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Kumon workbooks are based on the “Kumon Method”, an educational philosophy that aims at unlocking the full learning potential of each individual child. The Kumon Method introduces learning concepts in an incremental, step-by-step approach, allowing children to master new skills easily and without anxiety or frustration. As a result, children gain confidence in their abilities and are motivated to learn on their own.

Over 3.5 million children around the world use the Kumon Method to develop their math and reading skills. Kumon Math and Reading Centers help students become successful, confident and self-motivated learners.

But its not just the Kumon Method that makes our workbooks special. It’s also the care and research that goes into the editorial content, design and quality of the books. Our editorial experts have more than two decades of experience in producing books that are both fun and educational. Our designers create illustrations that attract and delight children. And the quality of our books is the best of any workbook on the market, with extra thick paper and the best available print quality. From pedagogy to paper, every one of our workbooks has been carefully crafted with your child’s best interests in mind.




Kumon workbooks are based on the “Kumon Method”, an educational philosophy that aims at unlocking the full learning potential of each individual child. The Kumon Method introduces learning concepts in an incremental, step-by-step approach, allowing children to master new skills easily and without anxiety or frustration. As a result, children gain confidence in their abilities and are motivated to learn on their own.

Over 3.5 million children around the world use the Kumon Method to develop their math and reading skills. Kumon Math and Reading Centers help students become successful, confident and self-motivated learners.

But its not just the Kumon Method that makes our workbooks special. It’s also the care and research that goes into the editorial content, design and quality of the books. Our editorial experts have more than two decades of experience in producing books that are both fun and educational. Our designers create illustrations that attract and delight children. And the quality of our books is the best of any workbook on the market, with extra thick paper and the best available print quality. From pedagogy to paper, every one of our workbooks has been carefully crafted with your child’s best interests in mind.

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142 reviews for My Book of Numbers 1 – 120

  1. Gertrude

    This book is good for us.A little background first:My child has a summer birthday, was 4 all last academic year and we homeschooled preschool. He really disliked using pencils or crayons. We tried writing a few times, but it wasn’t working out. To develop the motor skills needed for writing we did Kumon’s My first book of cutting, play dough, finger paint and some coloring with pencils (the day on a calendar for math – Saxon Math K).Several months ago I went to the local school to register him. They informed me that children entering K should know how to write the whole alphabet and the numbers 1-20 and gave me two handouts and the suggestion that we practice. While we decided to homeschool K as well, I want him to “catch up” with his writing and we got a Kumon workbook for upper case letters and this one, because he can count to 100.How I felt about the book before using it:When I got the book I was very skeptical this book would work for him due to last year’s struggles with writing and coloring. Early on it expects the child to trace the numbers and then copy them below in a box. It doesn’t have little numbers or arrows to tell you how to write the numbers properly. I imagine that is available in the Kumon book of numbers 1-30, but I am not sure. I had to look them up to make sure I write them correctly. It happens I do [happy face].To my amazement, he had not trouble copying the numbers after tracing! They are a little wobbly but legible. The book moves quickly as it expects kids already know how to write or understand 1-10. We did a math curriculum that was very hands on last year and he can read the numbers fine, so this book is moving at the right pace for my son. Because after all, when he moves on from 1-10 he is just practicing the same digits over and over. I am not sure that a younger child who is not already very familiar with numbers would do well with this book as his or her first number book and should perhaps start with the Kumon 1-30 book.How we are using the book:I tear out a page from the book and we do one page per day (both sides). If we get a dot-to-dot page I ask him if he wants to do an extra numbers page. He sometimes wants to. For the summer this is all we are doing as far as formal math since I understand next year for K we will be adding and subtracting – which amazes me but that is a topic for another forum.What kinds of games you will find here:Dot-to-dots, tracing and copying, fill in the blank and finding a number sequence.update:While I plan on homeschooling K this next year, I took him to the local school for K “testing” which they had scheduled earlier this year when I went to inquire about K and enrollment before I was sure if we would homeschool or not. He has only been using this book for a few weeks and he aced the part where the teacher asked him to write the numbers 1 through 10 (write NOT copy) in a blank page. He was able to do it fairly well after only practicing with this book.Second update:We are on lesson page 27 and we have now gotten through several “dot to dot” excersices. Some are ok, but some are just not suitable for small children. The numbers are too small and most certainly not in order (from 31 to 80) and require very long lines and lifting the hand to look where the next number is amongst a jumble of numbers. I think these are fun for the parents and frustrating for the kids. Although, surely there will be a few kids who will find this fun… But not my child. I’ve decided to skip all those dot to dots I find innapropriate.For this reason I’m updating my rating from 5 stars “love” to 4 stars “like”.

  2. momof3sweeties

    Awesome book to help your little one remember numbersMy almost 5 year old (now just over 5) was having a really hard time remembering how to write the teen numbers and the ‘ty’ (twenty, thirty, forty) numbers. They do sound very similar when spoken, so I understood how he could be so confused! He was constantly getting them mixed up and no matter how many times I told him that teens start with a 1 and “ty’s” end with a zero, he could just not remember! This book is already helping him remember how to write his numbers properly and he is about 1/4 of the way done with it so far. There is a lot of repetition and writing numbers which is EXACTLY what he needs. If your child knows how to write their numbers to 120, then you do not need this book. But if you have a child like mine, who was having a difficult time with certain numbers, then get this book!!! My son also gets intimidated with ‘hard’ worksheets or worksheets that take a long time to do, but this book is laid out perfectly. It has not been intimidating for his at all, and he really does enjoy doing the pages in this workbook (although when I received this book and looked at it, I really didn’t think he would because of all of the writing numbers). I’m glad I was wrong and I’m so very glad I bought this book.

  3. S. Kinzer

    Great Supplemental LearningWe just found out that our son’s new school would like all incoming Kindergarten students to be able to count to 100 and be able to identify their double digit numbers. Since he can currently count to 13 and only recognizes 0 – 10, we bought some workbooks to work on over the spring and summer. We bought this and the Hooked on Math Kindergarten Activities book. I was worried that he would find the Kumon book less exciting, but he really enjoys doing these worksheets (and he is not a kid who usually enjoys sitting at a table type work). I had only planned for him to do 2 pages per night – but he likes to do 3 or 4. (This may slow down as he gets to the more complicated pages in the back.) In addition to learning the numbers, he is also developing his fine motor / handwriting skills. Each page only takes a few minutes, and we reward him with a sticker for each page completed. We do 15 minutes of homework time, 5 or 6 nights a week. We like this Kumon book and will be buying others from the series.

  4. Quisae

    This one is great prep for KindergartenI got this for my younger son and realized it is very similar to the work my older son did in Kindergarten. He loves the dot to dots. He wears out quickly on the other pages but enjoys them. He really knows his numbers up to 120 because of this book.

  5. Pewter68

    Great Sequencing BookThis book really drills down to one of the basic skills of the “Kumon Method”…namely, sequencing. If your student knows how to count, how to place numbers in a sequential order, then you really have laid the groundwork for a firm foundation in math. This workbook also helps the young student to learn how numbers are oriented so that the student doesn’t write numbers backwards.I honestly wish I’d used this for my 3rd grader when she was in Kindergarten or earlier, as it would have helped her transition into Kindergarten far more smoothly. I had imagined incorrectly that Kindergarten was about learning to count to 20, like it was when my now 9th grader was in Kindergarten. That concept is a thing of the past. Now, students are challenged to write to 100 and count forwards and backwards from 100. And that’s in Kindergarten. Wow. Times have sure changed in education. Help yourself and help your child’s confidence by making sure they know sequencing from the very start. This workbook will really assist you in that task.

  6. Liz

    Great product to get ready for kindergarten!This is a great book to help you get ready for kindergarten. One of the curriculum standards is that the children are able to count to 30. My 5 year old daughter saw the connect the dots puzzles where you count out loud, and connect the dots, and she couldn’t get enough of this book. She basically sat for 45 minutes trying to do every single one, and she didn’t mind counting out loud. There are also many other repetitive exercises to help you get to know your numbers. She was interested in those as well. But so far we have at least one exercise that is a hit with her. I would highly recommend buying this product if you have a 4 year old and you want to get her ready for kindergarten. I will buy this product again when my 2 year old is able to complete the exercises at the right age.

  7. stephan

    Quality workbook for young kids!My granddaughter is presently working on this workbook of numbers 1-120. It’s holding her interest and she is learning simultaneously. This is a workbook that I highly recommend as a parent, grandparent, and librarian.

  8. TheCaravanClub

    A great supplement for homeschooling!We are using this workbook as a supplement to our homeschooling. My boys love it! I like how it is not all writing, but there are number puzzles mixed in too! My boys hate to color, so I like that this book doesn’t require any coloring.

  9. Amber R

    Great of TK, K, 1st grades.Perfect for NON T-K 4yr old. Good art work. Thick card stock paper. Fill in the blank certificate of completion in the back. There are a LOT of dot-2-dots/ every 2nd page. They could have come up with something a little more creative. I do not like the pages have the tiny answer in the box. My smarty pants has learned not to think for himself, but to copy the little answer. This would be great for kids who are learned and as well as kids who just need some practice.

  10. familyguy

    Really good numbers practice for 4-5 year oldsDue to Covid, like all other parents, I am also home schooling my kids. This is an excellent book and really helped my 4 year old learn his numbers (both to read as well as write) . Definitely recommend!

  11. MB

    Best book for learning higher numbersSo awesome for helping my child not only recognize bigger numbers, but also to get in lots of practice writing those numbers.

  12. Legally Blonde

    Great book, nice picturesGreat book, nice pictures. Helps you have a guide to teach your little ones. I would recommend that you buy a pad of lined paper for your child to practice the numbers you are working on since you only review them a handful of times. It does not have enough pages for your child to repeatedly practice so they learn the number and work on penmanship. Other than that it’s a great book.

  13. J. Gold

    Holds 5 year old boy’s interestKumon’s “My Book Of Numbers 1-120 really holds my 5 year old grandson’s attention. He is very interested in numbers, counting and simple addition and subtraction. This is the second Kumon numbers book I have given him and he is enthusiastic about using them. He is now counting to 130, accurately and without help,because he wanted to count higher than the book goes, a bit competitive I guess. He also likes the connect the dots exercises. Best of all, the Kumon books help him to follow directions, which is the thing he most needs to learn before he starts Kindergarten next year.

  14. Amethyst25

    A solid foundationOne of the requirements by the end of Kindergarten is counting and writing to 100. I used this workbook as part of my summer bridge program for a child who needs to learn at a slower pace who will be enter Kindergarten in the fall. This workbook really doesn’t require a lot of writing so it keeps the child from getting burnt out. It involves the child by suggesting the parent encourages the child to point and say the numbers. Other activities include dot-to-dot, fill in the missing numbers and following directions by circling a certain group of numbers. This book would also be great for a preschool age child ready to advance further.

  15. LJ

    Kumon bookPerfect for summer leaning.

  16. AL

    This is what we needYes this is what we need

  17. Rob Goblin

    In depth and well thought outWhile this workbook is a bit thin it doesnt skip on content. The excercises progress at a good rate and remain challenging throughout. My only gripe is that i wish it was 50 pages longer. Hands down the best number related workbook ive purchased.

  18. June1985

    AwesomeI love this book I helped my 5 year old with both counting and number recognition.

  19. MasalaMarsala

    My son cannot read as yet and so he often …My son cannot read as yet and so he often finds activity books frustrating, because they required my explanations to help him proceed. Although the exercises sometimes require explanation, I find that he is able to intuit the task at hand and proceed on his own. This means he is more excited and has a greater sense of accomplishment. There is a combination of writing and tracing which keeps things interesting. At our home, this book is a hit!

  20. FranS18

    Great book for homeschooling!I used this book for my son for homeschool last school yr! It helped him a lot with counting and writing numbers as well!

  21. Sharon Peters

    Great practice and confidence builderWe just finished this book the day before my son’s 5th birthday. We really liked it. It is great for practicing not only counting but writing legible numbers, identifying patterns, dot-to-dot activities (his favorite). It begins very simply and slowly gets more advanced, but the kids barely notice it. It was fun for him and he often wanted to do several lessons’ worth of work in a sitting… this from a very energetic little boy who can usually not sit still. Recommend this book and am looking for more of these to follow.

  22. Amazon Customer

    Adding to math skillsBooks look great for my 5-6yr old Kinder girl. I homeschool and we did Singapore books but needed a bit more to supplement math skills. These books are high quality, look perfect for us! Writing 1-120 workbook pages look great. It’s hard to buy school books online.

  23. Amazon Customer

    Great book for learning numbersi will continue to buy more for my grandson.

  24. J&A khan

    I like itUse this for my homeschooler, it’s a quickBook to get through helps reinforce bigger numbers

  25. AnnettenMila

    Great toolI love these workbooks- great for kids who need that repetition when learning

  26. ashley witherspoon

    Missing pages!I bought this to get my 4 year old ahead before school, since she will also be learning Arabic this fall too. It has a lot of blank pages, like 15 pages worth of completely blank pages. I’m really upset about this purchase. I bought this and had a family member to bring it to me in the UAE, so I can’t return it! To buy this book here, it 3x the price. But other than the blank pages, it would have been a great book.

  27. Kindle Customer

    Great variety of activities for little ones!Great book for long car rides. Lots of fun activities!

  28. Andrea

    Helps with counting and writing numbers in order.My 4 year old loves these kumon books. They help children grasp the concepts while enjoying learning.

  29. sarfaraz qureshi


  30. Zalak

    Great introduction to numbersGood book to start with.

  31. Vikrant Bansal

    Good bookIt is good book.

  32. Kindle Customer

    Excellent workbookExactly the practice my children 5 and 7years needed to be proficient at writing reading and recognizing numbers 1-120.

  33. Amazon Customer

    he was very happy to work on this bookit helped my son a lot….he was very happy to work on this book…😊👍

  34. Kamalakar

    Goodgood but not for kindergarten.

  35. Bethany

    Great WorkbooksWe homeschool and we love the Kumon Workbooks. They are great for my preschoolers and my kindergartener. The preschooler loves to “do school” like her older siblings and this is fast and yet she’s learning. Love it.

  36. Katieelle

    Not what I expectedSo having worked as a pre k assistant teacher, and having an array of issues with the center my kid was at and them not teaching her stuff.. i was recommended this product to introduce numbers.. this is not good for kids under six.. its mainly just connect the numbers.. and then writing numbers.. if you want to introduce bigger numbers to kids I highly suggest you opt for scholastics pre k or kindergarten readiness books.. or find ones at the library.

  37. Mrs. Baylor

    Awesome!!!!My 41/2 yr old loves these

  38. Nia

    Easy to followMade learning numbers easy for my 3 year old!

  39. Anna Kline

    Five StarsWe absolutely Love Kumon workbooks! They keep my daughter busy and interested! Wonderful educational activity to do together 🙂

  40. Carrie

    A good bookGreat for learning

  41. Amanda

    Love itThis book is great for my homeschooled child.

  42. Brian M. Lewis

    Good bookSon just turned 5 and now knows 0-120.

  43. Eva

    Perfect for after the 1-30 Kumon workbookMy daughter will use this book once she’s done with the Kumon 1-30 book. My six year old needed extra practice with her numbers and these books are perfect.

  44. HW

    My 5 years daughter love this bookMy 5 years daughter love this book. I let her pratice evey 2 daya. Im happy with this book too.

  45. Maverick

    Good Teaching Tools For Children!Greatest tool by far, to teach our little one the numbers! My wife actually copied all the pages multiple times and just kept at it, until he knew his numbers!

  46. SouthFLFan

    Good book!Book arrived on time and in new condition. I was looking for more activities with numbers. Overall is good and I’m using it for three different age groups 3/4/5 yrs old.

  47. Angel M.

    This book did the trick in a fun, repetitive wayMy five year old needed help learning her kindergarten numbers. This book did the trick in a fun, repetitive way. Thank you!

  48. sschleigh

    Four StarsI little simpler than I expected, but still good

  49. K.C. Dressler

    Excellent!Great book to use with young kids to master their numbers. Love the way it has children master each set of numbers before moving on the next group of numbers.

  50. John H. Fletcher

    Best source for my kids after school studyingCan’t go wrong with Kumon. Best source for my kids after school studying!

  51. Dana Crowe

    KUMON is the best!we love these KUMON books because we homeschool and we incorporate them into our curriculm. I like the design and concept how they start out east and build in difficulty.

  52. tati1435

    Great book! Highly recommendGreat book! Highly recommend. And my daughter gets motivated as she goes through each page. The book really makes it easy to learn.

  53. kasingergirl

    My 4yo loves working in this book!! I …My 4yo loves working in this book!! I have already ordered a few more of the Kumon workbooks for him!

  54. cin

    school ah……………….got this for our kindergarden grandson,to help with math ,” he likes working onthis book ( i hope he passes). so good luck austin

  55. Comic book Guy

    Kumon basefIt’s Kumon, it has to be good

  56. E. Melcher

    Preschooler Loved itIf your kid is interested in numbers this is a great place to start. My pre-k boy loved working in it.

  57. LuvDaZon

    Five StarsLove these, great quality and keeps the kids interested!

  58. AJ

    Good review!This is great for reviewing and practicing writing and recognizing these numbers! My son has loved the little tracing/puzzles in this book!

  59. Nadia Talukder

    Five Starsexcellent book

  60. Jesse

    Five Starsjust as described shipped quickly

  61. Amazon shopper 85

    Five StarsGreat curriculum!

  62. Nurse

    Good buy!My son hates them, but his studying skills are improving this Summer!

  63. veronica cachiarelli

    Five StarsExcelente

  64. Nancy

    Five StarsThe best weekend tool.

  65. Huong T. Dinh

    Five StarsThis book really help my kindergarten kid get through numbers easily

  66. Mary Ann Chatman

    Five Starsgreat for teaching.

  67. Elizabeth Poor

    Five StarsAs expected.

  68. STK

    Excellent product and servicesExcellent product and services

  69. Wendy

    Five Starsjust what i was looking for

  70. CSA

    Five StarsAwesome material

  71. Amazon Customer

    Five Starsgreat

  72. Becky Foster

    good productGranddaughter loved it!

  73. Elizabeth Thomas

    Five StarsMy niece loves this!

  74. Kayla Lollis

    Bought new. Arrived used.I mean, I can erase the writing, but if I had time for that I’d just use her sister’s old book.

  75. John

    Great learning toolMy kids love this and are learning.

  76. Ed

    Five StarsGreat Book !!!!!

  77. Chilly Winters

    Five StarsExcellent book!

  78. Aymara Reddoch

    Five Starsok

  79. EDINMO

    Five StarsGreat product

  80. Tommy Luu

    Five StarsGreat! Love it! 🙂

  81. Frank

    nahIts to easy for a kid to cheat and not learn… Id recommend for Tk but not Kinder..

  82. John Bowman

    Remember to use real objects firstThe Kumon books are all good, once a child is ready to use workbooks. Since most adults remember using workbooks in school, we assume they are appropriate for young children. 4-6 year olds usually enter a sensitive period of interest in math at some point, but they are in a period of development where gaining experience with three dimensional objects is their primary need. Math is easily taught to young children, as in Montessori schools, as a logical sequence of skills, with practice toward mastery at each step. It is vital to start a young child out with discrete groups of up to 10 real, identical objects first, giving her a lot of practice in counting and identifying them. Then the numerals 0-10 are learned using sandpaper numerals. The final step is matching the amounts and numerals. this progresses on up to 100, always using actual objects for amounts. Without this critical experience with real objects, children are not properly prepared for abstract work such as workbooks. Once they are ready, the Kumon books are a great choice. Take a look at 

    Help Your Preschooler Build a Better Brain: Early Learning Activities for 2-6 Year Old Children

     for a first sequence of math activities for 3-6 year olds based on how math is taught in Montessori preschools. Using these methods, children reach elementary school already doing math at a 3-4th grade level. See more ideas at […]

  83. Onlyconnect2

    Great way for a 4.5 yr old to learn to count to 100!!!Great way for a 4.5 yr old to learn to count to 100!!!

  84. OOOps

    used but no usablethis book is for kids to color a pictures. all pictures already colored by other kids. this book cannot be resold.shame on you. never buy from “internationalbooks”

  85. Liz Clementi

    Great!!This book was very fun for my daughter. Shes in kindergarden and it was very helpful. 🙂

  86. Caleya

    Five StarsI love this book for my 5 year old

  87. AstraDaemon

    Not A Great Kumon WorkbookI usually love using Kumon workbooks in my son’s homeschool curriculum, but this one was a slight disappointment. There are four types of exercises: tracing numbers, fill in missing numbers in sequence, circle specific numbers (identification), and dot-to-dots. The repetition helps retention, but I had a few issues with the set-up.1) In some of the sequence exercises, there are two rows of numbers, but some numbers have been skipped at the end or beginning of each row, so it’s not a complete number sequence. I don’t know how skipping numbers is suppose to help learn to count properly.2) The dot-to-dots come in three sizes: large font with visible pathways, medium font, and a tiny font that might be hard for some kids to focus on. Some of the patterns were a little more complex than what I expected for 4-6 year olds. Also, my left-handed child couldn’t always see the numbers he was looking for, especially with the tiny font.3) Kumon workbooks are bound pretty tightly, and they are not perforated, so I usually have to hold the workbooks open for my son. This was difficult with some pages that were written horizontally; my son had to stretch across one page just to write on the adjoining page.While my son does know how to count to 120 now, both my son and I were grateful to be done with it.I would recommend just using 

    Numbers 1-100 Flash Cards

     or the 

    Number Cheap Chart 1-100

    , since there wasn’t any computation in this workbook anyway.

  88. Steve

    Kids love these books!I have young twins. One of them will grab these books and a crayon and traces & draws nearly an hour. He won’t even watch TV that long. He goes from front to back of the book and when he’s done, he starts at the front again. He doesn’t even care that he already has drawn on a page, he just traces again over and over. I have bought every book in the series.

  89. PRichmond

    Good as a fun activity for the more advanced childI got this book as a beginning math book for my children. I like to use these books as a nice supplement and sometimes base for my children’s homeschooling. They completed Numbers 1-20 of this Kumon series but by the time they finished that book, they were ready for something more advanced. I can’t recommend this book because it turned out that my children didn’t really “need” it after the first one. They would, however, now appreciate it as a different fun activity.

  90. Frankie

    My book of Numbers 1-120 (Kumon WorkbooksThis is a very good book. My daughters were only a couple of months over 4yrs when I introduced them to it and they soaked it up like a sponge. I like the way it is laid out in stages and follow on of dot-to-dots to review. They are now 41/2 yrs and count to 120+. They can also do the dot to dots to 120 and we are slowly moving on to 200.A really great book.

  91. Amazon Customer

    A structure that worksThe way Kumon structures their learning books really works. My kindergartener has surprised me by knowing his numbers to 120 after just doing the Kumon books

  92. LANE

    Realizando um sonhoTodo em inglês.


    Very good book to help 4 years old to learn and improve numbers recognition and writing.Amazing book, bought it for our 4 years old son. He was very interested and wanted to do more. While deciding whether we should buy the book, I wanted to see some sample pages inside to decide, so thought of posting this review as it might help others to decide. Few things I liked are:1. Good page quality, easy to rub and correct.2. Good repetition for kids to practise well before moving.3. Colourful book.4. And has combination of joining the dots, fill in, tracing etc., thus not boring for them.As we move further pages we would know if he can cope with the progress of book for higher numbers. Would comment about that later.

  94. Cliente Amazon

    Motivador para los pequesUn método fácil para que los peques aprendan los números, no es el primero que compro, este tipo de libros están muy bien. Los recomiendo, es aconsejable hacerlo todos los días, aunque sea poco, así van asimilando.

  95. Alison Lane

    Great book helping children focus on counting and writing to 120.I have bought alot of these books for my 4 year old. He will only do a couple of pages at a time. But I think the repetition is a good idea. I had the early version of this book which just went to 30 and wanted to get this one to help my son progress to 100. Its much more colourful than the other one and I think he will enjoy it even more.

  96. De Souza

    GenialC’est un excellent cahier d’activités, Il y a 80 pages d’exercices avec un certificat à la fin.Aucun défaut.Je vous recommande.

  97. Neera

    SimpleI bought this for my 6 year old son during lock down to catch up his Maths during this pandemic. The book is very simple and easy to understand.By the time he reached 3 rd page he was able to pick up the concept and started doing on its own .Will definitely Recommend this book 100 %

  98. FELIPE O.S.

    Ótimo para auxiliar as crianças a aprenderem os núm. de 1 a 120. Possui 40 capítulos com 2 pág. cadaExcelente recurso para auxiliar as crianças a aprenderem os números de 1 a 120. Possui 40 capítulos com 2 páginas cada, aqui en casa fizemos 1 capítulo por dia e agora meu filho de 5 anos consegue identificar os números com maior velocidade sem confundir-se.

  99. Kiwi

    Clear printing!My 4-years-old son was happy when he saw the book, Because he likes number puzzle and maze very much. And also this is very good book for him to learn numbers.

  100. Anneliese S

    Great to take preschoolers throughLoving this! Love taking my 4year old through his numbers. It is nicely laid out and easy for them to understand.

  101. MrsGoofy

    Simple, repetitive & intelligent.I’ve purchased many workbooks in the previous years but none live up to Kumon. After reading so many positive reviews I purchased a couple from additions to simple subtractions for my 5 yr old boy. I expected the books to be thin and small but they arrived A4 size and reasonably thick, enough work for the year I’m sure! It starts off with basic numbers and slowly progresses throughout with handwriting practice. Other kids workbook tend to have 2 pages on one topic and skips to another, kumon enables them to focus on one subject and progresses slowly. My son loves it because it makes it so simple.

  102. MP

    Je recommande ce livreJ’aime le livre, mon fils aussi. La seule chose qui m’a déçu c’est le facteur qui a signé à ma place.

  103. Val

    Great pre-k bookWe love it!

  104. Beah

    Works wellRepetitive but my son did not find it boring at all. There are only 3-4 types of exercises repeated throughout, adding more numbers as you go along, but my son also appreciated the cute and varied illustrations and that helped to keep him interested. I guess it depends on the child. Mine is going through a numbers-obsessed phase, so this was perfect. Does work in terms of teaching these numbers in sequence and his handwriting improved a lot by the end with all the practise.

  105. Edyta


  106. Rupna

    ExcellentGood book

  107. Jessie

    Very useful for my sonHighly recommended if you would like your kids familiar with numbers, suitable to 3-4 years old children. And only takes 5-8 mins per page.

  108. gina Theodore

    RecommendAm in love my little girl love am happy

  109. A Shahid

    Excellent – This is one of the best items bought on amazonExcellent – This is one of the best items bought on amazon

  110. Cliente Amazon

    Buenos para aprender los númerosSon libros muy buenos para que los niños aprendan los números. En general a mis dos hijos les han gustado mucho mientras eran pequeños. Tienen un precio lo suficientemente bueno para comprarlos y te ahorras tener que buscar material similar por internet e imprimirlos. Creo que merecen la pena. Mis hijos hicieron Kumon en academia, y aunque el material es parecido, no es igual, no sustituye al trabajo de la academia, pero es bueno para empezar.

  111. Yumiko Shimokawa

    Fun to learn numbers with this book.My daughter goes to Kumon class for English. So I brought for help her math development. Kumon is always great method for children’s education. I love the Kumon style and quality. My daughter also like to do it. Recommend children education book!

  112. Manish

    Nice bookA nice book for number practice .

  113. Jocelyn Hedacan

    Highly Recommendedit’s a very good tool for young kids to remember numbers. i am very happy that my kids are using Kumon books.

  114. Juan Pedro Ruiz Gimenez

    excelentelo recomiendo, es uno de los mejores libros que he visto para el aprendizaje de los niños, el mtodo Kumon es lo mejor que hay para l desarrollo mental de los peques

  115. Felixbelix

    SuperMy 4 year old staunchly ploughed his way through this and persevered even when the numbers got much bigger than those he was using at school. He was very proud when he finished it and was straight into the next book (which is quite tough).

  116. Pro Shopper

    Five StarsPerfect to learn numbers.

  117. Samir

    Five Starsmy son loved it

  118. Luciana Amorim

    Bom pra ajudar mais na alfabetização MatemáticaÓtimo auxílio.

  119. Jomacs

    Great book!This book is fantastic! It really helps to reinforce learning all the numbers 1-120 for my children. My son and daughter enjoy working in it, and ask to do so on their own.

  120. nyssalalala

    It seems to pretty much repeat the same thing over and overIt seems to pretty much repeat the same thing over and over. My 5-year-old son isn’t too interested in it.

  121. Patty Poppins

    Numbers 1 -120 very goodGranddaughters love this book

  122. Cliente Amazon


  123. Darrien

    Gutes Vorschulbuchwir haben das Buch in der Vorschulzeit bearbeitet und waren sehr zufrieden. Die Inhalte wurden sehr oft wiederholt so das sich der Lerninhalt sehr gut einprägt.Am Ende des Buches können die Kinder die Zahlen bis 120 schreiben und benennen.

  124. Patricia Finney

    … is almost 5 loves this book it is a great source of learning numbers and also the correct way …My Granddaughter who is almost 5 loves this book it is a great source of learning numbers and also the correct way to form them.

  125. D

    Simple yet effectiveLots of repetition that has helped my daughter with her learning. Would recommend.

  126. Karen

    Great for kidsGood fit kid to play with whilst also learning at the same time. She loves it!

  127. Nur

    Great workbook for learning numbersI do love kumon workbooks and this one was good too. The great thing about kumon books is that once you’ve finished one, there’s another one that you can move onto.

  128. Angelina

    Mas práctica en manejo de numeros. Colorido y les permite trabajar independientesMuy buen complemento para mi niño que ya trabaja en programa de Kumon.

  129. Vicky

    Another great Kumon bookThese books are all real winnersd. My son usually lives them so much that he doesnt want to put them away after doing a few exercises.

  130. Serena McCormack

    Exactly what I orderedNo complaints

  131. MNA CC

    Siempre geniales kumonMuy didácticos

  132. buyer

    Five StarsHappy fast delivery

  133. Prasath

    Five StarsGood

  134. katieS

    Good for reinforcing the basicsMy daughter lives this and her maths is really improvingLots of repetition gives confidence.Good for reinforcing key stage 1

  135. Pavan Khosla

    Five StarsGood

  136. Maria Luisa Pont Verges

    Five Starsexcellent book for learning numbers

  137. Begoña García Martínez

    GENIALUna forma diferente de hacer matemáticas. Es un sistema que les motiva a hacer más matemáticas. Es muy ameno .

  138. Cliente Amazon

    My Book of Numbers, 1-120 …Livro é excelente eu recomendo a todos os pais que querem ensinar ou exercitar os seu filhos, pois a matemática é importante.

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    Five StarsItem as Described. Thank you~~

  140. Duncas

    good. time

  141. Lola

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    great bookjust a great book.

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