More Let’s Color!

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This book will provide children with continued practice coloring. Building on the previous book in the series, children will be able to slowly learn more advanced coloring skills. Using crayons is an important precursor to learning to write with a pencil.

Finalist for 2007 Distinguished Achievement Award from the Association of Educational Publishers.

5 7/8 x 8 1/4 inches. paperback. 40 sheets. full color. US $5.95 / C $6.95

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This book will provide children with continued practice coloring. Building on the previous book in the series, children will be able to slowly learn more advanced coloring skills. Using crayons is an important precursor to learning to write with a pencil.

Finalist for 2007 Distinguished Achievement Award from the Association of Educational Publishers.

5 7/8 x 8 1/4 inches. paperback. 40 sheets. full color. US $5.95 / C $6.95

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37 reviews for More Let’s Color!

  1. reviewmom

    Age appropriate!This book is age appropriate for a 2 to 3 year old and won’t wear them out like other books, from excessive coloring. This books helps your child learn the skill of coloring inside the lines by providing them with a small or limited space to color. For example, there will be a picture of a fruit shown, such as a red apple, but part of the red color is removed so there is white space. This allows your child to fill in the missing space with a red marker or crayon. Thus, they learn to color within boundaries.

  2. LadyDi412

    Great Concept, but Lacks Great Execution.This is an okay book to get your 2, 3, or 4 year old started with writing and holding a pencil while learning shapes and colors and developing fine motor skills. The idea is that each page has a theme. A red apple, yellow banana, purple grapes, etc, and a circle or square, or triangle within the picture is white and needs to be colored in so that the picture is complete.Some kids may pick this up immediately. Others, like my three year old (at the time I started this 2 year old), will not. He is a complete wiggle worm and cannot sit still. In addition, he just wants to draw all over the page. I personally don’t think any child under the age of 4 could have any patience for this. However, if you have a calm and obedient child, you may have better success at this than I do at this moment.One of the annoying things about this book is the size. I purchased the first “Let’s Color” and my complaint is still the same, the book is way too small and the way that it is bound makes it difficult to color in. The book is bound at the top and the pages are not perforated. Therefore, you have to rips pages out and risk tearing the entire page, like I did, or you have to hold open the book for you little one because the book will snap shut on them.SO, why did I purchase the second in the series with all my complaints? The price. At about 6 bucks, I can continue to encourage my wiggle worm to sit still and color and try to concentrate on one or two pages at a time. I truly think the concept is great and once I get him focused (with difficulty) we do end up having about 10-15 minutes of learning time. In addition, while I have to take the extra step of cutting out the pages with scissors, again I still think the concept of this book with worth the hassle.

  3. Love Prime

    more lets colorMy two and a half year old loved these, she did need my help to confirm to her the colors chose that were asked for in the pictures, and I would explain what they wanted (like add hair, or draw the water raining) but once she realized there were little example pictures she wouldn’t need me as much, the pictures are adorable, such creative ways to help them, I only wish there was more!

  4. SAHMof2

    Amazing!My daughter is so much more focused on staying inside the lines and fully coloring in a photo after doing this one book. We will definitely be ordering another to keep her on track. Love it that we get to “play” while I teach her. She enjoys it so much we finished the book too soon in my opinion.

  5. R. Robinson

    Good practice for young kidsMy daughter is really loving this book! She loves being able to figure out what color she needs and being able to complete each paper herself. Since the back is blank, after she completes a page she will draw a picture on the back 🙂 I like it too and am happy with the purchase.

  6. Adrienne

    I love this seriesI love this series! My 2 year old will do his workbooks and I can see progress from beginning of book to end!

  7. Darren

    Not as good as the original Let’s ColorI love the concept of this book and the colorful, fun pages. However, if you’re choosing between the original “Let’s Color” and this “More Let’s Color” – choose the original! The original book has more diversity in the activities – such as using scribbling to make ketchup on an omelet, spaghetti noodles, rain. It also includes pages where you color in the white segment (i.e. a shape to color in to finish the coloring of a piece of fruit, vehicle). This “More Let’s Color” book ONLY contains the fill in segment activity. The fill in activities get more difficult as you progress (like the original book), but I liked the mix of activities in the original better.

  8. Amazon Customer

    We like itWe like it

  9. Lois Williams

    we love itok

  10. Amazon Customer

    A small sizeA small size and was enough for a few days for a two-year-old child

  11. Myung Choi

    Five StarsMy daughter loves it.

  12. lady smith

    LoveMy two year old loved this, and so did I. Great for rainy days when you can’t go out and play.

  13. Nanc K

    Five Starscute book

  14. Asem

    Five Starsgood for 2 y not older than that

  15. Heather

    Five StarsAll the Kumon books are great

  16. P. Asbury

    Five Starsfun book

  17. Margaret C.

    amazing what it’s done for her (and my sanity!)When my almost preschooler first started showing an interest in “school” activities I found myself to be really excited. I have always loved to color and I could not wait to jump in and get her started and then in my mind was plotting out the years in schooling with the awesome Bellerophon and Dover themed museum quality coloring books. To my astonishment she showed no interest in coloring what-so-ever. I think it wasn’t until we were at a restaurant that the server wrote on the table that she was interested, because writing on the table was neat and different. When it came to my trying to show her how to color at home with some random store coloring books it was frustration for her and myself.Enter the solution! More Let’s Color! was the first Kumon First Steps Workbook that I got my hands on and it’s amazing what it’s done for her (and my sanity!). I was starting to think that she would never color and I was left alone with my passion, but slowly as we have been working through this one pages at a time she is not only asking to do it, but her skill is obviously improving as well. I’m so excited and this book has made it possible when I was full of frustration and near to tears myself planning to just give up and hope she’d figure it out one day. I’m excited about this one and I plan to go back for the original Let’s Color! book as well!*Thanks to Kumon for providing samples for review.*

  18. R. Kaelin

    My toddler loves it!My 3-year-old daughter loves the Kumon workbooks and so do I. The “coloring” books are teaching her colors and how to stay in the lines when she colors. For instance, there will be a big, bright illustration of a red tomato with a 1″-2″ circle of white on the tomato. The child is to pick the matching crayon color and color in the white part of the tomato. The other books she is working in are the cutting book (teaching her how to use scissors), the tracing book (which teaches how to draw straight and various curved lines), and a larger “coloring” book. I have purchased the number & alphabet books as well and she will begin those in the fall. I have looked through these books and I like that they don’t teach the letters & numbers in order, but by difficulty beginning with letters & numbers that are made up of straight lines and then proceeding to letters & numbers that are made up of curved lines.

  19. Sweet Honore

    Perfect for pre schoolers who need practiceI use these in my home-school to help my son work on his fine motor skills. It’s a fun and gentle approach that doesn’t overwhelm or cause boredom. We do one or two pages a day and it has made a difference and we continue to use the KUMON products as needed.

  20. J

    Amazing!This book is amazing. I found the part 1 in an used bookshop, became impressed and ended up getting part 2. My 4 year old son who was not interested in coloring took to this immediately because the book teaches coloring in stages. It starts with coloring a small uncolored area of a simple object and progresses to slightly complex pictures with 2 or more bigger uncolored areas. We did 5 pages in each sitting – in about 2 weeks’ time my son has progressed to full page coloring books and has started enjoying coloring. This book has definitely helped.

  21. Lorene

    Five StarsGreat for my kids

  22. E. de Mello

    Adorable ideaHowever my grandson (2 1/2 years old) is not into following coloring directions yet. I’m sure he will enjoy it in the near future.

  23. Nancy E. Gordon

    Great producteducational and fun

  24. LyndyLou

    Fun!My little girl loves to color. She loves this Kumon book. I was surprised at how small the book was but this didn’t make a difference to my two year old. You cut each page out of the pad and they color the white part of the picture whatever color per instuction. After awhile my daughter caught on to it and knew what color to color each page. It taught her how to color each section a different color rather than scribbling all over. It’s good for teaching colors too even though my daughter 2.5 years old already knew her colors. I would definitly purchase this product again.

  25. SR

    Love this series of booksMy son is 2.5 yrs old and very interested in these colorful and engaging books. Unlike many coloring books the kids learn something while having fun with their crayons. For example, one exercise asks the kid to draw some hair over a little boys head. Makes the kid think about the color, length and how far he should go drawing the hair (while drawing my son was commenting that he shouldn’t be drawing any hair below the boys’ ears). I wish I had discovered these earlier.

  26. Cali Mama Bear

    He loves itMy little man adores this book. It’s really easy for him, the pictures are really cute and colorful and it really adds to my home school curriculum. This is a must have.

  27. Amy Amy

    Kumon is great!Helps hand eye coordination and color recognition. Repetition gets boring for the adult, but helps child solidify information. Caber cast ell has closest matching crayons. Other crayons don’t match colors as well.

  28. T. Wittig

    Makes my 2 year old feel like a big girlMy 2 year old daughter loves doing this book while her older brothers do “school.” It’s not just a regular coloring book, but gives specific things for the child to do and learn. This book is small (not a normal size workbook) so it’s the perfect size for little hands.

  29. Carlos

    Excelente!Minha filha adorou, ele tem várias sugestões de cores e trabalha a coordenação fina no preenchimento de espaços, tão fundamental para o desenvolvimento da escrita.

  30. E. Thomo

    Very goodVery good, it’s not boring at all

  31. Vivian

    GosteiMuito bom para ensinar cores e como pintar. Adoro as orientações que vem em cada página.

  32. Dipa GH

    Five StarsMy 3yrs daughter loved it! It need supervision of an adult though. I m happy with the product.

  33. Cliente Amazon

    Atendeu as expectativas!Comprei o livro para meu filho de 3 anos e ele adorou. Os desenhos são bonitos, bem coloridos, e tem um círculo em branco (geralmente no centro) para que a criança possa pintá-lo com a cor certa. Recomendo

  34. Amazon Customer

    My son started to like coloring with these booksWe are fans of Kumon in general. My son started to like coloring with these books.

  35. Amazon Customer

    Nice bookNice activity for kids.

  36. Javier

    Divertido y útilEstos libros son muy útiles y divertidos para los niños cuando empiezan a comprender. Apreden de una forma muy divertida y no son aburridos.

  37. Jaykay436

    LovelyLovely little book. Very nicely made, well laid out, more suited to 1-2 year olds as it is very basic.

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