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This is no ordinary coloring book. In this workbook, children learn in a step-by-step fashion how to choose the correct colors and color within the lines. After providing children with the practice to master coloring, the final section of the book allows for creativity, as well.

8 ¼ × 11 ⅔ inches. paperback. 80 pages. full color. US $7.95 / C $8.95

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This is no ordinary coloring book. In this workbook, children learn in a step-by-step fashion how to choose the correct colors and color within the lines. After providing children with the practice to master coloring, the final section of the book allows for creativity, as well.

8 ¼ × 11 ⅔ inches. paperback. 80 pages. full color. US $7.95 / C $8.95

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99 reviews for My Book of Coloring

  1. LadyDi412

    Much better than the Let’s Color seriesMuch better than the Let’s Color series! This book is bigger! It is a full 8.5 x 11 page, which makes it a bit a easier to see than Let’s Color. The bound is also bound on the left and you can easily open the book and press down the pages to make the book stay open which is impossible for Let’s Color. The pages like Let’s Color are not perforated, which would be helpful if I could tear them out, but since the book stays open that’s less of concern. The pages are also heavier than most coloring books, which is a plus for me. There is a total of 80 pages, so 40 overall “lessons”.The concept behind this coloring book is to help further fine motor skills. Each page has a front and back. On the front there is a picture. Cherries, grapes, a dog, a kite and on each picture part of it (in the shape of a circle, triangle, or square) is not colored in. The goal is pick the correct color and color in the white shape to make the picture complete. For example, on the first page there is a picture of two red cherries. One of the cherries has a white circle in the middle. The instructions state to color the white area below with a red crayon. Your child colors in the white circle with his red crayon to complete the picture.On the back of the page there is a black and white pattern of whatever picture that was on the front. So, on the first page, the back has a pattern of cherries. In one corner of the page there is a circle and in opposite corner there is a star. The goal is draw a line with the red crayon from the circle to the star without touching the cherries.As you move along in the book, the pages become progressively more challenging.The front of the page is more for 2-3 year olds while the back of the page is more for 3-4 year olds. I do not see how my busy, high energy threenager is going to be able sit still to accurately complete the back of page. SO, I will start with the front pages for now and see how he progresses. Some children who are able to sit for long periods of time, i.e. more than 5-10 mins at a time or who like to color, will benefit greatly from this book. Those of us with wiggle worms will struggle; however, the overall concept of this book is worth trying. Kids are not just developing fine motor, but learning colors, shapes, and spatial relations as well.

  2. Susan

    Very similar to Kumon’s Let’s ColorMy son had a lot of fun with the Kumon First Steps book “Let’s Color” and so when Kumon just recently released “My Book of Coloring”, I bought him one. It is very very similar to “Let’s Color”, only is in a bigger format. There are 40 pictures to color, all on the right side pages. On the left side pages, are “mazes” for the child to go thru, to learn crayon control. The coloring pages are in full color, the maze pages are in black and white. The coloring pages have only partial white areas for the child to color, a white circle in the cherries, a white sqare in the cheese, a white triangle in the fire truck. Later pictures have more than one white space to color, and then it becomes coloring things like, the stripes on the tiger, the spots on a giraffe, the strawberries on the cake. Some of my favorites are at the back: finish coloring the prince and princess, the robot, the magician, the tropical fish. Artwork is pleasing and fun, cute, but not babyish. The book is recommended for ages 2-4, but I think older children will like it too. My son is 8 and he likes it. Some children don’t like coloring; a whole blank page to color can crush the spirit of some children to even start. Kumon gives the child only small areas to finish in the picture, so the completion of the coloring page is more quickly realized, and the child is satisfied. I guess I would have liked to see this coloring book be a bit beyond the first “Let’s Color”, and have had more pages like the ones at the end of the book, with a bit more white areas to color. The purpose of the book is for the child to learn control of a crayon/pencil (my children have all enjoyed coloring with colored pencils best), and to match colors. This book teaches these skills in a fun way. My son is always amazed that if he colors neatly, and the colored pencil he chooses really matches the surrounding printed ink color, that it’s hard to tell where he colored it! Printed on heavy white paper, My Book of Coloring is a far superior book to the junky coloring books printed on flimsy newsprint paper that you find at the local store. I think any child just learning to color would love this book, and I think it will please parents too! Note: cover art does NOT represent the inside art. Be sure to also give a nice box of crayons or colored pencils when you give this book to a child! I recommend Prismacolor colored pencils and Crayola twist up crayons.

  3. Rebecca H

    Kindergartener and Pre-K3 LOVE!Both my 3 and 5 year olds love this coloring book! The book includes pictures with empty white spaces the child is instructed to color. Each page has simple instructions, easily identifiable colors to be used, and a sample picture of what the fully colored in picture should look like. The pictures get progressively more difficult by including more than one color and white spaces of different shapes. The backs of each coloring page also include a very simple maze of sorts; i.e. “draw a line from X to Z without touching any ladybugs”. My 3 year old barely fills the white spots but can easily identify the colors and loves the mazes. For its intended purpose, it is too easy for my 5 year old, however I got her one to encourage coloring in the lines and to provide opportunities for her to practice writing her name (each page is set up like a worksheet) and reading instructions independently. So far, I’ve enjoyed all of the Kumon books. The pages are thick and it includes instruction for parents like me, who don’t always intuitively know how to gently encourage certain skills. For a $5, this is definitely worth the buy and would easily make a fantastic gift!

  4. Jenee Melgoza

    Great intro to colors and simple dot-to-star exercises!Goals: The Kumon My Book of Coloring is a wonderful preschool workbook about colors and developing fine motor control. The initial pages use a single color and eventually works up to four colors. Each page shows which colored crayons are needed to complete the activity. The final pages allow you choose your own colors. This workbook will help your child develop the ability to hold and control a crayon properly and identify colors. I really like how this workbook opens up the discussion of new vocabulary words with associated pictures, which is especially helpful if you’re using this book with a two year old. On the backside of every page is a simple draw a line from the dot to the star exercise. This type of exercise is very helpful in setting the stage for simple dot-to-dot exercises in the future. Ages: The two to four years old age range is very appropriate for this workbook. I would definitely recommend starting this workbook at two years old if your child shows a lot of interest in coloring, otherwise starting at two and a half to three years old would be fine. A four year old who is already coloring and/or drawing would lose interest in this book. Multiple Children: A workbook is needed for each child.

  5. Mallory A Meaux

    We love Kumon workbooksWe love Kumon workbooks! I got these for my 5 year old and my 3 year old. The color books are awesome at teaching children to stay within the lines and to color with the appropriate colors. This book is for a beginner colorer. It stars off very simple and advances the child into different shapes. After each page there is also a maze type dot to dot to help the child learn to stay in the lines. By the end, they are color an intricate picture. Some days, my kids can do 20 pages but at the end of the book sometimes it takes a few sittings to finish the picture. I love the weight of the pages and the simple instructions. These are great workbooks.

  6. Jeremy & Amelia Constantino

    Neat conceptThis is a really cute workbook. I would have given it 5 stars, but my 3yo didn’t like it as much as I did, hence the 4-star review. I really like the concept of the book…color the piece of the picture that is not colored. The child has to identify what part to color and which color to use to complete the picture, with gradually increasing difficulty (larger spaces to color and multiple color choices per page).

  7. Sullivan Mama

    Great WorkbookI love all of Kumon’s workbooks, all three of my kids have used them from Pre-K to First grade. They are great for introducing “school” ideas for little ones and for reinforcing school ideas for bigger ones. My three year old loves this coloring book, she will spend several hours coloring like her sisters and doing the “mazes” on the back page. Will definitely continue buying this series of workbooks.

  8. L.White

    Fun little coloring book, best suited for 2 – 2.5 yr oldMy Child enjoyed this coloring book but she’s 3 and I feel like it was not quite challenging enough for her. The age range says 2-4, and I can imagine a 4 yr old being completely bored with this book. Otherwise, it’s well done. Nice colorful, fun pictures. I would probably recommend for a 2-2.5 yr old, though.

  9. S T

    great bookfirst of all the colors in the book are bright – immediately catch and keep kids attention. the figures are great and very big and bold – make it easy for kids to recognize.also the blank spaces that need to be colored are quite ovbious and well defined. The examples on the top make it easier to tell the child what the final outcome should look like.My 3 year old likes it very much and cant wait to work on it. almost makes me want to color.good progression of difficulty level.

  10. Lher372788

    Saved me $8,000I was considering putting my child in private school (K2) and she was accepted, however my husband and I changed our minds. But when attending various open houses the each schools shared that the curriculum was based on the Kumon workbooks. So I purchased five books for her age group and send a different page each day to daycare (grandmom’s house) and saved my husband and I more than $8,000 in tuition. But the bonus is, I can already see the growth with my daughter in just three weeks and it is easy for anyone to teach. She looks forward to doing her pages every day then coming home to who me.

  11. This is my pen name

    Kumon books are fantastic!We are huge fans of all Kumon books. The best thing about the coloring books is I have a son that HATES to color but in learning how to hold a crayon or pencil needs to have some sort of fine motor activity. These are great because they have a color photo of something with a small space that needs to be colored and it progresses up to larger spaces and more than one color. These are the best, especially for kids that really aren’t into coloring.

  12. Cluckadoodledoo

    great colouring bookmy 2 year old started coloring these pages out of the lines, by the middle of the book she’s made incredible progress with colouring in the lines, not perfectly, but so much closer. she has always held a pencil/crayon well so we had already conquered that part before buying the book, but it goes into detail on how to hold a pencil to get control. she loves doing it – i only let her do 2 pages a day or we would zip through it!i would definitely recommend this coloring book for a 2 year old!


    Great coloring bookI bought this for my almost 4 year old. She loves coloring in this book. She would color many pages in one sitting, probably all if I let her. This book is great at teaching kids to color inside the lines.

  14. tats

    Help improve my son’s fine motor skillsMy 3 y/o son is not a fan of the manual arts and getting him to draw is particularly difficult. This book has been helpful because it goes little by little and he feels he is advancing.

  15. Stacey Pugh

    Love it!Love these books! Can’t wait to add more to our collection.

  16. Byron

    Great for kidsAwesome books

  17. katneils

    Very good qualityThis series of workbooks is beautifully printed. The exercises are very simple; for 2-3-4 year olds. They enhance my grandson’s Montessori learning very well.

  18. Linda L

    Keeps interest.Great help if parents take time to assist.

  19. Heidy Barrie

    Best book for teach your childrenI love it . All this books are great , my children love it and learn really quick

  20. Mekokome

    Great early for parents who want to give their kids …Great early for parents who want to give their kids a headstart on learning. My 3 year old great granddaughter loves these books.

  21. Debora

    Kumon is the best!!!My 3 yr old can’t get enough of these books. It’s great, we spend quality time together playing “School” and we have a special table where we store these books with his melissa and doug markers. We’ll do a few pages, and he’s always begging for more!

  22. Thomas Rasmussen

    Love Kumon!I have used this for both boys, and they loved it!

  23. ScotFlower

    Not at all what I expected given the positive reviews.I bought this book for a mature 4 year old… who does not know how to color properly let alone in the lines. I was looking for something to give her some teaching help. I bought this book given the positive reviews online and I am not pleased at all. Too many pages are exactly the same: fill in a blank box or circle placed in a colored area. That leaves not enough pages in the book to transition from that point to coloring an entire page. If they are going to span 2-4 year olds, then the book has to be longer with more practice until reaching kindergarten level mastery. Plus the images are really not all that interesting or creative. In fact, the book came across as extremely boring and probably only good for 2-2.5 year olds. At this point, I wish i never bought it…. now I have to decide whether to give it to the child I purchased it for or attempt to return it.

  24. Rina

    Was expecting something a little different. Very simple, …Was expecting something a little different. Very simple, would be more ideal for a 2 year old rather than a 4 year old.

  25. Megs

    Good priceCool book to teach kids to color

  26. Helen Keller

    Kumon ColoringMy Book of Coloring by Kumon is a very good high quality coloring book; it would be nice to be able to make copies but too expensive on color copier.

  27. MamaLlama

    It is great for reinforcing colors and a coloring inside linesMy 3 year old loves this workbook. It is great for reinforcing colors and a coloring inside lines. She looks forward to working on her Kumon workbooks every night.

  28. Nope

    Must haveLove these books must have. We have used several of these. Easy to use my daughter loves them. Bright and colorful, great learning aids and tools.

  29. Thed

    EducationalWonderfully educational. Kumon is excellent!

  30. DBT

    educationalMy wife bought this to work with our grandson. He enjoyed working with the book. It helped him to progress.

  31. Amanda O’Neill

    My 3 year old has LOVED this bookMy 3 year old has LOVED this book. The only problem is she does so many pages a day that she’s almost done!

  32. PAMELA

    Great for my son who does not like coloringwe love these books. My preschooler loved pretending to do homework, while learning at the same time. Awesome start prior to getting into preschool or kindergarten.

  33. C. Jenkins

    It’s been a great practice experience for preschoolThese books were recommended by a friend, and I’ve truly seen great improvement in my 2.5 year old’s ability to hold a chubby colored pencil or crayon, and follow directions.

  34. Ellen Russell

    Great for our 3 year oldWe bought this when my son was 2 (he is 3 now), and he loves doing it. It’s bright and colorful, and he loves coloring in it.

  35. Duane Ashe

    MLO loves this book! Each activity is different on …MLO loves this book! Each activity is different on each page, so every day we have a new adventure.

  36. jbro

    Five StarsGreat gift for a young one

  37. Giggles

    Excellent, highly recommend!Kumon has excellent books for any level of learning!

  38. Laura Khan

    for my grandson.My grandson loves this workbook! He learned all his animals and colors very quickly. He finished the book rather quickly.

  39. Lzook

    Fun timesGreat way to get a toddler into ‘school’ work. Competitive times ahead for the little ones so good idea to help them along.

  40. cjr

    Book of ColoringI love this entire series of children’s activities, and I am not a workbook person….Kids love them. I would recommend it.

  41. kim a vedder

    Five StarsMy granddaughter loves this book.

  42. Jakey’s Mom

    Awesome WorkbookThe Kumon workbooks are so well thought out. Simple, yet ingenious! My son loves them all. I highly recommend them.

  43. Bran

    Five StarsAwesome

  44. Amazon Customer

    Five StarsGood quality workbook for my just-turned-three year old.

  45. typebug

    This is way too boring to even captivate my preschooler for a minuteI get the idea of matching a color swatch to a specific crayon but seriously, every single spread is the same exercise coloring in a circle (yawn). 0 creativity involved. This is way too boring to even captivate my preschooler for a minute. Definitely the least helpful activity we took traveling.

  46. L. Cheramie

    task analysis!I like how the kumon books break down tasks into small increments. This book is a fine example of that. Each child needs their own book though.

  47. Andrea

    Ehh, too simpleExtremely simple, but still adult guidance is needed. The first pages are almost fully colored, the last ones are not, but they have small details. I’m not sure for what age it is actually good for.

  48. Canaidianinthedesert

    Great StarterI am a big believer in the Kumon Learning System and these books are a great starter for my 3 year old.

  49. lelanie pinaula

    Five StarsMy child enjoys this book

  50. Katie K

    Three Stars3yr old goes for princess and hello kitty books

  51. Heather

    Five StarsGreat

  52. Yi-ching.Chiang

    Five StarsAs I expected

  53. Maya2501

    Five StarsGreat

  54. Ana Carolina Rios

    I purchased a new item and I received an used oneI purchased a new item and I received an used one

  55. PRichmond

    Great for 3 or 4 Year Old; pre-kI liked this book but not as much as the Kumon Let’s Color book. The pages are big, thick, and the lines are bold so I still feel like it is a great tool. But, I found the smaller Let’s Color book to be better because the pages were smaller. I feel starting this with an older child (3 or 4) would be more beneficial because they have the attention span to focus longer and actually color an entire sheet. If starting with a 2 year old, go for the smaller Let’s Color book. They’ll be able to finish it quicker and gain confidence better because of it. Overall, however, still worth the buy.

  56. TLMH

    Five StarsPerfect learning workbook for 3/4 year olds

  57. Jennifer

    Great book for learning and holding interestThis has been a great book for my son (age 3). He can’t wait to work on a few pages each night and his skills have improved quite a bit as we near completing the workbook. This book is engaging and gives great instructions for the parents as well to encourage development while still focusing on encouragement. The skills develop incrementally which means the kids get better without realizing the skills are getting harder. My normally easily frustrated son is progressing rapidly and loves every minute of it! I’d recommend this entire series!On another note, my two year old (25 months) has been using the “Let’s color” book in this series for 2 and up and I’d say that he’s a bit young still for that book, let alone this one. I would say that the 2-3-4 recommended here refers more to the average 2.5 year old rather than a young 2 year old.

  58. luv2shop

    Great for beginners! Ages appropriate.My Little one loves these! He doesn’t even know hes learning! :)I bought the whole set.

  59. Laura K

    Great workbooks!My grandson loves these Kumon workbooks. He knows all his colors now and all the animals in the book. He is not even 3 years old yet. I highly recommend these workbooks for all aged children, even those with learning disabilities.

  60. Odessa

    Solid AAs a teacher, and mother of a 3 year old, I think this workbook deserves a good solid A. The only thing the designers of this book could do to improve it would be to provide more practice of the same skill. My daughter loves the book and asks for it when we are out to eat.

  61. Xiaochao Zheng

    Not so hot about this book/too expensiveI like Kumon math workbooks and i tried to feel the same for their coloring and letter books, but I have to give this book a 3-star. The 3 stars are for the high quality paper, I guess. Two things to share:1) Most of pages in this book are suitable for 2-year olds as they contain big pictures and the white-area for coloring is simple. For example, one large circle or three large triangles per page. But they are definitely too boring for 4-year olds.2) There are so many coloring/activity books available in local stores for $1 each and offers pages and pages of coloring with fun cartoon characters or images. I don’t see why a 40-page coloring book as simple as this can cost several times more.

  62. Gayathri Ranganathan

    Excellent coloring book for lil onesI can’t say enough about Kumon books. I got 5-6 books for my 2 1/2 year old. My daughter is very interested in painting but not so much into crayons and coloring. I wanted her to get interested in coloring as that is the basis for writing later. She is very interested in the coloring books and the fact that the coloring spaces progress from small to large is very thoughtful. The paper quality and picture quality are excellent. I will probably purchase this coloring book and the others in the series again and it will be good to see how she has improved.

  63. Cynthia R. Raymond

    childcare2-3 year olds truly get a lot from these books and they as well as myself love them

  64. humanFilter

    amazing book for toddler to startBrought the book after recommendation from “Science Mama” on youtube. and its worth each penny.Book is appropriate as per my kids ages :)My kid enjoys coloring , and this book teaches shapes while coloring with other exercises.Only cons of this book is that page cant be torn … so once book is finished , one need to purchase a new copy.There should have been option to copy the page , after tearing the page and reuse it multiple times

  65. R


  66. kaleemullah shaik

    Best bookHIGHLY recommended.. Very good service… And amazing book fir my child.

  67. Amazon Customer

    Encourages children to colourIt’s such a great book, if a small circle to then leading to colouring bigger areas… it’s done so gradually that the child fits into the next level with so much of ease. Wonderful

  68. Vamsee

    these books are amazing. The content is not only interesting but also …I had ordered this as well as a few more Kumon books for my 3 year old kid. My idea was to give him more options to learn. To say the least, these books are amazing. The content is not only interesting but also laid out very thoughtfully and clear. I’m assured now that any long holidays for my kid will be joyful as well as fruitful. I can spend time with him with these books. I can get him to concentrate more on spending time with books. Honestly put, these are better than the school books that my kid has.Even if your kid just completes these books and not worry about other school books, you can feel safe that he will be in a good position to get into the mainstream schooling. This is the first I ordered these books and believe me, I will keep ordering them as long as my kid enjoys spending time with them.The only gripe I have is the fact that the time taken to ship these books is very long. Amazon has informed in advance that these will take more time to ship. But as a customer, I would prefer that I get them as early as I can. But I cannot honestly take away any stars as it was informed in advance. But the quality of packaging is perfect and the books are in mint condition when I received them. I should still say Thanks amazon for making them available at my place.

  69. Uzma

    Good bookBook is very colourful and bright. My son never enjoyed colouring, after getting lymph book, he started using crayons. He enjoys now. It’s a great book for toddlers.

  70. Rebecca

    Kumon books are the bestTres bon livre pour apprendre les jeunes enfants les bases du graphisme, les couleurs et quelques formes géométriques. Le papier et l’impression sont de excellente qualité. Les exercices augmentent rapidement en difficulté et mon fils de 3 ans aime faire le même exercice plusieurs fois donc je met les pages du livre dans des pochettes en plastique (celles qui ont une ouverture sur le cote) pour les utiliser avec les feutres effaçables. Après on utilisera les crayons en cire directement sur le papier. On a également my first book of tracing et my book of easy mazes du même éditeur. A recommander.

  71. Cliente Amazon

    Serve moltoOttimo

  72. one_two_three

    Very useful.My 4yo twins enjoyed this book hugely. This is their favourite book from KUMON series. The first few tasks are very simple, so they could complete 3-4 pages in one go. But last few pages required significant efforts, with single page enough for one session. I recommend it to all parents. Probably 3 years is the best age to start with this book.

  73. Rachel

    Fantastic books for learningLovely book for helping my four year old to learn to colour in. Now using to help my two year old who loves colouring in. We are learning the colours as well as pencil control and it helps them concentrate. We have lots of these books now as they are addictive as you actually see great results.

  74. Happy JayJay

    Great start for young oneI bought this for my 3 year old, as she did not like the plain colouring book, I guess this book give her idea on what colour to use she just enjoy this colouring book more and it really help getting idea of colour within the line, holding pen and she love to read out the colour in the book. Will get more of Kumon pre-school range they are really good.

  75. Sibylle Berger

    My 2 year old loves it, although it’s a …My 2 year old loves it, although it’s a bit difficult for that age. She will grow into it, but this is probably more suited for 3+

  76. Amazon Customer

    Great series of booksMy little boy isn’t a big colouring fan and needs to improve his hand strength for progressing to writing so brought this to help…it seems to be capturing his attention more than plain old colouring but boy will be boys its cars cars cars!!

  77. Sam

    Recomendable.Buen libro para se acaba muy rápidos . Ideal para niños de 3 años o menos.

  78. Cliente Amazon

    attenzione, concentrazione e motricità fineIn qualità di insegnante di sostegno mi permette di lavorare con alunni che hanno serie difficoltà di motricità. Inoltre, riesco ad utilizzare il materiale anche per attività di attenzione, concentrazione e riconoscimento simboli. Consiglio questo prodotto ai genitori di bambini che sono alla scuola dell’infanzia e a tutti i docenti che giorno per giorno devono preparare lavori calibrati su alunni con importanti deficit.

  79. Cliente Amazon

    Utile a costo sontenutoAl di là del metodo Kumon che ognuno valuta da sè, posso dire che l’album è molto utile nella sua gradualità, qualità delle pagine, delle spiegazioni, dei disegni, per l’uso dei colori e le attività. Peccato per ora…solo in inglese

  80. Maur

    Color away!Normal size book and it breaks down the color process so easily my little one could figure it out after I explain a couple pages.

  81. Elena Tetneva


  82. Marion

    Un produit bien penséUn produit bien pensé: une belle qualité de papier, des exercices avec une difficulté croissante, des commentaires sur la façon de présenter l’exercice à l’enfant. Mon fils de 3 ans, qui n’est pourtant pas un fan de coloriage, en redemande.Un plus serait de l’avoir en français, surtout dans la mesure où il est recommandé de montrer à l’enfant les mots associés aux images. Mais bon, je prévois de commander d’autres produits Kumon et les recommande vivement.

  83. m f m

    Four Starsreally good fun to use , good pictures nice format

  84. Aby J

    Love itcouldn’t get my daughter to colour but since we got this book she has been very excited about colouring. Wish I had bought it sooner.

  85. Marjorie R

    Colour inside the lines!Not my favourite Kumon book. It’s basically just colouring in little white spots to complete a picture… Though I do like the maze type activities on the alternating pages.

  86. Debra

    Colourmania!!!!So fun and really engaging! Loved the progression and small areas to focus on. Really encouraged their fine motor skills and concentration as each task is achievable! Great product!

  87. Amazon Customer

    Very goodVery good for 2 to 3 year old kids. A lots of pictures to color.

  88. Nita

    Motivación para dibujarMe lo recomendaron para niños a los que les cuesta sentarse a dibujar y mi hijo esta encantado. Se siente feliz porque con poco trabajo le parece que hace fichas bonitas y le motiva para hacer más. No he podido encontrarlo en castellano

  89. Jackson da Silva

    EDUCANDO MEUS FILHOS COM MÉTODO KUMOMÓtimo produto para colocar em prática em casa o método Kumon para que não tem condições de pagar a mensalidade da franquia.

  90. NK

    Five Starsamazing book!

  91. Antonio

    W My Book of coloringIl libro permette di avviare gradualmente il bambino al controllo del segno. Consigliato a genitori e insegnanti che intendono avviare un percorso individualizzato.

  92. Kara

    ColoringTrès sympa bouquin pour les premiers coloriages mais également les premiers points a relier. Pas mal d actives a proposer aux enfants

  93. Neus Comas

    recomendadoMi niño de 3 años le encanta. Lo combino con el de trazos y el de laberintos. Muy adecuado por la edad. Buena calidad

  94. Nancy C.

    Bon supportBon support pour les tous petits pour commencer à appréhender le geste graphique: de bonne qualité et assez varié. A recommander!

  95. Astghik Salnazaryan

    No es un libro para colorearYa esta pintado todo… en serio ?

  96. Alexia Petridi

    Five StarsLove all the KUMON books

  97. christine cranley

    Five StarsLove these books.

  98. Kellen

    InútilPéssimo! Não comprem. Fui pelo que prometia e me decepcionei no grau máximo. Costumo comprar os livros do kumon, mas esse está horrível e inútil. Tem um bola ou quadrado pra se pintar nas imagens q tem.

  99. Mozaili

    Not suitable for 2-3 years oldNot ideal for 2-3 years old. They would tend to draw everywhere but where there are supposed to. I will buy a colouring book instead.

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