multiplication. We donated the remainder of the book to a friend with a younger child. Would be nice if the pages were detachable to enable quick disposal of the used sections.

  15. ROSIE

    Great Learning Tool.This is a great resource for my 4th grade grandson to practice and improve his math skills.

  16. Amazon Customer

    Kind of boringI have used Kumon books for my preschool aged kids with great success. They have always been very inclusive yet simple and colorful. So I thought I’d help my 4th grader by trying this Kumon multiplication workbook, albeit sight unseen.It seems to be all multiplication problems – page after page. There is nothing interesting or compelling about it, just drill. No games, no colorful diagrams, nothing intriguing or engaging. For some kids, this might be a good match for their needs, but it wasn’t really what I was looking for.

  17. Sameena

    I like the way this workbook is organized – it starts …I like the way this workbook is organized – it starts out relatively easy (for a rising 4th grader) and then becomes engaging. There is plenty of space between each question so there is room to work – the page is not crowded with questions and graphics etc. The concept is repeated just enough times to give the student that skill – we have tried several workbooks and I like this one for sure

  18. Ozzy B

    Lots of practiceVery good practice book for grade 3-4 multiplication

  19. JavaMom2011

    Plenty of exercisesPlenty of exercises to master the problems. However, there are very few, if no, samples or step by step explanations to start the problems unless your child already knows them. I really like the repetitiveness and progression of levels as you get farther into the workbooks.

  20. Karen Marie Skuse


  21. olivia

    We love all the Kumon productsWe love all the Kumon products. They are great for helping a child to master a concept independently. As a homeschooling mom, anytime I can get my kids learning and working independently, that’s a huge plus.

  22. Shannon Gillespie

    Great book for extra practice worksheets for studentsGreat book for extra practice worksheets for students. It starts them with one digit divisors and moves them up gradually. A very helpful tool for the classroom!!

  23. Aaron.A Arzu

    Multiplication made easyWe bought this book for summer work for my kids and it did the trick.

  24. Momof threeangels

    Wonderful math supplement!Kumon has done it again! The Kumon math series (all levels) have provided a nice summer enrichment for our three children ages 7,8,9! Kumon seems to get it when it comes to repetitive learning. The more one does multiplication, then better one gets at it! The Kumon series seems to capture the essence of this skill in their Multiplication workbooks. Thanks Kumon!

  25. Shari

    Nice books to teach and drill conceptsSo far I have liked all the Kumon books I have gotten for my son. I use them to supplement Singapore Math for homeschooling. I’ve used Grades 3 and 4. Will continue to buy…

  26. NYMom

    Four StarsKumon workbooks get the job done!

  27. Mommyof3

    Great for a kid that needs a little helpBought this for my daughter who was struggling to learn her multiplication tables. After two weeks, she was doing a lot better. Sometimes getting as good as 38 out of 40 problems right. Very helpful.

  28. minas

    I love Kumon workbooks in general and this one did not …I love Kumon workbooks in general and this one did not disappoint. Using it in conjunction with our homeschool math program as sort of practice and refresher on our less busy school days.


    GreatMy daughter loves math and will work on page’s for hours. Great buy for kids wanting to keep learning!

  30. Pichette

    These are GREAT! Review pages at the beginning and tons of …These are GREAT! Review pages at the beginning and tons of multiplication problems in varying difficulty! Will be buying these for every level!

  31. Dottie

    Review, review, reviewMy daughter’ 4th grade teacher suggested additional practice of multiplication facts. I have purchased Kumon products before and was not disappointed with this purchase. Kumon is a great tool for review and to learn the multiplication facts. I am very happy with this product and will continue to purchase Kumon products.

  32. S. B. Scott

    It’s easy for him to understandMy kid loves this book. He whizzed through it in second grade. He works on it harder than his school math homework. It’s easy for him to understand, well paced, and straightforward. I love it.

  33. stfras

    awesomeI love the kumon books great work and I recommend it to kids who need practice my son loves the little pictures but its mostly little examples and worksheets I bought almost all they offer in math and love all of them

  34. Paul A.

    Four Starsk

  35. Wendalinaaa

    Great workbook for Summer break!Great workbook. Repetition is key to memorizing. This book helps my child memorize math facts with the repetitive math problems. I have my kids do Kumon workbook during their Summer break to keep their math (reading too) skills fresh in their minds.

  36. resbows

    Good practice for those who have trouble with rememberingHAs helped my homeschooler to practice and sound down her multi facts. practice makes perfect and this is a great way for her to keep from forgetting and for learning over and over.

  37. lena38

    love KUMON serieslove KUMON series. start buying them when my son was 3, now he is in the 4 the grade. very easy and simple but i can see the results.

  38. Sammie Jo

    … with school over summer break and the examples​ are easy toHelp keep up with school over summer break and the examples​ are easy to follow

  39. Kristina Sabbagh

    PerfectMy daughter is in third grade and she’s been ahead in math in her class because of these books. She actually enjoys doing these exercises and does it for fun without us even telling her.

  40. Colin

    Four Starsbought this math workbook for my granddaughter who needed some extra help in her math. Very useful

  41. Raul V. Campos Garcia

    Well laid out exercisesI have a 10 year old student that had difficulty learning to multiply, but with the well chosen and laid out exercises of this book, he got speed doing multiplications… Congratulations!

  42. M S Hawkmom

    Great review for summer!My son was having problems getting into the swing of 4th grade multiplication. This book offers plenty of practice and works on gradually integrating each skill. It’s been an asset to us!

  43. sc1

    page after page of practiceThis is just what we needed. Page after page practice. It starts out with addition to “warm them up” and build confidence, then moves to 1×1 digit mult, then 2×2 digit multiplication and finallly 3×3.

  44. rabia

    love itI like kumon books it is good for practice. Especially if you are not going to take your kid to kumon and need him to practice home you can use this book.

  45. Joni R.

    ExcellentTalk about learning! This book will help kids master multiplication and have fun doing it! Kumon books are great books for teaching students. Couldn’t be without them!

  46. AC-M

    Four StarsA great book to keep the kids practicing with

  47. JPAD05

    Five StarsMy kids enjoy doing the Kumon workbooks!

  48. Ms.Jay

    Five StarsTeaching kids their time tables will make multiplication easy.Like the presentation for students.

  49. M. Miller

    Five StarsGreat workbook for reinforcing multiplication tables. This is not a curriculum but just as an extra bit of reinforcement.

  50. RowAK

    Okay productBased on the description, I was expecting a slightly worn book that was second hand. I was a bit disappointed that it had writing in it. Not the end of the world, but was expecting something different.

  51. fdjhdghjhg

    My kid love it.My kid love it.

  52. Grace Q

    Execellent Book, highly recommendedExecellent Book to practice multiplication tables and I actually purchased it for my 5th grader, highly recommended if you need practicing or review.

  53. Jesus V.

    Five Starsgood material.

  54. Sad

    Five Starslove it

  55. Wheels Snipes Celly

    great bookIt s a great book. My daughter really loves the math series. These books help her practice her math skills.

  56. jaehoon

    Four StarsGood

  57. C’Los

    great study toolmy second grader is doing 4th grade math thanks to this books.I will continue to buy in the future.

  58. Ozcan

    Five StarsAs expected

  59. Kirsche

    WonderfulI recommend this workbook to anyone who has kids that are struggling with multiplication! It has really helped my child.

  60. Jamie Chun

    HelpfulMy daughter mastered all her multiplication over the summer with this.

  61. Kindle Customer

    Five StarsGreat math resource for my child.

  62. surgeblue

    Good book for daily activitiesPurchasing 2nd time for my younger son in 1st grade.

  63. The lionheart

    Five StarsGreat

  64. Customer

    Ok for practice, not good for instructionThis is just a plain old workbook. There are no examples of “how to” anywhere in this book…just lots of problems. Maybe good for practice, but not good for instruction. You will need a teacher or teachers guide to make this helpful.

  65. Myra S. Munds

    Five StarsSummer work.

  66. Amazon Customer

    Five StarsGreat Product!

  67. HR

    Five StarsHave been buying for years will continue to buy

  68. heatherk

    Five StarsGreat for help memorizing multiplication facts.

  69. Carmen

    Five StarsVery helpful with math homework

  70. J. Bon

    Five StarsVery helpful

  71. Lara


  72. Carmela

    Five StarsGreat book to practice multiplication.

  73. coachmekristina

    Great books!FANTASTIC books!

  74. S. Morgan

    Five StarsWorked very well for summer review.

  75. Michael M. Dao

    Three StarsGood for tutoring

  76. Chi Wang

    Five StarsGood exercise book for kid.

  77. Christine Hill

    Five StarsGreat Product

  78. SmartShopperFromCal

    Book was used as I was informed, but not …Book was used as I was informed, but not to the extent of all pages being mArked and not able to re use the problems. If only u could erase everything

  79. Jitendra

    Two StarsI ordered used one however book was not clean and many pages were even unusable.

  80. Elissa Amador

    BoringThere are no fun activities, just drill and kill. Very disappointing.

  81. K. Delgado

    Boring and monotonousMy 9 year old daughter found this horribly boring. Was a chore to do. Hated it.Pass on this and get something that is more then just boring old worksheets.

  82. C N Yazar

    One Starthe problems were solved

  83. PG

    One StarOrdered a new book, received a used one

  84. Shopper

    am using for fourth grader along with the other Kumon multiplication workbookswe are using Kumon Simple Multiplication along with the other Multiplication Grade 3 workbook (which just picks up where that one stops) and also am using the Grade 4 Multiplication which corresponds very easily. For example the 3 times tables are in both the Simple Multiplication book and also the Grade 4 but in a slightly different way and my fourth grader son is doing all of them to really reinforce the multiplication facts. Using it with the younger age level books has helped my son alot, even though the Simple Multiplication says ages 6-8, it really is great for grade 4 since that is when they seem to focus much more on multiplying, starting off very simply helps the kid grasp the idea then move on to the drills for more practice with more ease. I give this 5 stars but I am using it with other Kumon multiplication workbooks as I’ve said, all put together it seems to be effective.

  85. Dog Daze

    Very goodMy son always fights me about doing homework. I feel this book gives him just enough work to do and then he’s done. My hope is that checking his own answers will increase his drive to figure out what he did wrong. Only time will confirm that. Colorful pages are pleasing to the eye. The amount of problems per page don’t overwhelm him. I like the animals and the colors yet it doesn’t make him feel babyish. It works well for my son.

  86. Nikki

    Great book!My son just finished this book today. It is great book because he can see his improvement and it gave him confidence. Thank you Kumon!

  87. Marty

    Kumon – Multiplication – Grade 4Two of my children have used this book. I am a firm believer in repitition and the Kumon math books give you that practice. It is full of hundreds of problems that give this repitition.

  88. Amazon Shopper

    the book is boring and it doesn’t go by common corethe book is boring and it doesn’t go by common core. it does not show you how to do it and instructions are not included. According to my daughter its just repetition of the work and its really not making sense as they give answers in the back so one of my daughter’s friend use to copy the answers from back.It was getting tougher at the end, hard to follow and finish.

  89. Jim

    Excellent supplement!First this is an excellent supplement to my child’s education. It is very comprehensive and flows well. The public school system has become a political indoctrination system where the focus is on woke-ism and critical race theory to the point that they neglect to teach the crucial math and reading skills to compete globally. I use this book with my student to supplement the failed public education system. let’s go Brandon! I highly recommend this book.

  90. Tanisha

    ReviewGreat content and practice!

  91. one_two_three

    Proably exceeds UK school curriculum for Year 4I bought this book for my 8yo daughters who are now in year 4. They have been doing KUMON books since age of 4.This book starts with compact column addition, then proceeds with times table multiplication (US version up to 10, rather then UK up to 12), then moves on to column method of multiplications. First 2 or 3 or 4 digit numbers multiplied by a single digit number, then 2-3 digit number by 2 digit number. The top, I think, is 4 digit by 3 digit.First, you need to make sure you child did Addition and Subtraction Grade 3 — without sound knowledge of column method of addition they won’t be able to do more complicated multiplication.From my experience multiplication by single-digit is easy, as it is very similar to addition. The only obvious requirement is for children to remember multiplication tables. Multiplication by 2 digit number required some explanation and efforts (as well as special cases of 0s in multiplier). But after couple of pages both girls become confident.The only reservation may be that this ‘Grade 4’ is well beyond of Year 4 requirements (at least in school my daughters attend), so it might be too complicated for some children. Also, it is probably better to introduce this book in 2nd or 3rd term.

  92. TT

    Great extra helpLoves these books to have on hand for some extra practice. I’ve bought quite a few and we’ve finished most, some almost. Just need a little time everyday and you will be surprised at how much they improve with their simple math skills. Questions are not to complicated. Start out easy and work up to another level of questions. Not to intimidating and lots of practice questions before they are set with more difficulty questions. As long as they keep the price the same it is reasonable and I Will be buying more in the future.

  93. Aldenor J.

    MultiplicaçãoProduto excelente recomendo o vendedor

  94. DJRewind

    DECENT Book. Tho, NOT ENUF pages/lessons.NOTE the limited amount of excises. There’s MAYBE 50 double sided pages.

  95. Sukhi


  96. Soumare bridenne

    Vraiment super 👍Vraiment super ma fille a progresser très rapidement.Je vous le recommande je l’ai pris pour ma fille de 11 ans.

  97. Amazon Customer

    Good book to hsveMy kid is starting to learn the concept of multiplication and this book helps with premarital questions.

  98. Kevin

    Great to keep the kids minds sharpBought a series of grade 4 books for my daughter to work on while the world is on quarantine.She hates them, but I love them. Great job to keep her mind sharp while people refuse to social distance themselves. She will be smarter for it in the end.


    Excelente libro, me ayudó mucho con las actividades de mi hijo…..lo recomiendoExcelente libro

  100. RC

    Great bookGreat book! My son loves it!

  101. Sabina

    GoodGood for at home learning

  102. Michelle McNair

    Great for kidsGreat product for helping kids practice their multiplication skills

  103. Jason Hall

    You can never go wrong with KumonYou can never go wrong with Kumon! We have lived in a few countries and when I feel my children’s learning or education is falling behind I always turn to Kumon. I traditionally buy these books for summer vacation and use them to refresh or prepare for the year coming. Great for “on the road” activity books to keep them busy.

  104. Alexander the Great Peter Park

    Easy to followGift person receiving liked it

  105. LadyLaZozo

    MehIt’s just a basic book of multiplication ex exercises. There’s nothing to make it fun or interesting for kids, unfortunately…but is definitely good for practice or review.

  106. Launa

    GreatLove this book. Glad I made this purchase!

  107. Divya Anupam

    Loved it!Very nice

  108. Snigdha Mazumder


  109. Mary Perez

    Great pricePerfect for kids that are learning math and cant really afford kumon.

  110. Douglas

    Excelente!Recomendo para crianças em regime de educação domiciliar e também para as crianças que frequentam escolas (públicas ou privadas), uma vez que, por influência dos iluminados do MEC, a matemática já não é tão exata assim, sendo necessário explicá-la levando-se em consideração uma visão geral do mundo e das práticas sociais. 🙁 (Se professores competentes não entendem, imaginem os alunos).AJUDEM VOSSOS FILHOS!Obs.: O fato de estar em inglês não dificulta em nada o aprendizado pois o método é intuitivo. Um dicionário simples inglês – Português é o suficiente.

  111. MichelleyR

    Top NotchThese Books are top notch. My kids actually really like doing them so that makes it NOT a total chore to do homework extrasThank you for developing these books

  112. Mr. P. C. Lamb

    Superb – do it nowLove the Kumon – my little girl actually enjoys the study time as well and she is learning which is ace. The way they are taught beats schools in the U.K. in my opinion. She is progressing nicely.

  113. Amazon Customer

    very usefulvery useful

  114. Amazon Customer


  115. Azhar

    Very good bookletVery good booklet

  116. Amazon Customer

    Excellent bookGood teaching aid

  117. johann

    Five Starskumon, they really know what they are doing with these books.

  118. Jason

    Really goodThis book, like the entire Kumon series has been very helpful in teaching maths in small manageable chunks in the topic. It is easy to put the book aside and return to it a day or week later and continue from where we left off.

  119. Warren

    Good for extra learningGood for extra learning

  120. fell

    Five Starssuper workbook for study by levels

  121. Grace4

    Great orderIt was great

  122. GTH

    Buy it…you won’t be sorryLots of practice in this….love it!

  123. Ana K.

    Five Starsgreat for building math skills

  124. pumpkinsoup

    Five StarsA good way to practice multiplication. I am happy with the purchase.

  125. JD

    Five StarsMy daughter like it she said very simple to understand it,

  126. Mandeep

    Good for kidsGood for kids

  127. Marilyn

    BrillThis book was better n cheaper than sending my daughter to kumon centre as i used to i can control amount of work as it was getting too much and she feels less pressured

  128. ana.

    Five StarsPerfect for my kid to do extra work.

  129. K Chris


  130. Mz

    Good for daily practicePractice makes perfect and that’s what this book provides.

  131. Sunny

    My 8 y. o. has completely mastered multiplication …My 8 y.o. has completely mastered multiplication thanks to this.

  132. jeyakumar kingsley

    Five Starsgood

  133. Capitan N

    Kumon Multiplication BookThe book is easy to work with. My child finds the layout easy to follow and works step by step method. A very good book.

  134. Nix Sam

    Very goodIts a great book for my child to learn and practice. So much of practice papers with increasing standard make it perfect to learn by heart.

  135. Amazon Customer

    Excellent workbookI love all Kumon workbooks. My children take good interest in solving them and have improved their skill on maths quickly.

  136. Mama 2t

    Four StarsGreat

  137. Dharmesh Shah

    great study booksKumon books are excellent to give your child an extra edge in Maths and English. Using it for years now.

  138. Raza Abbas

    good experiencegood experience

  139. AA

    Five StarsVery good for drumming in basics of multiplication

  140. Leechadwick

    Five StarsGreat book and value – thank-you!

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