Let’s Color!

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Coloring exercises for young children are often too complicated. This book begins with a simple skill – having a child scribble on a picture randomly. As children progress through the book, they slowly learn to color within designated lines. Using crayons is an important precursor to learning to write with a pencil.

5 7/8 x 8 1/4 inches. paperback. 40 sheets. full color.




Coloring exercises for young children are often too complicated. This book begins with a simple skill – having a child scribble on a picture randomly. As children progress through the book, they slowly learn to color within designated lines. Using crayons is an important precursor to learning to write with a pencil.

5 7/8 x 8 1/4 inches. paperback. 40 sheets. full color.

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138 reviews for Let’s Color!

  1. Susan

    A very child friendly introduction to coloringI recently discovered the Kumon books and I am super pleased with them.I will be reviewing all those I have so it will help other parents get a better idea of what’s inside. The LET’S COLOR book is very nice and is part of the Kumon First Steps series for ages 2 and up. I must say that this book isn’t for the very young only. My son is 8, and is a very normal child in every way, yet like some children, has not been very quick to develop fine motor skills for writing, holding a pencil, cutting, etc. He has enjoyed all his Kumon books very much, and they are not babyish. LET’S COLOR is a very nice book for children who would be overwhelmed by a whole uncolored page being placed in front of them to “finish”. I like that most of each page in LET’S COLOR is colored already and is very colorful; only a white circle, square, triangle (nice for teaching shapes along the way) is left blank for the child to color in. My son is very pleased with just a small bit of coloring to finish the picture. He especially loves when his colored pencil ( I recommend Prismacolors over crayons) matches almost exactly with the color of the object and when finished, you can’t easily see where he did the coloring. Later pages have you color 2 or 3 parts of the picture, such as blue, green, and yellow circles on the beach ball, or 3 different colored balloons, or the yolk of the egg. Then the last few pages are having the child color the 2 flowers, the mane of the lion, the icing and candles on a birthday cake, or different parts of a clown. Even these pages with more white areas to color, are not overwhelming to a child, as the full picture is only about 8 inches square. My son enjoyed the first “scribble” pages, where you drew hair on a boy, spaghetti on a plate, sprinkles on the ice cream, water squrting out of the garden hose onto the children, etc. He has enjoyed coloring in this book as we have our read aloud time in the evening. Kumon uses high quality heavy paper, and the coloring pages are printed on one side only. I highly recommend it to any parent of young children, and would make a nice little gift with a new box of colored pencils or crayons. These are attractive when finished to give to grandma and grandpa to hang on their refrigerator. I really think you and your child will have fun with this book.

  2. Anna

    Perfect for 2-year-olds!Anyone with a 2-year-old knows that (most of the time) they have extremely short attention spans. With my son starting preschool this fall, I wanted to encourage pre-writing skills and help him learn to hold a crayon/pencil/marker properly. (He currently still uses a fist at almost 3 years old). My problem? He’s just not into most coloring books. He’ll make a couple scribbles and run off to play with his trucks. This book was bought in addition to several other fine motor activities I have lined up (including many that did NOT include writing tools like crayons and pencils). This is the perfect supplement to activities like “writing” with your finger in a tray of sand or rice, lacing buttons or beads, etc. The book is small and the pages are easily removable, and the best part is it’s not filled black and white line drawings! The pages teach coloring skills progressively, allowing children to scribble “ketchup” on an omelet, “hair” on a little boy’s head and “confetti” coming from a party popper. As they gain more control over their crayons (which has happened even more through fine motor activities for my boy, as mentioned previously), children are encouraged to fill in a blank circle in the middle of a tomato or lemon. The book gives excellent tips for parents both at the beginning of the book and specific to the activity on each page. If you’re looking for preschool prep, look no further than this colorful book. I recommend all the Kumon activity books I have purchased thus far!

  3. L.W.

    Great!! But needs a tiny improvementI really like this book! My daughter isn’t crazy about coloring like my oldest was. I love the PAPER QUALITY! She can really push hard and not tear the paper! I like the fact that she’s just coloring an element of the picture and not the whole thing. Ie: theres a child with an emoty plate thats all colored and she needs to draw in the spaghetti, a person with no hair-she puts hair on him. Its more fun for her this way. Not as intimidating at all and now she looks forward to it. (Which was the goal) so why 4 stars instead of 5? The pages are one sided. I feel like its such a waste of space! I realize that its a “pad” coloring book. But It wouldve been nice to just flip the pad in the oppisite direction to continue. We really love this book and at the rate shes going i’ll be done within 2 weeks! So those empty spaces really bothered me. If i could’ve given it 4.5 stars i would have, but thats not an option, and those empty spots need to be addressed. So yes another WONDERFUL Kumon book. But it needs an adjustment. When a mom is spending more than five dollars on a coloring book, please make it worth her while and fill each page.

  4. LadyDi412

    Great Concept, Bad Follow-ThruI love the idea of this book! It has great activities to start little ones on their way to coloring, draw, and writing for preschool and beyond. For example, one page tells you take the black crayon and draw hair on the little boy. Another tells you to take the red crayon and draw ketchup (it was by the way Heinz in my house) on the omelet. Yet another page tells you take several different crayons and draw sprinkles on the ice cream. All great ways to get a toddler drawing and used to his grip and start thinking about colors.The problem that I have with this workbook is that the book is way too small for a toddler! Everything is tiny! Including the print for grown-ups to read the directions. Toddlers need big, wide, open spaces on paper to draw. They are not precise little creatures, thus, the purpose of this book. In addition the binding on the book makes it hard for it to stay open, so I ripped the pages out for my son to draw on. However, the pages are perforated and the paper is pretty thick so it is hard to rip out without ripping large portions of page.Overall, I love the concept. My son does not go to daycare (on purpose, my choice) so I pretty much “homeschool” him until he goes to preschool this fall. Therefore, I like additional, affordable tools to help in getting him ready for preschool. However, what this book promises, it fails to deliver by failing to remember that their target audience are 2, 3, & 4 year olds!

  5. AmazonCustomer

    age-appropriate book..Our 2 yr old though cannot hold colors as expected for his age , still loves each page and tries his best when I try to explain what is happening and we needs to be done by him..would highly recommend this book before starting any black and white colorbook which overwhelms the kids ..

  6. Autumn

    Not your average coloring book!I have a very active 2 year old and I was looking for workbooks that were both fun and educational. The pictures in this book are cute and colorful. I love that the illustrations of the children are very diverse. My child actually loves to sit down to do this workbook and many of the other Kumon books in this series. Getting a 2 year old to sit and color for 5 minutes is no small feat. The beginning pages are designed to help the child get used to holding crayons and scribbling.( for example he/she can draw spaghetti on a child’s plate) By the end of the book, (about 38-40 sheets total) the colorful pictures have a few white areas that are left for the child to fill in. (for example, a bunch of purple grapes with one white circle or a birthday cake with white candles and a strip of icing).This book is helpful for teaching toddlers how to hold a crayon and how to color. The paper is good quality. This is much better than a standard coloring book. We enjoyed this book with the “So Big” Crayola crayons.

  7. G_Ro_Momma

    Great Learning Activity BookI love this book and so does my, just turned 3, son. The pages move from scribbles to coloring things in. Not only does it help learning how to color, it teaches colors and following directions.The only reason I didn’t give 5 stars is because it came with the first page colored already (not as an example, with crayon).

  8. J. Herritz

    Kumon books are great; this one starts good but is a little basicBought the Color, Cut, and Paste for my son when he was two. This is probably the most basic of the three, and he has enjoyed it. The Kumon books are great because they progressively move into more difficult activities that are well-planned. The paper quality is high, and the activities are interesting – my son is always asking if he can work on his workbooks!This particular book was fun for a while, but doesn’t progress as fast as I think it could, so my son did grow board of it by age three. It’s a good book for the younger crowd and to mix in an easy activity with an activity that might be a bit more challenging (like cutting). Definitely recommended, but gave it four stars only because it’s our least favorite of the series.

  9. Ami

    Great Way to Teach Your Toddler to Color!I work as a kindergarten teacher and spend a lot of time at the beginning of the year helping students develop their fine motor skills. One of the best ways to work on these skills is to engage children with coloring. When I saw the beginner Kumon books, I immediately wanted to try them with my 2 1/2 yr old son, and I’m so glad I made the purchase. He absolutely LOVES these books! They are very colorful, the illustrations are great, and the directions are very specific. For example, one his favorites was to use a blue crayon to draw rain coming from the clouds. The books gradually become more difficult, and now he has to fill in a white area with a specific color. I tell him that we are working on “school” and he loves it! Because of the reasonable price, I have also bought these for his friends for birthday gifts as well! 🙂

  10. yanghang

    easy for ToddlerMy son is 2 and half years old and he likes this book very much. He draws for a while every day. At the same time, I can teach him to learn colors through this book.

  11. Whitney

    Great for young learnersI have been buying kumon work books for many years now. We use them for all our kids, aging from 10 all the way down to two.I love these beginner books for little ones.We home school and the youngest one likes to be included in school. These book are her “school books”, I pull it out during school and she will sit quietly and do her coloring while we do classes.It is a great help and is helping her with early learning. Win, win!

  12. Y.

    Good but goes really quick.My 3.5 years old girl liked it. It goes really quicky and she finished in 2 days (probably 45 mins x 2), and requested yo do more. Good pratice for drawing/coloring.

  13. KatsMom

    Fun with MarkersMy 3 year-old was able to color well when she wanted to. The problem was that she usually didn’t want to. She usually just wanted to scribble and finish her pictures as quickly as possible. This book actually helped her focus a bit better and take more time with her work. I think it also helped that the paper quality was so high that we were able to use her markers to do the exercises. Obviously, with most coloring books, the markers bleed through the paper so badly you ruin the following pictures. There would occasionally be a dot or two on the following page when my daughter really got carried away with coloring a particular spot.

  14. Kindle Customer

    Awesome for teaching colors for littles!This is amazing! Perfect for littles starting to recognize colors and love to color. It starts with directed scribbles and then gradually moves to teaching them different strokes. The pictures are fun and kid friendly in full color. For example there’s a picture of a dinner plate and the kid is supposed to color scribbles for spaghetti.

  15. Amazon Customer

    GoodI was expecting a bigger book (like a regular sized coloring book) but do like that there’s little samples at the top of each page showing what the finished product should look like. I think this will help my son who seems to not have grasped the concept of staying in the lines. I’m hoping that having him only color in the small sections will help him develop the fine motor skills needed and take away the need for him to fill the page with color.

  16. Charlene Smith

    but needed the practice of holding a crayon so I tried this book and it was fantastic. He did the entire book in 2 daysMy preschooler was not a colorer, but needed the practice of holding a crayon so I tried this book and it was fantastic. He did the entire book in 2 days. The small amounts were just right for him. He was so proud when he’d finished the whole thing. I have the next book on order.If you have a young child who is reluctant to use any writing utensil, but needs the practice, I’d highly recommend. If you already have a child who likes to color, then they’d probably find this too simple and boring.

  17. R. Robinson

    Good to purchase for younger kidsMy daughter is really loving this book! She loves being able to figure out what color she needs and being able to complete each paper herself. Since the back is blank, after she completes a page she will draw a picture on the back 🙂 I like it too and am happy with the purchase.

  18. Carolyn R.

    Great for toddlers.Great little work book for a toddler, the pages are very good quality.

  19. Love Prime

    lets colorMy two and a half year old loved these, she did need my help to confirm to her the colors chose that were asked for in the pictures, and I would explain what they wanted (like add hair, or draw the water raining) but once she realized there were little example pictures she wouldn’t need me as much, the pictures are adorable, such creative ways to help them, I only wish there was more (than more)!

  20. mama5

    just OKI got this for my just turned 3 year old for “school”. Bought it with the rest of the books in the series and they are just OK. The sticker book only has stickers for the first few pages, the cutting book takes a ton of assistance and the coloring book is just ok- just a small piece to color on each page. I have found kumon books very helpful for my bigger kids, but these were far too young for my child. They are very, very, very beginner books.

  21. BaseballGal

    Great for kids who don’t like to colorNeither of my kids like to sit down and color very much but I know it’s a skill that is important for them to learn. I love these books that don’t require them to color the entire page but just a small area. They get a feeling of accomplishment and enjoy sitting and doing a couple of pages at a time – which is a small miracle for my two active kids!!

  22. A. Walsh

    Cute and usefulThis a cute book and it is nice to give some short easy but constructive exercises. I tear out the page and we do the exercise and then we use the back for free drawing.

  23. HomeschoolMamaofIrishTwins

    great bonus that there is a certificate of achievement at …Introduced Let’s Color book to our children at age 2 in our homeschool curriculum. This workbook taught our children how to color within the lines. Also, great bonus that there is a certificate of achievement at the end of the book. I always remove the certificates from the workbooks before letting the kids start “working”.

  24. @bingcoin

    Great product to keep the kids busyGreat product to keep the kids busy. As with Kumon workbooks, the instructions are provided so that teacher/ mom/ caregiver can effectively use the workbook. I cannot comment on the price as I don’t know what they sell for at the Kumon centers.

  25. Huz

    Great for young kidsI love these books for my 2 and 3-year-olds. It’s nothing that you can’t reproduce on your own, but for the time it saves it is well worth the money. The kids love them and ask to do them all the time. It’ a fun way to encourage development if those fine motor skills

  26. I. Ruiz

    My three year old loves kumon books!Such great quality, very cute and fun!

  27. Kevin Bradley

    Would buy more of theseGreat workbook for a 2 year old. Have seen kids psychologists recommending this one

  28. Meesis

    My niece wants to read this like a bookMy niece wants to read this like a book, so we haven’t actually started coloring yet. I think it will be great.

  29. reviewmom


  30. Sam O.

    Four Starsmy little one loves it

  31. Lisa R.

    Perfect for first learning!This book was an awesome starter for learning to color/art. Each page is designed to get kids scribbling and used to the idea of using certain colors for certain things. My 3 year old loves doing the worksheets in this book.

  32. d.peck

    a very small coloring bookdisappointed in price for this thin coloring book. Just expected more for my money

  33. Christine Wesley

    Wonderful first coloring book.This is a great first coloring book. Helps children to gain coordination and confidence. It also gets progressively more difficult. It starts out with some very easy exercises that are basically just scribbling and then becomes more focused as you go through the book.

  34. Abswb

    Great starting books!Love these, and so does my two year old. The worksheets get progressively harder, but not too hard. I purchased these in hopes to work on my son’s fine motor skills and for practice in following directions. They are great. Everyday he wants to do more “worksheets!”

  35. christine e merritt

    Great fun for toddlers!This is the first time I have purchased a Kumom book for my 2 1/2 year old grandson. This activity book is great for toddlers. He found it fun and enjoyable..I will buy other from Kumon without a doubt.

  36. E. de Mello

    Great ideaGrandson at 2 1/2 is still a little young and he does not like to be told the color of crayon to be used. I’m sure he will enjoy it eventually.

  37. Amazon Customer

    great book – my daughter enjoys it – its a …great book – my daughter enjoys it – its a bit easy for her but it was a good step to find out where she was at – shes 3

  38. Cali Mama Bear

    Love this!I love these workbooks. Not only are they bright and engaging for my toddler, it’s teaching him how to color and it’s not overwhelming. This is a must have if you pre-school at home or you just want something extra to do with your little one.

  39. Liz

    Doesn’t meet my needsFirst of all this product is small. It is the size of a small book approximately 5 x7. My 2 year old was also not interested in the book. One of the first exercises shows a person pouring ketchup. Your child is supposed to color ketchup over the bun. Since the pages are already colored, I think my toddler didn’t feel the need to color it. I thought this would be an 8 by 11 book similar to previous Kumon books, and I expected a lot more coloring pages. I was not impressed with the book overall.

  40. Vk

    Our son loves kumon books and this is another gem …Our son loves kumon books and this is another gem. He is generally not interested in coloring but this is the only book that holds him to do more.

  41. C. Jenkins

    Great improvement.We’ve seen improvement in our daughter’s ability to use a crayon or colored pencil with the commencement of using these Kumon books. She’s 2.5 years old, this series is definitely recommended, and much more affordable than Kumon classes.

  42. Lil Seal

    Really for 2 years+My kid is 1y 3m now, so this book is definitely too early for him, but I love the way the book is organized! I plan to buy more of Kumon books when he grows up

  43. Junqing Chen

    just rightIt is just the right challenge for my 2 year old. He loves it. He did way less than perfect draw but he loves it. Even after he finished the book, we still read it once a day.

  44. Amazon Customer

    These books are fantastic. My daughter is 22 monthsThese books are fantastic. My daughter is 22 months, but already loves to color. I like that it has examples and she can try the correct placement.

  45. Amazon Customer

    Very, very smallThis coloring book is about 5”x7”. It is very small.

  46. MamaR

    These books are adorable and perfect for kids 18 months through 2yrs oldThese books are adorable and perfect for kids 18 months through 2yrs old. They have the perfect amount of activity per page to keep younger kids engaged.

  47. AR

    I love the books come with tips and instructions for parents …I love the books come with tips and instructions for parents as you help your child go through the activities. My children love to color in these books!

  48. Amazon Customer

    I thought this was to simple until he got a regular colouring book and did a great job.My two year old loves this work book. I thought this was to simple until he got a regular colouring book and did a great job.

  49. L. Gerde

    nice thick bookmore pictures and activities then normal learning books

  50. Lois Williams

    goodgreat grand love it

  51. Alexis Munoz

    Engaging3 year old liked the activities

  52. Sunny

    LikeMy daughter likes it

  53. Megan

    Four Starsgood product

  54. Frankie Elrod

    GreatGrandson loves to color and this keeps him off the walls. 🙂 He enjoys this very much.

  55. CDB

    come on KumonI was a bit disappointed in the size of this product. I expected it to be the average size of a child’s workbook, but instead it’s the size of a composition notebook–pay attention to the details!

  56. Mekokome

    Five Starsgreat early learning books.

  57. Cherbear08

    Fun Toddler ActivityMy almost two year old enjoyed this book a lot. It was a great activity for her to practice a correct grip and fine motor control.

  58. amy

    Not what expectedMore of a coloring activity book than a coloring book. Not something my 2 year old can really understand.

  59. Nadia

    GoodMy niece enjoy it. She color everything. I don’t think she got the concept but she enjoy it. It’s good for children to learn how to color inside. It’s a cute idea.

  60. Kris

    Fantastic purchase! Gets harder graduallyMy child is very resistant to coloring and loves this so far. Fantastic purchase! Gets harder gradually.

  61. S. Breedlove

    Excellent starter bookThis book turned out to be twin baby girls (3) favorite book for coloring!

  62. The Mends

    Five StarsFantastic graphics, and really fun for our toddler to gain more dexterity.

  63. Ruby

    Great early learning tool!I love these books! My almost three-year-old grandson and I have many hours of fun doing them!

  64. jbro

    Five StarsGreat gift for a young one

  65. Kimberly A

    Five StarsGreat book for beginners to learn. Will be purchasing more of these type books for my grandaughter

  66. Pretty Fair

    Toddler loves it!Great activity book for a little one…perfect size for car, restaurants, travel, etc…!

  67. MaryEllen and Richard

    My grandkids love this bookI bought some workbooks for my grand children’s (ages 2 & 3) babysitter to use with them and they love this book. The illustrations are great.

  68. Lauren Waters

    Great learning book for 2 year oldThis book challenges my advanced 2 year old and she is rapidly getting better at coloring within the lines. This book is fun for her and she loves doing her “homework.”

  69. dusty_puppy

    Great funMy 2 year old loves this book. He likes to do about 3-4 pages at a time. He improves every time we use it.

  70. Sandra Wisher

    2 1/2 year old granddaughter loves thisI ‘m impressed with this book. The pages are perfect for children who love to color but do not stay within boundaries.

  71. hayeon

    Five Starsvery good

  72. Lynne Larsen

    Great teaching toolMy daughter loves this book! She isn’t quite three. Great teaching tool.

  73. Amazon Customer

    Five StarsMy kid loves it. He wont stop until the entire workbook is done.

  74. helen_02

    but it’s perfect for himMy almost-3-year-old loves this! It is a small size, but it’s perfect for him.

  75. John Spencer

    Five StarsGreat workbook for toddlers/preschoolers!

  76. M.Deruelle

    simple fun for preschoolerThese Kumon books are great, preschool geared fun. My son loves to do them and it’s a treat so I only let him do one or two at a time. They have simple, fun ideas for them to color.

  77. Angela M. Garner

    Great for 2 yr. old:)Perfect for my 2 year old daughter.

  78. Judy L.

    great book.Josie loves to add the colors to the pages, great book.

  79. Suzzy Q

    Great!My 3 year old boy loves this! Is great for him to practice and also lots of fun. Good buy.

  80. Mom of 2

    Highly recommendThese are great books, we have all of them. My kids love them!

  81. Laura Irvin

    Fun filled activity bookGreat book to teach little ones about colors and shapes

  82. Mohammadreza Mohebbi

    Very satisfied.My son is 2.5 years an he enjoys painting this book.Very satisfied.

  83. Kindle Customer

    the whole series are excellent.A little prcier than your toy store selection but guidance for parents and progression of tasks make them worth the price.

  84. Amazon Customer

    Five StarsKids have fun with it

  85. Ivy Ward

    Great Early Learning Book!Excellent book for starting children!

  86. Debbie Roberts

    Great ProductThis was a perfect gift for my grandson.

  87. CAT_from_NC

    Great…It gave us a quality mother-son time after the daycare… Also teaches about colors and shapes, and concepts… Simply I loved it… Gifted so many times after getting one…

  88. Jessica Arenas

    Best book for little onesMy 3 year old wasn’t interested much in coloring, but she loves using this book. She now asks to color, and I love it!

  89. Gustavo Murguia

    Five StarsGreat book

  90. Lola

    Five StarsToddler approved

  91. Phyllis Mcgowan

    Five StarsShe like the animals fun coloring.

  92. Nancy E. Gordon


  93. Guzel Gabdullina


  94. Y ello dare :)

    Two StarsMany pages already colored and book is rather small.

  95. youknowit

    It’s OK but could be betterI’ve seen better books for this type of activity but this one is fine. The format is a bit weird to me…

  96. Kristy Jo

    Very simple, but to start them on workbooks is never a bad thing!This us great for a 1 year old just learning colors, VERY simple.

  97. J. Crater

    Basic, but funThis is a super easy workbook. My daughter, almost 3, can do 6-10 pages in a short amount of time. It is fun and she loves the limited amount she needs to color on each page. I recommend this product to kiddos that need to learnn coloring skills, or are just learning how to use crayons.

  98. Amazon Customer

    Good for disabled childrenMy 40 month old son was born with birth defects on his hands. The few fingers he has are very short and his muscles are a little weak. This book offers him a challenging and fun way to work on his fine motor skills. This workbook is well made with thick paper and a lot of colors. You cut off about 2/3 of the page and give it to your child and encourage him to color in the dot with a matching color on some of the pages. This is encouraging to small children so they don’t have to fill in an entire page themselves. The last page is a write on wipe off page! The only drawback is that $5.95 for a small workbook is rather pricey to me.

  99. Sue

    Five StarsGreat for my special needs students!

  100. PRichmond

    Step by Step Guide and Fun for ChildrenI’ve used this book on all of my four children and it’s great! The pluses are the thick paper, bold lines, and travel/compact size. I also have appreciated how they are smaller pages that children and complete faster as opposed to larger sheets with larger surface areas to cover. It also is a great introduction to colors with little information on each page that children can absorb. It takes things step by step and makes it very easy for a parent to facilitate. I would highly recommend.

  101. Alice F

    Good first coloring bookWhat I like:- small book, so easy to take with us (we like it to take to restaurants, as we don’t allow electronics at the table)- teaches colors- teaches how to color “within the lines”- nice learning curve – the book gets harder as you work your way through it- small areas to color, so even a child who’s not all that interested in coloring (or in sitting down, for that matter) can handle it- the illustrations are cute and summarized with one word above them, good for early reading- thick pages- useful notes for parents

  102. Jessi

    Five StarsThis has bright, engaging pictures that just need to be “finished.” My daughter really enjoys this series.

  103. Sergii

    Three StarsMy 2 years old daughter doesn’t like to draw what the task says, she is doing her own drawing.

  104. AmberSmude

    I fell in love with the idea of the book after seeing the …Not all of the pages are very interactive. I fell in love with the idea of the book after seeing the spaghetti page. However, most of them pages are simply “color the ice cream yellow” or something much simpler than expected.

  105. Jennifer

    Great book! Encouraging way to develop motor skillsThis series is a great incremental approach to working on coloring/motor skills. Although this is recommended for 2 and up, I would say it is better suited to older 2 year olds (2.5 and up) rather than all 2 year olds…primarily because most young 2 year olds aren’t as suited to listening to creative instruction (like “color here” etc).My son does love the book, though, and I love the incremental approach which builds confidence and skills at the same time!

  106. Melissa F. Fields

    Kinah’s MomI purchased this workbook for my three year old, noting that the workbook is suggested for 2 year olds and up. My daughter has already developed the intial fine motor skills for tracing her name, painting, coloring, pasting, modeling clay, using spray bottles, drawing circles, lines, rectangles, stick figures, etc., I purchased this workbook with the hope that we would re-trace any steps in the fine motor skill process that we may have missed. The book opens having the child draw “spaghetti” on a colorful plate in the workbook, draw the “dots” on a red strawberry, draw “raindrops” on a rainy day scene in the workbook. Several pages instruct the child to color in a white circle in the middle of a colorful object (i.e., a lemon, egg plant, green pepper, etc., Then the child will color in white squares on colorful objects. We have had fun with the workbook. And I’m hoping this practice book contributes postively to her penmanship and coloring.

  107. Amazon_Consumer

    SimpleIt’s too simple and small for my 2 1/2 yr old son. It would have been more appropriate to purchase at the end of 1 yr old or beginning of his 2 yr. old. I don’t think it’s worth $6 & would not have purchased this again if I would’ve seen in it person first. Overall, good for a younger than 2 1/2 yr old child.

  108. NK80

    Great book !Purchased the set of 4 – great practice that builds as you go !

  109. Anna

    Good qualityGood book

  110. Luana Machado

    Bom.Meus filhos gostaram.

  111. MostlyMommy

    The best first skill book for toddlers/preschoolersThe absolute best series of first skill learning books for toddlers. I bought this for my daughter at 2.5 years and now at 2.9 years she has completed the whole series and is so confident and proud of her work. Don’t hesitate to buy this!

  112. Marta

    Me ha gustado muchoEs un cuaderno a todo color. El tamaño es la mitad de un folio. Como se puede ver en las fotos no hay mucho para colorear, en mi caso esto es mejor, me está ayudando a trabajar con mi hija los colores y a que coloree solo la parte blanca del dibujo, así le resulta sencillo y no se aburre. Al final trae una especie de pizarra para rotuladores y un diploma.

  113. SamZ

    Love this book…have got it 3 timesI have purchase this book for all three kids of mine over time. They all loved it. And I feel it really helps develop their colouring skills.

  114. RJ2012

    Perfect for kids with fine motor delaysIt’s very basic, which has made it perfect for my delayed 4 year old. She hates colouring and had poor fine motor skills, and these pages are more like games that are quick to complete and she had gained confidence. If you have a typically developing child, I would probably skip it since it is pretty expensive.

  115. Maggie Dalmas

    Our granddaughter is enjoying it. I would recommend it.She is only 4 and spent a good deal of time using it.

  116. Sonja

    Great fun practise book!Great ideas! My 2,5 years old enjoys the tasks very much. Just like with the other Kumon set of books I limited the number of pics to 4-5 per session. She loves it so much that I put a string along the wall and clipped each picture for display as she wants to show Daddy and talk about the pictures. Her skills are certainly improving but of course she isn’t able to color only within the line and I doubt she will be able to for a long time but that’s normal.

  117. Mrs B

    ExcellentMy 2-year-old son likes colouring on the coloured pictures of this book much more than he likes traditional plain colouring pages. He can not hold a crayon properly or colour properly yet so I appreciate the explanation of how these skills will develop, and the activities which are appropriate for him. First the pages let him scribble (spaghetti on a plate, for example) and then he will move on to simple colouring.

  118. Daryal

    FunIts fun for kids and parents! Like it.

  119. Amazon Customer

    Good Item!It’s good but would be even better if including colour pens.

  120. Steven Zheng

    PicsThat is great

  121. Irene M. Cramer

    Phantastisches MalbuchBisher hatten wir klassische Malbücher für unseren Sohn, aber die haben ihm keinen Spaß gemacht, denn er ist klein und malt eben noch viel über die Ränder. Bei diesem ist das anders: Hier sind die Mal-Aufgaben genau auf kleine Kinder abgestimmt, so dass trotz Gekrakel das Ergebnis prima aussieht und unser Sohn sich über seine Erfolgserlebnisse freut. Kurz: Wenn man mit Kindern schrittweise malen üben möchte und die Kinder vor allem Spaß dabei haben sollen, sind diese Hefte von Kumon definitiv das Beste, was man finden kann!

  122. Elvira

    A partir de 2 añosAunque cuando me llegó me pareció que iba a ser muy fácil para mis hijas de 3 años y estuve a punto de devolverlo, la verdad es que a ellas les ha gustado mucho. Tiene formato pequeño ( cuartilla), 39 fichas a color, un diploma y una cartulina plastificada para usar de pizarra. Las fichas son sencillas, para completar y con pocos trazos, ( pinta pelo al niño, completa el limón de su color…) De ésta manera a las niñas les apetece seguir y seguir. Han hecho la mitad del cuaderno de una sentada. Por lo que durará poco. Es un cuaderno para ayudar en la autoestima, y enseñar al niño a mantenerse en una actividad durante un rato sentado. No pongo 5 estrellas porque se acaba pronto.

  123. Maur

    small but packed with good stuffSurprised me first at how small it was (like a quarter of a normal size. But it does say the dimensions so that was my fault. It’s still a great book and I love how easy it is for little ones to follow.

  124. Cliente Amazon

    attenzione, concentrazione e motricità fineIn qualità di insegnante di sostegno mi permette di lavorare con alunni che hanno serie difficoltà di motricità. Inoltre, riesco ad utilizzare il materiale anche per attività di attenzione, concentrazione e riconoscimento simboli. Consiglio questo prodotto ai genitori di bambini che sono alla scuola dell’infanzia e a tutti i docenti che giorno per giorno devono preparare lavori calibrati su alunni con importanti deficit.

  125. PG

    Excelente libro para colorear.A mi hija le encantó, le duró un mes, y ahora me pide mas libros. Comprare el que sigue, si es que lo encuentro.

  126. Cliente Amazon

    CaroCaro para lo que es

  127. Morris

    Four StarsBought as a gift. Parent was very pleased

  128. Kelen

    ExcelenteExcelente para introdução à criança em casa.

  129. Katie

    I wouldn’t purchase again.I wouldn’t purchase again. You can buy a colouring book from a dollar store and teach your 2 yo the same principles. There was nothing special in this book for the price.

  130. Mrs. Sandra M Foster

    my 3 year old granddaughter loves this book – not …my 3 year old granddaughter loves this book – not as daunting as a whole page to colour and keeps here enthusiastic for longer

  131. Amazon Customer

    Four StarsGood book.

  132. Paulina J.M.

    Pequeño.Padre pero muy pequeño.

  133. Sue Fox

    Five StarsJust right for 2 1/2 year old – short activities, bright and cheerful !

  134. Amazon Customer

    I’m angryThe book had missing some pages.

  135. Clare Hewitt

    Great way to introduce reason to more detailed colouringGreat way to introduce reason to more detailed colouring

  136. mrs angela dolby

    Five Starsgrandkids love it

  137. Astghik Salnazaryan

    No tiene sentidoYa viene con colores, solo un pequeño espacio para colorear … es en serio ?

  138. MRS P V MAY

    Five StarsThanks

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