Grade 5 Decimals & Fractions

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Your child will learn vertical form multiplication and division of decimals through our unique step-by-step progression of activities. A review of fractions will boost your child’s confidence as they progress to addition and subtraction of improper fractions.

Topics Covered in this Book:

  • Multiplication & division review
  • Vertical form multiplication & division of decimals
  • Calculations with three decimal numbers
  • Rewriting improper fractions
  • Addition & subtraction of improper fractions

8 ½ x 11 inches. paperback. 96 pages. full color. US $7.95 / C $8.95




Your child will learn vertical form multiplication and division of decimals through our unique step-by-step progression of activities. A review of fractions will boost your child’s confidence as they progress to addition and subtraction of improper fractions.

Topics Covered in this Book:

  • Multiplication & division review
  • Vertical form multiplication & division of decimals
  • Calculations with three decimal numbers
  • Rewriting improper fractions
  • Addition & subtraction of improper fractions

8 ½ x 11 inches. paperback. 96 pages. full color. US $7.95 / C $8.95

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94 reviews for Grade 5 Decimals & Fractions

  1. Sarah

    Not sure if this is 5th grade levelBought this workbook for my daughter who needs practice with math problems. She doesnt find the contents of the workbook related to her math lessons and she finds the pages boring to work with. Its a struggle trying to motivate her to continue working on some pages of the workbook. Some are applicable for a 5th grader but most pages are basically the same concept over and over. Not much variety in the lessons

  2. frequent flyer

    Great material for grade 5Great material for grade 5

  3. BillsMafiaMama

    Great find!!!!!Great find

  4. Matthew Swope

    Not as relevant as most Kumon reviewsOur family loves the Kumon workbooks. We have used them for 3 children over 5 different grade levels. So my mediocre 3-star review is not for the series as a whole, just this individual workbook.As mentioned repeatedly in Kumon reviews, these are Workbooks full of two-page reviews to provide extra practice. Kumon books are not for teaching nor for tutoring on any concepts. Kumon gives no explanation and very few examples. These are for review, practice, and seeing what your student knows. Be prepared to walk them through difficult concepts because the book does not do that for you. Know what you’re purchasing.Regarding this specific text, the Decimal section of the book is just fine. My middling score is directly related to the lack of grade-appropriateness of this Fraction half of the book.To the point, this is NOT a respectable 5th grade fraction review. It would be better labeled as a Summer Bridge review between 4th and 5th grade or possibly for the first month or two of 5th. There is not a single review of multiplying or dividing fractions. Not a single problem that calls on the student to find a common denominator.If your student needs a lot of extra practice in adding and subtracting fractions that already have the same denominator, then this will do. If they need a lot of review of converting Fractions into Whole numbers or Improper Fractions into Mixed Numbers and back, then this will do. But, as I said, it is important to know what you’re getting.If your school distract is like ours, you’ll need to get Kumon’s 6th-grade Fraction book. My son is halfway through his 5th grade year and he is an average math student who frequently struggles with new math concepts and the fraction portion of this workbook is way below his level. You should know what you’re buying.

  5. Warren J. Dew

    Fractions not “aligned to state math standards”Unlike most Kumon math workbooks, this book is not aligned to the state math standards recommended in Common Core. In particular, this workbook only continues work with fractions of like denominators from the Grade 4 Decimals & Fractions book, and includes no work on multiplying or dividing fractions, just on adding and subtracting them. This is in part because two thirds of the book is on decimals, with only one third on fractions.Kumon should include a second fifth grade fractions book that covers addition and subtraction of fractions with unlike denominators, and covers multiplication and division of fractions.

  6. A.C.V.

    Good practiceGreat for my 10 yr old to aid in schooling from home . Very informative and great practice.

  7. Forest Kat

    Kumon is what we needed!Kumon is what we needed! My kids are homeschooled and we use Saxon, but they needed some more ‘tutoring’ in math. We couldn’t afford private tutors, so a friend of mine suggested Kumon workbooks by grade level. My kids do 2 pages per day. I am so glad we started doing this because we have been able to identify the concepts that they needed more work on. Also, being affilitated with a public charter school, we have to take the STAR tests and I feel like the Kumon books are helping them prepre for that test. Thanks Kumon!

  8. Sehee Park

    5th grade mathA good book for practicing math

  9. lithuanian clown

    fine for practicethis book will make your child appreciate allen iverson. it’s dullish and lots of practice and degree of difficulty is not linear or progressive. however, my eldest has learned his decimals and fractions the old fashioned way and this is one of the stanchions supporting that way. he’s only in second grade and it comes easily; it would seem this is too mechanically boring for a true fifth grader.i’d recommend it for ambitious younger kids so its challenging and you learn something. not for your average 5th grader

  10. Amazon Customer

    Awesome math bookI bought this as a supplement to my sons other math curriculum. It’s perfect for what we needed.

  11. Amazon Customer

    Four StarsCame really quick and the material is on point and current with grade expectations.

  12. deborah

    Love kumonThese books are great

  13. Brenda Goodrow

    Great workbookKumon standards in this workbook great ! I use it as part of my homeschool curriculum. This can be for extra practice work for any type schooling or use as main curriculum.

  14. john l. carroll jr

    Four StarsAs advertised

  15. Lisuya

    It’s goodMy daughter is still going through it. It has enough practices for her to grasp the concepts and convert between decimals and fractions. It would be better is percentage is also included.

  16. HR

    Kumon rocks!!I love these for my kids, whom I homeschool, they review first and then gradually move into the new lesson. They are very helpful and I hope Kumon continues to come out with more and I hope they will go into high school books as well!

  17. Home User

    Four StarsVery good and helpful for kids. I will recommended it

  18. Colin

    Four Starsbought this math workbook for my granddaughter who needed some extra help in her math. Very useful

  19. ken

    a good buyI bought this to help out my fifth grade niece. She really liked it and it has helped alot.thnaks so much

  20. Violet Penumbra

    Made a 7 year old very happy. ‘Course he loves numbersIf you have a youngster who loves math and cannot get enough of the satisfaction of solving problems, this is a great gift. I gave it to a 7 year old who asked for it.

  21. Kimba M.

    Good for practice but not for teaching!I don’t care for the Kumon books even though they were recommended by my son’s fourth grade teacher. They have tons of exercises. That’s the good news. What the don’t have is and instructional or explanatory material. So if your child is not already familiar with the concept then they can’t work the problems. No help for parents to figure it out either. Will not buy again.

  22. AmazingAmazon

    Four StarsNice book. I wish the instruction for each chapter come with .

  23. mary lafleur

    WHO UNDERSTANDS DECIMALSMy son hated math but this workbook help him a lot. He still is not crazy about decimals but understand it a lot better now. I would say this is a great school help.

  24. Sepaseh Khakmahd

    Five StarsMy son uses this on a daily basis. Helps him to do additional work and practice.

  25. KB

    Great for Extra PracticeKumon is a great series for extra practice with math. We have purchased just about every subject for every grade K-5! Thanks.

  26. D. Moller

    Pretty much worthlessThis book has a fun cover, but it is literally a bunch of black and white pages with the most simple form of banal math problems WITH hardly any explanations how to do them, to boot. I don’t know why anyone would ever pay for this?

  27. Gizachew


  28. M J

    Kumon Math workbooks grade 3 and grade 5Excellent books, fast delivery,used book in excellent conditions.Excellent workbook that give extra practices, self motivated my child, and build the confident that help you to go ahead in math knowledge.

  29. GGWall

    Five StarsThumbs up

  30. Maria L. Cruz

    Awesome!I love this series of books. My children all used them. They are easy to understand and are great for mastering one skill in particular. Thank you so much.

  31. Linda S. Lunney

    Math TeacherClean book, arrived early, very helpful.

  32. Chi Wang

    A good brain exercise bookThis is a very good skill for my kid during the summer vacation. It’s going to benefit anyone before the next level.

  33. nz

    Three Starsthis book is a bit too easy for 5th grader.

  34. Melissa Piercy

    Five StarsI just these worksheets for homework and my 5th graders do very well!

  35. sally

    good servicethank you for the product .the prices are reasonable and I love the option of purchasing the second hand items as well as the new ones.keep up the good job Amazon.

  36. Lamanite

    Five StarsGreat for the kid who hates math. It’s one concept at a time and plenty of practice.

  37. Christine Hill

    Just what I expected!Great book, kept my daughter fascinated for several hours. Good review over the summer months. Will certainly get more books.

  38. KS Chou

    Wrong level for 5th gradeI ordered 5th grade of decimals and fractions one for for my. It is totally in wrong grade. It should be 4th grade level. My son feel so boring for this book and he doesn’t want to do it. Tooooooooooo easy.

  39. Rowena Stuart

    Five StarsVery helpful for my kid.

  40. Amazon Customer

    Five StarsSummer Learning made fun

  41. SDfromTX

    Very helpfulI have been using Kumon work-books to teach at home and they are certainly helpful.


    Horrible comapnynot good

  43. zard singh

    Five Starsgood

  44. morgan

    It wasnt what i hoped for, but might be what you need.I purchased this so my son could have extra practice working with decimals. This is intended to be a complete 5th grade math.

  45. ELENA C.

    Five StarsHelpfull

  46. Abha

    Not recievedI haven’t received my shipment yet. Don’t know if I will getting it. It’s over 2 months i am very disappointed.

  47. Eva Wilson

    too easyWe love Kumon books, but this one is a little easier for my fifth grader. It’s right that children find learning easier when they tackle one skill set at a time. But when my daughter did half way of this book, she thought it includes too much easy practice, and she just needed more advanced math drills. She really likes the printable worksheets on Beestar (a wonderful website). They are probably the best among the many learning sites. Their worksheets are well-designed and have both time and accuracy targets set for children to practice. They not only teach the conventional math, but also give you the context and the thoughts behind the principles. My daughter’s math sense is improved significantly since we used Beestar.

  48. Vivian

    Five Starslove

  49. T. Thomas

    The reinforces the basic principles of decimals and fractions learned …The reinforces the basic principles of decimals and fractions learned in earlier grades. It breaks down the concepts in easy-to-follow examples.

  50. C. Nahum

    Excellent for mastery!We’re so glad KUMON is now publishing books for upper level math! Using these books has helped my children master these concepts. They are taught step by step, to the child. Whether you homeschool, or are in public school and need extra help mastering the concepts and math facts, these books are fabulous!

  51. roberts

    80% recommended!My son and I have learned a lot from just the first 3/4 of this book! It is pretty helpful. I can’t wait until I finish the last half.

  52. JuneJuneJune

    Useful bookNice book, explains things step by step. Very helpful, love it.

  53. Let the Truth be Known

    Ordered new, received usedOrdered new, received a used book. This is becoming a regular occurrence. Buyer beware.

  54. BP

    Exactly what I wantedThe exercises in this book are exactly what I was after. Haven’t gone through a whole lot but just as an example it starts off with single digit multiplication (eg XX * X) then goes into double digit (XX * XX) then single digit division (X / XXX) then double digit (XX / XXX) then decimals, then a mixed review of all.There were a few areas I found weren’t very clear as I was scanning through, but in general it’s a better methodology (gradual and logical) than other books I’ve purchased in the past. I’ll definitely buy this series again in future

  55. Victoria

    Good bookGood book for practice

  56. Ss

    Solid Math Prmmm for EverydayJust what we need for practice decimals and fractions. A little stretch for my 9yrs boy who is going to Grade 4 in September. I think it worth the money because you get what you paid for – solid math excersices.

  57. Kam Kuan Chan

    Excellent quality with good sources to practice.Excellent quality with good sources to practice.


    these are very structured books and fun to dofast delivery.I buy kumon books for my daughter in all subjects that are available.she enjoys doing them (most of the times).these are very structured books and fun to do.t.she just finished year 4 this and moving to year 5.she improved a lot since she has been doing kumon her final report she did 4c and 4b in all subjects. she used to go to kumon centre,she did not liked it and found it boring.more important that we had to pay £50 for each subject on a monthly basis. now we do not have to travel to the centre and he can work on these books at her paste.very pleased.I would recommend them

  59. Launa

    Great bookFast shipping and delivery, first time purchasing these books . After reading reviews decided to buy. Exactly what I was searching for.

  60. Audrey Dussault

    love the kumon booksThe second time I purchase it because my kids needed a bit more practice. I love every kumon book, just which they were more leveled like the kumon program but then I guess it would defeat the purpose of going to class.

  61. Uzma

    Useful bookThis is a very useful book. A must buy for good practice.

  62. Douglas

    Excelente!Recomendo para crianças em regime de educação domiciliar e também para as crianças que frequentam escolas (públicas ou privadas), uma vez que, por influência dos iluminados do MEC, a matemática já não é tão exata assim, sendo necessário explicá-la levando-se em consideração uma visão geral do mundo e das práticas sociais. 🙁 (Se professores competentes não entendem, imaginem os alunos).AJUDEM VOSSOS FILHOS!Obs.: O fato de estar em inglês não dificulta em nada o aprendizado pois o método é intuitivo. Um dicionário simples inglês – Português é o suficiente.

  63. Jovan Nedeljkovic

    BestBreaks down problem step by step

  64. sandra

    Clear and easy to followAlthough my child is not currently ready for this level book I have purchased the full set as I intend to use them with my child as they progress.I liked the fact the full and complete range is clearly set out on the back cover so you know exactly where you are going. Details about the book and parent information is very good.The print is clear and easy to follow.

  65. Chris Macintosh

    A very good barometer.Can’t underestimate the importance of having standards. These products provide a baseline to see as to whether or not your child is on the right track. Unfortunately, most schools don’t track this very carefully anymore. A very good barometer.

  66. Jiao Jiang

    Good progress tracker a bit expensiveGood progress tracker a bit expensive

  67. Amazon Customer

    very usefulvery useful

  68. Amazon Customer


  69. Amazon Customer

    Five StarsEasy to follow instructions for my 10 year old son. I’ve noticed his confidence increase

  70. Azhar

    Very good booklet.Very good booklet.

  71. Even

    Student must have itGood for student to build up math ability

  72. ramesh kumar jain

    In maths only pen and paperIt is really makes to think the child for solving problems



  74. Amazon Customer

    Five StarsEverything good.

  75. PMZ

    Five StarsNice

  76. MedGeek

    Recommended daily activity for kids!Nice product my daughter enjoys doing all the activity. Fast shipping! Highly recommended seller.

  77. swtsvn

    Great contentGood book. Great content

  78. Samuel Lee

    Five Starsgood book, my daughter love it

  79. Amazon Customer

    Excellent…Good and useful math practice book.

  80. Cat

    Five StarsExcellent! Very happy with delivery and quality.

  81. EJB

    Three StarsOK

  82. jeyakumar kingsley

    Five Starsgood

  83. yan jin

    Five Starsvery good!

  84. Ibe Okwara

    Five StarsAs described

  85. Ana Pev

    Five StarsExcellent book

  86. mosttrusted

    absolutely the best just buy and think laterKumon are the best. Worth the money.

  87. Kwame

    Five Starsjust as advertised.

  88. CLARKE Nadege

    Three StarsGood

  89. jayashree roy

    Three StarsGood – but primarily for grade 4 and not 10+ age group

  90. Nix Sam

    simply great for childrenIts a great book for my child to learn and practice. So much of practice papers with increasing standard make it perfect to learn by heart.

  91. Caroline

    Five StarsPlease see my review for Addition Grade 1

  92. antonella

    metodo kumonmetodo di insegnamento innovativo, piacevole e motivante per il bambino anche se ci sono esercizi molto ripetitivi. veramente valido in aggiunta al sistema scolastico

  93. Oz

    Five StarsOne of many excellent Kumon books.

  94. Bluebounty

    Disappointing!Too many Americanisms and it doesn’t follow the UK education system. Disappointing!

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