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This workbook will help your child develop an understanding of multiplication up to 5×10. By using this book, your child will be able to understand the concept of multiplication by first reviewing numbers and addition, and then gradually shifting towards learning multiplication timetables.

8 ¼ × 11 ⅔ inches. paperback. 80 pages. full color. US $7.95 / C $8.95




This workbook will help your child develop an understanding of multiplication up to 5×10. By using this book, your child will be able to understand the concept of multiplication by first reviewing numbers and addition, and then gradually shifting towards learning multiplication timetables.

8 ¼ × 11 ⅔ inches. paperback. 80 pages. full color. US $7.95 / C $8.95

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1st Grade, 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade


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95 reviews for My Book of Simple Multiplication

  1. Lisa

    Great help for schoolHelps kid prepare for school

  2. Z Hayes

    Excellent book for beginning multiplicationAs a tutor, I found that many of my older students (upper elementary and middle school, even junior high) struggle with completing simple mathematical multiplication and division problems because they never took the time to master and/or memorize the multiplication tables. My mother had me memorize the multiplication tables up to 12(times 12) by the time I was eight, and went further as I got older (I think we stopped at 20 times 12 at some point in upper elementary school). It was grueling but boy was I glad we did it because it helped me so much with math!There is a place for memorization in math and multiplication is one area for it. I have a first grader and I decided to help her understand the concept of multiplication in incremental steps while getting her to do basic memorization. I like the Kumon approach as it teaches concepts in incremental steps. The book of Simple Multiplication only goes up to 5 times 10, but is sufficient for children who are beginning to learn and understand the concept of multiplication. The exercises are structured in an incremental manner beginning with familiarity with numbers, practicing addition, practicing repeated addition, before getting the student to repeat a multiplication table out loud.A fun way to do the ‘memorization’ is by getting the child to do something physical and fun, like climbing up and down a step as he/she says it, dribbling a ball, etc. This breaks the monotony and tedium a bit. I am also using another fun learning tool to reinforce the concept of multiplication:

    Twist and Shout Multiplication

    Used together, these educational tools can help a child grasp the concept of multiplication and gain confidence in math!

  3. Harry B

    EducationalEducational.It’s repetitive… but I belive that’s how kids able to learn though.. repetitive and practice.

  4. Stallcup

    Feels repetitive, but great results!We are only about 1/3 of the way through this book, but I believe that it is effectively teaching my 7-year-old to memorize multiplication facts. I thought it would be more of a struggle to get him to do the work, but the repetitive and predictable nature of this mastery type approach seems to feel more comfortable to my child than a spiral method. Repeating all of multiples of 2 or all of the multiples of 3 over and over again until it feels easy seems to be working well for us. I will be buying more of these for my other homeschooled children during our break and if I notice that we need reinforcement in an area.

  5. VariMommy09

    Good Practice for my 6 year old!!!I purchased this book and the “My Book of Multiplication” from Kumon for my 6 year old who is currently in first grade. We work out of the “Big Second Grade Workbook” and they did a wonderful job introducing multiplication. My son really enjoyed it. This book starts off kind of odd because it has simple addition problems, but I assume its laid out like this for a reason. I enjoy the Kumon Math books because my son seems to understand Math more and grasps the concept with amount of repetition and practice. (He has currently finished the Grade 2 Kumon Math and now we are working in the Kumon Math Grade 3). I look forward to beginning this book with my son next week and hopefully by June we will be able to move on to the 2nd book in this series “My Book of Multiplication.”

  6. Aida Flores

    Only goes up to 5 times tables but still worth it.First time using a Kumon workbook and I’m impressed! Used this to teach my future 3rd grader multiplication over Summer vacation. Very easy to follow. We have been doing it for over a month and he is a master at the 1s, 2s and 3s. Simple and takes the stress out of learning new math. Looking forward to finishing this workbook and moving onto the next level.

  7. Danielle Joeckel

    This is a great intro into multiplicationMy daughter is working on this book as I even type this review. We’ve worked on a lot of books over this summer keeping our minds right for the new school year. This is a great intro into multiplication. Easy enough for her to do on her own and comprehend the concepts, so I’ve been pleased so far. I read the reviews and this seemed like a great book to start off our multiplication journey. I don’t anticipate it will take her long to finish, and then we will move up to the next level after this book.

  8. tdiddy

    We love itGreat way to help them memorize the times tables. It’s working really well for my 2nd grader and she enjoys doing it. (Much more than zoom math!)

  9. Lauren Davidson

    Great book to support school curriculumThis is a good book for my 2nd grader it helps her maintain what she has learned without seeming overwhelming. I have her do a full page front and back everyday and she has an A in her math class so far this year!

  10. blank

    Good bookAmazing book ! I bought it for my nephew he’s in second grade and learning his multiplication and he’s just 7 . Recommend this enjoyable fun book

  11. Totally Us

    Really simple with achievable completion for students that are being introduced to multiplication .HomeschoolWe used this book to introduce multiplication & I was so impressed that we have the link up on our insta account for other families to purchase too !

  12. The Pessimistic Profiler

    Easy and convenientPerfect. Just what I needed to get my son introduced into multiplication. He easily picked up on the concept of repeated addition. While I wish they had more pages of addition drills, it still has been very effective. I use these books to keep him testing 1 to 2 years above his grade level for his age.

  13. Cory Jerome

    Good ToolMy daughter was having a hard time keeping up with all the other kids in her class and her grades shown it.We wanted to put her through Kumon learning center, but it was not affordable at the time and my wife found these books on amazon. Since my daughter been working in these work books she has improved a lot and her grades have improved in school. If you have time to work with your child and looking at an affordable way to help I would recommend these work books they help.

  14. Melania

    Perfect practicePerfect practice workbook for my daughter who will be going to 3rd grade next school year. Breaks down the concept of multiplying to the simplest terms. She gets it and I’m all for it!

  15. Sue Mulford

    She doesn’t like story problemsI was impress with t he quality of the books I ordered. I have a daughter with Down Syndrome and she loves 2nd 3rd grade math. Books are getting harder to find that she enjoys. She doesn’t like story problems. These were great. thanks

  16. truthbetold

    Good Supplement for Cognitively DelayedThis is a good supplement to add to a teaching arsensal for students that are cognitively delayed but due to NCLB are forced to receive the same instruction at the same pace as the other students without any benefit of remediation. Unfortunately that is about 10% if you believe in the statistical relevance of the bell curve rather than dimwitted politicians.

  17. Yana

    Love kumonThis is a very simple and basic workbook for beginners. Repetitive for slow/intermediate learners. I would go to a next level for advanced kids who get everything right away.

  18. Mitchstargazer

    Very good material, it focuses on multiplication up to 5×10My child is 7 years old and has just finished using this book. Very good material, it focuses on multiplication up to 5×10. It’s not like other workbooks that focuses on a lot of topics and fail to have the child master one topic alone. My child can now recite his multiplication table up to 5 and answer the book with ease.

  19. Lynnerific

    Back of book gives the study sequence to their books.First book we went through for my son to study during summer break between 2 and third grade. It was a perfect level for him. He had not previously done multiplication.

  20. Niaja Brown

    This book is superior in it’s method in breaking down multiplication for young …This book is superior in it’s method in breaking down multiplication for young children. My daughter is 6 and she understood the material without my assistance. I could suggest this book to any parent who is actively involved in their child’s education. I think that if I had extra money I would utilize the full Kumon experience.

  21. Amazon Customer

    FunMy son loves it! Enjoyed studying!

  22. Brittany H

    Very HelpfulI like how the book began with them writing there numbers and then it worked it’s way up to the multiplication.

  23. AL- B TheRealReviewer

    Great for extra school work at home.This is a great learning and practicing book. It has just the right amount of difficulty for the grade level chosen. What is great about it also is that it is easy to find parallel subjects to whatever your child is learning in school..Comes with answer key that allows you to go back and review wrong answers.

  24. Amazon Customer

    Four StarsGreat drills.

  25. JustinTime

    Would recommend for any kids strugglingWe use this for our 6 year old and 10 year olds and not only does this really help them learn but they also enjoy doing it. Before these books my kids struggled and now are keeping up with their classmates

  26. Customer16

    Recommend.Excellent for the summer between 1st and 2nd

  27. Aykosay

    Good to haveReally good book to have, keep the mind sharp!

  28. Oh

    Good quality bookThis book has 80 pages of work and looks like a great multiplication start!

  29. brynn3

    Five StarsGreat next step once simple addition is no longer challenging. My 7 year old loves it.

  30. L C

    Made my daughter advance in multiplication within daysMy daughter has developed a much faster skill in multiplication because of this bookI refuse to not believe thatIt really works

  31. bonnie

    NiceMy grandaughter and i practice and it helps her with school. Nice book

  32. Cmartin

    Great extra practice.Great practice for my granddaughters. They even like it.

  33. IAlmeida

    Great multiplication starterSimple way for kiddo to get started on multiplication.

  34. Jay Smith

    Awesome book, but for it really work you have …Awesome book, but for it really work you have to consistently do it with child. I recommend just going to Kumon 🙂

  35. Amazon Customer

    Five StarsPerfect daily practice for my child.

  36. home mom

    I love Kumon workbooksI love Kumon workbooks. I have looked through this workbook, and I am looking forward to putting this into our schedule.

  37. Mahi

    Read properlyGood practice

  38. volunteergal63

    Worked great for my granddaughter who would struggle thru 1 pageWorked great for my granddaughter who would struggle thru 1 page. She has done 20 pages in least week

  39. Tracy L.

    Great!I am a teacher and I love this book. It is a great way to learn and also review. I was very impressed!

  40. Guaranteed purchase

    Five StarsItem received in brand new condition. Will buy again here. Thank you.


    goodI bought this item for my nephew and niece and they really love it. its a quality book for kids to begin with

  42. Yelizaveta

    Teaching toolWe are fans of Kumon workbooks. This is just another one of their wonderful products. Fun and challenging for children.

  43. Violet Purple

    Very Simple MultiplicationThis book is too easy for a bright fgirst garder. It is more suitable for a Kindergartener. It includes mostly skip-counting.

  44. Nurse

    Good buy!My son hates them, but his math skills are improving this Summer!

  45. trudy

    timesrecommend to anyone looking for study papers for their children. goes over the material well and good price for this book.

  46. Ajay

    Good practice book for 2nd graderMy son liked it

  47. customer

    Five Starsall good

  48. snehal patel

    Five Starsmy daughter love this workbook

  49. Edith L. Kerney

    Five StarsEasy ways to multiply. Great book for slow learners.

  50. Oscar

    Five StarsWorth it, my son improve his math skills

  51. Doug

    Five StarsGreat Product. Highly recommend.

  52. Abha

    Not satisfiedI haven’t received my shipment yet. Don’t know if I will getting it. It’s over 2 months i am very disappointed.

  53. Maria Miller

    children need good examples to really get itThis book is based on the Kumon Method that introduces math concepts in an incremental, step-by-step approach, allowing children to grasp new skills little by little with less challenge or frustration.The practice helped my child develop an understanding of multiplication up to 5×10. It introduces the concept of multiplication by first reviewing numbers and addition, and then gradually shifting towards multiplication timetables.I would like it better if some real-life examples of multiplication are included, so children know why they learn multiplication and how the knowledge is used. Otherwise, I don’t know whether they really get it or not. The instructions and worksheets only deal with pure numbers. To make up this, I let my child use Beestar weekly math online. It has interesting word problems that build the insight. My child understands multiplications better when using both programs together. Overall, this is a fair book for very young children to start multiplying.

  54. Sandeep Gaudana

    Use this book as a fun and easy introduction to multiplication up to 5×10If your child can add and subtract numbers up to 50,then this book will build on that foundation.Use this book as a fun and easy introduction to multiplication up to 5×10.

  55. Myrna Loy

    GreatGreat book for kids learning multiplication. Helped my 7 year old a lot– it wasn’t too overwhelming for her and she enjoyed it. No games or anything– just simple problems.

  56. GDSouza

    Kumon momI needed extra math and reading/writing practice for my kids in 3rd and 1st grade. These books are easy to understand, very systematic and kids love it. we take them along in the car even for short drives. It keeps the kids busy in the back seat. would recommend these to any parent that would like their child to excel academically. who doesn’t?? I’ve purhased about a dozen plus Kumon books from amazon already and intend to purchase many more.

  57. BioChemGirl

    Great for Motivated Little Minds!I only gave my daughter the most cursory introduction to this book and she on her own completed the rest. The instructions and format were simple enough for her to understand, requiring only occasional help from me, and the problems fun and challenging enough to keep her interested. I think this is a great book for a busy parent with a math oriented child.

  58. Tatiana Belim

    Great book to help memorize the factsThis book is excellent homework companion. It is not very good at explaining the multiplication concept, but it has enough exercises that kids will memorize the facts also connect the dots pages add some fun.

  59. Leonid Gorbachev

    Perfect for 6 years-old!My son is solving these items step by step and we literally see how he’s growing in his mind

  60. Omar G

    Buen libro de apoyoBastante básico, pero si van iniciando con las multiplicaciones esta muy bien. Me hubiera gustado que tuviera más ejercicios

  61. marie blais

    GreatJust as described. Very helpful ressource with lots of steps To really practice and help.

  62. Saroj rout

    Good bookThe media could not be loaded.

  63. Tejmany

    Simple & easyMy 6 year old loves maths & this book is a great introduction to multiplication.

  64. Prashanth S

    Helps kids to practice a lotKeeps kids engaged

  65. Oleh

    Would recommend for any kids struggling.Perfect practice workbook for my son who is in first grade. This is a great intro into multiplication.

  66. MrsPB

    Boring, boring, boringBoring. But Repetition is the mother of Knowledge. Hopefully, slowly but surely my child is getting grips with her times tables…This one only has the times of 1-5. It is colourful and has a few mazes, but is mainly skip counting and practising the tables with frequent reviews. At the end of the book there is a well-deserved certificate of achievement for the persevering child.

  67. ***J****

    Good booksKumon has very good books. Super fast delivery

  68. nurcan

    Perfect for teaching multiplicationVery good practice book my son love it

  69. Mukund Javeri

    Simple mathsVery simple and easy book to practice

  70. Kelen

    Ótimo como reforço em casa como início da multiplicaçãoApresenta de forma simples a multiplicação é seu fundamento em cada tabuada.

  71. Debra

    Bite Size LearningThe Kumon Book of Simple Multiplication breaks down what can sometimes be extremely confusing for young children into bite size chunks. Each page is colourful and eyecatching and definitely enhanced my daughters understanding and she grew in confidence as the work progressed.

  72. Des

    Four StarsMy son likes this book.

  73. Cliente Amazon

    ExcelenteA mis hijas están encantadas con esa colección de libros, aprenden a calcular poco a poco y de una manera muy escalonada. Lo cual les ayuda a entender, y también les ayuda a coger confianza y no cometer errores. Lo recomiendo totalmente.

  74. Ramesh

    GreatGreat for kids

  75. romulocampos

    Four StarsGreat

  76. Tejal patil

    Four StarsGood for practice. .

  77. JasTiV

    As expectedAs expected

  78. abel hernandez estrada

    Refuerza lo aprendido en la escuelaMuy útil para reforzar. Le encanta a mis hijos


    Didn’t enjoyMy kid didn’t like it

  80. Prachi

    Five Starsperfect way to introduce multiplication concept to kids!

  81. CHARI


  82. ukhkbaby

    too easynot much value

  83. Coutinho, edson vieira


  84. AJain

    Three StarsJust for repeated practice, NOt worth the price. Thinner book than expected

  85. angeloluigi

    per incominciare ad affrotare le moltiplicazioniUtilissimo per il recupero o il rinforzo nei recuperi in aritmetica. Utile agli insegnanti e ai genitori. La progressione è armonica e graduale. l’esercizio proposto è quotidiano.

  86. aurora sanchez perez

    muy útilMi hijo se está aprendiendo las tablas de multiplicar muy rápidamente porque lo ha entendido muy bien con los ejercicios de sumas que explican cada tabla

  87. Cliente Amazon

    My Book of Simple Mulitiplication …Livro é excelente eu recomendo a todos os pais que querem ensinar ou exercitar os seu filhos, pois a matemática é importante.

  88. Vijitha Sanjeev

    Three StarsVery very simple multiplication. Should hv opted for the next level.

  89. Mama 2t

    Four StarsGreat

  90. A Ghosh & G Paul

    Five StarsIt is excellent for practicing tables with fun.

  91. Leonardo Silva Passos

    Kumon matematicaO livro é muito bom para o aprendizado da matemática e inglês. O método kumon é realmente fantástico.Recomendo o livro.

  92. Sonia

    No lo recomiendoSoy maestra, tenía mucha curiosidad por los libros del método Kumon pero los he tenido que devolver porque no me gustan nada. Es cierto que va aumentando el nivel de los ejercicios muy sútilmente pero no me convencen. Si un niño es capaz de seguir ese ritmo aprenderá a base de repetición y repetición pero también estoy segura que acabará con su creatividad y capcidad para resolver problemas de una manera más abstracta.

  93. Lola

    Five Starsgood

  94. salaado yusuf

    Five Starsvery good

  95. Ashutosh Bhardwaj

    Two Starsbook is fine, but not worth its price. Go for something similar from an Indian publisher.

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