My Book of Mazes: Animals

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Building on the skills developed through Kumon’s tracing books, My Book of Mazes: Animals uses an engaging animal theme to focus on improving children’s fine motor control and spatial reasoning abilities, both of which are vital for later success in school.

8¼ x 11⅔ inches. paperback. 80 pages. full color. US $7.95 / C$8.95




Building on the skills developed through Kumon’s tracing books, My Book of Mazes: Animals uses an engaging animal theme to focus on improving children’s fine motor control and spatial reasoning abilities, both of which are vital for later success in school.

8¼ x 11⅔ inches. paperback. 80 pages. full color. US $7.95 / C$8.95

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77 reviews for My Book of Mazes: Animals

  1. Richard and Liz

    Book 1 in Mazes for 4 – 6 year oldsKumon make Maze books for several ages and this one is BOOK 1 out of 3 for children aged 5,6,&7. At least that is what is on the cover.At this time our 4 year old, who has completed the Kumon maze books before this one, is now halfway through this one. They are easier but do get progressively harder as you continue into the book. If your child is well established with his/her hand/eye coordination and has been doing maze books for a while then I would suggest getting the one up from this. Our 7 year old, is on Book 3 right now and those mazes are way more challenging. Pretty sure our 4 year old could not do them although I know he would tell me differently and want to try if I put the book in front of him!Great books! One or other of our kids have done them all. The mazes are colorful, the books are sturdy and well made and we have never had a child not want to do one! Highly recommended from our house to yours!

  2. Kim R.

    Not challenging enough unfortunatelyI guess my fault for not researching, but these were almost as easy as the 3/4/5 mazes.

  3. MontanaLove

    My kids love these!We’ve done all levels of the Kumon maze books & both my girl and boy have loved them. I only wish they made more! They are sized nicely for young hands to follow (some maze books have such tiny paths!) Looking for a next level maze book is hard. We went with SchoolZone’s Big Mazes & More, which is okay but not the same quality. Its mazes aren’t as attractive to my kids & some are a bit confusing, with objects or paths in the maze that make it unclear if you can pass them or not, and things like that. Anyway, Kumon did a great job on these!

  4. Mrs. CM

    Great gift for a smart kid!The media could not be loaded.

     My daughter loves Kumon work books because they are fun and interesting. She does them right after breakfast in the morning to get her brain working. She’s 5 years old and there is a mix of easy to challenging mazes for her.

  5. Indy mom

    Great fun and good learning!My son (5) loves all the Kumon books we have tried so far (Numbers 1-30, Capital Letters, Mazes – Animals and Mazes – Things that go). While he normally does not like to practice writing skills, he spends a good amount of time on the Kumon books and I consider them a good investment. His 3 year old sister is very skilled with the mazes as well (we bought her the beginner maze book, also excellent). The quality of the paper and images is superior as well, compared to most activity books out there. Highly recommended.

  6. Asako

    Great book for cheap price, to raise geniusMy 3 years and 4 years are hooked. This helps to keep them focused, (not on tablet or tv), and think, (obviously) and compete, in my case as they’re so close in age. They go through 5-6 pages a day easy, and they get a sticker as they complete. They’ll soon finish the book and move on to more complicated one. I love it

  7. Amazon Customer

    My four year old takes this book in the car with him wherever we GoPerfect for a four year old who love mazes. My little man takes it with us wherever we go. It’s fun to do mazes together 😉

  8. widgetbear

    a bit easyI bought this for my 5 year old, but most of the mazes seem too easy. He loves the pictures and there are a few more difficult mazes, but he finished it in only a couple of days. The product is beautifully made; nice thick pages and great colors… just wish it was more challenging.

  9. RolynS

    but I like that they are different difficulty levels even within the …My 3yo loves these. Some are still a little too hard for her, and she gets frustrated, but I like that they are different difficulty levels even within the same book.

  10. bbmac

    Some of the mazes in this book are fairly easy and some are very difficultMy 5 year old loves mazes. Some of the mazes in this book are fairly easy and some are very difficult. It’s a good range.

  11. Katherine Schiselr

    Animal MazesKumon is quickly becoming a family favorite. My 3 year old love puzzles and the Kumon workbooks are easy to follow, give direction to parents, and make it easy to get the next book in your child’s progression.My 3 year old is telling time by looking at a face clock. I know the Kumon series of books is helping him every day. They are fun and he is eager to learn using them.

  12. Jessica

    Great fun for my sonI loved this maze book! My 4yo is obsessed with mazes so I often buy him ones that are for 5-7yo. He had a blast with these, although it didn’t take him long to finish the book (about 2 hours max).

  13. Linda S.

    Would recommend it.My 4 year old grandson is enjoying this maze book. It is more challenging for him than the easier books, but he is not really having trouble with it. Would recommend it.

  14. cathy

    great to bring to restaurants so when he’s finished withmy son loves these maze books…great to bring to restaurants so when he’s finished with.dinner he can sit at table while rest of the party finishes dinner.

  15. 4fam

    fun maze books!These maze books are great!! I have 3 of them by Kumon. My 6 and 7 year old really have fun doing them.

  16. Practical

    Four StarsNice solid book. My child follows it with her finger so she can play it again and again.

  17. Warrior Mom

    An excellent companion to the rest of the Kumon curriculumAn excellent companion to the rest of the Kumon curriculum. Reinforces pencil control and visual perception in a fun way.

  18. AJ

    He liked it.I purchased this for my 6-year old grandson who loves to do mazes. He liked it.

  19. Dawn Chandros

    A-maze-ing!We love all the animal shaped mazes, good fun for my 4 year old who is in love with mazes. They go from easy to complex, and will keep any kid busy for hours.

  20. CAROL L

    excellent maze bookmy grandson loved these mazes he is 4 but is very good at mazes some harder than others

  21. RK

    nice book of mazesMy kid loved mazes and was all over them. He liked all kumon mazes although I feel the age range should be 4 or 5. Beyond 5 kids will not have enough challenge and the mazes tend to become predictable.

  22. Elizabeth M.

    Lots of fun!My 5 year old son loves these maze books! They keep him busy and that makes both of us happy, especially when we’re in a restaurant and he gets bored. The mazes get progressively harder so he likes the challenge.

  23. Kirsten Dugan

    Great fun for kidsGreat fun for kids! My 5 year old is going through the mazes pretty quickly and easily, so I would think this might be too easy for many 6 and 7 year olds.

  24. Raising Thinkers

    I am six and I love this maze book.I am six years old and I love mazes. This is my favorite maze book. If your child loves mazes, you should buy this book.

  25. Lance perro

    Four StarsInteresting mazes that kept my 4 year old occupied for hours.

  26. Chris

    Fun & educationalActually, I bought three of these maze books because my daughter loves them for her four year old son. Apparently my grandson can’t get enough of them! They were a big hit for Christmas. We might be buying more!

  27. Stacy L. Arth

    Great maze book!I ordered this for my five year old and he loves it. Some of them were a bit easy for him but I think any child who is into mazes would love it.

  28. Daniel Burke

    A GiftI wanted to do the mazes myself, but alas, I gave in and gifted the book to my three year old granddaughter for whom it was intended in the first place. She loves it!

  29. Klinkerpopper

    Love Kumon’s Slow Progression, it keeps it fun.I love the way Kumon slowly progresses the mazes to be harder. They start out with wide paths and slowly work their way tighter and more complicated. My kids just love the mazes!

  30. Frank Comments

    Lots of FunOur kids really enjoyed doing doing all of the great mazes in this book. Very interesting and engaging designs which kept them fully occupied for a long time.

  31. Tcustomer

    Worth the money4 year old loved this! He got a diploma at the end which we hung on the wall. Really helps with pencil skills!

  32. Andrea Schuemann

    GranddaughtersThis kept both of my granddaughters who are 7 and 4 years of age – very busy. They worked on the mazes until they were done.

  33. Hotel Sheets Direct

    my son loves mazes and loves thismy son loves this

  34. Debbie

    Five StarsNice Clean Copy. Great book. Should pose a challenge for both my girls

  35. Adri2021

    Like the bookGreat book, it’s a little hard for my daughter since she’s new at doing mazes, but not impossible. Would recommend.

  36. Eileen Mcdermott

    awesome!my grandson is three-years old and loved this book! he sat down and in one day had gone through the entire book. my daughter and my son-in-law erased the pages when he was sleeping so he could do them all over again!

  37. rlewis

    maze bookMy grandsons are so into mazes and there is something for each age to do. They love these books!! I will order again.

  38. Billy A.

    Five StarsMy kiddo has been eating up the mazes book, and I think is on the last one now.

  39. TheSteadyHand

    FunMy daughter enjoyed this book. The mazes are fun to do and colorful. The mazes get harder which makes it more interesting.

  40. Erica M

    perfectMy 5 year old loved this. would be great for a 4 year old.

  41. SlimRN2015

    Five StarsGreat all around mazes for my 5 year old! Great job Kumon!

  42. Miss Shirley

    Five StarsMy granddaughter loves mazes!

  43. rhiannon hope

    ExcellebtMy 5 year old daughter loves it!

  44. Amazon_Consumer

    Big FanI’ve been impressed with the quality of Kumon workbooks. These animal mazes are fun and increase in complexity. They are easier in the beginning and my 3 year old son breezes through them. This is a great purchase and if your child loves mazes, he/she will certainly love this Kumon Animal Maze book.

  45. AW

    Nice book of mazesMy 5 year old is enjoying this maze book. Fun & challenging.

  46. Tracie Adams

    Five StarsLove kumon books! Great quality!

  47. Em

    Looks goodI got this for my daughter and the mazes appear to be good. They seem to get harder the farther you go in the book, building up skill level.

  48. MauiWowie

    5. 5 year old loves this maze book!5.5 year old loves this maze book!

  49. tbone

    Five StarsKids love this!

  50. therubydahlia

    Five Starsvery enjoyable read and the graphics are wonderful.

  51. SS

    Five Starsgood books My 4 year loves them.

  52. S. Parker

    Five StarsMy 5 year old loves it!

  53. Lisa P

    Five StarsMy son loved this!

  54. K. Rohman

    Great booksMy daughter loves these “Kumon” books. We now have several and the Amazon price (with free shipping) was cheaper than we’d pay at our local store. Also the selection here is awesome!

  55. mrsgam

    5yo loves themmy 5yo loves mazes and these are great books. wish they were spiral bound though.

  56. Elizabeth U

    book half used. sold as newThe book was half used and sold as new.

  57. Gadfly

    Way too easy compared to “Around the World”This should be regrouped to age 3 level. Way too easy compared to “Around the World”, which is also marked as 5-7. “Around the World” is great by the way.

  58. sandradee

    I love the kumon series of maze books for kidsI love the kumon series of maze books for kids. This is my second time purchasing their mazes and my kids love them and have so much fun with them. I have to put a limit on how many mazes they can do at a time or they would just go through the whole book in one sitting.

  59. D. Gorenburg

    Good, but YoungThis is a lovely book, but it really seems to be for 4 or 5 year old kids. Or precocious 3 year olds.

  60. Amazonian

    We love these mazesThis book is best for younger kids (4-5 maybe) or those without much maze experience. It was too easy for my maze loving 6 year old, so we gave it to his younger cousin!

  61. Julia

    Qualità, molto carina, interessante per bimbiDivertente, bella qualità, interessante per bimbi

  62. Amazon Kunde

    Perfect for my 4 years old!He loves maze so included in his daily homework routine. He jumps on!

  63. Alice

    Great maze bookMy 3 yo loves maze, this is the third kumon maze book and he completed it within a week lol. Have to limit him a few pages at a time.

  64. Ahmad Alfahad

    OkIt’s a book for kids

  65. one_two_three

    Too easy for 6yoNormally, I find that KUMON books are really challenging for the children at the lower boundary of recommended age. However in this case I would say that 4.5 year old, who is familiar with the maze concept will have no problem with this book. At least my twin daughters did not have any difficulties here.If your children liked this book I recomment this one: 

    Ultimate Maze Book (Mazes)

     — it is more challenging and more fun.

  66. mary

    Libro ottimoA mio figlio è piaciuto molto forse un po’ facile per un bambino di 5 anni

  67. Ana

    GreatThis is a great book of.mazes. I do recommend it.

  68. Shangrila Ottawa

    Very cute and colourful. Lots of fun.Very cute and very colourful mazes. My daughter who’s nearly 6 devours these books and will do almost an entire book in one sitting. Most of the mazes aren’t too difficult, but they are so cute. They are in shapes of animals, etc.

  69. Joa

    BuenoComo otros libros de kumon, la calidad del papel excelente.Los laberintos van aumentando en dificultad, aunque ninguno es muy difícil. Mi hijo de 4 años los hace sin dificultad

  70. Katy Biech

    Fun mazes!Ages 6-8 will love these!

  71. Satish Jadhav

    Homeschooling familyI do prefer of homeschooling kids .This book is the best.

  72. Book boffin

    perfect gift for young childrenOne of my grandchildren loves books and especially mazes and puzzles. When I saw this I knew this would help keep her amused over the long school holidays. Something different for younger children and at a bargain price. Not too large so idea for travel. Well recommended.

  73. Lynn4

    A beautifully illustrated book with some fun mazesA beautifully illustrated book with some fun mazes. Some were too easy for my five and a half year old grandson bu he loved the book anyway.

  74. Theresa B

    The six year old daughter of my neighbor loves to …The six year old daughter of my neighbor loves to do the mazes each time she is visiting us and can spend considerable time with it.

  75. Marianne Linaa Steiness

    Marvellous mazes!My son enjoyed every minute doing the mazes. Great fun. And we have bought all of these mazes for friends.

  76. bur cu

    Three StarsIt was too easy for my 6 years old daughter. She finished it in two days.


    Genial!Mi hija pequeña disfruta mucho aprendiendo, ya sea con los laberintos, recortables… recomiendo toda la serie de libros kumon para niñas y niños.

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