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This workbook is designed to improve children’s abilities with tools such as scissors and glue. Exercises start with cutting out parts and pasting them onto designated places on each page to complete a picture. Gradually, the pictures become more complex and the child is eventually asked to decide freely where the parts should go. Children enjoy variations added to the illustrations by cutting and pasting, and as they do so, they taste the joy of creating things with their hands.

8 ¼ × 11 ⅔ inches. paperback. 80 pages. full color. US $7.95 / C $8.95




This workbook is designed to improve children’s abilities with tools such as scissors and glue. Exercises start with cutting out parts and pasting them onto designated places on each page to complete a picture. Gradually, the pictures become more complex and the child is eventually asked to decide freely where the parts should go. Children enjoy variations added to the illustrations by cutting and pasting, and as they do so, they taste the joy of creating things with their hands.

8 ¼ × 11 ⅔ inches. paperback. 80 pages. full color. US $7.95 / C $8.95

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96 reviews for My Book of Pasting

  1. Agata Ko

    A very nice book with high quality content – could use perforated pages thoughI like almost everything about this book. I like the quality of print, I like the activities included.Sometimes I do help a bit the 4 year old that uses it by separating different elements so he won’t cut too far/through another piece by accident. He is pretty good with scissors though.However, I agree with many other comments that mentioned the terrible way the book is constructed. There is no perforation and the guiding line for the parents to cut the pages is too close too the middle of the book to access it with scissors. If you cut too far, you cut through the pictures that a kid needs too cut… If you try to just pull the pages out, you ruin them – I did it in the very beginning but then started using a sharp blade for it. Works much better!

  2. J. Whitehead

    Wonderful cutting and pasting toolWe have this book in addition to Kumon’s Let’s Cut book and love both of them. My son is 4 and has been using scissors since he was 2 and both of these books have really helped him to improve the hand eye coordination necessary to cut “properly”. He now cuts on lines better and has gotten more comfortable with keeping a still scissor hand while the other hand turns the paper. My husband jokes that he will be the best scissor cutter in kindergarten because of these books. This book, in addition to cutting, works on pasting and I think that is also a necessary skill for early learners. Typically to a child “more is better” but these books have shown my son that only a small amount of glue is necessary and he is careful to not over due it and therefor “ruin” his project with glue smears (sidenote: my son is a perfectionist). I look forward to buying the Lets Fold book as well as some of the other workbooks about letters and numbers.

  3. JDM

    Pretty goodInteresting pictures. Varieties of shapes pictures to cut out and put together. One wish… that pages would tear out easier. Overall, good value for the $. Saves time with no prep work, just open the book and pull out the page you want to work on.

  4. Picky User

    Use with the Cutting BookI’m using this in conjunction with My First Book of Cutting with two 3-year-olds and a 4-year-old. The book is easy for the 4-year-old child who attends transitional kindergarten. The 3-year-olds have difficulty cutting, but they plow through it with enthusiasm. What I’ve found is that even though the 3-year-olds have difficulty cutting the straight lines in the Cutting Book, they do a fairly better job with this book.I give my “students” the option of using Elmer’s glue, glue stick, and tape. Two of them use the glue, one uses the glue stick, and all three love to reinforce with tape. Lots of tape. It’s a great activity for children who need to be kept occupied for about 30 minutes, and it teaches them to clean up their work space as well.

  5. Lawrence D.

    Great for non-crafty parents!I’m not a person who particularly likes doing crafts with my kids, nor the mess that those activities entail. This book has given us a great option for building those fine motor skills that cutting and pasting is so valuable in, without lots of planning or mess on my part. My kids love that they’re doing more of these activities, and I love that I can tear a sheet out, explain the simple instructions and let them go at it.

  6. T. Civantos

    Fun and creative product!Fantastic product! I bought this for my 5 year old and he LOVES it. He’s done 30 of the pages since we got it 2 weeks ago. I just tear out the pages for him and he does all the rest himself, so it’s a very hands-off activity for me and keeps him occupied for ages. The cutting work would probably be too tricky for a child younger than 4-ish, so take that into consideration.

  7. Jenn B

    Exactly what I was looking forI got this to use for at-home preschool lessons for my 3yr old. I thought we would have it for awhile. She has blown through the first half of this book because of how much she enjoys it! It gets increasingly challenging which keeps her interested

  8. The Brown Family

    Great book!So many fun projects, my kids had so much fun with it

  9. J. Roberson

    No. Perforation.For the love of all things good, why aren’t these pages perforated??? Every time we have to rip out pages from these books, it looks like a 2-year-old has done it.My daughter loves these, but I dread getting these things out because I can’t nicely rip these pages out. Half the pictures are ripped.It wouldn’t have been that difficult to make these pages perforated. Instead they had a line super close to the binding that we are somehow supposed to cut out 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  10. Leslie

    Works great as a puzzle bookI Love the Kumon range but never got this book cause i thought pasting wasnt really that important for her early development, well I was pleasantly surprised. Each picture is like a puzzle for them to solve and increase in difficulty, its definitely my daughters favourite book in the kumon range. I would use it as a treat after she did 2 pages in alphabet or numbers and I found that she was able to go for almost an hour of learning this way (she is only 2!). If your child is very young like mine, you can just cut the pieces out for them and they stick them on like a fun puzzle.

  11. RMunoz

    My Son Loves TheseMy son (6 yrs) has always had a difficult time with fine motor skills. I bought the Kumon cutting book and this pasting book and he LOVES doing the activities. His fine motor skills have really strengthened by doing the activities and he doesn’t complain when I ask him to do them.

  12. Chris

    Nice book for children to learn cutting and pasting.My son is working his way through this book.It starts where cutting left off. It slowly begins to increase the angles and curves in the cutting portion. Then he has to add the paste and glue it to the picture. Your child will slowly get used to reducing the white part of the color picture as the color borders need to match up with the big picture.He has no problem doing a page or two during his summer holiday to keep his skills sharp.

  13. Tina R.

    Beautiful Quality, Great for Pre-K and younger!The quality of this book is beautiful. The pages are thick and durable, beautiful colors and pictures on the pages. My 4yr old whips through them though, very quickly. But for younger kids it may last longer. It’s really great cutting practice, he really enjoys it, so it was worth it!

  14. Brian Childers

    high quality book!This is a very good quality, very useful activity book, that would meet several uses. Of course in a class room, which is where this will be used in a center. Also, I can see a parent buying this for the child to learn small motor skills.Now, if you’re thinking about making copies of the pages, it wouldn’t work too well do to the color pages. But the quality is very good, with thick, card stock pages.Highly recommended, I have no complaints here.

  15. Blessedmomof3

    Great reward system!My three year old son would complete this whole entire book in one sitting if I allowed him to. I homeschool him (along with his siblings) and use this book as a reward system with him when he completes his school work. It’s really a great book but an adult has to do all of the cutting. The pasting does get harder 10 pages in or so and your little one may need guidance with pasting some parts.

  16. Jake

    I love the simplicity of their workbooksThis is just one of many Kumon workbooks I have bought. I love the simplicity of their workbooks, and I love how unique they are. My daughter is going into 1st grade and I wanted her to have a fun way to strengthen her fine motor skills. She LOVED this workbook. Some of the cute things she made she gave to family members as “gifts” and wrote a special message on the back. Very cute, engaging pictures and not too difficult for 4,5, and 6 year olds.

  17. Julie

    Beautiful and engagingIt’s stunning and it captivated my precocious 4-year-old like no other pasting book I’ve seen yet (we’ve tried a few). I’m thrilled to have bought it.

  18. mrsbateman05

    Love!Love this product! My daughter was 3 1/2 when she started using this book! It starts out very basic and gradually gets more difficult! I’d have to say that the only flaw is getting the pages out. It says to cut along the edge near the binding, and its a bit difficult. After a few pages ripped, I squished the book flat, breaking the binding and was able to tear the pages out from the book that way. I wish the edges had perforated edges to make ripping them out easier and quicker! Other than that, this product is well loved and well used! My daughter now has much more developed cutting and pasting skills!

  19. Victor M Zuniga

    Easy but niceA bit too easy for my 4 year old, but she likes it. And adds a nice variety to other activity books that only have coloring, mazes or tracing. Thick quality pages

  20. nyago28

    Great activity skill bookBought this for my 4yo who likes to do cutting & pasting activities. He has finished all of his kumon cutting books, so I bought this for him. And it seems more challenge. I would let him cut out the pieces, even he couldn’t do it perfectly he was learning and having fun.

  21. Tiffany Jones

    I love the Kumon workbooksI love the Kumon workbooks. My four yr old really enjoys honing in on his cutting technique and now he able to do the fun pasting using his glue sticks. I think that its great that it start out simple and slowly gets a little more complex. While he isnt always perfect in his cutting and pasting, he does have fun!

  22. chris

    Great for preschoolersMy 3 year old loves this book and wanted to do a bunch of the projects each day since it arrived. The paper is thick and good quality. Highly recommend.

  23. HomeschoolMamaofIrishTwins

    We love the Kumon workbooks and how the skills progress through …We used this workbook for our homeschool Pre-K Curriculum. It helped our daughters hone their scissor skills. We love the Kumon workbooks and how the skills progress through the book and the certificate of completion at the end. The certificate is filed away in their portfolios.

  24. Catherine

    My 5yo loves itMy son loves this. We homeschool and this is his incentive to use after completing his other pre-k work. The cutting advances progressively and does get to be appropriately challenging for him. He loves this book.

  25. Lauren Milazzo

    Needs perforated pagesThe pages are impossible to get out. Should be perforated!

  26. Billy A.

    All of Kumon rocksWell, all we’ve done so far. My only regret with these, is that we didn’t find them earlier. We have a stack of them now, and part of how our 5 year old earns video game times “credits” is to complete pages from the various books. They all seem to employ a 3 steps forward 2 steps back method of increasing the challenge level while building the child’s confidence. For the price, the print quality is fantastic.

  27. Stephanie

    Great purchaseWe use this for our schooling and love it

  28. thenjbookworm

    awesome for kids!We have so many of these workbooks but this is definitely my favorite and my kids favorite. i might even buy another one.

  29. JBP

    Great book for even a 3 year old to start …Great book for even a 3 year old to start working with. Teaches them coordination with scissor cutting and the enjoyment of pasting (what kid doesn’t like to glue, paste, or tape?). Simple concept, thick pages for those little hands. I recommend.

  30. S. Hubbel

    Kumon books are the best!These books are so colorful and easy to use. My children can’t keep their hands off them from the moment they arrive! Every day my daughter wants to do several pages in the Book of Pasting. My only problem with this book is that we are going to be finished with it so fast that I think they should make several different pasting books. I have found no other books that compare with Kumon books. I highly recommend them!

  31. Alissa

    Great learning toolThis will help your child learn to use scissors and help with hand eye coordination. The cutting/pasting lessons begin easy and then progressively become more difficult. We really like the Kumon books. We began with the cutting book and then moved on to the pasting book. Now he can cut and paste by himself with no help. 🙂

  32. Lynn Jones

    Fun and easy for kidsMy 4 year old loves pasting. Great book with easy pasting projects.

  33. Shane

    Wonderful workbookVery good quality and easy to use

  34. ducksinarow

    cutting exercise is good, kids loved it, needs adult assemblyMy kids loved this book, they needed a lot of help assembling the pieces though. They are both 5. Also NO WAY will paste work on a lot of these pieces, think scotch tape. It is a good book and I recommend it if you have a child who wants to cut things out and “build” things, however it does require adult assembly.

  35. Photographer

    Always popular at my house!My kids always love books by Kumon!

  36. Amy Mckeown

    Why aren’t the pages perforated?!Why aren’t these pages perforated? The content is good and my kids love it, but you can’t remove the page without it ripping and destroying the craft. What a joke.

  37. Trisha Tourgelis

    Five StarsGreat book for little ones to practice cutting and pasting. Gradually gets harder as it progresses and effective.

  38. Wesley Cearley

    Nice bookGreat product!

  39. T Curtis

    pastingmy daughter loves these, she is now three but started using them at two and a half, she can cut some and I help her on others, I will probably get her another copy once she gets more controlled at cutting.

  40. Beth M.

    Lots of fun, teaches how to follow instructions and attention to detail.This workbook gives kids the opportunity to fine tune their cutting and pasting skills, while paying attention to details as they attempt to paste the items on a given picture the same way it is shown. Great for teaching how to follow instructions.

  41. Hannah

    easy to follow activitesAll of the Kumon books have been terrific–high quality color paper, high quality, easy to follow activites. My 5 year old girl loves this book, especially. Scissors and glue, what’s not to love?

  42. Ricardo Jusino

    Love the colorful pagesI’m a homeschool mom. I ordered for my daughter. Love the colorful pages. My daughter enjoyed to use it.

  43. Moser

    We have had a lot of fun doing preschool at home this year thanks to the …My 5 year old daughter loves this book! We have had a lot of fun doing preschool at home this year thanks to the kumon books.

  44. Bothwell Girl

    FunGrand children loved it!

  45. Erica

    Great booksThe paper is thick cardstock and the activities are great for fine motor skills.

  46. CourtneylCampbell

    good for developing fine motor skillsson loves it. love how it gets more challenging after every few.

  47. Mandy

    Another fun workbook.Kumon books don’t disappoint. 🙂

  48. Seven Wonders

    Didn’t like it. Too thickPage star too thick for little ones to cut easily. Didn’t like it all. Prefer the school zone one over this

  49. XathiPunerO KayuMangI

    good for 5 yr oldExcellent for cutting and pasting skills. My 5 year old loves it.

  50. Princess

    FunThis is a fun book. My daughter and I have enjoyed learning the right way to use glue. This is a great compliment to the cutting book.

  51. S. Kessinger

    Love KumonGreat starter book for kids learning before kindergarten. Simple instructions to follow and the pictures are great and easy for little hands.

  52. jnaomi

    PastingI bought this book as a recommendation from someone. The activities in this book are really cute. Fun pasting activities while building pasting skills.

  53. Lacy Bryant

    Great!Great book just as described! My child loves to cut and paste. This book is the perfect headstart. Fast shipping.

  54. moondog1

    Fun for 5 yr oldMy now-5yr old loves this book. Great for cutting and pasting skills, and fun pics and ideas.

  55. Kristin Anderson

    3 year old loves itMy 3 year old loves this activity. She loves to glue and this one is very easy for her to figure out

  56. brooklyncakes

    cute projects but it’s a pain that you have to …cute projects but it’s a pain that you have to cut the whole page out to do them. It would be so much nicer if the pages were perforated.

  57. NoThanks

    Five Starscreative and a very good quick go to activity for preschoolers

  58. Heidi Spangle

    Five StarsAn all time favorite for my little ones.

  59. Liamsmama

    Great for a 3 year oldMy son loves doing these colorful pasting exercises. They are really basic though, and I would think a 5 or 6 year old (recommended ages 4-6) would find them boring.Wish it were a bit bigger with more pages – he’ll do about 8 of them at a time – for the price I’m not sure I’d purchase again, though with the 3 for 4 books deal, its worth it.

  60. Momma Hick

    Five StarsVery good practice for my kiddo!

  61. Gale

    Fun for KidsGreat cutting fun with variety.

  62. momo

    Five Starsmy 4years daughter love it.

  63. heights mama

    Great cutting workMy daughter loves this book.

  64. r z

    Five Starskids love it!

  65. Joshua Richardson

    Great BookGreat Book

  66. Laura Drouin

    The Best!I bought this and the cutting book from a local bookstore. The books are great to pull out when my homeschool kids want more ‘school’ but I am creatively burnt out. Fun, colorful, not to hard or easy for my 3 and 4 year olds. They are just about at the end and now I’m looking at different cutting and gluing books. None of others look half as good as these. I wonder if they’ll notice if they repeat worksheets??

  67. laura

    fun!My child loved this book! the activites are so fun for kids-appropriate. He was very proud after each activity in the book was complete.

  68. Montana Snob


  69. Nicole

    DON’T Believe their description of the condition!I ordered a “used but excellent condition” book from them and it came all used, ripped and torn/missing pages!!! I now have to purchase another one from someone else that doesn’t lie about the condition. I’m SO VERY UNHAPPY – as this was supposed to be part of my child’s homeschool curriculum and now I have to delay the plans until I can get a replacement.

  70. Arynn M. Curtis

    Awesome way to keep child interested in learning!I have a 4 year old daughter that I have been working with at home. We have started a reading/writing program and my daughter is more than ready for it. However, she is easily bored (as most children are). This book is perfect to stir things up. We work for a while on the reading/writing and then she gets to do something from this book. She views it as a “reward”, but it is actually still teaching her. The book is awesome. You cut out each page as you go. The book starts simple. You have a picture of a fruit with the center cut out. All the child does is cut out the center and glue it in place. My daughter actually skipped these first few, but it quickly progresses. You get to glue eggs, bacon, etc.. onto a plate. You can glue eyes, ears, mouth, etc.. onto an animal or gloves, hat, skates onto a person. (Each page has a small picture at the top to show the child what the finished picture should look like). It’s fun, yet teaches the child dexterity and order. The pages are sturdier than normal paper so it is easy for the child to work with. I have to make my daughter stop so we don’t finish the book too quickly. There is nothing that I do not like about this book. That said, I am not sure about this being rated for 4-5-6. It is perfect for early learners so if you have a 6 year old just starting to learn it would be ok, but if you have a 6 year old that is already in school or advanced…I do think the book would be too easy.

  71. J. Schindler

    A good follow up to Kumon Cuttingif you’ve completed the Kumon Cutting book, this is a nice follow up. My 4.5 year old can do this mostly by himself after I cut out the page for him. We don’t use past though. We use Crayola school glue. It’s been a good lesson in teaching him that a little but goes a long way!

  72. Bay Buyer

    FAVORITE!My grandsons favorite, Problem is…I should have bought 10 of them…he LOVES this book! The entire line of books is fabulous for kids to learn and have fun! Get them all with confidence. GREAT gift!

  73. Michelle y Stephenson

    Another great option for autistic students.We have a couple of non verbal students who love to snip. These types of books are awesome for them. I wish Kumon would come out with more editions. Our classroom loves them.Priced right. Colorful. Easy to understand.Can’t say enough about them.

  74. SwimDad_808

    Cutting and Pasting funMy son who is 3.5 yrs old, LOVES this activity book. It may be just a phase, but cutting and pasting is his thing right now. It’s really helped his fine motor skills in that he has really improved in cutting straight and on the line pretty well, much better than a month ago.Like alot of other kumon books, the projects start off easy and simple and become more compicated, but still appropriate and doable for a preschooler. I like the ones where he has to cut out parts of a picture and put them together. I can see his problem solving skills start to develop and he’s having fun too!As I’ve said before, I really like the kumon products and this one

  75. Criticalmom

    Fun for little onesThis is good for practicing cutting and glueing. Don’t miss the 4-for-3 promotion. My son loved this book at 4 and is redoing it at 5. An excellent value as it has 40 high-quality projects just right for 4-5-6 yr. olds, not too easy, not too hard. And cute.

  76. Micole Roy

    Cutting and PastingThis is a great activity book for children ages 3 and above. My three year old son absolutely loved it. He asked for it everyday until it was completed. I loved that all I had to do was cut out the page he was to work on and watch him as he enjoyed his independent cutting and pasting activity.The activities and paper quality are great: 5 stars.

  77. Sandhya Sujit

    Great!I purchased this for my 4 yr old son. He loves this book. He needs help with cutting/pasting , but overall he looks forward to do this activity

  78. Ali

    PastingThis book is not great for making xerox copies if you want to use it for a lot of kids. Because it is colored, the copies come out dark. Also, the cut out portions are small, and hard for the smaller kids. There are cute concepts though but not that practical to building scissoring skills.

  79. Karla A Rodrigiez R

    Motricidad40 páginas para recortar y pegar. Me encantó y a mi peque de 5, más! Súper buena la calidad de imagen en inglés y necesita claro supervisión y ligera ayuda. Me parece que va incluso subiendo la dificultad, muy muy buena compra. Importado y me llego 1 día antes.

  80. The researcher

    Good for cutting and pasting skillsMy 5 year old loves this book. The complexity increases along the pages so it’s a gradual pressure on the little ones and the book ends with some basic jigsaw puzzles. There is a lot of variety in the content as you will be able to see in the picture posted with this review. Some of the cutting can be really complex like cutting around a sausage picture or the picture of a slice of tomato. I had to help my kid with a few cuttings though we are only midway through the book. The illustrations are colorful and eye catching. My only regret is the next level book of pasting which has jigsaw puzzles is not available on Amazon😒

  81. Celine BB

    My Book of PastingGreat product

  82. Cliente Amazon

    Excelente LibroA mi niño le encanto y quería terminarlo todo en un dia.

  83. EP


  84. Vitalia

    Very Good Thank you!Very Good Thank you!

  85. Cliente Amazon

    Va benissimoOttimo

  86. Dm

    Disfrutable pero…A mi niño le encanta, pero le frustra que el diseño de la impresión hace que se le dificulte mucho recortar los extremos que están cerca del encuadernado. A veces le ayudo pero eso le resta autonomía a la actividad.

  87. Amazon Customer


  88. Cliente Amazon

    attenzione, concentrazione e motricità fineIn qualità di insegnante di sostegno mi permette di lavorare con alunni che hanno serie difficoltà di motricità. Inoltre, riesco ad utilizzare il materiale anche per attività di attenzione, concentrazione e riconoscimento simboli. Consiglio questo prodotto ai genitori di bambini che sono alla scuola dell’infanzia e a tutti i docenti che giorno per giorno devono preparare lavori calibrati su alunni con importanti deficit.

  89. Sylvia

    Great purchaseCutting and pasting activities as described. My 5 and 7 years old were truly engaged over hols.

  90. Chucha

    Great bookGreat difference of shapes and delightful, colourful illustrations. May need some help from adult for get curved shapes properly positioned or cut out.

  91. Amazon Customer

    Excellent bookExcellent book

  92. Maz

    She loves this oneMy daughter really likes cutting anything. So its great to have a book she is allowed to cut up. I don’t see why this thing wants another word that’s a consice review!

  93. Sam

    Recomendable.Me gustó mucho.

  94. Amazon Customer

    FantasticMy kid loves it.

  95. Libor Licka

    Lehrreich und lustigLehrreich und lustig. Gut zu machen Ihr Kind interessiert sein Ausschneiden und Einfügen. Große Auswahl an Übungen. Meine 4-jährige Sohn genießt es wirklich.

  96. munchkins4

    Five Starsok

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