My Book of Coloring: At the Zoo

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A follow-up to the popular My Book of Coloring, this workbook uses a themed approach to help children solidify their pencil-control skills and develop their fine motor control. Children will love completing the fun and colorful illustrations, and will have no idea how much they are learning.

8 ¼ × 11 ⅔ inches. paperback. 80 pages. full color. US $7.95 / C $8.95




A follow-up to the popular My Book of Coloring, this workbook uses a themed approach to help children solidify their pencil-control skills and develop their fine motor control. Children will love completing the fun and colorful illustrations, and will have no idea how much they are learning.

8 ¼ × 11 ⅔ inches. paperback. 80 pages. full color. US $7.95 / C $8.95

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48 reviews for My Book of Coloring: At the Zoo

  1. jennicalaura

    Perfect for the recommended age range.Ok, yes, for the most creative process, you give your kid a blank piece of paper and let them go to town. We do plenty of that. You can also buy coloring books at the dollar store. However, there is a certain age range were a kid (at least mine) wants to create a recognizable picture and they can’t do it on their own. You can give them a coloring book with blank pictures, and everything starts out fine, but they rapidly lose patience and their coloring gets messier and messier and they never complete a picture. At 3 and a half, my daughter knows she should be coloring in the lines, and wants to do it, but her crayon skills aren’t quite refined enough to do it perfectly so she gets frustrated. Enter: the Kumon coloring books.This book starts with a single shape to color a specified color within a larger area of that same color. This meets all of the criteria for a three year old who wants to make a picture. The single space is just enough for her to put effort into staying in the lines but the matching color covers up any little accidents she makes. The smaller areas allow her to actually finish a picture in a single sitting before she gets impatient and starts scribbling. As they progress through the book there are more spaces of different colors on the same page. ‘By the end of the book, there are odd shape spaces with the standard black outline more like a regular coloring book. It still isn’t an entire picture to color so they can complete it in a reasonable amount of time.You need to start at the beginning of the book and progress through as the pictures get more difficult. They can’t pick and choose what picture they want to color and we don’t leave it with the regular paper and crayons for free time coloring. We can do one to two pictures in a sitting before my daughter wants to move on to doing something else. We focus on staying in the lines and doing a good job. If you think your kids would rocket through this book, they’re probably ready for a standard coloring book (or not quite ready to practice staying in the lines).

  2. nathan backing

    Love Kumon! Thankful for their simple learning techniques!Love the way it encourages children to do there best.

  3. Nereida Scales

    Not so much about learning how to color as about learning to enjoy coloring.My four-year-old used to “color” by taking one crayon and scribbling over the entire picture for a few seconds. It made coloring books useless for entertaining him. I decided to try this one page per day and, wow, does it make a difference. I emphasized that he should take his time and he could easily do that on the easier pages. He actually concentrated on coloring even as the tasks got more difficult. In fact, I’ve noticed that he started concentrating on other tasks more as well. We’re almost done with the book and he can finally enjoy quietly coloring to entertain himself!

  4. Jenee Melgoza

    Great! Next step in coloring for preschoolersI’m a homeschooling mom and I love the simplicity and ease of the Kumon workbooks. Preschool to kindergarten age kiddos have such limited attention spans which is why I really like the Kumon workbooks – very simple directions needed if any at all and you can work at your own pace. The Kumon Coloring At The Zoo is another great preschool workbook about colors and further development of fine motor control. This workbook is a sequel to My Book of Coloring and is intended to be slightly more difficult. The coloring pages use anywhere from one to three colors. Each page shows which colored crayons are needed to complete the activity. The final pages allow you choose your own colors. This workbook will help your child develop their fine motor control since the coloring is much more detailed than the first coloring workbook. All of the coloring pages in this workbook are animals. On the backside of every page is a simple draw a line from the arrow to the star connecting the animal colored on the previous page exercise. This type of exercise is very helpful in setting the stage for dot-to-dot exercises in the future. Ages: The three to five years old age range is very appropriate for this workbook. Multiple Children: A workbook is needed for each child.

  5. boyschool5

    Great for kids who don’t enjoy coloringThis book is great for those kids that don’t enjoy coloring. It’s very simplistic, but it leaves my 3 year old with a sense of accomplishment and pride, which encourages her to want to try more coloring. I bought this book for the very reason that she did not enjoy coloring. And I am glad I did. Each page has a small section of a picture that isn’t colored in, and all the child has to do is finish it. It’s starts out very easy with just one small circle or other shape to fill in with one color. But then it progresses to 2 or 3 sections per picture using different colors, and goes on from there. My daughter really enjoys finishing a page and then wants to do another. On the back of each page is a sort of connect the dots activity, with the child drawing a line connecting pictures of what they have just colored. It helps with dexterity in learning how to control the crayon. But my daughter just thinks it’s fun. I’m glad I bought this book for her

  6. Mallory A Meaux

    We love Kumon workbooksWe love Kumon workbooks! I got these for my 5 year old and my 3 year old. The color books are awesome at teaching children to stay within the lines and to color with the appropriate colors. This book starts off more advanced than the younger book and it advances more quickly. By the end, they are color an intricate picture. Some days, my kids can do 20 pages but at the end of the book sometimes it takes a few sittings to finish the picture. I love the weight of the pages and the simple instructions. These are great workbooks.

  7. This is my pen name

    Kumon books are fantasticWe are huge fans of all Kumon books. The best thing about the coloring books is I have a son that HATES to color but in learning how to hold a crayon or pencil needs to have some sort of fine motor activity. These are great because they have a color photo of something with a small space that needs to be colored and it progresses up to larger spaces and more than one color. These are the best, especially for kids that really aren’t into coloring.

  8. C. Anderson

    I have started my last 4 preschoolers on this at age 2 and they LOVE it. It is a great way to practice …As a homeschooling mama of 7, I have started my last 4 preschoolers on this at age 2 and they LOVE it. It is a great way to practice fine motor skills for staying ‘in the lines’ and “tracing along a path or pattern.” The only thing is that I wish it had more pages. They always want to do five or six in a row. In that case, the whole book is done in a week or so!

  9. dlh

    I would give it 5 stars but the book’s cover …I would give it 5 stars but the book’s cover was torn at the top. Since it was a Christmas gift that was travelling back East I did not contact the seller for a new one. Scotch tape put it right.

  10. B.Bagatti

    Great workbook!We love all the Kumon workbooks. I was hesitant to get the coloring ones at first. How different can they really be then just getting a coloring book right? These really help young children learn to color in the lines. I was very surprised at how much fun my daughter had with this book and how much it helped her. Highly recommend this workbook.

  11. Valentina Pshenichkin

    but “color in the blank square in the color to match around it in this pre-colored picture” is an utterly useless product. It doesn’t really encourage coloring techniqueI get that Kumon is sort of rigid, but “color in the blank square in the color to match around it in this pre-colored picture” is an utterly useless product. It doesn’t really encourage coloring technique, since you’re coloring a patch in a field that’s already the color you’re using. Who cares about the border? Also, the patches you’re supposed to fill in aren’t irregularly shaped like you might find in a regular coloring book. There’s less opportunity for creativity, but also less opportunity for practicing the literal skill of applying color to paper. Skip this.

  12. Priscilla

    Awesome!Love all of these books! My daughter has already completed several and gets excited every time we start a new one!

  13. Lovely Rita

    good fine motor practiceI’ll be honest, my son did not love this book. But not because there is anything wrong with it, he is just really resistant to coloring! But it was good practice last year when he was in pre-k. He liked the pics of animals. I praised any effort he made at all!

  14. Alexander G.

    Great book, my kid loves it!I love the whole series of these books. My kid has really progressed a lot because of it compared to other kids in her group.

  15. J. FORCUM

    Really well designed coloring/activity bookI did not know that it was possible to make an interesting coloring book – but this one really does capture my 4 year old’s attention more. Very cute.

  16. Robert Castro

    Loved it!I highly recommend this book. My daughter was struggling with coloring before I got her this book now she really has it down in just a short time. I really like this book.

  17. Kim

    love the Kumon bookswe have purchased may of these and have not been disappointed by any of them. My 3 and 5 year old do not look at them as workbooks but as fun books.

  18. Sara

    cute activity bookBought this for my nephew’s birthday but I’ve yet to see him use it. I like the concept though, hopefully he’ll start to use it soon!

  19. Kblanch

    Better to just get a regular coloring book and encourage …One of the only Kumon books I felt was a bit overpriced for what it contained. Better to just get a regular coloring book and encourage your child to work on coloring in the lines.

  20. Rachel

    GREAT!My 3 year old eats these books up!! He LOVES doing “school”. I have to pace him with these books. 🙂

  21. Hyeeun Kim

    It is easy to coloringIt is easy to son likes it and he remember animal`s name, too.The last page has a trace.

  22. MrsHossYo!

    I hate the confinement of the spots they allow the kiddlets …Let the kids just color! I hate the confinement of the spots they allow the kiddlets to color. Wish this was more of an education coloring book with completely blank pages.

  23. Billy A.

    … in this age range that we’ve tried have been great.All of the Kumon books in this age range that we’ve tried have been great.

  24. Jaynee

    Five StarsGreat book for my son. He is three loves the activities. Great skill builder.

  25. stephen kattie

    Five Starsmy daughter does too a lot

  26. P. Asbury

    Five Starsnice book

  27. RM

    not a real coloring bookBizarre. The pages are already colored, 97% complete, with a blank circle the kid has to color in. This *might* be good for 1.5-2 year olds with short attention spans. But for 3-4-5 as recommended, it’s completely worthless.

  28. S. M. phung

    fun book for kidsmy daughter love the pictures in the book. it does courage my daughter to color

  29. Abbie

    Excellent for reluctant studentsDon’t underestimate the simplicity of these books. If your child is reluctant to pick up a pencil or crayon, then these simple books will charm and entice them to do so. I was concerned that our 4 your old would not touch a crayon. He avoided all activities that involved holding a pencil or crayon at all. I started him on these books and with very few complaints we have zipped on through them and he is now beginning the Simple Sentences book (at age 6). We have used these as a pre-school/K5 curriculum for him and he has blossomed.I have also used the Dollars and Cents and Telling Time books for his older sister to reinforce math concepts that seemed to escape her.Highly Recommended!

  30. Kindle Customer

    Good Confidence BuilderI bought this coloring book to try and encourage my daughter to color. She’s 3 and never seemed to have any interest in it. I read another review stating how it starts them out with small spaces to color in and how that seems to be less daunting to a child than coloring an entire blank page. Also, the spaces to color start out surrounded by an area in the same color so that any mistakes aren’t as noticeable. The required coloring spaces eventually get bigger and more detail oriented as your child gets better at controlling the crayons/markers. This has accomplished exactly what I’d hoped by encouraging my daughter. Now coloring is one of her favorite things! I also purchased several other books from the Kumon series and have been extremely pleased with the results so far.

  31. Jennifer

    Great workbooks for young kidsThese Kumon workbooks are great! I find that my barely 2 year old is a bit young for them, but they will probably be appropriate when he is closer to 2 1/2. My 4 year old loves them just as much as the “older” Kumon workbooks. I have used these as an intro to cutting/pasting/printing since he is not attending 3 year old preschool. Turns out they are a great mother/son time together as we work through the pages. The books are progressively difficult so the kids don’t get discouraged trying something too hard straight off and then not being interested in subsequent activities.

  32. Cliente Amazon

    TopLo consiglio per i bimbi che nn amano colorire. Bellissimo

  33. tropicof

    Recommended.Our two year old daughter enjoys this book. It starts off easy and gets progressively more challenging, which is good.It is laid out very well and it is clear to our child what colour she has to choose to match the picture above. The age range seems appropriate as our daughter finds it a little hard to focus, but she likes colouring and knows her colours, so it’s really great in short bursts.I would recommend this and the other Kumon books (we have four of them and really like them all).

  34. one_two_three

    Still in my opinion this book was quite useful in improving pencil skills of my childrenAs with other books from KUMON series this one was quite popular with both of my twin 4yo daughters. My only complaint is that tasks seem to be unbalanced — from very (and I mean very) simple at the beginning to too complicated ones in the end. I do not think small children normally have enough patience to paint each spot on the leopard’s skin or peacock’s feathers. Not on their own at least. Still in my opinion this book was quite useful in improving pencil skills of my children.

  35. Vitalia

    Very Good Thank you!Very Good Thank you!

  36. Julia

    👍Kumon qualità 👍

  37. Amazon Customer


  38. Cindy Child

    A GREAT LEARNING AND FUN COLORING BOOK!A great learning and coloring book. I loved it so much I am buying multibles for gifts!👍

  39. DrAbs

    Good product for the priceQuite simply, this book serves as a good activity book for our daughter which she can do with us rather than being sent to one of the Kumon classes for a lot of money. But there are many other similar books on the market as this does not magically possess any magical formula that will aid a childs development compared to others. I would recommend buying this with the other books in the series as they all seem to run along a similar theme.

  40. Sibylle Berger

    Five StarsAmazing book. My 4 year old can’t get enough.

  41. Shelly Oosthuizen

    brilliant for the reluctant childthis is an excellent book if your child is reluctant to colour or complains that their fingers and hands get too tired. so far I have bought a number of the books in this range and they have all been brilliant

  42. avalpin

    Five StarsExcellent

  43. Ginet

    Five StarsPerfect for my 3 year old daughter! We are fans of the Kumon activity books.

  44. Sheila

    This arrived in good time & is as describedThis arrived in good time & is as described. I am a great fan of Kumon resources and this one is great.

  45. luciene luiza rezende

    Para crianças menoresServe para crianças de até 3 anos. Kumon produz um material legal, mas subestima a inteligência da criança.


    Four StarsGreat as always

  47. Mouichidou

    Ideal para niños de 3 añosIdeal para niños de 3 años. Aprenden mucho de colores y desarrollan su capacidad para resolver sus primeros laberintos. Ideal

  48. cristina ruiz

    muy bonitoEs un libro con unos dibujos muy bonitos y alegres. les encanta colorearlos y después recortarlos. lo recomiendo para los pequeños

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