My Book of Telling Time: Learning About Minutes

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This second book in the Telling Time sequence helps children learn how to tell time down to the minute. By using a variety of different activities to keep children engaged, this workbook helps children learn this difficult skill without feeling frustrated or anxious.

8 ¼ × 11 ⅔ inches. paperback. 80 pages. full color. US $7.95 / C $8.95




This second book in the Telling Time sequence helps children learn how to tell time down to the minute. By using a variety of different activities to keep children engaged, this workbook helps children learn this difficult skill without feeling frustrated or anxious.

8 ¼ × 11 ⅔ inches. paperback. 80 pages. full color. US $7.95 / C $8.95

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1st Grade, 2nd Grade, Kindergarten


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130 reviews for My Book of Telling Time: Learning About Minutes

  1. Shannyn

    We like all Kumon books except the language artsWe homeschool, so we use both Kumon and Sylvan books predominantly, because we have found them to be fun and engaging, for the most part. We prefer Sylvan, because with visual learners, their color pages and pictures make it “fun” to do workbooks. Kumon does a great way of explaining concepts, in large print, and in sequential order. The best way to use these books is to start early and go in order by subject. Most subjects have two books, such as Simple Multiplication and Multiplication, kind of like Multiplication 1 and Multiplication 2. If you are unsure about what order to use the books, Kumon provides a “map” on the back of every book to show the order they recommend. You can also see the age range recommended in the upper corner, which is great for homeschoolers who do not necessarily follow grade levels, and it also encourages parents and children to work within their age range but also move ahead or it serves as a guide to tell you what is a normal SOL (standard of learning) for that age range, so you can plan on what you need to work on with your child.Within each subject matter, you will have some review, anywhere from the first 5-10 pages or they will review a previous concept before starting a new one, ie. before you multiply 2×4, they will remind you to “try this” 2+2+2+2 and show you that it is the same thing. When you go to book 2, you will get a hefty review of the previous book, but most of the pages in each workbook are unique and not repetitive. The repetition can be helpful.As my daughter ages, she finds some of the Kumon books to be too repetitive and monotonous in that one she masters a concept, she wants to try it in different ways. Many of the upper level Kumon books will just provide dozens of review pages with the same equations over and over again. My daughter will often ask me, why do I have to do 9×7 if I just did 7×9 on the page before and 9×7 again two pages ago. Although I tell her that it is so these become second-nature in her head, I agree with her – boring. So, we are basically at the end of Kumon anyway, with division, and have preferred Sylvan (and a few others) for her new math.The language arts was not something we used after the first few books. I’m not a fan of books that provide different shape/size boxes to write single letters in. I find it confusing for children rather than teaching them to write an entire word (versus one letter in each box). It does not encourage seeing words as a group of letters or sight words, but I understand that Kumon is encouraging writing/penmanship here, but it wasn’t for us.For telling time, even once your child has moved beyond the age level, time and money can still be difficult. These books are great for review before a SOL test or to spot check concepts. Even after my daughter has become bored with a workbook because she has the concept down, I’ll keep the leftover pages around for spot “timed testing” – a necessary evil.Amazon has many of the Kumon books with a “look inside” option. You can also look at these at Barnes and Noble, but buy on Amazon, it’s cheaper and most have free shipping.

  2. Casey

    Great!I’ve bought several different time-telling, due to my daughter struggling with it. This was the best one for her. It goes through everything slowly and methodically, and there didn’t seem to be a struggle from her to understand this one. She just went to second grade, and she was able to tell the time on the clock math homework.

  3. homeschool_mama

    Great Book For Learning About Telling Time!The Kumon series of books works by empowering children to succeed on their own. The books get successively more difficult as they build upon skills learned from the previous pages, so that by the end of the book the child has a sense of accomplishment and be ready to move on to the next level. The instructor is more of a mentor or coach than a teacher in a classroom.This book picks up where the 

    My Book of Easy Telling Time: Learning about Hours and Half-Hours

     book leaves off. The Easy Telling Time book focused on learning the hour and half-hour. This book is designed to help teach your child about minutes. It starts off with a few pages of review on just telling time with the hour hand, then reviews the numbers 1-60. From there, it progresses in five minute increments in each lesson. So the first lesson covers the first 5 minutes and has the child write in the numbers next to the clock. It has the numbers grayed out under the clock and they can trace over it, then it removes the answer and lets the child figure it out on their own. Each lesson after that adds another 5 minutes and reviews the previous sections, until all 60 minutes have been covered. The last pages go into using the terms “half past”, “a quarter past”, and “a quarter to” and gives examples and activities of each. At the very end is a fun section where it asks about what time you wake up and eat breakfast and lets them fill in the blank clocks with hour and minute hands.Highly recommended workbook for learning how to tell time, learning numbers 1-60 and pre-writing skills!

  4. Profile

    Like magic!Mom approved! My kids went from dreading learning to tell time at school and feeling dumb to asking to do one more section in this book after they already completed 2! They are enthusiastic and now want to help plan our day by making a list of things to do and what time they’ll do it 🙂 like bath time! This telling time book has some kind of magic for kids. They were able to work independently and only needed help when it got to “quarter past” and “quarter to.” The end allows them to document their day (wake up, eat breakfast, school, lunch etc) and also has a certificate of completion. I didn’t know there was an easier version of this book, but it didn’t matter. My kids completed this book in 8 days.

  5. Blessedmomof3

    Homeschooling MomI love Kumon products. I have several of them and did not hesitate at all to purchase this when I started our lesson on time. It is a great reinforcer for my unit on time. It first focuses on the hour and then moves on to 1 min, 2 min, 3 min, etc. Once your child understands, you can just move on to the next concept and it’s fine it he/she skips three or so pages. You can always use the skipped pages as a quiz, homework, or review. My only issue with Kumon is the tracing. There are three pages at a time that are just tracing. This may be great for a child who needs the constant reminder or who may be struggling in that particular area, but not helpful if your child understood the concept after a page or two but that will not stop me from purchasing their books.

  6. Sheila

    I looked at this booklet and was extremly pleased at what I sawThis book of Telling Time was very iformative, I had ordered it for my grandson who is 4 and half years oldand has a mind of an 8 yr old.He was very interested in how to start telling time my grandaughter wanted to wait till she starts doing work with him maybe a year or half a year.I looked at this booklet and was extremly pleased at what I saw, it is in detail helps the kids learn how to tell time and once my daughter in law starts showing him the booklet he will not only pick it up very fast but having a booklet like Telling Time will help him know itand enjoy it. I was very pleased in what I seen in the booklet and I would recemend to everyone who wanted to teach their kids abouttime. This is the booklet for them

  7. MechInspector

    Great way to teach telling time!Great follow up to My Easy Book of Telling Time. My 5 year old son recently finished the first book and has easily transitioned to this one. He is about 1/4 of the way through this book and has been able to easily grasp the concept of telling time to the exact minute, which I thought would be pretty difficult for him. We have a Melissa and Doug clock that we use as a manipulative in conjunction with this book. We start out our lesson plan out by counting by 5’s to 60 and this seems to work rather well. We are huge fans of Kumon books in our house and this one is no exception!

  8. Grisell Velazquez

    Great book!This a great book to practice the time fir my 7 yrs. Very well made it. All activities are fun 🤩

  9. F

    This book got through to my 5 year old….This book got through to my five year old in a way that nothing else did. She is making times on the Judy clock to the minute by herself as I write this review. I homeschool and I love kumon books to reinforce concepts I have taught my kids. I bought another copy for when my 4 year old is ready to learn telling time.

  10. Pink Penguin

    Teaches well- with some minimal guidanceMy child learned to tell time completely by using this book. It doesn’t really go into digital- but she could read a digital clock already, just by a little direction and some common knowledge. It does need some parental guidance- or they may be confused; But, it did take the pain out of teaching this to her, I am a homeschool parent and for some reason I found this to bring me some anxiety, but this book is good. It gives hints that all the clocks on the page will be between certain times- so that kids can understand that the hour hand will adjust inbetween the numbers. It’s a good learning and exercise tool. We have loved every Kumon book we have used, though.

  11. Salvador V.

    Highly RecommendI used this as a teacher and recently purchased it for my son whom I started homeschooling. Great resource and progression of step by step lessons for students to become familiar with and master reading a clock.

  12. OHMomHS3

    love itI recommend Kumon books to ALL of my friends. They are great for kids who need a little more help with a subject. We use them for many things from preK-3rd grade so far. They are simple and easy to use.

  13. JBP

    These books are fantastic, especially the telling time oneMy daugher’s friends go to the kumon classes but we just don’t have time to take her so we have bought the books to work with her. These books are fantastic, especially the telling time one. Love how they slowing introduce new concepts and reinforce their learning each day. I have about 10 books and rotate what she learns everyday. She’s just started to learn how to tel time, but has the hour hand concept down pat after about 5 lessons. HIghly recommend.

  14. M. Nelson

    Great Intro to Time- Pre-K ApprovedI bought this for my 4 year old to do over the summer break before Pre-K starts. It has been a WONDERFUL purchase. It eases the child into the “clock” concept while also reinforcing how to write numbers. We enjoyed doing this book cover to cover and we were able to actually combine other learning opportunities into it. I found it to be very age appropriate for my very normal (average intelligence) 4 year old. Your child doesn’t even need to have a solid grasp on number recognition to begin the workbook, in fact it can help with that skill. It does become more complex, but used in conjunction with a few other Kumon books I feel it’s really helped him prepare for pre-k.

  15. grtlyblesd

    Works great for older kids, too.My boys somehow missed the ability to tell time on an analog clock in our digital world. They’re 10 and 13, so they protested a bit when I got them these “little kid” books, but the way the book goes minute by minute around the clock face really helped them pick it up quickly. I asked them to do 5 pages per day, and my younger son worked ahead on his own. They zipped through the books quickly, and now they have an answer when I ask them to look at the clock and tell me what time it is.

  16. Heather Johnson

    After mastering hours, half-hours, and quarter-hours, my …After mastering hours, half-hours, and quarter-hours, my daughter moved on to My Book of Telling Time: Learning About Minutes from Kumon. The second workbook in the Telling Time sequence helps young students learn how to tell time down to the minute. As with the first workbook, I appreciate the slower pace.

  17. Ronald Lo

    Great book for teaching how?So I’ve been doing Kumon with my son (5 years old) now for about 1.5 years. I like the progression of difficulty slowly as they progresss within the book. Its pretty logical and the difficulty progresses not too fast and not too slow. He did the first Telling Time book and this is best next step.

  18. Alicia

    5 starsI highly recommend using Kumon because it’s easy to learn and TEACH your child. My son picked it up easy and completed 6 pages! It’s fun!

  19. AnotherBrickintheWall

    my 5 yr old loved this book and really loves telling me what the …my son is homeschooled and i was trying a lot of things… but this really helped the light turn on and the dots connect !!! my 5 yr old loved this book and really loves telling me what the time is now. we got the 2nd book in the series as well and he really liked that one too. the repetition and the spiral learning method can be good for certain types of learners.

  20. Cory Jerome

    Love themMy daughter was having a hard time keeping up with all the other kids in her class and her grades shown it.We wanted to put her through Kumon learning center, but it was not affordable at the time and my wife found these books on amazon. Since my daughter been working in these work books she has improved a lot and her grades have improved in school. If you have time to work with your child and looking at an affordable way to help I would recommend these work books they help.

  21. Mónica Andrea Puentes Rivera

    Good.Need more solve problems about the time not just say the time.

  22. Heather Castle

    Great Book!Great book!! I bought this for my 6 year old and he’s catching on quickly. Good price for the book to. I have bought several Kumon book and we like them all, good practice books.

  23. Amazon Customer

    CommentNo comment

  24. Prophet

    Fun an easy to useI am loving these kumon workbooks for my homeschooler. They are colorful and fun and they really inforce repetition which is great when working with elementary age kids! My child loves these books as well.

  25. L C

    Your kid will learn more about time with this book than school can ever teach themI never had my daughter take home even 1 sheet for homework on timeThis is helping her tell time when all the other students are looking for digital devices in the classroomThey have completely taken this away, thanks to the common core curriculum, and this supplements that loss

  26. BamaBlonde

    Great! My kid loves telling time!We already love Kumon books, and the Twlling time ones have been exceptional. My 5 year old has breezed through them having never learned any time telling previously. Each lesson is well laid out, and builds gradually until they are competent. We started with the Easy book and then went on to the regular.

  27. AZ

    Easy to learnEasy to teach time. We went through the book twice – when my daughter was five and when she started school.

  28. Food Allergy Family

    Wonderful book that teaches young kids how to tell timeWonderful book that teaches young kids how to tell time. It uses a very step wise approach. My five year old worked on 3-4 pages at a time, and by the end of the book, he felt confident in his telling time abilities. I highly recommend this book if you are looking to teach a young child how to read an analog clock.

  29. customer12345

    Nothing much to learn or practice. Too basic to purchase for $7!Not worth $7. Really. I am a huge Kumon fan; I have used multiple books in the past to teach my child. Most of them have been extremely self sufficient! But not this book.There is no pattern that is being reinforced. The entire book can be taught in 20 minutes time. I had to make up my own worksheets after my child started doing this. Finally my child told me “let’s keep this book aside, I want you to teach me the details”. Do not purchase if your intention is to teach or make your child practice. Does not serve the purpose.


    This was a good work bookThis was a good work book. My 6yo son enjoyed learning to tell time. I would definitely buy again for my 4yo.

  31. jamelia

    Love this bookLove this book . Makes it easy to teach my 5 y.o time. I made him do few pages everyday. Hopefully by the end of the book he can read time .

  32. Edy Edy

    This book works.I’m using this book for my second grade son. He’s really understanding how to tell time. This book works!

  33. Danielle

    My daughter has been having the HARDEST time grasping the …My daughter has been having the HARDEST time grasping the concept of telling time on a non-digital clock and this has really helped.

  34. Katherine Schiselr

    Telling TimeKumon is quickly becoming a family favorite. My 3 year old love puzzles and the Kumon workbooks are easy to follow, give direction to parents, and make it easy to get the next book in your child’s progression.My 3 year old is telling time by looking at a face clock. I know the Kumon series of books is helping him every day. They are fun and he is eager to learn using them.

  35. Amy

    good productgreat squeal to the other telling time book I do want to mention that it does not start with teaching how to count by 5 and that each number the min hand passes adds up another 5 but i do like the book and it seems to help my kids learn to tell time better, thanks

  36. Marcos Twaincos

    It worksDid not finish 1/3 of the book and kiddo got it and knows time now.

  37. JOHN

    HomeschoolingGreat book for home schooling

  38. Shannon

    WONDERFUL!Bought this for my kindergartner. He was just starting to learn time and they were not very consistent with the teaching. I didn’t want him to lose interest and purchase the book. This is a wonderful education tool. I would in fact recommend any of the kumon books

  39. zjg2014

    OkOk. I wish there was a book about first “getting” the concept of time using a digital clock (e.g., prior to any of these books). Easy to use one page at a time, otherwise, just not enough to give a child the “big picture” of time if they’re not familiar with time.

  40. Robbie

    Soul crushing but effectiveMy son needed extra practice to learn to tell time in the first grade. This did the job but in the most painful way possible. Most Kumon books are soul crushing and effective. I wish I had chosen another title. I wish it had more practice clocks that required writing in the times suggested.

  41. Derek

    very effectiveInitially I was a little hesitant in buying this book for my daughter. I was note sure if it can help, but this book is excellent. I have bought many other books from kumon and I have been mostly happy about it. I would highly recommend this book.

  42. Sybile

    Kumon workbooks are greatI started using the Kumon book this year to supplement my child education and I think it was the best decision. They are enjoyable and gradually immersing a child into the concept giving them opportunity to master the skill.

  43. Karina

    Perfect.Just like all the Kumon books, its perfect.

  44. Amazon Customer

    Really helpfulReally helpful for kids, my sun had good times learning about time.

  45. Anna Kline

    Five StarsWe absolutely Love Kumon workbooks! They keep my daughter busy and interested! Wonderful educational activity to do together 🙂

  46. SER

    my daughter likes this bookMy seven year old daughter likes this book and says it Is really easy but not too easy. It’s also fun 🙂 she told me to rate this five stars.

  47. Joel and Tammy

    Goes thru the clocks step by stepMy daughter went thru this book right away.. She loves the idea of learning more.. I love the fact that it helps you step by step.. I might need to get another one for my son when he gets older!!

  48. Peanut


  49. M2

    PerfectThis book is awesome if you want to teach your child how to tell time. He learned the first day we went through it.

  50. coolbrz

    … to work on over summer and my kids actually like them. They do a couple pages a dayWe bought these to work on over summer and my kids actually like them. They do a couple pages a day. I would highly recommend them!

  51. Amanda

    Love itThis book is great for my homeschooled child.

  52. D. L. Switaj

    Helped Daughter Learn TimeExcellent resource to teach time to kids.

  53. ghs

    Five StarsGreat company, great book. 5-6 year old learned to tell time in no time at all!

  54. Amazon Customer

    Match the expectationsMatch the expectations

  55. mmody

    Breaks it down!Great easy to follow way of teaching time. Includes a lot of review, which help builds confidence. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a nice time teaching tool.

  56. CrunchyMama

    Four Starsgood practice

  57. joannejsd


  58. Amazon Customer

    Five StarsThis helped my 1st grader a lot!!

  59. Salil Kapoor

    Four StarsGood content.

  60. Amazon Customer

    Kumon books are wonderful!! Have bought many for my grandchildrenKumon books are wonderful !! Have bought many for my grandchildren.

  61. Gugu-gaga

    great telling time bookgreat part 2 to telling time, I love these kumon books, great basis and step up to learning

  62. Carlota M Sandoval

    Five Starsgreat for practicing with kids

  63. globaljuju

    Very nice.Well organized. Well scoffolded. Very nice.

  64. Amazon Customer

    Five StarsMy son enjoys the book. Has learned a lot as well

  65. Veronica A. Hardman

    My daughter loves it!My daughter loves the book. It is very detailed, and it helped to teach her to tell time. Thanks for such a great book.

  66. Jim R.

    Time telling made easy.My four year old loves this book. This is really a great item for those beginning g to tell time.

  67. Yelizaveta

    Teaching toolWe are fans of Kumon workbooks. This is just another one of their wonderful products. Fun and challenging for children.

  68. Lil Gal

    Five StarsAl Kumon books helped my child excel in school.

  69. Timberline

    Kumon Telling TimeGreat book. My 7 year old whiz through the entire workbook fast. A day after completing the workbook, she was able to read a watch with no numbers just lines.

  70. C.B.C

    Five StarsWe live all the Kumon books!

  71. Laura

    Great book!This is a great workbook for teaching or just for extra practicing. Good quality and lots to work on. Ships quickly.

  72. Vanna

    Very HelpfulWe liked it. Dd age 6 at the time thought the beginning exercises were too easy so we skipped those. I appreciated the concentrated study of time concepts and my dd liked the colorful format.

  73. hope

    Five Starsvery good practice for a child. easy to use.

  74. Angie

    Five StarsGreat resources for young children learning time and math concepts!

  75. Tbglover

    great resourceWonderful learning resource my kindergartener is catching on quickly

  76. Dani_Bear_09

    Five StarsI LOVE this resource for my EC students to work on time!

  77. movievixen

    Five StarsMakes telling time fun and easy.

  78. Edith L. Kerney

    Five StarsGreat book. telling time is made easy to do. wonderful!!!!

  79. Sandra Hails

    Five StarsVery good resource

  80. Vaughn

    Five StarsGreat learning and teaching tool!

  81. Ellie B.

    Five StarsThese books are amazing!!!

  82. Aymara Reddoch

    Five Starsok

  83. Janice Vaughn

    Three StarsToo many pages with writing.

  84. scribbler011

    Great bookMy 5-year-old daughter has just started using this book and already she has grasped the concept of hours, minutes and seconds.

  85. Jessica

    I think this book would be PERFECT for kindergarteners or beginning of 1st gradeI purchased this for my 7 year old second grader. In my opinion, time should have been fully taught in 1st grade, and it wasn’t in his district, and his second grade class was going through time at a painfully slow pace. I decided to grab this and teach him at home.I think this book would be PERFECT for kindergarteners or beginning of 1st grade. For my son, it was a little too repetitive and slow, but that’s because he’s older and had already been taught some of the basics. That being said, I LOVED that it teaches by minutes early on, instead of at the end. I wish I had found this 2 years ago, but at least he’s caught up to where he should have been a while ago. I’ll like purchase another one when my youngest is about half-way through kinder.

  86. K. Dubois

    Great way to teach time telling!I am a teacher and have taught many children to tell time. Now I am teaching my 6 year old son. I saw this book on Amazon while searching for his first real watch. I needed to spend a little more for free shipping. So glad I picked this book. It is very repetitive. It starts out, like most methods, teaching time to the hour. But while other methods then teach time to the 1/2 hour, this method starts with time to the minute. It goes from 8:00 to 8:01. Each minute is marked with a number. It continues, 8:02,8:03 and so on. I think this will help kids to make that leap of reading time to the minute much quicker. I highly recommend this book.

  87. PRichmond

    Gone Are the Days of Constant Time Updates!We’ve bought this book and My Book of Easy Telling Time for 2 of 4 of our children. The other two are just too young! We gave them to the oldest when he was 5 and 6 and in the end, he earned his very own analogue wrist watch and gone were the days of constantly telling him the time. We let our 2nd do them when she was 4 and 5 so a year younger. Honestly, I wish I had waited one more year because while she was able to complete the books with ease and grasp the concepts at the time, she doesn’t really remember it enough to apply it to every day life. It just didn’t stick for her. I’m sure we will have to go over telling time again but hopefully not too much since she did progress nicely through the books. In the end, I would highly recommend both of these books, in order, for the ages they recommend. I would also consider having an analogue watch as a sort of graduation present (I refused to do digital because then, what would be the point of the books?!).

  88. Nosheen Kazim

    its just toooo basic.and mostly answers are printed.for a.5 yr old child.its fine.

  89. AmazonCustomer

    Needs extra practice pagesThis book was helpful in showing our 7 year old how the hour hand works with the minute hand. However I found the way they showed the minute hand with the numbers all labeled on the outside to defeat the purpose. This book would greatly benefit from extra practice pages that don’t just give the answer away.If you are trying to teach that when it is 9:55 the hour hand is almost at the 10 but it is still 9 because it hasn’t made it to the o’clock position this book will work great. But if you are looking for them to tell time on their own you are going to have to do a lot of supplementing.

  90. Stacey B.

    Five StarsBest

  91. AstraDaemon

    Telling Time as Young as 4yrs!My son is actually 4 1/2, but he could tell time in minutes using both analog and digital clocks.We did have a little difficulty with “a quarter to,” and “a quarter past.” Everyone I know says “fifteen minutes after,” or “fifteen minutes until,” and my son wanted to know why someone would say “a quarter to ten” instead of 9:45, especially since that is how it looks on a digital. Although, having the minutes labeled was very helpful.I strongly recommend completing 

    My Book Of Numbers 1-30


    My Book Of Numbers 1-120

     before you introduce your child to the telling time workbooks. Also, completing 

    My Book of Easy Telling Time: Learning about Hours and Half-Hours

     first is a good idea.

  92. Amelia D

    but since he is a more hands-on learner the repetition is a bit boring. I may save this for my daughter who …I purchased this for my 7 year old son who is having difficulty telling time. He enjoys the full color pages, but since he is a more hands-on learner the repetition is a bit boring. I may save this for my daughter who is definitely a “work-book” child.

  93. Anthony Laudicina

    Five StarsExcellent

  94. Jennie J.

    Excellent!!!This book teaches children how to tell the time in the most simplistic, yet effective way, that even a child who has trouble learning will get it! The graphics are very appealing yet do not distract from the subject matter being taught. When a child has completed this book, they will be able to tell any time on an analog clock. I would recommend completing all of the pages, even if the first few seem a bit easy. These pages help to reinforce the concept of telling time and lets the child build confidence for the lessons that come later.

  95. Erwin Burgos

    IMO, this book is too redundant. My son …IMO, this book is too redundant. My son can already tell time and set the time. I was hoping this would be more thorough, but it’s basically the same concept over and over again. He’s 3.5. He has engaged with some other Kumon books, so I was optimistic about this, but now I’m considering getting the more advanced book…thought I’m not sure how thorough it would be based on this one.

  96. E. Williams

    high quality learningThis book teaches how to tell time with minutes in an easy to understand, visual way. I bought this for my 6 year old son and he is learning with ease. The book is very high quality. I also bought several of their other books for gifts and have been very pleased with every one. I highly recommend the Kumon products!

  97. yaoyaoholiday

    Three StarsToo repetitive in the process of learning but at the same time, comprehensive exercise is too few.

  98. Rodrick B.

    It helps my autistic 5 year old son learn master the timeThis book encourages my 5-year-old autistic son who has difficulty telling the time.I highly recommend it as we are happy and satisfied.


    Excelente productoNos gustó mucho

  100. Tatiana

    Kid picks up time easilyVery good book to gradually give your kid an idea about time and how to read clock. Nice exercises with repeating, kid likes to do it and I see the effect already.

  101. Mabel

    Must buy👌It’s a workbook. Its a good book to teach about time. Kids will love it

  102. Ying Zhao

    Good starterGood for kid start to read clock

  103. Pat

    Time for a book. LoLThis will come handy once my youngest child starts to learn time.

  104. Amazon Customer

    Great booksI love these kumon books! They are so helpful for my kids and a great way to keep up the learning in between no homework days , pa days etc

  105. linda.

    GreatGood educational textbook for 5yrs old

  106. heena

    Good practice bookthis is a good book for beginners, lots of practice questions. My daughter went through the book pretty fast.

  107. Aleksander

    Effective activity book for telling time.Great activity book for practicing minutes and how to read a clock. Kids picked it up quickly.

  108. Karlina

    Kumon very helpful for children’s growthLove kumon I studied kumon as a kid and now my daughter and she finds these so helpful in improving on what she already knows. Some questions can be repetitive however in life much of what we do is repetitive and a lot of progress can be based on memory which I believe where this system stems from so I don’t mind it, it also helps in ammending any mistakes my daughter would make.

  109. Anna G

    Good for someone who just started to learn about timeIt didn’t have enough exercises with quarter to and quarter past and half past.

  110. no no

    very encouragingMy son is nearly 6, but struggles a bit with understanding the time and tends to rely on his big brother. He loved this book and with the first few pages being very easy he became very confident and wanted to keep on working in the book. He could not have enjoyed it more. I have just purchased lots and lots of Kumon books and I am very very impressed with them. My son loves them all, and this one in particular 🙂

  111. Daniel Zonneveld Coltro

    KUMON is very good!KUMON is the best to improve our child education together with the school system. We love to spend time helping in our family rhythm teach the concepts with KUMON method.

  112. Tejal Chavan

    really gud.I make my son do one page daily n it takes him just two minutes…. Cause he enjoys doing it in d book.he’s learned d minute details about telling time.I m really hpy with kumons other books too and this is the 6th book I HB ordered in last 18 months

  113. JulieSD

    I don’t have anything better to recommend. Would if I could.We purchased the first one and now this one. It’s ok. Not particularly stimulating, very repetitive. I haven’t come across anything better though.

  114. Violet79

    Fab little book.I brought this book for my eight year old son who is mildly dyslexic and he loves it. The repetitive nature and gentle introduction into exercises suited my son’s way of learning, as like many dyslexics repetition aids the learning. His confidence is already blooming and we only recieved the item this morning!


    Good to goBest book to take kids through time in the most easiest way

  116. Sammi

    Teaching minutesThese are really good books, this is the second book and teaches minutes past and too, the first one teaches on the hour and half past. At the end of the book it has a certificate for the child.

  117. Kerry du Randt

    BrilliantBeware, once your child knows how to tell the time you will no longer be able to put them to bed five minutes early unless you change all the clocks in the house. They learn time telling very quickly using this book

  118. zsuzsa

    Five Starsthx

  119. vikki

    Good productAnother great product. Realised the counting money one was in dollars and cents but these are great books and great with my son. He loves them

  120. Roopa

    Five StarsKumon books have always matched my four year old loves it.

  121. Amazon Customer

    easy explanations, lovely for children to learn to tell …Colorful, easy explanations, lovely for children to learn to tell Time by themselves.

  122. Amazon Customer

    greatMy son told me he is amazed he can tell time after just a few lessons.Explains the minutes so progresivly so children can understand.

  123. Taiye

    Four StarsImprovement immediately noticed

  124. Muralidhar

    Four StarsGood Book for Beginners.

  125. Biplab

    Five Starsnice

  126. Mama 2t

    Four StarsGreat

  127. inma

    Aprender las horas de forma progresivaA mi hijo le ha gustado mucho porque le ha ayudado a aprender las horas yle encanta el formato ¡y los dibujitos!

  128. nanny with the grandad

    Another excellent Kumon bookI was surprised how quickly my grandson cottoned on to the Kumon method of teaching the time. Excellent as always.

  129. vpan

    Five StarsGood

  130. Lola

    Five Starsgood

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