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Using games and exercises similar to those in Kumon’s My Book of Rhyming Words, this book helps children learn more advanced rhyming words and phrases. While learning to write and read situational phrases connected by conjunctions, such as ‘fox in box’ and ‘cat in hat,’ children will begin to develop more advanced verbal skills. Aimed at ages 4 to 6.

8 ¼ × 11 ⅔ inches. paperback. 80 pages. full color. US $7.95 / C $8.95




Using games and exercises similar to those in Kumon’s My Book of Rhyming Words, this book helps children learn more advanced rhyming words and phrases. While learning to write and read situational phrases connected by conjunctions, such as ‘fox in box’ and ‘cat in hat,’ children will begin to develop more advanced verbal skills. Aimed at ages 4 to 6.

8 ¼ × 11 ⅔ inches. paperback. 80 pages. full color. US $7.95 / C $8.95

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56 reviews for My Book of Rhyming Words And Phrases

  1. Warren J. Dew

    Excellent preparation for readingThe skill of sounding out words is critical to learning to read and write. This skill is not as easy to learn as many adults think. One needs to be able to recognize the sound value of letters instantly, and be able to blend those sounds to put together words, or for writing, to decompose the spoken words into sounds and letters. Used according to the instructions, this book provides an opportunity to build those skills, and is thus an excellent introduction to word reading.This book is a follow on to 

    My Book Of Rhyming Words (Kumon Workbooks)

    , which should generally be completed first; this book continues to teach the skills of sounding out and writing simple words. If your child is already figuring out some words, but needs more practice sounding them out or writing them, starting with this book may be appropriate; if not, starting with that previous book will be better.To make the learning process as easy as possible, most of the words in this book are composed of a single leading consonant with its most common sound, followed by a short vowel, followed by a single final consonant with its most common sound. Because the spellings of all the words in the book are regular, the student does not get confused with different sounds for the same letter, although the book does introduce cases of different letters for the same sound, in particular both c and k for the k sound. There are 57 of these three letter words, using all the letters except q, v, and z; in addition, toward the end of the book, the words “and”, “in”, and “on” are used.The words are presented in groups of three or four, with each group of words rhyming so that the child can focus on formation of different words by varying only the initial letter of the word. For each group of words, there is a page where the words and their pictures are presented in random order to be recited, three times, then a page where each of the words in the group is traced, three times, with progressively lighter tracing guides. After three or four groups of words with the same vowel, there is a page or two where a sequence of words is followed through a maze, and then one additional page for each group of words where each word in the group is traced twice with even lighter tracing guides and then written once without a tracing guide.These pages make up the first 54 pages of the book. On each page where a word is written, the word is spoken once, then the sounds of the individual letters are made as each letter is written. This reinforces the relationship between the sound of each letter and its corresponding shape in a way that highlights how words can be broken down into those individual sounds.Following the first 54 pages, there are 10 pages of review, where each word is spoken and written once, or for some words twice, then 8 pages of “and” phrases, such as “gum and hum”, then 8 pages of “in” and “on” phrases, such as “cat in hat” and “cat on hat”, for a total of 80 workbook pages. With each successive group of pages, the proportion of tracing decreases and the proportion of writing without tracing increases.I used this book with my 5 year old son, although it could be used with younger or older children at the appropriate stage of skill development. I sat by him when he worked on the book, to encourage him, help him figure out words where the picture was ambiguous, and to make sure he followed the instructions by sounding out the words and letters as he wrote them. By the end of the book, he could reliably identify words from the letters and write the words legibly.As with all Kumon workbooks, this book is self paced, with a gentle progression. The progression in this book may seem minimal, but in the context of the Kumon preschool English workbook sequence, there is a strong, thorough progression, starting with hand eye coordination skills, then with letter formation and sounding, then with word sounding culminating with this workbook. After completing this workbook, the child is likely to be able to print clearly and legibly and is ready to start working on reading; in the case of my son, I then went on to a reading drills book, 

    Remedial Reading Drills

    , which I had used as a remedial book for an older sibling but is also working fine for teaching nonremedial word reading to my son.Note that as of this writing, this book is out of print but new copies are still available from various booksellers. I hope they will bring it back into print as some children may need both the Rhyming Words book and this Rhyming Words and Phrases book to fully master the skills required for sounding out and recognizing words. Certainly my son benefited from spending an extra month or two going through both books.

  2. Glitterpuss

    Shhhh! Don’t tell you child that they’re learning to write and read! Fun workbookHaving completed the alphabet games and number games kumon books, my four year old has to this book. I bought it mainly to help with writing practice but the rhyming words also introduces a reading element with the word families that are so important for emergent readers.My son learned to read the words that he was writing and would recognize them in other books that we would read.The book starts with 3 rhyming words per page that the child can trace while saying out loud. The same words then come up in a game like a maze for the child to recognize and join together. In traditional Kumon style, the exercises become gradually more and more challenging with the child given blank boxes towards the end of the book instead of tracing words and more complex mazes to test their pencil skills.I love the Kumon system as they make the exercises enjoyable for children with fun visuals. I’m a firm believer that children learn better when they are enjoying the work and my child enjoys these books so much more than standard worksheets. There are 80 pages in the book, and we cover 1-2 pages at a time, so it’s great value and a lot of learning.

  3. Amazon Customer

    Great bookThe review that states the book has 40% the same words as the rhyming words book is untrue. I looked through both books and could not find any of the same words or word families.Book 1: an, ap, at, ad, en, et, ig, in, ip, op, og, ug, unBook 2 (rhyming words & phrases): at (different ones), am, ag, eg, ed, ell, it, ix, id, ot, ob, ox, ub, um, up, ut

  4. Ranae H.

    Good for rhyming and introductions to short wordsThe girls I work with really enjoy this book because of the little maze every few pages.I started working with this book when they were a little over 3 1/2 – they had a good knowledge of their letters and a bit about what sounds the letters make and this book has really helped them learn more sounds and about words. Although they are still getting the rhyming part their penmanship is improving and we’re about 1/4 through the book.Like most people say, the left page is really hard to write on because of the bend in the book and that is definitely a drawback but it wont stop me from buying more Kumon books!

  5. Jennifer

    Almost the same as Kumon Rhyming Words bookI bought the Kumon Rhyming Words book and my boy likes it. After he has finished that book, I bought this one since this book is the next level on Kumon’s suggestion list. However, I am so disappointed that 40% of the content is almost the same as the previous book, not many rhyming phrases as all.

  6. JLG72085

    Perfect for my 5yr old!This workbook is awesome! Easy for littles to understand and follow. With parents help they can master this easily. I love how it slowly introduces the patterns, has a few pages that let’s them practice and then a review at the end.

  7. Amethyst25

    Very nice slow paceThis is great for a young child who is having a hard time with the concept of rhyming. There is a lot of tracing so, it’s also great for beginning writing practice. This also helps with introducing some of the beginning letter sounds for reading. I would recommend this book as a supplement to a child who is struggling in this area. I also think this is a great workbook for a 3-4 year old to build a solid foundation for reading readiness in the future. I used this textbook as part of my summer bridge program for a child entering Kindergarten.

  8. AmCam

    Drills rhyming conceptsGot this book to help my son since he wasn’t quite getting the whole rhyming concept. It’s VERY repetitive, but I guess when they are 4 and 5 that’s what you need. My son seemed to enjoy doing the little exercises.

  9. S. Kinzer

    Great Kumon Workbook for early Reading / WritingGreat book – we are using it in conjunction with a computer phonics program to help teach our kindergartner to read. I particularly like the boxes it has for the words – which help teach him to which lower case letters should be tall, which short, which go below the line, etc. We have used several other Kumon workbooks to supplement his school work and have been very happy with them.

  10. Park yeonjin

    BasicGood for the kinder kiddos. Short vowel sounds are just starting.

  11. Lucy L

    Too little words in this bookToo little exercises and too little words in this book

  12. dancingroad

    Great for my little one.Excellent book for kids hate tracing and writing letters

  13. Robert F.

    Helps a stay at home mom with teaching approachA big fan of the Kumon books! I use them as pre-school prep and will continue to use them as supplemental as my son enters into kindergarten. These are worksheets so be prepared for a little more ‘serious’ attempt at learning. I usually mix it up with a few Kumon worksheets, puzzles, crafts etc…

  14. Iman

    A good book as a startIt’s really a good and a fun way to let your kids improve their handwriting.My daughter she is 5 and she knows most of the words , so it’s better to use it at age 4 .

  15. Jennifer S

    Great Kumon book for Beginning ReaderThis book really teaches basic rhyming skills and builds on the child’s ability to recognize letters and sounds.My son does this and other Kumon books and he is doing really well.He is 4 and can sight read basic words and this book is taking him to the next level.

  16. L. Wedderburn

    kumon workboodsthis whole series is excellent. It is all about repetition. My five year old has been doing them for 3 years and my four year old has been doing them for a year. I can see clear improvement with the same books. I plan to slowly buy the whole series.

  17. Maverick

    Greatest book so far to teach our little one the numbers!Helped us out greatly to help our little boy to read and learn how to love books. The biggest example for him was the fact we took time out to read to him and he would find us reading too. No TV, period.

  18. Kelly F.

    The Kumon workbooks are great! Easy to follow and bundled in a way …The Kumon workbooks are great! Easy to follow and bundled in a way that makes learning easy and fun.

  19. Beth M.

    Fun and EngagingMy five year old is enjoying this workbook. We use it to supplement his Young 5’s class. I like the way the exercises are tactile, auditory, and visual. The reviews are great reinforcement and I know it is working because he’s doing well with them!

  20. SG

    Four Starsas expected

  21. Peanut


  22. SouthFLFan

    Great book!Book arrived on time & new condition. It is a great book to help kids rhyme and write the letters. I liked when they rhyme with a pattern through mazes, ect. Repetition for some kids is extremely helpful.

  23. Banu

    Four Starsfun book, little too easy

  24. Dee

    Keeps my 4 year old interested!Excellent book for teaching rhyming skills. My 4 year old was having a lot of trouble with this concept but has caught on with the help of this book. Very pleased!

  25. A. Yaussy

    Five StarsAnything Kuman is worth the price and knowing you save when you buy on here is just a bonus.

  26. paul

    Four StarsMy child like this book

  27. RMK

    Best book series for preschoolerWe purchased pretty much every book by Kumon series. These books are awesome, very well structured, it serves as a perfect guide to teach little ones their letters and numbers the proper way.

  28. tspia

    Perfect workbook for 4 1/2 year oldShe loves it, doesn’t feel like its schoolwork because we just do the ones she’s interested in, and her interest keeps increasing so the whole book will be done eventually.

  29. Excellent shopper

    Too simple and repetitiveThis book is too simple for a 4-year old and too repetitive, we went through half of the book in one sitting and then my daughter got tired of doing the same thing over and over again and now does not want to finish it. There are so many other books out there where there is a different type of exercise in every two-three pages.

  30. shanmugapriya

    Five StarsProduct is good. My son enjoys the book. It is easy to learn and lot of writing practice.

  31. chicken lover

    GREAT BOOK FOR LEARNINGThis is a great book not just for learning rhyming but spelling and reading. It has really helped my daughter learn and expand her knowledge of words and how to use them.

  32. Fran Howe

    The Book was in good conditionThe book serves my purpose.It is a good book for rhyming. I like it a lot. Good seller. All my best.

  33. george c. luckette

    Book of rhymingAll I can say about these books in this series is that they are fantastic and they work, thank you

  34. Yelizaveta

    Teaching toolWe are fans of Kumon workbooks. This is just another one of their wonderful products. Fun and challenging for children.

  35. Callie05

    AwesomeHighly recommended for the child who love to learn but is having troubles with rhyming.Your child will love learing while having fun.

  36. Mamemo

    greatfor 4years old

  37. Amazon Customer

    Five StarsGreat support for my Kgardent child.

  38. Blessedmomof3

    Great ReinforcerGreat way to help your child learn rhyming, but on the tedious side and wish there were more rhymes on a page.

  39. robert barber

    Five Starsdaughter loves it

  40. acrazman

    Unusable bookThe book that I received contained significant Mark-ups as it is shown in the pictures It was not usable!

  41. Isabella O.

    Five StarsI love it

  42. Aymara Reddoch

    Five Starsok

  43. Blondie

    Two StarsDont like this product

  44. AmzonUser

    Two Starsrepetitive, not interesting for a 4 year old

  45. HomeschoolMamaofIrishTwins

    Pre-K Homeschool SpeechI bought this for my one daughter because she was diagnosed with a speech delay. It helped her tremendously! It improved her speech and it was fun to say rhyming words…and then there was the added benefit of working on her handwriting.

  46. PRichmond

    Helped my son visualize the words in a colorful way.I got this for my 5 year old son who was having a hard time grasping rhyming words just based on sounds. This book allowed him to visually see the pattern. It also really helped him improve his reading skills. We only did 2 pages (4 sides) a day and it really helped. I wouldn’t recommend this for every child because, there are other ways to teach what rhyming means and what it looks like but it worked for me as an option for my more visual child. I would recommend it.

  47. H. D.

    phonics awareness starter bookThis book is a well designed introductory book to help child recognize vowels. Tracing, repeating while saying the letter sound help the child become familiar with simple word. If you have a blackboard at home, combining it with this book can enhance the mastering of vowels in the short time.The paper is thick and sturdy, printing is of large size and vivid color and there are ample space to practice.

  48. zoe

    greatvery good practice for kids

  49. Prudence B

    Five StarsGood

  50. Mother of all Battles

    great practice writing and rhymingThis is another great Kumon workbook. Reinforces lower-case letters, vowels, rhymes. Wonderful colorful pictures that correlate with the words. My 4 year old loved it. You trace the words first, then progress to writing the words from scratch. The book has rhyming words grouped together, then eventually have conjunctions between them. “Cat on hat”, “Cat in hat” etc. Another one that my son breezed quickly through since it was interesting and fun. Paper & book quality are excellent as usual.

  51. Amazon Customer

    I am glad I found this bookI am glad I found this book. My son’s handwriting was horrible and so was his spelling and letter and sound association. Since using this book he has improved tremendously. He now has the habit of sounding out the letter and being able to spell words in the right direction (he used to read from right to left). Now he has a better understanding of spelling, rhyming and writing words in the correct manner.

  52. Karlina

    Kumon is always an addition in our home.Love kumon I studied kumon as a kid and now my daughter and she finds these so helpful in improving on what she already knows. Some questions can be repetitive however in life much of what we do is repetitive and a lot of progress can be based on memory which I believe where this system stems from so I don’t mind it, it also helps in ammending any mistakes my daughter would make.

  53. Tigerlily101

    Good work book for Reception Children.Purchased this to help my 5 year old son to improve his handwriting. It is based on the Kumon’s tried and tested format of repeat practice i.e. write out the same words again and again and in different pages. It worked well. Not only did he improved his penmanship, he did manage to learn some words out of it. Great Book.

  54. Daniele

    Funny learningVery good exercise for children: they learn fast by having fun, they like it

  55. Nikki

    Amazing bookIt helps with both reading and writing three letter words .

  56. JasTiV

    Five Starsrecommended

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