My Book of Mazes: Around The World

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Our seventh maze workbook, My Book of Mazes: Around the World, will also focus on solidifying your child’s pencil control skills and spatial reasoning ability. These particular mazes will feature landmarks and cultural items from around the world in order to introduce your child to interesting new places and practices.

8¼ x 11⅔ inches. paperback. 80 pages. full color. US $7.95 / C$8.95




Our seventh maze workbook, My Book of Mazes: Around the World, will also focus on solidifying your child’s pencil control skills and spatial reasoning ability. These particular mazes will feature landmarks and cultural items from around the world in order to introduce your child to interesting new places and practices.

8¼ x 11⅔ inches. paperback. 80 pages. full color. US $7.95 / C$8.95

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150 reviews for My Book of Mazes: Around The World

  1. TuckerJames

    Kid approved!Fun book for summertime to supplement math skills at the same time as learning about places around the world. This also prompts short videos about the places they are curious about.

  2. MontanaLove

    Love the mazes, but worldly content not for everyoneJust wanted to let people know that some of the landmarks that are the setting for the mazes may not be for everyone. The mazes are excellent, as are all the Kumon Maze books we’ve used, but this one includes a Buddha statue, so I was uncomfortable giving it to the family for which I purchased it. A few others may be a bit iffy, or they could all be used as an educational tool as a jumping-off point to explore further. I’ll list all the sites shown, in case it’s helpful to anyone:Saint Basil’s Cathedral in Red SquareTaj MahalBlue MosqueMount KilimanjaroPyramid and Great Sphinx of GizaMosque of Muhammad AliTemple of the DawnTerracotta Warriors and HorsesForbidden CityGreat Wall of ChinaGreat Buddha of NaraHimeji CastleEast Tower in Yakushi-ji TempleAngkor ThomAyers RockNiagara FallsStatue of LibertyMount RushmoreManhattanGolden Gate BridgePyramid at Chicken ItzaMachu PicchuCristo Redentor on Corcovado’s HillMoai Statues on Easter IslandShonehengeTower BridgeBig BenMont-Saint-MichelArc de TriompheBasilica of the Sacre CoeurLa Sagrada FamiliaLeaning Tower of PisaPonte di RialtoThe Duomo of FlorenceMichelangelo’s PietaParthenonWindmillMatterhornSchloss NeushwansteinAyers RockSydney Opera HouseI think I got them all! There is a map at the back which marks each landmark. Like I said, it would be a cool geography tool if you wanted to use it that way, too. The difficulty level of the mazes was about right for my “normal” 5 year old.

  3. Me

    I love Kumon work booksI love Kumon work books. My 5 years old love this mazes book. It has two types of mazes one is simpler two dimensional maze, and the other side mazes in the shape of famous around the world sites. The second type of mazes are more challenging and it’s there my kids needs help every once in a while. I love it that it instructs the parents at the top part of every maze and states where the monument is physically.I would recommend it to anyone that wants to challenge their kid while enjoying and having a lot of fun.

  4. asoon

    My 5-yr-old loves this book!Bought for my 5-year-old and he loves this so much I had to limit him to 2 mazes / day. Otherwise he would’ve finished the book pretty quickly. They progressively get harder and it’s fun to talk about the different places around the world. Highly recommend!

  5. Melody Carranza

    Cool maze bookLove the mazes and the map in the back of the book. 4 yr old daughter loved it.

  6. Educated Mama

    Great step up from Kumon’s “my first book of mazes”This book was perfect form my almost 5 year old, after he completed Kumon’s “My First Book of Mazes” book (with the dog on the cover). It is a definite step up from that book, but not too big. I can’t see starting with this book if your kid has never done mazes before. Difficulty again progresses throughout the book and again there are traditional looking mazes on the left page and scenic mazes on the right. What I really like about the Kumon maze books is the front to back progression from easy to harder, and the tricks it teaches along the way. My son was very proud of his work and enjoyed the process.

  7. Shauna W.

    Great maze books! Highly recommend!We got the 3-4-5 Kumon maze book for my son when he just turned four. My son does not sit still. But when the maze book came, he sat down for 20-30 minutes on it! I love that the book progresses from easier to harder, and my son was able to learn how to do it at the beginning and then was able to do the harder ones at the end, so problem. We then ordered this one, the 5-6-7 maze book, and though he is 4, he is doing the mazes in this book just fine. We love these books!

  8. LoganMama

    Loved booksMy kids love these Kumon Maze books. We got this book for 2nd grader. My son gets to do 2-4 mazes per day we work on them. He would always gladly do more! I love that half the mazes are famous buildings/sites from around the world. My son recognizes many from our geography lessons and we get to learn about others we haven’t studied.

  9. Kindle Customer

    Quiet activity for 6 yr oldThese have been perfect for my 6-year-old. They are just hard enough to keep him occupied for a little while but not overwhelmingly difficult. I keep this in my bag for church or when we go somewhere that I anticipate a need for him to sit quietly. We’ve had it for several months now and we still have plenty of mazes left to do.

  10. alexis

    Challenging yet fun for the avid learnerThe mazes are great and very challenging for those who are used to easily mastering mazes! My son started with the very basic Kumon mazes and is now to this book in the series. He really likes learning about and recognizing the different landmarks used to create the mazes and it compliments his geography learning.

  11. Pecina_girl

    I love that they use real landmarksMy 5yr old nephew loves mazes. So, I thought I’d buy him this book after reading the reviews. I love that they use real landmarks. I show them to him on my iPad so he can understand there are real places. It’s also neat that the county flags are on the page, so we are learning their flags and landmarks. The back of the book has a map showing where each landmark is.

  12. JW

    This is a great maze bookThis is a great maze book! They are challenging as it is difficult for me as a parent to complete them sometimes! It is a great concept though. There is a map in the back of the book with checkmarks so that you can check off the locations that have been completed. There is also a certificate of completion which my 6 year old son is excited about. It is motivating him to finish the book.

  13. Anthony P

    Good to haveDude, my son breezed through this! He’s 6, in Kindergarten and generally likes these maze books. It’s not super easy peasy, but for a kid that likes mazes, some more challenging sheets would be appreciated. But glad I got it for him.

  14. Jackie Chu

    Lots of fun for my 4 year oldMy son LOVES mazes and quickly completed another book he had (not this brand). I love that some are “easy” and some are hard – since he’s 4 going on 5, I help him with the more difficult ones 🙂 I definitely recommend this book for maze lovers!

  15. Amazon Customer

    We love these maze booksI’ve bought most of the Kumon maze books for my 4 year old daughter. They’re great because they progress in difficulty, letting her practice basic visual/spatial skills before moving on to more complex skills. Because she has done most of the books targeted at the 3-4-5 and 4-5-6 age ranges, she was able to begin on this 5-6-7 age range book. But Kumon generally does a good job labeling the content for the appropriate ages. My daughter will definitely be 5 (if not 6) before she is able to finish some of these mazes because of the difficulty level. I always look forward to new releases from Kumon and will definitely buy more as my daughter progresses.

  16. Senora Gose

    Great for many agesThis neat maze book has great mazes, and you can review history, geography, or just hand-eye coordination in conjunction with it. My 5 year old had no trouble with it at all, but he loves mazes. I would say most 6 year olds would enjoy this, and he did begin asking, “Now where is THIS place?” It includes buildings, monuments, and statues in the shapes, and it’s a sturdy book that didn’t get torn up, no matter how many times it’s been yanked down from the shelf.Sra. GoseAuthor of 

    Flip Flop Spanish: Ages 3-5: Level 1


    Spanish Fun Activity Calendar

  17. Trisha Tourgelis

    Cute quality book.Got this for my 7 year old. They mazes get a little tough. It takes him a bit of time to find his way to the end on some. Happy with it.

  18. Bugs Mom

    Great Mazes, not so great designI love the mazes in this series. My biggest complaint would be that the pages are not perforated and the books don’t stay open very well, so my daughter is fighting the book the whole time she is working through the mazes. We try ripping them out, but that usually tears into the mazes.

  19. Morgan Fam

    Love KumonMy daughter loves doing puzzles. She is 6 and these are just enough of a challenge. We love that they involve monuments and famous places to learn about as we go through.

  20. Sarah H.

    Great for a 7 Year Old!Bought this book for my 7 year old who was flying overseas. It was perfect to keep him occupied as well as introducing him to new pictures and ideas. A big success at keeping him quiet and interested.

  21. NYmomoone

    Great book with challenging mazesMy 4 year old loves this book. It’s great that he is able to do them on his own and enjoy the different styles and pictures. He has always enjoyed doing the mazes and they were always square. These come in a wide variety of shapes and designs and it’s fun and interesting for him for quiet activity time before bed.

  22. ally

    Great book of mazesThis book of mazes is made of high quality paper, making it easy to erase pencil marks. There are two distinct types of mazes in this book, standard box-type mazes, and mazes shaped like historical landmarks from around the world, such as the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and the Taj Mahal. The latter are more challenging, and my five year old has difficulty with them, but they are not so difficult that he cannot do them. The easier standard mazes are much simpler but not boring.

  23. Jacquelyn Monnin

    … was reluctant to start writing to have a little fun practicing pencil gripGot this to get a 5 year old who was reluctant to start writing to have a little fun practicing pencil grip. Worked like a charm. The mazes are a little more challenging than other books in this same age range, which was actually perfect.

  24. Woodward family

    Great mazes! My five year old loves themGreat mazes! My five year old loves them. I just wish the book would stay open better while she uses it. Spiral bound would be awesome.

  25. mamasmiles

    Engaging, complex mazesI love the Kumon maze books – my kids have worked their way through the entire series! Around the World is the hardest of the set, featuring complex mazes built within landmarks from around the world. The landmarks are featured on a map at the end of the book. The only thing I would change would be to add a small blurb about each location to add to the overall educational value of this excellent book.

  26. Katie

    almost cardstock like pages. Lots of colorsHigh quality, almost cardstock like pages.Lots of colors. VibrantMazes alternate between a medallion style maze and a maze nestled in a picture of a monument or place from around the world.

  27. Diane

    It is the best maze book I have seen and I can’t wait …My 3-4 year old daughter was growing out of all the early maze books and we decided to give this one a try. It is the best maze book I have seen and I can’t wait to order another for her older brother when he finishes the one he is on. So impressed!!

  28. Clarence R McKinney

    My FASD daughter loved this book..My 14 year old daughter with FASD loved these maze books and this one in particular the best. Some of the mazes were too easy but she still enjoyed working them. The books are heavy well made books. The pictures/mazes are clear, well-defined, and Around The World gives the country flag and name of monument. Thank you.

  29. Janet Bree

    … to do mazes and this is one of the best we’ve found yet for himMy grandson loves to do mazes and this is one of the best we’ve found yet for him!

  30. PJ Max

    Best and Worth it!I love the Kumon mazes. My 4 yo grandson loves them too. We do them together so I can encourage him. I love that the book is NOT half-filled with solutions and there is an official-looking certificate on the last page.

  31. Wilma Lengle

    … five-year-old grandson had double pneumonia and so needed something fun to do while he was in bedMy five-year-old grandson had double pneumonia and so needed something fun to do while he was in bed. This book reallyhit the spot.

  32. Megan Brower

    Sweet maze bookSweet maze book. My son is 5 and enjoys all the different mazes in real locations around the world. Perfect challenge level and engaging mazes.

  33. Red-Eyed Zhaan

    Great maze bookBought this for my 7-year old who loves mazes. Perfect activity for restaurants, car trips, or anywhere we have to sit and wait. Also got the age 4-5-6 one for my younger son.

  34. K. Murphy

    I love Kumon BooksThis is a wonderful maze book. My daughter just turned 5 & has been progressing through the Kumon maze books since she was 2. She loves them. They are challenging & interesting & progress in a very natural way. We talk about the different places listed & look them up online. I really love this one.

  35. Titanium Ninja

    Great for the kid who loves mazesThere’s a wide range of difficulty levels in this book, which is great. My five-year-old is starting out easy and working his way through the harder ones. Perfect for fine motor skills development. It also has lots of information about famous landmarks around the world.

  36. J. Ritchie

    Five StarsAnother good book of mazes that a 4 or 5 year old can do one their own.

  37. 4fam

    fun maze bookThis is a great book of mazes. Some of them are a little challenging for my 7 year old, but it’s fun to do together.

  38. Gorgo

    Creative mazes!Love this maze book. Really like how the mazes alternate between easier straightforward mazes and more difficult mazes that incorporate famous places from around the world. Sometimes, the mazes take second fiddle to talking about the places that they represent. My 3 year old loves it and it is a great challenge for her.

  39. Emily

    They’re just the right mix of difficult and fun. He four and can complete them with almost …My son LOVES the Kumon maze books. They’re just the right mix of difficult and fun. He four and can complete them with almost no help.

  40. Kelly

    It you know a child that loves mazes this is greatThe four year old boy I bought this for was so happy. He had me doing the harder ones with me but that was great.

  41. brokenangel

    Kumon is amazing!!I bought the last installment of their maze workbooks and their are tons of varying challenging mazes. Quite impressed as my daughter loves doing mazes and they challenge her to think to complete them! Kumon is amazing!!!

  42. Ashley Crookston

    My son loves itMy son loves mazes. He would do the whole book in one afternoon if we let him. He didn’t care much, but I thought the mazes were also pretty to look at. I think the certificate at the end of the book is a nice touch, too.

  43. AZ

    Useful book.My daughter liked it.

  44. Stace

    Great for pencil control, beginner writersGreat book to help with pencil control in a fun way

  45. Kaitlyn

    Lots of mazes, increasing in difficultyGreat book

  46. Ruth A.

    A Good Maze BookOur 5-year-old granddaughter loves this book! She loves solving the mazes. Definitely not for most children below the age of five, though.

  47. Hotel Sheets Direct

    son loves this maze book spends a lot of time exploring the different paths. improved his handwriting ability tooson loves this maze book spends a lot of time exploring the different paths. improved his handwriting ability too

  48. crafty0710

    Looks good and works goodLooks good and works good. It is challenge for 4 or 5 years old. 5/6/7 years will find this kind of easy.

  49. Koda

    My kids love it!My 5 years old boy just love to play with this. Especially, when we attend church meeting, this is my life saver! He gets so quite and focus to do maze for whole hour! I love KUMON maze activity book!

  50. ababsurd

    Five StarsKumon publishes the best maze books in circulation. Extremely educational and high quality drawings. Highly recommended.

  51. George Scarlatta

    It’s okayGood grief, it’s a book of mazes! What kid does not like to do mazes – for 30 minutes anyways. Ha

  52. Elizabeth M.

    Lots of fun!My 5 year old son loves these maze books! They keep him busy and that makes both of us happy, especially when we’re in a restaurant and he gets bored. The mazes get progressively harder so he likes the challenge.

  53. Malorie Sitar

    Great!My 5 year old loves it!

  54. Stephanne

    GreatMy daughter loves these mazes. She is 5 and finished the book rather quickly. But all in all it was entertaining and educational.

  55. onthego

    Nightly maze routineThese mazes are challenging for my 5 year old maze loving son but when he pays attention they aren’t to hard. Sometimes the shading tricks him but it is good to challenge him.

  56. charityadair

    challening and so much more!Great maze book and we also use it as a Geography lesson. Many of the mazes discuss other cultures and places of the world. -Hence “Around the World”It is difficult to find challening mazes like this so we are grateful for Kumon!

  57. Bekah

    Kumon maze books are FANTASTIC for my spatial son who loves geography almost as …Kumon maze books are FANTASTIC for my spatial son who loves geography almost as much as he loves mazes and puzzles.

  58. RK

    Nice mazes and informative tooMy kid did these when he was 4.5 yrs. He loved mazes and was all over them. He liked all kumon mazes. I feel the age range should be 4 or 5 years.

  59. Laura Molnar

    He really enjoyed it!I bought this for my 6 year old nephew who loves mazes. He really enjoyed it!

  60. Grandma Shan

    Our Grandson Love Mazes!I bought this for our grandsons (ages 5 and 7) as an optional activity to do when visiting us. They really enjoyed the Kumon -Things That Go book, so hopefully this book will be a hit as well.

  61. linda matthews

    FunHighly recommend this book

  62. flgatormom

    A little challenging but lots of funMy 5 year old loves mazes. This book is a little bit challenging for her but that is good. It makes her really think how to solve the maze. It builds her confidence when she succeeds. Great book for keeping her entertained and learning.

  63. Brandy Polasek

    Great book of mazesGreat book of mazes. It’s still a bit challenging for my kindergartener but he will soon be doing these in no time

  64. JJ


  65. Stephanie

    Great for airplanes!My 5-year-old loves mazes. Some of the mazes in this book are more challenging, and the artwork is really great. Love it.

  66. M. C. Young

    Perfect for my pre-schoolerThese books are perfect for teaching problem solving skills and are set at an appropriate level of difficulty. Would definitely recommend it to any parent with a child that enjoys mazes. He even recognized places we’ve visited!

  67. Ona

    Interesting and ChallengingNot your super easy mazes…The book also shows a child many famous places around the world. I think my 5 year old grandson will like it and be challenged by it.

  68. J.P.

    Great maze bookThis is a great maze book for all different ages and levels. Some are challenging and others are more for beginners. Both my boys really liked this book.

  69. AnnN

    Great book5 year old can’t get enough of this book!

  70. John Russell

    Five StarsMy five-year-old granddaughter loved this.

  71. Amazon Customer

    Five StarsMy grandson loves maze books!

  72. Christopher Smith

    Mazes!My son loves it! He a is a fan of all mazes and this is a nice large book that keeps him entertained.

  73. Jeanie

    My book of Mazes: Around the WorldI purchased this book for my granddaughter, she loves mazes. She is six years old and I’m sure she will enjoy it. It looks like an interesting, fun and educational book.

  74. Nimal

    Challenging BookThis a good book for a 7 year old. I like the book as it can help kids practice concentration and also kids can know about the world.

  75. Frank Comments

    Colorful and EngagingColorful and engaging maze book which kept our children fully engaged for for quite some time. They went straight through the book, start to finish, without stopping.

  76. B.Dowell

    Five StarsMy 5 1/2 year old grandson loves it!!!

  77. Scott

    FunIf you know someone who enjoys mazes, this is a great book. The age range listed on the book is a good recommendation.

  78. Mary Walworth

    Just okayThe grandkids love mazes, I thought this would be great, but these mazes did not capture their interest like some others do. The older of the grandchildren was studying maps at school, so it dovetailed into the school lessons, but without that, it would have been disappointing.

  79. Pam Bhatti

    Kindergartener loved it!He loves mazes and this book delivered with fun mazes that were not repetitive or boring. Some cute illustrations as well.

  80. K

    Fun for age 5My kindergardener loves these maze books. This one challenges him and helps with coordination and grip. He enjoys the Kumon series books.

  81. Radiance

    Loved it.My 5 year old grandson didn’t want to put this book down to go and eat. He loved it..Enough said.

  82. Anita

    Great maze bookMy boys loved getting this book of mazes for Christmas. It has enough variety and enough challenge to hold their interest for quite some time.

  83. urban09805

    Great!My 6-year-old loves mazes and this one finally challenged him. I recommend the book for fun mazes and it’s great for in the car.

  84. grace_grace

    Great quality and good artworkFinally a book of complicated enough (but not impossible) mazes for younger kids. Great quality and good artwork.

  85. yanchun zhu

    good book for children 5 years oldgood book for children 5 years old. My daughter could concentrate on the mazes, so I have time to do my housework.

  86. Jonathon Campbell

    Five StarsMy 7 year old loves this book.

  87. Gadfly

    Great maze. My 4 and 5 years old love …Great maze. My 4 and 5 years old love it.

  88. MAJ214

    Five StarsGreat for my 5 year old grandson who is beginning to write. Helps with pencil skills.

  89. Chandra

    Good..A good activity book.

  90. BoggleTwit

    Loved ITMy 6 year old boy loved this book. The mazes are beautiful and really interesting.

  91. Damian

    Charming.Wonderful…really caught the attention of our geography loving child.


    Very good!My 5yo likes this book. The mazes are mostly challenging for him some are too hard while others fairly easy.

  93. Amazon Customer

    Five StarsNice book and some challenging mazes to keep it interesting.

  94. riskman

    Five Starsmy 5 year old child liked the mazes and the engaging pictures

  95. Lauretta Cook-McIntosh

    Five StarsNice book.

  96. diane evanco

    Five StarsLearning and fun put together. My grandson will love it!

  97. Jasmine Cook

    Five StarsMy grandson loves this book, keeps him very busy.

  98. Amazon Customer


  99. Judy

    Five StarsGrand son loves these books

  100. Mary B. Stephenson

    KumonThe service as well as the product great! My grandson loves the Kumon work books. They are age appropriate and make learning fun!

  101. Amimi

    Five StarsGrandson loves these mazes!


    Five StarsGood for mind stimulation

  103. Camille Castaneda

    Five Starsgreat mazes

  104. B. Anton

    Five StarsGrandson loved this

  105. Elizabeth

    Great!Very fun for our 5 yr old!!

  106. ST

    Five StarsMy five year old loves these books!

  107. SS

    Five Starsgood books My 4 year loves them.

  108. Mariam

    OkayThis was cute but I wish each page gave a little history about each place.

  109. Raymond Silvasy

    around the world mazescolorful, educational, entertaining. Good puzzles.

  110. Ed

    Five StarsGreat Book !!!!!

  111. Banu

    Five Starsinformative

  112. Mamagotidea

    Five StarsLoves it

  113. W. Burks

    GREAT MAZES AND GREAT GRAPHICSMy four year old son loves mazes and the graphics on these mazes are colorful and exciting. The Kumon maze books are the best you will find!

  114. Iris L.

    Badly usedBadly used

  115. Katherine Schiselr

    MazesA fun book of mazes that is challenging and engaging. These mazes are definatly geared towards 5-7 year olds.

  116. Amazon Customer

    great books for kidsMy 5 year old likes mazes and this one is also educational for the whole family.

  117. Candace mom of 4

    sell a book of mazes that are half done?!The mazes themselves are excellent. But when I received it, half of the mazes in the book were done! Now I know to always buy workbooks brand new. This was a waste of the $4 shipping.

  118. Westerner

    pencil holding and control skillsMy little one, 3, took to mazes and his pencil holding skills are great. Because of the practice manipulating the pencil around mazes, now at 4 he can write the letters and numbers very well. His control of the pencil learned doing dozens and dozens of mazes (and Kumon tracing books as well) allow him to do so much more now. While mazes can seem sort of recreational compared to core reading, writing, and math skills, if a child likes them, they build an essential skill. My older boy, now 5, never cared for mazes and has a hard time holding his pencil or writing letters and numbers. That turns him off of other tasks like writing, while he has excelled in number sense and does well in reading. He’s more the type to hold a paintbrush and teach triple digit arithmetic from his head. Of course some of that is down to the individual, but I would recommend mazes and tracing for any child that shows an interest in them as they help form an important building block in pencil holding and control skills. Personally, I do not dote over the minutia. I’ll show them how to hold the pencil once and then I just give them the maze or tracing page and encourage them to complete it without “crashing” into the sides. I’ll help them more if they ask, but I don’t try to force correctness because as individuals, my boys would find this overbearing and ruin the pleasure and their motivation. I’d rather teach the necessity to do things we don’t want to do with chores and so on. Anyway, best wishes…

  119. PRichmond

    More Then Just a Maze BookMy 5 year old has finished all of the My Book of Mazes books and this is her final one. I just let her start it this summer and she loves it! We do only 2 pages a day (4 sides). They get progressively more difficult and she doesn’t even seem to notice that they are getting harder because the stages or so incremental and doable. I also like that each maze has the flag and location of the landmark maze they are to complete for the day. My daughter is now getting better pencil control, stretching her mental capabilities, AND learning countries, country flags, and interesting global landmarks. Total win-win for a homeschooling mom. This book goes really far and I would especially recommend it for older (6 or 7) kids that haven’t done any of the books. It will be interesting for them and they really shouldn’t have issues figuring out the mazes.

  120. Raising Thinkers

    I love this maze book!I am six years old and I received this book for Christmas. I love mazes and I love this maze book. I would recommend this book for any child who loves mazes.

  121. Alyssaa

    … the harder one with the actual monuments and they love it. It encouraged them to share while I …My four year old cousin does one page while his five year old brother does the harder one with the actual monuments and they love it. It encouraged them to share while I taught them where on a map the different monuments were located.

  122. Bar fly now Mama

    Good stuffI bought this for my daughter when she was 5… she is now 7, and still loves doing these mazes.

  123. Angela K. Bodino

    disappointed and in tearsThe “Book of Mazes Around the World” arrived torn and tattered, and left my 5-year old grandson, disappointed and in tears!! He loves mazes and looked forward to playing, but once he saw the condition of the book he wouldn’t turn a page.

  124. Merysc

    Genial!Es El Segundo que compramos de esta colección. Antes hemos tenido el de 3-4-5 años y le hemos terminado.Se nota que los laberintos son más difíciles qul anterior.Como punto positivo deciros que en cada una de las hojas aparece un laberinto a toda página más sencillo y otro laberinto (también a toda página) que es sobre un monumento de alrededor del mundo. En la cabecera aparece además la bandera del país en el que está y también su nombre en inglés.Y en la última página aparece un mapa mundi en el que se señalan donde están todos los monumentos.

  125. Amanda.gac

    Excellent book.My son loves this book and me too. He do the maze, I tell him more about the local, show him the flag of the country, say to him the capital and we look on the back the map to find it. We make it work like a geography class.

  126. Rana

    niceMy kido enjoy it…. Uually he solves mazes fast but this one made him think for sometimes!

  127. Sergej

    Für die LabyrinthenliebhaberGanz tolle und ausgefallene Labyrinthen!Machen Lust nach mehr. Mein Kind wollte nicht aufhören.Jede Seite ist anders, keine langeweiligen Muster. Würde das Buch weiterempfehlen!

  128. Deborah Ridgley

    amazing mazesI had already bought the book of mazes for 3 4 5 year olds so this was the next step up for my small grandson. The mazes had a great geographical theme with landmarks from around the world which was a learning experience it itself. My 5 year old grandson loves this book, as he did the previous one. They are great for helping to develop hand-eye co ordination and cognitive thinking. The puzzles are great fun but also a super learning tool. I can’t rate them highly enough.

  129. susan

    Love itKeep my 5yo daughter busy for a while.

  130. sarah long

    Perfect for a 4 year old who loves mazesMy 4 year old loves this book. He has done all the other Kumon maze books and this one. It’s a pity there aren’t any follow on books to this as it gave just the right amount of challenge taking about two minutes to complete each one. Some other maze books are too easy.

  131. Peter Smith

    Teaches both pencil control and notable sights around the world.This is a fantastic book – similar to the other MAZES books it teaches pencil control (this is the most advanced book and the mazes are getting quite difficult for 6-7 year olds) and also shows sights from around the world.

  132. Stefy O.

    ExcelenteBuen libro, es grueso y muy entretenido.

  133. Placeholder

    I love Kumon workbooksI love Kumon workbooks. The approach is step by step, which works well for my child. I ordered the book from seller PBC mart, and they delivered it way before the delivery date. So I’m Happy.

  134. HBW

    Buena compra!Muy buen libro de laberintos! Lo recomiendo. Bonito papel, es buena compra.

  135. Island Reader

    Great way to keep a maze-lover busy for hoursGreat way to keep a maze-lover busy for hours. Bonus that my child is learning about various countries while she does her mazes.

  136. colleen

    Five StarsMy 5 year old loves this book

  137. J

    Five StarsGreat selection of mazes. Challenging and keeps my 5 year old engaged.

  138. Cliente de Amazon

    Adecuado a la edadSon 80 laberintos. 40 con figuras temáticas de naciones y 40 laberintos tradicionales. Eso de la mucha variedad.

  139. Vero Santana

    Mejor de lo que esperabaSabía por el título que iban a ser rompecabezas pero una vez que lo tuve en mis manos y lo hojié me di cuenta que valía la pena adquirirlo. Felicitaciones a la editorial y al autor(es)

  140. Anonymous

    My 5-year-old likes it!There are tons of different mazes at slightly different levels, and I like that the mazes are pictures of famous structures and places around the world. All in all, a good purchase and my 5-year-old has really enjoyed it.

  141. Sam

    a-maze-ingThe book itself is great, the mazes are of varying difficulty and are really well thought out with intricate designs of monuments and places from around the world

  142. Fatima O.V.

    Genial productoMe ha parecido Genial…..y lo más importante, a mi hijo de 4 años también.

  143. TH

    Good but a little simpleA good book but my 6 year old found the mazes too easy. She still loved doing them, though!

  144. Kajal Shah

    Excellent use of brainWill keep kids hooked

  145. M Smith

    Great bookMy 7 year old really loves this. It is quite straightforward at the beginning and gets gradually more difficult – you can really see the child becoming more adept. Brilliant value.

  146. T. Wishart

    Five StarsReally good but too easy for 7 year old.

  147. CatKatze

    Very good for improving fine motor skillsmy 5 year old daughter loves this. Very good for improving fine motor skills too

  148. Victoria

    goodthis is our fourth book from Kumon, my sond love mazes and this book is very good quality, good colours and paper

  149. Cliente

    Entretenido para toda la familiaNiños y adultos lo disfrutan, además conoces algunas construcciones emblemáticas y en donde se ubican, vale la pena meter cada página en un folder de plástico para poder rehacerlo

  150. Lauren N.

    Great fun for young learnersGreat fun for young learners.

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