Let’s Cut Paper: Amazing Animals

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Learning to safely use a pair of scissors is important for school and play activities—and your child will love developing this skill with paper animals. This workbook is for children who have never used scissors before. Children will learn how to hold and control a pair of scissors, and will advance from simple one-stroke cuts to complicated and curvy shapes.

5 7/8 x 8 1/4 inches. paperback. 40 sheets. full color. US $5.95 / C$6.95




Learning to safely use a pair of scissors is important for school and play activities—and your child will love developing this skill with paper animals. This workbook is for children who have never used scissors before. Children will learn how to hold and control a pair of scissors, and will advance from simple one-stroke cuts to complicated and curvy shapes.

5 7/8 x 8 1/4 inches. paperback. 40 sheets. full color. US $5.95 / C$6.95

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107 reviews for Let’s Cut Paper: Amazing Animals

  1. Melanie Hernandez

    Kindergarten/Preschool Prep should include cutting practice!The kiddo loves these! I was told by his preschool teacher that he needed to work on his cutting and tried some printable worksheets with different lines and shapes to cut, but he was bored with these and cutting practice turned into a chore. I was so happy. When I stumbled across this line of books. This particular one really captured my 5 year old’s attention and he now begs to do his “cutting homework” he does a couple pages everyday and his cutting has significantly improved. I like how it progresses in difficulty- gives my son the right amount of a challenge without being frustrating. Overall, it would highly recommend to parents, teachers and care givers! Cutting practice is often overlooked by parents when preparing their kiddos for school- don’t make the same mistake I did! I felt quite silly having focused all my attention on learning the alphabet, name writing, numbers, shapes etc. and having my child not know how to hold a pair of scissors lol Don’t beat yourself up if you’re like me though , kids learn fast!

  2. Juan Antonio Montero Diaz

    My daugther loved itShe worked with it immediately

  3. Jennifer Olsen

    Great for keeping little kids busyMy kids’ preschool teachers are always talking about scissor practice being great for fine motor skills, plus my children both love cutting things up. This book is a great way to keep them interested and cutting things they are SUPPOSED to cut. 😉 The book instructs parents to cut the project from the page for the child, but I just tear out an entire page and hand it to them, and that’s one more line they get to cut. The pages are stiff enough to be easy for them to manage, but no so stiff as to be hard to cut. It is a bit basic for my 4 year old, so it’s more a toy than educational for her, but I’ll still buy more when they’ve finished chopping up this one because they enjoy it so much and it keeps them busy. I do have to hang around to tear out the pages, but it works well for when I’m cooking dinner and they want to hang out in the kitchen with me.

  4. Jenny K

    my 2 year old LOVES it.when i give these kumon workbooks to my 2 year old, he is mesmerized and cannot get enough. i know these books say that you are only supposed to do 2 or 3 a day, but when it comes to these “cut paper” workbooks, i can’t tear him away. he will go through half of the book in a given day. we’ve bought multiples of these to feed his interests. just a month or so after introducing it for the first time, he’s now an expert at cutting (for his age). the only ones he has trouble with are the ones where you have to cut in a circle or a curve. he has yet to master turning the paper and cutting slowly to follow around… he tends to just close the scissor all the way down and ends up cutting a straight line instead. haha. anyway, we have a lot of fun with these books together. i highly recommend them.

  5. Anonymous

    Cute little book for preschoolers!!I was quite surprised with how small it was while I was holding it, BUT, it is actually perfect for a preschool to handle! He tries to follow the grey line when he is cutting! He is at the very beginning stage of learning how to cut!! He does like it!

  6. Ben and Larissa

    My four year old needs a little practice with scissors and this book was great motivation. He could do most of the projects …My four year old loves these books and went through this quickly! The books are sequential — kids practice cutting simple lines, then curves, etc before moving onto more sophisticated projects. My four year old needs a little practice with scissors and this book was great motivation. He could do most of the projects on his own. The pictures are really cute and colorful and the projects are interesting to preschool aged children. I would recommend this for ages 2.5 on up, depending on your child’s fine motor skills.

  7. Mamazabakaka

    Great for Some Kids, Meh for OthersMy 3- and 5-year-old grandsons in preschool and prekindergarten love cutting stuff with their little safety scissors, so I got them some of these Kumon books. They plow right through them, but it occupies them happily for an hour or so and I can see real progress in their ability to use scissors from when they first started with these books. The most dramatic improvement is with the 3-year-old. My 4-year-old grandson isn’t so crazy about them, but I expect he’ll come around to it (or not). Kids are funny.

  8. wxyzzzzzzzz

    Really helps cutting skillsThis is my fourth Kumon cutting book and I love them all. I like that this is a half-size book because my son has an easier time rotating the pages while cutting. Each page features an animal and make for fun pretend play after cutting out. Most of the time your child is just asked to cut along the lines, but there is also a bit of folding or glue/taping pieces together after cutting. Each page offers tips for the parents at the top as well as a “finished” picture.My son loves these books and if I don’t limit him would easily go through the whole book in a couple days.

  9. Warpath

    My two year old loves it!Although it’s still difficult to use scissors, he loves his Kumon books and asks to do his schoolwork all the time.

  10. Maggie

    This is great! Goes well with Melissa and Doug toddler scissorsI pair this book with those little Melissa and Doug plastic toddler scissors and my 3.5 year old loves it! A little challenging for her at her age but we haven’t done a lot of cutting yet, so I’m sure it will get easier quickly. Seems like a great age for her to start with this activity/with this book. Just on the edge of challenging, enough to wear it’s a good next step, but not enough as to wear she doesn’t want to practice.The quality of the pages is great and the activities area well designed. Good value.

  11. Emily E. Jefferys

    My 3 yr old daughter loves this book. I …My 3 yr old daughter loves this book. I wish it progressed a little more slowly though. It starts slow and easy- then you turn the page and they’re expecting zigzags.. :/ My daughter loves it anyway- though she definitely isn’t able to cut zigzags correctly.

  12. Ashley Spencer

    Perfect for learnersMy son absolutely loves. He just loves cutting paper so this was perfect. It also was great for practice and cutting with a purpose. Easy guided pictures.

  13. whatsnvc

    2.5yo Doesn’t Want to Cut the Kitty!This book is cute and a great idea. I was so excited to have an activity book geared towards my 2.5 year old. But in his 2.5 year old logic, he doesn’t want to cut the animals! I suspect this is just a stage, so we will have to try again later!

  14. Kathleen O

    It’s very nice and comes with scissors on heavy stockThis book was much larger than I had expected. It’s very nice and comes with scissors on heavy stock, but my four and a half year old granddaughters are too old for it now. I will wait for our 1 year old neighbor and give it to her next year. I do recommend it for younger kids.

  15. Ms. O

    Really Works!My daughter turned 26 months this week and she has successfully cut through about 10 pages. I still hold the paper for her on one side but she got the cutting motion down! Absolutely awesome. Even got compliments from my husband for helping her develop this skill! The paper, designs, concepts make cutting fun and easy. At first we had to stop the first 2 sessions b/c she wouldn’t listen to directions on how to hold the scissors but once she caught on, no listening= no cutting, she really paid attention.

  16. Rick

    Recommended for little ones who are learning to use scissorsMy son is enjoying the activities in the book and learning to use scissors. Recommended for little ones who are learning to use scissors.

  17. clovermommy

    very neat idea for preschoolersthe activities seem to jump in difficulty after the first 3 pages and the fact you can only use a page once (which i realize is unavoidable). i would have given 5 stars if there were duplicate pages of the same activity which would give a kid the opportunity to practice. We copied pages with a copy machine to make practice pages.

  18. Jea K. Lee

    Great and fast!The quality of the item is great and the fast shipping!

  19. Stephanus V.

    GreatColorful and fun! Was originally surprised as thought book was small, however it is perfect for child sized hands

  20. Charlie E Maloof

    Great for learnersSo cute! Every page is an activity and gets progressively harder

  21. Maxemilio Jimenez

    Excellent productExcellent successful exercises

  22. J. Hall

    A hit with grandsonsMy very active 3-year-old and 6-year-old grandsons will actually sit still for 10 minutes at a time to do these activities. That may not sound like much to you, but did I mention that they are very active? 🙂

  23. Jessica Stafford

    Good for beginner scissor usersPre preshooler loved this cutting activity book!

  24. Erika Belland

    LOVEMy daughter is 3.5 and loves to do these!!!! She always asks to cut paper and she has gotten really good at it!! I highly recommend this and all of the Kumon products!

  25. Kim

    Four StarsLiked it

  26. Debbie Grimes

    Four StarsCute book with several graded scissor skill activities. A little short.

  27. Joan Lewellen

    Kumon workbooksThey are excellent. A wonderful tool to help for my grandson to learn. I have bought many of them already.

  28. Jessica3304

    Great cutting bookThis is a great cutting book….good quality and each page is bright and good pictures and cutting activities. Will order more from this brand…

  29. Pami K

    fun and age appropriate activity for my 3yrVery quick, fun and age appropriate activity for my 3yr old

  30. fivejammers

    Lots of fun!This was a Christmas gift for a 5 year old who loves to cut things out. Highly recommend! Get one today!

  31. Jill Skaggs

    Cutting DesignsWe use thee cutting workbook with oour 2 1/2 year old granddaughterShe cat cut many pages easily Good preside directons

  32. Patrick M.

    Great qualityThis is a creative book that my 4 year old son loves, but I don’t care for the 2011 editions quite as much as the older ones.

  33. FM

    funI got this for my 3yr old – loves to do this !!!very fun with nice colorful pictures- nice

  34. Kristin Lester

    Love itAnything Kumon makes is perfect. I am a school teacher with 100’s of resources yet I still purchase Kumon for my little man.

  35. NetGirl

    Five StarsIt is good for beginners.

  36. D. Morris

    Great activity book!My 4 yr old granddaughter loves it!

  37. Julie Francois

    Small workbook – my son is still a little young …Small workbook – my son is still a little young for this. Will hold onto for a while before trying again.

  38. Amazon Customer

    Five StarsMy preschoolers loved this book and the activities

  39. m

    Five StarsFun and simple. Kids love it.

  40. Cheryl

    Five Starsfast shipping and great book

  41. sunny

    Not what i expected.Grandson (3) is not interested at all. It does no live up to the reviews I read. Not really helpful for learning to cut.

  42. Margaret C.

    great toolWhen I first started to hear about skills books like cutting and stickers and paste I rolled my eyes thinking why would you need a book for that? I do not remember learning to use scissors it was just something that was. After using this book with my daughter I think it’s amazing. Using the thick lines and gently improving the skill level is so important and probably would have gotten over a lot of unnecessary frustration if I had just later given her scissors and just “here cut it”. Learning to cut straight is one thing, then the skill of opening the scissors and moving them to cut further down the line is another, then add onto that curves and change of directions! Let’s Cut Paper! is a great tool for teaching scissor skills and using something like this makes me feel a lot better about what she’s doing, plus with the little activities at a time, she is so proud of herself. :)This one is Amazing Animals, each page is something related to an animal and that adds such a flavor of excitement and fun. There appears to also be other choices such as Food Fun and the originals of Let’s Cute Paper! and More Let’s Cut Paper! Is it silly that I want them all?*Thanks to Kumon for providing samples for review.*

  43. TLMH

    Five StarsPerfect learning workbook for 3/4 year olds

  44. Villegirl

    Came on time.It is ok . Nothing special.

  45. JenP

    develops skills in a fun wayI love this series of books. My daughter started out without knowing how to use scissors and by the end of the book she was cutting out complicated shapes. She thought the exercises were like games and was always begging to do more of them. Highly engaging and very useful in gradually teaching more complex skills. Great for fine motor development.

  46. Aaron Johnson

    a good pre-Kumon bookThis is a great start to Kumon. The pages are easier for younger kids because they are smaller than the 8 1/2 by 11 size in the regular Kumon curriculum. Fun and creative projects to do on most pages keep it interesting even for my 4 year old.

  47. CDUBU

    Lots of cutting sheets for practice!Just what I was looking for for cutting practice! A ton of sheets!

  48. Evgeniy

    Kumon ist die beste!Das beste Buch für kleine Kinder (ab 3 Jahre), um richtig schneiden zu lernen. Schöne Bilder, sinnvolle Aufgaben, wir haben schon 2 geschneidet)))

  49. Krissy

    Schneideübungen für die FeinmotorikWir haben bereits das Vorgängerheft zum Schneidenüben und da es meinem Sohn so sehr gefallen hat, habe ich den Nachfolger bestellt. Am Anfang wurde wieder leichte Schneideübungen (kurze Linien, dann lange Linien, Längst, Quer, Diagonal) wiederholt. Danach ging es an Schwungschneiden oder Schneiden über Kante, Spirale und zum Schluss ganze Bilder ausschneiden.Wir haben uns jetzt schon das nächste Heft dafür besorgt, da es dem Kind (4) Spass macht und auch zum selber schneiden anregt. So wollte er bereits in einem weiteren Kumon Buch zum kleben (Sticker and Paste) die Figuren selber ausschneiden und einkleben. Für uns ein großer Fortschritt.

  50. Amazon Customer

    Fun bookFew things difficult for my 4 year old to cut round but generally well recieved

  51. Labuchi

    Genial!A mi peque de 3años le ha encantado! Casi ha terminado el libro en un día, es ideal para aprender a cortar con tijeras, cada hoja aumenta la dificultad. Todo un acierto!

  52. Fernando Rivilla Vaz

    Bien hecho, educativo, vale la pena.Me sorprendí mucho al ver este libro y estoy muy contenta. Es para mi hijo y le va venir bien para practicar con las tijeras. Creo que sería un buen regalo para su primo también, así que volveré comprarlo de nuevo y otros de esta serie.

  53. nora mcsherry

    The cutting book with a special look and teaching little ones to strutt their stuffMy 2 year old grandson loved this book we bought it to teach him how to cut he now cuts everything in site!! I will be buying another of these

  54. Nerea

    Esta bienEsta bien. No es muy grande pero correcto.

  55. MollyMoon

    Nice bookGrandkids love it so I do too

  56. Paul Rice

    Great buyAmazing kept my preschooler entertained while homeschooling older ones! He is very skilled with cutting out for his age I think thanks to these books!

  57. MrsW

    Excellent product!Amazing value and great product, I couldn’t get me cocker spaniel booked into the groomers for a long overdue groom so I bought these and the results were amazing I trimmed her all over on a number 6, her ears on a 3 and then finished her paws and ears with the scissors. She looked as good if not better than the groomers, I’m now investing in a table and will so it myself from now on, it will save me a fortune!! And I found it quite therapeutic!

  58. Christina Dobson

    Great for cutting skillsGreat book for developing cutting skills. My two year old and 5 year old both really enjoy it

  59. Isabel D.

    Genial.Me gusta todos los libros de Kumon. Este libro es genial para mi hija de 3 anos.

  60. Waz

    Great to improve scissors skillsMy 3 yrs old love it and want to do more everyday. I love how the kumon books increase the level of difficulty

  61. Nicolas

    Fun for toddler!My 3 year old in 2 days has basically mastered cutting with this book. He loves the fun animals and being able to cut and make a dog’s tail wag or a pelican eat fish, etc.Makes learning fun! Highly recommend this!

  62. Little Zuki

    Great book for crafty toddlers.My 3 year old son enjoyed every page of this but I wouldn’t buy again as I can easily draw pictures for him to cut instead of buying an expensive book which only last a couple of hours.

  63. S-C-C

    Helpful for fine motor skills in young childrenBought for my nearly 4 year old, she loves cutting out the pictures and has helped her fine motor skills.

  64. vicky

    good pricenice book

  65. EP


  66. Ana I

    Todos los Kumon son fantásticos.Tenía libros de colorear y de pegatinas en casa para reforzar la psicomotricidad fina en mi hijo de 4 años pero nunca quería ponerse. Compre varios Kumon y los hace casi de seguidos. Llega del cole y ya me pregunta ¿recortamos, doblamos o hacemos lineas? Porque traen muchos para hacer y la dificultad es progresiva pero lenta. Mi hijo recorta ya perfectamente y domina el trazo y dobla justo por la linea

  67. Carole A

    ExcellentMy 4 year old grandson loves this book, enjoyed working on it with his little scissors, and talking about the animal pictures, etc. Really good, thank you.

  68. BB

    Four StarsFine for my 4 year old grandson.

  69. Myriam

    Ideal para empezar a recortar con tijerasEl tamaño del libro es la mitad de un DINA4. El contenido ideal, como el resto de libros Kumon. Contiene 40 páginas. La dificultad va augmentando, se empieza con rectas para seguir con diagonales y finalmente con las curvas. La línea por dónde hay que recortar mide unos 3-4 cm y por tanto permite hacer bien la actividad aunque los niños no dispongan de una magnífica precisión con las cuchillas de las tijeras.

  70. Amazon Customer

    Nice and good qualityNice book

  71. Melanie

    Great book for my sonMy son really enjoys this cutting book. Makes him very proud when he completes a page. The pictures are nice and colorful too. Just wish the book was bigger in size.

  72. Morris

    Four StarsBought as a gift for a 2yr. Parent was pleased

  73. Jane

    My 2.10 yrs old boy lefty can learn from zero to master his cutting skill in one book. I buy other books in this series since heMy 2.10 yrs old boy lefty can learn from zero to master his cutting skill in one book. I buy other books in this series since he seems to have fun while learning new skills.

  74. Sacha Webber

    Brilliant aid for fine motor skillsI bought this for my son who is struggling to use scissors. What a fantastic book this is!!!! We do a few pages a day and he’s really getting the hang of it. The pages start with very simple cuts then gradually progress to more complicated cutting, eg curves, zig zags

  75. lizzy

    ExcellantReally worth buying if you have time to spend with child. child enjoyed and me also

  76. George L

    Four StarsHelps pre school get dexterity to use scissors, but some are quite hard.

  77. Elena U.

    muy recomendableEs la segunda vez que compro estos cuadernos. esta vez las compre para regalar. Mi hijo de 3 años los trabajo todos y muy encantado. Compré varios cuadernos de Kumon tanto en inglés como en español. Son muy recomendables.

  78. Kate

    Kumon – è una garanziaVa benissimo per bimbi che stanno imparando/hanno appena imparato a ritagliare. Stimola la manualità e l’attenzione del bambino quando deve ricomporre i pezzi.

  79. Amazon Customer

    Muito bom para o desenvolvimentoExcelente

  80. Kim C.

    Good for helping cutting skillsKept my 4 year old busy for an hour. Good for helping cutting skills.


    Good funKids loved it, 3 year old triplets.

  82. larry stephens

    Five StarsVery good introduction for a three year old to control using scissors

  83. Liliana

    Five StarsGreat book and extremely creative. You wouldn’t expect less from a Japanese author (book is in English).

  84. baking queen

    VibrantGreat for cutting skills.Colourful and keeps little ones busy

  85. Cliente Amazon

    Para niños de dos años?Es un libro bonito pero lo compré porque ponía que es para niños a partir de dos años y yo creo que es algo complicado, dependerá de cada niño pero en general no creo que sea para esa edad.

  86. FF

    Five StarsBought quite a few from the same series. Very interesting activity book.

  87. Chi

    my daughter liked this one betterCompared to food version, my daughter liked this one better.

  88. Mrs Catherine Hamilton

    Cutting bookThe book is of a size that will be easily handled by a small child which is good. However, I expected the colours to be brighter and I am rather disappointed by that.

  89. Amazon Customer

    Five StarsBrilliant idea to teach hand eye co ordination

  90. Amazon Kunde

    just funvery nice for a long train trip with my 4 years old sonhat viel Spass bei einer langen mit meinem vierjährigen Sohn gemacht.

  91. Hay81

    Well satisfiedGreat product my little one loves it

  92. Consumidor Compulsivo

    Lo mejorEl mejor regalo que he hecho a mi nena. Súper entretenida con este libro!!

  93. tanya petkova

    Good productGood product

  94. Isabella

    Muito educativoAs atividades propostas são muito interessantes e ajudam muito no desenvolvimento da coordenação motora fina da criança, além de concentração também.

  95. Alex

    RecommendedEasy to lern.

  96. Aleksandra Pogrodka

    Cold be nicer picsMy daughter doesn’t like pictures

  97. Emma B

    Five StarsMy son loves this

  98. Liz

    Develops cutting skillsMy three year old grandson loved this.

  99. AL

    PerfectMy 2 year old loves this, great for control and so proud when gets it done. So impressed I bought 2nd book 🙂

  100. vicky

    Perfect!Perfect for helping little hands learn! Mini loves it too x

  101. fangal

    Five StarsExcellent

  102. Witch

    No lo recomiendoTiene tantas buenas opiniones que esperaba más, demasiado sencillo, casi ridiculo para un niño de 4 años. No volvería a comprarlo, me ha parecido tirar el dinero

  103. S. Winckel

    Des découpages pour se perfectionnerTrès grand succès de ce livre de découpage auprès de mon fils (4,5 ans). La progression est douce et ludique, il le réclame spontanément.

  104. Amazon Customer

    Five Starsthanks

  105. Mrs. Ann Tulloch

    Five StarsMy grandchildren loved it.

  106. Mrs. Christine Barker

    Five Starsgranddaughter age 5 loves cutting out

  107. Nadia Hilton

    Five Starsthanks

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