Are You Ready for Kindergarten? Preschool Skills

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This workbook is a bind-up of all the workbooks in our “Are You Ready for Kindergarten?” series. The vibrant and fun activities introduce important concepts and tools that children encounter in their first days of school: the alphabet, numbers 1-30, shapes, scissors, pencils, and more. This workbook was created to offer your child a comprehensive way to prepare for the first year of school.




This workbook is a bind-up of all the workbooks in our “Are You Ready for Kindergarten?” series. The vibrant and fun activities introduce important concepts and tools that children encounter in their first days of school: the alphabet, numbers 1-30, shapes, scissors, pencils, and more. This workbook was created to offer your child a comprehensive way to prepare for the first year of school.

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Kindergarten, Pre-K

125 reviews for Are You Ready for Kindergarten? Preschool Skills

  1. Amy

    Wonderful!This taught my daughter, a six year old with delays in her learning, more in 3 weeks than school has so far. Can’t say enough good things. (six year old with learning disabilities).

  2. Sara

    My son’s favorite book everThis book is a must!We have many but this is my son’s favorite one.Not only is a big colorful and amazing book as any other Kumon one, but have such a lovely activities inside.My son especially loved the last two chapters where he had to use scissors and glue! He created beautiful 3D scenes following the instructions and became amazed about the results. A+

  3. page

    Would recommendI’ll start by saying every Kumon product we have bought has been amazing. This book is not any less so. It is, however, different than what I expected. I wish there were some sample pages listed in the images so that parents would know what to expect. This book is full of pictures mazes where the child starts at one place and has to draw his/her way through the maze. That is great, and definitely good for pencil control, but I thought there were other exercises. My 4 year enjoys doing the mazes, but gets bored with them. I wish this book was a mix of different pencil control options. Overall, however, it is a great product and I will say my daughter has gotten better with her pencil from this book.

  4. Tilted

    Worth it!I bought this book for my 4.5 year old daughter. It is actually 6 Kumon books in one… so for the price it is a steal. It covers coloring, mazes, letters, numbers, cutting, and pasting. Some pages are very easy while others are more challenging. Overall my daughter can do about 90% of it independently which she loves. It builds the skills slowly and there is a lot of repetition, which I appreciate.

  5. Moriah Ackerman

    I was a little disappointed this, but my child loves mazesThis book contains mazes that get harder as you go through the book. The mazes also get longer as you go. At first, I was a little disappointed this, but my child loves mazes, so sharpening his pencil skills was easy with this book. The mazes are eye-catching and fun for children. It’s a great way to sneak in pencil practice as well as some problem solving skills (I make him think about which way he should go before even picking up the pencil). The book also has parent direction, telling parents when the mazes get harder or longer, and reminding parents to encourage the child. There is a certificate of achievement at the end of the book, which is a fun reward for children when they finish.

  6. Barbara93

    Not what I expected.In the description it says it will help your child “be prepared to write letters and numbers.” I thought it would have lines to follow and whatnot, but after flipping through the pages I saw mazes. It looked more like a book ok mazes. I guess the picture in front shows that, but I was hoping for more. I am dissapointed because I already bought a Kumon Maze book which she is halfway done with, so it will come in handy. So just know its like the maze book but with a different title.

  7. JMandMJ

    Awesome for gauging where your child is atLove this, I use it to gauge where my child is at in a particular skill, I let him do a subject as far as he wants and when it gets to hard that’s where I know we need to start play learning from.For instance the number area he went all the way to 15 and I thought he was only prepared for 10, now we play number games outside of the workbooks to 15 to reinforce, I love that they have other workbooks that you can buy to help reinforce subjects also.

  8. Amazon Customer

    Moves quicklyGreat book that is visually appealing and covers sooooo much. The only thing I didn’t like is that it builds VERY quickly. In my experience, littles need massive amounts of repetition to solidify a skill or information and this book only hits things once then moves on.

  9. NashMom

    Great for preschoolersMultiple workbooks in one. Amazing deal for the price. I bought this for my daughter to help prep for kindergarten. She always wants to do multiple pages. The pages are colorful and hold her attention.

  10. Jessica

    I will keep looking..My son(3) is almost done with a previous book prek brain quest and I wanted to try this book out . I did not like it and I can tell my son didnt either. It’s a very big book and sort of boring , it’s the same thing over and over . Mazes look exactly the same and ofcourse they are not but to a 3 year old eyes they are and he wonders why he has to do the same one again.He did love the cut and paste chapter at the end. For 9 dollars is okay just for the colored pages and cut & paste but no fun or excitement for us.

  11. Angela

    School PrepMy son stopped writing (for other reasons that are related to school), I got him this book as a recommendation to get him back into doing school work/writing. He absolutely loves it and will do about 4-6 pages at a time. He is writing independently again, and this is great to help with his fine motor skills

  12. Carol M

    Pretty goodI love Kumon workbooks, but just know that your child will be too advanced for one section and have a harder time with others. This makes it a little tedious to use this book. Having it all in one book is fun and easier, but you might not get as much bang for your buck.

  13. Lisa Avila

    fantastic books!When my friend told me about these workbooks, I was excited to try them during the summer but I wasn’t sure how my 3 boys would react. From the get go they loved them! I tried to set aside a few times/week to work on a few pages and they always wanted to do more. Now that school is in full swing, my preschooler and kindergartener (1st grader not so much) still pick them up at random times and work on them. I put them in an accessible place, with pencils and kid scissors nearby and let them work on them. I try not to supervise too much so they make/correct mistakes and take ownership of their work/progress. I love these workbooks and plan to buy more for next summer. My preschooler even asked for more for Christmas

  14. Carrie

    Great learning bookGrandson loves this book and easy form him and I to follow. It is of great help for him.

  15. Maria

    Great for pencil skills – but a little easy for my 4 yr old.My daughter breezed through this book and she’s 4. Left her for about 30 minutes and she went through half the book. Mazes get progressively harder, as you get toward the back of the book. Great for pencil skills, but maybe start them at 3 and have them work on a page at a time.

  16. Sara Murphy

    Perfect for home school!These are great activities for the kids while school is out. The kids love them and they’re learning all the skills the need for Kinder.

  17. Angie

    Helping my daughter to learnMy daughter loves it!! Very helpful especially at this moment because the preschool is closed.

  18. Mommy Yu

    ALL MAZES INSIDEThe description says there are different exercise to help develop pencil skills but the contents are all only mazes. Maze, maze, and more maze.There is another workbook from Kumon that’s solely for mazes. Now I have too many mazes and my daughter is not even fond of mazes.Bummy. I changed the rating from 2 to 3 stars, to be fair, Kumon has a good line of learning books and my daughter loves them.

  19. Gabriela Grajales

    Recommend itVery good material, nice difficulty level for a 5 years old. Recommend it.

  20. Amazon Customer

    Kumon is qualityTons of activities!

  21. Tiffany Kahooilihala

    Love this book!My daughter was so excited to receive this book. She works on it every day after school.

  22. Nancy clark

    OkIt is more like a three year old practice book than an actual pre K book but it will be rotated in with other books as a confidence builder

  23. Krista

    I really like how the mazes get harder as the book goes …Got this for my 4 year old and she loves it! I really like how the mazes get harder as the book goes on.

  24. Hereweare

    Nice book for toddlerGreat combination of multiple skill trainers

  25. Surfer mom

    helped my boy a lot…this one is very good…

  26. Lawrence K. Kartey

    A must buyGod for pre k

  27. T. L.

    Not what I imaginedI was really hoping for a workbook that goes over true writing skills that prepare one for Kindergarten. While I think mazes are fun and important for fine motor control, I did not expect that this book would be ALL mazes. And simple ones at that. My almost 4-y.o. child can do Kumon maze workbooks for 6-8 years so this was hardly fun and pretty boring for her. I think ages 2-3 is more accurate.

  28. Monica taylor

    My daughter loved itGreat for summer practice before kindergarten

  29. latonya

    His teacher said at a parent teacher conference that he did not like using the pencil so I bought this book and …My grandson loves this. His teacher said at a parent teacher conference that he did not like using the pencil so I bought this book and can’t get him to put it down. It’s really helpful planing on purchase other books as well

  30. haeson lee

    👍🏻Very good workbook

  31. Bernard Amenya

    ThanksGreat product as described

  32. Angela Bridgeford

    Your child will become a Pencil Master!Need pencil skills, well you will get them here. My kids love the mazes in the book it took them a few tries to get it right but now they are pencil masters.

  33. George and Christina

    We will be buying more Kumon books, you just cant go wrong.My 5 and 3 year old like this book, it is very good practice for steady hand writing.

  34. Nicole Wilson

    Great book!Great!

  35. C. Sasso

    No variety, but still funMy son (almost 5) likes this book and it definitely gets him using and practicing his pencil in a fun way, however, the book is all mazes. I guess I was expecting a variety of tracing and writing activities, but it’s only one thing.

  36. moschil

    great review for KindergartenWe had our Daughter do these over the summer and she loves the Kumon workbooks. She would set there and do several pages without me having to make her.

  37. Will2Power

    Five StarsExcellent! My twins really love working in these book.

  38. D. Perez

    Super little book of mazesGrandsons love this book. They’re really into mazes right now, and they don’t realize how much this is improving their pencil skills.

  39. Angela givens

    love itBought this for my boss 4 year old for her preschool graduation. She reads this book every day. My boss says her daughter loves it

  40. Victoria L.

    Mazes.My son loves to do mazes. This workbook is great for developing pencil-control motor skills.

  41. patrap777

    Five StarsMy grand daughter loves this book. Highly reccomend

  42. Chrissy

    Five StarsPerfect for a 4-5 year old.

  43. Amazon Customer

    Five StarsKids love it

  44. Jose Carlos Thompson

    Very nice concept to use with childrenVery niceconcept to use with children.

  45. Becky Foster

    good product.Granddaughter loved it!

  46. Doug

    Five StarsGreat Product. Highly recommend.

  47. ji

    Five StarsGreat book!

  48. J.Nguyen

    Five Starsgood book

  49. Aymara Reddoch

    Five Starsok

  50. Fresh Princess of Bel Air

    The book already colored and scrible on some the pages.I am very dissapointed when i saw the book already used and colored at certain pages.The content is good but need to buy again with the new one.

  51. Heather Serrano

    Two StarsReally basic. Just drawing lines, shapes and through mazes. My preschooler didn’t get much out of this.

  52. egan

    Best workbook!Best workbook. I’ve tried so many workbooks out there and this is the best one. My daughter loves this! Highly recommended!

  53. Thea Phillips

    3 year old enjoys itMy 3 year old enjoys working in this book, the only down side i feel like is that the alphabet is separated by upper and lower case, so i have to teach it to him twice and he kind of loses patience when doing the dot to dot number puzzles as they increase in numbers quickly that i save some and just have him go over the previous ones until he’s able to recognize the majority of numbers.

  54. Lioness

    Great book for priceLarge book that covers many areas for a 4 year old. Vibrant colors and interesting for kids.

  55. Vivek Kumar Gupta

    Great book and quick Amazon delivery !Great book for practicing kindergarten learning!

  56. Fatan

    Very Engeging for my 4 years oldIt is very engaging and fun to solve for my 4 years old.

  57. Amazon costumer

    Buen libro para edad preescolarMuy completo. Lo recomiendo para edad 3-4 años aprox, lo que mas nos gusto fue la sección de recortables y pegar, solo que es un poco difícil desprender las hojas enteras antes de que las utilicen los niños, fuera de ese detalle muy bien.

  58. Gisele Mainardi

    Excelente: raciocínio e coordenacao motora.excelente – raciocínio e coordenacao motora!

  59. courtney

    Great bookGreat book with alot of easily explained activities for my 4 year old. She especially loved the cut & paste pages.

  60. Vinay

    I liked it as it is keeping my 4 yr old son engaged and he is not bored of itI liked it as it is keeping my 4 yr old son engaged and he is not bored of it

  61. Ashley St.Louis

    Hours of fun !It’s my sons first year of school and to say he loves it is an understatement. He’s really sad that he can’t go on weekends so he plays with this book. There is SO much in it that he can’t get bored. Most of it is things kids will be doing in jk K and gr 1 . The book has different sections. One section is all mazes another is tracing then you have cut and paste where you build scenes and mini games. So you can take a break from learning and work on some fun pages. I’ve recommended this book to some mom friends. Getting way more use out of this book then I thought I would.

  62. quirkstar

    Recommend highly! Great content for improvement fine motor skillsMy son 3.5 has worked with an Occupational Therapist to improve his fine motor skills and this is exactly the type of activities they had him do. He is vey intelligent and knows all the colours, shapes, letters, and numbers so they are not new to him but the fine motor control is the goal here for us. He actually wants to do this “work” and understands the objectives. He is putting in about 30 minutes a day which is way past his usual attention span ( he will do about 2-3 pages from each section colouring, mazes, letters, numbers, cutting and cut/pasting). Highly recommend!

  63. nicole

    Looks good but damagedHaven’t actually used it yet but looks like my son will enjoy it. Only issue was it arrived ripped.

  64. Krissy

    Perfektes Allrounder Buch für alle nötigen FertigkeitenIch muss sagen ich liebe dieses Buch! Es hat alle wichtigen Fertigkeiten für Kinder im Vorschulater in einem großen Set vereint. Von Malen lernen über Schwungübungen, Labyrinthe für Räumliches Denken bis hin zu Zahlen und Buchstaben schreiben üben, dann auch noch Formen und Farben und zum Schluss Ausschneiden und Kleben üben.Hab hier nur anzumerken, dass bei den Buchstaben nicht vergessen werden darf, dass es eine englische Version ist. So werden natürlich die passenden Figuren zu den Buchstaben nicht immer passend für unser deutsches Alphabet sein (z.B. U – Up, V – Van). Aber abgesehen davon finde ich es einfach super. Würde es jedem empfehlen.Und natürlich ist das Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis genial.

  65. Laura Corwyn

    Amazing, you’ll love this book and your child will too!Love this book so much. It’s awesome, great variety of activities, tons to choose from, organized really well, easy to understand. My only con (and I’m still going to give it 5 stars cause it’s not that big of a deal) is it’s really hard to get the cutting goes out of the book. The only thing I’d change is if the cutting pages were able to have tear away pages cause getting scissors into the crease to cut them out is extremely hard. I’m going to pick up an exacto blade to do it instead. Great for my 4 year old

  66. heid pears

    Complete skills bookNice book to practice cutting , tracing, maze, coloring , logic, counting , alphabet and some basic words…Full of color, my 3 years old love the activities, she does some by herself and some with me..

  67. Sara f

    Intresting and easy for the ageMy daughter loves to learn with this book

  68. Dani

    Good but easyGlad I got this on sale cause my daughter is 1/2 done it in 3 days! She is 5, so maybe too easy for over 5, but she is enjoying it, just was thinking it would last the whole summer not just a week being 384 pages.

  69. iliana

    Good bookGood variety of activities 👍

  70. Rainie

    My child like it very muchMy child like it very much. The quality of the book is very good. But the paper of the book is a little sharp. When I turn it over carelessly, I may get my finger cut a little.

  71. Shirley

    So much Fun!My kid loves this book, we have a few wipe clean books but this is the winner. He kept asking if we can do more activities. It’s colorful and well designed.

  72. Mama Najz

    Excellent kindergarten bookVery helpful tool to prepare kids for kindergarten. My little girl is going to start regular school soon and this has helped a lot as I am teaching her the basics while I’m on maternity leave.

  73. Lawrence

    Worth it! And my 3 year old loves it!!We’ve tried other activity books from other brand. This book is definitely the most educating and interesting we’ve had. My 3 year old would love to continue on working pages over pages easier for 20-30 mins. Very thoughtful idea in educating kids. Totally worth it!! Will buy from the same publisher for sure!

  74. may

    Nice book for kid!Amazing book for this cheap price!!! When I received it, I never thought the quality of the book will be so good, the paper is thick, not easy to be broken, and there is so many pages and so much different content, when my son got it, love it very much.

  75. ElaineHDang

    Amazing ! Kids will love it !The media could not be loaded.

     A great book for kids from 3-5 years old. Learn and play in the same time. My kid loves it.

  76. Kimbee

    My daughter lives itVery colorful and keeps my daughter busy

  77. Farah Othman

    Very engaging, fun and comprehensiveKumon is a great resources for homeschooling.My daughther and I enjoyed doing it. It is fun for her and it is very engaging. The quality of the book is good, not too thin, cos she used markers to write and it didn’t go through.

  78. Chay.Fo

    Great activitiesI like the activities that help kids to grow and be ready in a nice and smooth way,

  79. IRYNA

    Great qualityGreat quality

  80. Andre

    Great book for my kidLove it, my son loves it. I would recommend this product to every mom out there.

  81. Mona s.

    GoodI like this book,

  82. Lina

    Good bookIt’s a good book, but my daughter is two years old. I will give her to read the book when she is two and half

  83. Kayla

    Great education tool.Got this at a bargain price and, honestly, I would of paid full price for this. It’s so nicely illustrated with straightforward easy instructions that it keeps my 4 year old captivated for at least 10 minutes a day lol so I call that a win.

  84. Amazon Customer

    Awesome!Just arrived today so excited to use this with my 3 year old . Im surprise at how thick it is and how many pages . I would definitely buy it again.

  85. madeleine

    Love itLove the book keeps my preschooler busy

  86. Josenni

    Love it!I absolutely love this book and so does my three year old son. It is easy to use even for my three year old. Gradual lesson, not boring yet entertaining. There’s a section for letters, numbers, tracing and even cutting! It is perfect

  87. Sudman K.

    Activity BookGreat activity book when you run out of things to do with your preschooler. Different sections of the book covers different activities, one can find out where toddler excels and where he/she needs more practice. Overall, its all about repetition.

  88. SRuben

    My son likes it.My four-year old son really enjoys it. It’s perfect for his age,

  89. Katrina

    Nice bookI love how it is very easy to follow. We do 3-5 pages at a time. Maximizes learning of colors and shapes and writing all at the same time.

  90. Yasbeth

    Libro maravillosoGran libro que contiene excelentes ejercicoos que captan la atenciòn de los pequeños.

  91. Jeff

    Love itMy daughter loves the book. It is easily for her to do it by herself. Recommended it. Worth to buy.

  92. Tamas Marki

    Get this oneBest activity book for toddlers! Needs parent to guide them. We used it for months!

  93. Hieronymus

    Worth the money really good one for toddlersGot this one on sale, love this book. It contains so many stuff really worth the money. I have a 4 year old currently staying home, this book is perfect.

  94. Amna Hameed

    Good for pre schoolersPerfect for my three year old. She practices tracing and does mazes and joins numbers. I would recommend for preschoolers

  95. Zunairah

    Best bookI loved this son also loved it ..its so colorful son liked the scissor section n pasting section …my 3 yrs son likes cutting n pasting …

  96. Fanny Z.

    multi functionalmulti functional and fun, very recommended for age 5 and up, so they can enjoy the book themselves.

  97. Jia Li

    great book to havethis book has lots of content, keeps the little one busy 🙂

  98. Pamela

    Kumon is the bestYou can never go wrong when choosing Kumon ! Totally love this book for my little one.

  99. Kendra

    Amazing!Bought this for under $10 with a sale. Would have easily paid full price. It’s such an amazing book.

  100. jessie

    excellentmy 3 yr old son loves this book.they have different section of activity whatever the child likes to do in their age.cutting and pasting, colouring, tracing and also may learn sight reading.

  101. Nick

    Not very impressedVery repititive, so my 4 year old son lost interest at one point. Some activities are fun too.

  102. SF

    Perfect for teaching children skillsThis book is very large and has varying activities. Great for a little one as they bore easily.

  103. jinecho

    satisfiedRich in content and good paper quality

  104. Ting C.

    Contents are great!My son loves it especially the cutting part! Will buy another cutting workbook for him.

  105. Laura

    Awesome find!This book is so awesome! My almost 4 year old son bought into it quickly. Love love love it!!!

  106. Hiba alnasseri

    For younger than 5I bought for my 5 year old but it turn me out for younger age but good quality

  107. Seun

    Good buyIt kept my 4 year old occupied for a long time

  108. zoe y

    GoodAmazing book.

  109. Jill McCaig

    👍🏻 By 4 year old boy (and his mommy)!Highly recommended my 4 year year old grandson. So many skills are taught like how to colour, letters and mazes.

  110. C.

    Fun activitiesA fun book has variety of activities!

  111. k

    My kid loves doing all the mazes!My kid loves doing all the mazes!

  112. Customer

    Kindergarten bookArrived quickly and as described

  113. yalda nasirian

    Great bookGreat for learning

  114. Cynthia

    Very educative for toddlersLove it

  115. Gayle Flipflop

    great maze book. all mazesMy son. 4. Loves this book and would do it all in one day if he could but we’ve agreed to limit to 5 or 10 a sitting. The mazes get progressively harder which i have emphasized so that gradually more time and care is taken because a steadier more accurate approach is needed.better than other maze books because others tend to be too easy and remain at same level/ type

  116. KS

    Good one. My kid loves it.Brings a routie into a kids day.

  117. Alberto

    Muy buenoMuy completo para niños de 3 años en adelante y es gradual cada actividad, va adquiriendo buenas habilidades que son base para cualquier aprendizaje futuro.

  118. Sammi

    Good pencil practiceThis book is really good for pencil control, and a chance to establish or correct pencil grip. The book is full of mazes getting slightly harder as you progress through the book, age recommended is from 4 but 3 year olds should be able to use it.

  119. Erica Hattori

    PRE kinderMuy bueno

  120. Amazon Customer

    Super BookSuper book for my toddler

  121. Daniela

    buen productoMuy completo

  122. Asmita

    Good buyItem as described

  123. Eva

    EmpfehlenswertDiese Serie ist sehr, sehr empfehlenswert fuers Kindergartenalter. Meine Kinder sind begeistert und machen die Uebungen gerne. Kein Ueberreden ist notwendig!

  124. Daniela Pohr-Mayer

    Übungen stereotypDie Übungen sind alle nach dem gleichen Muster aufgebaut.Ich finde sie etwas zu einseitig, wobei die motorische Schulung durchaus optimal gefördert wird, sehr abwechslungsreich ist es allerdings nicht.

  125. Nasra said

    Easy for kidsNice book

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