Let’s Fold!

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Folding paper provides an important tactile experience and fine motor control lesson for young children. This workbook progresses from simple one-fold projects, all way through beginning origami. Along the way, children will delight in creating fun and amusing paper toys and art projects.

5 7/8 x 8 1/4 inches. paperback. 40 sheets. full color. US $5.95 / C$6.95




Folding paper provides an important tactile experience and fine motor control lesson for young children. This workbook progresses from simple one-fold projects, all way through beginning origami. Along the way, children will delight in creating fun and amusing paper toys and art projects.

5 7/8 x 8 1/4 inches. paperback. 40 sheets. full color. US $5.95 / C$6.95

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136 reviews for Let’s Fold!

  1. Susan

    Another great little skill book from KumonI am a homeschool mom who recently discovered the GREAT Kumon books for children. LET’S FOLD is part of the Kumon First Steps series, which also includes 3 other books: Let’s Color, Let’s Sticker and Paste, and Let’s Cut Paper. The books in this series are recommended for ages 2 and up. I want to say I am using these with my 8 yr. old son, along with the regular Kumon books, and he is enjoying it very much. Many children take a while to learn to handle scissors, pencils, glue, and these fun workbooks are a simple and fun way for them to learn these skills!In LET’S FOLD, there are 39 folding projects. No cutting is involved for the child. Mom or Dad cuts the project off the page for the child to work on. The first 4 folding projects are very simple; folding the square paper in half; a rabbit and panda thus do “peek a boo”, a dog has a bone hidden in his mouth, you can make the boy laugh or cry. Projects 5-14 introduce folding the square twice, where the ends meet in the center. This was NOT at first easy for my son, so I am glad there were so many pages of this sort of fold. Projects included: opening the 2 flaps to see the bear and pig change clothes, and many were opening the folded flaps to see the inside of a fruit or vegetable, such as an apple, papaya, cabbage, lemon, melon, green pepper, etc. Projects 15 and 16 introduced folding the 2 bottom corners up to finish the zebra’s or bear’s face. Projects 17-22 involve the fold where all 4 corners of the square are folded to the center point, making a smaller square. Again, this is NOT always easy for a child to master! These have photos of animals from the rear or as babies, and when the folding is done you see a full view of the animal and in the case of the babies, the grown up animals. Projects 23-32 involve folds that will change the picture (cute drawings) from one thing to another thing as you unfold it: chainging the number of candies, or an elephant into a mouse, or a donkey into a fish. The last 3 have many more folds to create a series of illustrated actions. Projects 33 to 36 are “origami”, with the child doing folds in order to make a paper hat, a boquet of flowers in a paper wrapper, a fox’s head and a dog’s head with ears, etc. The last 3 projects involve accordian or “paper fan” folds, and when folded correctly, one side has tigers, one side has zebras, etc. This is a very well done book for children printed on sturdy paper, and the projects are fun and attractive. Folding isn’t something we think children should learn, but it is a good skill, and helps children to learn to concentrate, be careful, and see that paper can make pretty and fun things when folded neatly. I highly recommend it for all children, and I don’t think any parent would be disappointed with it. It is something fun and quick you can do together without a lot of supplies; just you and your child, a pair of scissors, and this book. Have fun!

  2. Claire

    Good quality productsThis is a high quality printed book, thick and good weight and the prints are high quality.. almost a little too good, since kids will just cut through it like any other cheap paper. My daughter loves to cut and paste and I figured I get her folding too. She’s not quite gotten the hang of it yet and she’s 3 and 1/2. I don’t think a 2 yr old will be able to do this at all.Nonetheless, it had cute animals and cartoon characters and kids will be sure to like it. The book, like the other books in this series, progress from simple one fold, to tri-fold, to folding corners, to simple origami etc. My daughter likes this book, but not as much as the cut and paste one.Oh, there is a certificate of completion and a reusable drawing board where you and draw and erase. Although you’d probably have to tear it out of the book to use it since the book is very thick and on the small size (5′ x 8′). It would be difficult to hold down the rest of the book and just write on the drawing board. We have not used it.I would have liked it more if it was bigger, thinner with perforated sheets, and a bit cheaper!

  3. Agata Bergstrom

    Our least favorite Kumon bookThis should not be advertised as “ages 2+”, more like Kindergarten level. I bought these for 3 & 4.5 year olds and there’s no way they can do these activities without significant help, so frustration set in (they like to do activities independently and don’t enjoy being dependent on my help). So we’re holding off for now.Other than that, the exercises are colorful and creative. Start fairly simple and get progressively harder. It’s just not for 2 year olds. And the paper is also pretty thin and slippery, and I think it makes it harder and requires greater fine motor skills and coordination. IMHO an entry level folding workbook should be made out of cardstock with pre-made creases for folding. Then progressively remove the creases and move on to thinner paper.

  4. Elizabeth the Mom

    Excellent way for Parents to take 5-10 mins a day to Teach ,Connect , Calm Down and Enjoy w/KidWhile my kids enjoy playing education apps on the Ipad , Workbooks are a great way to contribute to your child’s learning. These books not only teach but as have instructions or reminders for parents relating to giving encourament or to reminder to have child to slow down or the level difficultly for each page etc… I love Kumon books because they visually appeal to my kids the activity is short and each page has instructions and it doesn’t take any prep work .I bought this book to do with my toddlers girls ages 1 and 3 yrs old but was pleasantly suprised when my 6 old son wanted to do this activity too , I just choose a more diffcult one for him . They really enjoy folding and also playing peekaboo with project .Once the activity was completed I have my kids to trade with each other or give to someone as a gift. Kumon books are a great way to get kids learning without being too long or boring .

  5. thegingerflower

    Super cute drawings, and funMy 3 (now 4) year old daughter loved this book! I love how it’s progressive — starts easy and gets progressively harder. I was pretty amazed how much better she got from the start to the end. I couldnt imagine her cutting the things at the back of the book when we first started, but by the end she was able to.The drawings are super cute, and the quality is great. Almost a little too good for somethign that’s going to get thrown away after being cut…But overall we love it, and i ended up buying other Kumon books too.

  6. sweet marie

    Engaging and cleverIt’s not just folding. It’s more like cute little tricks with folding. My grandkids ages 3 and 5 both enjoyed this, and they like going back to the things they folded and playing with them.

  7. Sandra

    Fold away!We use these at home as fun arts projects. Very simple folding. Maybe one or two folding per page. But something about it my kindergartener loves!As for me I was disappointed when I flipped through the book. But my son can get enough of it.So big 5 stars since it’s for my son and teaching how to fold and follow directions. The fact he wants to do more everytime and I have to reason with him to save some for next time is a good thing!

  8. N. Terry

    Great for little handsThese are great for kiddos that struggle with folding and fine motor skills. They are cute pics and my son enjoys using them to act out stories we have read etc.

  9. dusty_puppy

    Get this book first!Not quite as fun as “cut & paste.” So I would recommend starting with this book, and introducing “cut & paste” after you’re done. But, it’s not the books fault, folding is important and fun in its own way. It’s hard to follow stickers and glue!

  10. Thai Mama

    Very cute and good quality paperI really like the paper quality of the pages. The paper is easy to fold and refold, which is great. I wish that it was perforated so that I can just quickly tear out each piece instead of having to cut it.The images are very cute but I wish that they didn’t repeat so much. For example, there was a section of folding two sides to the middle, all were fruits…like 5+ of them. So, you might want to skip around in the book and not go along exactly to mix it up a bit.

  11. Nancy M. Daly

    These smaller sized “first books” are a better size for little handsI bought the larger Kumon books before I realized there was an order to them. These smaller sized “first books” are a better size for little hands. My grandson loves them all (we have cutting, coloring and sticker/pasting, as well), but he actually wants to keep all his “folds” and proudly shows them as “magic tricks.” The paper is a nice heavy weight and the illustrations are bold and fun. I plan on buying them all!

  12. PC

    All a little high in price but great products!I ordered several of these for Christmas for my 3 year old granddaughter and she plows through them. Mom has to make her stop because she will do more than a book a day. Little one loves the fact that she is doing “school” with her older home schooled siblings. Mom loves the fact that she is learning skills needed to start kindergarten one day. I have also ordered cutting, tracing, numbers, letters, etc. All a little high in price but great products!!!

  13. S

    My 3 years old loves itAt the first beginning, it’s a little bit hard to cut the sheet from the book by himself. Now I see the improvement on how he handles the scissor by himself. He likes all fun designs and doesn’t want to stop. The quality of the paper is also pretty good. Highly recommended.

  14. Beth M.

    Never too late to startMy son is five and I realized when I saw this workbook that he’d never really been taught how to correctly fold. So I bought this book and we do a couple pages three times a week. He enjoys it so much that he wants to learn how to make paper airplanes that can really fly! The book is rated for 2 and up but it is not too young for a five or six year old that hasn’t had lots of practice in folding.

  15. Amazon Customer

    Great Value For The Price!Awesome! My almost 4 year old LOVES to work from this book. The folding projects are fun, entertaining and engaging to her! They start off very simple with pictures that require only 1 fold and work up to full on, simple, origami animals. It is a great value for the price.

  16. thejem

    Great skillbuilder!My toddler is asking to do all of the school things that her big sister does. This is a great way to offer her the experience without having to prep. It is ready when she is! It is engaging for her.

  17. CDUBU

    Nice for practicing foldingJust as I expected, nice book of sheets to help practicing with folding!

  18. BaseballGal

    DIdn’t think I’d like it but…I thought of all the first step workbooks this would be the one I liked least. After all, folding paper doesn’t seem very exciting. But my two year old loves folding the pages and the way the pages are laid out they are fun to see what the end product. She opens and unfold them over and over. We do them at restaurants while waiting for our meals and it is a quiet activity that very surprisingly holds her interest for quite a while!

  19. K. Tsikhan

    Great skill developing bookWhat a great activity book!My kids love it. Great way to occupy kids for 20-30 minutes at a time.

  20. wolfie

    Good skills practice, small formatLike other Kumon workbooks, this one has great graphics and clear instructions on how to lead your child through the skill building. What I did not expect was that the workbook is half the size of the other Kumon workbooks I have seen. Instead of an 8″x11″ format, this one is approximately 8″x6.5″ and opens like a Mad Libs book or a steno notebook, as opposed to opening like a book or magazine. I think paying full price for half a workbook is too much. At a lower price this is a 5 star item, but right now it’s only a three.

  21. Alexis Munoz

    Okay3 year old didnt get it. 5 year year old more interested.

  22. TracyR

    Love this for my just 4 year old twin boys!We love this book. This is what we do for “homework” while my oldest son does his homework. This is helping the boys get those fine motor skill so make sure the paper is folded straight and thoroughly. The books is a little smaller than i thought in size but that’s what makes it cute!! Would recommend to any preschooler who wants to engage in some homework!

  23. Heckel emilie

    original and entertaininggreat little book, I love the kumon! finally a change from stickers and cutting paper! the book is smaller than the others but as it’s a folding game it is better because making it bigger would be a too big challenge for the small ones and the appropriate age would have to go up a bit, lots of imagination and discovery, great logical, mathematical and delicate skills development, just love it 🙂

  24. Cheleigh

    Folding FunKumon has great activity books. These pages are easy to tear and fold. This is easy for a parent to guide a child ages 3-4 and even the child can figure the folds out quickly on his/her own. This is a great product for a great price. This is a great way to practice fine motor skills or enhance listening and attention while having fun at the same time!

  25. Lindsey Wolfe

    .Smaller than I thought it was going to be, but that’s my fault for not paying attention to the listed dimensions. 🙂

  26. T Curtis

    lets foldMy two and a half year old loves these, they have such fun ideas; not only do you learn to fold but what you fold the paper into has pictures that when you open and close have animals playing peek a boo, alternate between being happy and sad, between having jammies and clothes, eating a bone… she loves them!

  27. Kindle Customer Kat

    smaller than expected but it’s a good bookI really like this book for my kids because the directions are easy, and they love the illustrations. We kept the folded dog one with the bone that folds one scene to the next, they like to show me “dog with bone, [fold] num, num, num!!”What we don’t like is the small size of the book and it’s not an easy tear out, you cut each page out yourself.

  28. DE

    Great productMy 25 month old loves this.

  29. ThornTown

    Fun for 2 1/2 year oldMy son enjoys all of these books for his age group. I definitely recommend them.. I only gave this four stars because folding isn’t his favorite book, but he enjoys it. Cutting and Pasting is the five star of the group, but of course!

  30. Jeremiah Santiago

    Amazing!Amazing!! My son LOVES it! Highly recommend!

  31. Sara

    Four StarsAll the kumon books are cool and well made!

  32. Mary W

    Great for Tool Preschoolers!My mother and I have begun homeschooling my 3 year old daughter. She really enjoys the Kumon Let’s Fold workbook. The workbook breaks down the skill into easy to grasp activities. She doesn’t realize that she is learning; she just knows that she is having fun.

  33. Natasha

    Four StarsThe least favorite of the activities but goes well when mixed with other Kumon books.

  34. CC, WI

    A great giftBought two of these as a gift

  35. Cynthia B

    Great for a car tripMy 3 year old son had so much fun with these that the folded pages became characters we used to entertain him through the whole trip. Great activity book.

  36. Jocey.Amazonshopper

    I love them and he gets excite to do themI have started using the KUMON books with my toddler! I love them and he gets excite to do them! Win win situation!

  37. Abi A

    Five StarsVery cute and great for teaching my 3 year old to fold/make airplanes as she calls it 🙂

  38. Ray Perreault

    That’s entertainmentLots of detail good quite activity

  39. Rebelfair

    small book big potentialThis book is smaller that I had expected. It’s probably 6×9 inches. The pictures are vibrant and fun.I bought it for my 3 year old and he doesn’t like it as much as the cutting book. It’s fun every now and then but he’d rather fold paper airplanes and that teaches the same skills.

  40. Lois Williams


  41. Sabrina Overby


  42. KathyO

    Fun and educational for young childrenGrandkids love it good for developing simple cutting skills and following directions. They find them fun to use.

  43. surabi

    GreatEasy to follow instructions for parent and child ..great way to get ur kid to learn how to fold.. Bought it for my 2 1/2 son

  44. Mrs

    Children’s ActivitiesThis is a good book on teaching children how to fold. The process is simple and the activities have been geared well to “beginners.”

  45. mamatimes3

    Please check out the measurements, really smallGave as a gift so can’t speak to the contents, but please note that these books are small, check out the measurements. I unfortunately did not prior to purchasing. I bought two of these (Let’s Fold! and Let’s Sticker & Paste!) thinking it would be a good combined gift, but they’re so small I felt it looked a little cheap. Had to add another part to the gift.

  46. Kellydooddad

    2 yr old likes itI also bought the cutting and the pasting book. THis is probably my 2 year old’s least favorite. However, he’s three now and seems to enjoy it more.

  47. FM

    niceit seems like a nice book – to be honest haven’t really tried it that much yet !!!but sure it will be fun

  48. Cathy

    Great Learning Tool!This is so much fun to do with a “grown-up” that the kids think they are playing not even knowing they are learning!

  49. Nanna

    Love my GrandchildrenThe whole serries of these books are GREAT. I am a retired 7th grade teacher blessed with 6 children under 5 in my family. I wish all children would have the opportunity to start their education with these books.

  50. Charpin

    3-year-old loves it!My 3-year-old daughter loves this activity book. It’s small enough to throw in my purse and take with us to dinner to occupy her. The pages are thick and the colors are bright.

  51. Joan Lewellen

    Kumon workbooksThey are excellent. A wonderful tool to help for my grandson to learn. I have bought many of them already.

  52. gr8scott72

    Great Manual Skills BookMy children get plenty of practice with this book. I like how many pages are repetitive, so it helps reinforce certain folds.

  53. doodledeedoo

    Great buyI started on these late. Still great for a 4 year old.

  54. XialR81

    Preeschool activityBright pictures. Simple instructions. If your child likes crafts and is interested in paper manipulation buy it.

  55. James R. Bird

    Involve yourself and child in learningMakes cute pictures and peak-a-boo type puppets to keep child engaged. Teaches kids to follow directions while learning to fold as well.

  56. Tony N.

    Great developmental activity for us to enjoy togetherMy two year old loves it! Great developmental activity for us to enjoy together.

  57. Lauren Waters

    My advanced 2 year old loves this bookThis book challenges my advanced 2 year old and she is rapidly getting better at folding. This book is fun for her and she loves doing her “homework.”

  58. Christina

    great workbookMy 2.5vyear old cousin love loves loves this workbook! Excellent buy! Very educational and fun. Perfect for a beginners book

  59. Megan

    FunIt is very cute little book. My daughter concentrates so hard when she works on it! She always wants to play with it…

  60. J. Hall

    Good productI bought this for my 3- year old and 6 year old grandsons. It is creatively done and very colorful

  61. Angela M. Garner

    Great for 2 year old!Perfect for my 2 year old girl!

  62. TM

    Five StarsThese have been a hit when entertaining my daughter, nephews and young cousins!

  63. Mom of 2

    Highly recommendThese are great books, we have all of them. My kids love them!

  64. John Spencer

    Excellent Workbooks!Excellent workbooks!

  65. Diana

    Love thisPerfect for those learning to cut and it really does help!

  66. Kindle Customer

    Great bookGreat item for toddlers

  67. Amazon Customer

    Five StarsKids love it

  68. Jill C Schlanser

    Five StarsThe instructions and hints for adult helpers are great.

  69. Eunice339

    fun for young onesThis workbook was perfect for my 2.5 y/o. Not only does he enjoy folding the pictures, he loves to use the pictures to play pretend.

  70. reviewmom

    not what I expected…your child may not be able to do this on their ownYour 2 year old may not be able to do this on their own. They will need help. As the folding gets more difficult, they will definitely need help! My 5 year old daughter even needed my help folding this. Once your child folds each picture (and that’s if he or she has acquired the skill to fold) that’s it! There’s nothing else! As the other reviewer stated: loose papers all around the house! I did however turn some of the folded papers into puppets on popsicle sticks.

  71. Gustavo Murguia

    Five StarsGreat book

  72. Elizabeth D

    Five StarsGreat for 2 Year Old

  73. M.Deruelle

    more simple fun for preschoolersThe ideas are so simple, but my son loves the colorful pictures and the end results. They are a treat for him and he looks forward to his “school work.”

  74. Lily

    Excellent teaching toolMy 2-1/2 yr old daughter really enjoys her Kumon workbooks. She calls them “homework”, and she has several workbooks: mazes, tracing, coloring – they are all great.

  75. Maria

    Five Starsgood

  76. Cheryl

    Five Starsfast shipping and great book

  77. Kshirod Palei

    Five StarsI loved it

  78. Richard R. Strahm

    Five Starsgreat

  79. Yomien

    They have just as much fun playing with paper from junk mailOur boys (3 years old) don’t get excited about it. They have just as much fun playing with paper from junk mail.

  80. Chang

    Not easy to useWorst part is the instruction, hard to understand for a 4-year old

  81. Muttley

    good folding exercises for three years old and older ( not 2 years old as stated on the cover)We love Kumon books in general and they have helped my 4 years old son a lot in developing fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination. These books in general focus on one specific skill which in this case is folding. It is a collection of around 40 activities that are in a notepad shaped book. The activity section needs to be cut out of the book which parents can do or if your child is good with scissor activities he/she can do it as well. When you remove the activity section the remaining bit which stays connected to the book has a small description of what to do (such as fold along this line ) and a small illustration of the final figure.The paper is pretty thick and the figures are easy to understand for each task. The instructions are pretty consistent ( fold downwards along the (- -) lines and fold upwards along the (-.-) lines.). Thus, even without the parent needing to read the task and explain it to the kid, he/ she can guess what to do after getting familiar with the scheme. The first part of the book focuses on only one way of folding. It starts with holding a long a straight line and then goes to diagonal where folded corners meet in the middle. Finally last few task require the kid to do a combination of folding upwards and downwards in a sequential way. But the scope of this book does not require more than two steps of foldings. IIf your child can go through these exercises and complete the book then he/she can go to the next challenge level

    More Let’s Fold!

     and in that book the easier ones are like the final tasks of this one while the more difficult ones are even challenging for an adult.I can recommend this book for any child older than 3 years old. You can try it with younger ones and they can do the early exercises with your help but expecting a 2 years old to master it would be an unrealistic goal

  82. D. Cardwell

    Great books but a little small.I recently decided to do preschool at home with my 3 year old. I knew immediately that I wanted to order this book series from Kumon. They are right at the skill level that I was looking for to start out my son with. While I am very happy with the exercises in the books, they are alot smaller than I expected. When I read “workbook”, I was expecting a typical workbook size but these are about half the size of a typical workbook so the pages are very small.I would have given them 5 stars if not for the small size. Other than that, these are great workbooks. I recommend making copies of the pages so that if your child doesn’t do well on their first try they can try, try again. Makes for good practice. I make several copies of each page instead of using the actual pages in the workbook.

  83. PRichmond

    My 3 Year Old is an Origami Master!I’ve loved using this book for my children and in the end, they’ve all ended up being origami masters (for their ages)! I’ve just finished walking my 3rd child through this book. She started it around 2 1/2 and it ended up being too difficult for her at that time. But, we’ve picked it up again this summer (she is now 3 1/2) and she finished the book off like a professional. I highly recommend hitting the pause button if your child (or you) are finding this too frustrating. When they are really ready for it, they really enjoy it and you can really see results. We normally do only 2 pages a day (mon-fri) and then take a break on the weekends. They pick up the practice and the idea of it and gradually incorporate the ideas in their everyday play. I think it’s a great book, worth the time and the money.

  84. ScotFlower

    2 / 3rds goodI adored the cutting books in this series, so I bought the folding books as well. Some of the book was good but the rest of the book was just not that great. I think you really need to buy both folding books and then order all the projects from simplest to hardest. Personally, I find folding a corner to be easier than folding a page in half (but I do not know how a 2-year-old feels yet.)What I did like: 1. creative visual surprises, 2. revealing what the inside and out of fruits looks like, 3. relatively good scaffolding of difficulty, 4. humor and images is age appropriate and engaging, and 5. teaches both mountain and valley folds and even practices both on the same page.What I did not like: 1. Some of the folding projects opened to reveal animals butts. I preferred the version where the mommy image opens to reveal her baby, 2. there was a sudden jump in difficulty for projects 30-32. Each had a number of folds that had to go in the right order to make a folded “moving” story. I felt this should have been at the end of the book. I also did not even like the stories in the these projects, 3. a project tells how a little girl dressed up as a vampire and then turns into one. It was scary. Why would a book for 2-year-olds have scary vampires?, 4. the book did not include the origami dog being held on the front cover (which is one of the main reasons I bought the book because I wanted my son to make a cute origami dog just like it, but the pattern is not in this book!), and 5. at the end, one third of the projects I did not like and may not use.

  85. pmk618

    Good funFun for my 4 yr old nephew and 2 yr old niece.

  86. Margaret C.

    one of my favoritesI have to say this is one of my favorites. When we first started on the Kumon First Steps Workbooks this was the skill that my almost preschooler was able to master (in her two-year old range, obviously). It was very exciting for both of us. From my early years in school all I remember is the teachers saying hot-dog or hamburger-style. But this goes so much further than that. I think that continuing this one and related books might even lead us to origami later, because folding is something that she knows she can calmly accomplish all by herself.*Thanks to Kumon for providing samples for review.*

  87. E. E.

    My children adore this book!My 5 year old was able to do the more complicated folds by himself. My three old needed some help but still loved this. They loved the pictures with “tricks”. I had as much fun as they did because they were so tickled with these little folding projects. It is one of their favorite activity books of all time.

  88. Julia Ibarra

    nice productboth my daughter and enjoyed the time we shared together doing the projects they had in this book. she was abke to learn and do some by herself

  89. T. Blair

    Great productsMy 4 year old has global dyspraxia which effects her fine motor skills, the kumon books are great, allows children to slowly build on their successes while gradually increasing the difficulty. I would and have highly recommended the kumon range to anyone wanting to give their children that extra bit of help.

  90. G. Shyffer

    Not interesting enough for wee folksMy three year old was just not interested in folding paper. I would recommend the Let’s Sticker! or Let’s Cut Paper! over this one.

  91. Big & Momo

    Perfect!Our little has been interested in cutting, folding & gluing lately. We ordered these books so she could practice these skills.Pros:• cute illustrations• easy to follow instructions, with photos of final product• difficulty progresses as the child moves through the book• sized perfectly for young children• parent instructions/prompts (gives ways in which you can get more out of the activity “say -phrase- while the child is working” , “read -phrase-” aloud, or “give positive reinforcement”)These activities will help our little learn the skills she needs before moving on to our homeschool curriculum. Definitely will be ordering more Kumon products!

  92. NK80

    Great for toddlerPurchased for my toddler and he enjoyed the book – builds as you go along from simple to more complex- great for learning skills !

  93. AmazonJunkie

    A must have for toddlersI buy all of my children, and recommend to alllll of my daycare kids parents these books. From let’s fold to let’s cut. They are a must have for toddlers and those preparing for kindergarten. Excellent with building the fine motor skills they need

  94. Annonymous

    Keeps my LO busyOverall, this is pretty basic. Initially, I wasn’t all that impressed but my LO (under 3yo) enjoys it. The pictures are colorful and he feels he has accomplished something after completing the folding. In the end, it is his opinion that matters so it gets 5 stars for doing the job – keeps him busy and happy.

  95. Jessica Lee

    Very funMy 3.5 year old loves this busy book. She cut and folded by herself. Peace!

  96. Kateebee

    Very nice!Bought this for my grand daughter. She had great fun with it.

  97. IO

    Cool activity for 2 years oldCool activity for 2 years old

  98. Vamsee

    these books are amazing. The content is not only interesting but also …I had ordered this as well as a few more Kumon books for my 3 year old kid. My idea was to give him more options to learn. To say the least, these books are amazing. The content is not only interesting but also laid out very thoughtfully and clear. I’m assured now that any long holidays for my kid will be joyful as well as fruitful. I can spend time with him with these books. I can get him to concentrate more on spending time with books. Honestly put, these are better than the school books that my kid has.Even if your kid just completes these books and not worry about other school books, you can feel safe that he will be in a good position to get into the mainstream schooling. This is the first I ordered these books and believe me, I will keep ordering them as long as my kid enjoys spending time with them.The only gripe I have is the fact that the time taken to ship these books is very long. Amazon has informed in advance that these will take more time to ship. But as a customer, I would prefer that I get them as early as I can. But I cannot honestly take away any stars as it was informed in advance. But the quality of packaging is perfect and the books are in mint condition when I received them. I should still say Thanks amazon for making them available at my place.

  99. Amazon Customer

    FunFull of fun, creative things to fold. A two-year-old can easily cope with the tasks.

  100. magda kuczynska

    ExcellentI have bought around 8 different titles from the series. My boy is four. They are excellent but I would not worry too much about the numbers on the cover. This one is for 2 year olds but it is still quite challenging for him. Other titles could be for a 5 year old and he loves it so much that he wants more and more of it( mazes ) . Follow your child and take it easy. Have fun. Kumon Books told me how to approach teaching at home during the lockdown.

  101. Krissy

    Tolle Feinmotorikübungen von ganz leicht bis schwerDie Übungen fangen hier ganz leicht an: das Kind soll ein Blatt 1x Quer oder Längst falten. Nach einigen Seiten steigert sich die Übung, bis es dann zum Querfalten und dann Zirharmonikafalten über geht.Finde es eine super Übung sogar noch für 4-jährige. Meiner kannte das noch nicht, da er nicht gerne gebastelt hat und daher hat uns dieses Buch definitiv weiter gebracht. Würde es defintif empfehlen.

  102. Esmeralda

    Excelente!Buenísimo para los niños, el trabajo es progresivo, te lleva de la mano, a mi niño le fascinan! Siempre quiere trabajar con ellos!

  103. Van City

    Fun and clever!A fun little book of folding practice. Please note that this is not meant to be an independent activity. Parents need to cut the sheets out of the book, and also make some cuts on the activities themselves, for folding. You will also need to guide the younger child as to which of the fold lines indicate fold in, and which ones indicate fold out.The activities progress from simple to complicated, and each one is its own “reward” for the folding work (for example, it might reveal a hidden image or make a 3D object).

  104. Rodrigo M.

    RecomendoUso para atividades com minha filha de 2 anos. Tem níveis básicos e avançados.

  105. one_two_three

    I think from “2 years” is a bit misleading.Overall another great KUMON book. However, I think “from 2 years” claim on the cover is a bit unrealistic. My 4yo twins really struggled with the tasks. I have seen the improvement by the time we reached the end of the book, but still I give them a lot of help, otherwise they would completely lose interest. Of course, each child is different, but I honestly doubt that average 2 years old would be able to complete even the basic tasks.

  106. Kayita!

    Me encantóMe encanta lo vivo de las ilustraciones, lo atractivo que resulta para los niños. Muy bueno!

  107. Emanuele Breveglieri

    Per me un capolavoroAttualmente (anno domini 2017) ci sono frotte di bambini e bambine che, in quinta elementare, non sanno piegare un foglio A4 a metà, figuriamoci chiedergli di farlo in diagonale, non osiamo nemmeno parlargli di origami. Ecco, questo è il libro per loro e non solo. Introdotta questa serie dalla scuola d’infanzia un po’ tutti ne trarremmo giovamento: bambine e bambini perché impapererebbero a piegare la carta divertendosi (e molto, vi assicuro) e maestri delle medie che non si troverebbero alle prese con schiere di “analfabeti nella mobilità fine” come accade oggi.

  108. Astghik Salnazaryan

    Es buenoMe parecio divertido , pero a mi niño de 3 años no le intereso nada )))

  109. Achira Ladhani

    A good book..Very easy and basic. Totally recommend it for preschoolers.

  110. pauangel

    Hermoso y utilEsta hermoso y atractivo para los niños. La mía de 3 años ama recortar y elegir su trabajo

  111. Ritika

    Great for kidsPerfect for developing fine motor skills

  112. Monika

    Great bookGreat book, highly recommend for children. My 5 years old son loves it.

  113. susanna

    Carinissimo e molto divertente!Un libricino davvero carino e apprezzato da mio figlio di 2 anni e mezzo! Dopo poche pagine ha imparato a tenere le forbicine in mano e a piegare le varie figure che si susseguono pagina per pagina!

  114. B. Kunz

    praktisch für unterwegsich habe einige Kumon Bücher gekauft um meine Kinder auf längeren Reisen zu beschäftigen. Das funktioniert super! Die Bücher sind unterhaltsam, aber die Kinder üben auch Fertigkeiten.Die Bilder müssen aber zugeschnitten werden bevor man sie falten kann – das sollte man bedenken wenn man zB im Flughzeug sitzt und keine Schere dabei hat!

  115. Annanymus

    Würde nicht weiterempfehlenSchöne Idee an sich, aber nicht ganz durchdacht, da man noch an den Seiten Paar Streifen abschneiden muss damit alles passt.

  116. FF

    Very goodVery good, simple as that. I have actually bought quite a few of the same series.

  117. Luby

    Lindo libroMe encantan estos libros son muy lindos y los niños se entretienen mucho.Mejor que darles el celular…

  118. Cliente Amazon

    RecomendoAdoro os livros kumon. Eles começam muito fácil (minha filha de 3 anos consegue), no final, fica bem difícil para os menores, meu filho de 6 anos consegue, mas a de 2, não! Lra

  119. Luiza h.

    Three StarsIs nice, good activité.

  120. sunil

    Sunil cpVery good


    Ótimas atividadesExcelente material para o desenvolvimento da coordenação motora de crianças pequenas. Mesmo sendo em inglês é de fácil compreensão.

  122. Sheran Harmes

    Five StarsNice little activity for young crafters!

  123. Sam

    Muy recomendable.Muy interesante y creativo.

  124. Paula

    Fantástico livro de atividadesÓtimo para coordenação motora e passatempo

  125. Bojo

    Five StarsArrived quickly my grandchildren love cutting out and folding the pages to see what happens.

  126. Dotx2

    Five StarsNice pictures!

  127. Maria

    Prima Spaß für kleine KinderKleine Kinder brauchen allerdings die Hilfe eines Erwachsenen, denn die einzelnen Spielblätter müssen richtig abgetrennt werden. Dann entstehen – auch unter kleinen Händen – schöne 3-D-Faltbilder von allen möglichen Tieren mit steigenden Schwierigkeitsgraden.

  128. Emhub

    great qualityI love this, great idea!great quality, lovely pictures, my 3 year old will enjoy it more when she’s a little older

  129. Amazon Customer

    Three StarsGood book but not as catchy as it seems. Needs more simple tasks for kids 2 to 3.

  130. Amazon Customer

    Another great Kumon workbookHours of fun for grandchildren. Colourful, so appealing to kids. Easy to start, then progressively more complex……..just perfect.Cannot fault!

  131. Amazon Customer

    Five StarsChildren loved it

  132. Kristina Khalipava

    Utilissimi!I quaderni Kumon come solito sono utili e bellissimi. La mia bimba sono molta contenta. Peccato che non sono tradurtti in italiano anche se la lingua non tanto serve.

  133. Andrey

    Five Starsgreat book

  134. joana stein

    Idee ist ja ganz nettDie Idee ist ja ganz gut, ich hab ber keine Lust, jede seite selbst ausschneiden zu müssen, damit mein kind es danach falten kann :/Außerdem bekomme ich meinen Sohn garnicht dazu irgendetwas daraus falten zu wollen

  135. mrs angela dolby

    Five Starsnice for little kids

  136. Sarai Rangel


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