My Book of Easy Mazes

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This book bridges the gap between My Book of Tracing and My First Book of Mazes by offering more advanced tracing exercises. Tracing their way through these colorful mazes will help children build more confidence in their fine motor skills, thereby preparing them to begin writing.

Kumon Basic Skills Workbooks ensure that children master pencil-control skills with ease as a foundation for writing letters and numbers. Everything in our Basic Skills Workbooks – from the sturdy paper to the engaging content – is designed with the best interests of your child in mind.

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This book bridges the gap between My Book of Tracing and My First Book of Mazes by offering more advanced tracing exercises. Tracing their way through these colorful mazes will help children build more confidence in their fine motor skills, thereby preparing them to begin writing.

Kumon Basic Skills Workbooks ensure that children master pencil-control skills with ease as a foundation for writing letters and numbers. Everything in our Basic Skills Workbooks – from the sturdy paper to the engaging content – is designed with the best interests of your child in mind.

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219 reviews for My Book of Easy Mazes

  1. Thinking Out Loud

    A Good Introduction to MazesThis book of mazes is recommended for ages 2-3-4, and we got it for my son just after he turned 3 years old. True to its title, the mazes are “easy”, and it was a great way to introduce the concept of mazes while also building my son’s confidence – he had a sense of accomplishment any time he finished a maze.My son finished this book quickly, and within a month I had ordered the next book in the series. My son is now 4 years old, and he has enjoyed working his way through the Kumon maze series:- “My Book of Easy Mazes” (for ages 2-3-4)- “My First Book of Mazes” (for ages 3-4-5)- “Amazing Mazes” (for ages 4-5-6)- “My Book of Mazes: Things That Go!” (for ages 5-6-7) – My son is working on this book now.I like mazes because they encourage my son to pause in the thinking process to look ahead to see which path will pan out – this seems like a good cognitive ability to have. Also, it gives him a chance to practice his pencil grip, which is something I think about because I never corrected my daughter’s pencil grip when she was a pre-schooler (I didn’t think it mattered!) and now, as a 7-year-old in first grade, she still holds a pencil incorrectly (which makes her writing messy, and her hand hurts after even short writing assignments).My only complaint about this book – and all Kumon workbooks – is in regards to the workbook’s binding. The spine is thick enough so that when the workbook is open, the book and pages do not lay flat, making it difficult to write on them. For every new page my son works on, I have to REALLY press down on the binding to open up the pages and keep them down. My son could easily be self-sufficient while he works on his mazes, except that I have to be always nearby to push down the pages for him, otherwise he gets frustrated. I don’t know if the binding is a function of the paper quality – which is very good – or what, but I just wish the pages would stay flat when opened, or at least be perforated so they could be easily removed and used as worksheets.

  2. Meg

    3 year old does these mazes over and over and loves this bookMy 3 year old loves this book so much. He does several pages at a time. He’s not learning how to write letters quite yet, and still doesn’t hold a pencil correctly yet, so I really like that this maze book gives him opportunities to do the kinds of strokes that he will have to when he starts writing letters.As we started running out of pages towards the end of the book, he would just redo mazes that he already did but use a different color or different kind of marker and do earlier mazes again.I added photos of several pages so you can get an idea of what the inside looks like, as well as an idea about how it starts easy and then gets progressively harder.

  3. Adrienne Caudill

    Awesome!My 3 year old son has not ever been very interested in coloring/drawing/writing. He is interested in learning his letters, but has no pencils skills because that has never been of interest to him. I bought this book, as well as this tracing book from Kumon: We started with the tracing book and he did enjoy it enough that he would do a few pages at a time. One day he said he wanted to try the this book, and he took a liking to it and finished the entire book (80 mazes total) over a span of 2 days. His pencil skills have improved because these mazes interested him enough to keep him working at them. The mazes are great for spacial awareness and problem solving. My 3 year loved them! I loved that there was a certificate in the back for when you complete the book. He was so excited to put it up on the fridge. If you have a pre-schooler who needs pencil practice, this product is great. If you want to help your child build their brain with these fun mazes, this product is great!

  4. Ladyfingers

    These Workbooks Make Fun Surprise Mail For GrandkidsWe like to stay active in our grandkids’ lives. Since ours don’t live nearby, Amazon Prime makes it very easy to send occasional pieces of mail to them. Items don’t have to be expensive—I like to send “hands-on” things, like tattoos, stickers and especially these activity books. Kumon workbooks are fantastic—there’s one for every age group. This very easy maze book is perfect for around age three.Imagine my surprise when I received a completed page sent back to me, along with a scribbly thank-you that included some previously mailed little surprises (stickers). That small gesture did my heart good—adults like receiving mail too—it’s as much fun as sending mail.

  5. J. F.

    Kumon Books are Great!We are addicted to all the Kumon books. We are homeschooling our preschoolers this year and the books are wonderful supplements to their curriculum. The only reason I gave this 4 stars is because it was very easy for my 4 year olds – as in they tore through the entire book in less than a half an hour. Would recommend this for 2 or 3 year olds, not 4 yr olds. However, the next book of “My First Book of Mazes” for 3-4-5 yr olds is more challenging for them and more age appropriate. If you haven’t discovered Kumon books, you’ll be glad when you do! I am considering buying this book again for a future plane ride, when they are done with the book, I’ll just throw it out – but at least it’ll keep them busy and happy for 30 mins!

  6. S + H

    My 3 year old daughter was immediately interested and engaged …My 3 year old daughter was immediately interested and engaged with a friend’s maze book, so I ordered this one for her. I followed the suggestion of a previous reviewer, and laminated several pages to begin with. I put them in a 3 ring binder and presented them to my daughter with a set of dry erase crayons. What a hit! She enjoys working on her mazes daily and I just take a few minutes each evening to wipe down the pages so they will be ready for her the next day. I felt the book was well set up in terms of building skill level as my daughter is breezing through the more challenging mazes at the end of the book now so I plan to purchase the next maze book in the Kumon series soon.

  7. Sweetie and Geek

    I have a 3-year-old and it worked great for himI have a 3-year-old and it worked great for him! He is not a fan of spending time for art or tracing. In fact, he did not like tracing at all before I have introduced him to this book. He keeps pretending to be a car and tracing his way out of the maze. Every evening before bed he asks me to do his mazes. We have just finished this Eazy Mazes (took us only 3 days) and got Kumon’s next level of mazes. I definitely see results, he can draw more sophisticated lines, different angles, curves etcIf you are struggling to introduce your kid to tracing start with this workbook.

  8. Simple Mom

    hand eye coordination exerciseThis is a good supplement for hand eye coordination exercises. Child will enjoy mazes with .25 to 1 inch width walls. They will find easy success and drive to keep working. There is very little succession of difficulty. I suggest doing the book first in pencil then in different color markers to get your money’s worth.

  9. Frequent Shopper

    Awesome intro to mazes!This is a FANTASTIC way to introduce small kids to the concept of mazes. They are simple and easy, but the mazes build complexity as you move throughout the book. We bought it for our 3 1/2 year old daughter for a long car trip. Since she had never done a maze before, it didn’t work out for us in the car. But once we were able to sit down together and talk about the concepts, she loved the idea, and completed the first 19 in a row. It was fantastic to watch – so fun for us both. She still has about half the book left, and I’ve already ordered the next level up. Yes, the book is a bit pricey, but I say totally worth it. It teaches math concepts in a safe, fun way that helps kids build confidence. Great buy!

  10. Plobello

    great for toddlersI purchased this for my 4 year old granddaughter who is obsessed with mazes. She loved it. Starts out simple and gets more complex. The difficulty level never exceeds her age limit. Great resource.

  11. Maria

    Very easy and funMy son loves tracing and maze books.This one starts from easy ones and getting harder to the end.Like someone mantioned above I’m planning to take Evey sheet out and put in the plastic envelope, soy child can go over many times

  12. C Mak

    Nice to have if have $ to spare, if not save it on other booksThey are quite easy and while it is recommended for 2-4 year olds, I think it best suits 2-3 year olds. My 3 year old loved it and would do 10 mazes in a go and she finished the book within days. We then went on the net to find similar print outs. In hindsight, I’d just have done that instead of buying this book. Skip it and spend it on other Kumon work books.

  13. Jane Austen

    Amazing books!I love these kumon books for the kids, amazing quality, great graphics, lovely exercises

  14. Abby Perry

    Good starting pointMy almost 4 year old sat down for almost 30 minutes and did over thirty mazes, starting at the beginning. I think he was getting board with them at the end and was “bumping” in the walls on purpose. This was one of the first books we tried so it’s good to know where my son is, but could probably go more advanced.

  15. tiny_human_big_appetite 怡青的童話餐桌

    Age appropriate and interesting.The media could not be loaded.

     My 2 going to 3 son loved this puzzle…He sat down and insisted going through 40 pages at once. I think it’s age appropriate and it contained easier and more advanced mazes. I would purchase the older version when he is done with this one.

  16. Happy Amazoner

    My grandson understood the concept right awayMy 2year old grandson is very bright, and I knew he would enjoy a new activity he hadn’t tried before. We sat down with this book, and I only had to show him once what to do. He took his finger and traced where to go without hesitating. He does use crayons and occasionally pencils, but so far we haven’t made permanent marks in the book. That way we can do this activity again the next time he comes over our house. The only reason I didn’t give it 4 stars was the price-what makes it cost so much?

  17. penguingrooves

    Perfect introductory maze book for young preschoolersThe mazes in the beginning hardly even qualify as mazes because the maze path is basically a wide curved path that this book should be called “My Book of Very Easy Mazes.” It was like drawing a nearly straight line, so I was initially concerned that this might be too easy. They do get hard, and what I noticed was that kids didn’t quite understand that you couldn’t cross the line/border when solving a maze. Or, if the start and finish were almost next to each other, you still had to drag the pencil through the path. Once the very basics of the maze was understood, half of the book was done within 20 minutes, with the preschooler gleefully announcing “DONE” after each maze.

  18. sothink

    Perfect introduce book.The media could not be loaded.

     Gradually improving maze book.

  19. S T

    great book for child’s developmentsame as all other books – very good quality of paper, figures and bold colors. makes children instantly want to open and leaf through it.Then of course, work on it. Good progression of difficulty level – starting from simple mazes to more complex ones.I make my son finger the maze route first and then he marks it with a pencil. The shapes are unique and kid friendly rather than some abstract shapes which would probably not hold a kids 3 yr old likes it and is more interested as the mazes are getting more complex. Certainly looking forward to finishing and going to the next level.

  20. Shows Family

    fun mazes for toddlersMy three year old loves the mazes in this book! She would do the whole book in one sitting if I’d let her! Through using this book, she has gain more control holding her marker, and we make a game out of not hitting the lines and not getting caught by the ‘traps,’ as she calls them, which is just the wrong way areas of the mazes. I will probably buy is again so she can play these over again!

  21. Jenee Melgoza

    Great easy mazes workbook!The Kumon My Book of Easy Mazes is a great next step after the Kumon tracing workbooks. This workbook features very easy mazes that are perfect for a two or three year old. A four year old would most likely find these too easy and could be bored. This workbook could easily be finished within a month by spending at most 10 minutes per day. Ages: The two to four years old age range is appropriate for this workbook. Multiple Children: A workbook is needed for each child.

  22. ashnden

    This book was wonderful. It helped him learn to hold his pencil …My 4 year old couldn’t get enough of this book. Got this for his bday since he wasn’t holding a pencil well and wasn’t very interested in writing or coloring. This book was wonderful. It helped him learn to hold his pencil and he was so excited to do a few pages after daycare each night. Definitely got him interested in writing which is what I was hoping for.

  23. KatsMom

    Good for Teaching Kids to Look at the Whole PictureI agree that these are very easy, and my 3 year-old is generally capable of doing these with only the slightest errors. She tends to get so excited about moving along to something new that she’ll do things quickly and sloppily. I appreciate that this book has forced her to stop for a minute, survey the entire picture, and then choose her path. It’s a valuable lesson in patience.The type of paper used here is excellent for erasing. If your child uses a regular pencil, as opposed to a crayon, colored pencil, or marker, you can erase the mistakes and give your child another chance to complete the maze perfectly.

  24. tats

    # year old favorite Kumon HandbookThis is my 3 y/o son’s favorite handbook. I am very pleased to see how much he has advanced and he loves it. He has several of the Kumon handbooks but this is definitely his favorite one. I bought all of these handbooks to help my son’s fine motor skills and I can see the improvement.

  25. C. Hall

    Good workbook for 3 year oldsPerfect book to keep little minds and hands busy while bigger kids complete schoolwork. This is our initial workbook we use for each of our children starting their homeschool journey. We usually give our kiddos the book to use with some triangle crayons at age 3.

  26. Kindle Customer Kat

    For Younger – my 2 1/2 year old got though the book in no timeThis is an awesome book, but geared for 2 year olds I think. My cautious perfectionist 4 year old spent some time on the mazes. However, my 2 1/2 year old breezed through them. Between the two of them, they got through the last 40 mazes in less than an hour. My 2 1/2 year old managed to get through the mid-difficulty ones in about 5 seconds and the tough ones at the end of the book in about 20 seconds!

  27. AdoresBooks

    You need to read reviews along with descriptionI originally bought for my just turned 5 yr old nephew. This book was way too easy for him and his age. At the time of ordering it I read Kumon’s description but did not read reviews, that’s where I made my mistake.I kept the maze book for my 2 yr old niece when she turns 3 and ordered as high up in the series as I could go for my nephew. He does love the new book, but so far, still not that difficult for him. I’m hoping the mazes become more difficult the further he goes into the book.

  28. Ekaterina

    SuperMy 2.6 son loves it. I couldn’t stop him. He finished a book within one day.

  29. dallen

    My Book of Easy MazesLove this. The mazes start out really simple, so that even an advanced 2 year old can do them, and then get progressively harder. We are currently on our second copy of this book (for my second child) and I am still very happy with it. I bought one of the other beginning maze books by Kumon, but this was by far the BEST for a true “beginner” – it starts with almost a straight line and goes from there.

  30. Susan

    3yo has funBought for my 3 year old. She learned how to hold a pencil at the beginning of the book and has been able to complete the mazes pretty well. She doesn’t get discouraged by them.

  31. Educated Mama

    Really good for holding and using a pencilThis book was great for my 3 year old. The book really is more about pencil control, going around corners, getting from one point to another. Mazes on the left size of the book are more traditional looking (but very simple). Mazes on the right side of the book are cute animals, toys, foods, and other recognizable figures. Made learning to hold and control a pencil fun. The child will have difficulty with the “mazes” if contorting the arm to make movements (creates blind spots) rather than using fingers and wrist.

  32. Happy Wife

    Mazes are very important for young childrenMazes help strengthen the analytical skills and planning skills of young children. As soon as they can follow instructions I teach children to do them – even before they can hold a pencil or crayon. I have them use their finger and they can do them over and over. These are a great investment.Pages are not colorful or distracting, The mazes speak for them-self. Children do not need flash – they need to be challenged and they like it more.Skip the Disney coloring books and get your kids more of these.

  33. A. Yang

    Great series with lots of mazes. Might want to get a higher level.The Easy Maze series is great. Lots of interest mazes for children to be immersed in. However, I think the suggested ages is a little misleading. I think the more appropriate age is like 2-3, rather than 2-4. My 3 1/2 yr old daughter easily finished the book. So next book we’ll get 4-6 in hope it will be more challenging.

  34. Sydney Y

    Perfect for 2-3 year oldsThis is the first workbook I bought for my 3 year old and his favorite one even after purchasing other workbooks. Just easy enough to give him confidence to do more. He could prob finish all of it in one sitting if he wanted!

  35. Sarah

    Great tool for helping kids process visualsMy son uses these a few times a week to help him with visual processing. They seem to alternate between very easy ones and increasingly difficult ones, which works well for us because my son needs the encouragement of doing a maze quickly every other time. They more difficult ones require him to stop and think more, so it is nice for him to gain the confidence from the super easy ones.(The “difficult” ones are still very easy for many kids, but my son has some developmental issues that make them difficult for him.)

  36. Mom of three

    Fun bookWe just received this book today, perfect timing as my three year old is sick, but being in bed is getting boring. She LOVES this book, has gone through over 2/3 of the book, so I am ordering the next maze book in the Kumon series of workbooks. She’s always been reluctant to use a pencil, but today, she loved it.

  37. Sushil Kumar

    Love itMy 32 months old loved it and completed it in 2 straight hours!

  38. R. S. Allen

    Perfect maze book for a two year oldThese are very easy mazes. Some are so simplistic, I can’t believe they are even called mazes. That said, my two year-old enjoys doing them. However, I can’t imagine an older 3 year old or 4 year old doing these. They’d be bored out of their mind. Good thing Kumon has additional maze books for older kids. Something to grow into once these are too easy.

  39. iris

    perfect for younger toddler who can’t do a lot but still gets bored.It’s easy enough for my 2 yr old to do, she just turned 2 and this is really good for her small motor skills training, holding pencils and directing with her arm to move in certain direction. She also has a lot of fun with this since this is one of the activities she can do with us (parents). We call this “activity book” and she chooses among many activities books on her shelf when I tell her it’s activity book time.

  40. Kate NYC

    Perfect and entertaining for little ones learning to write/hold pencilGreat for my 3 year old who is learning to write and hold a pencil correctly. He loves thinking through these mazes and the great thing is that they have some that are challenging and others that are conquerable (for a 3 year old). He doesn’t even know he is practicing writing with these mazes. We’ve already bought a 2nd book of mazes. The colors and themes are great.

  41. Kindle Customer

    great intro to mazes, your 2 and one-half year old or older will love thisyour child has to be able to hold a crayon or pencil or marker to be able to do this maze book. great great fun!

  42. Julie Rozanes


  43. Cheryl Ernst

    Kumon booksI ordered several Kumon books for my 3 year old grandson. I am lucky enough to be his childcare provider while my son and his wife work. I was looking for something more than the “Big Book” stuff. These books are excellent. I scanned them onto my computer so that he can practice the exercises he needs a little more work on. His 4 year old brother, who is in preschool also enjoys doing some of the exercises. Great books.

  44. C. Anderson

    I start all my preschoolers on this at age 2 and it is wonderful. They LOVE itAs a homeschooling mama of 7 (I have homeschooled from infancy thru college), I start all my preschoolers on this at age 2 and it is wonderful. They LOVE it. Great way to practice controlling a pencil. It also usually gives them a general love of mazes and other challenges, leading to logic puzzles and such. Great quality book, too.

  45. amanda guerrero

    My daughter loves these books!! I pull out …My daughter loves these books!! I pull out the pages and laminate them and use erase markers so she can use them over and over, we use them in the car, the morning, quiet time and so much more.

  46. B. Skuse

    My 2.5 year old loves these booksAfter reading the reviews I decided to give this book a go with my 2 year old daughter. It was a hit. She would do the whole book in one sitting if it were up to her. It is great for problem solving and starting her writing skills. I can really see an improvement since the fist time she did a maze. It’s great. Perfect for ages 2 and 3.

  47. lisapete

    My girl’s love these maze booksI’ve used this book previously, and bought it for my other daughter. My girl’s love these maze books! I have definitely seen improvement with handwriting skills after using these books.

  48. D. R. Walker

    Good book for early writingI bought this for a student in my classroom who has very poor writing skills. He used this book to strengthen his hands and perfect his fine motor control. My only fault is with the direction/starting point of the mazes. I would have preferred they begin on the left side of the paper. Not a big deal, but maybe something to think about if more are made.

  49. VioletSSF

    simple mazes and lots of funKumon has made this an easy maze book for toddlers to start with. I wasn’t sure my kid could do them but they are pretty simple and cute.

  50. Aneta&Janek

    this is an amazing tool, our kid had troubles holding a pen …this is an amazing tool, our kid had troubles holding a pen ans did not like writing but now .. such a change, I recommend this book as well as other from Kumon 🙂

  51. T Curtis

    easy mazesThese are fantastic, we have loved seeing our two and a half year old work through them, she loves them too, and we use a clear paper with dry erase markers so she can do the mazes over again! great quality, but a bit pricy! the tracing book and other mazes are great too (as well as all the kumon books).

  52. Oscar

    Great activitiesGreat item. I cut out half the pages and had them laminated for like $3.00. Now my son can use a dry erase marker and practice over and over

  53. Stephanie @ Simplified Home

    Nice BookOrdered for a 2 yr almost 3 yr old. She enjoy doing “school work” like her big sisters. Sometimes she would rather color the mazes then go through them. Nice book overall.

  54. JT review

    Great book for toddlerVery colorful and easy to follow for my 3 year old! He loves it!

  55. SR

    love this bookMy Son is 2.5 yrs old and loved this book. He finished it in less than a months time. Yes, they weren’t very challenging mazes, but kept the attention of my child for 10 minutes everyday. He liked it so much that everyday he would ask for it himself. I only wish they came in spiral bound or something like similar, so that I need not hold the book for him while he is working.

  56. Trisha Tourgelis

    As describleCute book. Exactly as described. They are very easy mazes.

  57. Bosslady

    Love thisMy daughter LOVED mazes. These mazes were perfect for her when she was learning what a maze was and how to hold the pencil, etc. She loved this book so much we went through 2 or 3 of them. Then we had to buy the harder maze books. Great learning tool!

  58. Heni

    Good for toddlersWorked great for my 3 years old.More then 80 mazes.

  59. Herpst Family

    My 2 yr old LOVES this bookGreat for teaching small motor skills to toddlers.

  60. Mamazabakaka

    Too Good to LastThis book was easy enough for my 3-year-old grandson (the hard part was holding the pencil) and he loved it. My only complaint is that it lasted about an hour each between him and his 5-year-old brother; they zipped right through it.

  61. Jackie

    Great book, definitely worth the price over cheaper maze …Great book, definitely worth the price over cheaper maze books. Unfortunately my 3.5 year old breezed through it in two sittings so I just ordered the next version up (regular Mazes instead of Easy Mazes). She loved it and the mazes kept her entertained for 30 minutes!

  62. Todd Phillips

    Five StarsVery nice quality book. The mazes do get harder as you work through the book, which is great!

  63. mom of two

    Good learningMy son loved this book so much he did a whole section one morning without prompting! Instructions say only do one or two lessons a day, but we finished it in a week some without us even knowing. The book is a slow progression to harder puzzles, but doable.

  64. Cindy G.

    I love these books as supplemental tools for the kids outside …I love these books as supplemental tools for the kids outside of school. They’re made of thick high quality paper with colorful imagery. They keep my kids entertained without tv or video stimulation.

  65. Janet Gibson

    Five StarsThese were great for my young son to keep him busy and in his seat at a restaurant.

  66. Richard and Liz

    LOVE it!We have purchased ALL the Kumon maze books throughout the years and more than once! We have not been disappointed with any of them. The kids love them and are eager to do them. Teaches eye/hand co-ordination, thinking skills etc.Highly recommended.

  67. Nicole

    LOVE THESE!This book is great for kids. They have ones that suit all ages. I have a 3 year old and 5 year old and they each got one. The mazes are designed for their age. And now the little brother can be just like the big brother.

  68. J. Gentry

    Fun bookMy 3 year old zip through the book in one sitting. It introduces the trace and maze concept in fun and easy way. Recommend it.

  69. Daniel Novello

    great skill builderGreat skill builder for young children. Both my 3.5 year old and my 2 year old love the pages. I’ve been copying pages out so they can practice on the same page over and over again. It really builds skills that way.

  70. A picky Lady

    … old loves this book and blows through the mazes like their cake while his almost three brother struggles with …My five yr old loves this book and blows through the mazes like their cake while his almost three brother struggles with them.

  71. Elena

    Four Starslove Kumon. but this one almost the same as My First Book of Tracing.

  72. Jesper26

    Great for 3 year oldsMy 2 and a half year old absolutely loved this book. The mazes start off very easy and get harder towards the end of the book. My son finished the last mazes right after he turned 3.

  73. SN

    which is perfect for kids as their pencil grip and mind-body coordination …Very interesting activity for 3-4 year old kids. The mazes start with simple ones and increase in complexity, which is perfect for kids as their pencil grip and mind-body coordination strengthen.

  74. lubyoo24

    as describedfor my four year old to practice

  75. Charlene Ryan Some great detailed writing. Some described scenes i thought I was actually there.

    Autism chooses many paths and he is doing good with this new challengeAutism chooses many paths and he is doing good with this new challenge. We need to open as many doors as we can for these children.

  76. Jocey.Amazonshopper

    I love them and he gets excite to do themI have started using the KUMON books with my toddler! I love them and he gets excite to do them! Win win situation!

  77. CSterling

    Satisfied.Ordered this for my toddler because we had previously tried the Kumon books from big name chain stores and were pleased, but no longer living near these stores we decided to buy online. We were very pleased when it arrived in perfect condition.

  78. amazon user

    3 year old loves itThe pages on the book are of high quality, so you can erase many times. My 3 year old finished the book very quickly (one night).He likes it a lot, so I have had to erase it many times.

  79. B K

    My daughter loves itThis is a good mazes book for 2.5-3 year old. My daughter loves doing the mazes in this book and keeps asking for this book all the time. It is easy enough for a toddler and helps develop confidence and problem solving skills.

  80. AstraDaemon

    Helped With Pencil ControlI agree with another viewer that this is geared for very young children. My three-year old could have finished this in one sitting if I let him. We’ve been doing a lot of maze books to help improve his pencil control since he was two years old because he is a lefty – it’s hard for him to see around his own hand.However, the mazes in this book were some very interesting shapes (ex: scissors and a mermaid), and the “paths” of the mazes are wide enough that your child will easily be able to stay between the lines.Also, the Kumon books achieve exactly what they state, so I recommend 

    My Book of Mazes: Things That Go! (Kumon Workbooks)


    My Book of Mazes: Around the World

     for something more challenging.

  81. Hugakeribear

    Fun Educational book to help with writingI bought for my four year old, I teaching him to hold a pencil and stay in between the lines. The pages start off with wider and get thinner so challages them at different rates. he looks forward to homework time.

  82. Thomas Rasmussen

    Amazing!!!Both my toddlers loved this!

  83. Eyal Marmareli

    Fun for my 3.5 Year oldNice book, keeps my girl busy.

  84. Jay Smith

    Awesome book, but for it really work you have …Awesome book, but for it really work you have to consistently do it with child. I recommend just going to Kumon 🙂

  85. Sunny

    LikeFavorite book for my near 3

  86. Lindy Dohmen-harter

    very niceI bought this as a present for my 3 year old niece for her birthday.I bought it with 2 other ones and her mother told me that she loves it, but apperently mom likes to do it more then her daughter!These are great books definetly worth buying!

  87. Melissa Pitre

    great for pre-writing skills practicegreat for pre-writing skills practice. My daughter did the same pages over and over again because she loved the book so much.

  88. J. Detmore

    Love itMy daughter is 4 and she loves doing her Kumon. My older son does Kumon so this is a great way for her to feel like she’s doing the same as him but on her level.

  89. Colleen B.

    We love this book!I bought this for my daughter and she LOVES to do the mazes! A tip – tear out the pages and laminate them. Then you can use a dry erase marker and do them over and over!

  90. Richard Warren

    Fun. They don’t even realize they are doing logic and writing skills!3 year olds love these!

  91. Sally R. Hardy

    Easy for young childrenMy granddaughter loved the workbook.

  92. BSP

    Four Stars👍🏻



  94. Vk

    loved by our toddlerThis was very much loved by our 3 year old who did not want to keep it down. Amazing book.

  95. Windest

    The mazes start off easy and get more challenging as you goMy son loves mazes. The mazes start off easy and get more challenging as you go. Great for a pre-k kid.

  96. Alanna M. Powell

    GreatIt was very good, had helpful hints on how to teach well and started out with very easy mazes and slowly because a bit more challenging, which is perfect. very pleased

  97. M.A.

    Nice beginning book for my 3 year old.This book is teaching my 3 year old how to start holding a pencil to follow a path in many directions, it is giving him a great set of skills to start writing…

  98. Jolene Nakamoto

    Good practice for pencil holding and increasing difficulty makes mazes challenging.Increasing difficulty is a motivator for 3 year old. Consistent start and end points for mazes.

  99. Jin Z

    Four StarsA good book to help developing skills to solve easy puzzles

  100. gr8scott72

    Three-year-old LOVEDMy three-year-old loved this book and flew through it. She asked every day for four days to work more mazes, and now she wants to work even more.

  101. USNRHO

    Great Book!A great part of an early learning curriculum.

  102. K. Ward

    Great starter bookMy sister who is a teacher recommended these books and my son loves them. Really well thought out to get your child learning and in an enjoyable manner.

  103. 10-10

    Five StarsKumon – excellent book! my 3,5 year old going thru them with pressure!!! Will buy again!

  104. Carole L.

    WorkbookNormally I really enjoy the Kumon books but this time the pages literally fell out of the BINDING. Somehow the Binding wasn’t attached to properly/securely.

  105. J. Adelman

    GreatGreat book! My four year old loves these, and does them voluntarily on his own. He would do one book a day if I let him…

  106. $hopper

    Great for practice holding a pencil and thinking skillsMy three year old thinks these are games and enjoys the mazes. Great for practice holding a pencil and thinking skills.

  107. ctcw

    Three StarsProbably great for 2-3 year olds…my 3.5-yr-old finds this very easy. But, still creative and cute.

  108. Patti Myers

    Five StarsMy granddaughter has loved it!!

  109. Fatema Wakili

    Must buyMy 3 1/2 year old is doing the mazes on her own after several that I did with her….so I would highly recommend this

  110. grannynannygg

    A+A+A+Pictures are wonderful. Everything is great. I would recommend trearing the pages out and copying them BEFORE using, so you can prolong the fun.

  111. Susan

    MazesThis book is for my 2 year old grandson. He seems to like doing mazes. I would guess he is going to like this book.

  112. A.c.daveluy

    Great buyMy 4 year olds love it, they are working through the book and learning as they go! It’s a great buy!

  113. erica zepp

    great productcannot wait to use this book just what i ordered great learning tool.. iam home schooling and this is a great lesson book

  114. Mayfield

    Five Stars3 year old loves loves loves this!

  115. C. Jenkins

    My 2 year old loves theseAnd we’ve seen great improvement in her attention span, and ability to hold a chubby colored pencil. She loves doing her “homework”.

  116. Maha Khan

    Great book for toddlers.My 2 and half year old loves this book. She wants to do a maze everyday. I would highly recommend this.

  117. Phyllis Mcgowan

    Five StarsGranddaughter is learning how to do this, finding it is easier every time. She is 2 1/2.

  118. Ava

    GREAT ITEMGREAT for young children – helps with fine motor skills – and helps them learn as well.

  119. DBT

    EducationalThe book was used with our grandson to help him to develop his motor skills. He ;loved the pictures and did the mazes over and over.

  120. SlimRN2015

    Five StarsGreat all around mazes for my 3 year old! Great job Kumon!

  121. DMCG

    Five StarsKumon books have helped my 3 year tremendously with writing and tracing.

  122. Sandy Leonard

    Five StarsMy grandson enjoyed it.

  123. Katherine Woo

    Five StarsNice!! Good to do it with my daughter ^^

  124. D S

    Easy, simple tracing type mazes to cooridinate hand eye. Fun pictures to colorGreat for Preschool

  125. Honey Lover

    Five StarsGreat to little hands. Different activities. My daughter loves it.

  126. Kali raina

    niceit is good.

  127. Deanna

    Five StarsGreat

  128. NVReader/Viewer

    Good PracticeGranddaughter loves It!

  129. Becky Foster

    funGranddaughter loved it!

  130. VH

    Five StarsGreat for my 3 yr old!

  131. A. Koffman

    Good for younger kidsThis is a great product, but geared to younger children as their first introduction to mazes. My 4 yr old son breezed through this book in one sitting. He may not have gotten them all perfect, but it wasn’t much of a challenge at 4.

  132. Ramsay Belle

    Five StarsLove all Kumon. Seriously

  133. Tatiana

    Five StarsThe best educational workbook for toddlers!!!

  134. Daniel Ferrari

    Five Starsstrongly recommended

  135. Regina S.

    Five StarsVery age appropriate

  136. Grandma

    Five Starsa ok

  137. Yi-ching.Chiang

    Five StarsI like it!

  138. Adela Vanko

    Five Starsgreat for kids

  139. Carrie Thompson

    Five StarsLove it!

  140. VC

    Three StarsToo easy for 3 years old. Not worth buying.

  141. J. Krueger

    Kid Loves ItMy son loves doing the activities in his Kumon books. And I like that it helps develop skills he will need when he starts Preschool. Highly recommended.

  142. Anna

    Damaged.Came damaged.

  143. muller

    Three StarsGood

  144. Thomas Szerlag

    Three StarsVery easy for a 4 year old. I’d say better for ages 2- young 3.

  145. brich

    Condition not what I expectedThere was a lot more markings in the book than I was expecting. One third of the book had already been used.

  146. Amazon Customer

    Never againI didn’t return it because i never had time, but the book had writings all over it. It was in bad condition and i didn’t understand who would sell something in such bad condition. If it was possible i wouldn’t give it a star at all, but hey that’s just me. All the other books i brought were in good condition but this one.

  147. Lou-Lou

    Too easyI wouldn’t really bother with this one. My three-year-old breezed through it and seemed a little bored by the lack of challenge. I wish I had gotten one for an older age group.

  148. Amazon Customer

    Excellent book!I bought this book after having the “My First Book of Tracing” as a natural progression. My daughter absolutely loves it; we work on it almost every night.

  149. mike vest

    Was used when I recieved itI bought this book as a reward for my Grandson who had done very well at school and he was happy to revcieve it. However when he opened it we discovered that someone had areay performed all of the tasks in the book with crayon.The book was used!We are both very disappointed and I will request a reimbursement. What kind of seller would sell a book that has been completed marked up with crayons??

  150. Lily

    High quality, low priceLooking for an inexpensive educational item? Look no further. Kumon workbooks are excellent.

  151. Tanya

    which is fine for certain ageThey are very simple, which is fine for certain age; but the thing is that if you are aiming for this certain age pages needto be more colorful, more attractive.

  152. ribster

    Too easyMuch too easy for my 4 year old. Went up a level and it’s much better.

  153. Khair

    Too easy for 5 year old, but still worth itMy 5 year old son is haven’t trouble with writing so he is doing Kumon workbooks to improve fine motor skills and hand strength. He started with Tracing and Cutting, even though they are for younger ages. Both were very good and he had fun doing them. This one was very easy, though. It took him about 15 minutes. I had him erase and redo them, but he got tired of erasing and wasn’t really into doing it again. The workbook was still worth it to me because it got him to hold and use a pencil without a fight, but if you are looking to save money and have an older child, you could skip this one.

  154. David S

    My son loves itI bought this for my son and he loves to do the mazes!

  155. Leonardo Chen

    Perfect for 3 year oldsI tried this when my daughter was 2.5 and the concept of getting from A to B without crossing the lines wasn’t really there.But now that she is 3, she really likes them. They are very easy, no question about that, but the pictures are fun and I think they are great to introduce the idea of a maze. For example, the first one is a caterpillar and you can explain (fairly easily) that you’re going from the mouth to the… well… tail. On the second maze, there are two dogs at each end of the maze and they want to meet and be friends.If your child knows what they are supposed to do in a maze, this book is way too easy. However, as an introduction to the concept of a maze, I think they are great. If there is one critique is that the mazes sometimes don’t seem to follow an order of difficulty (at least in my opinion).

  156. Carlos E Hinojosa

    Five StarsThis book introduced my son to mazes; he is now crazy about them!

  157. R. Parthasarathy

    Great for 3 year olds!My almost 3 year old didn’t enjoy holding a pencil and writing on a piece of paper. He preferred the occasional crayon scribble on paper or the ever present doodle pad. Every attempt to get him to hold a pencil pretty much failed until this workbook happened.The mazes are colorful, interesting and involve all toddler friendly stuff like planes, automobiles, animals etc. He grabbed a pencil and finished the entire book over a couple of days. He wants to do more now. In the process he is holding the pencil better and also a tad more confidently than before. Job Accomplished!

  158. L. Jokela

    Wonderful mazes!While these mazes are easy, they were perfect for my son. He had previously shown no interest (at 4 years old) in using a pencil or crayon in a careful manner. He really just scribbled, until he started on this book. He immediately loved it and worked very hard to keep his pencil within the maze (I did tell him that it was a rule for the workbook).As suggested by the workbook, we only completed 2 pages per day. My son looked forward to that time more than any other because he loved the challenge and the clear success when he reached the end of the maze. The mazes gradually became more difficult, just as his skills increased. It made a huge difference in his pencil skills.After this workbook, we continued on to the next maze book and loved it just as much.

  159. In the desert

    Great!My almost 3 yr old and I love this book along with My Book of Tracing and My First Book of Mazes. We work a bit in each one since they all start out with nice, easy pages. The mazes are *really* easy and start out as short paths for tracing before looking like actual mazes. We work both maze books using a bingo chip which she guides along like a little car. This has worked well for her since the last ones are too hard for her and she can continue to do mazes at her level by switching books and revisiting mazes.

  160. Daisy Mae and Ella

    Great to develop hand-eye coordinationThe Kumon books are a very valuable set of learning tools. My daughter started using the Easy Mazes book when she was 2. She was able to do some of the easier mazes and now that she is 3 she can do the others. I would recommend this for the age group listed, 2-4 years old. It may be too easy for anyone above 4 years, so keep that in mind.

  161. Prudence B

    Five StarsGood book

  162. Micole Roy

    Really Easy MazesThis is a good book for very young children (2+). There are a lot of really simple mazes (actually 80). Each maze is on an 8 1/2 x 11 page. The mazes get progressively harder, but they were all really easy for my three year old son. If I had let him, he would have finished a good portion of the book in just one sitting. As with all the Kumon workbooks, it is printed on good quality paper with colorful backgrounds. Also, there is a certificate of achievement in the back.

  163. Stephanie Strong

    educator mom of a toddlerThis is another great Kumon workbook. I use it with my 2 1/2 year old son. It is a great tool for teaching a child how to correctly hold and manipulate a pencil, plus, he thinks it’s a lot of fun to complete the mazes.

  164. Kindle Customer

    NiceMy two-year old loved this. I would recommend this to parents of young children – especially when teaching them how to hold a pencil correctly.

  165. Oana Urs

    A favoriteAll thee Kumon books we purchased until now are very helpfull. Starting with cutting and pasting books, and moving to the tracing book after that, the maze book became my 3 year old son’s ultimate favorite. Although we did not finish this book yet, I truly recommend it.

  166. Jared Gosler

    perfect for a 3 1/2 year old who likes mazesMy son loved this book so much he sat for a half hour mastering these mazes before he agreed to put it down. Definitely worth the money. I suggest parents make some copies of the pages before their child begins. Also, it would be nice it the publisher made it spiral bound.

  167. Linda

    My three and one half year old grandson did entire …My three and one half year old grandson did entire book in one day. He had shown real interest in mazes but hadn’t had very much practice.

  168. Bob Garnes

    Gran kids say yesGran kids like it

  169. Kate K

    Fun bookLove it! Cute little book that my little one had a lot of fun with. Will definitely purchase something else in the book series.

  170. Proxi

    It was a bit too easy for 3 years old.My kid had fun but it was too easy for 3 years old. Maybe it is better to divide the book to each ages or just call them by steps, because the developmental gap of those 3 years are huge!

  171. Richa

    It’s good. Got it for my 3.5 yr old. Good and challenging mazes.Lots of animal picture mazes also included which my toddler loves.

  172. sr

    Expensive but totally worth it!The media could not be loaded.

     Pros:1. Good quality paper that is smooth and thick and bright.2. Wonderful colourful artwork that makes it very interesting for the kids to write on the book.3. The mazes throughout the book progress with step by step increase in difficulty, so the kids aren’t intimidated and manage to solve even the more difficult ones quite easily becuase the book has prepared them with each page.4. The pages can be torn and put in a sheet protector sleeve, or in a display folder and used with white board or washable markers. That way you can get more value for the cost paid and your kids will have the fun of doing the mazes over and over again for practise.Cons:None whatsoever. Worth every rupee spent on it.

  173. Vamsee

    these books are amazing. The content is not only interesting but also …I had ordered this as well as a few more Kumon books for my 3 year old kid. My idea was to give him more options to learn. To say the least, these books are amazing. The content is not only interesting but also laid out very thoughtfully and clear. I’m assured now that any long holidays for my kid will be joyful as well as fruitful. I can spend time with him with these books. I can get him to concentrate more on spending time with books. Honestly put, these are better than the school books that my kid has.Even if your kid just completes these books and not worry about other school books, you can feel safe that he will be in a good position to get into the mainstream schooling. This is the first I ordered these books and believe me, I will keep ordering them as long as my kid enjoys spending time with them.The only gripe I have is the fact that the time taken to ship these books is very long. Amazon has informed in advance that these will take more time to ship. But as a customer, I would prefer that I get them as early as I can. But I cannot honestly take away any stars as it was informed in advance. But the quality of packaging is perfect and the books are in mint condition when I received them. I should still say Thanks amazon for making them available at my place.

  174. Gabriella Costa de Almeida

    IndicoMeu filho adorou!Terminou o livro em pouquíssimo tempo… daí vou apagar para ele refazer e treinar ainda mais a coordenação motora fina e a atenção!

  175. Fernando Villaboim Carvalho Filho

    Muito BomQualidade da publicação

  176. Natalia Kotlyar

    good for studies with small kidsa perfect practice for eye to hand coordination

  177. Assem

    Great serviceI order this item for my son’s birthday. Was a bit nervous about buying from a new seller but was not disappointed. Item was delivered on time and was just as described. 5 stars for the outstanding customer service

  178. Sudman K.

    Good starting bookson enjoys doing the mazes.Love the fact that theres an instruction on how to help your toddler hold the pencil correctly.

  179. mona badawy

    I mean it’s not a matter of easy or hard mazes the point is there are no …Actually I was mistaken not to pay attention to what’s written on the book cover page, it’s merely a tracing book not mazes one .. Since I already had bought the tracing book I didn’t feel that book adds a lot to the skills set. I didn’t find real mazes where there are different paths to go through .. I mean it’s not a matter of easy or hard mazes the point is there are no mazes just tracing from point a to b .. in the later section of the book there are what others might consider mazes but you don’t buy a book with that price for this


    Gostei muitoGostei muito, porém fácil demais para crianças de 4 anos.Meu filho fez tudo em 2 sentadas. rsrsrsr

  181. Singh

    Go For ItHighly recommend this book. Started with my kid when he was 3. At 3.5, we are done with all the 80 mazes in the book. My kid breezed through the seemingly difficult ones towards the end, only because the book gradually developed his skill. Both the kid and I Loved it.

  182. Surabhi

    Rocking mazes!!!What we love about the Kumon books – the methodical gentle approach with enough instructions for parents and ample motivation for little ones. Becoz the exercises, increase in complexity gradually, little ones totally look forward to these books. The book provides ample writing and visual exercise opportunity. mazes become difficult and the confidence becomes better. Love the usage of normal day to day things and animals for making mazes. Just right for 2-3 years old. We are using the amazing tracing from Kumon also in tandem and it makes a powerful combination for writing. My little one never sleeps without doing some pages and at times i have to wrestle it out of his hands.

  183. Amazon Customer

    Fun enough for 2 year oldI am pleased with this purchase. My 2 year old is getting quite good at drawing the lines, and it is fun for him too.

  184. Yarndevil

    Great maze book for a beginner!My daughter, who just turned 4, LOVES mazes! She has done the mazes in this book then gone back and done the same ones again! They are simple yet entertaining. Another great KUMON book! I found the price a little daunting, but well worth the money if your child loves doing mazes, and is still learning to control the crayon/pencil.

  185. one_two_three

    Definitely usefulI bought this book for my 4yo twins. As with other books from KUMON series this was very successful. It builds on ‘tracing’ series, so I recommend you to complete these first. Both girls were quite interested in completing the mazes and by the end of the book tasks were complicated, but not overly so. Overall I definitely recommend it.

  186. Shelly Oosthuizen

    excallent for building confidenceMy daughter is 4 and although she loves doing art she did not have any confidence to do something on her own. She has just sat done and done half the book by herself and loved it. Something which has never happened before so even though she will finish the book in 2 sittings it is worth building her confidence up. Busy ordering more of these for her to do at home.

  187. MCarmen Raga

    Todo okTodo ok

  188. Marjorie R

    “Mama I want to do another maze!”My 3 year old breezed through this, it was the perfect difficulty level for her. Now we are on to the next Kumon mazes book!

  189. Aleksei

    ÜbungenTolles Übungen für Kinder

  190. Amazon Customer

    Perfect for my 3 year old he whips through themPerfect for my 3 year old he whips through them… Probably a little too simple for older kids if your looking to challenge them

  191. maddukuri

    Good mazesMy son loves solving mazes from this book. He has already completed next level.

  192. lucenkoe

    Das Buch ist richtig toll für die ganz kleinenMeine Tochter (2 Jahre alt) lernt sehr viel aus dem Buch, Kumon Bücher nutzen die Methode “vom Einfachen zum schwierigen” und helfen den Kinder die Sachen zu verstehen. Ich habe schon alle Kumon Bücher für den Alter gekauft!

  193. Hessa

    mazesmy 3 old son loves it

  194. Carlos

    Esperava maisO livro não tem uma diversidade de dificuldade, ele começa fácil, continua fácil e termina fácil, apenas com alguns desafios. Minha filha de 4 anos terminou ele em uma sentada.

  195. erin powell

    Five StarsNice books, good quality and my 5 year old daughter loves them.

  196. teacup

    Five StarsGood book, a lot of mazes from easy to complicated. My 4 year old loved it.

  197. Monika

    BrilliantMy son 5 years old loves this book.

  198. K. Coveney

    Very good quality book, but too easy for my 3 year oldWe have several Kumon books (colour, stick & paste, cutting, folding) that we have been working through for the last couple of months. My son only recently discovered mazes in another activity book that he was given as a gift, so I thought that perhaps a Kumon book for mazes would be good. This book is larger than the other ones we have (A4 size, the others are A5), and is of the same standard, however on this occasion, this book is way too easy for him (just turned 3). I am now considering ordering the next Easy Mazes book in the Kumon series and am hoping that it will be challenging enough.

  199. Sheran Harmes

    Five StarsGreat little book, teaching co-ordination of the eye, mind and little hands!

  200. Bosfan

    Love it , will buy moreMy daughter loves it. 2.5year old .

  201. Sue Fox

    Good to begin pencil skills.Pleased with this book. Ideal to start my grandson using a pencil.

  202. Kajal Shah

    very good book to introduce the concept of maze to a 3 yokid loved it

  203. Patt

    EntretenidoPara motivar a los pequeños al hábito de lectura

  204. Amazon Customer

    Kumon books are greatGood addition to Kumon collection.

  205. B. Kunz

    ideal für Unterwegsich habe einige Kumon Bücher gekauft um meine Kinder auf längeren Reisen und vor allem im Flugzeug zu beschäftigen. Das funktioniert super! Die Bücher sind unterhaltsam, aber die Kinder üben auch Fertigkeiten.

  206. Amazon Customer

    Four StarsWell packaged and book quality is good.

  207. 314

    Nice for a 1.5- 2 year old.Great for a 2 year old that wants to practise their pen skills but much too easy for the older kids in the advertised age range.

  208. Victoria

    very recommended bookbought for my 3rd son, he loves it, so rate it for five stars, very well packed and arrived just in time

  209. korokoro

    My 3 year-old-son was pleased.My 3 yeae-old-son really enjoyed these mazes. It isn’t so difficult and good for little ones.I would buy the next stage.

  210. Ratatouille

    Nice book but not suitable for 2 yrs oldI bought it for my 2 years old but as he is not yet apt for using pen/pencils properly it didnt work out for him. I think I will give it a second try in 6/7 months again.

  211. Zakia

    Five StarsExcellent

  212. Nuria

    Adecuado para tres añosA mi hijo de 3 años le ha gustado mucho. Los primeros son más sencillos. Calidad del libro muy buena. Entrega en un día, perfecta.

  213. Pavan Khosla

    Five StarsGood

  214. Anónimo

    Bea mamaLa dificultad de los laberintos era adecuada para mi hija de 3 anos. Tardo 2 dias en hacer todos los laberintos.

  215. Linda

    The age rating for this book is a little off …The age rating for this book is a little off – my grandson who was at the bottom of the age range just flew through it as it presented virtually no challenge whatsoever

  216. Christine Bancroft

    confidence boosterChild experiences success on each page.

  217. Sonia

    No me ha gustado nadaSoy maestra, tenía mucha curiosidad por los libros del método Kumon pero los he tenido que devolver porque no me gustan nada. Es cierto que va aumentando el nivel de los ejercicios muy sútilmente pero no me convencen. Si un niño es capaz de seguir ese ritmo aprenderá a base de repetición y repetición pero también estoy segura que acabará con su creatividad y capcidad para resolver problemas de una manera más abstracta.No lo recomiendo.

  218. kerry ramm

    good bookVery good book, clear and concise.

  219. セロリ谷


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