My Book of Easy Telling Time: Learning about Hours and Half-Hours

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Using Kumon’s step-by-step approach, this workbook introduces children to the concept of telling time by concentrating on the hours first, and then incrementally introducing children to half- and quarter-hours. Learning to tell time this way will also help children improve their general understanding of numbers.

8¼ x 11⅔ inches. paperback. 80 pages. full color. US $7.95 / C$8.95




Using Kumon’s step-by-step approach, this workbook introduces children to the concept of telling time by concentrating on the hours first, and then incrementally introducing children to half- and quarter-hours. Learning to tell time this way will also help children improve their general understanding of numbers.

8¼ x 11⅔ inches. paperback. 80 pages. full color. US $7.95 / C$8.95

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125 reviews for My Book of Easy Telling Time: Learning about Hours and Half-Hours

  1. homeschool_mama

    Great Book For Learning About Telling Time!The Kumon series of books works by empowering children to succeed on their own. The books get successively more difficult as they build upon skills learned from the previous pages, so that by the end of the book the child has a sense of accomplishment and be ready to move on to the next level. The instructor is more of a mentor or coach than a teacher in a classroom.The Easy Telling Time book is designed to help teach the hour and half-hour. It starts off pretty easily with it asking to first trace along the numbers of a clock. It shows you what the numbers are supposed to be, you just fill them in. Then page by page, it gets progressively more difficult. It teaches about the hour hand and asks the child to fill in what time it is, then it gives you the time, but the hour hand has to be drawn. By the middle of the book, both hands are missing and need to be drawn in. Then it goes on to the minute hand, but instead of explaining it as 30 minutes, it uses the term “half past,” which may be a little confusing if you’re not used to talking this way around the house. I’ve been explaining it to my 3.5 year old as 30 minutes and he seems to have picked up on it fairly easily. By the end of the book, it gives you a bunch of clocks of both hour and half-hour times and asks you to write in the correct time of each.Highly recommended workbook for learning how to tell time, learning numbers 1-12 and pre-writing skills!

  2. Heather Johnson

    I introduced time to my daughter using the My Book of Easy Telling TimeFor our homeschool kindergarten lessons, I introduced time to my daughter using the My Book of Easy Telling Time: Learning about Hours and Half-Hours workbook from Kumon. The workbook introduces young learners to the concept of telling time by concentrating on the hours first and then incrementally introducing children to half- and quarter-hours, which also helps improve the general understanding of numbers. I like the slower pace of this workbook and the repetition, which reinforces the basics of telling time. My daughter is catching on to telling time through the use of this workbook.

  3. C. Bennett

    Leaning Hours and Half Hours on a ClockThis supplemental workbook will help your young child learn to tell time on a clock face. Recommended for ages 4 to 6, this book would typically be used at a first grade level or an advanced kindergarten student.The introductory materials are a wealth of helpful information for parents and teachers. One of the featured items is how to teach your child to hold a pencil correctly. There is a list of Aims and Purposes, How to use this book and more information about the Kumon Methodology.Encompassing over 80, full-color pages, this book will help your child associate certain times of day with certain activities (like dinner time, bed time, and lunch time). The workbook begins with number writing exercises, to be sure your child understands the sequence of numbers 1 – 12. After ensuring the numbers are learned, they then move on to putting numbers on a clock face, and learning to tell hours. They also cover half hours and associations between clock time and going to school, going to bed and meals.This workbook is an excellent introduction to telling time for your young child. It is a fun after school activity or supplemental learning exercise for home.

  4. Forever Finesse

    A Fantastic Resource! Highly, Highly Recommend!This is our first Kumon book, but my son is so ENGAGED with this workbook. He is newly 4 years old and he goes ahead of me often tracing the letters, stating the time, and writing the hands of the clock. This resource does an EXCELLENT job building the foundation of time recognition. First, they have the student trace number chronologically to 12. Then they show the numbers on the clock that are then traced. Then the child turns to a page with missing numbers that they have to fill in. So on and so forth. It is an excellent resource.I do recommend getting a “hands on” clock that you can have the student demonstrate the time themselves on the turn clock.

  5. ScotFlower

    Age 4Perfect for my age 4 child who wants to learn how to read time now and not have to wait until 1st grade. There is a follow up book that teaches minutes – this book covers like 5:30 not 5:32.

  6. Prophet

    Perfect for understanding time!I got this for my 7 year old homeschooler who was/is struggling to understand time. This book starts off very basic tracing the numbers on the clock and such and gets gradually harder. This is exactly what she needs. She’s had workbooks with “learning time” in them but that only coverd two to four pages. Which is nothing really. Time is such a hard concept to understand in the 1st place a whole book dedicated time is a perfect start! I would highly recommend this book and will be looking into other KUMON workbooks as well.

  7. Wanderlust07

    I’m using this book to get my child ahead at schoolThis book introduces the concept of telling time gradually which helps the child feel more confident. First they fill in the numbers on a clock. Then they start writing in the time based on reading a clock. Then the long and short hands are introduced and followed by the ‘half past’ concept. This book is a good first step to learning how to tell time.

  8. A.J.

    What Time is It?It was a good book, but this would have been a review for my student. So, I had to return it. Would recommend for students starting at the basics of telling time.

  9. Steph

    Really good for teaching how to tell timeWe do a few pages a day in this book. My son enjoys it and I like how the book it incremental. You learn a little bit each day and mostly do repetition. We buy a ton of books for out kids like this and work with them everyday on academics. This is one of my favorite purchases.

  10. AL

    Great help for testingThis is helpful book to test

  11. Happy Buyer

    I received the series as expected in new condition. …I received the series as expected in new condition. Started one day to teach my 3 year old the time without knowing that they would learn the time the following day in school. She returned that day with bright eyes telling me that they were taught the time in class and she was able to answer everything.

  12. S. Ulmet

    “half past” ughI am disappointed that this mostly only teaches the hour and “half past”. Seriously, not 12:30, but half past 12 is the default? Maybe I misunderstood, but when I think they’re going to teach half hours to kids 4-6, I didn’t expect “half past” to be in the book at all. I wanted a foundation for teaching minutes – you know, the hard part of telling time for kids. Yet, the concept of minutes barely has any place at all here.That is, in this 80-page drill book, the basic numbers on a clock are covered and then the whole hour configurations are covered from pages 1-39. Well and good. Then, from 40-70, it’s all “half past” stuff. Then, abruptly, there’s the times written by the “half past” parts on 71 and 72, then no “half past” but just _:30 from pages 73-76 (24 clocks). That’s it. Pages and pages of drills on “half past” and then a brief and easily missed inclusion of 30 with “half past”, followed by eliminating “half past” altogether. Sure, you can talk about minutes at that point (and probably a bit about fractions), but teaching “half past” at all is pretty much a waste of time and effort. You can only use minutes and never “half past” ever again. And it’s almost half the book. /sigh.

  13. Portland Mom

    I like it.This is a simple introduction to telling time. It is as it says hours and half-hours. There isn’t really anything awesome about this book. Like all the Kumon books this is repetition repetition repetition. There is small incremental learning of the hour and half hour. But definitely by the time you are done with all the lessons, your child should understand what hour and half-hours look like on both a digitial and analog clock.

  14. Cindy

    Great for visual learnersThe book teaches step by step lesson. Great for kids who are visual learners.

  15. eka

    It is a very good workbookIt is a very good workbook. My son loves it. This book is a great resource to help your kids if you have time a desire. We use this book as an extra practice to prepare him for school.In terms of skill level it’s fairly well correlated to the public schools curriculum. The repetitive nature of the exercises in this book really helps. We highly recommend it!

  16. Michal

    My 4 years old love itMy son love to work with it and has now learnt to tell the time. It is only focusing on full hours and half hours but it is a great help for a child who has no patience. Now we can tell him at 3:00 you will have your cupcake and he keeps on looking at the clock to see if the time has come instead of coming to me every 5 minutes to ask if its 3:00 already. Of course, at his age we do not give large time spans for waiting…

  17. Sandra

    Nice starter book to help learn how to tell timeThese worksheets made it super easy for my kindergartner to learn how to tell time. Not just minutes but also other ways to tell time ie.) half last 1 etc.

  18. Faithful Amazon Shopper

    Taught my boys ages 4 and 6 to tell time in no timeThese Kumon workbooks especially the time telling is very practical and reinforces the basics with telling time in a very practical way. They both understood how to tell time by the end of the book. Now I’m certain it didn’t click for my 4 year old, even though he now knows how to tell time, he still doesn’t quite get it. But he loves to compete with his older brother who is 6 years old and loves knowing how to tell time on his spiderman watch.

  19. TWCA

    Learning time is fun for your kids.Kumon “My Book of Easy Telling Time. “This is a great work book to help kid to start understanding the concepts of time. It focuses on learning the numbers, hours, and hand placement on the clock as well as learning about half-hours. It’s a great workbook at night time after the dinner.Pro:Easy conceptKidw will love itCons:I wish it could have the “Quarter” concept.

  20. Dana Crowe

    KUMON is the bestThis is probably our 3rd or 4th Kumon book. It’s great. We homeschool, and I throw a page of this in everyday. We just added the easy telling time for our 5 year old daughter who has taken interest in the clocks around here. It is easy at the beginning pages like just writing/tracing the numbers on the clock pictures and then gets harder as they progess. So many great choiced with the KUMON books!

  21. F

    4 yr old loves itMy 4 year old loves it. He can read an analog clock now.

  22. zjg2014

    Ok, but only for kids who already “get” timeI wish there was a workbook before this helping kids to first learn how to tell time on a digital clock and the general concept of time. My daughter did the whole book, page by page, but at the end, the concept of time was not there (and she did the next book in the series, too). It was a good start, at least, to understand the concepts, just not as good as I had hoped since she was completely the pages accurately. Generalization did not happen outside the book.

  23. Baker214

    It’s a good fit for himPurchased this for my 5 year old son. It’s a good fit for him. Pages are laid out well, and it keeps things simple and to the point. He enjoys doing the worksheets. I have been very happy with all of the Kumon books I’ve purchased.

  24. Margaret

    At first I thought it was going to be over his level but now he does it on his own and has a great grasp at telling timeI use this for my 4 year olds kindergarten class at home. At first I thought it was going to be over his level but now he does it on his own and has a great grasp at telling time.

  25. MommaMaven

    Fine but not superior to cheaper alternativesTried out a few of these Kumon workbooks and they are fine, I don’t notice anything profoundly different than other cheaper alternatives. Not sure I get the “method” that is supposed to be reflected in these books yet, to me they just seem like regular workbook practice.

  26. Jeremy & Amelia Constantino

    Great workbook. It’s a bit repetitiveGreat workbook. It’s a bit repetitive, but that’s what is helping my 4yo to retain the lesson. Works with hour hand and minute hand for on-the-hour and half-hours. Activities include reading the time on the face of the clock and drawing the hour and minute hands to reflect the time given.

  27. Mom of two boys

    which is perfect. So many math workbooks move too quicklyOur six year old loves this book because he really wants to learn how to tell time. It is very simple, but keeps him busy while I work with his older brother. It is a very slow paced book, which is perfect. So many math workbooks move too quickly.

  28. Anthony Dioquino

    Great introduction to time tellingGreat introduction to time telling

  29. Toxic Megakitten

    Too much tracing, not enough thinking.Too much tracing.

  30. Jones

    Recommended book for telling timeOur son who’s 4 loves these workbooks. I bought these for him to work through during the summer and to introduce him to telling time. I will have to buy more bc he has already halfway through.

  31. Shoeshopper24

    Great IntroductionI only wish these taught more than just the hour and half-hour ( arrow exercises point to 6 or 12 only). You need the next level to get to minutes. Pages are very tight in Kumon books. I tear lots of pages out

  32. Katherine Schiselr

    Telling TimeKumon is quickly becoming a family favorite. My 3 year old love puzzles and the Kumon workbooks are easy to follow, give direction to parents, and make it easy to get the next book in your child’s progression.My 3 year old is telling time by looking at a face clock. I know the Kumon series of books is helping him every day. They are fun and he is eager to learn using them.

  33. Sheila

    half hours and minutes this it a perferct booklet for them wihcih they will enjoy verynThis magnificent booklet of telling time of hours and half hours and minutes is a magnificient booklet that teaches kids with interest on how to tell time. If you want your kids to learn how to tell hour, half hours and minutes this it a perferct booklet for them wihcih they will enjoy veryn much

  34. Gloria J. Crumbley

    Easy Telling TimeI brought this book for my two grandsons. I have not used it yet but I did read through the book and it seems quite easy for children to learn how to tell time. I’m looking forward to this experience. It’s been quite some time since I did this with my children (44-48 yrs. old).

  35. Amethyst25

    Keeps the child’s attentionThe workbook’s graphics keep the child’s attention. This is a great foundation for telling time. I would recommend this book for a child who needs extra time grasping new concepts. I would also recommend this book for a preschool child who is ready to move forward beyond what preschool curriculum has to offer.

  36. jnaomi

    Kumon book!Another Kumon book that i am completely satisfied with. It will be a great tool to help teach time to my children. I like that the numbers on the clocks are traceable. My son is not proficient in writing all his numbers or letters, so it will give him more practice with that too!

  37. K A Watts

    Kids love it!My 4 year old LOVED this workbook and begged to do more pages than I had asked him to complete. He flew through it! AND he understands basic time-telling after finishing the workbook. If the kiddos like it and it works, it gets five stars from me! 🙂

  38. jamie nordling

    Super repetitive so if that’s what you need this will …Super repetitive so if that’s what you need this will be good for you. My children got bored with it really quickly.

  39. jenni h.

    This was extremely repetitve. I had my son do …This was extremely repetitve. I had my son do about five pages through out the book and thats all he needed.

  40. Kindle Customer

    Great workbooks!This is a great work book to help your preschooler or young learner to start understanding the concepts of telling time. It focuses on learning the numbers, hours, and hand placement on the clock as well as learning about half-hours. It’s a great workbook to take to an appt. (waiting room), or for a few minutes before dinner. My children have enjoyed many of the KUMON books.

  41. TM

    Too simple a workbook and very redundantThis book is redundant and doesn’t really teach with good technique. I bought this book and Carson Dellosa Time and Money at the same time. I skipped this book for my kindergartener and went straight to the Carson Dellosa book. This was too easy. I could have created these worksheets.

  42. Hyeeun Kim

    learning half hoursi did couple of book how to read hours.But it is so good to practice. it has same pattern to read and half hours too

  43. october_mommy

    Great first book on learning to tell timeGreat first book on learning to tell time. Easy enough for my four year old. It reviews numbers, gives number writing practice, and teaches time to the hour and half hour only. My daughter enjoys doing it with me.

  44. F. Raider

    simply the bestI bought four Kumon workbooks for my 5 year old’s kindergarten. This will be our first year homeschooling. I totally love the Kumon method. The workbooks introduce the information in a highly incremental way. The layout of the pages is very simple and consistant. I just love this workbook and am confident that it will work really well for us.

  45. JSaylor

    Four StarsGreat book, but wish it covered more than o’clock and half past. My son enjoyed it too

  46. Lis

    My 4 year old loves this book!This is a great book for young kids, and it moves so slowly that it’s really not that difficult to pick up. I didn’t know if my 4 year old was ready, but he definitely is! I love Kumon!

  47. HeatherN

    Easy Telling TimeI bought this book for my five year old who didn’t know how to tell time. The repitition and writing involved made it fun and educational. He couldn’t wait to go around the house and tell us what time it was. A great way to start the learning of telling time.

  48. Amanda L. Meek

    Great learning assistant!Great learning assistant! The books has many colors & pictures. It even includes several exercises & “examples” to help ensure the child is learning & understanding. It is a fantastic companion to the “learning clock”

  49. Amy

    wonderfulKumon products are wonderful I was originally skeptical that 4 year olds could learn how to tell time but with this book my kidos can tell time to the hour and we are working on the half hours. great product and a good price to match

  50. jae hoon kim

    She enjoy this bookMy daughter 4 years old. She enjoy this book. but I think it so boring.

  51. Kimberly Seattle

    Good intro into telling timeThis was a good introduction to time but it only has exercises for telling time at the full and half hour. Will need another workbook to get deeper into the minutes portion of telling time.

  52. Peanut


  53. Melbren

    Five StarsGreat Book, my daughter who is 4 really loves it. It is easy to understand and easy to follow.

  54. Amanda

    Love itThis book is great for my homeschooled child.

  55. Erwin Burgos

    Redundant in content. Not a big fan of this …Redundant in content. Not a big fan of this book.

  56. Kim

    love the Kumon booksMy 3 and 5 year old boys love all the Kumon books. They never notice that they are learning but have tons of fun when it’s time to sit down and do their workboods.

  57. Beth

    what time is itWow, we have just begun to work in the book. My 5 year old notices clocks on movies and tells me the time. She is all ways right. This book is a great tool.

  58. Eric Hansen

    A workbook. It was used! Every page.We ordered for my visiting grandson and were excited to get. Then it came in 100% used by a “Danielle”. EVERY PAGE!

  59. A S

    Five StarsMy 5 year old is whipping through this book and loves it.

  60. James & Racheal

    Good but priceyit was a good book and a good beginning introduction to telling time, however in hind sight it seems extremely expensive for the content.

  61. reviewmom

    Too RepetitiveIt’s a great book for practice, but eventually it gets too repetitive and your kid will eventually get bored.

  62. Ashley

    Five Starsmy child loves these books.

  63. Amazon Customer

    Five StarsEasy to follow.

  64. Jude

    Five StarsGreat book

  65. CSterling

    Satisified.Ordered this for my toddler expecting condition to be like similiar titles bought new from big name chain stores and it did. Very pleased, just what we expected.

  66. Ladona

    Five Starsgood for beginners

  67. Laserking19

    Five StarsGreat book.. we are still working on.

  68. NTH

    GreatLove this product!!! Great books for younger children. I am a believer to start them out young so they can get ahead later on.

  69. Yelizaveta

    Teaching toolWe are fans of Kumon workbooks. This is just another one of their wonderful products. Fun and challenging for children.

  70. Amazon Shopper

    Initially the book is good but after awhile it becomes repetitive and it does …Initially the book is good but after awhile it becomes repetitive and it does not require the child to think much. I feel this way about many of the Kumon books.

  71. AK

    Waste of moneyIt’s easy because it gives the kid all the answers. There is no brain work in any of this book. Super annoying and definitely not for any kid who can think for themselves at all.

  72. JamesB

    A homeschool must have!A homeschool must have! These are wonderful for our children and will continue buying them.

  73. Shanon Ramos

    Great book!My daughter really enjoyed learning how to tell time with this book! She finished the book in one day : )

  74. Andrea L. Richcreek

    Easy telling TimeThis is a great book. My five year old has been bugging me to learn how to tell time and this book is fantastic.

  75. Juanita Mcmullan

    SIMPLE AND EASY!Another simple easy book. Grandson learned quickly how to tell time. Glad we bought it for him, very much recommend it.

  76. Angie

    Five StarsGreat resources for young children learning time and math concepts!

  77. Jackie O

    Easy Telling timeMy 5 year old loves this book. He can tell the time in hours and is now learning the half-hours. This is a good book for learning to tell the time.

  78. movievixen

    Five StarsMakes telling time fun and easy.

  79. Samantha Smyth

    InsufficientBe warned that this book only deals with # o’clock abd half past #.

  80. Amazon Customer

    Five StarsGreat Product!

  81. Elizabeth Thomas

    Five StarsMy niece loves these books!

  82. Maxsea5

    A little too easyI think this book is a little too easy for my 2 almost 6 year olds that just completed kindergarten. They get bored with it.

  83. brem

    Five StarsThis book helps my kindergartener a lot.

  84. Carolyn

    Five StarsExcellent material.

  85. Ed

    Five StarsGreat Book !!!!!

  86. Banu

    Five Starstoo easy

  87. Aymara Reddoch

    Five Starsok

  88. Sandra Hails

    One StarVery good resource

  89. J. B.

    Good starter book for learning how to tell time.Our first Kumon workbook, although my daughter has attended Kumon here locally. This book is easy to use and easy to read.

  90. AstraDaemon

    Another Excellent Book from KumonWe have bought over a dozen Kumon books, and I was thrilled that they had one for teaching the basic concepts of time. Some of the other ones that my son has completed are 

    My Book of Coloring (Kumon Workbooks)


    My First Book Of Tracing (Kumon Workbooks)

    , and 

    My Book of Mazes: Things That Go! (Kumon Workbooks)

    . We are currently working on several others.My son just turned three in August, but he showed a real thirst for learning. I also wanted to help him learn pencil control, especially since he is a lefty. With the help of this book, my son already has a good grasp on the passing of time, and it compliments his other work with numbers in general.The illustrations in this book are simple and straight-forward. If your young child has trouble with their vision, they will probably have an easier time with this book versus another style. Regardless of how many pages your child completes in one session, they will always feel like they have made progress.Some of the other workbook series we have tried are School Specialty Publishing and School Zone Publishing. Kumon is definitely our favorite.

  91. PRichmond

    Important Stuff, Small InvestmentI liked this book because of its repetition and simplicity. It really gives students a chance to get familiar with the concept of telling time so that they can be ready for the next book My Book of Telling Time. I’ve used this with 2 of my kids and they were both able to read an analogue clock before they 6. Important stuff, small investment.

  92. ShopperMom5

    Great book, builds confidence in telling timeWhen I look at a Kumon workbook, I feel it is so repetitive that is must be boring! That is because I am an adult who can (thankfully) tell time. When my son goes through the repetitive worksheets, it build his confidence so that he can’t help but learn the subject matter (in this case telling time).We did skip some of the workbook pages because he is six years old and already very aware of clocks and the passage of time, but when I get the same book for my four year old we will probably do all of the exercises included.We also have the 1st grade reading book which we love (much more challenging than this book) and the one on tracing for my younger children.

  93. Jan3R

    Pretty Good BookMy son finish this book in only 3 weeks he loved it and now he can tell the time correctly and help him understand the differences of the two clock pointer.

  94. Lavatican.etsy

    Time to learn to read a clockThis one is really well designed. I had a lot of trouble teaching my kids to read a clock, and this book did the trick.

  95. GloriaNY

    Extremely BoringMy five-year-olds love workbooks, and they despised these books. None of the lessons are exciting—it’s just clock faces, over and over again. Also instead of having the children learn “three-thirty” this book teaches “half past three”—when’s the last time you heard someone use that phrase? I would not recommend this workbook for any age.

  96. Sheepcat

    Great contentEasy to follow. Kid loves it

  97. Robyn Jefferson

    Great workbook for young children.My 5 year old is a couple lessons into the book. It’s very easy for him to follow and filled with fun pictures. If your child can write their numbers, they are ready for this book!

  98. KDAB Mississauga

    Exactly what I needed, excellent training tool!I purchased this for my neice along with another telling time book and her first watch. She’s 3, but pretty advanced and loves her kitties. She reads this back to me and is now understanding the concept of time, and how to tell it. Exactly what I was looking for, and is a very helpful training tool – I highly recommend it!

  99. vikki

    Great productAnother great product. Realised the counting money one was in dollars and cents but these are great books and great with my son. He loves them

  100. Victoria

    Very easy and practicleAmazing activity for writing numbers and recognizing the time! Priductive and effective!

  101. janus s

    Looks very good.Bought for Christmas. Looks very good.

  102. Cristina Arciniega

    Very good like alwaysLike always, good quality and a lot of exercise. However, it might have included more difficult exercises at the end. But in summary very well

  103. Kerry du Randt

    Wonderful teaching and learning toolOur four year old little boy got the concept while using this book, so quickly. Such a great way to teach the little ones.

  104. JB and Drei

    Five StarsAwesome tool for my toddler’s learning

  105. erin powell

    A good quality bookVery diverse ways to learn time telling. A good quality book.

  106. Placeholder

    Five StarsI like all kumon workbooks for the step by step approach. This book makes Time telling a joy!

  107. Riju Dixit

    Kumon Books don’t require any introduction. I wish there …Kumon Books don’t require any introduction. I wish there was a provision to buy sets for each age group/grade – as a package or set.

  108. Stylen

    Five StarsMy child enjoys this book and it arrived on time

  109. Anastacia

    Gutes Buch für 5-JährigeGutes Buch um Volle- und Halbe -tunden zu lernen. Guter, klarer Druck.

  110. one_two_three

    Only covers ‘half’ and ‘full’ hours.As other reviewers already mentioned — it covers just the ‘whole’ hours and ‘half-past’. For 80-pages book it is a bit too little. Quarters would really be a nice addition.Overall it is a useful book, but I feel it is not as good as others from KUMON series.

  111. Maria Luisa Pont Verges

    but all Kumon books are fantastic.We haven’t started using this book yet, but all Kumon books are fantastic.

  112. Cliente Amazon

    Ejercicios para aprender la hora en inglésLibro con distintos ejercicios en inglés para aprender y practicar las horas con la misma estética de los libros de Kumon. Tienen un buen precio y creo que merecen la pena porque te ahorran el trabajo de buscar por internet e imprimir.

  113. Amazon Customer

    Learning by rote!This book only covers hours and half pasts. Much of the book is simply writing the numbers in order, then filling in clock faces. It then moves onto the hour times and finally half hours.I don’t like the way this book works at all. It’s all about repetition and learning by rote. The child has to fill in the clock face over and over, with different numbers missed out. Then the child has to trace over the hands for every single o’clock time, then every single half hour time. A lot of the book has the answers in light grey for the child to trace over.This didn’t work for my child at all – she simply traced neatly over the grey without thinking about the question. The questions which didn’t have the answer to be traced were part of a pattern, of o’clocks or half hours, so the child can use the pattern not think about the question.My child had no problems going through this book, but by the end she had no more idea of telling the time than before she started!

  114. Mrs. T. Sharps

    Easy To UseMy child is enjoying learning with this book, also the incentive of a ‘real’ watch is the carrot!! Will be buying other Kumon books.

  115. David Milner

    Five StarsExcellent !!!!

  116. Amazon Customer

    Excellent bookExcellent book

  117. JMD

    Five StarsGreat book and excellent price

  118. Eliz Jones

    Four StarsWorks well.

  119. J. H. Condliffe

    What every child needs to learn!My grandson is learning to grasp the concept of telling the time & I felt this presentation would appeal to him.

  120. olga khan

    Five StarsUseful

  121. S A.

    Clarifications on used conditionThis book arrived with writings (in pencil) the answers, the name of the person etc. I assume that a Good condition means that although it has been used, the answers have been erased and that the answers are not visible to the next user! Otherwise, there is no point, is there?

  122. Pavan Khosla

    Five StarsGood

  123. Shopping mum

    Five StarsFantastic

  124. Lynn

    unable to charge itIt has been 2 days since I received this product and I was trying to charge it but it never be full. Both earbuds can’t work at all.

  125. Lola

    Five Starsgood

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