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In this third book in the alphabet sequence, children learn to link uppercase and lowercase letters while working on strengthening their sense of alphabetical order. All of this is done with fun and familiar games used innovatively, like tracing, connect-the-dots, and color-by-letter.

8 ¼ × 11 ⅔ inches. paperback. 80 pages. full color. US $7.95 / C $8.95




In this third book in the alphabet sequence, children learn to link uppercase and lowercase letters while working on strengthening their sense of alphabetical order. All of this is done with fun and familiar games used innovatively, like tracing, connect-the-dots, and color-by-letter.

8 ¼ × 11 ⅔ inches. paperback. 80 pages. full color. US $7.95 / C $8.95

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78 reviews for My Book of Alphabet Games

  1. Angelia Love

    EffectiveVery useful

  2. Mimi

    Book format changes halfway throughWe have purchased about 15 of the Kumon books so far. We like the quality of the paper and the easy transitions from easy to challenging. This book is a combination of tracing upper case and lower case letters and drawing figures by connecting the dots following the ABCs. My only complain is that the connect the dot activities only go until about half the book and then stop. So halfway through, the book turns to just a regular book of tracing letters and can get a bit boring.

  3. Fatima Peter

    Just rudimentary word bookThe book basically elementary and didn’t have much to excite the young mind. I don’t know whether I will call it alphabet games.

  4. K

    Good learning resource and well-madeThe book arrived on time and is extremely useful, fun, and engaging for my almost 5-year old. There are tips on how to use the book, but it’s straightforward. There are mazes with letters and letter tracing. All help with dexterity and learning the alphabet. It’s something she can do on her own or with me. I like the graphic on the back of the book that explains the kumon book hierarchy, so you know what other books are appropriate or at the right level. Overall, good learning resource and well-made.

  5. KCreates

    More tracing than gamesWe have quite a few of the Kumon books. This book is just okay. It starts out well with easy connect the dots using letters and then more advanced connect the dots. Then after that it’s just lots of tracing pages. I wouldn’t have a problem with that if it wasn’t a book of Alphabet GAMES. Very little games in this book.

  6. Kamola

    High quality workbookMy almost 4 year old loved this book and finished it in a month. They’re easy-to-use, high quality workbooks. Highly recommend.

  7. Karla Easterling

    Kumon rocksI have tried other workbook activities with my 5 year old and Kumon is the best option for us! We love them, the activities are engaging and fun while still being educational. It also provides the step by step skill building that increases my son’s learning with little frustration!

  8. Stephen

    Fantastic series of books!My 5 year old has lived these books since he was two. Everybook we have gotten (cutting, mazes, tracing, logic, etc) has been engaging and well leveled in terms of building skill. We highly recommend these!

  9. Kevin Taylor

    Another good Kumon bookMy son really enjoys the Kumon books and this one was no exception. I was hoping there would be a greater variety of games, but he seemed to enjoy himself. Lots of letter tracing which is good for building confidence, join the numbers etc.

  10. Ranae H.

    Good to reinforce alphabet with child who already knows it.This is a fun book for your learning child if you are sitting with them or they know the alphabet well.If your child does not know the alphabet yet, it is hard for them to use without a lot of assistance.

  11. Kelly C.

    Great book for those learning the ABCs and writingThis book is great to reinforce letter recognition and ABC order (through dot-to-dots). Also, there is a lot of practice writing upper and lower case letters (much of what would be covered in the “lowercase letters” and “uppercase letters” kumon books). My almost-4-year old enjoys this very much. It also gives me an opportunity to reinforce letters and their sounds in small chunks rather than one at a time, which ends up aiding in ABC order recognition.

  12. Viviane

    My son is loving to practice his alphabet with this …My son is loving to practice his alphabet with this book. We do a few pages every day and I already see an improvement with his writing. Will be getting the other books as well

  13. Fernando Rodriguez Morales

    Love the Kumon methodMy daughter loves this book, and she’s finding it easy to learn the alphabet.

  14. Darrell Truesdale

    Kumon is a Must!My 5 year old loves the Kumon workbooks. They are comprehensive and clear. I believe they are part of the reason she is ready for Kindergarden now.

  15. Natosha McCrary

    The Kumon Books are A++I use these as a preschool teacher to supplement my curriculum. I have seen such an improvement since using them!

  16. Momofthree

    Good busy bookKeeps my 2 and 4 yr olds busy

  17. Lei Jin

    Only the first half is game, the second half …Only the first half is game, the second half repeats tracing and writing letters. With the upper case and lower case letter book, it is a little too much repetition.

  18. Elizabeth

    … my 5 and 4 year olds and they really love these booksI am homeschooling my 5 and 4 year olds and they really love these books. They are easy to use, do a great job of teaching the kids their letters and are enjoyable and fun.

  19. Jay

    Kumon rocks!Excellent book! Fun and creative way to teach my 4 yr old the alphabet. Every Kumon book also teaches child how to hold the pen to write! Love these books!

  20. Meghan F

    Love for KumonI love all the Kumon books and the methods used throughout each workbook. I am a homeschooling mother with a special needs child and I often rip the pages out and use page protectors in order to reuse them.

  21. Brandi M. Shoemaker

    Kumon books are great!Kumon books are great for my 4 year old. He has fun and they really help him learn in small easy steps. Don’t sign up for expensive Kumon courses, just get the workbooks- it’s cheaper and allows you to spend that quality time with your child.

  22. Sara

    Four StarsLove all kumon books, great for 4 years old

  23. Kim

    Love Kumon boodsMy 3 and 5 year old boys love all the Kumon books. They never notice that they are learning but have tons of fun when it’s time to sit down and do their workboods.

  24. jetladuke

    great books!we love the kumon series – my son is home with his Dad and we wanted to make sure he was prepared for PreK – we love this series of books – they help my Husband understand how to teach. . thanks!

  25. Patrick M.

    another excellent Kumon bookMy preschooler loves learning to write his letters in this book. I like it because it presents the writing of book upper case and lower case letters which is rare to find in the same book.

  26. Victoria L.

    alphabet learningGreat practice the alphabet and writing letters.

  27. A. Ditmars

    Pleased againOnce again I’m pleased with a Kumon product. My son who has some fine motor skills issues started out with the beginner cutting book and has never stopped. He loves them all. He can work at his own pace and enjoys the challenge of completing the whole book.

  28. Mike

    Four StarsIt helps a kindergartner learn the alphabet.

  29. KA

    Great Book for practiceIts a great book forkids in Pre-K going to KG ….The colorful worksheets in the book keep kids engaged and focussed…Makes writing more fun and interesting..

  30. Martyman

    Five Starsworks great for kids.

  31. PAMELA

    Great academic enrichmentwe love these books. My preschooler loved pretending to do homework, while learning at the same time. Awesome start prior to getting into preschool or kindergarten.

  32. proud parent

    good exerciseGreat for practicing the alphabet, writing upper case and lower case letter. challenging and fun. My son keeps wondering what he’ll end up drawing.

  33. Mommy

    Not gamesNot what i would call games at Judy connect the dots ABC style and tracing letters.. Too boring to keep the attention of my twins.

  34. snapbackcollector

    Four StarsGreat book!

  35. Amazon Customer

    Excellent workbooks!I am getting my 3 1/2 year old ready for pre-school for the fall, and these workbooks have been so wonderful for us! It helps me have a great teaching guide and he loves the puzzles.

  36. Amazon Customer

    Five StarsIt is usefully for my kids.

  37. paul

    Four StarsLike these books

  38. Nicole G

    Five StarsI love the Kumon workbooks! and so does my son!

  39. Jenny

    Love KumonMy 4 year has improved so much since we started using Kumon books


    goodI bought this item for my nephew and niece and they really love it. its a quality book for kids to begin with

  41. Yelizaveta

    Teaching toolWe are fans of Kumon workbooks. This is just another one of their wonderful products. Fun and challenging for children.

  42. Mikaela

    Great bookLearning the alphabet having fun. My girl love the book, she’s compleating the excesises as a game, is a guarantee

  43. Carla M.

    Great activity bookMy 3 yr old loves this book.

  44. jamzta

    Just rightJust what we were looking for

  45. Amazon Customer

    Five StarsLove Kumon books.

  46. dj

    don’t botherThis book does not have games in it. It’s just a book to learn to write and learn the alphabet. I have plenty of those kind. I was hoping for some fun simple game ideas like maybe alphabet bingo.

  47. Mamemo

    for 3 yearsgreat

  48. Katherine Woo

    Five StarsNice!! My daughter love on it ^^

  49. kge

    Five StarsGranddaughter love it

  50. SS

    Five Starsgood books My 4 year loves them.

  51. John

    Great learning productMy kids love doing their “homework”

  52. Yi-ching.Chiang

    Five StarsAs I expected

  53. Phaneendra Tadigadapa

    Five StarsNice material!!

  54. maria e portillo

    Five StarsNice

  55. Michael Kelly

    Five Starsperfect

  56. Eun

    Do not buy if you expect a game or fun that may make kids want to doDo not buy if you expect a game or fun that may make kids want to do. This is a simple writing or copying letters, Alphebets.

  57. Tiffany M.

    incompeteMy son loved this book, BUT its missing sections 17 to 24 ! The book literally skips over then and pics up at 25!! Half of the lower case alphabet activities are missing!

  58. Homeschooling Mama

    Fun and colorful – could have a few more different activities per letter.Fun way to introduce the alphabet using dot-to-dot. I only wish that there were easy dot-t-dots in the beginning for ALL the letters, then move on to harder ones. They seem to get trickier right away. I’m trying to get my 4 year old to do this…but sometimes it’s hard since she is still learning the letters. Also, they move on right away from one set of 3 letters (A-B-C) to the next set after only two pages of practice. Wish it focused more on the set of three letters for a longer period of time.

  59. Jenee Melgoza

    Great next step in practicing handwriting!The Kumon My Book of Alphabet Games is a wonderful next step workbook in practicing writing the alphabet if you have already completed the uppercase and lowercase workbooks. If you prefer to start handwriting with a workbook that is in alphabetical order then you could definitely use this workbook first. Of course, you will need to select additional workbooks to build upon this one.This book is not an alphabet “game playing” book to learn the alphabet. It is meant to solidify the understanding of letter sounds and writing letters. If you are looking for “games to learn the alphabet” then you should look elsewhere. But, if you are in need of a workbook that combines handwriting and reinforcement of letter sounds then this is a great book to use.This book and the dot-to-dot exercises are in alphabetical order and which helps reinforce the concept of alphabetizing. Both uppercase and lowercase letters are practiced in the second half of the book. Each letter also has an associated picture to help review letter sounds. Ages: The four to six years old age range is appropriate for this workbook since your child should already know the alphabet by this point. I would recommend starting this book immediately after using the uppercase and lowercase workbooks. Multiple Children: A workbook is needed for each child.

  60. Natalie

    Title is very misleadingI was completely disappointed with this book. The entire book is made up of a couple dozen dot-to-dots and then just page upon page of letter tracing. I was actually hoping for some games, but no, there are none. You can get hundreds of dot-to-dots or tracing pages from the internet. But if you do buy this book, just consider it a workbook, not a game book. Nothing fun or exciting here.

  61. homeschool_mama

    Great Book For Learning About The Alphabet!The Kumon series of books works by empowering children to succeed on their own. The books get successively more difficult as they build upon skills learned from the previous pages, so that by the end of the book the child has a sense of accomplishment and be ready to move on to the next level. The instructor is more of a mentor or coach than a teacher in a classroom.The Alphabet Games book is designed to help teach your child the letters of the alphabet by saying them, writing them and also with dot-to-dot games. It has lots of fun alphabet dot-to-dot shapes to trace that get progressively harder the further you go in the book. My 3 year old loves this Kumon book and is able to do most of the games on his own.I highly recommended this workbook for learning about the alphabet and helping to develop writing skills!

  62. brokenangel

    Great for homeschooling!I’ve bought 6 Kumon workbooks so far for my 4 year old daughter whom I home school and we both really love them! They are fun and easy to use. The best thing about these books is that they capture my daughters attention for a good 10-15 minutes at a time which is wonderful because she is autistic and has ADHD which makes it difficult for her to sit down and focus on a task. They are well worth the money and a great addition in any household weather you are homeschooling, wanting to spend some quality time with you child or simply want to reinforce what your child is learning in school, highly recommended!

  63. Laura Beagle

    My daughter LOVES this Kumon bookI am a big BIG fan of Kumon and this book delivers. The book starts off very easy and gets progressively more difficult as the book continues. One of the things that I love about this book and about Kumon overall is how durable the pages are. I erase a number of pages and my daughter redoes them. Most other books cannot be erased.

  64. Steve

    Kids love these books!I have young twins. One of them will grab these books and a crayon and traces & draws nearly an hour. He won’t even watch TV that long. He goes from front to back of the book and when he’s done, he starts at the front again. He doesn’t even care that he already has drawn on a page, he just traces again over and over. I have bought every book in the series.

  65. Verena

    Great bookGreat book for JK or SK kids. It’s very helpful and fun practice book. My daughter is 4.5 and she likes to read with me everyday.

  66. Amazon Customer

    Good book for learning your alphabetsExcellent book for learning lowercases and upper cases.

  67. ally

    Reviewingetters after competing Kumon Uppercase and Lowercase booksMy daughter (age 3) flew through this after completing the Uppercase and Lowercase books. There are a few connect the dots, but mainly a review of letter writing practice. It was a bit repetitive, but that’s the point. On to the next one.

  68. NP

    All good.All good.

  69. Sam

    Ok.Un poco aburrido pero la calidad de hojas es muy buenas.

  70. Comfort

    Very good for my childThe book really help my child to master his alphabets

  71. Amazon Customer


  72. Darrien

    Sehr schönes VorschulbuchEin schönes Buch. Es hat viel Spaß gemacht die Buchstaben in der richtigen Reihenfolge des Alphabets zu verbinden und heraus kommt ein Bild. Die Schwierigkeit geht von sehr einfach A B C verbinden bis hin zu allen Buchstaben des Alphabets.

  73. K C

    Not gamesLike all the Kumon books this is a nice, good quality book. But it consists primarily of tracing activities which are not games in my opinion.

  74. JMD

    Five StarsKumon always makes great learning books. This one is no different.

  75. Erin K.

    Two StarsRepetitive, not interesting, not worth the money.

  76. Pavan Khosla

    Five StarsGood

  77. Maitreyi menon

    DecentVisually appealing

  78. Mathieu C.

    Very good workbookMy children love learning to write letters with the book. It’s very amusing and educative.It’s evolutive with the uppercase letters and then the lowercase letters etc.The illustrations are lovely.

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