My Book of Mazes: Things That Go!

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Children are often fascinated with cars, trucks, and trains. This book uses these things that go as the theme for our innovative and colorful mazes. Since every maze is designed to be slightly harder than the last, you’ll be surprised by how quickly your child’s pencil control improves!

8¼ x 11⅔ inches. paperback. 80 pages. full color. US $7.95 / C$8.95




Children are often fascinated with cars, trucks, and trains. This book uses these things that go as the theme for our innovative and colorful mazes. Since every maze is designed to be slightly harder than the last, you’ll be surprised by how quickly your child’s pencil control improves!

8¼ x 11⅔ inches. paperback. 80 pages. full color. US $7.95 / C$8.95

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60 reviews for My Book of Mazes: Things That Go!

  1. Thinking Out Loud

    Love the Mazes, But Not the BindingWe got this book of mazes for my son around the time he turned 4 years old. He LOVES vehicles, so the theme of this book is perfect for him.The front side of each page has a transportation-themed maze, and the back side has a “regular” maze with no theme.Even though this book is recommended for ages 5-6-7, we felt he was ready for this book because he had already completed earlier books in the Kumon mazes series:- “My Book of Easy Mazes” (for ages 2-3-4)- “My First Book of Mazes” (for ages 3-4-5)- “Amazing Mazes” (for ages 4-5-6)My son really enjoys doing mazes. He thinks they’re fun! Given that he is younger than the recommended ages for this particular book, it’s not surprising that he is more challenged by the mazes in this book than he has been in any of the previous books. My husband has him first use his finger to find his way through the maze, and then go back and use a pencil. If he doesn’t first use his finger, he ends up following wrong paths and has to double-back, making for a very messy completed maze. For the first time, too, rather than just doing as many mazes as he wants, he will sometimes get frustrated with a difficult maze, so now we only do maybe two or three mazes at a time.I like that when he does mazes, he has to pause in the thinking process to look ahead to see which path will pan out – this seems like a good cognitive ability to have. Also, it gives him a chance to practice his pencil grip, which is something I think about because I never corrected my daughter’s pencil grip when she was a pre-schooler (I didn’t think it mattered!) and now, as a 7-year-old in first grade, she still holds a pencil incorrectly (which makes her writing messy, and her hand hurts after even short writing assignments).My only complaint about this book – and all Kumon workbooks – is in regards to the workbook’s binding. The spine is thick enough so that when the workbook is open, the book and pages do not lay flat, making it difficult to write on them. For every new page my son works on, I have to REALLY press down on the binding to open up the pages and keep them down. My son could easily be self-sufficient while he works on his mazes, except that I have to be always nearby to push down the pages for him, otherwise he gets frustrated. I don’t know if the binding is a function of the paper quality – which is very good – or what, but I just wish the pages would stay flat when opened, or at least be perforated so they could be easily removed and used as worksheets.

  2. Jackie Nelson Taylor

    Great maze bookGreat for my 5-year-old. Interesting mazes that were just challenging enough for the book to last.

  3. Janaya

    Cute and fun!These mazes are great for my son! We homeschool and getting to do a maze is his favorite part of the day. He already finished another Kumon maze book so I had to order another. These are so cute. He loves to see what the maze of the day is!

  4. MontanaLove

    The best maze books!These maze books are great – I only wish they continued past the ages they are made for. The mazes are not messy and confusing to look at, like some are, just challenging and fun. Both my kids love these! There are 3 for ages 5-6-7, but they are still in increasing difficulty in this order: Animals, Things That Go, and Around the World. (I didn’t realize that before I got all 3, so thought it would be nice to know)

  5. Lora F.

    Excellent qualityThis book was a huge hit! My grandson is 3 1/2 and he completely loves mazes, so he’s done a lot of them. This book challenged his skills in a way that was energizing to him. He loved the variety of mazes in this book.

  6. Amazonian

    Fun, good assortment of mazes!Great assortments, pages alternate between a geometric style maze and a themed maze. my four year old has gotten the hang of these and can now do them independently.

  7. MN

    My 4 year old loves this book!Fun mazes for my preschool age daughter. I have to take the book and put it away after a few mazes or she’d want to do the whole book in 1 day.

  8. Todd Phillips

    Quality book!Nice mazes for my 5 year old grandson! Lots of variety.

  9. kate

    Fun way to start the day!My 7 year old really loves this book! We homeschool and he does a few pages each day while I work on getting everything else ready.

  10. Janet Bree

    These books are fun. We also enjoyed Around the World mazeMy 5 yr old grandson loves to do mazes, it’s one of the few things that will keep his interest for awhile. These books are fun. We also enjoyed Around the World maze book

  11. John Mcdonald

    Great for elementary schoolMy daughter loved amazing mazes but they were pretty easy for her so I got her Things That Go! And it’s perfect. They are not too hard that she gets frustrated but it takes her a couple minutes and she actually has to think. She loves doing them and asks to do multiple mazes a day.

  12. 4fam

    fun maze books!These maze books are great!! I have 3 of them by Kumon. My 6 and 7 year old really have fun doing them.

  13. M. Beasley

    Great book of mazes.Cute book. My 5 year old granddaughter loved it.

  14. linguistics fan

    aMazing book for childrenMy 5 y/o nephew went right for this at his birthday despite many more flashy toys. He loves mazes. My sister, a Master Teacher, loves these books for him.

  15. Allison

    Perfect for a maze lover!Amazing quality and my 4 year old son is able to complete all mazes. He loves mazes and I have been searching for quality mazes for him. Perfect for a maze lover!

  16. Billy A.

    All of these Kumon books have been great. My child works at them in phasesAll of these Kumon books have been great. My child works at them in phases, doing alot at once, then setting them down for a while. For their price, the quality of print and layout and selection of progressive difficulty is amazing.

  17. JMandMJ

    Mazes4 year old loves it

  18. E. Horia

    My daughter loves it!My daughter is only 4 years old, but she loves doing mazes. I got this book not knowing how difficult it would be. What do you know, she completely enjoys doing them. I tell her to do the mazes with her finger first, and then she can trace it with a pencil. It works nicely.

  19. bostongalatheart

    bostongalatheartTotally wonderful book of mazes for children. My soon-to-be 4-year-old grandson will be challenged, and he needs to be! I purchased three in this series and would totally recommend all of these maze books. The mazes are in different shapes and sizes–perfect to keep the child’s interest.

  20. LJ

    My Book of Mazes: Things That Go! (Kumon Workbooks)Our little guy eats these up. He received his at 5 and worked thru the book within a few months. He has other maze books too so he rotates thru them. Would recommend for any young one who loves mazes.

  21. KKNYC

    Five StarsThe Kumon maze books are the absolute best — we’ve purchased every single one within my son’s age range.

  22. Ellie D

    If your child loves mazes…My 5 year old grand-nephew, who really loves doing mazes, loves this book! The mazes gradually get more complicated.

  23. Elizabeth M.

    Lots of fun!My 5 year old son loves these maze books! They keep him busy and that makes both of us happy, especially when we’re in a restaurant and he gets bored. The mazes get progressively harder so he likes the challenge.

  24. Rachel H

    Yes! FabulousThese are great!

  25. homeschool mom of 4

    nice mazesMy son just loves this book. We have bought 4 of them. He loves vehicles. He just keeps asking to do them over and over so we just buy more. Nice find.

  26. Strawberry Girl

    Child with autism enjoys Kumon workbooksMy son with autism adores this entire series and has progressed in all academic areas using these. This particular book has helped his fine motor skills.

  27. Kristen

    Really CuteThe other reviewers didn’t lead me astray. They were absolutely right. This book is great. I got it for my nephew for Christmas. He’s going to love it. Every time he gets an activity book he always goes straight to the mazes. So, I figured why not buy him a book that’s all mazes? I will purchase more of these in the future.

  28. Super Dad

    Try them at bedtimeMy 3-year-old loves to “do mazes” at bedtime. We just grab two crayons, and I help him if he gets stuck. For me, it’s a great alternative to the same 5 bedtime stories over and over. Plus he gets to use his brain power.

  29. Tom Proven

    He enjoyed the bookGot this for my son who loves mazes. He enjoyed the book, but I think they could have been a little more challenging.

  30. WinterMama

    He love this one tooMy 5 years old boy loves mazes. He love this one too, challenge enough for him!

  31. AW

    Nice book of mazesMy 5 year old loved this book of mazes. We ended up buying the animal themed mazes after he finished this book. Nice quality!

  32. Regina S.

    I love these booksI love these books. When learning repetition is great. And they get a little more difficult as you go along.

  33. Paul L.

    These maze books are awesome. I’d say each book is worth a few …These maze books are awesome. I’d say each book is worth a few hours of engagement for a kid. Really well done.

  34. M.A.

    Great book to follow up on tracing…This gives my kid good hand coordination skills, and he enjoys every moment of it. The book is a good follow up to the first book of easy mazes…

  35. mrsgam

    nice bookif your kids love puzzles then you can’t get much better than this. i’ve gotten them for my kids and given them as gifts.

  36. B. W.

    Great Book of MazesThis is another great book of mazes from Kumon. My 5 year old loves doing them! Definitely recommended for Kindergarten aged kids.

  37. Katherine Schiselr

    Humon MazesKumon is quickly becoming a family favorite. My 3 year old love puzzles and the Kumon workbooks are easy to follow, give direction to parents, and make it easy to get the next book in your child’s progression.

  38. Frank Comments

    Much FunOur kids greatly enjoyed doing the mazes in this book. Very engaging and interesting designs which kept them fully occupied.

  39. Darci

    Five StarsGrandson loved the maze book. He is five.

  40. W King

    Five StarsAnother good maze book for my 5-year-old Maze Man! He loves these…

  41. Erica M

    Five StarsGreat for my 5 year old

  42. Colleen Chen

    Should be rated ages 4-6Too easy for my 6-year-old (on the early side of 6). I gave the book to a four-year-old girl who liked them pretty well.

  43. Barbara Carroll

    LOVE IT!My 6 year old grandson LOVES this book!!

  44. MOM

    Five Stars5 year son loves the kumon maze books.

  45. Carolyn A. Brown

    Fun mazesGrandson loves mazes. This book doesn’t disappoint.

  46. Lisa P

    Five StarsMy son loved this!!

  47. sassy sue

    Five StarsGreat

  48. Sandra M. Walker

    My Book of Mazes: Things that Go!My 5-year-old grand nephew enjoyed this maze book. He loves to follow the “tunnels”.

  49. Active Mom

    Three StarsReally more for the 5yo than the 7 yo.

  50. PT Mom

    Three StarsA bit simpler than my son hoped.

  51. Elizabeth Brock

    Great book!Great book! Good for hand coordination. My son is 5 and love to do the mazes.

  52. D. Berger

    We love all of the Kumon Books!!My daughter of 3 1/2 years old loves doing the mazes. She cannot get enough of them. The Kumon books are the best work books out there. The quality of the paper, the drawings, and the easy to understand directions are top-notch.We have gotten practically all of the various books that they make – including the Cutting & Pasting books and Numbers books. They are great learning materials for her because she really enjoys them and she learns so much from them – including manual dexterity doing the Cutting & Pasting books. I highly recommend these books!

  53. Amazon_Consumer

    Big FanI’ve been impressed with the quality of Kumon workbooks. These things that go mazes are fun and increase in complexity. They are easier in the beginning and my 3 year old son breezes through them. This is a great purchase and if your child loves mazes, he/she will certainly love this Kumon things that go Maze book.

  54. susan

    Love itKeep my 5yo daughter busy for a while.

  55. mae

    Great book for maze loversMy 4 year old loves mazes and could work on many pages of this book at a go. Definitely challenging and he needs a bit of prompting at times but I love the skills he’s picking up with this – pencil skills, strategy, focus. Have just finished the book and will be ordering another from this series.

  56. Daniel Zonneveld Coltro

    Mazes help to strength the confidence with the pencilKUMON is the best to improve our child education together with the school system. We love to spend time helping in our family rhythm teach the concepts with KUMON method.

  57. Megan

    brilliant for young childrenThese books are excellent tools for developing pencil control in a playful way. They start relatively simply, and gradually increase in complexity page by page. I like the visual feel of them: imaginative yet simple, a far cry from Disney kitsch. We used this as a follow-up to “My First Mazes” in the same Kumon series; my 3-year old (nearly 4) enjoyed it greatly. I suspect most children above the age of 5 will find these mazes too easy.

  58. K. Hant


  59. Victoria Schneider

    Tolle LabyrinthsMein Sohn liebt sie. Allerdings finde ich die Altersempfehlung zu hoch gegriffen. Man kann es ruhig auch schon mit 4 Jahren machen und denke mit 6,7 ist es schon zu einfach

  60. William’s Mummy

    Item was not new but described as “in good condition”; I beg to differ.It was described as in “good condition”, but at least 1/3 of mazes were already completed, in biro, so unusable (unless I take to it with tipex). Really dissappointing.

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