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This workbook is designed especially for children who will make three-dimensional objects for the first time. Simple contours and large margins for pasting make it easy for children to successfully complete the assignments. Turning two-dimensional parts into three-dimensional toys helps your child experience the joy of creating things. As they progress through the book, children grow more confident in what they can do with their hands.

8¼ x 11⅔ inches. paperback. 80 pages. full color. US $7.95 / C$8.95




This workbook is designed especially for children who will make three-dimensional objects for the first time. Simple contours and large margins for pasting make it easy for children to successfully complete the assignments. Turning two-dimensional parts into three-dimensional toys helps your child experience the joy of creating things. As they progress through the book, children grow more confident in what they can do with their hands.

8¼ x 11⅔ inches. paperback. 80 pages. full color. US $7.95 / C$8.95

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85 reviews for My Book of Easy Crafts

  1. Ellen Russell

    Super fun crafts for kidsI’ve had three of my kids go through this book over the years, and it’s always one of their favorite activities for pre-school/early elementary. The crafts are so colorful and fun, and it’s printed on very sturdy paper. I love that they increase in difficulty through the book, and typically make something that my kids can play with once they’re made.The only thing I don’t like is that the pages aren’t perforated, so I have to cut each page out of the book for them. It’s a little cumbersome, and doesn’t always work the best. If they switched to tear-out pages, this book would be absolutely perfect.

  2. Susan

    Excellent craft book for children!I just discovered the Kumon books for children this summer, and I am so glad I did. My son has loved them! There are books of mazes, books for cutting, books to learn numbers, books to tell time, books to color, and books to make easy and amazing crafts! EASY CRAFTS is meant by Kumon to be a book for 4-6 year old children. The sequel book, AMAZING CRAFTS, is meant for children 5-7 years old. I own them both, and I can say that the crafts are no easier in EASY CRAFTS, and that my son is 8 years old and still needs an adult to help him with some of the projects. So don’t expect to give this to your child and have him work alone to have success with all the projects, for some require things done in a certain order step by step exactly to turn out right. These projects are truly AMAZING!!! Kumon prints them on sturdy paper, in bright colors, using nice graphics; not babyish, yet cute and fun. I am so so weary of today’s idea that everything made for children must have disturbingly deformed, cartoon-like, unrealistic artwork. Cover art on the covers of the Kumon books in no way relates to the art style inside. The art is child friendly, pleasing, colorful, and simple.To use this book, the child needs to know how to cut fairly precicely, fold carefully, and know how to use glue neatly. These are skills you can teach your child in other Kumon books BEFORE having your child do EASY CRAFTS. The books by Kumon: Let’s Fold, Let’s Cut Paper, Let’s Sticker and Paste are good preparation books for a child to learn the skills needed to make EASY CRAFTS. I have reviewed all the “Let’s…” books here on Amazon. They are great little books as well!Okay, be sure to give your child GOOD scissors for cutting, and glue that is easy to use; a good glue stick or a glue pen. Then enjoy some time sitting with your child as he makes some wonderful things such as: Surfing Animals (a simple project that involves only cutting and folding, and my son loves to have surf races across the dining room table—you blow gently for the animals to zip along!), a long long snake, leaping frogs, flying hippo and pig, a spinning alien, a bobble head dog, a walking robot (your fingers make him do the walking!), a clapping cat, a flapping chicken (very clever and one of my favorites!), a barking dog, a biting alligator (special fold techniques make the toys “move”),a buzzing bee popping out of a flower, a very clever toy that spins called “space travel” (one of my son’s favorites), and then assorted paper animals that stand such as a giraffe, elephant, turtle, bunny, and paper jewelry such as watches and rings. There are 40 crafts in all. Projects do range from easy to more difficult; there are some the child could have success with alone. Many of these projects are nice for a child who is sick in bed and needs something to do to occupy his time while being still. This book would make a great get well gift or a birthday gift for any child even up to age 10. An older child could enjoy making the paper toys for or with a younger sibling. All in all, an EXCELLENT book that every child should have the opportunity to enjoy. I am so glad for Kumon’s efforts to publish these beautiful and fun books for children! I don’t know how anyone would be disappointed with this book! Enjoy!

  3. MomLife

    Fun and learning, all in one!I love the quality of the paper, it’s very thick. The pictures are vibrant.This is a more advanced cutting and pasting book and requires a bit more grown-up help for my 4 year old.What’s great is that this is not simply a cut and paste activity, but kids are able to construct and play with their cut-outs after. The constructions are 3-D and kids can see the outcome of their work! All the crafts move: the spinning alien, the bobble head dog, the walking rabbit, etc. And many of the crafts allow multi-players like blowing on the surfing animals, 2 flying animals (hippo and pig), etc.It’s an effortless and easy activity that we bring out occasionally without having to think about too much about what crafts to do with your kid. For 95% of the activities, you only need scissors and glue, there are some that require string like the flipping pancake on the pan and the flying bird – a favorite!My daughter would flip through the book and choose what she wants and I would separate out each piece for her and she would start cutting along the solid lines. Instruction is simple – cut on solid, fold up on dashed lines, and fold down on dotted lines, glue where the glue icon is.I’ll admit, some of the steps confused me!! But we were able to modify and it still worked out. There’s also a final picture so you can see what it should look like.Overall, great quality, simple instruction, and a multi-layered book of learning and fun.

  4. Gertrude

    Good addition for at home activitiesWho is this book for? Kids who are able to cut circles, triangles and squares fairly well. It does not have to be perfect, but some skill is needed. This past year we used 

    My First Book Of Cutting (Kumon Workbooks)

     before we started using this book.The first few crafts include cutting a few animal cartoons on surfboards and then you can blow on them on the table and have a little contest. There are rings, masks and finger puppets. At this point my son needs help with bending paper and folding.As a stay at home mom I can tell you that it is nice to have a book where you can just take a page out, get 

    Fiskars 194900-1001 Pre-School Training Scissors, Assorted Colors


    Elmer’s Disappearing Purple School Glue Sticks, 0.21 oz, Pack of 6 (E1560)

     and your oldest can make a craft for him and little sister with very little prep. He only needs help from me he is done cutting. You can probably find lots of activities like these online. However, googling and printing sometimes takes way too long for an activity that will only last a few minutes. This book makes it much simpler to find something to do. The paper is thick and the colors are pretty. The crafts get more complex as the book progresses making it a challenge, but not too hard if followed in order.

  5. K. P.

    The best by farI got passionate little (3 and 5) crafters at my house. But at this young age, tracing things off instructions onto cardboard and such is just too much of an ordeal still. This book is amazing. Printed on very nice, thick paper (yet not too thick, so still easy to cut) are many craft projects that are really nice. A carousel that spins, a balancing on the nose eagle, a wing-flapping chicken… It gradually get’s more difficult, starting with easy cutting skills. My kids need help with the folding and assembly, but they can do most of the job themselves. 6 year olds will manage completely on their own, but 3 year olds can do the cutting and glueing if you help a little. Mine are very proud of the cool outcomes.The book is also very long, so there’s many projects. Really well done for the price. Look no further! I’ve bought several craft books for smaller children, and none is this good. Either the quality is poor, or the projects are boring. This one has brought us hours of joy.

  6. Sarah R

    Good book. 4 year old needs some guidance/helpThe paper is thick and good quality. My daughter is turning 4 soon and can cut non-curvy shapes pretty well. She loves cutting but I found her mostly just cutting lines and shapes she drew herself, so I figure I should get some fun projects so with particular instruction and goal she can actually refine her skills other than just cutting random things again and again. This book is not something she can do all by herself yet because some of the cutting has some small corners and she also needs some confidence in cutting curvy things. Folding sometimes can also be challenging. So I do need to constantly remind her to be careful about these things and provide guidance/examples from time to time. But my intention with this book was never just to let her do it by herself so I can watch her sister anyway. I use it to spend good quality time together, do something fun, and show her what she is capable of doing. This book does the job.

  7. Drea

    Loved it!Awesome book with crafts, instructions are great. My 4 year old cuts and glues by herself, most of them are easy enough for her. For some of them she needs help.I’d say get the previous “cutting” book first and then this one, otherwise “the cutting” book may be boring after this one with crafts.

  8. Tina R.

    Great Quality but Younger Children May Need AssistanceThe page quality of these books have been very good, durable, thick, beautiful colored images. I bought this for my 4.5yr old in hopes of it being something he could do on his own, but I see after looking through it that it would probably be better for a little bit older of a child that is reading on their own and can follow directions well. Younger children may need assistance with some of the crafts in here. Overall it’s still a great buy though!

  9. Janet N.

    Great!I absolutely love this craft book. My four-year-old granddaughter is using it. The pages are thick, and the crafts are very colorful. Instructions are clear, and all of the crafts have been successful.

  10. Marti von Boeselager

    Simple and beautifulWe bought this for our 4 year old granddaughter. She loves their books of all kinds. Simple, beautiful colors, good construction. I would say this book is more for 4-5 year old children.

  11. wxyzzzzzzzz

    Great Kumon book, too difficult for 4 year oldThis book has 40 projects that involve cutting, folding, and pasting: watches, rings, masks, puppets, and lots of animals to play with in various fun and interesting ways when finished. There is also a certificate of achievement at the end. You will need string for some of the projects, in addition to glue and scissors.We love the Kumon books, and I think this is another great one, but it’s too difficult for my 4 year old. A lot of the cutting requires a level of precision my 4 year old isn’t capable of yet (ie. small/skinny pieces, areas you have to fold and cut out from the center), some of the folding gets complicated, and even the gluing can be difficult because sometimes you have to fold and glue at the same time (ie. making a cone and gluing it together).

  12. Mere C.

    good activity bookmy daughter loves this book. she is 2.5yr. the paper is quite thick, much easier for her to cut using training scissor.

  13. JC

    Fun fun funSo colorful and fun- my 4 year old kid loves these crafts and can do most of it himself with a bit a help

  14. lydiadeetz

    Not ‘Easy’ for Us!This has some cute ideas, and is great for practice with cutting and pasting. I guess my kid (and I) are just not crafty enough! We found some of them somewhat tedious and challenging. The age range says 4/5/6 and I was doing this with my 5 year old. I’m happy to help my kid, and I understand that it’s important for parents to be involved, but this really requires a boat load of my attention. I’m impressed that some of the reviewers on here have kids who can do these on their own – especially the folding, which we found quite confusing.We’ve done a ton of Kumon books and I love them because they often build on a skill and have the kid repeat it over and over. This one doesn’t seem to work that way.

  15. Jinyoung Zadrapa

    Great paper craft for kidsMy kids ages from 7-4 years old love it! Paper quality is awesome!

  16. Yuliya

    Very good book. Favorite from KumonVery good book for little ones. Some crafts are difficult for my 4yo, but my 7yo son love them all.they create toys by themselves

  17. happy mommy

    So much fun in a book!My son’s occupational therapist turned us on to this book. He has to practice cutting and he doesn’t mind doing it when he then gets to play with fun stuff that he made/folded. This is such a creative and fun book. The pages are heavier material than normal book pages which is a benefit for working on his strength in his hands during cutting and the little paper projects last a little longer. It comes with 40 pages but some pages have 2 or 3 things on one page. We’ve really enjoyed this book so far. I love that everything that is cut out has another purpose; that is can move, fly, twirl, hop, etc. Great book.

  18. blackstone_18

    Fun activity bookFun activity book. Pages are not perforated but never the less, gets the job done. Good for home learning

  19. S.C.

    Best Arts and Craft BookI’ve been using this book for years. As an art teacher I find that kids don’t do enough cutting. They find themselves at age 12 asking others to cut for them or being frustrated saying, “I can’t cut this!”. Each page in this book is a project. All involve cutting and pasting. By building these projects they experience some engineering skills as they see how to make things move or balance. Fun! Fun! Fun!

  20. A. G.

    Not for the highly creative childI was excited to see this workbook from Kumon, since my daughter (4 yrs old) has liked some of them in the past. Unfortunately, she has not been interested in doing any of these crafts. I think it’s because she likes to think of the craft herself, and then follow through with her idea. She doesn’t like crafts when there isn’t a whole lot of creative thought needed.If your child is creative, it may not be the best workbook for you. If your child likes crafts, but sometimes can’t think of what to do on his/her own, then this workbook may be a lot of fun. There are some cute things to make (in my opinion, not my child’s!).

  21. Kaitlyn

    Just as shownThis is a great activity book for kids 4-6 y/o

  22. L. Zsolnay

    Fills up a boring day or hour – my son loves picking out …Fills up a boring day or hour – my son loves picking out the activity, I cut it out, and he helps paste it together. A good series, though I prefer the “I can past (etc.)” series to Kumon.

  23. JW

    👍👍Perfect book to build on basic scissor skills. My son loves the activities.

  24. Prof. M

    The perfect book for rainy days.Heaps of simple and fun activities for my six-year old. Another great book from Kumon!

  25. Nancy clark

    But thisPerfect for practice following instructions and cutting

  26. T Curtis

    easy craftsbought for my three year old, some are difficult, but still fun ideas that we can work on with other paper and items, love these and I am sure she will still love these when she can do them on her own. great quality and colorful.

  27. Kelly F.

    The Kumon workbooks are great! Easy to follow and bundled in a way …The Kumon workbooks are great! Easy to follow and bundled in a way that makes learning easy and fun. Great for kids learning dexterity and into crafts.

  28. jtizzle

    pretty easy for my 5 year oldBought for my 2 daughters age 3 and 5. A little challenging for my 3 year old but she can do it with a little help. def helps moms with some last minute craft ideas:)

  29. Omar Lopez

    Five StarsEasy project for my daughter. Keep her busy for awhile, sturdy paper book.

  30. JD

    Fun for my 4 year oldShe does need help and can’t do it by herself, but I didn’t expect that, so I’m fine with it. She loves cutting and pasting, so this is perfect.

  31. Amazon Customer

    Five Starsperfect to use with children.

  32. SK

    My son loves this book. He finished the entire …My son loves this book. He finished the entire book in less than a month. i also bought the next craft book.

  33. snapbackcollector

    Four StarsMy child loves it!

  34. ipod touch

    very good for fine motor actionsand fun too.. the best part is once you finish doing them with your little one, your little one want to give it as a gift to one of the day care friends. and they all love it)::

  35. Eleanor Morgan

    My Book Of Easy CraftsI did not find in it what I had expected to. Very disappointing. The cover of the book was impressive, colorful and encouragedme to make the purchase, but after receiving it, and reviewing the inside…no, no, it did not give me the satisfaction that I wanted.This is the very first item I have ever returned to Amazon since I have been a customer. Sorry!!!Eleanor

  36. Mrs

    Children’s craftsThis is a great book. It has wonderful ideas and the cutting activities are liked very much by children. i would recommend it highly.

  37. Ms Charmaine Jelbert

    Five StarsAbsolutely amazing! The ideas are so clever and so easy for children to learn cutting and pasting! Brilliant book!

  38. FungC9

    Five StarsProvide hours and hours of fun activities for kids

  39. Liamsmama

    Great crafts on sturdy paperVery colorful, simple and yet detailed artwork. My almost 3 year old needs alot of help with these but he loves them. A good way to get your child away from the tv and using his hands to create something.

  40. MS

    4 year old loves thisMy 4 year old loves this craft book. The paper quality is very good for craft work. The crafts include a combination of simple and slightly complex ones.

  41. moschil

    easy craftstheses are great but you may need extra supplies. Our 5 yrold loves it.

  42. Billy A.

    Five StarsKiddo loves this.

  43. Amazon Customer

    Five StarsGreat price for kumon

  44. Yi-ching.Chiang

    Five StarsAs I expected

  45. simmy prabhu

    good bookIts agood book on how to build the craft urself..I bought it for my 4 1/2 yr old daughter.n she njoys doing it with me…

  46. Jennifer Tzivia MacLeod, author of the Seven Day Manuscript Machine and Writing the Bible for Kids

    Very cute paper crafts for 5-6 age range!Though the book is called “easy crafts,” “easy papercrafts” would probably be a better title. These are not really *crafts* in the real-world sense of handicrafts that use materials beyond the printed page, scissors and glue. But for what it is, it’s extremely cute and we have enjoyed it tremendously.I am doing these projects with a 4-year-old and a 6-year-old, both of whom have pretty much average coordination, and I find that some of the cutting and folding is quite ambitious even for the 6-year-old; with the 4-year-old, he does the easy pieces and I do the tricky ones.If they insist on folding the projects themselves, sometimes they don’t work out as well, so these are not exactly the most independent craft projects – they require constant vigilance, to make sure nobody cuts through a critical line or cuts off a hand or head or other essential part.The printing is lovely and precise, and I really appreciate how these are printed on both sides of the page – it certainly puts these a cut above papercrafts we can find and print off the Internet, which are only printed on one side. Also, the colours are vibrant and beautiful; far superior to anything I could get from my home printer.After having done quite a few of these projects now, we know that the precise printing and careful directions mean we can be reasonably confident the project will turn out just as well as the example picture.I feel somewhat guilty doing these instead of “real” handicrafts – teaching my kids to sew or knit or weave or some such thing. But they have been perfect for getting us through several winter evenings so far.With their limited supplies and tiny size, these would be fantastic for bringing along with kids to any confined situation where they can’t run around as usual – airplane ride, hospital stay, grandparent visit. (perhaps not a restaurant, as you don’t necessarily want glue everywhere!)For the reasonable price of this book, I feel we’ve gotten great value – in fact, I’ve been pleasantly surprised, and would highly recommend this book.

  47. Ann

    great easy crafts for kidsThe book is absolutely great! My son enjoyed it ver much, made all the projects in just a few days, and now he almost finished with the second copy. The projects are easy, with complexity increasing gradually with each page. The resulting toys are very nice, and some of them are very unusual. I am very glad we bought this book.

  48. Z Hayes

    Great “easy crafts” book for children 4-6My almost 5-year-old daughter and I have been quite pleased with some of the Kumon books (including the ones the emphasize reading skills, such as the short vowels and long vowels practice books), and I was excited to find this Kumon crafts book. The basic skills that a child will need before doing the activities in this book are the ability to use scissors (safety scissors for younger children of course) and glue. The crafts in this book get progressively difficult over the pages and there are 40 activities in all. The activities are geared towards improving fine motor skills and enhancing brain functions. The paper quality is impressive – it’s thick enough that cutting and pasting can be done with relative ease and the finished crafts are able to withstand frequent play.The colors are bright and the various projects are engaging so that a child would be keen to complete this craft – an example would be finger puppets, a bobble-head dog, a walking robot, flapping rooster, space travel, and many more fun and engaging crafts. My daughter still needs help with the more complicated cutting projects but she managed the gluing quite well with some instructions. This is a great project book for independent learners, and also perfect for parent-child bonding. Older siblings can also do some of these crafts with their younger siblings. Highly recommended!

  49. KMMR

    This book has really helped my kid with her cutting/scissor skillsI actually have quite a few of Kumon’s books to supplement my kid’s normal school curriculum and so far I have been very happy with all of them. This one is really cute and she loves cutting and taping and gluing all of the fun little projects. The book has really helped with her cutting skills.

  50. Kaye

    Highly recommendedWe love this book! My son keep himself busy for hours doing the activities here. It teaches your child cutting and pasting and they can play the paper toys after that ❤❤❤❤

  51. JMC

    Another good bookI bought this book for my daughter (age 4) after completing the one before it. She enjoys the crafts, but tires of some of the cutting and needs help with the pasting. We often use tape instead of glue because it works better. Still a fun book for her however!

  52. Kindle Customer

    Good quality and engagingI got this for my duaghter’s 5th birthday and she is enjoying it very much. She chooses to work on it whenever she has free time in the afternoon and completes about five projects a day or so (out of 40 total). The crafts are cute and most have some kind of interesting feature when completed, such as spinning when dropped or “dancing” when pinched. My daughter has average fine motor skills and is able to cut out the pieces with no problem as long as I tear out the pages for her first. She needs help with some of the folding and pasting.

  53. Amazon Customer

    Five StarsGreat ideas and suitable for the LO! I love Kumon books

  54. Susan K. Schoonover

    Fun Book Of Crafts With Lots of Kid AppealThe crafts in this book include masks, finger puppets, games, toys, etc and all are bright, colorful and quickly constructed with just glue, scissors, and some pretty easy folding. Full instructions are included for each project. Adults will likely have to help some but young kids will enjoy watching the process even if they can’t fully participate. The crafts are all printed on sturdy paper and do not lend themselves to photo copying so teachers wanting to do these projects as a class will need to purchase a book for each child.

  55. Memyself&I

    Perfect for rainy days!This book has been a life saver for days my daughter dosen’t want to play outside or says she is bord. Once we get started she dosen’t want to stop! There are lots of things to make in this book, some are kind of cheesy like a paper ring but there are many really nice things that you can actually play with.Like a paper bird that you put 2 pieces of string in and make it race up the strings and a hen that flaps its wings.She is always very proud when she has completed a project and has to go around to show everyone her masterpiece.Cutting skills are needed with this book.So you can cut around all of the dotted lines and there are marked spots for glue and lines for folding.I can see even using the book to create your own projects from cardstock,this would be great for teachers!Thank you Kumon for putting out a kids craft book that is actually usable and has so many pages of projects!

  56. Meg Twice

    Fabulous bookMy six-year-old has been working from this book non-stop since she got it, and she rarely has to ask for help. I am very pleased, since she’s having a blast and it’s not too complicated. The crafts are also cute and intriguing and they are not all the same, though there are sometimes more than one version of something (animal masks, for example). So far she has made finger puppets, rings, masks, a man that smiles or frowns depending on how you view him, a cool balancing eagle, etc. (I like that some of the projects deal with optical illusion, etc.) My only not-really-a-complaint is that I would prefer a different kind of illustration. I don’t particularly like contemporary animation-like drawing with lots of gradients. But this is picky and doesn’t affect my daughter’s enjoyment of the book.

  57. Micole Roy

    Cutting, Folding, and PastingThis is a great next step after My Book of Pasting. In this wonderful book, children get to cut, fold, and paste their way through 40 delightful little crafts. I believe this book is recommended for children ages 4 – 6; however, my three year old son loved it (though it did take some time for him to learn to fold properly along the dashed lines).

  58. reba

    unique crafts in a quality bookI am glad I purchased this workbook. However, some of the activities are a bit difficult for my 4 year old to cut out on her own. It has definitely helped to improve her skills in cutting with scissors. She usually needs my help/supervision, but I love giving her a variety of activities to do each day. The pages are thick enough and the illustrations are cute and unique.

  59. Dalia Nissim

    Good activity books for your LOVery fun activity books

  60. d_rowe

    Hours of fun, highly recommendGot this for my 4-year-old daughter who is very high energy. She LOVES the activities in this book. It keeps her occupied for about an hour until she gets tired and wants to move on to something else – which is a big compliment to this activity book :-)This is a step-up from the scissor skill books. There is cutting out shapes, working with a glue stick, and also figuring out how to put it all together – sequencing steps using numbers. All of that is great kindergarten prep.There are quite a few activities in the book, laid out in the order of complexity. If you have two kids, many activities are designed for two kids (making two rings, four finger puppets, two masks).Amazing value. Highly recommend.

  61. Gayle Flipflop

    excellent amazing bookWhole family absolutely love this book . I can not rave enough about it. Have bought it for friend children and they feel the same has helped my son (only 4 but very academic/can read etc.) learn and practice: valley and mountain folds, following visual and verbal instructions and diagrams, cutting accurately, hand strength, problem solving, following a key, creating and then playing with or more often gifting his creations. From which he has derived great autonomy, confidence and pleasure. After the first few he just did it on his own and then was teaching me how to do it (I’m generally good at spacial awareness, instructions, map reading etc. turns out he’s even better … Well…at this book!)have bought another for my daughter for when she’s older.the variety of toys and games and models you can make with this book is huge. You will end up with a house full of little paper toys but could gift them to grandparents, make into mobiles etc. Or just bin them after a few days! Its the process that counts, which my son really git that and after a little investigation and play with what he had made gave it to someone and cracked straight on with the next thing.again i had to slow him down a bit but each thing does take longer to do than mazes etc.finally they get progressively harder throughout book which is great

  62. D. Forbes

    Awful. Strange and difficult. Makes kids crySuch weird things to make and really difficult folding instructions. Makes my kids get so frustrated and needs so much parental involvement. Definitely not good if you want the child to use independently. Avoid. Save yourself the stress.

  63. servando Garza

    Muy bonitas actividadesLo uso para complementar temas de la escuela o para un tiempo de convivencia con mi hijo

  64. Marium Afzal

    bought it againthe kids love making it so it is an enjoyable activity. bought it for a second round. priced well.

  65. Vix

    Excellent craft bookThis book is fabulous. It contains 40 projects for cutting and sticking with a range of animals, people and other bits. They projects are suitable for girls and boys. Many of the finished models move in some way and they all look impressive. The pages are thick paper so they are easy enough to cut with decent scissors but sturdy enough allow the model to stand up. In 6 months of doing these occasionally my 4 year old daughter (who has loved all the projects) has progressed from needing significant help to largely doing these independently. As a tip I would suggest scoring where the paper needs to be folded to help little ones fold in the right place. Great rainy day activity and very good value for money compared to many ‘making” kits.

  66. Mariya

    Nice bookNice book for learning to cut

  67. Samiah Ibrahim

    Crafting Magic!This is one of the most recommended items by occupational therapists and play therapists for working out those hand muscles for kids. It’s a great book for 5yr Olds who have just learnt to cut and the craft work gives them a high sense of accomplishment and that’s a win!!

  68. Sonia

    Diversión garantízadaSon libros geniales para niños de 3 a 6 años. Es el segundo libro que le compro a mi hijo de 4años y le encanta!Están en inglés pero no es necesario saber inglés. Todo viene bien explicado con imágenes. Donde debe cortar, doblar y pegar.Yo este en concreto lo compraría para niños a partir de 4años.La calidad del papel e imagen excelenteYo debo racionar el libro porque quiere pasar todo el día haciendo hojas y más hojas.

  69. EP


  70. Sara Brown

    Very cute craftsI get my kids to work together to make these. I had originally bought it to help my 4 year old with her cutting skills. My 7 year old enjoys this book just as much.

  71. River

    Best kids bookBest kids book ever. Very engaging and fun. I wish they made more craft books!

  72. May Guo

    Excellent book,Easy to follow, creative ideas and lots of fun. Bought three times, one for my son, two for gifts.

  73. Amazon user

    I’ve tried a lot cutting books and Kumamoto has the best paper weight so it’s easier to cut with safety …My 3years old daughter loves this book. I’ve tried a lot cutting books and Kumamoto has the best paper weight so it’s easier to cut with safety scissor

  74. Ana

    Cute craftsSuper cute crafts! Lots of fun making them!

  75. Michele

    Great fun and purposefulGreat fun projects with a game or fun outcome for each project

  76. speedy

    Good bookGood book, full of many crafts

  77. Carrie Ann

    Disappointed.Not a big fan of it. Crafts are a bit strange. I was expected more common preschool crafts like animals etc.

  78. Ruth

    Buen productoRecortables muy divertido s para mí peque de 6años.

  79. Cliente Amazon

    BelloMio figlio adora questo libro.E’ uno dei migliori della serie.Lo consiglio insieme al libro da ritagliare (quello con un coccodrillo sulla copertina)tantissimi lavoretti da fare divertendosiLe spiegazioni sono in inglese, ma i disegni sono chiari anche per mio figlio di 5 anni.

  80. Peter Smith

    Quite hardThis is quite hard even for 6 year old.

  81. Irina

    Four StarsThe book is super quite but difficult for my 4,5 years old. Keeping the book till she gets elder.

  82. Vanessa Vic

    Otimo!Maravilhoso e super divertido! Muitas ideias!Complementação perfeita para home schooling’s!

  83. Chandramohan V

    Good oneGood one for kids to learn to do craft works

  84. Lauren N.

    Great and easy craftsI bought this for my 5 year old, but my 8 and 9 year old love it, too!

  85. Greg Ekland

    great projects insidekids love it

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