My Book of Number Games 1-150

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By using the skills acquired from the tracing and coloring exercises in My Book of Number Games 1-70, children will gain more advanced number recognition abilities. Understanding the sequence of numbers up to 150 will prepare children for mastering higher-level, multi-digit calculations. Children who have a firm grasp of numerical order are much more likely to learn arithmetic and math with ease.

8 ¼ × 11 ⅔ inches. paperback. 80 pages. full color. US $7.95 / C $8.95




By using the skills acquired from the tracing and coloring exercises in My Book of Number Games 1-70, children will gain more advanced number recognition abilities. Understanding the sequence of numbers up to 150 will prepare children for mastering higher-level, multi-digit calculations. Children who have a firm grasp of numerical order are much more likely to learn arithmetic and math with ease.

8 ¼ × 11 ⅔ inches. paperback. 80 pages. full color. US $7.95 / C $8.95

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71 reviews for My Book of Number Games 1-150

  1. LTS

    And now I know why everyone loves Kumon!Got this and the Mazes Around the World for my 5 year old. Got mazes because he loves them, and got this because he is 5 (pre-K) and he really isn’t that good at counting – or, I should say WASN’T. It’s pretty incredible how quickly he went from counting to 20 (but often skipping 15) to pretty much getting to 100, and this book is the only change we’ve made. It’s these connect the dot activities – he’s so eager to figure out the picture (and just see it develop) that he begs to do more. I will say, I started off helping him very much, and it was tedious. He still likes me to be in the room so he doesn’t get stumped and stuck but he’s probably only on #10 and he’s getting more independent with each. So, my basic rec would be to not shy away from this book if your child is in the age range (4-6 it says) but not yet very good at counting. I also found the very short parental instructions – stop when your kid still wants to do more and you/child say the numbers aloud) very helpful.

  2. Administrator

    PERFECT way for my son to get VERY comfortable counting to 150I’m already a huge fan of all things Kumon, but this book is so awesome and exactly what my son needed. These are the coolest connect-the-dots images I’ve ever seen in terms of their intricacy and the challenge of the hunt for the next number was the PERFECT way for my son to get VERY comfortable saying and recognizing numbers from 1-150. I wish the whole book was connect-the-dots because the color by numbers pages were not useful toward our current learning goal.

  3. wxyzzzzzzzz

    Great Kumon book, difficult for 4 year oldThis book has 38 dot-to-dot and 38 color-by-number pictures, alternating, plus answer key and certificate of achievement at the end. There’s also a nice diagram for teaching children to hold a pencil properly on the inside front cover. The dot-to-dots start at 1-70 and work up to 1-150 towards the end. The dot-to-dots aren’t just easy outlines, you have to some hunting for the next number, and they are a nice challenge for the suggested age range I think. The color-by-numbers start with 2 colors and work up to 7 towards the end. The colors are just text, no color indicator – so your child will need to know their colors already or have help. In the pictures, there are “extra” numbers that you don’t color (leave white) which really frustrates my 4 year old who wants every number to be a color.I love the Kumon books and this is another great one, but my 4 year old doesn’t really enjoy it. I do think he’ll like it more when he’s a little older.

  4. Mel1ssa

    4yo may be a little muchThis book is great in terms of quality, but the first puzzle starts at 1-70. The last is 1-140. These puzzles are hard for my 6yo. I don’t see how a 4 yo could do them. I’m glad I have an older kid who will do these for fun. Probably should be marked 5,6,7.

  5. Drea

    Overall great!A little too advanced for my 4 year old, but she loves it. She does need my help with larger numbers. There are pages with coloring and connecting dots. We love most of the books from the Kumon series, although some of them are better than others.

  6. Mary Beth Kierstead

    Great for First GradersI love to use these Kumon workbooks with my First Graders. They love them too. Each page has too sides. One side is a challenging connect the dot with great images. The connect the dots are great for developing numeracy skills. Usually connect the dots are so obvious that it doesn’t really challenge the kids’ numeracy skills but not with these. They really have to think about which number comes next since they don’t usually know what the picture is. It is also really useful for developing fine motor skills. The back of the page is a picture that is revealed by the children coloring numbered boxes with a particular color. In other words they will color all the 71’s violet-blue, all the 73’s midnight blue. As the color a picture emerges. The kids are always thrilled to tell me what the picture is. As you can imagine, these coloring activities are great for teaching numbers and colors.

  7. Portland Mom

    Overrated for the priceThis book is entirely dot to dot and color by number. This book maybe helpful for reinforcement of number sequencing beyond 20 and hand eye coordination, small muscle coordination used in coloring. Each exercise is easy to complete and achieve success and at the same time, students may get easily bored. This is not for daily use. I would recommend it as a extra weekly exercise for when all other work is done.

  8. BusyTown

    Happy homeworkSo far so good, I like the style that the book was made. Kumon obviously has a great teaching technique which shows in the book. It starts out easier and gets increasingly more challenging. As an added bonus the illustrations are fun and a little cute, and the paper quality is really nice (thick cardstock style pages, which is great in my house). I bought the Kumon books because my son needed a little supplemental work to practice his letters, words, and numbers. So far he is super excited and feeling confident about his “homework”.

  9. J. Schindler

    A great companion to Numbers 1-120.A great companion book to Numbers 1-120. My 4.5 year old finished it in about one month with some adult guidance. If you truly wanted your child to do this completely independently, then I would wait to age 5 to start this. Just a note to buyers–this book uses colors that are outside the usually 8 color crayons crayon color range. You will need a box of 64 colors to complete the color by numbers in order to do the blue violet, red orange, yellow green, and blue green colors that are part of the book.

  10. Christine B.

    I love the harder dot to dot books!I love the more complex dot to dot. They start with 1-70 and eventually go from 1 -150. On one side there is this and the other side of the sheet are color by number which my daughter is NOT interested in.

  11. Amazon Mom

    Absolutely love this productAbsolutely love this product. My four year old son was having difficulty counting past 50 but once he started working in this book he was able to count to 150 in no time at all. He loved this book and completed several pages each day. This was our introduction to Kumon which we enjoyed so much that I bought several other Kumon books.

  12. Jessica S.

    I like the other Kim on books better; my 3 yr old still too young for thisI like the Kumar uppercase and lower case letters and maze books for my 3 yr old. This says ages 4-5-6 so I understand it’s not his age group but there’s only 2 activities. The other books have more variety (different activities on each page whereas this is only color by number and connect the dots).

  13. Julie Lettis

    This book has great engaging games and exercises to help learn numbersThis book has great engaging games and exercises to help learn numbers. My 5-year old has trouble identifying double digit numbers but the tracing and finding numbers in this book have helped him learning in a more fun way.

  14. Chintan Pandya

    great product, buy it!My 3 y/o loves all the kumon books and this one is no exception. She’s learning how to count and the games, though somewhat challenging for her are fun.

  15. Isabella Weber

    My 4 year old loves this bookGreat dot-to-dots and color by numbers. Good fit for my 4 year old.

  16. AdrienneBeamesderfer

    Keeps learning funWe have used the Kumon Learning system since beginning homeschool. Each book has been wonderful and builds on the previous book. We love how there is a suggested course plan to use when working with the books. I have suggested this learning program to many other homeschool friends.

  17. Amazon Customer

    Four Stars

  18. Annabel Mendez

    Start with the right one.I should have started with 1-70, but went straight to this one because my son is 5. I think I overwhelmed him and he got bored after a while. The series is great, but my recommendation is to start at the beginning and build up.

  19. Chilly Winters

    I would recommend this book to other parents who wants to give …My 3 year old truly loves his number and games book. I would recommend this book to other parents who wants to give their children a head start before entering into pre-k.

  20. Waly

    Great bookChild has requested this item three times!

  21. Aki

    Not age-appropriate for ages 4.5.6Background: For my 41/2 old child. She finished “Are you ready for Kindergarten?” (for ages 4-5/numbers up to 1-30) previously and enjoyed it so much. This Number games 1-150 is for ages 4.5.6.Cons:-Numbers for connecting dots are way small and too close to each other for that age group.-Connecting dots game: Very first game/least numbers start with 1-70. I think it should started with much less numbers, and should gradually increase number up to 1-150 or less for that age group.-This book has reputation of only two types of games: connecting dots and coloring numbers.I wish, for these age group, they could have more variety of games, such as tracing, counting and missing numbers, etc.

  22. Eileen

    Four StarsGreat book.

  23. Ecatch

    Great books!!Son used this over summer and Kumon books are amazing! Engaging and our son loved them!!

  24. PAMELA

    Great for my preschoolerwe love these books. My preschooler loved pretending to do homework, while learning at the same time. Awesome start prior to getting into preschool or kindergarten.

  25. J. Sullivan

    six year old loves it!My six year old received this for xmas and loves it! He definitely has always enjoyed dot to dot and color by number, so this book is a hit with him. The Kumon workbooks really are great quality books, and I would recommend them highly!

  26. Debbie

    Five StarsNice book, clean copy. Will help both my kindergartener and my 2nd grader. Well pleased

  27. M. K. Kurtzman

    Good numbering practiceAll of the Kumon books have been a good addition to my girls(5) library. She loves them and it is educational…

  28. Justatad

    greatMy daughter had trouble with counting. This was fun. By the end she could do the dot to dot backwards, forwards and by tens

  29. Jennifer Baranowsky

    not very excitingThis was not one of our favorite Kumon workbooks. It consists of dot to dots and color by numbers. Thats pretty much it.If your child likes that, then this is the book for you. It does teach number order well through repetition.

  30. Katherine Schiselr

    Number gamesKumon is quickly becoming a family favorite. My 3 year old love puzzles and the Kumon workbooks are easy to follow, give direction to parents, and make it easy to get the next book in your child’s progression.

  31. Book lover

    Excellent!My children loved the book and its activities. It has plenty of dot to dot and coloring. Would highly recommend!

  32. Yelizaveta

    Teaching toolWe are fans of Kumon workbooks. This is just another one of their wonderful products. Fun and challenging for children.

  33. Hyeeun Kim

    i love iti love this number gamesmy 5years daughter can`t count 1 to 100.but she practice everyday and she can count now.

  34. Jan

    Five Starskindergartner loves it. Wants to work in it every night.

  35. Nimal

    Not for a 4 year oldI wonder if an average 4 or 5 year old child can do this book. It is good for a 6 or 7 year old child.

  36. Mom

    Kumon is good but not its seller.It’s sold brand new item but used about first 20 pages.

  37. Amazon Customer

    Five StarsGreat workbook at a great proce

  38. Kindle Customer

    Five StarsGreat work book, a lot of stuff inside

  39. SS

    Five Starsgood books My 4 year loves them.

  40. linda21

    Book of number gamesMy grandson loves it

  41. Michael Walters

    I could have just printed out dot to dot pages …I could have just printed out dot to dot pages for my daughter, I thought this would be more diverse. Not worth the extra money.

  42. Judy H

    Five StarsGreat gift for children!

  43. Susan

    hours of fungreat fun.

  44. Suzanne Stern

    Five StarsFun numbers games!

  45. chieko sato

    Five StarsGood

  46. Aymara Reddoch

    Five Starsok

  47. A.S.

    Another great Kumon book!My 6 year old son loves this book. I also love it because while he has fun he is reviewing his numbers.

  48. Anonymous

    One StarELLIOTT Elliott

  49. Minnie

    One StarBoring and heavy book.

  50. homeschool_mama

    Great Book For Number Recognition!The Kumon series of books works by empowering children to succeed on their own. The books get successively more difficult as they build upon skills learned from the previous pages, so that by the end of the book the child has a sense of accomplishment and be ready to move on to the next level. The instructor is more of a mentor or coach than a teacher in a classroom.The Number Games 1-150 book is designed to help develop recognize and recite number from 1 to 150. It has a lot of fun color by number activities and dot-to-dot activities. I bought it for my 3.5 year old because he knows his numbers 1-100, but it really should be reserved for 4-6 as the book suggests. Not because of number recognition, but because of the complexity of the colorings and the dot-to-dots. For example, the child is asked to color 92 red, 94 red violet, 97 yellow, and 98 blue violet. The spaces to color are rather small and it takes a lot of dexterity to do it. On the dot-to-dots, all the numbers are so clustered together, he is always asking for help to find the next one. Just something to keep in mind if your child is younger, they might still have a problem with the advanced nature of this book. That said, this is a great book for the 4-6 age range. The illustrations are well designed, intriguing, and really fun. I would have LOVED to have had this book as a kid! It’s a great addition to the Kumon series of books.One tip: If you have more than one child, make copies of the pages for your children to trace instead of in the book itself. That way you can make as many copies as you need, especially if your child likes one in particular and wants to do the same one again and again.

  51. Susan K. Schoonover

    Five Stars For The Color By Number And Three For The Dot To DotThough Kumon calls this book Number Games it is basically a set of 38 dot to dot pictures and 38 color by number pictures that reveal a hidden picture when completed correctly. The book alternates between the two types of activities and they become increasingly more difficult as the student works their way through the book. I especially like the color by number pictures as they reinforce color words as well as number recognition and following direction skills. However for some reason the authors refer to pink as “carnation pink” and distinguish between such colors as red violet and purple violet which could be confusing if the child’s crayon box calls these colors by different names. There are small finished examples (in color) of what both types of pictures should look like when done according to the directions at the back so the child can self check if they like. All in all a fun activity book.

  52. Bar fly now Mama

    Not sure stillI bought this for my daughter when she was 5. She is now 7, and every once in a while will do the dot-to-dot. She doesn’t like following the color by number pages much at all. It seems like such a clever book… but she just hasn’t taken to it like I thought. Saying that, I do bring it along when we go out to dinner… it seems to keep her attention until the food arrives.

  53. Karen G

    I’m sure he will enjoy every pageI bought this book for my nephew who is 5 years old and fascinated with numbers.The book is exactly what I expected. I’m sure he will enjoy every page.

  54. Peter

    Kumon Books are GreatKumon books are great for the kids to grasp the concept and gain practical experience of the concepts in a very lucid way.

  55. ohno

    good practise exercisegood praticise.

  56. Biba

    GreatGood practice for preschoolers

  57. Dicky Poon

    Kids bookGood for kids

  58. Cliente Amazon

    Buenos para aprender los númerosSon libros muy buenos para que los niños aprendan los números. En general a mis dos hijos les han gustado mucho mientras eran pequeños. Tienen un precio lo suficientemente bueno para comprarlos y te ahorras tener que buscar material similar por internet e imprimirlos. Creo que merecen la pena. Mis hijos hicieron Kumon en academia, y aunque el material es parecido, no es igual, no sustituye al trabajo de la academia, pero es bueno para empezar.

  59. bunnybuster78

    My kids learnt numbers fastBoth my son and daughter used this book to learn numbers. They love this book ..the color and the drawing interest them. They learnt numbers fast. I just wish all pages are dot-to-dot exercise, without color by numbers.

  60. Edofippo

    Very happy with these productsI bought these book for my sister that has down syndrome, i think that really stimulate her mind and she likes passing her time doing these exercises too! I bought even others of the same type! Very happy with these products.

  61. Jocelyn Hedacan

    Highly recommendedit’s a very good tool for young kids to remember numbers. i am very happy that my kids are using Kumon books.

  62. Amazon Customer

    Excellent Product, Fast DeliveryExcellent Product, Fast Delivery

  63. danny muna

    Fun activitiesMy daughter loves it

  64. Cliente Amazon


  65. Oriana C.

    FantásticoMi niño de 5 años está loco con este y otros números que le compré, no lo suelta

  66. Greg Ekland

    goodgood book

  67. Amazon Customer

    Five Starsits a good pratice

  68. Angelina

    Educativo y divertidoMuy entretenido para mi niño. Excelente material.

  69. Pavan Khosla

    Five StarsGood

  70. Lola

    Five Starsrecommended


    great bookthough high price and not an indian book, i recommend.

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