Grade 6 Reading

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After completing Kumon’s Grade 6 Reading Workbook, your child will successfully interpret texts, identify story elements, and describe characters. He or she will master reading fundamentals and feel excited to read more challenging stories.

Topics Covered in this Book:

  • Vocabulary Building
  • Theme
  • Main Idea
  • Major & Minor Details
  • Interpreting Text
  • Fact & Opinion
  • Story Elements
  • Characters
  • Reading Stories

8½ x 11 inches. paperback. 80 pages. full color. US $7.95 / C$8.95




After completing Kumon’s Grade 6 Reading Workbook, your child will successfully interpret texts, identify story elements, and describe characters. He or she will master reading fundamentals and feel excited to read more challenging stories.

Topics Covered in this Book:

  • Vocabulary Building
  • Theme
  • Main Idea
  • Major & Minor Details
  • Interpreting Text
  • Fact & Opinion
  • Story Elements
  • Characters
  • Reading Stories

8½ x 11 inches. paperback. 80 pages. full color. US $7.95 / C$8.95

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59 reviews for Grade 6 Reading

  1. Jannina

    Arrived in great condition. Recommended.Arrived in great condition. Recommended

  2. Amazon Customer

    Good book for reading practice.Bought this for my niece who is practicing her reading comprehension and preparing herself to enter grade 6. She was using this book during the summer break. She loves it. It is clear and has answer keys to help her to understand better of the exercises.

  3. Anthony

    There is a good amount of reading.This was great for my granddaughter who was going to the 6th grade. We did some review this summer. Passage reading and question answering.It was great

  4. mpxgs

    Four Starsit is good

  5. Dani M.

    Excellent!Exactly what I was looking for. Son is in 5th grade and this was the perfect level for him.

  6. Novalee Lyncook

    work book worksmy daughter is very academic and loves to practice from workbooks. She loves this book. She uses it all the time.

  7. a2dtier

    Four StarsReasonable level

  8. Amazon Customer

    Five StarsThis was an excellent book with a lot of useful information.

  9. AnneH

    4TH GraderMy grandson is in the 4th grade, and he likes being a year a head of his grade. This book help HIM with reading and writing. Good book for learning at home after homework..

  10. barbara knox

    Four StarsReally helpful for my 3 eleven year old grand daughters on their way to six grade.

  11. Shirley

    goodI bought this for my son in sixth grade to help prepare him for the state test. It is well-written and I hope it helps him. It is easy for him to follow along.

  12. EarlyChildhoodEducator

    Incorrect info in bookI’m a middle school English teacher and I bought this to see what the exercises are like. I know Kumon as a math company and they should stick with that! I was incredibly surprised because it gives erroneous information about the definition of theme in literature- this is a big testing item on common core and VA SOLs. Don’t mix up your kid with this book- it won’t help!

  13. Celeste

    Great for reviewingStories wasn’t as lengthy as I expected but got the job done.

  14. Rick

    Excellent productGreat materials worked like charm.

  15. ruth pearson

    Four Starsconsise and comprehensive- perfect for my tutoring sessions

  16. ForeverAmazon

    Great WorkbookGreat bought for my son and I found out how good he was at math!

  17. fayw

    my son is learningmy son is learning and i cant wait for the 2013 standarized test scores. i recommend the kumon line to all parents trying to supplement their kids education. the teachers can not do it alone.

  18. Amazon Customer

    Kumon is the best!Wonderful product!

  19. glasscity

    I like Kumon seriesI always like Kumon series. Even though the recommended age may not be accurate as each child is different. Overall this book delivers what it intends.

  20. kykyosmama

    GreatGreat book with example & instructions

  21. Amazon Customer

    too easyMy daughter is a 4th grader and I got this 6th grader book for her. She said it is too easy for her to do, she always complains that she is not good at reading comprehension although last year her teacher said her reading level is about middle school level… Would consider to try a higher level reading book next time.

  22. Hui Z.

    Five Starsgoood

  23. Candie

    Great for homeschoolingThis helps my son so much. Be enjoyed reading and answering the questions.

  24. SWhale

    GoodBought for my 10 year-old. very good execice and can keep him busy for a while every day and hopefully his reading will be improved

  25. JoyceB

    2 Thumbs upExcellent great material love it the workbook for Homeschooling.

  26. Shannon

    Five StarsThis workbook is perfect for educational enrichment.

  27. BCrutch

    Five StarsQuick easy review materials!

  28. khin zaw oo

    Five StarsI love it.

  29. Steph M

    May rate it higher if I can just get my productWould love to rate it higher if I can just receive the book! It seems Ontrac does not deliver to my area? It has been stored in their warehouse for days now. Not sure why their having a problem with my shipment. It is not a new area. I don’t have this problem with UPS or Fedex?

  30. Bellz

    Five Starsno problems

  31. HR

    Kumon rocksLove Kumon!!

  32. piamaria Mc-Z

    Five Starsgood

  33. Gurl

    Worth itNice reading workbook. Shipping is fast too.

  34. Missy

    Font issueI love the book and it’s outline, however, I really wish these learning to read books would be typed in basic font; the printing of alphabets that are taught in elementary. I do not understand why children books use a font such as Arial. My child is unable to process these fonts. So frustrating being in grade 5 and still reading kindergarten level.

  35. jagdeep

    good reading bookThis is book is good for reading

  36. MD

    Very good and interesting texts!I recommend every workbook and anything from Kumon. Their books are great, short and clear explanations that explain enough without wasting the child’s time, clear and accurate assessment of the student’s work through a point system in the books, plus there are answers and some solutions that help a lot. So far, I haven’t come across Kumon’s bad workbooks, although I’ve bought textbooks from almost every subject they offer. They are really grеat!!! Especially this book for grades 6-8 for text math problems, for Algebra and Geometry, which covers everything the children maybe missed and the children progress very quickly to a higher grade that they has not yet reached. I am very impressed ! I rarely have such opinions about any book! In the beginning it is difficult for the child with Kumon’s books and they spend more time even for one lesson, but later the child begins to understand more and more and becomes pleasant and begins to become more independent if they don’t stop perseverance in the practice of Kumon’s books.

  37. Heather

    Wide variety of topics; a bit too roteMy son has enjoyed working through this book, but he says he wishes it allowed for a bit more creativity and interpretation of the text. (The answers to most questions are supposed to be copied exactly from the text.)There are few images in the book, with most being fair simple line drawings or etched style. There is a little whale at the bottom of each section. He is the same whale as on the cover. My son doesn’t feel that the book is meant for younger kids as another reviewer mentioned their child feeling.Essentially, each section has a passage to read and then some questions to answer. The focus varies a bit throughout the book with vocabulary, main idea, interpreting text, fact & opinion, story elements, and reading comprehension being cover.This is a good book to use to supplement your child’s learning. It requires next to no prep on your part and it quite engaging.

  38. jason

    Reading passages aren’t very engagingI bought this reading workbook for my homeschooled child. The reading passages are boring and not interesting and not engaging at all. As well as that, the questions are wordy. These two factors make my child lose interest whenever he works in this book. On the other hand, I like that the workbook has answers provided.

  39. evelyn

    Good for lesson planningI use it to teach

  40. Brenda Pickett

    Good stories, but serious misprint problemsWhile the book does have interesting stories for kids to read, I noticed a few weeks after purchase that that 2 of the units were repeated exactly at the end of the book and that some parts of the stories were missing. Serious misprint problems which resulted in missing out on several worksheets!

  41. Prashanth S

    Just an additional work bookStandard is little less than what 6th grade kids get in Ontario.

  42. Prabath

    very goodvery good

  43. faye

    Great education toolGreat product really helpful during Victoria’s long lockdown with keeping my daughter education level up to where it should be

  44. Cintia Díaz

    HelperMy son love it 😊

  45. Wayne smith

    I really enjoying using these books in our homeschooling. …I really enjoying using these books in our homeschooling. The reading is interesting for the kids and broken up in a way that it isn’t overwhelming.

  46. Amazon Customer


  47. Larry Leung

    Great purchaseHighly recommended

  48. Catherine Laham

    The graphics in the book are to young for the …The graphics in the book are to young for the grade 6 student and my son thinks of it as a “baby” book because of that.

  49. Kindle Customer

    Four StarsUseful for SATs practice, especially with them coming up soon.

  50. Tree-top

    Three StarsToo easy for grade 6 kid

  51. EJB

    Three StarsOK

  52. Nix Sam

    Great way to learnIts a great book for my child to learn most of texts with respect to vocabulary, sentence formation, synonyms etc. Nice approach and technique to learn. Highly recommended to all the children.

  53. Dharmesh Shah

    great study booksKumon books are great to supplement school education for your child, always liked these books. Children get that extra edge with these books

  54. Mark Powell

    Five Starsgood book

  55. Kwame

    Five Starsjust as advertised.

  56. Amazon Customer

    Excellent workbook for childrenI love all Kumon workbooks. My children take good interest in solving them and have improved their reading skill quickly.

  57. JujuCD

    Muy útilSon libros perfectos para reforzar y repasar y fortalecer conocimientos. Se hacen 1 o 2 páginas por día y así los niños mantienen y mejoran su nivel.

  58. wj

    Five StarsBought several of these as good for extra prac sessions

  59. Sai Meenakshi

    Very GoodGreat help to the kids

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