Let’s Sticker & Paste!
Amazing Animals

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Stickers and paste aren’t just for fun—they’re the building blocks for your child’s motor control skills. In this book, children place stickers of fascinating animals onto colorful nature backgrounds to make lively wildlife scenes. Children will develop fine motor control and spatial reasoning skills by completing these fun animal art projects.

5 7/8 x 8 1/4 inches. paperback. 40 sheets. full color. US $5.95 / C$6.95




Stickers and paste aren’t just for fun—they’re the building blocks for your child’s motor control skills. In this book, children place stickers of fascinating animals onto colorful nature backgrounds to make lively wildlife scenes. Children will develop fine motor control and spatial reasoning skills by completing these fun animal art projects.

5 7/8 x 8 1/4 inches. paperback. 40 sheets. full color. US $5.95 / C$6.95

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97 reviews for Let’s Sticker & Paste!
Amazing Animals

  1. JHanlon

    Fun Learning Activity to Do with Your Child!I bought this book for my daughter when she was about 19 months old and we started doing the pages when she was about 20 months. She’s now 22 and we’ve completed the sticker pages and many of the middle pasting pages. Overall, I really love this book and am planning on buying many other books from the series.For those looking for a fun activity book to keep their child busy on their own – this is NOT that kind of book. It’s designed for a parent or caregiver and child to complete *together*. There is a very useful guide in the beginning that clearly outlines the goals of the book and what materials you will need (for example, the pros and cons of liquid glue vs. glue sticks). It’s also necessary for the parent to encourage and guide the child, and then once you get to the pasting parts (around page 6 out of 39 activity pages) the parent has to do some serious work cutting out the shapes for the child to paste. Some other reviewers have complained about this, but I actually think it’s a great aspect of the book. I spend quality, engaged, time with my child and yes, sometimes she wants to grab the scissors away from me, but is learning to be patient and wait – as she should. There’s a lot of learning that goes on with this book – fine motor skills, spatial awareness, understanding orientation, etc. For those who flew threw the book in a day or so – that’s not how it’s supposed to be used. You’re only supposed to do a few pages a day, with the child still excited to do more when you’re finished. This is more of an exercise book that teaches children different skills involved in stickering and pasting, which they can then go on to use in other craft activities, beyond the book and into their pre-school years.Overview of the book:- First 6-8 pages are sticker pages, where the child pastes stickers randomly/creatively in a scene.- Next section are large cut outs that have to be placed on a white-space on a scene. The first pages are simple squares and circles, and then become more complex shapes with particular orientations.- Then there are scenes where you cut out the items to be pasted, and the child can paste them any where they like on the scene.- The next set of paste activities are more like puzzles. It begins with two piece puzzles, pasting one long picture strip onto a long white space. But the child must work to line up the pictures and put it in the correct orientation. The activities then progress in complexity to 3 piece puzzles, then 4 piece puzzles, then 4 pieces that are triangle-shaped, and finally 6 piece puzzles.- At the end of the book is a certificate of achievement.- There is also a thick back page made of cardboard with a glossy laminate that can be used as a “drawing board” with water-based markers.Overall, I am extremely pleased with this purchase and highly recommend these books to other parents of toddlers. Lastly, if you purchase this book definitely read the intro for parents; you will get a lot more out of the book that way.

  2. Amanda S.

    Lots of fun!About me: special education teacher, former pre-school teacher, momI bought this for my almost 3 year old daughter as a Christmas present, but pulled it out one day while we were waiting for dinner to cook. So glad I did—she loved it! She finished 34 activities in one evening (of her own choosing–I’d recommend letting less enthusiastic kids do only one or two at a time).Pros: Lots of fun spending time working with my little girl. She had fun too and felt proud of herself, so it’s great for building self-esteem and increasing skills. Pictures are fun and colorful. We talked a lot about the different animals we saw and I was able to introduce some new vocabulary words by mentioning that the lion had a mane, or that the animals were going on a safari or using binoculars, etc. Good for counting, especially the sticker pages, as well as animal, color, and shape recognition. Each activity has a note for parents regarding the activity or skill being worked on, and the pages increase in skill difficulty. There is a certificate of achievement for when your child finishes the book–my daughter is excited about that.Cons: There was a distinct jump in skill level required for activities toward the end of the book. My not-quite-3 year old did fine completing a 3 piece picture that had 2 pieces to paste back in, but the next activity was 4 pieces that needed to be put together a certain way to make a complete picture. She didn’t quite get it. Also, the pages aren’t perforated at the top, so we left them in the book as we worked. This meant the book wanted to keep flopping closed as we got towards the end, but I just put a paperweight on it. It also means that if your child is an enthusiastic gluer the pages will stick together.May be a con for some: This is definitely an activity book that requires assistance and encouragement from parents. I don’t personally view this as a con, but just be aware if you are purchasing it with the intent for your child to work independently. This wouldn’t be the right book to give if you need to get some chores done, for instance, unless your child is older and/or already fairly proficient at cutting skills, etc.There are 39 different pages in this book with different sticker/paste skills to work on. Here is a break-down of the hierarchy used:1-3: Put stickers anywhere you want to on the page.4-8: Put stickers in the white area of a picture to complete it. They start with circles, then a triangle and rectangles.9-25: Glue picture on the white area. Parents need to cut out the shape first; you’ll also need to provide your own glue. We used a glue stick.26-29: Glue multiple pictures onto the page as you like.30-39: Glue pieces of a larger picture together like a very simple puzzle. The first one has 2 halves of a penguin, while the last one is 6 pieces that fit together to make a snake.I hope this review helps! I have already decided to order more Kumon books for the kids in her Preschool class as holiday gifts since this one was such a success.

  3. Brazilian Jazzaholic!

    My toddler loves it, but not enough stickers.I bought two of these Kumon Sticker & Paste books to keep my 23 month-old entertained on a 5-hour transcontinental flight from Los Angeles to Miami. She absolutely loved them. The brightly-colored stickers are organized according to themes, which facilitates great parent-child interaction as little-ones figure out where and how to apply the stickers. After I guided my daughter through the first few tries, she quickly got the hang of it and was soon applying the stickers to the pages like she’d been doing it all her life! The sticker book is fairly small (about the size of a large birthday card), which makes it extremely handy for travel, but the stickers are plenty big enough to attract and keep kids’ attention. Younger toddlers will probably need a little help from mom/dad to peel the stickers off the pad, since the stickers are completely flat and thus difficult for tiny fingers to lift off the backing. But this didn’t dampen my little girl’s enjoyment of this sticker book in the least; in fact, she blew through all the stickers in one of the books in a single sitting, and was asking for more. (Thank goodness I’d purchased two of these books!).My only complaint about the Kumon sticker books is that they don’t have enough stickers in them. Less than half of the pages are actual stickers, and the other half are shapes that you have to cut out with scissors and paste onto the pages with your own glue. As you can imagine, this activity is a bit too sophisticated for younger toddlers, and much less convenient as a travel-friendly activity. Who wants to deal with messy glue, bits of paper and scissors in a cramped airplane seat? (Plus, there’s the hassle of finding flight-safe scissors). Instead of trying to create a sticker-and-paste book that can “grow” with your child, Kumon would be better off making separate books for stickers (suitable for younger toddlers) and for cut-and-paste shapes (suitable for older preschoolers/kindergarteners).While my daughter certainly enjoyed the sticker portion of this Kumon book, my next sticker-book purchase will be one that contains 100% stickers. There are less expensive sticker-books out there that contain tons more stickers than this Kumon book. Plus, unlike the Kumon sticker-books, there are many others that contain stickers that can be removed and reapplied multiple times without losing their adhesiveness. This will enable my toddler to easily repeat this fun activity without my having to buy a new sticker book every time.Grade: B

  4. Zoolbia

    These books work wonders!Just love Koumon books including this one. My 3.5 year old son always refused to sit and do any structured activity and just wanted to do free play led by him all the tine which was great but not enough. Until I heard about Koumon book series from a dear friend who has an older boy. These books are absolute godsend! So engaging, and so easy to make my son get interested. And how much he progressed in just a few weeks of working with these books for just 20 minutes a day is unbelievable, from cutting to folding to coloring to solving mazes, it’s just amazing. Thank You for helping our children!

  5. al

    I love this line from KumonThis is actually the 2nd one of these I bought, this time for a gift for another 2 year old. I bought one for my child and she enjoyed it a lot. It is nice because it has different phases where you start with just stickers then progress to simple pasting followed by pasting pieces to form a picture like a puzzle. It also has some different animals that you don’t always see like wild boar, crane, octopus, etc. My 2 year old is very engaged when we have done these activities. It is easy to get excited and do the whole book at once though so I recommend doing it a few pages at a time so you can pull this out from time to time and get more use out of it. Also it has a “certificate of achievement” at the end that you can fill out for the child which I thought was cute once you finish all the activities.

  6. Enna R

    My son LOVES thisbought this for my 4 year old. He studies another Kumon book, then uses this as his refreshment. He loves this book so much that he could easily go over 10 pages and often I have to tell him to save some for tomorrow!First 4-5 pages are just using stickers, then cut a part of animal pictures, paste on the book using glue next (

  7. hannah’smommy

    Great for toddlers!My daughter is 2 1/2 years old and I’ve been looking for something that will hold her attention, work on her fine motor skills, and is fun. I’m so happy I found this book. She’s been doing great with using a glue stick. She’s so proud of herself when she finishes a page. I love the way the book is set up. It starts off very simple, and then gradually (page by page) you work your way up to the more challenging pictures. My daughter loves to show her daddy, her “projects”. Definitely recommend. These pages don’t take long either. So, if you are on the fence about not having time, it only takes 5 minutes or less. After I cut out the picture, she literally takes 30 seconds to apply the glue and match up the pictures.

  8. Brittany

    Not exactly brand newBook was the exact one pictured except it appeared it was damaged with some sort of liquid. Some pages were stained upon arrival but still functional so we kept it anyways.

  9. January

    Great little activity book for 21/22 months onwardsThis is lovely. Starts out with the stickers then moves onto the slightly more challenging pasting fun. Perfect for a 2 year old for the glue and pasting. My son is now 21 months and will enjoy the easier sticker activities at the beginning of the book. The rest I will wait until he is a bit older. I love the concept. Each page gives little hints for us parents to help your little one work through this. I will surely order more in the future.

  10. Amazon Customer

    Great Value For The Price!AWESOME! My almost 4 year old loves doing these projects! It starts off simple and works up to more complicated sticker and paste projects. I’ve bought her 3 books from Kumon Publishing, this one, Let’s Fold and My First Book Of Cutting. My daughter loves all three and asks every day to work in these. Great value for the price!

  11. Amazon Customer

    Great for early learningNice little book to keep my kid occupied for some time !!

  12. megha s.

    Great purchaseWonderful to keep kids busy

  13. Prachi

    Totally worth it!My 2.5 year old loved this activity book. He has finished almost half of it in two days. Will purchase this again. Good for engaging your toddler in some constructive activity.

  14. Lucky

    need to use a cutter to cut the stickersThis one does not have all the stickers to match the book, you have to use a cutter to cut the ones from the book, If all the stickers are there, I will give a five star review

  15. Aykosay

    Fun for little onesIt was smaller than I thought. Material makes it harder to handle for my kid alone but decent overall.

  16. Mimi

    CuteGranddaughter has enjoyed doing a few pages. I think it’s a great little learning book.

  17. E. Wilder

    Not many stickersI bought this for my 2.5 year old thinking it’d be half sticker activities and half gluing activities. In reality, there are only a few pages of stickers, and 90% of the book is pasting. I was hoping that this book would provide lots of opportunities for my son to do independent stickering while I tend our newborn, but he blew through that in 20 minutes (and wanted more!) and I’ll have to cut out the rest. It’s nice quality for what it is, but I wish there were many more sticker pages.

  18. zhaogl

    Not many stickersI was expecting more stickers but there are only a few. You have to cut most of them by yourself, so it is not very suitable for 2 years old, but takes lots of work of mom…….which is not what i want. And you have to glue it yourself……make it even worse and a mess

  19. Mama21

    Awesome!My two year old LOVES all of these activity books. Great for stay at home moms wanting to make sure their kids get some academic instruction that is still fun and developmentally appropriate.

  20. Amazon Customer

    Excellent serviceExcellent product

  21. Kiran Pandit

    Great for a rainy dayWhen she was 2, my daughter loved the stickers and pasting with glue — now that she’s 3, she loves cutting out the pictures herself and using the glue herself too. And the puzzles at the end are a great mental exercise.

  22. Happy Mom

    Exactly what I was looking forOrdered this for my 2 1/2 year old. He loves it! I cut out the parts and he uses the glue stick to glue and stick into the spots. He would have done the whole book the day we got it if I didn’t stop him!

  23. C. Meinerding

    BEST THING EVER.My 24 month old LOVES THIS!! She loves stickers so I thought she might, but she really understands how to line up the stickers to complete the pictures. Also, you need a glue stick for this and it’s the first time she’s ever seen or used one. It’s going great. We got the Elmers glue sticks that are purple and they work well. so fun.

  24. Irina T

    The work book is amazing! It was very easy for me as a …The work book is amazing! It was very easy for me as a parent to figure out how to build the process, but it looks like we need to wait for couple months. My son is 22 months old and it’s a bit early for him.

  25. Jintine

    It requires lots parental guidance and helpIt requires lots parental guidance and help

  26. Jea K. Lee

    Good product!My kid loves it!

  27. Natalya

    KumonMy daughter loves it!

  28. Rim

    Cut and PasteNumber of Stickers are very few. Mostly it goes for cut and paste.

  29. Mekokome

    Five StarsGreat for parents who want to give their children a head start. My great-granddaughter loves these books.

  30. Joyce

    Kumon workbooks are awesomeExcellent learning tools. The books have clear parent instructions and my 3 1/2 year old grandson absolutely loves them. It makes for great quality time and he looks forward to working in these books. instead of candy or ice cream, these workbooks have become his “treat”.

  31. Stuffing’s Mommy

    Toddler ActivityMy daughter loved finding the stickers and ripping them out, she surprised me and did great with the matching the sticker to the activity on the pad. I was able to craft a story for some of the pages and she had fun with them. I will definitely be buying more.

  32. sirine-Mom of 3 highly energetic little boys

    great, fun and educationali bought several kumon books for my 5 year ld and 2.5 year old. we like them each, especially the tracing book and the paste it books. Easy to assist little kids, they enjoy working on each page. y kids wanted to finish the whole book at one sittiing time!

  33. Elizabeth

    Fun for kids!Very cute and easily slips into your purse for travel.

  34. Vk

    Another kumon book that our little one fell in love with. Its difficult to stop him from doing …Another kumon book that our little one fell in love with. Its difficult to stop him from doing this. All kumon books we have so far for his age(3) are fantastic.

  35. Kellydooddad

    2 yr old loved it and went through it in a weekMy 2 year old loves this sticker book more than the cutting and folding one. What is it with stickers??? In any case, he wanted to do all of it within a short period of time until he went through the whole book.

  36. Sarah

    Fun for little onesMy 3 year old daughter loves doing these activities.

  37. ES

    Five StarsA great learning tool for motor skills/coordination for a 2-3 year old.

  38. Cherbear08

    Little Girl Loves It!I have an almost two year old. She is very precocious and loves to learn. She absolutely loves these books. We have had a lot of fun doing this book together.

  39. Mak

    greatSuper cute! my three year old absolutely loves it!

  40. Jeff O.

    easy, and fun for my 2 yearCue, easy, and fun for my 2 year old

  41. Hilda A.

    My granddaughter really enjoyed this (3 year old) Great as a book to …My granddaughter really enjoyed this (3 year old) Great as a book to help young children learn how to use paste.

  42. NWhisman

    Does the jobThese are very cute & my 4 year old loves it. Suits the purpose. I didn’t think there was anything super special about them, but they are a fun activity for little ones.

  43. Crystal

    Great starter workbooksMy son loves these and I love that he is practicing skills. Great tips for parents on each page and they are fun to work on.

  44. Sam

    Fun workbook!it is very colorful ! but only a few pages of stickers.I have to cut all other pages for my son. It is not for a busy mom -doing work with kids. Amazon packing was bad and some of the stickers stuck inside of the box…..

  45. Tina M. McCallum

    Five StarsThis is such a fun book for toddlers. Provided hours of fun for my daughter.

  46. Di Sun

    Five StarsMy daughter loves this book!

  47. Anonymous

    My two year old loves itGreat educational book – my two year old enjoys it.

  48. Amountain

    My 2 1/2 year old loves itMy son and I really enjoy doing the activities in this book. The book is well made and the pictures are great. I’m glad I purchased this item.

  49. Abi A

    Five StarsMy 3 year old loves all the kumon worksheets

  50. hayeon

    Five Starsfun with my boy

  51. GWeeks

    LoveDo yourself a favor and buy this

  52. Joan Lewellen

    Kumon workbooksThey are excellent. A wonderful tool to help for my grandson to learn. I have bought many of them already.

  53. Angela M. Garner

    2 year old friendly!My 2 year old daughters favorite school book!

  54. Jennifer B.

    Great product!Fun and easy! We use lots of kumon books for our homeschool and we are never disappointed. Always great products!

  55. Natasha

    Kumon sticker and paste/amazing animalsGreat books for two+ year olds. My daughter is 2,5 and she loves it! Her motor skills and attention span have improved.

  56. Justin

    Five StarsShe loves it!

  57. Nitesh Asnani

    There are no stickers in this book.My two year old daughter loves stickers so I ordered this book. Voila!! 0 stickers in a book called sticker. What a waste of money.

  58. Rachael L. Muster

    Five StarsGreat, fun activity book for 2 year old!

  59. Ramsay Belle

    Five StarsLove all Kumon.

  60. Karen

    Five StarsFun book!

  61. diesel

    Five StarsExcellent

  62. Richard R. Strahm

    Five Starsgood work

  63. Anna

    A great little book!I bought this along with the “Let’s Color!” title for my 26-month-old son. He loves stickers, and I wanted a quiet activity we could engage in together. I love that the book gives you tips on how to help you child complete the book, and additional tips on each page. I was fully aware that some of the pages would have pieces for the parent to cut out, and unlike some other reviewers I actually appreciate this. Stickers are one thing, but applying glue, sticking it to the page and allowing it to dry is whole other concept that I am excited for my son to learn. We haven’t gotten to these pages yet, but I don’t think he is quite ready anyways.From completing the sticker pages, I have already seen an improvement in his fine motor skills. He tries to adjust the stickers when he places them too close to the edge of the page. They stick really well, so I have to help him with this, but he is still able to stick them down again after I peel them up. The first couple pages he would place the stickers wherever they happened to stick, but after a while he was telling me where he intended to place the sticker (on the slide, on the tree, etc.).These books are small, about the size of a small notepad and open along the top edge. I think they work well at this size, and I have no complaints. The images are cute, and the paper is high-quality and brightly colored. I think it was well worth the price.

  64. Neringa

    One StarNot really , was expecting more stickers

  65. serina

    Five StarsFun!!!!! My two year old.loves this book!!

  66. Melissa & Jordan

    Best workbook for 2’sThis was the first workbook I have ever bought and my daughter was not quite 2.5 but loved this book. We would do as many pages as she was interested in and she was so proud of herself. I was so impressed at what she could do with the puzzle pieces and we have never practiced things we found in the book. We both loved it.

  67. Amazon Customer

    Four StarsI like the life lessons

  68. Amazon Customer

    I love Kumon productsThis Japanese author has very good unique ideas to engage children into worthwhile activities. It is designed to certainly enhance specific important skills for your children. Grab one or two for your children.

  69. Cool Girl

    Loved itMy daughter loved it a lot. She was 2.5 years old and loved it so much that she finished the whole book in 10 days. She could have finished earlier if I had let her go on and on.

  70. Brittany V. Wells

    Absolutely amazed by my daughter’s progressMy daughter is 5. Every year (for the past three years) the preschool has asked us to send her to school the first week with a list of things that includes scissors and glue, so I assumed she was learning to cut & paste at school.Two weeks ago I asked if she would make a collage of a letter she had just learned to read and right, only to find that she didn’t know how to cut or paste!A friend from business school recommended the Kumon books and I decided to check this one out, even though it’s meant for children 3 years younger than her.She chose when to do the exercises and going at her own pace finished the book in a week (I didn’t cut for her, since she’s older I had her cut the shapes herself).Today she asked if she could play with a Lego game meant for 7 year olds! Thanks to the lessons in this Kumon book she was able to follow a set of complex instructions (complex for her age) to complete her first Lego!I proceeded to purchase every Kumon book meant for children up to age 5 because I was just so impressed with the results!

  71. Anna

    Good qualityGood book

  72. Kelly

    J’e aimé le livreThe media could not be loaded.

     Il est bien fait mais tout le pages n’ont pas de collant il faut découper et après mette de la colle.

  73. Krissy

    Von leicht bis schwer ist alles dabeiMein 4-Jähriger Sohn ist ein absoluter Bastelmuffel gewesen. Daher hatte ich gedacht, dass ein ganz leichter Einstieg etwas für ihn wäre.In diesem Buch sind die ersten 5-8 Seiten normale Sticker, die erstmal überall im Bild und dann später auf eine bestimmte Stelle platziert werden.Danach wird es schwieriger – Eltern schneiden verschiedene Formen aus und das Kind klebt diese dann auf. Der Schwierigkeitsgrad steigert sich, sodass am Ende Puzzleteile ausgeschnitten werden und das Kind legt die Teile richtig zusammen und klebt diese dann auf den Zettel (siehe Bilder).Finde es ein gelungenes und schönes Buch.

  74. GraceHutchinson

    Amazing seriesOur daughter had so much fun playing with this series. This one in particular has been her favorite. She wanted to do the exercises one after the other and was entertained for hours (and at 2.5 years that is an amazing feat). It taught her how to place things like stickers and glue in a specific spot and she had real trouble doing this.

  75. Marco Aurelio Shibayama

    Lindo!Comprei para minha filha de 2 anos fazer, mas até a outra de 4 anos amou! é muito bem feito, colorido, as impressões ótimas, com adesivos, elas se divertiram bastante fazendo!

  76. MostlyMommy

    Perfect for 2.5 year oldMy daughter loved this book and completed it in one sitting. Paved the path for other kumon books in the series. It was easy for her, but increased her interest in workbooks. She loved the certificate at the end which she proudly stuck to a wall. 🙂

  77. Kenia alves

    Tem figurinhas, recorte e colagemEste livro de atividades é incrível..tem adesivos, recorte e colagem, quebra cabeça. Minha filha de 3anos amou

  78. Paula O.

    Livro para recortarNão gostamos muito porque não tem quase adesivos, o livro é todo para recortar e colar

  79. Verveine

    Taille A5Très bon livre. J’ai acheté 3 livres de Kumon chez Amazon. N’ayant pas beaucoup de choix chez Amazon j’ai commandé une dizaine d’autres livres à l’étranger en langue russe. À ma grande surprise tous les autres livres reçus (en russe) ont été de taille A4, alors tous les 3 livres de Amazon (en anglais) en taille A5…

  80. Elena U.

    encantadaEstoy encantada con los libros de Kumon. Compré el primero por casualidad para mi hijo de 5 años y después compre estos que son de recortar, pegar y colorear. Mi hijo pequeño ya va por el tercero. Ahora recorta solo y se enyretiene un montón. Muy recomendable. La entrega ha ido muy bien.

  81. ilda

    Stick and pasteÈ molto bello, ma ci sono pochi adesivi, la maggior parte del libro sono le figure da intagliare e da incollare. Scomodo per viaggi.

  82. Amazon Customer

    Excellent bookMy 3 year old child found it very interesting….by using this… motor skills increases….few pages are stickers….rest u have to paste using gluestick…..

  83. Emily Chen

    Good quality and funGood quality and fun to do. My 2.5 yr old loves it. This book requires the parents to do some cutting for your child.

  84. Christine Bancroft

    one to one activityGraded tasks for a child to learn a new skill.Would advise use at child’s request. Guidance is given to parent/teacher/grandparent

  85. Mariana Anrain Andreis

    Òtimas atividades para crianças!Recomendo todos livros desta série do Kumon. As atividades são bem interessantes e as crianças adoram! Desenvolvem as habilidades enquanto se divertem. Recomendo!!!

  86. Elvira

    Muy divertidoSe basa en adquirir destrezas manuales pegando primero pegatinas y después con pegamento. La primera parte es sencilla, después hay que recortar y pegar.

  87. Amazon Customer

    Cannot fault KumonAll their workbooks are superb!Keep my grandchildren amused for very long time and they learn lots of hand-skills whilst playing.

  88. amy

    Average productThis product is Okay didn’t hold my 3 year olds interest as much as I hoped it might.

  89. Sue Fox

    Five StarsPlenty to keep 4 year old busy and good to practice fine-motor skills.

  90. Mai

    Les encantan!Buenísimas actividades! Les encantan a los niños

  91. Sammid

    Too small compared to the great Kumon tracing bookDisappointingly half the size of the ‘Tracing’ Kumon book which is great. You would basically have to cut out the pages to do this as the binding is so tight and so not ideal for kids to do by themselves.

  92. Cliente Amazon

    Bueno pero las hojas se desprendenEl libro es muy interesante , a mi niña le ha encantado todo, lo malo es que las hojas se desprenden del lomo del libro

  93. Amazon Customer

    Five StarsGood seller, I recommend ☺

  94. Mariya

    I libri meravegliosi.I libri di Kumon e’ molto intelligenti, bello e interessanti per i bambini. Mio figlio gli piace giocare con i questi libri. Compro ancora.

  95. mrs angela dolby

    Five Starsgreat for grandkids


    Five StarsGreat

  97. alexx8

    fataltodo para recortar y pegar con pegamento, hay que estar con el niño, recortan los padres y se queda el dibujo incompleto cuando lo pega porque el recorte esta en la misma pagina. Una decepcion.

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