Let’s Sticker & Paste!

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In this book, children first learn to place stickers onto colorful backgrounds to make lively scenes. As they make their way through the book, children develop fine motor control and spatial reasoning skills by pasting paper parts and objects on to designated spots in order to complete fun art projects.

5 7/8 x 8 1/4 inches. paperback. 40 sheets. full color. US $5.95 / C$6.95




In this book, children first learn to place stickers onto colorful backgrounds to make lively scenes. As they make their way through the book, children develop fine motor control and spatial reasoning skills by pasting paper parts and objects on to designated spots in order to complete fun art projects.

5 7/8 x 8 1/4 inches. paperback. 40 sheets. full color. US $5.95 / C$6.95

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198 reviews for Let’s Sticker & Paste!

  1. Susan

    A Fun Little Craft Book for Children!I recently discovered Kumon books and I am so glad I found them! They are really so wonderful; every child should be given these books to have creative fun! LET’S STICKER AND PASTE is part of the Kumon First Steps series, designed for ages 2 and up. I am using these with my son who is 8 yrs. old, and he also is using the Kumon books for older children, and he loves them all! Some children are slower to learn skills of cutting and pasting, holding pencils, etc. These Kumon books are fun and gentle ways to help children develop these skills.LET’S STICKER AND PASTE is a very fun book containing 39 projects. We have worked through most of them. Projects 1-16 are double sided and involve using the enclosed stickers to finish the project. Projects 1-6 have the child freely use the stickers to make a playground scene, pasture scene, bugs on leaves, birds in the sky, a safari scene, fish in an aquarium, etc. Two projects have the child use stickers to dress the boy for winter play, and to decorate the girls apron. And the remaining have stickers the child places at a certain place to cover over the white area on the carrot, apple, orange, cucumber, etc. This is good preparation for being careful and learning correct placement. Projects 17 on use cut outs (parent cuts the objects out) for the child to place and glue onto the picture. I recommend using a glue stick or, our favorite, a ZIG brand glue pen. It’s smaller applicator makes applying glue so easy for the child. We bought ours at Walmart in the scrapbooking department. Projects 17 on are printed on one side of the page, and involve the child pasting parts over a watermelon, the face on a horse or fox, the nose on a koala, the beak on the duck, the eyes, nose, and mouth on a panda and pig, etc. Some include 3-D type glue ons, such as a strip that sticks out to be the monkey or hippo’s mouth, or the chick’s beak sticks out. These are all very simple, and the results are statisfying! Projects 30 and 31 have the child gluing candles and decorations on a cake, or toys into the toy box. Pages 33-37 have the child glue the missing half on the frog, the plane, or they have 2-4 pieces to glue on like putting the missing squares in to finish the picture. And these are pictures of fire trucks, diggers, boats, etc. The last 2 projects are letting the child dab glue over the sky and sprinking on small cut out squares (the parent cuts these) to make snow falling on the snowman, or pink squares will be blossoms on the cherry tree. This book is lots and lots of fun that will provide parents and children with meaningful time spent together. It would make a great gift (along with a glue pen!) for the child who seems to have everything. I also recommend the other 3 books in this series: LET’S CUT PAPER, LET’S COLOR, and LET’S FOLD. I am reviewing them all, plus the other Kumon books. Enjoy!

  2. ScotFlower

    Works for 2-year olds not yet ready to cut or fold.Contains 39 projects, reward certificate, and drawing board for overhead projector washable markers.The book starts off pretty easy with placing stickers. First, animals are put in their homes/habitats. Second, stickers are used to decorate clothes and dress a boy in clothes. Lastly, the stickers are shapes that are placed to complete an object (usually a fruit or vegetable). All of these pages are double sided so you cannot compare them easily. I would have liked to lay out both the water and air pages then have the child decide where the fish and birds belonged, but because the scenes were on the back of each other, that was no possible. It also means that both cannot be displayed at the same time. In general, I do not like double sided art projects or coloring books for this reason.At this point, the book transitions to only cutting and pasting – so there are no more stickers. So parents get to do A LOT of cutting prep. First, the pages require cutting out ONE shape for the child to paste in place to finish an object or scene. Second, there are multiple things to cut out to paste on the same page like all the parts to make a face or candles to put on a cake. Third, in the middle of that sections are a number of strip faces that are glued to bulge upwards to make a 3D effect. Fourth, there are long straight cuts which if the child is old enough, can help cut out. These resemble “strip puzzles.” Lastly, there are two pages (one with snow and the other with blossoms) – basically you cut out lots of tiny pieces, put glue on the image, then sprinkle on the cut pieces (the same way you would glue on glitter).Overall, I felt this book was at a lower level than the Let’s Fold and Let’s Cut. This book requires less dexterity for the child and the instructions are pretty straight forward. Nothing in here blows me away, but I do appreciate how this can be used with young 2 year olds who are not ready to cut or fold yet. My son loved doing the book and I used what was shown on each page as a mini learning lesson from the seasons to where fish live or that we should eat a rainbow of colored foods. Whenever possible, I combined multiple pages at the same time for comparison purposes and to add in extra thinking of where to put something and why. It was a lot of cutting out though for the parent so its not really usable in the classroom setting. If you have many children though, you could have the older ones cut out the pieces for the younger kids to use.

  3. Cindy

    More like 4.5 pointsMy 34-months (almost 3 year old) loves this book. The first day we did this, we finished all the stickers and did some cut and paste as well. He demanded to do more after all these! The only complaint is the cut portion is a bit annoying and would have been much nicer if the book includes more actual stickers. However while annoying to me, my son likes doing the cut and paste portion too.

  4. Liah M

    Love the sticker activities, but wish for more stickersI love Kumon as I was once a Kumon kid. So, when I found this book, I was super excited to introduce it to my daughter! When I saw this book’s title, I assumed that it would be a lot of sticker activities! My little one loves stickers, so I thought this would be a perfect fit! When I received the book, I was a bit disappointed in the amount of stickers provided (given the kind of steep price for this book). I would say 30% were stickers and paste and the rest required you to cut out the pictures and have your child paste it using glue. My daughter still enjoyed doing this book (she finished it in 2 days!), but I wish the book had a lot more stickers. But, at least she got to practice using a glue stick!If you’re OK with not getting a lot of stickers and have time to help cut pictures and don’t mind the price, then this book will work for you! It does have a lot of super cute pictures!

  5. Brazilian Jazzaholic!

    My toddler loves it, but not enough stickers.I bought two of these Kumon Sticker & Paste books to keep my 23 month-old entertained on a 5-hour transcontinental flight from Los Angeles to Miami. She absolutely loved them. The brightly-colored stickers are organized according to themes, which facilitates great parent-child interaction as little-ones figure out where and how to apply the stickers. After I guided my daughter through the first few tries, she quickly got the hang of it and was soon applying the stickers to the pages like she’d been doing it all her life! The sticker book is fairly small (about the size of a large birthday card), which makes it extremely handy for travel, but the stickers are plenty big enough to attract and keep kids’ attention. Younger toddlers will probably need a little help from mom/dad to peel the stickers off the pad, since the stickers are completely flat and thus difficult for tiny fingers to lift off the backing. But this didn’t dampen my little girl’s enjoyment of this sticker book in the least; in fact, she blew through all the stickers in one of the books in a single sitting, and was asking for more. (Thank goodness I’d purchased two of these books!).My only complaint about the Kumon sticker books is that they don’t have enough stickers in them. Less than half of the pages are actual stickers, and the other half are shapes that you have to cut out with scissors and paste onto the pages with your own glue. As you can imagine, this activity is a bit too sophisticated for younger toddlers, and much less convenient as a travel-friendly activity. Who wants to deal with messy glue, bits of paper and scissors in a cramped airplane seat? (Plus, there’s the hassle of finding flight-safe scissors). Instead of trying to create a sticker-and-paste book that can “grow” with your child, Kumon would be better off making separate books for stickers (suitable for younger toddlers) and for cut-and-paste shapes (suitable for older preschoolers/kindergarteners).While my daughter certainly enjoyed the sticker portion of this Kumon book, my next sticker-book purchase will be one that contains 100% stickers. There are less expensive sticker-books out there that contain tons more stickers than this Kumon book. Plus, unlike the Kumon sticker-books, there are many others that contain stickers that can be removed and reapplied multiple times without losing their adhesiveness. This will enable my toddler to easily repeat this fun activity without my having to buy a new sticker book every time.Grade: B

  6. S. l.

    Toddler loves it!Our 2 year old loves these books. This is her second one. She received one meant for 5yr olds as a gift and was still able to do almost all the pictures. My only complaints are that these books pages aren’t perforated, for this one cause it’s a small note pad isn’t that terrible although it does start to come apart when the page count is low. The stickers also have small edges, if not carefully peeled your toddler will rip them. So i needed to pre-peel them for her. I still give it five stars because our child loves them and it’s a fun activity to do with her. She asks for it often.

  7. βДЖξЯ, Κέβιν

    Highly recommend!My daughter (almost 3) LOVED this workbook! By far her favorite so far, and perfect during this “shelter in place” situation for parents looking for ways to entertain and educate their toddlers indoors. My daughter loves crafts but also has a short attention span, but this kept her attention completely. She would’ve done the whole book in one sitting if I let her, but I spread it out into 3x 30-45 min sessions, which was easy because you can remove just a few activity pages to work on at a time. A 2-3 year old will definitely still need a parent to be actively participating with them, especially for the cut and paste pages obviously. We loved it so much I am going to reorder a few more copies, plus hunt down the other Kumon sticker and paste editions. Highly recommend and well worth the price!

  8. TMP

    Kumon advocate for lifeLove these books! I am a former Kumon student and instructor assistant. I buy these Kumon books for my friends to introduce and help them understand the Kumon way. The best time to start Kumon is at the earliest age possible. These books are great supplements to introduce your kid(s) to skills. However, based on a few other reviews, these books does not replace the Kumon program. If you are looking for the worksheet curriculum that involves repetition, self-learning and mastery you need to call/email your local Kumon center and enroll in the program.

  9. Grace Kwon

    Great for toddlers!!There are a total of 39 activities and it’s well thought out because you build upon easier skills first (ie: peeling stickers and placing them onto a scene to peeling stickers and attempting to place them onto a designated space). It also has cut and paste that also builds on the skill too (look at photos for difference skill levels). My son (2yr) loved it that he wanted to do it one sitting! Might need to buy another one!As a teacher I can say this is great for fine motor skills as well as hand eye coordination!! These skills can build the foundation for other tasks like holding a pencil and writing!

  10. Paka

    It’s perfect for 3 years old.It’s small book, so it’s good for traveling as well. I wish it could more stickers than parent’s cutting parts. But my son who is 3 really enjoy this book. I’m thinking to buy the other KUMON’s stickers and paste book.

  11. sothink

    Great for toddlers to learn cut and pasteThe media could not be loaded.

     My 3 y old son love it! He likes to use scissor so I bought this. He always eager to ask me to teach him how to cut. This book has gradually increased difficulty for kids.

  12. BaseballGal

    Lots of fun for my 2 year old, BUT not for me.My 2 1/2 year old daughter has really enjoyed this book. She sat down and worked (with me) on it for about 40 minutes the first day I got it out. An eternity for my very active child. However, it required me to cut up into each page and cut out shapes (that get more and more “complex”) for her to paste. I knew it would require my assistance but my cutting takes MUCH longer than her pasting. She loved the sticker pages (which were super cute – putting scarf, mittens and boots on a little boy was my favorite) and she could do those (mostly) by herself. However, IMO, there weren’t enough sticker pages – she went through all of those on our first sitting. All said, she really does enjoy the book, I just wished it was formatted where you could punch out the pictures to be pasted – she might would even learn another skill that way!

  13. Tiinaj1

    G loves this book!!! Its easy to extend the lessons and do more….We have moved beyond the sticker portion of this book where we talked about shapes and colors while she placed the eh sticker in the white spot indicated. Friday we actually did two pages – the first was the picture of a duck and when I gave her the shape that was being used for the beak to paste and stick to the duck she held the shape up and told me it was a Pentagon (Sesame is doing it’s job – I didn’t know what the shape was lol.) and she stuck it on. The next page was a dog and her task was to paste the muzzle of the dog to the page. Then we decided to finish cutting out the animals and extended the lesson to make puppets out of the animals. She was so proud of her puppets!! Love this book! G is 2 1/2.

  14. mamma

    Effective and FunCant say enough how awesome the kumon books are. They were very effective for us. They gradually teach the child the skill. I as a parent especially love that on each page it instructs you what to say and do, and let’s you know what to expect- “its ok if your child does..” eventually she will learn offer encouragement etc.. excellent! And yes by the end my child did learn to sticker and paste and it was effortless, also nice to see how far they have come! Highly recommended. I will only add that for me I tore out the page and would present it ( no pressure) then I would ask do you want to do another? and went from there, I found it awkward to work within the book and I think it would make it harder for your child to sticker or paste.

  15. thejem

    Great introduction for toddler/preschool agesMy toddler is asking to do all of the school things that her big sister does. This is a great way to offer her the experience without having to prep. It is ready when she is! It is engaging for her. The only drawback is that the pages are back to back, so when we only do 1 page per session, we have to leave the page in the book rather than being able to showcase her work on the fridge.

  16. aaron

    2 Year Old Enjoyed!This has worked out so well for my 2 year old! Keeps her engaged. She loves this book. It’s smaller then I imagined. The paper they used is of good quality. The directions/suggestions for parents is very helpful!

  17. C. Wade

    Great first activity bookI purchased this for my son when he was 18 months (I needed to spend just a little more to qualify for free shipping – and this did the trick). He is now 20 months and really likes this book. When I ask him if he wants his sticker book he nods yes (he says “no” to everything else). I try to let him do 2 pages in one sitting, but he always asks for more. He has gotten through all the pages with stickers and I can tell that he has progressed. At first he would place the stickers all willy-nilly on the page, sometimes on top of eachother. However, he started becoming more careful and considerate of where he wanted to put them. Most recently he put the stickers over the blanks, and lined them up very well.We also have “let’s color” but he doesn’t seem to get that one yet. I would definately reccomend sticker and paste first.I have also heard great things about “big skills for little hands” which is similar to this but I have not purchased one yet.

  18. Isabella E. Bertelli

    Wonderful for fine motor development and refinement in toddlersAs an Educator and Mommy of a 2yr old, I have found this book to be great as a fun education tool to help little ones fine motor skills, ability to follow directions, listening, and focusing. My son is so busy having fun, he does not know he is being guided, just thinks he is playing, which is how young children learn best. The book is progressive, as all the books in the series and really allows for success from the start, challenging but not frustrating. I would say 2 is the appropiate age for this and “More Let’s Sticker and Paste”. I think older children may find it fun, but it would lack the challenge aspect for them, unless thier fine motor is a little delayed.I also think this book series would be great in the K-2 special education classroom, where fine motor skills often lack. Could set them up in the writing center or bring them out during explore time. Preface contains usefull parental information about how thes skills develop and give tips and guidance for furthering children’s development.

  19. PoshM

    Nice activities for mommy and 2y kidIt’s an amazing booklet that teaches your toddler practicing using the glue stick and pasting the shapes into their places.You can seriously finish it in 2 hours session. I got tired after 30min (and finished half of it )while my toddler was still hyper asking for moreSome people criticized the size of the booklet but I found it fine . I don’t think you need bigger size. I bought other books that are bigger in size but don’t find a difference.I DEFINITELY recommend the series. I even going to contact the Kumon centers for more information. I gave it 5 stars because it deserves it

  20. Pamela

    2.5 year old loves itMy daughter is really into stickers (like all kids her age?) and she loves the activities in this book. At first, she was less interested in the glue-on parts, but she was happier once I started cutting out both the background and the piece to glue on. Somehow leaving a hole in the page was bothering her. We ended up having her glue the background onto a sheet of notebook paper and then glue on the little items for that background. It was a little more of a pain, but it worked. I wish they had put all the cut-out parts onto a separate page in the back, but that’s kind of a trivial complaint.

  21. MomOfTwoAndMore

    Half stickers, half pastingThis was my first time with this particular book. I was surprised to see that it is all stickers at the beginning, but I understand and find it logical. My son (age 3) likes the book. We have done the first 9 exercises so far.

  22. sarzsa

    Great for toddlers!My two year old and four year old both loved this! The older kid did her own cutting and the younger one just did gluing and stickering but both got really into it.

  23. Jessica s

    Fun, but expected moreExpected more for my 2 year old to learn per page. He goes through a page in less than a minute. He loved it, but would be nice if there was more he could interact with.

  24. Daniel

    I loved them. As a first time mom with no …I bought a couple books of the series soon after my son’s 3rd birthday, wished to have known sooner. I loved them. As a first time mom with no much imagination on how to keep him busy, this is perfect! Not only, my son is having fun, he is learning to cut, color, paste, fold. I recommend these books to everyone. I find them perfect for 3 yo! I will keep following the series as he grows and move to the My First Book series in a few months. We only have 3 more books to go from the first steps!

  25. M.Yang

    Great idea, but there are better books out thereI bought the Gakken activity books on sale at a local book store and my 2 year old loved them. The sticker and paste book has a ton of stickers (so she doesn’t blow through them in just a few sittings), and the cutting is very simple.These Kumon books are great in theory, however, there are only a few actual “sticker” pages and the rest need to be cut out and pasted. Here is my problem with their cut and paste sections – They say on the page the cutting should be done by a parent. And the cutting is serious precision cutting, like pairs of socks and tiny shapes. Even the circles are a bit difficult because you can’t really cut a perfect circle in such a hurry. And I say “hurry” because my daughter starts to lose interest as I am spending so much time cutting out shapes!The Gakken cut and paste books have large blocks at the foot end of the page so you an easily cut just a few straight lines. These Kumon books put the objects randomly in the middle of the page so you have to cut into each page and literally cut out objects like shoes and animals (with lots of dips and turns).I love these books in theory but they require too much work on the parent’s part!

  26. dusty_puppy

    Great fun.My 2 year old has great fun with this book. Only complaint is that it is difficult to flip to the stickers and then back to the pages. I wish the sticker pages were perforated so you could tear out the page and hand the stickers to your child easier. Plus, while it may save paper using the front and back of the pages, it makes it difficult to manage the book, and 2 year olds aren’t patient while you wrestle with their sticker book. We haven’t gotten to the pages where you need to cut and paste, yet.

  27. Greenstreet

    “School” work for the little guysWe are a homeschool family and my 3 year old LOVES when I sit down to do this book with him. He loves seeing the pictures completed and what he has made. He loves showing Daddy his pictures. It is colorful and simple- the sticker pages are generally a picture with a piece missing. The pasting pages are more difficult and a 2 or 3 year old would certainly need help to complete them. An older 3 year old could maybe do them alone if they were cut for him. We’ve had all the books in this series and will get more for our younger children.

  28. Ree

    Too easy for a 4 year old & more work for the parentThe book is okay, my daughter seems to enjoy it but there are only stickers for the first few pages and the rest of the book requires the parent to cut out the pieces and then the child places the pieces in the correct spot after putting some glue on the pieces. It’s also not a full size workbook, more like a memo pad where you flip the pages up instead of left and right. This makes it difficult to keep the pages in place while working on a new page. My daughter does like to paste so she still has fun with it but its way too easy for her. I would say this book is aimed more for a 2 year old (as indicated on the front of the book ‘2 and up’).

  29. Yaribey D.

    Great productLove Kumon books!!! Such a fun and cute book. Great for fine motor skills and to increase eye-hand coordination. I used it with my son and have given it as a gift. Parents always love it. Highly recommend.

  30. Raven

    Fun activityIt’s a fun little book me and my 2 year old can do together when we are stuck inside because of the weather. There is only a few sticker pages and then you have to cut things out for them to glue.

  31. Anna K

    Colorful, great qualityMy 3 year old loved it! It was a bit too easy for her and she did a third of a book in one sitting but then asked for more workbooks. She could peel most of the stickers herself and do cutouts.

  32. emma

    greatMy 2.5year old son loves the act of completing each page and I have to be careful to only work on a couple pages at a time (he would prefer to do the entrire book in one sitting). I have noticed an improvement in his ability to follow directions and decribe what he is doing

  33. Ami

    My Son Loves It!I bought this book along with the Kumon Beginning Coloring book and my 2 1/2 yr old son really enjoys the sticker and paste activities. They are perfect for toddlers, and by learning how to “glue” by using stickers at first is perfect. The first ten lessons or so use stickers, and now we have graduated to using a glue stick. He loves to put the pictures together, and it’s great time that we spend together working on “skills” instead of in front of the TV! The beginner Kumon books also make great birthday gifts for little friends!

  34. amazon898

    Great if you’re hands-onPro’s: My daughter, age 4 years old, does the activities and enjoys them. They promote good skills.Con’s: I have to cut out all the “paste” projects. I dislike cutting them out and wish the workbook had done that step ahead of time – maybe as punch-outs?

  35. Amy C.

    Great Book!We love using this book! The stickers are great! The cut and paste is fine except if your kids motor skills aren’t ready, the parents will have to help with the cutting. Still, it offers a great conversation about animals, environment, colors, produce, and more! I would recommend this to anyone who wanted to add to their educational toolbox or things to do on a rainy day activity.

  36. Samantha Smyth

    3 year old loved itGood mix of sticker placement practice (front half of book) and cut/paste practice (back half of book)

  37. A. Walsh

    Fun and cuteThis has been fun book to work on with my 2-3 year old daughter. We just do a few pages at a time but the images are cute and she enjoys it. This would be a good book to bring on a plane as well.

  38. Courtney Gendron

    Perfect for TravelI purchased the larger Kumon Book 

    My First Book Of Cutting (Kumon Workbooks)

    , whcih works great when we’re at home. But when we travel, I needed something more compact that would fit in my 3 year old’s backpack.The sticker portion is great to work on when you’re on a plane or in a car. We haven’t started the cutting and pasting section, but we plan to work on that on our next road trip. I LOVE these books! They help me introduce basic skills to my child and re-enforce skills that he’s learning in pre-school.

  39. Julie Rozanes


  40. Sassy

    My 3 year old loves theseI have a few of these books and they are super cute. The paper is really smooth and the color pops off the page. Very cute ideas for a preschooler.

  41. JMC

    Another great workbook from Kumon!My 3 1/2 year old loves these books. The first few pages are stickers and then it goes to cut and paste. While the book recommends that the parent cut out the item to be pasted, I allow my daughter to do them. The food objects are fun as my daughter loves identifying them. Another good product from Kumon.

  42. Love Prime

    sticker and pasteSuch fun ideas, the missing fruit parts, putting animals in different spots in a picture, adding facial features, she has a great time, I wish there was more sticker stuff for my two year old, or simpler cutting (although I know it is the parent that is meant to cut, but it is a show trying to get her to let me (she is in the independent phase):). great quality! although a bit expensive (especially when getting like ten different kumon books).

  43. Huz

    Good, requires cuttingThese books are great for those not ready to glue on their own. I do wish there were more pages with stickers before getting to the paste section. One thing to note is that you will need to cut out the shape to be glued for each of those pages. The kids love them.

  44. Jason & Jacqueline

    You should definitely buy this.I LOVE THIS BRAND OF BOOKS! My son has a blast with these. He is almost three years old. I plan on buying the same book over and over because I don’t think he’ll ever get tired of it.

  45. MortizzO

    Great product qualityIt’s a valuable support to entertain our younger son

  46. MammaOf2

    Great quality!Small book but very cute for my toddler as his first sticker and paste activity book. I love the explanation and colors of each page. Can’t wait to use it with my son!

  47. wolfie

    Good skills practice, small formatLike other Kumon workbooks, this one has great graphics and clear instructions on how to lead your child through the skill building. What I did not expect was that the workbook is half the size of the other Kumon workbooks I have seen. Instead of an 8″x11″ format, this one is approximately 8″x6.5″ and opens like a Mad Libs book or a steno notebook, as opposed to opening like a book or magazine. I think paying full price for half a workbook is too much. At a lower price this is a 5 star item, but right now it’s only a three.

  48. Ashley

    so she never got very good with scissors before nowMy 5 year old is on the older side to use these, but is the third child of our family, so she never got very good with scissors before now. She loves this book and wants to do 3 or 4 a day!! I can’t wait to buy more!! I love that some are stickers and some require glue. It keeps it fresh and fun for her. Thanks Kumon!!!

  49. Mimi

    Granddaughter likes this activity book.Granddaughter really enjoys this activity book..

  50. Mindeeeeee

    she was actually working hard on it for a good 15 minutesMy child loves this! She usually has a hard time sitting down quietly for any amount of time, but with this book, she was actually working hard on it for a good 15 minutes. Ahhhhh 15 minutes of her focused on using stickers and cutting was pure heaven!

  51. christina

    But me and my daughter still had fun doing themI got this for my 2.5 year old. The only down side is that it only give 16 activities for stickers. The rest is cut and paste. But me and my daughter still had fun doing them.

  52. Marianna

    Fun activity book.Fun activity book. I gave this to my 2 year old niece. She really enjoyed working through this activity book. I do wish it had more sticker activities. It was a little bit of work cutting out the shapes that you apply with a glue stick

  53. Liz

    Great for teaching to cut and pasteBook is small 5×7. The first half of the book, you peel the stickers and put it on the designated scene page. There was any activity that stood out. The second half of the book, the child has to cut the shape, and paste it in the white space on the same page. My toddler seemed to enjoy activity. Learning to use the scissors is what the second half of the book helps you accomplish. But you have to supervise, and help them use the scissors. This book was just okay.

  54. crrmom

    great for 2.5 year oldmy son loves this activity book and we took it with us to restaurants (finished after 5 trips out). it really helped with his coordination. he is young and hasn’t decided if he’s right handed or left handed and still needs a lot of help cutting but the fun activities and bright pages encourage him to try this new skill and he would sit quietly and work in my lap

  55. sirine-Mom of 3 highly energetic little boys

    mom of 3 boyi had bought the same book for my 1st child, then i bought it for my 2nd child sinc eit’s very fun , educational book to work on. And easy to assist the child to. Starts from the basic, and gets detailed as it moves. BEing amom of 3 kids, i recommend this little book. we even brought this toour vacation and he worked on this book in the hotel!

  56. Bethany J

    Fun for my 3.5 year oldI purchased this for my 3 1/2 year old. He loves it. Most of it was pretty easy for him, but I am so glad I got it. He loves stickers so the first few pages were a neat way to get started. The one on one time with Mom is wonderful and he looks forward to it every day. We usually did 3-4 pages each day. It is bright and colorful and the paper is very sturdy.

  57. Stacy Scott

    Great to Practice Scissor and Glue SkillsMy 3 year old loves this activity book and will sit for over 20 minutes at a time to work on it.

  58. Lindsey Wolfe

    .Smaller than I thought it was going to be, but that’s my fault for not paying attention to the listed dimensions. 🙂

  59. Amazon Customer

    Fun for kids, not so fun for parentIt was fun for my almost 3 year old, but so much work for me. They expect the parent to cut out all these little objects for the child to glue. You must have time and good eyesight to do this workbook with your child.

  60. Lariat Charioteer

    SmallMuch smaller than I realized they would be and very repetitive

  61. Stephen Atturio

    Used and torn out pagesI received this item and was excited to use it as I have gotten others like it recently. However, I realized that it seemed lighter and fewer pages so I opened up to find over 20 missing pages ripped out of my book. How is it that I was getting a used item that was missing tons of pages?! You would think if they did resend a used item they would check that.

  62. Cheleigh

    SO cute and very funKumon has put these activity books out. I was above impressed with the size, quality and adorable pictures in this book. If your child likes to cut, paste, or place stickers in the right place ( or wherever:) This book is a great purchase for your family! Would make a unique gift for a birthday or Christmas:))

  63. Kelly Wooten

    My 2 year old daughter loves these sticker and paste …My 2 year old daughter loves these sticker and paste books!!! She wants to do page after page. I had to buy a few more because she loves them so much!

  64. Melanie Hernandez

    More pasting than stickers BUT….My kiddo loved this book, but I wish there were more sticker pages! Other than that though I’ve seen my preschoolers pasting skills improve immensely from using this book!

  65. hiemalis

    As belowNot that many pages you can play with your toddler.


    My child is older than this book was intended for …My child is older than this book was intended for but it was so helpful in working on her skills because she has developmental delays and mild cerebral palsy.

  67. Cherbear08

    Great for little handsThese books are a favorite activity at our house. My almost two year old spends long periods of time on them. It does require an adult to help cut out some pieces and talk about it with them but I enjoy the time spent with my daughter.

  68. Jeremiah Santiago

    AmazingAmazing!! My son LOVES it! Highly recommend!

  69. Ken & Kristina B

    Knowledge is PowerFun learning activities for my 3 year old!

  70. NWhisman

    Fun, Cute activityMy little one loves stickers and these books were scheduled on our homeschool curriculum, so I ordered them. They are cute & fun for little guys (and girls). Nothing real elaborate or exquisite, but they do the job. I would order them again.

  71. Alexis Munoz

    Favorite activityThree year old requested more of these activities after buying two already

  72. A. Thomas

    Kept the kids busy at a restaurant…This book is okay. It kept my kids (3 and 5 years) busy in an airport restaurant for 30 minutes. You need scissors and glue to actually use it, so plan ahead.

  73. M. Carswell

    A Repeat in our HouseThis was an easy use for my 2 year old. There are 2-5 stickers per page, and just enough for him to feel like he was doing “school” while his sister did her schoolwork, but not so much to do, he was overhwhelmed.

  74. Amazon Customer

    My child loves these activity books!My child loves these activity books! We have them all.

  75. Regina Burt

    Let’s Sticker And Paste (KUMON WORKBOOK)Fast shipping! What can I say, I have never been disappointed with any KUMON books. They are very unique in their teaching methods and are the best books I have ever seen. This goes for ALL KUMON books. Easiest learning methods available. Would highly recommend to anyone!

  76. Laryn Gober

    My little one loves these books.We use this as part of our daily lesson in our homeschool day. This book has really helped in improving his fine motor skills with placing stickers and using glue. We are already using the second book in the Kumon Sticker and Paste series.

  77. Keiyani

    Two Year Old Fun!My two year old absolutely loved this book! He LOVED putting the animals together, placing the stickers where they belonged and everything. I learned more about my child’s development and where he’s at thanks to this book. Will be buying more books like this.

  78. Stefanie

    High quality and cuteVery cute activities and high quality

  79. jiny cho

    Too early for the early 2 years old.It’s fine material but it is a little difficult for early 2 years old. I would try mid or late 2 years old. Also the price is $5.95 but if you have a Barnes and noble membership you could get a little cheaper there. I regret that I paid a full price at amazone instead of B&N.

  80. Jolie Ward

    Great but be aware that you need some things to complete bookThese are great books and keep kids entertained. Not exactly great on travel trips since you need paste and scissors in the later activities. I wish they made a whole book with just the sticker activities!

  81. Abswb

    Love these workbooks!Love these, and so does my two year old. The worksheets get progressively harder, but not too hard. I purchased these in hopes to work on my son’s fine motor skills and for practice in following directions. They are great. Everyday he wants to do more “worksheets!”

  82. Amazon Customer

    Perfect for her getting acclimated to scissors without cutting up …My child loves this. Perfect for her getting acclimated to scissors without cutting up everything in the house.

  83. A. Owens

    Great quality, tiny package!So I was expecting your basic workbook size for this (since my other Kumon books are). However, this book (as well as the Let’s Fold and Let’s Cut workbooks) are half-sized. Other than being small, I have no complaints. They are very high quality, thick paper, full color.

  84. S. Jiang

    fun start at homeThis provide a lot of fun for my 2 and half daughter and me at home. She enjoyed pasting the parts into a picture. Before when she played with stickers, she would just ramdonly place them somewhere. This showed her that sometimes things have their places to go.

  85. Lois Williams

    okgrand baby loves its

  86. Sabrina Overby

    We love these booksPerfect

  87. Bridget’s Basket

    It’s all great learning.Very cute. As it says there are stickers and cut-outs to glue. It’s all great learning.

  88. Apache Creek Mercantile

    Good quality and fun activitiesMy son loves this book.Good quality and fun activities. He especially likes the dry erase board at the end of the book.

  89. Alexandra Perez

    Great bookGreat book for nursery school children! My daughter loves it and wants to do the book everyday! These books are a perfect size and very entertaining for small hands.

  90. Amazon Customer

    My 3 year old loves this!My 3 year old absolutely loves these, I plan to keep buying these workbooks,I used to work in preschool & it was exactly what I was looking for!

  91. Willing to try

    Four Starskids really enjoyed it and finished within a few days

  92. VL418

    Great activity for your young child!!My 4 year old LOVES these!! I like them too as they are fun projects to work on together. Highly recommend!!

  93. mamatimes3

    Small!Gave as a gift so can’t speak to the contents, but please note that these books are small, check out the measurements. I unfortunately did not prior to purchasing. I bought two of these (Let’s Fold! and Let’s Sticker & Paste!) thinking it would be a good combined gift, but they’re so small I felt it looked a little cheap. Had to add another part to the gift.

  94. Kris

    Kumon First Steps WorkbooksI purchased these for my granddaughter. She is learning from them and enjoys them. My daughter-in-law saya they are great!

  95. Says Me

    Awesome learning toolThis has been a fun and educational workbook for my child. It has kept my child engaged and learning skills needed for preschool

  96. PJ

    Five StarsLove these books for our toddler.

  97. Patrick M.

    Very good qualityMy 4 year old can’t get enough of these books. This one was good, but I think I like the older editions a bit better.

  98. jnaomi

    LearningThis is another good Kumon book for teaching little ones to paste. Cute little pasting activities throughout the entire book!Not disappointed in this book at all.

  99. Zoey

    KumonMy son enjoys working with all the books, they are educational, and entertaining. I can see his progress with his program.

  100. Wendy

    Five StarsLove these books.

  101. RJ

    Five StarsChild loved it

  102. Kseniya Denisova

    GreatAs advertised. Age appropriate.

  103. Lauren Waters

    Great sticker book for 2 year oldThis book challenges my advanced 2 year old and she is rapidly getting better at where to place stickers. This book is fun for her and she loves doing her “homework.”

  104. nellyd

    Five StarsMy niece just fell in love with cutting and gluing and this book was the perfect gift for her.

  105. Natasha

    Kumon sticker and paste food funmy 2.5 year old loves it!! I can see improvement in her motor skills and she understands the tasks better with each book. I would recommend!

  106. Amazon Customer

    Five StarsMy kid loves it. He wont stop until the entire workbook is done.

  107. mrsgam

    fun workbookmy 3 year olds have had a great time with these “first” sticker and paste books, i can’t cut out the pieces fast enough for them!

  108. surabi

    Perfect for my 2 1/2 yoMy son and I enjoyed it very much.. Easy enough for my sin and very clear instructions for parents ..

  109. paul

    Four StarsMy kid like thisbook

  110. Pauline M.

    Four Starsmy granddaughter loves it

  111. Evan O. Vars

    Educational funI would recommend these for everyone with a toddler going on preschool. The activities teach basic skills with fun activities.

  112. Alex and Pebbles

    Wish there were more stickers insteadMost of the pages are not stickers! They are paper crafts require cutting and glue…

  113. Mom of 2

    Highly recommendThese are great books, we have all of them. My kids love them!

  114. John Spencer

    Five StarsGreat workbook!

  115. Imara219

    OkBasic book. If I had to do it again I would not have purchased it

  116. Nanc K

    Five Starscute book

  117. MommaJo

    Five StarsUsing with Grand children and they are having fun!

  118. B Burke

    Reorder of course!!Grandson (just turned three) love! Will order again!!

  119. Phyllis Mcgowan

    Five StarsGreat granddaughter is 2 1/2 has fun with her grandmother learning new skill.

  120. Katherine Woo

    Five StarsNice!! Good to do it with my daughter ^^

  121. KingAce

    Good way to spend some quality time with your child.My 3 year old daughter and I had a great time with this book. She loved all the different types of stickers and activities. I would recommend this book.

  122. grace

    Five Starsmy little one loves it

  123. Andrew Britton

    like half of A4 sizeSmall size. like half of A4 size. and sticker pages is only like 5? not many

  124. Chloe W.

    Approved by my kidsMy children had a blast with this workbook.

  125. Carly

    Not that this is a bad thing, it’s just not what I was expectingApparently I misunderstood the title. I thought the book contained stickers. Make no mistake, this book does NOT contain a single sticker. The pages have items for you to cut out and paste with glue. Not that this is a bad thing, it’s just not what I was expecting. My son is not nearly at the age where he can maneuver with scissors so this is a no go for us for now.

  126. Gustavo Murguia

    Five StarsGreat book

  127. J. Krueger

    Kid Loves ItMy son loves doing the activities in his Kumon books. And I like that it helps develop skills he will need when he starts Preschool. Highly recommended.

  128. Kimberly A

    Five StarsGreat product for toddlers!

  129. Amazon Customer

    Five StarsMy granddaughter loved the book.

  130. Maria

    Five Starsgood

  131. Ella

    Not badThey are good products, I just wish they came with more, after a while my son loses interest in it.

  132. Someone

    My kid loves all sticker books, but not this oneMy kid is obsessed with sticker books but for some reason she doesn’t like this one. I haven’t been able to figure out why but every time I get it out she puts it away and grabs a different one.

  133. Muttley

    It is only limited fun for a young child and stickers are very limited…I have two kids at the ages of 4 and 2. I bought this book from our local bookstore, particularly for the younger one since, most other activity books in the market are for older children and this says 2 years and up. We have had it for a few days and did a few sessions already. Based on my experience with similar books in the market, I can rate this book as average.Pros:-The book is colorful and the themes are interesting for a toddler. Various foods, fruits vegetables and animals…-The paper quality is high, thick and easy to cut and paste.-The instructions are clear, the first few pages are full of instructions and tips including what type of scissors to use, how to organize and what to expect. Most are universal advises, I recommend parents to read this section first.Cons:-The book says sticker and paste but that is totally misleading. The sticker pages don’t even make up 10% of the total activities. I would rate this book higher if it had more of these pages, since the sticker activities can be done by a two years old with some guidance but the others require parents to play more role than the kid which is not fun at all. Parent needs to cut out the pieces which takes more than 60% of the total time for that particular activity. During that time my daughter loses interest or wants to try cutting herself but it requires way more skills than a 2 years old can have. My 4 years old can do the cutting himself. The only thing my daughter can do is to put some glue on the piece and stick it to the designated area.-The age description is misleading. Due to the reasons I point out above, there is less fun for a 2 years old due to constant requirement for parent. This should have been advertised as 3 or may be 4 years and up.-The memory pad design is horrible. It constantly closes back so it is difficult to keep a page open and it makes it difficult to cut especially for kids.-The cutting pages should have been separate from the activity pages. A few pages at the end that are full of the items to cut with a perforated page design (so that you can detach this page before cutting) would be way better than having the object on the same page. It creates an eyesore when you cut a slice on the page.-The price is a little high for what you get. $6 as of march 2015 for a 40 page small size activity book is a little above market average.In conclusion, although I like Kumon books in general this one is only okay but no more. It is only limited fun for a young child and stickers are very limited…

  134. moongroove

    my 3 yo loves KumonI bought 3 Kumon books for my 3 yo and she loves them all. I was skeptical that they would make any difference, but over a period of a few weeks she learned how to use her kid scissors pretty well, to trace, fold on a line, and to paste in a defined space. I was impressed. I liked having them out for her in the afternoons, as a learning activity she could do with me, and eventually on her own. She would really concentrate and work hard at it, and definitely enjoyed it. I started her on sticker and paste because she already loved stickers and was quite used to peeling them and sticking them onto things. Then I gave her a Kumon book for cutting and folding, and then one for tracing and drawing. I will be buying more. These also make great gifts.

  135. S. Doremus

    Love it, love it, love it!!My 2 year old loves this little book!! We’re working through this and Let’s Color simultaneously, and she asks (to put it mildly) for them everyday. It starts off very simply, placing a colored, shaped (circle, triangle, square) sticker over a coordinating blank spot in the middle a picture of an apple, watermelon, etc. I explained to her that the goal is to place it very carefully to try and cover the entire white space with the sticker. The paper and stickers are excellent quality, and can endure a couple of retries if she’s not satisfied with her first attempt. Of course you have to cut out pieces for the pasting portions. That’s where the coloring book is coming in handy. She can do one of those while she’s waiting for me to cut out the pieces for her next project. The pasting starts off similarly to the stickers, but advances to gluing features on a face, decorating a birthday cake, and 2-4 piece puzzles. Her first face was rather picassoesque, but the next day her panda was pandalike with no prompting at all. This is my 4th child and I’ve “home pre-schooled” them all. I wish I’d had these available sooner. I love the incremental approach to more challenging activities. We’ve recently ordered the “More Let’s Sticker and Paste” and “More Let’s Color” and we’re going to try “Let’s Cut Paper” as well.

  136. Value Seeker

    Good activity book for curious toddlersMy two-and-half loves this book even though she is done with it two months ago; shes loves stickers too; she finished the first twelve projects in one day. We have been told that she has great attention span and excellent fine motor skills for a toddler. The Let’s Sticker and Paste book is her favorite book and probably the easiest one of the four. For the fist few projects, she takes a sticker or several of them and paste them to an appropriate page. It gradually gets harders and requires some logical and fine motor skills by pasting one or two missing pieces of a puzzle to complete a picture.Take this book with you for dining out and on a short trip. This book is expensive but it is worth it.

  137. Sergii

    Five StarsMy 2 years old daughter like to glue peaces.

  138. Danielle L. Tomrell

    Five StarsVery pleased with this activity book!! My son enjoys the stickers and the variety it offers 🙂

  139. Amazon Customer

    Both my 2 & 3 Year old love this bookI have both a 2 year old and a 3 year old and both beg me (literally) to do more of this book. We are about half way done at this point but it is really worth the buy. You will need scissors and glue.

  140. Karen Baker

    21 month old likes it! Great quality, great first actvity book.My 21 month old son has enjoyed scribbling with Melissa and Doug jumbo triangular crayons and using M&D Favorite Pets handle stampers (both highly recommended) for a couple of months. He has very good fine motor skills and enjoys at time, so I thought something fun with a bit of structure would be a good next step. He’s just done the first 2 projects in this cute, well designed book, and he liked it a lot. There’s no pressure or right way in the beginning, just stickers to arrange however the child likes on a background. I wish the paper wasn’t so slick, because my son wanted to color on the pictures after he placed the stickers and the crayons wouldn’t work, but I know this is so the stickers can be removed and repositioned, so it makes sense.I’m looking forward to using the other books in this series in a few more months when my son is ready.

  141. Mayflower Girl

    Great Little Book for 2-3 Year OldsI bought this for my daughter when she was two, almost three. It was a great fit. Totally age appropriate. It starts out with the child placing stickers randomly on pages. Then, they need to put a sticker in a targeted spot. The next stage is something similar, only you’re pasting (with a glue stick) a shape that your parent has cut out for you. It then progresses to sort of puzzle like items to paste and then finally more of a free-paste (little pieces of paper for snowflakes or tree blossoms).We have the other Kumon First Steps Workbooks. This is our favorite, followed by “Let’s Cut Paper”.

  142. AppreciatesAdvice

    Great 3 year old b-day giftMy 3 year old loved this Kumon book. It’s probably her favorite. I believe we started working on it when she was 2 1/2 but she still enjoys it. The sticker pages are actually great for an airplane flight! The paste pages involve a bit of parental work because you have to cut out all of the shapes that need to be pasted…not too big of a deal though.

  143. Amazon Customer

    Three StarsDon’t know . Grandkids never said

  144. Andrew’s Mommy

    Great book for almost 3’sMy son and I went through the entire book last night — he loved it! I’m going to buy the More Sticker & Paste. He really enjoyed the gluing. I thought this would be a great book to bring on a trip with the exception of the need for scissors (which wouldn’t work on an airplane).

  145. JD

    My 2 year loves this book!!!!!My son received this book for his second birthday and absolutely loved it! He wouldn’t put it down. We have had a similar experience with the other Kumon books we have purchased since then. Highly recommend.

  146. sigi

    Should be called ‘Let’s Cut and Glue!’Seriously? It’s called a sticker book and it has no stickers… it only has printed images (lots and lots of them) and a message to the parents saying to cut out the images. Come on now, ain’t nobody got time for that…

  147. Amazon_Consumer

    Good BuyMy 2 1/2 yr old has been peeling these stickers off and placing them on all by himself. We love how easy they are to use and he enjoys “playing” with this Kumon book.

  148. Big & Momo

    Great product for our little!Our little has been interested in cutting, folding & gluing lately. We ordered these books so she could practice these skills.Pros:• cute illustrations• easy to follow instructions, with photos of final product• difficulty progresses as the child moves through the book• sized perfectly for young children• parent instructions/prompts (gives ways in which you can get more out of the activity “say -phrase- while the child is working” , “read -phrase-” aloud, or “give positive reinforcement”)These activities will help our little learn the skills she needs before moving on to our homeschool curriculum. Definitely will be ordering more Kumon products!

  149. Michelle Victorio

    Travel friendlyGreat activity for toddlers and travel friendly

  150. Kateebee

    Great!Another purchase for my grand daughter. Paste everywhere but we had a great time!

  151. Sofia Malishak

    Excelente!The media could not be loaded.

     minha filha e eu amamos kumon! desde a idade de 1,5 até hoje, tenho ensinado suas habilidades usando cadernos kumon. A princípio comprei na Rússia, mas depois de me mudar também compro no Brasil. Eu recomendo

  152. Someone

    Fun!My toddler loves the sticker portion but is too young for the paste portion. There is def more paste activities than sticker and I wish it was the other way around.

  153. Fernanda

    El material es de buena calidadA mí hjo le gustí mucho estar pegando los stickers y recortando. Tiene muchas hojas, las pegatinas son de muy buena calidad.

  154. Happy Clappy

    another great activity bookI’ve bought quite a few of these books for my 4 year old who has learning difficulties.Its a great book, perfect for a few minutes of ‘work’ each day. The little one loves them.They have helped him be accurate in his sticking abilities; he can now fit shapes exactly into the correct space that is given without even looking carefully.Also, compared to the 1st ‘Let’s sticker & Paste’ book – this one has more things to cut out and stick on each page so it is much better and can entertain the child for more than 3 seconds. The other book only had 1 item on each page to stick.The quality of the book is very good – perhaps a little too good for something that is cut, pasted and thrown away. (can’t keep them all..)I wonder if they can decrease the thickness of the paper (more like thin card) so that they can cut the cost of the book.I’ve given it 4 stars instead of 5 because I feel It should a few more sticker pages instead of moving on so quickly to glue.The glue ones are fine but it takes me more time to cut each item out and only takes the little one about 2 seconds to stick them on.

  155. Luana Machado

    Bom.Meus filhos gostaram.

  156. Gabriel Cassi

    Helps to keep your child busyI bought this book to entertain my 2.9 yo son while having a flight. So it worked! He loved to put stickers on a designated area (part of a fruit/vegetable). Also he loved to glue and afterwards put the pieces of the picture together (with my help). We finished the book in two weeks. I’m going to order similar ones as well.

  157. Elizabeth D

    Bueno, pero pequeñoBuen producto, tiene stikers y partes para recortar y pegar con pegamento, pero es pequeño, si no se dosifica un pequeño, puede terminarlo en un solo día

  158. Wendel de Souza Formoso

    Ótimo exercício de colagemMeu filho de 4 anos adorou a atividade de colar, as primeiras atividades são com adesivos. Depois os pais em que recortar para o seu filho colar. As últimas atividades são quebra cabeças.

  159. Brenda

    Muy útilExcelente Compra

  160. Lulu

    OttimoBello libro con tante attivita diverse dal facile verso difficile. Ci sono anche istruzioni per genitori che cosa si aspetta dal bambino (tipo in questo compito può uscire dai bordi, importante è che conquista la manualita). Alla fine del libro al bimbo aspetta il diploma.

  161. Happy Clappy

    Lovely book.3 year old absolutely loves this.It would be nice to have a few more ‘Sticker’ Pages before the actual sticking part.Parents, do prepare yourselves ; Your cutting skills will be need to cut the pictures out.. i’ve never done so much cutting before I bought these books 🙂

  162. C Huston

    A lovely way to introduce young children to cutting and stickingA lovely way to introduce children to cutting and sticking. My three year old enjoyed the activities which start with using “easier” stickers and then moving on to using glue. He loves food, so the pictures kept him interested!

  163. Monika

    Great bookGreat book, highly recommend for children. My 5 years old son loves it.

  164. Sivashankar Vetrimani


  165. B. Kunz

    praktisch für Zwischendurchich habe einige Kumon Bücher gekauft um meine Kinder auf längeren Reisen und vor allem im Flugzeug zu beschäftigen. Das funktioniert super! Die Bücher sind unterhaltsam, aber die Kinder üben auch Fertigkeiten.Einige der Aufgaben funktionieren mit Stickern die dabei sind, für andere benötigt man Kleber und Schere.

  166. Javier

    DivertidosEstos libros son muy útiles y divertidos para los niños cuando empiezan a comprender. Apreden de una forma muy divertida y no son aburridos.

  167. Lola MGarcía

    Stickers y recortesEn principio pensaba que era todo pegatinas, pero también lleva para que recorte y pegue. Por esto le pongo 4 estrellas. Pues por otro lado le compré para recortar y pensaba que este era todo stickers.

  168. San Chips

    A fun way to learn.Toddler loves this book! She’s two and we finished it in just a couple of weeks, doing 3-4 pages daily as recommended.

  169. xxxx

    Great book for kidsMy 2,5 yo absolutely love it. She finished in a few days. Ordered more for her

  170. Cliente Amazon

    CaroMuy caros

  171. Luby

    ExcelenteMuy lindo libro, educativo y a los niños les encanta y se entretienen bastante. Se los voy dando por partes para que no lo acaben de una vez todo!

  172. joana stein

    So lalaDer Teil mit den selbstklebenden Stickern war wirklich top! Ich war überrascht, wie leicht es meinem Sohn (2) gefallen ist, die Sticker anzubringen, und wie sorgfältig er dabei schon vorging..Leider finde ich den Teil des Buches, in dem die Eltern selbst ausschneiden und die Kinder dann mit Klebstoff einkleven sollen total blöd. Es ist eine einzige Schmiererei, Kinder sollen den Kleber mit den Fingern verteilen usw.. Die Idee ist nett, aber das Ausschneiden usw etwas blöd. Das Kind wird abgelenkt und möchte auch schneiden helfen oder man müsste viel vorarbeiten, damit unhestört und ohne Pause geklebt werden kann.. Dafür habe ich aber ein kompaktes Buch und keine Bastelbögen bestellt…Ich hätte mir zumindest eine Stanzung gewünscht!

  173. TT

    Five StarsFar more creative than I expected. Slowly build skills in a compact progressive booklet.

  174. elaine ferguson

    Good quality paperBought 5 different Kumon books on Cut and Paste.Good quality paper!

  175. Mauro

    Desenvolvimento bem programado.Minha filha (Olívia, 3 anos) mal acorda e já pede para fazer os exercícios, dentre os desta coleção o que ela mais gosta é desse de colar. Ela já consegue retirar os adesivos e colar sozinha. Chegou a pouco tempo na parte que usa cola, acho que está desenvolvendo muito bem, conforme ela avança no livro a dificuldade aumenta. Perfeito!

  176. Ana Larissa

    ExcelenteExcelente qualidade dos adesivos colam super bem não ficam descolando, material ótimo para crianças de 2 anos até 3.

  177. Amazon Customer

    Nice bookMy kid loves this book. Great activity for them

  178. Amazon Customer


  179. Fleur

    Let’s sticker and pasteles produits Kumon sont d’excellente qualité pédagogique et en plus amusnts pour les enfants. Ma file fait tous les découpages toute seule, même ceux demandés pour les parents, à 3 ans et demi, et elle aime les faire toutes seules. Elle adore les articles Kumon, en général. On ne peut pas se tromper avec Kumon.

  180. Cliente de Amazon

    Muy bienexcelente libro para los niños pequeños, que les gustan los stickers y así aprenden

  181. sunil

    Sunil cpGood 😍👌🤗

  182. Amazon カスタマー


  183. Caroline Farina

    ExcelenteLivro excelente, meu filho de 4 anos, adorou recorta e colar, todos os dias uma atividade!!!! As primeiras 16 atividades são com adesivos, então a diversão era melhor ainda!!!! Recomendo muito para iniciar práticas com colagem!!!

  184. Sam

    Recomendable.Muy lindo, interesante y creativo.

  185. Ade

    Muy buenoMuy buen material, le encantó a mi hija

  186. Amazon Customer

    Five StarsMy 3 year old is crazy about this book. He loves it.

  187. Lisa

    Three StarsKids aren’t interested

  188. Sarah Gebert

    Atividades incrementadasGostei, permite incrementar qualquer dia de aula no ensino domiciliar

  189. Dotx2

    Five StarsGood exercises.

  190. emanuele campelo

    Otimo!A coleção é maravilhosa! Meus filhos de 2 e 3 anos amaram! Super recomendo! Rende bastante tempo de diversão e aprendizado!

  191. Andrey

    Five Starsgreat book

  192. SJ

    Three Starsits ok. not worth the price.

  193. Amazon Customer

    Five StarsGreat fun with my 3yo

  194. Cristina

    Me ha llegado roto y utilizado! Las 6 primeras paginas estan hechas!Espero que pueda cambiarlo por otro, aunque una vez visto es muy pequeño. Me esperaba otra cosa.

  195. Amazon Customer

    Sticker little, paste a lotFirst pages have stickers, for the most of it parent has to cut and let child paste with glue. Considering its price I would not have bought it if I knew.

  196. ab2410

    Five Starsfine

  197. Diana

    La edad recomendada no es adecuadaEl libro está bien, pero para nada corresponde a actividades que puedan hacer niños de 2-3 años

  198. R.M

    Missing pages and cut out pieces.It has been used badly. A few pages are missing. I wouldn’t want to order it again.

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