Grade 4 Writing

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Children will combine and build complex sentences with ease through Kumon’s unique progression of activities in Grade 4 Writing. After completing this workbook, your child will confidently write three-paragraph essays and analyze advanced texts.

Topics Covered in this Book:

  • Sentence fragments
  • Combining and building sentences
  • Complex sentences
  • Essay topics
  • Main ideas
  • Supporting details
  • Writing a three-paragraph essay

Aligned to State Standards.

8 ½ x 11 inches. paperback. 80 pages. full color. US $7.95 / C $8.95




Children will combine and build complex sentences with ease through Kumon’s unique progression of activities in Grade 4 Writing. After completing this workbook, your child will confidently write three-paragraph essays and analyze advanced texts.

Topics Covered in this Book:

  • Sentence fragments
  • Combining and building sentences
  • Complex sentences
  • Essay topics
  • Main ideas
  • Supporting details
  • Writing a three-paragraph essay

Aligned to State Standards.

8 ½ x 11 inches. paperback. 80 pages. full color. US $7.95 / C $8.95

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99 reviews for Grade 4 Writing

  1. Denille

    Simple lessonA very well organized to do every day. I like it.

  2. Amy LT

    Great GuidanceEvery summer I buy workbooks for my two boys. This year I chose Kumon, I purchase the whole collection of Grade 4 for my son going into 4th grade and the whole collection of Grade 3 (thinking Grade 2 would be too easy) for my son going into 2nd grade. Later on I found that my younger son had difficulties in some areas in Grade 3 so I bought Grade 2.This has been a great guidance for my kids and I. The books helped my kids learn step by step and I really do see improvements. Its great for me, I simply use the answer sheet to correct and it helps me find out what their weaknesses are. Overall I really like Kumon workbooks compare to previous companies that I have purchased because I do see improvements. Next year I will purchase Kumon again.

  3. charlotte simmons

    No room for careless mistakes! Get your kid to pay attention!What I like about Kumon workbooks is that each page is very short, but also very challenging. My son is bright but has a short attention span, and is pretty careless with his work. When we first started this, he had meltdown after meltdown because he wanted to rush through it, and he would do it all incorrectly. The book is set up so that if the child does not read carefully, he or she cannot possibly get the answers right. Now that my son understands that, he’s been doing way better. I’m grateful because it’s been a very uphill battle to get him to do things carefully and not rush through his work. It was showing up on his report card, too. Now he’s developing a habit of reading fully, and making sure he understands the objectives of the activities. If you have a bright but careless child, I would highly recommend this workbook.

  4. LifeIsGood

    My home schooler likes this a lotMy going -on -4th -grade -level daughter (we home school) likes this work book. She does one or two pages a day and she told me , ” I think this really is helping me with writing.” She uses kumon math workbooks (just started grade 4 in math after finishing grade 3) and I didn’t get kumon writing workbook for her in the past because 1- I didn’t think she need it 2- it might be too easy 3- it might be waste of money if it was mostly blank space with writing prompts only (She reads 5th grade level books and writes stories all the time). I was curious so I ordered grade 5 writing workbook. It was challenging for her on her own. It looked great with variety of exercises so I ordered grade 4. She loves it. She does it on her own, gets few wrong answers here and there which tells me this is the right level for her. It’s not what I thought it was- bunch of writing prompts to encourage kids who hate writing. It teaches grammar, sentence structure, reading comprehension, etc. I highly recommend it.

  5. VariMommy09

    Great practice for my 2nd grader!My son is 7 years old and in second grade. He needs extra practice in writing grammatically correct sentences. This workbook gives him the perfect amount of challenge. I also love how this book reiterates reading comprehension. He can’t just skim through the passages and answer the questions, he must fully comprehend what he is reading and be able to summarize what he read in order to answer correctly. I also enjoy how the child has to understand the definition of the vocabulary word in order to match it to the correct sentence. I use this workbook at home for extra practice. I would say this book would be relatively easy for a 4th grader. I would say this book is geared more towards 2nd-3rd graders. (Also note, Kumon seems to overestimate these books when selecting grade levels).

  6. Kei Hara


  7. Amazon Customer

    Good but not greatWe liked the idea of progressive introduction to writing. However, for an exercise book about writing, we would expect the student to WRITE and not read. Some chapters are dedicated to finding the main topic where the child has to write fewer than 5 words around 6 times. Also the lessons about writing complete paragraphs are very limited. Overall a good method but with a lack of content and practice for the topic.

  8. Zeus

    WritingGood book.

  9. Marina

    Too confusing ! No instruction or explanation… Just busy work.Very confusing.The topics are actually easy for a fourth graders but the instructions are very confusing. There is also NO explanation. Ie. “Write the statement”. My son says, what’s the difference between a sentence and a statement ? There are no examples. He also feels like it is busy work. We just finished brain quest 4 and thought this would help with more writing practice, but so far, it is confusing busy work…. Even I don’t know what the instructions want and have to keep referring to the answer key at the end of the book.

  10. Janelle Butler

    It is perfect for “filling in the gaps” for my sonI have ordered all the books in the 3rd and 4th grade series…math and reading/writing. After I ordered 2 books, I was so impressed that I wanted them all. It is perfect for “filling in the gaps” for my son. He can work at his own pace and continue learning throughout the summer. We are going to continue with these books throughout the school year. I would highly recommend these books to any parent who wants to help their child make major improvements in reading and math.

  11. momof2

    This is very well laid out. It contains some …This is very well laid out. It contains some grammar, vocabulary, and sentence structure exercises. It progresses into paragraphs and finally short stories. I do wish it more quickly went into story writing as we are ready for that. I may need to get the 5th grade book soon for my 4th grader.

  12. Amazon Customer

    Great book for summer!As a teacher, I worry about my kids regressing academically in the summer. I purchased this writing book for my son who is going into 4th grade. Love this workbook. It introduces 4th grade writing vocabulary and skills. It starts with comprehensive activities and by the end of the book, your kiddo will be able to write a 3 paragraph essay!

  13. Sindiful

    Does Exactly What We Needed It ToWe use this as as encouragement for my son to improve his writing. If he does two pages, then he gets an extra hour of game time. We’ve already seen improvement in his writing skills! Kumon has been a part of my sons life since he was a toddler. Always nice to have a reliable learning tool.

  14. Jodi

    Very HelpfulThis book is a great little writing companion. My sons learned a lot from it. Works well for home school.

  15. Usny

    Four StarsThis book is pretty good for a kid who tries to avoid studying and has come to love it….

  16. Stephanie Bartsch

    Just the” write” amount!This book is perfect for my dysgraphic 4th grader. She hates to write, but she needs to. This is the perfect mix. I have her do one page a day.

  17. minas

    I love the Kumon workbooks in generalI love the Kumon workbooks in general, I have been using this to supplement our homeschool writing program as there is not quite enough focus on some of the concepts but this workbook addresses those areas perfectly.

  18. NYMom

    Four StarsKumon workbooks get the job done!

  19. Lily

    They’re good books to encourage his self studyMy son, 8 years old, enjoying all 5 books I bought. They’re good books to encourage his self study.

  20. Janny Hop

    Four Starsit was ok.

  21. S Alles

    Really good exercises. Helpful in developing the writing processReally good exercises. Helpful in developing the writing process. My son gets frustrated that there is often not enough room for writing out his answers.

  22. Bosslady

    Excellent!I bought this for my daughter as review over the summer between 4th and 5th grade and I can see a big difference in her writing this year. It was very helpful for her. She excels in math and science but not so much in writing. Definitely worth the money.

  23. Shari B

    Five StarsBought for a friend in Project Read to help augment his studies. Was very helpful.

  24. O. napitupulu

    EducationalGood practice for my kids

  25. Jess

    and this is helping him and has several excellent writing prompts for practiceMy son has been having difficulty with writing in 4th grade, and this is helping him and has several excellent writing prompts for practice.

  26. Tops

    This is a great way to practice for upcoming testsIn my 9 year old’s words: This is a great way to practice for upcoming tests. It has just what i’m learning in it. You should buy for a good price.”

  27. Shark Boy

    Wonderful bookGreat book and easy to learn from

  28. R. Garvey

    My kids have tried them all, they like Kumon books bestKumon pages are just the right mix of challenging and concise. My kids feel like Kumon practice is helpful without being burdensome. They rarely complain about doing a supplemental page of Kumon.

  29. Amazon Customer

    Five Starsgreat for my 9 year summer learning

  30. HR

    Love the kumon books!!These are great for helping with a child’s educational needs, I homeschool and absolutely love the fact that I can use these on a daily basis to supplement my children’s education!

  31. ED

    Five StarsGreat writing exercises, grade appropriate.

  32. coachmekristina

    AWESOME!I am a homeschooling mom of 6 and I LOVE this whole series of books! Great to supplement other curriculum!

  33. mattyj

    Not as helpful as I thought.wasn’t what I was expecting.

  34. Chi Wang

    A good exercise bookExtra homework training is really good for kid. It helps my kid improve her writing skill and also confidence. It’s just great.

  35. bobby jones

    Five StarsThis is a good writing book for your kids

  36. Fe

    Three Starsnot sure


    Five StarsHis reading comprehension has improved

  38. alm

    a fan of kumon workbooksPerfectly tiered skill building. Book doesn’t jump around and continually builds in difficulty one increment at a time.

  39. Jasmin

    Five StarsIt is a very good book My daughter love to practice her writing in it.

  40. L.Brown

    Great BuyGreat learning tool for children, noticed a change in grades.

  41. Cinnamon

    Five StarsJust what I needed for my 4th grade grandson who needs to improve his writing skills.

  42. Eric J

    Five StarsGreat!

  43. Amazon Customer

    Five Starsexactly what my son needed

  44. Nann

    Love the Kumon seriesBought this as part of our homeschooling program. Great resource!

  45. Dina Marsh

    Five Starsgreat book

  46. Claire Madison

    Keep tryingMy daughter is struggling with writing.

  47. Guaranteed purchase

    Five StarsItem received in brand new condition. Thank you.

  48. J. Bunch

    Five StarsExcellent writing to for students.

  49. Amazon Customer

    Five Starsgood

  50. alernilde n.Payer

    Five StarsVery good

  51. Amazon Customer

    Five StarsGreat Product!

  52. Vaughn

    Five StarsThis was a great teaching tool!

  53. columbus shopper

    Five Starsvery good seller! very good product!

  54. J. Bon

    Five StarsVery helpful

  55. Carmen

    Five StarsGood addition to afterschool homework.

  56. Chi Hsuan Huang

    Five StarsGreat book!

  57. Amazoniphilia

    Five StarsGood book.

  58. CJ

    Five Starsgreat book!

  59. piamaria Mc-Z

    Five Starsgood

  60. Meg

    More afforable and very well organized material from Kumon!I saw this book in Beestar recommend list. I am very impressed with the quality and nice organization in the chapters. The books make the Kumon system more interesting to kids and the prices are more affordable. I sent my kids to Kumon classes locally but it got boring over time and the material was not stimulating their thinking skills rather than a lot of repetitions. Other resources were liked by my kids and their friends, such as Beestar is fun with more vivid problem solving questions and is convenient to Parent with the online access and about $30 for whole semester. I am glad my kids enjoyed work on this book so far as the additional material besides Beestar. It has the right amount of work and can self paced. I am hoping my kids will use them for a long period together with Beestar, and I hope Kumon will publish books for students of higher grades.

  61. fayw

    Love kumon booksWe always use these books. Kumon is great my 9yr old is showing improvement and independence after three lessons!!! Will also buy the 5th grade books for summer time learning.

  62. Sahar

    Improved reading and application skillsBest Features: Quick exercises, fun to do, teaches reading and comprehension skillsWorst Features: NoneI really love the Kumon workbooks. I bought this for my son to improve his writing during the summer and he absolutely loves doing the activities in here. They are on par with what is being taught in school and great to reviewing the precious grade before starting new! For the kids who went into distant learning during COVID these were a godsend!

  63. Manikandan


  64. Jjay 🖤

    Kumon WritingWriting grade 4 looks at developing statements, sentences, main ideas, topics, paragraphs and more. It looks more challenging than the grade 3 as should be expected.The book has 35 double page excerises and provides answers pages too.Colourful, attractive and well put together. USA Grade 4 is UK year 5 I think.This book is made up from a set of 6, grade 1-6 USA or Year 2-7 UK.This book doesn’t come with a certificate unlike it’s UK counterpart.This book worked well for my child who was able to complete the grade 3 book comfortably.

  65. Melanie Torres

    GreatMy son can do these on his own. Enjoys them. Great tool to help.

  66. April M

    Great bookThis book has been helping my son learn a lot and he’s already advancing in his writing and reading. Fun learning.

  67. RJ


  68. cheryl113

    Well organized book to learn for the kidsMy son loves it, it is organized very reasonable, started from how to write a statement.

  69. Lis

    Not bad.Good for killing time. Some questions are bit confusing for kids to get the right sense of what it is asking. In this case, parents can look at the answer page and figure out.

  70. Jing

    writingIt feels too easy for my children, so I keep the second child in the future

  71. online shopper

    Try this, instead of going to Kumon school.Our daughter started to go Kumon school, just to find out that all they did was giving her pages from Kumon Workbooks. So we just purchased set of books from Amazon and started studying at home. The books are very well designed, so kids can improve their skills gradually.

  72. Priscila

    Good practiceIt’s simple and easy to do. It helps with confidence. I would say it’s a level grade 3 depending on child.

  73. Jesse

    Perfect for virtual supplementary learning.Great additional material for learning

  74. Mohamed Khan

    Techniques.bExcellent to supplement schoolCurricular.

  75. Dipankar

    On timeOrdered before, they are good books, came within 10 days which is good in this Covid situation

  76. Elena Nikolova

    Excellent BookMy daughter (8 years old) started using the book only recently, but I can say that the book is very well-structured. It starts with a gentle introduction (rewriting questions as statements, combining phrases into sentences, punctuation, etc) and builds up to planning and writing short essays. The work is divided into two pages per session. I found this workload very well measured. I can only recommend it, especially if you children have a problem with structuring well their writing or need more practice with writing in general.

  77. mamaz

    Nice bookThis is perfect for a 3rd or 4th grader that is a bit advanced with vocabulary, reading and writing. We love it!

  78. Lynn Wang

    good bookstep by step improving writing skills

  79. Calvin

    Four StarsNo issues here. Same curriculum as the regular Kumon books in the series.

  80. SM

    Four StarsVery good. My daughter loves it.

  81. J.M.

    Kumon worth the costKumon products are very well done.

  82. G.

    Is good .Good, easy to get through the lessons.My kid likes it.

  83. Amazon Customer

    kids love itgood product

  84. syed

    Grade 1 Writingvery helpful for kids

  85. Amazon Customer


  86. Amazon Customer

    He found it very useful and helpul as far as his school work is …My son worked through this book and after completing it, he managed to move to higher level at his school. He found it very useful and helpul as far as his school work is concerned.

  87. Amazon Customer

    Good for grade 4 kidsGood for practice

  88. Warren

    Good for extra learningGood for extra learning

  89. Amazon Customer

    Useful for grade 4Very good

  90. fell

    Five Starssuper workbook for study by levels

  91. Muna Tahjud

    Amazing and easy with kidsGreat

  92. Mitsu:)

    Nice one👍Great books for extra practice for my 8 years old!


    Five StarsGood practice of engaging the mind and teaching to express in written.

  94. Amazon Customer

    Five StarsAll good

  95. DomP

    Five StarsBetter than what my child get from school. Very comprehensible exercises.

  96. jeyakumar kingsley

    Five Starsgood

  97. Kwame

    Five Starsjust as advertised.

  98. Raza Abbas

    good experiencegood experience

  99. Zein Eid

    Five StarsExcellent

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