My First Book of Cutting

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Improving manual dexterity through activities such as paper cutting is beneficial in the development of the human brain. In this book, children gradually learn how to control scissors through step-by-step exercises that advance from easy shapes to more complex cutting patterns. Fine motor skills acquired through these fun cutting exercises help children learn to control pencils and crayons easily.

8 ¼ × 11 ⅔ inches. paperback. 80 pages. full color. US $7.95 / C $8.95




Improving manual dexterity through activities such as paper cutting is beneficial in the development of the human brain. In this book, children gradually learn how to control scissors through step-by-step exercises that advance from easy shapes to more complex cutting patterns. Fine motor skills acquired through these fun cutting exercises help children learn to control pencils and crayons easily.

8 ¼ × 11 ⅔ inches. paperback. 80 pages. full color. US $7.95 / C $8.95

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551 reviews for My First Book of Cutting

  1. Lisa

    HelpfulGreat book to teach kids how to use scissors. Fun activity.

  2. Susan

    Have scissors, will cutMost children are fascinated with scissors and love to use them, yet they really have very little in their lives they can meaninfully cut. So what happens? Mom’s magazine gets snipped to ribbons, baby sister or the dog get an amateur barber job, maybe they become a fashion designer: “I think my pants would be better as shorts!” Thankfully Kumon has come to the rescue and has come up with a book for children that they CAN cut, have fun with, and mom won’t be upset!I reviewed Kumon’s First Steps Series LET’S CUT PAPER, and that is the good FIRST book for cutting. Once your child has done that one, then there is this book with 40 wonderful, colorful pages to cut! Kumon recommends MY FIRST BOOK OF CUTTING for ages 3-4-5, but I can tell you it is great for an older child too. There are many children who are a bit delayed in developing such fine motor skills such as handling a pair of scissors. My son is 8 years old and loves this book. It is not babyish at all, is very fun and has given him much needed practice in cutting.PLEASE!! Do your child a favor by giving him, along with this book, a GOOD pair of scissors! Cheap scissors abound for children, and if given those, their projects will looked chewed, and not cut. Both Fiskars and Crayola make very nice scissors for children. We have been using Crayola, with all metal blades, and get very good results.Okay, what are the projects to cut in this book? Well,the first are simple, cutting vertically from the bottom of the page along thick grey lines…cut and stop at when you reach the fruit, the flag, or the building. The next ones are printed horizontally on the page, but still a child will no doubt hold the paper so they are cutting vertically. Project #6 is cutting along the teeth of 2 combs. #8-#11 are having the children cut diagonal lines, and some change direction. #12 is cutting a pentagon shape, which is of a cuckoo clock. #13 goes back to zig zag lines as you cut each floor of the buildings.#14 is fun, cut out a girl on her rectangle bed and cover her with the rectangle blanket you cut out.#15 has you cut apart the squares of the chocolate bar! There are pages for cutting out various objects: the sun, a fox, sandwiches, a hamburger on a plate, sport balls, a pine tree, a bunch of bananas, etc. There is a paper necklace to cut out, a rainbow to snip into separate colors, and the end projects are cutting out animals and vehicles, when folded on the dotted line, become 2 sided and will stand on the table. Really fun and cute, not babyish, and any child would love this book! Once your child has mastered the cutting in this book, they would probably also enjoy Kumon’s MY BOOK OF PASTING, MY BOOK OF PASTING: JIGSAW PUZZLES, and MY BOOK OF EASY CRAFTS. Unsure of what gift to get a child who seems to have everything? Give this book, and a pair of good scissors, and you will have given them many joyful,creative hours. I don’t know how anyone could not like this book…enjoy!

  3. Picky User

    Good for 3-year-olds, a little easy for older children.UPDATE: After using this book, I recently purchased a different (cheaper) book that combined cutting, pasting, numbers, colors, etc in one book. I really started to appreciate this Kumon cutting book after I tried the other brand book. Reason: this book really focuses on cutting. The first few assignments are just straight cutting. At first, it seemed boring to me. However, now I see why it’s important. Cutting straight is easy. Cutting a longer piece of paper straight is fairly difficult, but it really teaches kids how to cut. I’m seeing this now that I tried teaching a 3-year-old to cut using a different book.Purchased this for use with a 3-year-old who does not attend preschool, an almost-4-year-old who has attended preschool for 3 years, and a 4-year-old in t-kinder. The book is very easy for the 4-year-old. The other two have difficulty cutting straight lines, but I find that it helps if you remind the children to slow down, and watch how they hold their scissors. Children will hold the scissors backwards, or forget to use both their index and middle fingers. Helping them to hold the scissors properly makes a big difference.I like how the book breaks things up so that you have several pages of just cutting straight lines, followed by a mini-project, such as cutting and taping a train together. Because the reality is that children will grow bored with just cutting lines, despite the fact that they need practice.Regarding the book binding, it’s not too difficult to rip the pages out. If you can really bend the binding, then the pages pull out easily. If not, then just tear it straight up against the book edge and you’ll get a relatively straight tear. Also, at this age (3 and 4), the children don’t care too much that a little of the edge is not perfectly straight.One criticism: I wish the book provided more guidance to the adult. Am I supposed to let the child continue with his or her crooked lines, assuming that with practice they will just get better? Or am I supposed to help them guide the paper as they cut? If they don’t cut straight, should I make them fix their mistakes? I’m not a teacher so these are things I don’t know and it would be nice if the book’s preface included some guidance on how to use the book.

  4. Muttley

    These activities are really helpful for a kid to develop fine motor skills…I bought this book for my 4 years old son who is very much interested in scissor exercises these days. This is a high quality full size book and it contains 40 pages of cutting activities.The pages, as expected, are one sided and the paper is quite thick (a lot thicker compared to similar cutting books) This may be increasing the price a little bit but I think it is worth it since it offers a better cutting experience for my son ( the thinner ones can easily get torn or crushed).The activities are getting more challenging in a gradual fashion. The first examples are basic cutting a long a line, then it becomes diagonal, circular, zigzag, spiral and finally irregular shapes like an outline of an animal or an object. The last few activities include cutting and folding at the same time. Depending on the child’s familiarity towards similar activities, parent help or guidance might be required.I only have a minor complain about the book which is that the pages are not perforated. So it is not easy to remove the page (both for the kid and the parent) before starting the cutting exercise since the cutting line is very close to the midline and it is very good to cut it smoothly especially when the remaining pieces of multiple pages pile up.We have been using Kumon and other cutting books for a few months now and it is a pain not to be able to use the book more than once, but I think these books really help since I can see the gradual improvement in my son’s cutting skills and that means they pay off.Recommended

  5. Mina Liu

    very useful!It was recommended by my son’s teacher, really useful for toddlers to learn to cut!

  6. GY

    Duplicative contentWe finished the big book of cutting, lasting and drawing before getting this one, and was disappointed that this one is mostly a replicate of the content from the big book, which means I’d wasted money. Kimono could have totally create new contents but it just decides to replicate unfortunately.

  7. N. Cousino

    3 & 1/2 year old loves it!My daughter has been on a cutting spree lately, wanting to cut any and all paper she can get her hands on, so I figured this book might help her hone her cutting skills and learn to use her little safety scissors better. Other than just random cutting of little pieces of paper haphazardly she has had no practice cutting along lines, but with the very first page in this book she had no trouble at all. She wanted to skip to some pages in the back of the book that were a little harder, so we tried some that had corners and curves – she got a little frustrated in a few spots but over all did remarkably well with a little encouragement.The book is fantastic – the beginning pages start with simple straight very thick lines for them to cut along, and then it progresses to lines with angles and curves and the lines become thinner as you go along further into the book, so they can improve even more. There are lots of fun, colorful pages and things for them to cut out and play with or decorate.After seeing how much she has enjoyed this book I think we’ll be picking up some of the other Kumon workbooks soon, and see if we can improve her letters and numbers. Overall I’m very happy with the book, my daughter loves it and I think it was a great price. The only down-side is I wish the pages were perforated so they would be easier to tear out of the book.

  8. MusicCat

    A must have for kids who LOVE cutting! So much fun.My son is 4 years old and loves cutting everything, anything he can. I wasn’t sure how this book would fare with him, but he loves it! I thought it looked too simple and wasn’t enough to captivate his attention since he is pretty “advanced” in the cutting realm, but I was wrong. He loves playing with his cut-out shapes long after he has cut them. Some of the shapes include a banana, a girl with a separate bed to cut out and play with, rockets, airplanes, helicoptors to appeal to boys, chocolate bars (with little segments to cut out), carrots, houses, big sunshine, fox,tree, a cute stand-up dog, a dragonfly that can be made to “fly”,a waddling penguin, rainbow, foods, etc. There are endless possibilities of use for the shapes that are cut out. Yes, one day, it will all lose its appeal and grow old, but for now it is keeping my son entertained on rainy days.The only thing I would recommend is that they put it in a spiral binding next time. The pages are meant to be ripped out (by the parent!) before cutting, and many times it has been so difficult to not rip the pictures as well. Cutting the pages out with scissors is equally difficult. Very young kids (probably 3 and under) will need some guidance with each picture. My son is 4.5 and does better on his own with each picture than he did even 4 months ago.

  9. Gertrude

    My son is having a great time with this bookMy son is having a great time with this book. In just a month his cutting skills have improved. I was pleasantly surprised that one of the cutting projects was to make a long train. He was very excited and still has it on his wall. After that I looked through the book and there are several cute things for the kids to make. I think it is well thought out and a good book for little kids.Edit about 9 months later:We are almost done with this book. It has been a success for my son who is almost 5 now. At first we did maybe one page a week or every other week. Eventually, we did a page a day or more if he was in the mood. Slow and steady. He has started using the Easy crafts Kumon book very easily. I added a picture of my son’s decorations made from activities in this book. I bought a second book for my little one. That’s how much we liked it :)Another note about removing pages: I used a knife to go from top to bottom to make the pages easy to remove after I broke one of the pages early on. My rating is based on my son’s progress and not on the ease of page removal – which can be irritating.

  10. H.M. Fonseca

    Fun learning for pre-school age childrenAll the Kumon books feature adorable illustrations (rather in the style of “Hello Kitty”) and very good paper stock. Of the four books I have purchased from the Kumon series, this is my favorite. My 4 year old son loves using sizzors. (He’s begun cutting the fur off of his sister’s plush animals, making her very unhappy, so I decided it was time for something more productive.) The book features a number of cutting excercises, starting with very simple strait lines and moving slowly to curves and angles. My only complaint is I wish the pages were preforated for easy removal. (The book clearly states that the parent should cut the pages out so that the child can do the cutting excercises effectively.)Also, if you’re looking for something to entertain your child while you start dinner or fold laundry, this is not it. The point of all the books in this series is for the parent to interact with their child, giving them lots of praise and encouragement. The Kumon books do make it fun to sit and work with your child, but if you need something really cost effective a craft book from the library might make more sense.All in all this is a very good quality workbook. My son really enjoys the excercises and it will definitely increase his fine motor skills in general and cutting skills specifically.

  11. boyschool

    Perfect and BIGGreat book! I have had both this book and “let’s cut paper”. This book is much bigger. Let’s cut paper is a small book, about half the size, and half the number of pages. This book starts out cutting straight lines. Then it graduates to cutting diagonal lines, zig zag lines, shapes, and by the end of the book they are cutting out simple animals that can be folded in half to stand up on their own. Little ones LOVE being able to “make” something on their own. Inside the front cover is a clear explanation of how to remove the pages, and I have had no issues at all. I use a paper cutter that I happened to have from pampered chef. No it is not perforated, and that doesn’t matter to me one bit. I’m sure the reason it isn’t perforated as these are nice, glossy, thick pages. Not thin printer paper. Both of my girls have used Kumon books to learn cutting, and by age 3 both of them were able to cut out just about anything on their own. My boys have taken a little longer but not much. I highly recommend these books.

  12. Jen

    Good content, difficult to get pages outWe like the book, the only issue is that the pages are difficult to remove to my son can work on them. Easy rip pages would take this review to 5 stars.

  13. SNMom

    Great book of cutting projects for littlesMy daughter loves all the little projects in this book and asks for it often. The book progresses in difficulty, which is nice. It starts with thick lines to cut, then the lines get thinner. My only complaint is that you need to cut the pages out of the book – they are not perforated. Easiest solution was just to take it to the local office supply store and have them cut the binding off.

  14. Drea

    My 4 year old loved itThis book is a big hit! I’ve never seen such an interesting cutting book, my 4 year old loved it. I’m going to get the one with crafts too. My friend recommended kumon series and we absolutely love it.Every child reaches milestones at different times, some children need more guidance than others. Cutting can be a dangerous activity, so I’d advise observing your child (but not obsessively worrying). Every child is different, with different temperaments. If real scissors are too dangerous at the moment, there are good training scissors that also cut.

  15. Janell M.

    Good progression of scissor skillsThis book is nice, sturdy paper and well thought progression of scissor skills. The pages are also interesting to look at and often appeal to my children.My five year old has to be dragged through the page, and he becomes frustrated that he cannot complete the practice page perfectly. He is mostly able to cut the page independently as I remind him how to hold the scissors in relationship to the rest of his body and to use his free hand to guide the page. His scissor skills have somewhat progressed with the help of this workbook. (More so the summer task assigned by the teacher of, “work on non-preferred tasks,” has been accomplished.)My barely three year old is eager to cut out this pages. To successfully accomplish a page he does need to sit on my lap as I help guide his hands and instruct, “Big, long bite.” This book has helped him transition from aimless snipping with 

    Fiskars Pre-School Spring Action Scissors, Color Received May Vary (93907097)

     to independently cutting a straight-ish line with blunt scissors.

  16. NatalieK

    Increases Attention Span, Too!My daughter started doing this workbook at 3 1/2 when her preschool teacher informed me that she needed to work on her cutting skills. I love how this book teaches cutting one step at a time, starting with vertical lines and ending with curved lines. At first, my daughter had a difficult time even with vertical lines because she would look away (short attention span) while she’s cutting and then would get upset when she realized that she went off. So, I had to repeatedly remind her to look at the lines. If your child is new at cutting or is lacking motor skills, this is not an independent workbook for the child. Parents would also need to teach them how to HOLD and TURN the papers as they cut the lines.My daughter just turned 4. At the moment, she is cutting curved lines on her own without supervision while I’m tying this review. Not only did her cutting skills improve, her attention span improved as well.The only thing I don’t like about this book is that the pages are not tearable. It has a dotted line on each page for parents to cut, but the dotted lines are so close the binding that they are hard to cut without cutting the pictures. I ended up stretching the binding apart so I can tear out the pages.

  17. pochacco

    Good activity, with one caveatNo complaints with the activity, we love it and the thicker paper makes it easier for kids to handle. But WHY? Why not have perforated pages on a cutting activity workbook? Do the people that designed the book do cutting activities while the paper is still attached to the book itself? It’s so hard to get the pages off, I don’t think I’ll buy another cutting activity book from them for a while until I know this is looked into :/

  18. Dane shopper

    Very cute and awesome cutting craftsMy son loves this book. And I love that it has easy crafty pages so it isn’t like he is just cutting paper, he is actually cutting and making something by the cuts that he makes.About the only draw back is that I wish the Kumon books in general would perforate their pages so you could tear them out of the book. I can kind of understand them not being perfed in the regular work books (although it would really make it easier to use) but with this book I would think it would have been a no brainer to pert the pages so you could take them out for your child. (Yes, I could cut it out… but when the book is new, the pages are seriously tight and getting scissors in there to cut without disturbing the picture you are supposed to cut is very hard.)But even with that said… it is a great book and we will be getting the next one here soon as my son finishes cutting the last few pages out of this one!

  19. FirstFiddle

    Fun for the right kid, but really not as great as some of the other Kumon booksWe are homeschoolers and we love Kumon. My boys learned to handle a pencil, write letters and numbers, and count with the help of Kumon books. I bought My First Book of Cutting when I was looking for a fourth book to purchase with my order under the ‘four for three’ promotion. I didn’t really think that I needed it, but it was free and I thought someone around here might think it was fun. And fun it is for my middle son who is four. It’s mostly a time-filler when he is waiting for my attention and has nothing to do. He asks for it and enjoys the graphics, and I’m sure he probably has improved his cutting to a degree. Perhaps it has built some confidence in him too, which is valuable in itself. As far as our overall educational experience, however, it’s pretty much just fluff; but that’s ok sometimes too. My other two boys, ages 6 and 3, are not interested in it, although they have enjoyed several of the other Kumon books very much.

  20. J Chap

    Great practice with interesting activitiesIt is hard to make an entire book about cutting interesting, but this book is holding my preschooler’s attention very well. You cut lines and then zig zagz and curves and shapes, but you don’t just stop there. The pages have other activities to expand on or create that keep kids attention and excitement. Sme pages you cut pieces and then assemble them to build smething, some pages you cut things you can pretend and play with (paper doll), some pages you cut out a necklace they can wrap around their neck, etc. the paper is a stronger and heftier paper, similar to a thicker brochure paper so it is stronger and can be used in the activities without falling apart. This is a great book and a great practice.I thought it would be too simple for my daughter and get boring, but I realized that she is learning good skills, good control and loving doing it. Great practice and now i want to try the other skill books!

  21. D. Holbrook

    Perfect book for teaching basic cutting skillsI used to teach 3 year old pre-school. Everything in this book was exactly what we did to teach this motor skill, and used for testing to show the parents where they are development wise. I had one kid, who was so cute, take one of these sheets and cut into hundreds of tiny pieces. I had to put it in an envelope to show his mom. So when she saw it she said “so I need to work with him on cutting” I smiled at her and said he’s 3. She said it again and I said he’s 3 if he doesn’t learn it now, he’ll learn it at age 4, if he doesn’t learn it then he’ll learn it in kindergarten. She laughed and said she needed me. So for all you mom’s who may have too high of expectations just sit back and enjoy the moment, and have fun doing this with your child, and let them have some fun too. Don’t stress out!

  22. Nbtokb

    Teaches progressive cutting skillsMy 4 year old has been practicing cutting here and there, but I wanted to start some more routine practice in this learning area. The Kumon cutting book has been the perfect solution. I like how the skill level starts at beginner and advances as we travel through the book. The images on each page make learning cutting more fun too. I was a bit concerned after reading the reviews stating that the pages are difficult to remove in a clean fashion. I folded the cover back along the seam and that offered more room for me to remove pages. We have only done the first two pages, but I will probably end up removing the cover as one reviewer recommended to make it even easier to remove the remaining pages.

  23. TK

    Great except the pages do not come out easily!I love the book and the step by step teaching, however, ripping the papers out is NOT easy at all!

  24. Dennis

    Great for fine motor developmentMy 5 year old son’s fine motor skills were lacking so I purchased this along with Easy Krafts book to help him practice cutting over the summer. I could’ve made my own or printed stuff online, but there are other academic areas we need to focus on, so I just wanted something fun to have handy to practice cutting. Plus, the cost of quality card stock and printer ink would’ve been way more expensive than the cost of these books. As others have mentioned, I agree that it starts off easy and slowly becomes more challenging. Very good quality paper so I am happy with this purchase.

  25. Kingfisher

    Good price good productI am very pleased with all three of the books I ordered from this series (cutting, tracing, and first letters). The illustrations are lovely – bright and interesting, and there is enough diversity of activity to keep my preschooler interested. He historically simply just doesn’t spend a lot of time cutting or scribbling and doesn’t want to, so he wasn’t getting the practice he needed. The different tasks in the books (“races”, getting some animal from point a to point b, help the so and so find his such and such etc.) helps my son see the point in the activity in a way that me simply encouraging him to practice cutting and tracing didn’t. We’re able to do these pages together, talking about what’s going on, and he really enjoys it.They’re so nice I almost wanted to scan the pages so I could use the books for future kids, but at this price, I can just order more. Very happy with this purchase.

  26. RJ

    Easy way to get pages outMy just 5 year old loves this book. He was very intimidated by cutting perfectly that he was not feeling very confident using scissors at all. I have been trying many different things. These pages instantly caught his attention with their bright colors and fun pictures. He started and wanted to stop because he wasn’t doing it perfectly, but with very little encouragement continued and now he wants to keep going. I am so thrilled! As far as getting the pages out of the Kumon Workbooks, I have found to turn the books back on themselves and the pages come out very easily without having to disassemble the entire book. They are so well made that the spines stay in tack.

  27. Warrior Mom

    Wonderfully engaging!I try to encourage my son to cut with scissors as often as possible for hand strength, dexterity, and visual perception, but it’s often in fits and starts. If I have a specific thing for him to cut out, he’ll be interested, but they are few and far between. Otherwise, if it’s more of an “assignment”, he has no interest whatsoever.I bought this workbook along with three others and when it’s time to work I give him a choice of books or writing on paper. Even when he says that he doesn’t want to work, if I show him the next thing to cut, he gets very excited and runs to get his scissors. He loved taping together the train, too. I think that these books are excellent for engagement and they make it very easy to work independently.

  28. Barbara93

    Excited to try it with my daughter!Before purchasing, I read a couple of reviews about the difficulty of cutting out the pages to use and how the directions dont talk about taking the book apart. So I attached some photos so you can see what they meant. I just tok of the cover and the bind kept in tact. I was easily able to tear off the top page. Since it is a progressive book, I can keep the book in the bind without taking it all apart. You can see the pictures get more difficult to cut, starting out with lines and moving on to more complicated shapes.The paper quality is great, it’s easy to tear off the cover and each page afterward, and its attractive and simple. I would recommend it to help your child develop scissor skills.

  29. Michelle W.

    tough on parents, great for kidsIt’s tough sometimes to get the pages out, so I agree that perforated pages or a spiral binding would have been better, but my pre-school age daughter loves this book. I try to rip out or cut out a few pages at a time to keep her busy. I will say that my daughter went to camp and the teachers there photocopied the pages and had the kids cut those. That’s probably frowned upon by Kumon but I did think it might be a good solution for me because I wouldn’t have to rip/cut out the pages, and she could cut up the same pages to get more practice.

  30. CRaj

    Great book but binding is annoyingGot it for my 2 sons to sharpen cutting skills…the younger one does the first part if the book where it is just straight lines mostly as he is just starting to learn to cut. The older one does the projects towards the end which are tougher. The pages are progressively tougher which is great. The pages are thicker its easier for kids to cut. I had to make copies of the first pages however as my younger one needed more practice as he is just starting to cut. What is most annoying about the book is that the binding is bad…we need to rip the pages for the kids to cut…kumon should have given perforations on the sheets to rip out easily or bound them so that they lay flat.

  31. Julie W

    ) I think he’ll have a good time using these pages to practice cutting as opposed …Bought this for my 4 year old son who I haven’t really allowed to use scissors because of his craziness and tendency to get into accidents all the time. But he’s in preschool now and the time has come for him to learn how to use scissors. Anyway, this book is full of thick, one sided, colored pages of cutting activities. It starts out with very simple straight lines and progresses into harder designs (i.e. zigzags, curves, etc.) I think he’ll have a good time using these pages to practice cutting as opposed to me just giving him blank paper or lines that I draw myself. The only gripe I have is I wish the pages were perforated! But I guess that must be part of the cutting practice. Haha.

  32. Katherine A.

    Fun cutting exercisesChild has only done 2 pages but enjoyed the activity. The book starts with simple straight lines and becomes more challenging. My problem was the mail carrier who stuffed this and another book into our mailbox, so all the mail that day was crumpled up. Must not have been my regular mail carrier as she is wonderful.

  33. Bayarea Mama

    Nice thickness and full of colorThe papers are thick enough to feel comfortable cutting feeling.But it’s not too think so that kid can improve their cutting skill easily. When my 3 year old son start using this text book he could only cut the paper in straight, but at the end, he could easily cut circles too.

  34. S. D. Merrifield

    not as great as all the reviews say & here is why!!!When I purchase a good product for my kids, I rave about it. This was worth rating one star. The fact that the pages are not perforated makes me go from love it to hate it. If you buy the book and read the instructions, you will instantly agree with me. I can’t even get the pages out properly for my daughter to use this workbook!! Maybe I got an extremely bad copy (I’ve sent a note to their customer service) but I can’t believe the challenge they have made for parents before kids can even do the workbook. To explain further because you can’t see the book, the instructions want you to cut along each page and remove with maybe 1 mm of space between cutting and binder. Not even enough space to get scissors between the line and the binder to cut. I tried tearing, but doesn’t work so well in the middle of the page. I am going to take my copy to an office depot to see if they can cut the pages out with a cutting board, but what mom needs another errand to run? Really disappointed, but maybe my expectation were so high because of all the rave reviews, which is why I purchased in the first place. If it was perforated, it would be perfect. Because it isn’t, it’s one star! (will update my review if I hear back from their customer service.)Update on 12/16: you have to disassemble the book and break the spine to use the book per customer service. Maybe if I had known that initially that you have to tear apart the book to use it, I would not have rated it so poorly, but it seems the company should fix that by adding perforated pages. My one star rating stands!

  35. D Wick

    Kid loves, mom not so muchC’mon Kumon, does it really cost that much to perforate the pages? Even the lowliest children’s workbook I’ve bought has the pages perforated. The “line” they speak of is buried in the binding. They could not possibly have tried this and approved it in good conscience. Maybe I’ll try going after it with a razor blade and putting it all in a binder, but dang – I shouldn’t have to do that. It’s such a glaring error that it casts doubt over their brand as a whole in my mind.

  36. Kelsey

    Daughter loves this cutting activity bookI bought this along with other pre-k type activity books so that it could be a fun yet educational activity for my 3 and a half year old. She loves it and is picking up how to use scissors pretty quickly. It’s fun for kids. This is by far her favorite thing I purchased for her learning sessions.

  37. Mary Gale

    Good pre-k learning book.Have as a birthday present. 5yr old loved it! Was getting ready for kindergarten so it is a great book to practice cutting. No it doesn’t have perforated pages, but I didn’t find any other cutting learning books with that either. Best to cut page out of book first.

  38. Simple Mom

    Gimmicky for what it isThis workbook has 40 cutting projects. It starts with straight lines, then zig zag and curvy. It finishes with a couple of very simple cut and fold projects. A child of 3 will need much more than this to master good scissor skills which come with practice. I recommend this as one of many tools in your box to help kids learn cutting skills. Certainly, the first 5-10 cutting practices in this book can be reproduced for much cheaper on your own, but young children may prefer the colored pictures. The gimmick for me is that you are basically shelling out for pictures to cut out. An old magazine for kids to cut out would cost less per page to cut up and toss.

  39. Maribel Carrero

    Get an exacto knifeTo everyone saying what it pain it is not to have perforated pages, I agree but an exacto knife is an easy fix. No tearing pages, no tearing the book apart, just a clean cut with an exacto knife close to the seam of the book.My 3 year old loves cutting paper. This book gives him some direction and motivation to cut in a more structured way. He’s excited to follow the lines in the pictures.

  40. Jenn

    Good learning tool.I would give this 5 stars if it had perforated pages. Cutting the pages out first is a hassle. My kindergartener used this to get ready for his first year at school. I definitely will buy another for my 3 year old when she’s getting ready too.

  41. Erica

    Good practiceMy son loves this book. It has nice paper. It is great practice using scissors.His cut half of the book in 2 days and he really enjoyed it.

  42. LibraryChick

    Perforated edges on the pages please!My preschool daughter really enjoys the Kumon cutting books. They really help her in her scissor skills.My one and only complaint is that the pages are extremely difficult to remove from the book. The pages instruct that an adult should cut along the edge of the page to separate the page from the book before giving it to the child. Unfortunately, the book only provides about a half an inch before the content of the page begins. It is impossible to cut the line down the page without cutting into the contents of the page. I had to tear up the entire book and separate all of the pages from the spine of the book just so I could remove the pages easily. It is a bit of a nuisance and unsightly and disorganized.This problem could have been easily remedied if they’d just perforated the edges of the paper or left plenty of room before beginning the content of the page.

  43. mc2cmt

    Really cute!We love this cutting book! It starts with really basic pages and works up to pretty challenging. My 4 year old was bored with the first few pages, but is loving it as it advances.I took off one star because the pages are perforated. The pages are all made to be removed before use, so why aren’t they perforated for easy removal? The activities go all the way to the edge of the page, so cutting them out is difficult, and ripping them always results in ripping too far into the page.

  44. JQ

    I enjoy how the cutting progresses overtime from thick lines to …Our toddler started using scissors in preschool when she was 2 1/2 years old. I was scared about her using such a sharp object, but I was encouraged by her preschool teachers to help her learn and practice at home. Found this book and she loves it. I enjoy how the cutting progresses overtime from thick lines to thinner lines and from straight lines to curve lines. It’s great for a child to use with adult supervision. Kumon books are great. A friend gifted our child a kumon sticker book for her 2nd birthday and she loved it.

  45. Natalia

    Great gift for a preschooler. Great craftsI bought this book for my 3 y.o. My kid just loves the book. We started from easy straight lines. Now she is cutting zigzags and circles. Pretty impressive for a young kid. The quality of paper is very good, thick, does not rip easily. Lovely illustrations. The book includes lots of crafts, for example. Cutting train parts and connecting together, or necklace, or sandwich. I like this book because it is gender neutral, that makes it an excellent gift for boys or girls. I would recommend it to every parent. My friends bought for their kids and loved the book. Make sure you have good scissors. We took the book with us when visiting grandma. Great activity for grandma and grand kid time.

  46. momo

    Well designed, fun to useThis workbook is well designed for small children to develop cutting skills in small steps. The colorful illustrations of a variety of shapes are based on gender neutral themes, which I found difficult to find in kids workbooks available locally. The paper is good material and each page is easy for adults to tear by hand. There may be fee materials online for helping small children improve their cutting skills, but this book is well worth the small investment.

  47. Jimmy Yu

    Great book with one flaw.The pages need to be perforated to easily rip the pages out. Beside that, the book was great and my 3 year old sat there and wanted to finish the whole book in one go. Hours of cutting fun!

  48. wxyzzzzzzzz

    Makes learning to use scissors funI’ve been trying to get my 4 year old to use scissors for awhile and he wasn’t into it at all until trying out this book. The pictures are a lot of fun and after the first couple pages he didn’t want to stop. He’s always asking for more pages to cut.There is a nice difficulty curve, although I did find that my son wasn’t really ready for the ones towards the end by the time we got there. I’ve since bought a few more of the Kumon cutting books and he’s doing really well with them. This is a full-size book and some of the other Kumon cutting books are half the size. If I had realized that initially, I probably would have started with the smaller books first because they were easier for him to maneuver.

  49. DKW

    Great intro cutting book that is like a fun game for toddlers!My 4 year old has always been lacking in the scissor department/fine motor skills. She is left handed though so it is kind of harder for her to use regular scissors. In just two days, shes cut many pages out and asks to continue to the next page..she feels like it is a fun activity and is excited to do it. She’s already improved her scissor skills a lot! I highly recommend this scissor skill book.

  50. TheReye5Family

    Perfect for shelter in place.We got this as one of the tools that we used for our 4 year olds homeschooling due to the shelter in place order. He wasn’t too good at cutting when we got this book, but now that he’s half-way through I can say there is a big difference.

  51. lupita estrada

    Kumon Workbooks are well worth the money.My three-year-old daughter likes it very much. I can see her cutting skills have improved already within the first ten pages. The quality of the book is great. It has nice thick sheets making it easier for her little hands to hold. My daughter enjoys that she can play with some of her cut outs like: the train and hair comb. I really like how it gets more difficult the further along you get in the book. It starts with cutting thick straight lines then it moves to thinner more zig zag or curved lines. I just recently found out about KUMON Workbooks and I have purchased six in total so far. I highly recommend them. My daughter is learning so much and what’s even better is that she is having fun while learning 🙂

  52. Lher372788

    Saved me $8,000I was considering putting my child in private school (K2) and she was accepted, however my husband and I changed our minds. But when attending various open houses the each schools shared that the curriculum was based on the Kumon workbooks. So I purchased five books for her age group and send a different page each day to daycare (grandmom’s house) and saved my husband and I more than $8,000 in tuition. But the bonus is, I can already see the growth with my daughter in just three weeks and it is easy for anyone to teach. She looks forward to doing her pages every day then coming home to who me.

  53. Heckel emilie

    good scissor trainingthis book is such a good scissor trainer for toddlers, cutting patterns are evolutive all along the book starting with straight lines then waves then zigzags etc until complexes shapes all this decorated with little creatures walking to their homes or racing snails or else, very entertaining for a 3y old.I won’t give it five stars just because to have your kid cut the page you have to take the page out of the book, and as the paper is such a good quality, it’s very uneasy to just rip them out, if you don’t get a cutting tool yourself you can’t cut it clean, just a little perforated line there would have been very much welcome… 🙂

  54. A.M.

    Great collection of cutting exercises progressing from basic to more complexVery good introductory workbook to help a child develop confidence and practice basic cutting exercises in the beginning, then move onto slightly more complex cutting exercises.It is a bit of a pain for parents to cut out each page, but the content is far superior to other cutting workbooks out there.There’s not really any mixed activities in here, it is all scissor practice.

  55. m&m

    taught our son how to cut!our 4 year old son is left handed and has been slow to pick up cutting. his preK teacher recommended we practice with him at home. we found this book on amazon and thought we’d give it a try. along with his new lefty preschool scissors, he sat and went page after page through this book. its great because it starts off very basic and then gets more complicated as the book progresses. our son gained a lot of confidence using this. would highly recommend for preschoolers learning to cut with scissors!

  56. Gabriella Baez

    Exactly what I was looking forThis product was exactly what I was looking for. I recently bought some scissors for my 3 year old to start practicing scissor skills but didn’t really want to draw lines on papers everyday so we bought this and he actually tells me in the morning that he wants to play with this book. Definitely keeps him busy and helped him learn so fast.

  57. Raeski

    A book worth manglingMade with heavy duty paper, almost like card stock. Great for building hand strength and fine motor skills. Wish I could tear out the pages instead of having to mangle the book by cutting them out, but it’s still worth it. My daughter loves playing with all the paper things she cuts out like the car and the dog.

  58. Heather Brown

    Perfect for beginners with scissors.My 4 year old LOVED cutting the pages of this book. As you progress through the book, the patterns change to give your youngster a little bit of a challenge. The colorful pages and sturdy paper was a big bonus. I was worried about my lefty being able to cut shapes, etc when school started. I had her use this book nearly every day to practice, and the improvement was tremendous! It allowed her time to figure out how she wanted to hold her scissors, and how to best execute her cutting skills. Will definitely buy more books like this when my other kiddos need them.

  59. JustLiz

    Needs improvementThe idea behind the book is great. The pages are heavy card stock so they are easy for children to cut. The book advances from simple straight lines to more complex cutting by the end. Each page can be torn out to allow the child to cut that page. However, as mentioned in many of the reviews, the pages are NOT perforated so they are not easily removed from the spine of the book. The instructions tell parents to cut the pages out but anyone who uses scissors knows it’s impossible to cut a page out of a book along a straight, rigid edge! My book evidently was a return based on smudges on the front cover and the first few pages were slightly damaged.

  60. Monique Starling

    Perforation, please!I love that the activity sheets allow kids to try different ways of cutting; however, it would have been so much easier for the parents/helpers if the pages had been perforated. I mean, most of us know how to cut. What we don’t want to do is attempt to fit a pair of scissors into the small space of the book’s spine.

  61. MillertimeUSNA

    Great practice“Mom, I finished my cutting book!” My kids love these. Yes, there will be paper on the floor and they will want tape and glue, but they won’t be cutting their own hair (or their siblings, ahem it’s happened here) if they are busy cutting this instead 👍

  62. Dee

    Great BookI got this book for my 3-1/2 year-old granddaughter. It is the perfect book for children just learning to use scissors.

  63. Amazon Customer

    Great bookThe whole point of this book is ripping out pages and handing them to your four year old so they can butcher them with a scissors. Highly recommend.

  64. Melissa

    Much Improved Cutting SkillsMy 4 year old son really enjoys most of the pages in this book. He chooses which page to do and I rip it out for him. His cutting skills have improved so much. People complaining about the pages being hard to get out are just not using their imaginations. You could just cut the binding off, or you can do what I do and hold the top and rip it off, doesn’t have to be perfect because theyre cutting into it. Easy peasy.

  65. RachelM

    Could by five stars but…Please Kumon: These pages need to be perforated! The cutting activities are meant to be torn out or cut out by the parent and it is just annoying. Sometimes, I tear the “starting arrow” right off. Otherwise, it’s a great book for my home schooling kindergarten student. It builds well from one activity to the next. We do 2 pages/week.

  66. Amazon Customer

    Great Value For The Price!Awesome! Great first cutting book with the right amount of complicated to start, and gets a little harder as you progress to the end. My almost 4 year old daughter loves doing these projects. This is one of 3 Kumon books I got at the same time, and all of them are great! She loves working in all of them. They are a great value for the price!

  67. FranS18

    Great book for motor skills!This is a great book for motor skills since it involves cutting on dotted lines. My son loved it but my daughter had a hard time with it and didnt like it much. I used it a bit for homeschooling last year.

  68. NesB

    Great for a 5 year old.I am using this workbook with my 5 year old son who still needs some support with his fine motor skills and it’s awesome. I love that the papers are glossy and heavy so it’s easy for him to hold. I also like how there are multiple pages of the same kind of skill, like several pages of cutting zig zags. All the pages have cute pictures on them to keep the kids engaged.

  69. Tessa

    My 3 year old loved this bookMy 3 year old loved this book! I like how it progressed in difficulty and loved the variety of the cutting projects and how some of them turned into a final product after being cut and sometimes folded. It gets one star off because of the inconvenience of extracting the pages. I used an x-acto knife, which worked, but it would have been more convenient to have a perforated edge or even have it sold as loose leaf pages.

  70. Katherine Schiselr

    Kumon CuttingKumon is quickly becoming a family favorite. My 3 year old love puzzles and the Kumon workbooks are easy to follow, give direction to parents, and make it easy to get the next book in your child’s progression.My 3 year old is telling time by looking at a face clock. I know the Kumon series of books is helping him every day. They are fun and he is eager to learn using them.My son is 3 and his preschool teachers told the parents in September to start working with the kids on cutting. This Kumon workbook has improved his cutting skills beyond belief. His teachers asked what we were doing with him because his skills surpassed his peers by so much.

  71. CPR

    Great! lolLO definitely enjoys cutting! He is eager to cut 2 pages a day… will purchase again after he finishes this book because want to refine his curved and circle cutting skills.

  72. Amazon Customer

    Great books!Great books and a little pricey but I guess it’s fonna be worth it,my son is learning so fast and now he’s much better on holding the scissors! I hope to get a complete set of kumon books!

  73. toddw72

    The book is great for teaching my 3 year old how to cutThe book is great for teaching my 3 year old how to cut. I love how sturdy and colorful each page is. There is one thing I would change though. Why didn’t Kumon make each page perforated? Each page tells the parent to cut the page “out” of the book before your child begins cutting the design or lines on the page. As the book progresses, the parent’s cutting task becomes harder and harder to do because the pages are so thick. I’m not sure if Kumon thought parents would be modeling how to cut each time, but it is nearly impossible to cut the pages out properly with such thick paper so close to the binding. For the price, I really think it could have been perforated.

  74. JMandMJ

    Recommend!My 4 year old had never touched scissors when we bought this book to do homeschool/preschool it was a great find! We do one or two pages a day and the start off very very simple and progress their skills as you go on. It’s really neat seeing him get excited and concentrating on cutting and seeing actual progress!

  75. Luba

    Too repetitive to be engagingMy 3.5 year old granddaughter is not finding this workbook interesting at all — first several pages are all to cut on straight vertical lines, then horizontal lines. She has been “free style” cutting for a while now, then glueing pieces together. Maybe this book is better for kids who like more structure.

  76. Amazon Customer

    Pages are hard to tear outGreat book. Kids love it. The only downside is that the pages are not perforated. They are so hard to tear out, and the directions on the book suggest that an adult use scissors to cut each page out! Please, Kumon Books, perforate your pages!!

  77. Lynn

    really like this for preparing our little one for kindergartenPreparing for kindergarten so we purchased the series of these beginning books and they are great. I was surprised how well our little one did with cutting. He had never used scissors before. I recommend getting a good pair of childrens scissors and not the all plastic kind because they won’t work well with this. The paper is a little thick so you need good scissors. I purchased the Wescott school Left and Right handed scissors from Amazon a d they are good. Really recommend these learning books they are great

  78. Joseph Koroma

    Wonderful Set of Cutting ExercisesThis book offers a great set of cutting exercises to help with fine motor skills. I use it with my 3yo. The only reason I give it a 4 is because the pages are not perforated, so getting them out of the book is a little bit of a task, I used an exacto knife and cut the spine to make them all loose pages after ripping the first few I tried to remove by pulling them out. Using scissors to cut the pages our is not practical since the patterns start so close to the spine.

  79. Sarah

    GREAT, all preschoolers need this!I have been a teacher for many years, I cannot tell you how many kids come into kindergarten and first grade with little to no scissor skills.I bought this book for my 4 year old son who LOVES to cut. This book is entertaining for him while helping him to learn to cut in straight, zig zag and round lines.LOVE it! Highly recommend this book along with many of the others.

  80. Sarah

    Great little activity book!My three year old loves this book! There’s a good mix of levels of difficulty. We didn’t have any trouble tearing out the pages.

  81. Kim – Seattle, WA

    My 3 year old niece loved this bookMy 3 year old niece loved this book. After she was given instructions and started cutting, she had a great time and kept the pieces she cut out to play with as paper dolls. She was so proud of her accomplishments and asked her mom not to throw away her pieces. My sister also told me that there are instructions for parents to not be picky about how the kids are cutting, to let them learn to cut at their own pace. I’m am very pleased that this activity book is so fun and functional in teaching skills.

  82. MetroMomClub

    Had my 3yo cutting a straight line in a weekendThis book had my 3 year old son cutting pretty well in a weekend. We haven’t used it very much after that first weekend, but we get it out every once in a while. He’s now cutting circles (not perfectly, mind you) and can do zig zags, straight lines, rectangles, etc. I think that the cute pictures that you engage with by cutting are what really motivated him to try. I want to try other books in the series.

  83. Frank

    Great for Toddler Cutting PracticeGreat for helping toddler cut properly.

  84. Mary

    Number of pages misleadingI bought a couple of these books for my twins. The cutting activity pages are great. My issue is that the description says it’s an 80 page book, which is so misleading.I assumed you would get approximately 80 pages of cutting activities, minus a couple pages for instructions. What you actually get is a 40 pages, with 40 cutting activities. The back side of each page is completely blank. It’s wrong and deceptive to count a blank page as an actual page. What would have been a 5 star review for fun cutting activities, is now a 2 star rating for being misleading about the number of pages.

  85. dallas

    Use a box cutter to get pages out.Just finished this book with my 3 year old. She absolutely loved it. As for everyone that complains about the pages, yes a perforated page would be helpful. It is not a dealbreaker. A simple box cutter makes getting the pages out a breeze.

  86. Joyce in MA.

    Great workbook for cutting!I purchased this for my 4 year old who seemed “stressed” about learning to cut. He has really enjoyed the progression of the exercises which move from simple to more complex. I like that there are activities he can be proud about and reflect upon (e.g. we cut a long train and taped it together which we displayed in his room for a while). So many boys get OT referrals in kindergarden for week scissor skills and I think we will avoid that with the practice he has been able to do with this book.

  87. Brooke White

    Good quality, but pages are hard to get outLove this book! It has nice thick paper and gets harder as you progress through. Only downside was that the pages were hard to get out of the book.

  88. Kindle Buyer and Student

    Simple yet effective fun for your little crafterIt’s really great for the fine motor skill challenged child and those who are entering kindergarten. Their activities are fun and simple.

  89. Amazon Customer

    Skill practiceAside from having to disassemble the book to get the pages out, this is an amazing product! It gradually gets more complicated so skill increases as kids practice more.

  90. Heidi S

    Great product for littles who love scissors!This book is fantastic. It gives my 3-year-old a purpose when using scissors instead of cutting one piece of paper into 10,000 pieces for me to clean up. It does a great job teaching cutting skills while still being a fun project for the kids. I would buy this again.

  91. qwertybean

    Each page has a tiny story to make my son feel involved and he was excited and had fun to cut.Great Quality. You do have to tear out the sheets and I don’t find that they come out very easy. I think they instruct you to cut them out but I couldn’t manage that. Anyways once getting out of the book it kept my son interested because there was a little story about why you are cutting the lines (or whatever) on each page so it made him feel involved and he was excited and had fun. I didn’t think this book would be as high quality as it was. My son has problems with fine motor skills.

  92. chris

    School Zone is betterThis book is fun and has great paper quality. But I like the School Zone book better. It is smaller with cheaper paper, but the activities have additional learning value like cutting out the food and matching it to which animal would eat it. The Kumon book is more like a craft book. My daughter also likes using a glue stick to attach the pieces in the School Zone book. This one has no opportunity for gluing.

  93. mntwinsfan1015

    Good for 1st ti.e cuttingMy son is 2.5 and loves to cut with his crocodile pages. Wish it would have had more pages of straight cutting. We ran out of those pages before we were ready for the next stage.

  94. Mary

    Best tool for fine motor skill trainingAfter reading the review at YouTube, decide to buy this book for my 4 years old. Kid loved it so much. With diverse topics, he never felt bored and enjoyed cutting one page a day!

  95. Jewelz

    Good exercises to improve scissor skillsThis is a very practical way for children to improve their scissor skills. The pages are sturdy and the workbook exposes kids to a variety of shapes to cut. However, I wonder if a spiral bound book would have been easier for parents to use.

  96. Muna

    Good confidence building activityMy 3 year-old loved it for a long time but interest waned. The tasks could be more varied or more practical, ie actually make things that can be constructed or put together in some way instead of just cutting. Still, was worth it as his cutting skills definitely did improve and he became more confident with the “tricky” corners, as he put it.

  97. Cynthia W. Swain

    NICE BOOKI bought this book to help my 4 year old twins with their small motor skills. Its a very nice book. My only complaint is that the pages, that must be removed, are not perforated – instead I must carefully tear them out.

  98. Treenz

    Excellent resource to improve fine motor skills and scissor skillsGreat book for cutting practice and fine motor skill development. My five year old is enjoying doing the projects in here! I would recommend for sure! It gets harder in steps, so they start at the beginning and work their way through. Excellent resource

  99. Ben and Larissa

    We love these Kumon cutting books — they are engaging for …We love these Kumon cutting books — they are engaging for cutting practice and help children start with basic steps before moving to more challenging tasks. My four year old loves to show off what he has made! The books and paper are sturdy and the parenting tips are great.

  100. Krypt

    My kids love this. The projects start out really simple and …My kids love this. The projects start out really simple and get harder as they progress through the book. Both of my kids have done this book and they are notably better at cutting when they finish the book than when they started. They also like to keep and play with a lot of the things they cut out. High quality pages. Highly recommend.

  101. Mommy2three

    Love ItGot this for my three year old just because I thought it would be cutting practice for her. Never did I expect her to love the book like she does. The book it about 2 months old and we are probably 3/4 of the way through. She does about 5 pages a week (only because I give them to her and don’t set the book out…I’m sure if I left the book out she would cut more like 5 pages a day). But overall this is a great product…good for hand eye coordination and much fun for kids.

  102. Mark

    Great quality, very happyI ordered this book for my youngest to help with her cutting skills. Although I could probably find things for her to cut, she likes having her own book, and I am assured that she is progressing. For the price and quality, I will be ordering more Kumon books in the future. It keeps her interested too which is crucial to any product I order.

  103. Ran

    Ways to improve the bookThis product is cute but I would not buy it again. The parent is supposed to cut along the left side of the page to give to the child. We are only on 8 (out of 40), and it is impossible to cut closer to the center of the book. The pages should really be perforated to rip out.

  104. M. Tai

    Awesome activities but needs perforated pagesWe liked the shapes and easy directions to cut out. My three year old found it engaging and was always proud of her work. However, this book really needs perforated pages as it’s challenging to rip/cut each page out for her to begin working.

  105. tats

    Help improve my son’s fine motor skillsMy son has difficulties with his fine motor skills. I have used the Kumon Books as a tool to complement they are doing at school. The Cutting Book in particular has been very helpful and he likes it. I cannot speak higher of these books.

  106. Amazon Customer

    Great find! Love it!Awesome. My kids really enjoy doing the work pages. Way more fun for them than just cutting lines I drew on paper.

  107. suburban gal

    Good cutting practicethis book offers some neat ways for preschoolers to practice cutting. There are brightly coloured pages starting with some simple cutting to more complex designs. Although I purchased the book for my five year old grandson, his eight year old brother decided to cut some of the harder designs from the back of the book. It kept them occupied all afternoon and there are plenty of pages left for another rainy day.

  108. Halye

    This book was a life saver and the pages are really good quality.Definitely helps with my 5 yr old’s motor skills. His kindergarten teacher specifically tells her students to focus on tons of cutting. I was running out of ideas and things for him to randomly cut. This book was a life saver and the pages are really good quality.

  109. Asem Eltahhan

    it would hav been nice if they were precut so removing them would beSince it’s easier to remove the pages from the book when you use them, it would hav been nice if they were precut so removing them would be easier

  110. Jason

    who is super creative and loves arts and crafts absolutely loves this …Our daughter, who is super creative and loves arts and crafts absolutely loves this book (or should I say what is left of it). It has been a great way for her to practice her scissors skills and create stuff. We got it when she was still 4 and she did well with it, but since she turned 5 and started kindergarten she has really done even better with this book.

  111. Contreras

    Awesome!Bought one for one kiddo and I liked the progression. She was happy to get a certifate at the end and then I bought another for the next kiddo. She also enjoyed it! Great fine motor skill practice.

  112. Inna Sokolova

    Original, creative and funMy 3.5 years old and I love this book. The exercises progress from simpler to more challenging helping the child build his/her confidence. A very young child would initially need help with some of the more complex exercises but there is sufficient repetition to make the new skills stick. What’s even more important, the exercises are colorful and fun, and one can build great stories around each exercise sheet to keep the child motivated. It’s the best set of scissor exercises I found so far (and I shopped far and wide).

  113. Julie Rozanes


  114. Vinny and Jacob

    Well thought out cutting book!Great book to teach your kids how to cut. The nice thing about this book is it progresses from simple straight lines, zig zags, circles to some complicated stuff towards the end. By the end of the book, I’m sure any kid that uses this book will know how to cut shapes and just about everything else like a pro. It’s also made by Kumon, so I’m not surprised.

  115. Elise Lin

    Great book of activitiesMy 3 year old got his first pair of scissors and loves the activities in this book. The paper is nice and thick, which makes it harder to rip. Bright colorful pictures and activities provide lines and directional arrows to cut on.

  116. Mary Claire Becan

    My Son Loves This Book!We ordered lots of these Kumon books for my son. We’ve had this one for a while and he really has enjoyed it. The pictures are colorful and bright and there are many different difficulty levels within the book, so he has really grown in skill and challenged himself. I’m very happy with this purchase.

  117. Jeya

    My kids love this book!My kids love this book, they are 4 and 5. They do other kumon books along with this one and I save this one for last because they look forward to it! 🙂 The beginning pages help them learning the basics of cutting and the ending pages end with them being able to cut out shapes and animals that are turned into a nice little craft. I really enjoy seeing my kids have fun learning!

  118. YCATX

    No refund but only Amazon Credit?I puchchased this book thinking is would be a fun book for my 3-year-old son but the first book got delivered with pretty bad crease. I requested the replacement with the intention of keeping the replacement. However the replacement also came in creased I decided it is not worth repeated efforts. I tried to get the refund but Amazon would only give credits??The book itself is okay not anything spectacular. My son really enjoyed Melissa and Doug’s cutting but I won’t know about this book as he won’t be able to experience it.We also ordered Kumon’s Let’s Cut Paper! Along with this book because I thought this book, My “FIRST” Book of Cutting is lower level book, but LCP book is for age 2 and up and MFBC is for 3.4.5. I think Let’s Cut Papet would be a good first cutting book and probably too easy for age 3 and up. We are keeping the Let’s Cut Paper book even though it would be a bit too easy for my 3-year-old but its small size would make a good travel book.

  119. Ellen Russell

    Great book of funMy son (almost 4) just finished this book today- it was one of his favorite things to do. The progression seemed great through the book, and it was neat to see him moving from learning to just cut straight lines to making some cool little crafts. The pages were colorful and fun, and the directions were always very clear. We were both really sad to get to the end of this book! Going to order the craft one next.

  120. SanK

    Cutting fun!3.5 year old boys are having a good time with this. They need lots of practice so it would be better if there were more easy ones before it progressed. But overall still great and a fun way to practice. I would buy it again.

  121. bex123

    Fun for a 3 year old!I didn’t realize how much fun cutting is for toddlers-but mastering scissor skills has been great for my 3 year old.The activities in the book start simply with straight lines and move to more advanced cuts as you move along. Each page is set up like a game or project: racing from start to finish, making combs, or creating a long train.

  122. D G

    Great for toddlersMy 3 year old loves using this book. She’s getting good at following the lines while she cuts.

  123. Amethyst25

    Top QualityThis book is great! My three year old enjoyed this book. The paper quality is thick which is perfect for cutting. The graphics are bright and interesting, capturing a toddler/preschoolers attention. My daughter handles her scissors much better after competing this book. My favorite thing about this book is it starts really easy and takes baby steps to the more difficult cutting projects. The only draw back, as with all Kumon books, is that it doesn’t have perforated pages.

  124. Jennifer L Piazza

    Perfect for young hands!My 3 year old loves to cut and he loved every page of this book. I would say that most 3 year olds won’t be able to cut most of these shapes independently. My son just has freaky strong cutting skills. I taught elementary school for years and would hgihly recommend this book! Love the colorful pages and some pages turn into simple crafts.

  125. Telling it like it is

    Great book for kids learning to use scissors!!This book is absolutely adorable for younger kids that are just starting to learn how to cut! It starts out with thick straight lines and gets progressively harder the further you get in the book. By the end, the lines are much thinner and the kids are cutting out actual shapes. Very cute book and very well executed!

  126. Lizi

    Love this bookLove this book. My 8 and 9 yr old learned to cut on these years ago when they were 3 and 4. Now my 4 and 5 yr old are learning this way too. very helpful. You do have to be real careful tearing out the pages though.

  127. Ginny

    Good tool for this purposeI realized recently that cutting is an important skill to have around the age of 4. Good tool for this purpose.

  128. toomanywords

    Why are the pages so difficult to remove?It’s ironic that a book designed to help children learn scissor skills requires industrial tool use from adults. The pages need to be removed from the book in order for the child to handle each exercise properly; unfortunately, the grey line for the adult to use is right along the inseam of the book, which does not flex properly to allow easy removal. After three or four pages a significant portion of the exercise is being left behind in the book. The designers could have allowed an inch along the inner binding to permit easy removal without sacrificing the destruction of half the exercise, but nope. Poorly planned.

  129. Barbara

    Cutting is fun!There are lots of fun ways to teach kids to cut besides using a book. However, this book has many fun pictures and activities and an excellent progression from straight-line cutting to more complicated circle cutting and foldable animals, cars, etc. The 2nd half of the book is a little too advanced for my just-turned-4 grandson. I would recommend it as a rain- or snow-day fun activity book for a late 4 or 5 year old.

  130. Briks

    WonderfulI ordered a batch of these books as they were quite cheap and from reading previous reviews, I thought they’d be smaller!! I was quite surprised when I received them as they were quite big.. My son loves them. He’s 5 and he loves the whole series (except numbers :S). I would recommend it even for older children. Compared to Europe these books are very very affordable.. I will definitely be buying more, or the same books again.

  131. Bethany

    This is such great practice for my sonThis is such great practice for my son! He loves this book, and it keeps him busy whole I’m helping my daughter with homework and lets him feel like he’s doing important work, too 😊

  132. Babygrandma

    Needs perforated pages!I bought this for my kindergarten teacher daughter. The activities are great but you can’t get the pages out of the book so it is very awkward to do the cutting! One would think this would be a no-brainer for a company that publishes workbooks.

  133. Yarx

    Happy child happy momI’ve gotten 7 kumon work books. The biggest hits are the mazes, cutting and drawing book. She asks to do all of them. Has gone from unable to cute more than just notches into the sides of paper to cutting complex objects out, logical progression. 5 stars for her enjoyment and improved cutting abilities,

  134. Tim Carlie Hayes

    Love this WorkbookMy four year old absolutely loves this first book of cutting. I thought it would be too difficult for him but it is not. He wants to keep going and going to the next lesson and the next. The book has repetition for reinforcing the particular lesson and also has a good variety of ideas for cutting so the book is not at all boring.I also the the “Japanese” style artwork.Highly recommend.

  135. Dubliner

    Great for kids–makes learning funThe thick paper is excellent. We could see our son’s cutting skills improve with nearly every page. We bought it twice and he was very happy that he could see his own improvement on worksheets that had been more difficult in the beginning. Cutting does require developing new muscles and patience, so having fun really helps.

  136. DeeDee

    Highly recommended by my son’s schoolKim in books came highly recommended by my kid’s school. The Kumonbooks builds on the age level using the same techniques to create a great learning path. Very sturdy pages and the activities are engaging for the kids.

  137. share

    Good bookI liked that the pages were thick which makes it easier to hold for new cutters & those practicing. The activities are cool and keep my son interested in cutting.

  138. Rayna H

    Great for little handsMy son is 4 and ready for kindergarten. He is reading and has all other skills that a 5 year old does except control of his scissors. A few pages into this book and he is doing famously. It is fun and has very specific patterns to help their scissor control. He doesn’t even know its work.

  139. Cheryl H.

    One Major Flaw…I LOVE this book… except for the fact the pages aren’t perforated for easy removal. There is a dotted line RIGHT next to the binding where you’re theoretically supposed to cut the pages out… But it’s way too close to the binding and nearly impossible on most pages to do it properly, without messing up the image. Otherwise, the book is great, But I *really* dislike that feature and do not recommend because of that flaw.

  140. Kara King

    Great fun!I ordered this book and some scissors when my sons pre school teacher asked the parents to start helping the children work on their cutting skills. My son LOVES doing his “homework” like his big bros and sisters. He has quickly caught on to cutting at the different angles, how to place his hands and hold the paper and is very proud of his work. Happy we found this.

  141. Jessica Enos

    AmazingI really love this Book ! Starts out simple and works up to more complicated patterns. My Daughter loves it ! Such an easy way to develope the muscles in those little hands. MY only complaint is that the pages are not perferated so you have to try and cut out each page for the kiddo and the pages are a really nice heavy paper so you cant tear it out

  142. jnaomi

    Cutting for 3 4 and 5This book is cutting for 3, 4, and 5 year olds. The activities are great! Really fun for my 5 year old who loves to use his scissors. Good for skill building in this area. I think It may be a little difficult for the average 3 year old. I would recommend the cutting for 2 years plus Unless your 3 year old has very advanced fine motor skills

  143. keep it simple

    Another excellent workbook!This workbook helps kids learn cutting skills. Again each page is full of color and in this book each page has a theme/story. Kids learn not only the skill of cutting a straight line, but also curves and diagonals that can be taped together for a project after cutting is done. Super for preschool/Kindergarten!

  144. AmyJ

    InefficientWould be great, except that the pages aren’t perforated (like most preK workbooks), allowing for easy and quick page removal. The parent or teacher has to literally cut the pages from the book. That normally wouldn’t be a problem except that you have to rip the binding apart to do so because there is zero margin. Either that or you cut into the page itself.If there was a margin, it’d be fine. But there isn’t. There are many other wookbooks for busy teachers and parents to choose from.

  145. Elizabeth Ott

    but her fine motor skills are a bit advanced for her ageMy 3 year old loves this book, but her fine motor skills are a bit advanced for her age. I’d recommend it to most 4-5 year olds. Great sequencing from easy to more challenging.

  146. sha h.

    LOVE IT!!!!Challenging for my 4-year-old, she really loves it. Cutting skills are key in developing fine motor skills. It made a big impact in getting her ready for early entry assessments. Thanks, this kiddo got into kindergarten early!

  147. Alvin


  148. Jnfly

    My son gets very excited about the book. My …My son gets very excited about the book. My only criticism is that to take the pages out, should be easier than cutting them out. Rather, perforated edges.

  149. Poppledaisy

    taught my child to cut complex shapessaw my child go from “how to cut this?” on a zig zag line, to cutting complex curves and points around animal shapes in less than 4 months

  150. punkybear

    Perfect Cutting BookExcited to use this with my 11 year old son with special needs. I was hoping there were more circles or complicated shapes as mist ombre straight and zig zag, but still a great book.

  151. Amanda G.

    We have the Fun To Cut book alsoMy 4 year old loves this book, it’s colorful and engaging, but why oh why did they not perforate these pages! It would’ve made it so much easier than having to cut each page by the binding. We have the Fun To Cut book also, and I much prefer that one because it’s perforated!

  152. katie

    wonderful gross motor skill trainingI have some Kumon learning books for my preschooler. This is the best ever specially for using scissor.

  153. Stephanie

    Works greatWorks great for our schooling

  154. MotherOAK

    Really nice, paper quality is greatReally nice, paper quality is great. My 6 year old, left handed son has been struggling and switching hands when cutting and this was good and fun practice for him.

  155. gina Theodore

    Great I recommenGreat book helps not only with cutting but pen control

  156. Gwen

    I recommend thisMy son loves this. He was totally psyched to get cutting! He of course wanted to skip right to the middle and back for the things that looked most fun to him but I was glad he was so happy! Good tool. Glad I found it!

  157. MayMay

    glossy stock which looks like it would be fun to cutThis is a lovely book. The pages are printed on a heavy, glossy stock which looks like it would be fun to cut. I haven’t given it to the kids yet, but I’m impressed. Will definitely seek out Kumon in the future.

  158. M. Stavchansky

    Good way to have some fun with scissors and the little one.The book is high quality and truly has some easy and difficult cutting exercises for your young child to practice. I am not sure how great it is for fine motor skills but it should not hurt the progression. I would recommend this purchase if you are looking for some organized methods to teach your children how to cut!

  159. SM

    It’s okay.I thought my child would like this, but she didn’t care for it. She rather cut a plain piece of paper or magazine and go.

  160. Denise

    Four StarsMy kid loved this! He is súper in to cutting!

  161. Amanda Kemp

    Thickness is difficult to cutThis book has lots of great scissor activities and it progresses through simple to more difficult tasks as you turn each page. My only complaint is how thick the cardstock is that the child has to cut. My daughter is 4 and doesn’t have difficulty cutting normal paper, but this stuff is thick- be warned!

  162. Jenni Smith

    The cutting sheets are great!! But the pages are seriously impossible to …The cutting sheets are great!! But the pages are seriously impossible to tear out without tearing! It says to cut them I think…. but there isn’t enough room the way they’re bound. Other than that, good lesson book

  163. Jules

    Perfect Gift For My TK StudentsPerfect extra at-home practice for two TK students.

  164. P. Shin

    Good cutting bookI totally recommend this book for any little ones who want to practice cutting

  165. BB

    Great for Beginners!Great for beginners! My 4yo has a hard time with scissors, but these colorful, progressive lessons make him excited to keep trying.

  166. Elena

    It is great book for little one to start to learn how to cut.It is great book for little one to start to learn how to cut. My daughter is almost 3 years old. She loves it.

  167. BVS

    😍👌👌love it

  168. Kara M.

    My Daughter’s FavoriteWhen I bought this book I thought maybe it was a waste of money. After all, my daughter can just cut up construction paper. But she LOVES this book. She never reaches for her coloring books. Instead, this is her favorite. She’s only got a handful of pages left to complete! This is definitely a good purchase.

  169. Mikala King

    Very helpfulThis is really helping my preschoolers improve their cutting skills. Looking forward to more Kumon in our future.

  170. Zaina

    My son loves this, but I knocked a start …My son loves this, but I knocked a start off because the pages are not perforated and you have to cut each page out before giving to your child, which was a huge hassle to do with scissors.

  171. NaN

    High quality. My kid loves itHigh quality paper. Variety of pictures. My kid loves cutting it. The only issue I have is that the pages are not in perforated

  172. Shopshop

    … at a controlled pace for straight line cutting until better control through practice is achievedThe pages are thick in order to help my child cut at a controlled pace for straight line cutting until better control through practice is achieved. great tool to have even though you could print on cardstock at home for the thickness. The colors and pictures make this more enjoyable for my child.

  173. Amy

    Great cutting book!My 3 and 5 year old loved this book! Excellent cutting pictures – straight lines, zigzags, circles, tight turns – that were a good challenge for both ages. There is a gray line to follow on each page. They zoomed through the book and kept a lot of their cuttings. No glueing needed.

  174. Diana Zetterstrom

    Will not buy againDifficult to rip pages out for child to do cutting activity

  175. DepecheModeNewOrderU2

    Love Kumon booksLove these Kumon books. Used this w/ my son, and now w/ my 3 y/o daughter. The thing I don’t like is that it doesn’t have perforated lines for easy tearing off of pages. Good way to develop early scissoring skills. Thick and colorful pages.

  176. SORAYA

    Lots of picturesMy son enjoys all the pictures!

  177. Maya

    5 years old loved this. She did not leave this alone until …Our 3.5 years old loved this.She did not leave this alone until all pages were dealt with :)Helped her a lot with improving her cutting skills

  178. D. G.

    Attractive to kids, and fun end products!I love that the pages are made of thick paper. It’s always better for beginners, it gives more input. The pages are very fun and attractive. I wish that it was easier to tear each page, but nonetheless I highly recommend it!

  179. Grandma gardener

    Top-notch cutting bookMy 3 year old granddaughter was cutting newspapers and junk mail by the hour. She was delighted to have her own special book to cut and got quite skilled cutting the progressively more difficult patterns. It was a hit!!

  180. Paria

    It is perfect. My son is Autistic and can’t focusIt is perfect. My son is Autistic and can’t focus.. but this book is perfect.. he learned how to use scisors properly..

  181. MommaRussell

    Excellent bookExcellent book for beginning cutters. There are parental instructions and each page increases the skill level a bit. My son loves the feeling of accomplishment he gets after finishing each page. I would highly recommend this and other Kumon books.

  182. Mrs

    Children’s SkillsThis is a really good book for young children who are learning basic scissors skills. “My First Book of Arts and Crafts” is a better book in terms of the activities, but the child would need to have already mastered the basic skills as presented in this book.

  183. Michelle Perez

    Nice qualityArrived on time and looks great. We haven’t used it yet but it is very colorful and the paper is nice quality.

  184. J. Eng

    Great Learning Tool!My daughter is 4 and I like to do preschool learning lessons with her. This book really helps with hand-eye coordination. She is left-handed and I was worried if she’d be able to cut along the lines very well, but she’s had fun and good luck with this book so far!

  185. Jill M. Becker

    Nice, thick pages with good illustrationsI bought this as a Christmas gift for my four year old. She loves to cut anything I will let her. This book has exceptional quality. Nice, thick pages with good illustrations. She’s going to love it.

  186. Reader from No. Virginia

    First Book of Cutting – excellentMy two and a half year old grand daughter was only cutting fringes on pieces of paper before she chewed her way through this book. It is increasingly challenging, and by the time she was half way through she was cutting circles. Great idea. Helps young ones develop an important skill in a fun way. She absolutely loved it.

  187. Priscilla

    Great quality!Great quality for beginning cutters. The paper is thick enough to handle a toddlers cutting skills.

  188. ain’t yo momma

    Full sized bookFull sized 8.5 x 11″ book, we love it! Great practice for our 4 y.o. Book begins with easy cuts and progresses to more challenging ones.

  189. Anonymous

    Great exercises for beginnersThe book has a lot of pages for beginning cutters. I got it for my 3 year old. I’ll be photocopying the pages so I can reuse the book for my other children though. But it is a great tool to use to teach how to cut things.

  190. Gunde31

    Great productMy 3 1/2 year old loves this book. It starts of very easy and gets more challenging. The pages are very high quality so they don’t rip or tear. Highly recommend this (and other Kumon books) for kids.

  191. lzz

    My son loves it. He just started to use …My son loves it. He just started to use scissors and he is very interested to work on the book.

  192. R.C.

    Five StarsVERY cute book, got for my 4 year old to start learning how to properly cut!

  193. CM T.

    It’s a fun way to practice using scissorsMy son loves this book so much that he’s cut up the cover too! It’s a fun way to practice using scissors, and I am glad there’s something that he can freely cut up.

  194. Janet

    Five StarsThis book is great for my preschooler. Each page gets increasingly more challenging.

  195. Crystal

    Excellent quality and price! So many different fun skills! Love it!Excellent quality! Especially for the price! Fun skill levels. Highly recommend this cutting book!

  196. NoThanks

    Very creative and fun! I wish they ripped out a bit cleaner …My son loves these books! They really start from the bottom up! Very creative and fun! I wish they ripped out a bit cleaner but that is probably me more than it is the book.

  197. Nerr

    CuttingA book to teach using scissors, amazing ! We didn’t have such a thing when I was a kid, the book not the scissors. We had scissors, just not for left handed kids…

  198. Laysea

    great for toddlers!Got this for my 3 yr. old b/c of the great reviews. She went through the whole book in a months time! she loved it! The only complaint is getting the pages out of the book so she could cut them was a pain, but the cutting was perfect for a beginner learning to use scissors. Highly recommend

  199. D. Dennis

    Great help for developing skills!My son loves to cut and this helps him learn how to stay on the lines. The cutting lines are thick and easy to follow for a 4 year old. I think it is helping him develop his small motor skills too which is great for learning to write his letters. A+ in my book. I like all the kumon books we have used so far.

  200. MommyofTwo

    Great Preschooler First Book of Cutting With ScissorsA lovely first book of cutting. Some of the designs to be cut are complex–pentagons, squiggly lines, etc.–but my preschooler is handling cutting along the “paths” just fine. The space between each cutting guide is sufficient, and the page designs are fun enough to keep my daughter engaged. She loves this workbook. A good purchase.

  201. Maxemilio Jimenez

    Very Good at Goal AccomplishmentSuccessful Useful Exercises

  202. Lady Rasta

    Good!Even though you can make sheets for your child to cut…this is a good book to have…it offers a variety of sheets that are colorful and interesting …offers not only cutting experience but you can have conversation along with the cutting lesson.

  203. Roman

    This is a nice book to have your kid start using scissorsThis is a nice book to have your kid start using scissors. My son likes to make up stories as he cuts out each page. The paper is nice quality and the pictures are bright.

  204. TracyR

    Love this book!This has really helped my 4 year old twin boys learn how to cut on the lines much better. We use these books to do their “homework” while their older brother is doing his homework. I would definitely recommend this book to preschool age kids!

  205. Amazon Customer

    great book for a good priceThick pages, my son loves it and so do I! great book for a good price!

  206. BT72

    good teaching toolGot this for my 4 yr old to teach him to cut. He loved it and is now pretty handy with scissors

  207. Sarah

    Great exercises of increasing difficultyThese cutting exercises slowly increase in difficulty and really help children learn to control their scissors and focus. (Of course, I have to constantly be reminding my son “Stay on the line!” But I have seen real progress in his cutting abilities with this book.)

  208. Nikkie Deal

    My 3 year old loved this bookMy 3 year old loved this book! It’s challenging enough thatbshe had to push herself but easy enough for her to do on her own

  209. Jamberry

    Excellent learning toolMy 4-year-old son loves this book. The pages are thick and the progression from easy to challenging is appropriate and stimulating. The variety of subject matter in the cutting activities is also good. I will buy this again for my 2-year-old son when he is a little older.

  210. Kimberly

    Great findGradual increase of skill level. This book is written well and doesn’t rush the child. Pages tear out easily 🙂

  211. lp

    Have recommended to a few of her classmates alreadyMy preschooler loves her pages and is becoming a very proficient cutter. Have recommended to a few of her classmates already.

  212. Alma Huckabee

    Only if you are desperate, clueless and need to spend moneyAs a pre k and k teacher I was disappointed, almost returned it. There are some pages I will use in class but only a few near the back of the book, the first two thirds are quite boring and/or confusing. Montessori cutting activities are better. I can only see this book being of use to people who have not idea how to introduce cutting activities to children. The pages of the book that I do like are quite nice just not worth $6.

  213. Daniel Novello

    Great skill builderGreat skill builder for young children. Both my 3.5 year old and my 2 year old love the pages. I’ve been copying pages out so they can practice on the same page over and over again. It really builds skills that way.

  214. Richard and Liz

    Another good one from Kumon!Do your kids like to cut? Then this will not disappoint? Quality of book is excellent with much thicker paper than you will find in other books. Starts off basic & then gets more challenging as the book progresses.

  215. Dts1234

    Nice and thick cutting pagesNice and thick cutting pages. Each page gets progressively more difficult. A great book for practicing scissor skills and keeps the interest of my 3 year old.

  216. Mistie M

    Five StarsI love this for my 4 year old. Teaches her the concentration I was hoping for.

  217. shines

    Great For Learning to Cut!My granddaughter loves cutting and this book is perfect for encouraging safe cutting and learning to say on the lines.

  218. Linda Wilcoxson

    Great learning toolHand eye coordination was wonderful

  219. Laur

    Five StarsDaughter loves this cutting book, because she gets to actually make a craft. She got to cut out moblies, combs, car, animals. Her cutting skills have really improved.

  220. Irina

    My 3 years old absolutely love this. I had to buy a second one …My 3 years old absolutely love this. I had to buy a second one just because he loved practicing his skills.

  221. C. Wang

    Great Cutting BookThis book really works! My 3yrs old son wasn’t good in cutting. After he started using this book, he cut much better. After he finished the book (he finished in a couple of weeks), his cutting skill improves a lot even his teacher said he was doing pretty well in school.

  222. Paris

    GreatBig, awesome, child loves it

  223. College Mom

    Scissors Cutting PracticeUse these at school for cutting practice. The students like the color pictures (more fun than marker lines drawn on manila paper) and if you begin at the beginning, all types of cutting skills are addressed.

  224. Lauren

    kids love itmy kids love using scissors and they love this book.

  225. Amazon Customer

    Just what I’ve been looking forMy 3 year old absolutely loves these, I plan to keep buying these workbooks,I used to work in preschool & it was exactly what I was looking for! It’s a great way to get kids familiar with scissors

  226. Chubblewub

    Good but could be betterGot this after I got the preschool practice work book which he loved. I feel like that book is better and more entertaining then this one.

  227. David Jorgensen

    This is our second purchase of this book and our …This is our second purchase of this book and our three year old has shown massive improvement in accuracy. We’ll keep buying this!

  228. tina chien

    Four Starsmy son enjoyed cutting.

  229. Anon

    One of the best cutting activity booksOne of the best cutting activity books I’ve found. My daughter (just turned 4) loves cutting books and this is terrific. Highly recommend.

  230. J.M.

    Great for multiple levels of abilityHas a good range of cutting tasks.

  231. Mandy

    Fun & builds skills.My preschooler loves this book. His skills are quickly improving.

  232. sandra

    Preschooler approvedMy preschooler loves practicing her cutting skills with this book!

  233. Rahul

    very good my kid loved itvery good my kid loved it

  234. Anna

    Five StarsMy 4 year old is obsessed with this book. Asks to cut all the time now.

  235. D. Chamberlain

    This has kept my 5 year old granddaughter busy for …This has kept my 5 year old granddaughter busy for many hours. She gets it out every time she’s over and does a page or two. Her cutting skills have improved quite a bit.

  236. C. Anderson

    My 4 yr old son has thoroughly enjoyed this book so farMy 4 yr old son has thoroughly enjoyed this book so far. We have done about a third of it and I highly recommend it. It gradually increases in difficulty at a great pace.

  237. Shannon

    Great Practice for Beginning CuttingThis has been a great resource teaching my three year old how to use scissors. The instructions are very clear and offer a lot of practice cutting exercises.

  238. Grasser

    Nice giftDaughter loves it

  239. D. Medina

    My kids loved the booksMy kids loved these books! It made things far more interesting than flash cards. They looked forward to Pre-K “homework.”

  240. Vegas Mom

    Fun and educationalMy son loves this. I’ve seen a huge improvement in his accuracy since he’s been using this book. I love that he thinks he’s just playing, but he’s actually working on his fine motor skills.

  241. Jaclyn Baucom

    Many different cutting patterns offered to help develop dexterity and fine motor-skill developmentVery cute book to introduce cutting “work” to pre-k child.Many different cutting patterns offered to help develop dexterity and fine motor-skill development.

  242. J. Stimson

    Makes practicing fun!When we received this book and a pair of Fiskars scissors, our almost-4-year-old sat down and cut, and cut, and cut. Clearly we are going to need more of these books!

  243. blue mamabear

    This item was great. My 3 year old has cut out the …This item was great. My 3 year old has cut out the shapes and has hung them around the house. A++

  244. Terry

    Beautiful illustrations and useful practice toolThis is a fine book for practicing cutting. The illustrations are great. One might argue why you need a book for this purpose, but honestly, there are some great challenges in here.

  245. Amazon Customer

    Perfect pages for little ones to learn how to use scissorsWe bought this and the scissors (reviewed on our page) to help with dexterity for our son. He is Autistic and needed help with his fine motor skills.

  246. kelly marshall

    Five StarsMy 4 year old loves these. She’s big enough to do them on her own without any assistance.

  247. Susan Wrathall

    Wonderful Book!My four year old daughter cannot get enough of this book! The pages are a good quality thickness and the pictures are beautiful and bright. Every page presents a new challenge and a fun image to cut out. My daughter is very confident now with her scissors. Bravo Kumon!

  248. Fahir

    great introduction to cuttinga real eye opener for a 3 year old to using scissors and to getting used to cutting paper over the line. my daughter loved it so much there was paper all over my study.

  249. Joseph Schwab

    Great WorkbooksMy daughter loved this book. It helps little ones with dexterity and cutting on lines. I think that she had finished the book in about 4 days. Good book, and excellent price.

  250. Amazon Customer

    Four StarsNice but I wish it had more pages so my son can do the exercises over again

  251. Love Prime

    first cuttingLoved for me especially to have direction on steps in teaching my 2/now 3 year old how to cut, expensive for how quickly she goes through it but it is of great quality

  252. amazon mom

    Loved the activities but I wish they had a perforated edgeMy 2 year old has loved these cutting activities but I wish that the edge was perforated. I have to individually cut out each paper and often times I end up cutting into the picture.

  253. Mom of 2

    Great first book to teach cutting skills and coordinationMy son has learned to really cut well because of this book. It has zig zags and all sorts of lines and shapes starting with easy cutting to more difficult.

  254. JMR

    Four StarsGood practice.

  255. Megs

    Good priceLove these books for learning.

  256. Melissa M.


  257. Sarai444

    Cutting made funLove this book and so does my daughter! The colorful pictures makes cutting exciting and fun! She wants to move through it faster than her skills allow so I then give her plane paper to practice more on!

  258. L. Hardison

    Change the bindingThis would have been a five star product if it was spiral bound and allowed a parent, childcare provider, guardian or what not to copy pages. As anyone with a kid knows even 50 pages of paper can be two few for some children.

  259. Amanda Malone

    my son LOVES this bookmy four year old LOVES this book. the pictures are engaging and the paper is nice and thick. I love the fact that the difficulty level progresses with the book.

  260. Queens Meadow

    Nice and colorful cutting paperGood cutting papers for beginner scissor users. Almost too nice to cut up. Bought this for my grandson because he needed cutting skill.

  261. PW

    My 3 and 4 year olds love this!My two preschoolers love practicing their cutting skills with this workbook. My four year old now is more into it and enjoys the harder ones. As you use the book the activities get harder.

  262. Becky D

    Great extra practice for my preschoolerGreat extra practice for my preschooler. She loves cutting and getting to glue the pieces back together to make whatever puzzle she’s cut out.

  263. Dominique

    Five StarsDaughter loves this book. She would do it all in one day if she could. Just buy it!

  264. Britt

    Love Kumon workbooks!Really great for my sons OT practice.

  265. Natalie Oli

    We really enjoy our time together doing fun activities in themMy 3 yo loves Kumon books. We really enjoy our time together doing fun activities in them. And I can really see her progress in development.

  266. ajblm

    Five StarsThis is high quality paper and glossy! My daughter was immediately excited to use it.

  267. Maureen F Walker

    Great book for learning how to use scissors.My grandson is 3 and left handed so I purchased this for him. My daughter says he loves cutting things out and it has helped him a lot with his motor skills.

  268. Amazon Customer

    Five StarsGood book to learn how to cut for toddlers. Very colorful and attractive for kids.

  269. Irina

    Kids loved it!!It’s easy directions to follow.My kids were pretty occupied doing it. They (3,5) were enjoying it while learning at the same time. Will buy again for baby(1) when gets older.

  270. tigermama

    Great for little cutting maniacsMy son is obsessed with cutting paper at the moment, so this book is perfect for him. It directs his cutting skills without being proscriptive, and he enjoys it a lot. Good quality paper and illustrations. Highly recommended.

  271. HW

    almost impossible to take pages out of the bookthis is a book for cutting, so each page need to be taken out for kids before they can cut. However, it’s almost impossible to take each page out w/o tear it apart. They could do a much better prep job on this book.nice picture, nice colors, great paper quality, but all useless now.

  272. PAMELA

    Great for working on fine motor skillsMy young son enjoyed this workbook. i also enjoyed teaching from this material. I would recommend this to any all parents. Especially good prior to starting Kumon.

  273. Flores

    Love this bookMy daughter loves the cutting

  274. SKH

    Surprise!No need for directions. Anyone can understand what is needed to direct a young child. A reluctant 4 year old wanted to do more! Amazing!!

  275. G.Espo

    Loves…Nice and sturdy – perfect for a rambunctious four-year-old-boy. He actually likes the pictures and likes to cut them.

  276. Nicole

    Fun book for kidsMy 3 year old loves this book!

  277. Amazon Customer

    Five StarsWonderful book to teacher beginners to cut and work on their motor skills!! Our preschooler loves this activity book!!

  278. Teresa Dyer

    This book keeps her entertained for a good chunk of each morningMy 3 year old loves cutting things up. This book keeps her entertained for a good chunk of each morning.

  279. Christina L. Olson

    Three StarsGreat cutting exercises for kids but it can be difficult to get the pages out

  280. Mike Jackson

    Three StarsThe pages are of thick paper. Almost cardstock. My 4yr old had a hard time cutting.

  281. Willissa Carter

    My four year old LOVED this bookMy four year old LOVED this book. Her cutting skills went from 0 to 100 (ok, so maybe 80) in the span of a week.

  282. Regina Burt

    first book of cuttingfast shipping! Love Kumon books! These are the best workbooks on the market! This book graduates by starting with straight lines then going in different direction and has project to make in it

  283. E S

    Why in the world are the pages not perforated.The pages really, really need to be perforated for easy removal.

  284. Rina

    Nice quality bookSimple way to teach children motor skills! Nice quality book!

  285. Alyssa Smirnov

    Nice!Kids love it, great book but would be better if pages were perforated.

  286. Amazon Customer

    I love this for my sonI love this for my son, it teaches him how to cut along lines and really works with fine motor skills.

  287. Amazon Customer

    Perfect for three year oldMy three year old really enjoys these cutting exercises. I have no problems pulling the pages out for her to cut.

  288. narda


  289. reviewmom

    Pages too difficult to remove from bookGreat book but Kumon needs to make perforated pages so you can tear the pages out without ripping them!

  290. Amazon Customer


  291. Laura P

    Five StarsBest cutting book for 3 yo

  292. jbtc

    Excellent for learning to cutMy granddaughter loves to select the pages she wants to cut. Excellent for learning to cut ….lines, slanted lines, curves, circles etc.

  293. R. Saxton

    WonderfulThis work book is a wonderful tool to help kids practice their cutting skills. I purchased this along with a good pair of scissors for my son to practice before starting school in the Fall.

  294. Martyman

    Five Starsworks great for kids.

  295. teachermom

    Great!My son (4) is excited to practice his cutting skills with this book. It starts with simple lines and builds from there. A good first cutting book!

  296. busy mama

    very helpful and fun for my sonThis really helped my son learn to cut and hold his scissors better! He loves it.

  297. Amazon Customer

    Five StarsMy son loved this book so much and almost finish the book in 2 days.would recommend.

  298. 4577

    great cutting bookThe paper is stiff and very inviting as well as forgiving for beginners to learn with. It has beautiful and fun designs that go from easy to challenging.

  299. D. Nichols

    Great book4 year old daughter loves this book and her cutting skills are definitely getting better. She likes to do this when her big brother is doing his homework.

  300. Twhite

    Good cutting practiceThis book provides good cutting practice. The only complaint I have is that I was hoping it was reproducible so I could use it with all of my kids, but it was in color.

  301. Barb Sharp

    Five Starsperfect

  302. Jeff Mackey

    Five StarsGreat for any homeschooling family or anyone trying to teach their children at home.

  303. KZ

    Five StarsIt’s one of my son’s favorites Kumon Books

  304. Jenstod

    Five Starslooks like an engaging activity book for younger children

  305. Sanam KG

    Four StarsGood exercises, easy to use. I just wish the pages tore out easier

  306. J. Adelman

    Fun booksMy three now four year old loves them, and asks to do them as soon as he is home from school. Don’t hesitate to get them all!

  307. Angel M.

    This book offers the right combination of challenge and fun.My five year old needs to improve her cutting skills. This book offers the right combination of challenge and fun.

  308. Cathy

    Awesome bookMy preschoolers love these books. Very good way to practice cutting skills. My only complaint is the pages are not perforated so have to cut out each page for kids to cut.

  309. Richelle

    Five StarsMy preschooler loved this. Highly recommend it.

  310. Pleased

    Fun.I am a big fan of Kumon. Keeps the little one busy and great repetition. Use these on top of what the school gives. Can’y go wrong.

  311. Amazon Customer

    Five StarsKumon books are so great for the little ones. My son wouldnt stop cutting.

  312. Supermom719

    Four StarsGreat activities, but progresses pretty quickly. It is also kind of expensive for one time use.

  313. Sarwat

    Excellent activity book for young kidsMy son who is 3.5 years old loved cutting the shapes in this book. It kept him busy for hours. Totally worth the money! He can cut with scissors like a pro now.

  314. A.Dawn

    cut away!great for preschool and so fun

  315. Liz11

    Good starter book!A great starter book for my 3.5 year old who has discovered a fascination with scissors.

  316. krandl

    Fun for kids learning to cut.Great idea.

  317. Benne

    My 4yr old ‘s favorite activity !A blockbuster at home !

  318. Amazon Customer

    This is his favorite so farMy 4 year old really enjoys this book. This is his favorite so far.

  319. User

    Five StarsMy 3 year old son loved this book

  320. Amazon Customer

    Five Starsgreat practice for 4 year old.

  321. Ruth

    Five StarsOnly drawback was that the pages were not perforation therefore hard to tear away from the main book.

  322. Wyrmzer

    Good buyLike this product

  323. buttercup

    Great imagination.Your kid will want to cut all day and night. Great imagination.

  324. Ann Eliza

    PleasedLots of good cutting practice for uncertain little hands. Very pleased.

  325. Slangley

    Wonderful productEasy to use, and the kids love it. I homeschool and this is a fun yet challenging book for my 3 and 4 year old.

  326. Bryght

    Great for learning to cutBoth my boys have done this book. They both love the projects in this book and it is how they both learned to use scissors.

  327. Nana

    Five Starsit’s a good book for practicing hands skills

  328. MommaJo

    Five StarsMy Grand children enjoy this book of cutting – even though I have to really watch them!!

  329. Clement

    excellent paper qualitywish i had this growing up, but can’t say i missed it growing up, so perhaps more a luxury than a need.

  330. Amazon Customer

    Five StarsMy daughter is 4 years old and left handed. She loves this cutting book!

  331. mmwmom

    My First Book Of Cutting (Kumon Workbooks)Amazing cutting workbook! It does what its made for…lines to follow along and cut. I absolutely recommend.

  332. Homer J. Simpson

    Five Starsvery good. you do it yourself, but for a few bucks, well worth it.

  333. Steve

    Kids love these books!I have young twins. One of them will grab these books and cuts for nearly an hour. He won’t even watch TV that long. I have bought every book in the series.

  334. Batsheva Gillat

    Five StarsExcellent packaging. Excellent book for toddlers who learn how to use scissors. Fast delivery. Great price. Thank you.

  335. CTmama

    Five StarsMy daughter is obsessed with this book!

  336. Lindsey

    Loved it! Excellent resource for my 4 year old …Loved it! Excellent resource for my 4 year old to develop fine motor skills.


    AmazingThis makes it so easy and fun to work on skills with your child. It’s brilliant. I am going to buy more in this series!

  338. FuzzyChicken

    Five StarsGreat practice for toddlers to learn to cut, paste, and follow directions

  339. Daisy

    Five Starsgreat practice for little ones!

  340. Environmental suburan mom

    Just okayPreschool practice sissors is better for the younger kids. This book pages are a little too thick and the activities are not as well thought out. But still is a sissor practice book so it works.

  341. MC

    Pre K AppropriateMy daughter loves this book. Goes from simpler cutting to loops, twirls and zig zag. Great for beginners

  342. Katherine Woo

    Five StarsIt is great!! Nice Pic and Lot of Fun!! My Daughter LOVE on it!!

  343. erica zepp

    great productcannot wait to use this book just what i ordered great learning tool.. iam home schooling and this is a great lesson book

  344. Brandy

    Great introduction to cuttingHigh quality paged and graphics. Great introduction to cutting!

  345. Jayce Steer

    Four Starsgreat book to start teaching kids to cut

  346. Amazon Customer

    Four StarsPerfect for beginners

  347. Kindle Customer

    Five StarsFun

  348. Shoppermom

    Perfect for my 3 year old!My son loves cutting (what kid doesn’t?) and this is perfect to allow him to practice his scissor skills in a fun way!

  349. joan B

    Loved by two preschoolers frustrated and finding it difficult to develop the necessary cutting skillsSuitable for advanced 3s and 4yr olds. Would continue to buy for other children. Other books by same author look interesting

  350. miki Mk

    very goodmy son likes it, it is very simple but good. and he is learning to cut and getting good at it. thanks i recommend it.

  351. Kentucky girl

    Fun BookLots of cutting fun. My grandson liked it a lot. He is 4 years old.

  352. Nicole

    Five StarsGreat book! It’s lots of fun!

  353. Janet Petersen

    Great book!Great weight of paper for children learning how to cut. Definitely would recommend it.

  354. n2flipn

    awesome!great tool to make learning to cut more exciting! my 3 year old loves cutting out the activities….they get progressively more difficult.

  355. Amazon Customer

    Five StarsLove this books. One page a day results in good progress.

  356. ricegirl

    My kids loved it. My husband & I wished it were …My kids loved it. My husband & I wished it were easier to cut out the individual pages for them.

  357. Amazon Customer

    Terrific for my almost 3 year old!My almost 3-year old just started to learn to use scissors in preschool/daycare, and this is a terrific supplement at home.

  358. doodledeedoo

    Five StarsGreat activities in this book. Love this company.

  359. AngelGhost

    Will definitely be buying again.These workbooks are awesome! My 3 year old is learning so quickly! Thank you!

  360. Mary M.

    Five StarsFun for the kids!

  361. Helen Keller

    cutting bookthis is a great cutting book for students who need fine motor practice and the pictures are very motivating for little ones.

  362. kamiokid

    My Firsat Book of CuttingThis book will be good for smaller children. Teaching them how to use sissors in crafting and school projects at home.

  363. Linda H.

    Five StarsMy daughter was cutting in even stroke within the first week.

  364. Amazon Customer

    Four StarsItem was as described.

  365. Hockeychik041

    Five StarsMy 3 year old loved this book.

  366. RoelCP

    his school said he’s good with handling scissorsBought this for my toddler, his school said he’s good with handling scissors.

  367. anabella

    greatthis book is awesome so many things to do my grand kids love it

  368. Amy Mckeown

    Why aren’t the pages perforated?!The content of the book is great and my kids love it, I just CANNOT understand why the pages aren’t perforated. They are impossible to tear out and end up just ruining the page you try to remove by ripping it.

  369. Deanna

    Five StarsKiddo loves cutting

  370. Emily

    Four StarsGood activity book

  371. JT

    Great learning!My toddler loves these books! Great learning!

  372. Hribal

    Five StarsVery good for a toddler to learn to use the scissors.

  373. Heidi

    Good for cutting practiceI needed something for my 4-year-old to become more comfortable cutting and this fit the bill, but he wasn’t to excited by the pictures to cut, so doesn’t want to do it very much.

  374. flower kipp

    Five StarsPerfect

  375. Carolyn A. Brown

    ColorfulLots of different pages to cut. Skill level is gradual.

  376. CLB

    Five StarsI love these books. Great for building up motor skills!

  377. diesel

    Highly recommend these for your children!All of my boys love these books. Makes learning fun.

  378. Ben Y.

    Nice development bookNice cutting book with lots of options

  379. T. Berry

    Five StarsThis was given to someone as a Christmas present.

  380. Alex

    Five StarsMy 3 year old loves it!

  381. Patricia F.

    Five StarsLove this for pre-school skills.

  382. Alicia

    Five StarsGreat scissor practice for preschoolers

  383. Karla

    Five StarsExcellent, very useful to practice using scissors!

  384. Yasmin

    Ugh This book makes it sooo difficult to Rip out …UghThis book makes it sooo difficult to Rip out the pages from the book. Very difficult tinier. Will not be buying again

  385. EKH

    Five StarsMy 3 year old loves these cutting books!

  386. healey

    Five Starsperfect for preschool homeschooling

  387. R. Kraus

    Five StarsLittle Sammy loved his scissor book.

  388. vu ta

    Five Starsgood for what you pay. thanks

  389. Grandma

    Five Starsa ok

  390. Heidi Spangle

    Five StarsGreat for homeschool!

  391. Kathy

    playing schoolSuper book…must have

  392. ana maria arcos

    Five StarsLove this book!

  393. na

    Five Starsgreat

  394. Loyal J. Heckman

    Five Starsgreat grandkid loves it

  395. mimi

    Five Starsvery helpful

  396. Yi-ching.Chiang

    Five StarsI like it!

  397. r z

    Five Starsthe kids loved it!

  398. red

    Five Starsgreat workbooks all of them

  399. Christina S.

    Five StarsGreat book for Pre-K

  400. Kindle Customer

    Five StarsLove it!

  401. Nicole Hecker

    My first book of cuttingExcellent cutting activities

  402. Eli

    Five StarsFun stuff!

  403. Melissa Nicolois

    Five StarsLove these books.

  404. Kanoelani P.


  405. pearls

    a little disappointed!way too easy for my 3.5 year old! I will start my 2.5 year old on it, maybe. You might as well draw squiggly lines with a Sharpie on construction paper to let your kids practice cutting with scissors. I don’t think it’s worth what I paid for it!

  406. Chi Hsuan Huang

    Five StarsGreat book!

  407. aadkins

    Two StarsWish the pages had perforation line which makes it easy to tear off!

  408. CHI

    Not easy to get the pages out !!!!!!!It’s too easy for my 3 years old kid

  409. gmaureena

    Five StarsA

  410. kim

    okgood quality but kid was bored

  411. Madya

    My item received used , damaged.Received damaged used durty smells bad. We can say anything about the book itself

  412. Pseudorandom

    Excellent book for a scissor loverThis review compares this book to Kumon “Let’s Cut Paper!”.This book ignited my son’s love of cutting and he initially became obsessed with it, doing many pages in one sitting. Some of the pages are quite innovative, like the tug-of-war game. But the patterns soon became very complex and repetitive, kind of like drills. My son quickly got frustrated and wanted to skip those. Also, as someone else mentioned, it’s hard to cut the worksheets from the book. I later realized that I could bend back the cover and rip the sheets more easily out of the binding, instead of trying to cut.We later bought “Let’s Cut Paper!” and it is much easier, though initially seems too simple. But we found it actually as interesting (sometimes more interesting!) because you can create toys / shapes that are fun to play with but not difficult to cut out, such as the sheep and butterfly cages. It’s also easier on the parents because it offers more instruction and because cutting the worksheet from the book is much easier. If you have a child in the 2-4 range, I would suggest getting “Let’s Cut Paper!” first.

  413. Landis Family

    Perforated edges would be a BIG improvementI bought this book to improve his scissor handling skills in a fun way. He was 4 when we started, we took a break and he’s 5 now and has much more control.PROS:Nice, thick paper to cut.Great progression in skill level.Fun, varied exercises.Bright colors and high quality book.It’s taking my son a while to work his way through.CONS:*****This is a BIG one***** The sheets aren’t perforated. You have to remove each page before your child can cut. And the binding is such that it’s tough to use scissors to cut cleanly and not destroy the paper. My solution? Break the binding by pulling the front cover wayyyyyyyy back and rip the pages out. The publisher needs to be less cheap and perforate the cutting book. It just makes sense.The last 10 pages or so are fun little “usable” crafts (folded animals, coiled snakes, etc.) The exercises might be more fun for kids if there were a few more of those peppered in, but this is minor.Overall, a really nice book for helping your child develop in cutting skills. I wouldn’t let the lack of perforated pages keep you from using it. Seriously, Kumon Publishing, my solution just makes sense.

  414. Mom2Boys

    Perforated pages would be greatMy son loves this book and it’s full of good activities, but getting the pages out of the book kind of sucks. The parent is supposed to cut the page out, but the activities go so close to the spine of the book that getting scissors in there is impossible. So instead I have to tear them out, which leaves jagged edges that my son gets mad about. So, for future editions, maybe Kumon should consider perforating the pages.

  415. S. Campbell

    great book with one complaintMy daughter is 4 and just finished this book. She LOVED it would try to get out of meals early so she could go cut! She was slow to start but all of a sudden it “clicked” for her and I am so proud that she made it look easy towards the end. Maybe she has my art teacher gene!? I am hoping! My only complaint is that it is easier for the child to cut once the page is separate from the book and there are no perforated edges to tear the individual pages out. I had to basically break the binding to get the pages out and getting them out without tearing into the content of the page seemed challenging for me! Why don’t they have perforated pages?? Other than that, the book gets an A+.

  416. J. N. Heystek

    Great book, need perforated pagesMy 3 year old just finished this book, which was her first Kumon workbook. Her scissor skills definitely improved, she enjoyed the cutting exercises, we enjoyed the quiet time when she was focused on her work! We’ll definitely check out more Kumon workbooks. Four stars only because I wish this book had come with perforated pages so that each page could be ripped out without tearing into the pictures to be cut. Overall, a great book.

  417. Kindle Customer

    Great activities but MADDENING lack of perforation!The cutting activities are great and motivating for a small child, as I have come to expect from Kumon. However, it is next to impossible to remove the pages without tearing into the activity itself. I dread this little piece of my morning routine.

  418. Mon

    My 5 year old loves this bookMy son has made me buy him this book 3 times. He would spend hours cutting. I Love Kumon books. They are progressive, I think that my son likes to go back and do easily what was difficult at first.

  419. K. Chan

    Fantastic Start to Using ScissorsI really can’t praise Kumon enough – the simple progression these workbooks go through really help child garner the skills they need while still making it fun. The first few projects were really simple – just cutting straight lines from the top of the page to the bottom. Zig Zag lines were introduced next, then simple shapes, then curved lines. The lines get thinner and thinner, although when looking at them, it didn’t seem like they were at first. My son is halfway through the book and always looks forward to do his “cutting project” each day. There are 40 pages to cut in the book. I will definitely buy this for my daughter later – it’s amazing to see how well my son can use scissors now…and how proud he is to finish each project! Highly recommended!!!

  420. FelixsMom

    Greatly improved 3 year olds cutting skillsI got this book for my 3.5 year old son. He loved it. I was amazed at how much his cutting skills improved from the beginning of the book to the end. For the first couple pages. I had to help him a lot to show him how to move to paper, and line up the end of the scissors, so they stay on the grey line. After a page or two, he understood how to do it, and pretty much completed the rest of the book without assistance.I do wish the pages were perforated, or easier to cut out of the book. Otherwise, it’s perfect. High quality thick paper, which makes cutting easier. Colorful pages. There’s one activity where you cut out all the cars of the train and then tape them together. We hung the train up in the kitchen, and my son beams with pride whenever he sees it.

  421. Ingrid Yen

    no funno fun at all

  422. TM

    LOVE it!My 3 year old LOVES these worksheets and they start out simple enough at the beginning of the book that he can do them himself and they get more complicated/interesting as he gets more skilled at cutting. I asked for this book as a gift and it is perfect for entertaining my son while I do home school with my 1st grader. We used about 3 worksheets today and they entertained my youngest son for about an hour. 😀

  423. Venus Childress

    Great book for little cutters 😉Oh my gosh, my 3 1/2 year old granddaughter loves this book! She keeps saying, “Can I do my homework when I get home?”I can see her progression. Every time she cuts a page up, she’s a little bit better at it.

  424. Jeremy & Amelia Constantino

    Both my 2yo and my 4yo really like this workbookBoth my 2yo and my 4yo really like this workbook. All kids love using scissors, so this is a great way to give them a guided activity to practice cutting (instead of taking it out on their hair!) I wish they had another level of cutting workbooks.

  425. M. Beyer

    Great intro to using scissors!We like the Kumon books very much. We have several including My First Book of Cutting. My 3 year old was evaluated at preschool and did great on everything except cutting, so I immediately ordered this book since he had enjoyed the Tracing and Uppercase Letters workbooks. He loves it! We do 2-3 pages per sitting and he is already getting much better at his cutting skills and we’re only about 15 pages into the book.My only complaint is that it is designed for right-handed cutters since the little arrows & scissors start from the right side of the page. My son is left-handed so I have him flip the paper over so he follows the arrows from left to right instead of vice versa.

  426. SarahBara7

    Great teaching bookLove this book for my 3 year old. I will be purchasing another one as she finishes up with this one. She really enjoyed all of the cutting exercises on each page. This is a fun yet education book.

  427. Bombero37A

    Five StarsMy 4 year old loved this book.

  428. Cjack2297

    Five StarsKumon books are my absolute favorite work books. They’re progressive, colorful and the kids love them.

  429. Ilham

    Five StarsMy kid just love it !!!

  430. Young Mom and Teacher

    Buy a different bookMy three year old loves this book. There are 40 different cutting worksheets! I love how they organize it by level/ability. However, the only thing wrong with this book is that the pages don’t tear out. The parent has to cut them out of the book. It’s hard to get scissors to fit into the tiny space. I end of tearing a portion of the page and it upsets my son because it ruins the picture. As a teacher, I don’t understand why companies don’t have pages that tear out. So, if you can find another cutting book with pages that tear out, save yourself from tantrums and buy that book.

  431. Shermeen Cheong

    Five StarsMy 3 yr old loves this and can be occupied for more than 20 mins on his own.

  432. book lover

    Great book to teach children skills with scissorsI bought this book for my four-year-old son so that he could learn cutting skills that are important in preschool and kindergarten. I had bought this for my older son when he was in kindergarten, and it was so helpful that I decided to get it for my younger son while he was still in preschool. The book shows how to correctly hold scissors. The first lessons start with cutting a few lines vertically from the bottom of the page to the top. The next lessons show how to cut horizontally. They teach the child how to turn the page so that the scissors are always cutting from the bottom to the top (like in the first lessons). That way, the children are adjusting the page and not their hand. The lessons get harder, with learning how to cut spirals and curves. This was a great book that both of my children love.

  433. M and J

    Not my 4 year olds favorite book. She usually loves Kumon books and enjoys …Not my 4 year olds favorite book. She usually loves Kumon books and enjoys cutting but says these are too hard and take too long. One page rarely holds her interest. Pages don’t rip out easily so sometimes it tears while trying to pull out and then her page is torn. I still have her do them since i think it is good practice but she loved the sticker and paste book much more.

  434. Syd

    Fast Skill BuilderI recommend this book for anyone who would like to help their child develop fine motor skills. Make sure to wait till your child is ready to hold the scissors properly and follow instruction before beginning the book. Once the child is ready – you will be surprised how interested in the book they become and how quickly their skills improve. When I looked through the book I thought maybe it was going to move a little too fast, but now I see that it actually improves the child’s skills that quickly!I bought this book for my daughter when she was almost 3 but discovered she was not quite ready for it. She would not hold the scissors properly and became frustrated when I tried to show her how to hold them so there was no point it doing this book under those circumstances. So instead I provided plain construction paper cut into different shapes and left whole for her to work on her skills individually. Many times she would only cut once into the paper and not want to follow a line into the paper. Then recently (around 3 ½) I re-introduced the book. She made it all the way down the gray lines on the page. I was so proud of her. Then as we did a page a day (sometimes every other day) I couldn’t believe it when a about a week later she was cutting zig zag lines, cutting cut candy bars, and making a bed for a dolly. She looks ahead in the book and is excited about the next projects. The paper is high quality and printed with bright colors. Now when she works on cutting construction paper she can cut out new shapes on her own. I only wish they had an advanced version so she can continue on after she completes this one!

  435. Melissa J. Newman

    Step by step, direct and to the point.I love the Kumon series books, but what is more important is that my son loves the Kumon series books. The book goes step by step in buiding the confidence of the child in a given skill. The pages are visually appealing, and much better quality than most workbooks. My son is 4 1/2 and we are currently working on the “My First Cutting Book” and “Number Games 1 – 70”. We have brought others in the series, but I am waiting to start them. They require writing numbers or letters and we are working the foundation of these skills through “Handwriting without tears” series.The “Big Workbooks” contain all of the skills in one workbook, but they don’t go step by step or as in depth as the Kumon series does. When all of the individual books are added together they are going to cost more than the big workbooks, but it is worth the money.

  436. Sharky

    very popular with the little ones!I bought this book for my little nieces and they went crazy for it. Their mom wanted to know if I was going to come over and vacuum all the little bits of paper up from the rug. Ha ha. If you want to keep a preschooler entertained for hours, this is the ticket. For some reason, they find it incredibly engaging. Maybe it makes them feel like big kids.

  437. Khair

    Good for 5 year old to develop fine motor skillsMy 5 year old son is having trouble writing at school so he started doing Kumon workbooks to improve fine motor skills and hand strength. I was reluctant to buy this workbook because it’s for younger kids, but this and the Tracing book were great for him. It probably took him about 30 minutes total to do each book, in two sessions. He is developing fine motor skills without a fight and enjoying it so it’s worth the money to me.

  438. Michael Mosier

    Paper rips instead of cuts.Other Kumon cutting books are easier to use. The paper rips easily making cutting a sloppy frustrating job. Also, the activities don’t come out of the book easily. We attempted removing the pages for easier cutting, but this left the pages in a ripped mess before the activity even started.The only solution has been to photocopy the activities, but if I wanted cutting activities I had to photocopy, I would have saved $6 and just printed cutting activities from the web. We have bought other smaller Kumon cutting books and they were great. The paper didn’t rip, and the spine was at the top, allowing for easy access to the activity. We’ll stick with those.

  439. Prudence B

    Five StarsVery useful.

  440. jodienut

    Best activity for young kids! Even better if they would perforate the pages…My mom always said, give your kids a pair of scissors and they’ll be happy for hours. She was right, but even more so with this book. When my oldest was in pre-K, the teachers encouraged us to have her cut, color, and draw at home to develop fine motor control and hand strength, as pre-writing skills. This book gives your kids something fun to cut, and by the end, they’re cutting much more complex configurations, without pain. Highly recommended!The only thing not to like about this book is why, at almost $7, could they not have perforated the pages?! I’ve bought coloring books at the dollar store with perforated pages. I’d take off a star for this, but the book itself rates 6 stars in my book…My 3 yr old daughter is almost done with this book now, and we’ll be getting more Kumon books – and that great Chicken Socks cutting book, too.

  441. Vikas Goyal

    Great book !I bought this book for my 5 years old daughter 2 weeks back as she loves cutting and wanted her to learn it properly and after 2 weeks I am amazed to see that she is really doing great and fine tuned her motor skills really well.I’ll highly recommend it

  442. KSL

    Kumon workbooks are awesome for your preschool childI really am quiet pleased with this book, I know how hard cutting can be and to help my daughter. My daughter loves this book and the others we have and actually wants to do the work book or to go and do “homework” as she calls it.The book starts out with very basic cuts and then as the pages progress the cut work gets more challenging. The artwork is cute and I can say that this book has helped my daughter cut with confidence and her cutting has gotten much better. She’s only been in pre-kindergarten for 2 weeks and my daughter’s teacher says it shows that we’ve been practicing cutting.The other Kumon books we have and like are: Lower Case Letters and folding which is also another really neat task for your child to get good at and also has some really cool photos and pictures.My only complaint is that I wish the pages where perforated for easily removal.

  443. M.N

    Perfect for little hands~My 3 year old loves this book as well. It’s nicely formatted and it’s a fun activity. I have let him use scissors beofe this book and I’ve come up with other ways to teach him how to cut…but this is a special book just for him and he loves it!

  444. midwest

    I love this Workbook!!I wasn’t even thinking of a workbook, I was just thinking of an activity my son could try, and this book is AWESOME!! I had to rethink of how hard it is to learn something as basic as cutting, the book does the rest. It gradually progresses from straight lines to cutting curves. It gives me and my son some quality, quiet time together while he learns something new and exciting. I love it and so does he!

  445. E. Hansen

    Great Beginner BooksWe have a few of the Kumon books and this one is by far my 3 y/o sons favorite one. We are a home-schooling family and this keeps him occupied while we do our schoolwork and most of all, he enjoys it!

  446. Cindra Mongiovi

    This is a great book for the little onesThis is a great book for the little ones, why DOESN’T it include the child scissors. Very disappointed. Now I need to shop for kid scissors

  447. Mary Beth Kierstead

    great for older kids…I love the graphics and the paper that this book is printed on. Be aware that most of the cutting is pretty challenging, even for my first graders. If your child doesn’t have great fine motor skills, be prepared to help them with the cutting. That being said, it is great for developing those skills that teachers don’t have a lot of time to teach these days- like cutting and gluing.

  448. J. K. Maistrovich

    WowI know this already has great reviews, but I just had to write what an amazing job this book has done for my 5 year old son. I just gave him one page a day to cut, and I can’t believe the improvement in his cutting. Even better, I never corrected him, just said what a great job he was doing (this is what the book says to do). I was skeptical that this approach would work, but it has!! Best money I ever spent on a workbook.

  449. Sumo Joe

    Enjoyable and EffectiveI bought this book for my 3 1/2 year old daughter, and she completed it in about 3 weeks. She looked forward to each page, and seemed to especially enjoy getting the certificate at the end (this is our first Kumon book). She even played with the shapes she cut out afterwards for several days. My only suggestion would be that it would be easier to remove the pages if the left hand margin were perforated. Otherwise, a very worthwhile and fun book for kiddos!

  450. M.Cox

    Kumon My First Book of CuttingI teach three year olds. I bought this book to help them with their cutting skills and I really like it. I only have to say “Who wants to do a page out of the cutting book ?” and I have a full table and some waiting in line. They really like it.

  451. Stacy Scott

    Pages are not perforated and huge pain to get out of bookThis book would have been great but why are the pages not perforated?? There is no space between the binding and picture. This turned into huge tears from my kid when I tore into the picture a little to get the page out. Please bind at the top, use perforated paper or give more space between the design and binding. Until then this book is 1 star at best since it turned into a huge headache for me.

  452. Alissa

    Improved daughter’s fine motor skills within a weekI know it sounds crazy, but my 3 year old daughter went from scribbling indecipherable pictures to creating defined shapes and drawing actual objects after using this cutting book for a few days in a row last week. I do believe this book and of course, the time my husband spent working with her, have improved her fine motor skills quite noticeably. She also loves it and is now using scissors to cut out pictures for other projects. I highly recommend this book!

  453. Inessa Golbraikh

    Great book!It was a great book! My 3 year old daughter fell in love with it. Activities are structured – from easy to more difficult tasks. Practicing cutting skills is built on a game-like foundation. I do recommend all parents to buy this book.

  454. toyaholic

    Fantastic book!As a teacher, I can’t say enough good things about this book. It teaches cutting skills in a nice sequential manner and the cute designs and bright colors are highly motivating for my 3 year old daughter. I can’t wait to buy more Kumon prodcuts.

  455. Natalie M. Jacobs

    Great exercises for preschoolersThe exercises in this book are fun and a great way for preschoolers to practice using scissors, but I’m not convinced that plain old paper with drawn lines wouldn’t suffice.

  456. Sallie

    Don’t buyDoes not fit in coupling. Needs to be seated further and cannot because the space where the balls fit and the end of the welded piece are too short

  457. Anna

    Good qualityGood book

  458. Linda L

    Teaches something new in a fun way.Loved the interest my Grandson showed in holding safety scissors and cutting lines and shapes. At 3 he really prefers cutting over coloring.

  459. Chelsea

    As expected.A great book for kids who like scissors. Its actually bigger than i expected, which is good. Lots of activities to do.

  460. Cliente Amazon

    Buen productoA mi hijo le ha encantado

  461. Amazon Customer

    Perfect home teaching tool.Beautiful work pages with clear directions for a toddler to become familiar with the use of their scissors.

  462. Ada S.

    Buen libro para aprender (y practicar) a recortarLe gusta mucho a mi hija de 3 años y medio. Las hojas del libro tienen buen grosor para niños que están aprendiendo a recortar. Los dibujos son bonitos

  463. Aline

    InteressanteLivro muito interessante, com muitas páginas contendo atividades para recortar. Ele começa com recortes mais simples (retos) e evolui conforme o avanço das páginas.É todo em inglês, mas de fácil compreensão, com imagens bem feitas e o material das páginas é de qualidade (lembra revista, mas com páginas mais grossas).

  464. Merysc

    Sin duda 5 estrellas!!!Este cuadernillo nos ha encantado!Compre la versión en inglés porque era más económica que la que había en castellano. Además de eso, al ser solo dos o tres frases las que vienen en cada hoja puedes leer las instrucciones a los niños en inglés y así ellos relacionan palabras con acciones.También tengo otro cuaderno de números y otro de letras mayúsculas pero sin duda este es el cuadernillo que más me ha gustado!Todas las páginas están a color.En las primeras páginas hay líneas rectas, muy sencillas, caminos, trenes, etc. pero luego la cosa se va complicando. Hay dibujos que tienen que recortar que son muy chulos como la trompa de elefante, el collar, la serpiente. Es todo súper colorido.Desde luego por este precio estoy encantada con la compra. Ya se lo he recomendado a varias amigas para sus pekes.Espero que os sea útil.

  465. Karina M.

    Bom custo-benefício!The media could not be loaded.

     O material é muito bom e o livro tem um ótimo tamanho! Os papéis são grossinhos na medida para os pequenos manusearem a tesoura com facilidade. Os desenhos e recortes são bem diversificados, as atividades mais legais já foram destacadas assim que abri o livro! Minhas crianças adoraram! Principalmente aqueles que possuem opção de brincar após o término do recorte. Aprovado!

  466. Inna K

    È OTTIMO PER INSEGNARE A TAGLIAREMi dispiace che non posso mettere una foto perché il mio figlio già ha tagliato tutto ;))) questo libro ho comprato già due volte. Fra tanti libri che avevo con simili esercizi posso assicurarvi che questo secondo me sia migliore. Perché: 1. La carta é spessa, quindi per studiare a tagliare é ottimo. 2. Si comincia dal esercizio meno difficile al più difficile piano piano. 3. I margini sono ben definiti con le righe grigie, che aiuta al bambino di capire dove deve tagliare. E si comincia con queste righe dal più spesse al fini. 4. Ci sono 40 disegni con i colori vivaci. Per il bambino che studia a tagliare é ottimo.

  467. Momtainment

    Etwas unhandlich aber gutIst ganz gut fürs Üben. Unsere kleine liebt es. Punktabzug für das umständliche Herausschneiden der Seiten. Es ist fast unmöglich diese sauber und schnell mit einer Schere zu entfernen. Ein Perforierung wäre die bessere Lösung.

  468. AM

    Curves, zigzags, lines!I didn’t expect the book to be this fun! The book starts with simple lines, using the images that are fun to work with for kids, like the roads with the cars, the teeth of the comb, etc. Then the lines become diagonal, then the zigzags (like the edges of the christmas tree). Then the curves starts, like the layers of the rainbow. Then the shapes of the animals come in, making the cutting more refined, the spirals, etc. My 5 year old went through the book in one go, probably took him about 1.5 – 2 hours. It was fun!

  469. Nathalie

    Un excellente façon d’apprendreJe suis extrêmement ravie de ce beau cahier d’exercices de découpage très bien fait pour aider nos tous petits à manier les ciseaux. Les exercices commence à la base en initiant aux lignes droites, ensuite en évoluant avec les diagonales et ensuite les différentes possibilités de formes et courbes. L’enfant peut donc évoluer graduellement et même créer ses bricolages. Mon petit-fils de 3 ans adore déjà son cadeau

  470. Viktoria

    Wieder ein großartiges Arbeitsheft von KumonMeine Tochter und ich sind den Kumon Arbeitsheften ganz und gar verfallen. Wir haben schon die Version zum Falten lernen und die “Sticker and Paste” Variante (sehr zu empfehlen) und nun, wo meine Tochter die Schere verwenden kann, übt sie hiermit fleißig das Schneiden. Auf jeder Seite gibt es eine “Übung”, bei der man entlang bestimmter Linien schneiden muss und hinterher lässt sich als “Belohnung” aus der eingeschnittenen Seite irgend etwas Lustiges falten oder zusammen legen (z.B. schneidet man Puzzle Teile auseinander oder man schneidet die Beinchen von einem Bären so aus, dass dieser dann damit wackeln kann). Einzige Schwierigkeit ist, die “Übungen” richtig zu dosieren. Sie sind ja so aufgebaut, dass sie immer schwerer werden und das Kind sich somit steigern kann. Allerdings will meine Tochter meist nicht nur 3 oder 4 Seiten machen, so dass sie nach einer Weile dann auf schwierigere Aufgaben stößt und manchmal frustriert wird, bevor sie sich überzeugen lässt, mal eine Pause zu machen. Aber das zeigt ja eigentlich nur, wie viel Spaß ihr die Übungen machen.

  471. Mamma di una bambina di 10 anni

    Adatto anche per bambino di 4 anniRegalato a mio figlio di 4 anni. Veramente adatto. Si è appassionato e in pochi giorni lo ha completato. Credo sia un ottimo strumento per esercitare la capacità di coordinamento. Le istruzioni sono in inglese ma molto semplici da comprendere

  472. Elisha Z

    Podría mejorarMuy entretenido, lo único que no me gustó tanto es que las hojas no son desprendibles y a los niños les cuesta trabajo cortar desde el libro

  473. JMD

    Great bookAll Kumon books are great and this one is no exception. I do daycare and Kumon’s materials have been appreciated by everyone.

  474. Kirsten S.

    OkayEs ist vom prinzip her ein gutes Buch und meine 4 jährige schneidet gerne Dinge aus. Dennoch will sie verschiedene Seiten und es ist sehr schwer diese aus dem Buch zu bekommen. Man kann sie leider nicht rausziehen (wie bei einem college block) man muss sie schneiden. Und das ist unmöglich wenn sie selten von hinten möchte. Das müsste geändert werden.

  475. Surabhi

    Makes cutting fun!!!What we love about the Kumon books – the methodical gentle approach with enough instructions for parents and ample motivation for little ones. Becoz the exercises, increase in complexity gradually, little ones totally look forward to these books.But when it comes to cutting and pasting, these books just rock.a) paper is of good quality, so does not tear up while cuttingb) the illustrations are perfect for little onesc) builds on the inital cutting book “Let’s cut and More let’s cut”The gradual increase in complexity, straight lines, curvy lines, zig zag, spiral and finally shapes is wonderful.Strongly recommended for all young ones. Lovely fun !!! We have done let’s cut and more let’s cut and this is a nice addition to the lot.

  476. MummyEmma

    Preschool cutting … here we comeOne of our favourite Kumon workbooks (we have tried about 10 of them). My 3 year old daughter who is crazy about trying out scissors has loved doing this at home. Really recommend it, and some lovely page themes.I wouldn’t particularly call it “My First Book of Cutting” though. Kumon also do a cutting book in their 2 year olds plus range called “Lets Cut Paper” which is probably a better one to start with. Even that one gets fairly difficult (for a newcomer to cutting) fairly quickly, so in parallel we also did lots of cutting on scrap bits of paper, usually trying to follow lines that mummy had drawn in black marker pen.Definitely recommend this book for once they have started though.

  477. Yarndevil

    Snip, snip, snipMy 3 year old loves to cut. She is very advanced in her cutting skills and I think she finds the simple practice of some pages in this book a little boring. I think for someone just starting with scissors it may be a better investment. I have found some ways to entice her to do the simple cutting lines.. but she tends to add some curves of her own. Overall it is a great book. I have a handful of the KUMON books and find you really can’t go wrong with them over all.

  478. Amazon Customer

    BasicThis is extremely basic, the first 8 or so pages are cutting in straight lines. Once you get to page 14 there are some activities you can do with the things you cut out. There are 40 pages. My son enjoys it but I like the Melissa and Doug cutting book better.

  479. xixi

    buonoil bambino piace tanto

  480. CaroBel

    ParfaisLe cahier d’apprentissage est très bien construit et de bonne qualité! Plutôt de style livre que papier à bricolage, il permet de développer sa motricité d’une simple ligne droite à une image « complexe »

  481. Lucie K

    Amazing 👏My son is over the moon!

  482. Amazon Customer

    … helped my 6 yr old son to improve his fine motor skillsThis book has helped my 6 yr old son to improve his fine motor skills. It starts out with basic cutting exercises then gradually gets more challenging. Some of the exercises are fun as they in corporate story titles e.g. ( The Turtle and the Hare) and craft that he can cut out and play with.The paper used for the exercises are sturdy and great for him having better control while practicing to use his scissors.

  483. Katie

    My son loved doing the pages and i was impressed with how …This book had increasingly difficult activities for a child to develop their cutting skills. My son loved doing the pages and i was impressed with how his cutting improved over the course of the book. YOu can add your own activities like having your child glue the cut out pieces to recreate or create a scene.

  484. Chavez

    Good and cheapMy son likes it, getting better with his scissors

  485. Daniel

    As describedAs described. Would be better with paper you could rip out of the book to make cutting easier.

  486. EP


  487. Cliente Amazon

    AdictivoMi hija tiene 4 años y le ha sacado chispas a este libro. Durante la cuarentenas ha estado recortando en bucle, sin parar.

  488. Happy Clappy

    good bookLovely book. My 4 year old loves it.Lots of good cutting ideas.My only suggestion would be for the basic cutting pages to last longer; it progresses too quickly to cutting lots of lots of smaller lines which is quite boring for a young child hence 4 stars instead of 5.What I do it, cut down the lines to provide a more achievable activity.

  489. Curtis barnett

    Such a great productExcellent resource to help teach young kids to use scissors!!

  490. Paul Arroyo

    Muy buenoPapel de buena calidad con ejercicios que le llaman mucho la atención a mi niña

  491. MommaB

    Great for developing fine motor skillsBought this to preoccupy my preschooler while I work on math workbooks with my grade 2 and kindergarten kids. Great for developing fine motor skills. Paper is thick so it’s easy to handle. My child needs very little assistance so I’m able to help the other 2 while she cuts

  492. Donna Garnett

    Great skill book for beginners!Nice, bright, bold, colored pages!

  493. thewolf

    Perfekt, um den Umgang mit der Schere zu lernen!!!Bereits nach wenigen Seiten haben wir an unseren Kindern gemerkt, wie sich ihre Feinmotorik im Umgang mit der Schere rapide verbesserte. Auf den ersten Seiten wird die Schnitttechnik geübt, danach steigert sich noch die Motivation, weil verschiedene kleine Dinge erst ausgeschnitten und dann gebastelt werden können. Sehr empfehlenswert ab drei Jahren!!!

  494. v

    Highly recommendedMy 4 year old loved this book. We used this book in parallel with ‘Are you ready for kindergarten-scissor skills’ so that she gets more practice. She managed to finish the 2 books in 2 weeks and is now doing the jigsaw pasting book also by Kumon. When she stared this book she could hardly cut a straight line. I could really see her cutting improving as we progressed with the two books. She also loved the certificate at the end.

  495. DoraCosta

    Vale a pena a compraMaterial ótimo! Mesmo não sendo fluente em inglês deu pra entender tudo, muitos desenhos legais. Adorei.

  496. sarah

    Amazing book helped my son big timeLove Love Love itmy son is 4 he’s a lefty so its more difficult for him to cut properlythis book helped him practice big time and i see huge differencei give this an A++++

  497. Adriana Potolea

    Good bookExactly as described.

  498. Amazon Customer


  499. Lorald

    My BI team thinks this is a great book for beginner cutters whether on the spectrum or …My BI team thinks this is a great book for beginner cutters whether on the spectrum or just typical kids!

  500. Jen Amaral

    Great tool for small childrenGreat product!

  501. Nancy C.

    À recommander pour les premières découpesNous sommes fans des éditions Kumon pour les enfants et cet ouvrage est à recommander pour aider aux premières découpes. Les dessins sont jolis et colorés, les feuilles suffisamment épaisses pour aider l’enfant et les impressions sont en recto. Un bémol, les feuilles ne sont pas prédécoupées et c’est un peu délicat de les détacher

  502. Pat

    DivertidoVárias atividades podem ser aproveitadas fora do livro, como um colar que as crianças cortam e podem prender no pescoço, ou o trem bala…

  503. Priya Dharshani

    GoodKumon books are little high in price. But My son loved it. Keeps him engaged and he enjoys

  504. Joanna

    Ottimo prodotto!Idea bellissima e realizzata perfettamente per i bimbi che ancora imparano/perfezionano le capacità di ritaglio.Mia figlia si diverte moltissimo mentre le sue capacità migliorano pagina per pagina. Consiglio!attenzione – istruzioni per genitori sono solo in inglese.

  505. sofyval

    Excelente compraMi hijo tiene 3 años y este es el tercer libro de Kumon que compro. Estamos muy felices con ellos, le encanta hacerlos y así va practicando habilidades necesarias en el Kinder. Como mi hijo es de octubre, es de los chicos de su año, así que le cae perfecto este empujón. Además, a él le encanta hacerlos!

  506. Shelly Oosthuizen

    brilliantI bought this to try and encourage my daughter to practice her cutting and so far she loves doing the pages. Think the progression with each page is spot on. If you are on the fence trying to deceide if it is worth it – just buy it !!!

  507. Sophia K.

    My daughter enjoyed so muchVery suitable for 4yr old. My daughter enjoyed so much!

  508. Diana Veloso

    Muito BOMotimo livro

  509. TJ

    Impossible to get the pages out!Good book but the page binding is so tight you can’t get the pages out to give the tasks to your child without cutting into the pictures. Poor designed; such a shame

  510. Sarah

    GreatI wasn’t sure how my kids would respond to kumon books when I purchased them. Thankfully, my son begs to do more of the cutting excercises.

  511. Amazon Customer

    Good but…Good but a bit complicated for 3 year old. Pages are too big. Needs supervision.

  512. Amazon Customer

    Perfect for preschoolersI bought this for my 4 year old and he loved it! It’s excellent for kids just learning how to use scissors

  513. shawna gilbert

    Five StarsGreat way to encourage kids to use scissors

  514. Megan

    Good find!A great way to master cutting! My nephew enjoys this book.

  515. Kristy Chudy-Cox

    Five StarsAwesome book!!!! I’ll order more Kumon Books!!!!!!

  516. Gwennie

    Not impressedGot half of the book.

  517. J

    Very good quality pagesMy 5 year old loves this book! Very good quality pages. Only issue is they are a bit hard to tear out.

  518. Mariève Desjardins

    Five StarsThe little girl I bought it for loves it.

  519. FF

    Very goodVery good, simple as that. I have actually bought quite a few of the same series.

  520. Joyce Vargas De Miranda Guimaraes

    Excelente materialExcelente material, excelente qualidade.

  521. Sibylle Berger

    Five StarsAmazing product. My 4 year old loves it!

  522. no no

    My son (4 years old) found this hard. I …My son (4 years old) found this hard. I am giving him only one sheet to do a day. His scissor control is improving massively. I am impressed.

  523. Marta

    OttimoGià dalla seconda pagina si vedono i progressi nel tenere le forbici e nella precisione di taglio.Ideale per bimbi ai primi approcci con le forbici.

  524. mathi

    Loved itNice product

  525. Jimeng Hua

    Five StarsGreat book

  526. Vanessa Vic

    Ótimo livro para épocas de Home schooling’sLivro maravilhoso para treinar a coordenação motora fina.

  527. Amy

    GenialEstá genial para los niños. Se entretienen mucho!!

  528. Chi

    Might be going too difficult too early but still very engagingMy daughter loves this cutting book, enjoyed everyday until she finished cutting everything. Could you have more practice page of zigzag and simple curves but I am mostly satisfied.

  529. Roselene lourenço de Oliveira


  530. Brent M.

    Five Starskids love this one too

  531. Cliente Amazon

    Imparare giocandoFatto veramente bene, cn tante attività

  532. princey kumari


  533. Angela Ciadamidaro

    Libro per aiutare a ritagliare beneBellissimo libro per allenare i bambini a ritagliare

  534. TheOne

    Five Starsgreat and fast delivery

  535. carmine f.

    Imparare giocando…molto ben fatti!Imparare giocando…ottimi per passare del tempo con i vostri bambini!!! Tanti contenuti originali, buona la qualità della stampa e della impaginazione.

  536. Angelotta

    Children love this activityThis book of cutting proved a great learning experience for our four year old. He really enjoyed playing with the items he had produced

  537. Cliente Amazon

    Muito LegalMeu filho de 5 anos e meio sempre gostou de cortar, mas nunca teve habilidade. Este livro, de forma divertida, ajudou muito a melhorar no manuseio da tesoura, eu recomendo!

  538. Miss Ingram

    Brilliant funGreat for practising cutting along lines for small children. I recommend tearing the pages out first before cutting otherwise it can be a little hard.

  539. Narelle

    Four StarsFantastic book for my 3 1/2 year old to practise using scissors

  540. Mr Drain

    It helpsThe book provided good exercise for fine motor skills.The pages are not as easy as they could be to remove from the book before allowing your child to go through the exercise and are prone to tearing.

  541. Isabelle

    Livro lindo!!!Vale a pena adquirir.

  542. Sandra

    My First Book of CuttingMeu livro desenvolveu a coordenação motora fina

  543. Iván

    EntretenidoMi hija se pasó ratos muy entretenida realizando los ejercicios de recortar de este libro. Para mi son muy útiles para ir ejercitando las capacidades de los niños

  544. 麦者


  545. Lisa

    Two StarsKids aren’t interested

  546. Sarah Rainton

    Five StarsWonderful for group work in school for those children who struggle with cutting.

  547. Shipra

    Three StarsA decent book. A bit expensive for its value

  548. Alexia Petridi

    Five StarsAll KUMON books are great!

  549. fiona

    Five Starsexcellent for developing scissor skills.

  550. Melonie J. Celestine

    Five Starsgood

  551. Duncas

    good. time

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