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Developing strong motor control and pencil control skills is an important foundation for writing letters and numbers. My First Book of Drawing helps children refine these skills by bringing them through all the steps from drawing simple lines and shapes to creating pictures of objects they are familiar with, such as an apple or a cat.

8 1/4 x 11 2/3 inches. paperback. 80 pages. full color. US $7.95 / C $8.95




Developing strong motor control and pencil control skills is an important foundation for writing letters and numbers. My First Book of Drawing helps children refine these skills by bringing them through all the steps from drawing simple lines and shapes to creating pictures of objects they are familiar with, such as an apple or a cat.

8 1/4 x 11 2/3 inches. paperback. 80 pages. full color. US $7.95 / C $8.95

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51 reviews for My First Book of Drawing

  1. homeschool_mama

    Great Book For Learning How To Draw!The Kumon series of books works by empowering children to succeed on their own. The books get successively more difficult as they build upon skills learned from the previous pages, so that by the end of the book the child has a sense of accomplishment and be ready to move on to the next level. The instructor is more of a mentor or coach than a teacher in a classroom.This drawing book is designed to help teach basic drawing skills by tracing simple shapes. There are four blocks showing the stages of how to draw each object. The last block is the completed drawing and the child is encouraged to color it in. The book begins with an apple which is basically a circle with a stem. It shows how to draw it in a three step process: first draw a circle, then add an arc at the top for a 3d effect, then one more small arc for the stem. It encourages tracing over their drawing on the front of the page, then on the back there’s a space to try it again for practice. There are 40 drawings in this book and they get progressively harder as you go on. By the end of the book there are pictures of block houses, tea kettles, and dolls.Here are the drawings included in this book so you can see the progression:An apple, baseball, balloon, orange, cherry, egg, snow cone, acorn, mushroom, eggplant, hot dog, strawberry, hamburger, boot, cap, watermelon, shirt, mouse, bear, dog, fox, cupcake, tulip, spoon, pan, whale, kite, mug, lunch box, baby bottle, key, bat, glasses, parachute, cat, clown face, die, blocks, kettle, and doll.This is a great workbook for any child who is interested in learning how to draw and developing pre-writing skills!

  2. Lydz d 🤓

    Great “…First Book of Drawing”I agree 100% with other 2 5-star ratings ( Ursula K. Raphael “AstraDaemon” (USA) and Mommy of Four) – this is an excellent book for development of artistic ability as well as fine motor skills. Child learns to follow on the line and sees clearly the progression of the drawings. Before this book my daughter would get frustrated while drawing because she wasn’t seeing the object immediately. By putting the drawing as 4 steps, with each the steps being repeated until the 4th step, she realises now that it may not look like a fox, a hotdog, a boot, a bat, etc with the first few lines but you add detail to get what you want.Yes you would need clean sheets to do additional drawings. Plus my daughter loves to gift drawings to people! so lots of additional pages for additonal drawings. I got crayons for her white board so she’ll use that as well. Parents pay attention too, because you may be called upon to draw when their memory doesn’t remember the stroke to make to get the picture!40 day-to-day items: food, fruit, animal faces, toys, utensils. I’m surprised that KUMON doesn’t have a more advanced set of drawing books to continue the progression as they do alphabet-sentences, numbers-multiplication, number games-dollars & cents. I still need help with a princess, horse (full body), house, more full body animals, dragons, etc.

  3. kiddiefondue

    Good book, but age 5 -6 – 7 is more accurateMy kids like this book. I like this book. Both are important if I’m going to be engaged in any project or learning time with them. I have a 4.5 yr old and a 7 yr old. The book is far more engaging for the 7 yr old. She is a bit of an advanced at freehand drawing and will meticulously copy a picture from a book on to her own paper. She has the concentration and the interest level to know that if she sticks with it, the results will come. The 4.5 yr old WANTS to draw the same way, but simply does not have the control over her drawing instruments. She’s a bright child, but can not seem to grasp the step by step concept of making the shapes that build the object in a frame-by-frame basis. This could simply be because she’s more of an early reader and doesn’t have the spacial awareness yet to copy something she sees from one place to another because that part of her brain is not ready yet, but I’m thinking about the other kids in her day-care class and I know there would be few if any that could follow the steps required to use this book. That said, the drawings are more appealing to the age group of 3-4-5 than they are for what I believe to be the skill level, or age level for this process. Other than the age grading, it’s an awesome book that covers more than just the combination of basic shapes to create something, like a bunch of circles and squares. There are more complex shapes combined to create drawings your kids will be really proud of. My advice, don’t look at the ages printed on the book. Of course, this is a challenge when the kid using it reads the ages and says “HEY! I’m not 3 years old!!” That doesn’t make them wan

  4. Yarx

    Learn to draw basic objectsI’ve ordered 7 Kumon workbooks so far. My 4 year old loves drawing and this seemed like a way to help expand her repertoire of things to draw. She puts her own twists on each one. They progress logically. I just copy each page as I have younger child that I plan to use this with as well. Each page shows an object then goes through a series of steps that the child traces until it is created. On the back of the sheet has an empty space for the child to draw the with all kumon workbooks, paper is thick and of great quality. I do wish the pages were perforated and the binding is really tight and awkward to do the pages while in – I copy them all.

  5. reviewmom

    Most appropriate for ages 5 and upAfter looking through the drawing material, I would recommend this book starting at age 5 or 6. Most kids in the age group that the book is recommended for don’t have the fine motor skills to draw the pictures in this book. It does offer tracing but some pages ask the kids to draw an exact image of a picture presented.

  6. J&C

    Another great Kumon bookAnother great Kumon book! My son’s drawing skills have improved dramatically since using this book. He has so much fun drawing and coloring the pictures. It breaks down each picture into four stages that are easy to follow and easy to comprehend. Each stage of the drawing builds on the previous stage. The book is set up so that the easiest drawings are at the beginning, and then they get progressively more challenging.

  7. Mrs Callakat

    Really good for beginners, motor planningThis is a REALLY great book for my daughter. She is behind in her drawing skills developmentally (age six drawing like 3) We bought this book and use it with a clear tracing template that she can use with dry erase markers, so she can practice over and over again. She really needs the step by step intstruction and it helps they have a photo of what the completed picture should look like so she can embellish her final drawing. LOVE IT!

  8. Ecatch

    Great booksWe love all of the Kumon books. Use them in the summer so he stays on top of his school work and doesn’t forget anything. This one is just fun drawing one. He is 5 and very easily follows along with the instructions loves it. 🙂

  9. Amazon Customer

    For me it seems too simplistic. I think I could’ve done this well without the aid of a bookI suppose if you were completely totally art illiterate it might be beneficial?

  10. Mommy to Four

    Review From an Artist – GREAT BEGINNING DRAWING BOOK!This book has simple drawing directions, any mommy, daddy or child could use it on their own. My husband is using it to teach our children to draw the objects and they beg for “art lessons” all the time.Lately they have been picking up the book and doing it on their own (they are 5 and 4).My husband is professional artist, and this gets his thumbs up for ease of use, and basic skills taught.

  11. chadwbe

    Start with Kumon Tracing, but this is a hit!Perfect next step for kids who love drawing. My 3 year old takes what he learns on each page and absolutely runs with it. Teaches simple shapes like mushrooms and fried eggs–then I see them turning up everywhere in his play, from actual pen on paper to making shapes with his train tracks. Really cool first step towards representational artwork!

  12. ChristinaCinque

    unless your three year old is preternaturally brilliant and can hold a pencil wellI purchased it a year ago, unless your three year old is preternaturally brilliant and can hold a pencil well, this book is for 4,5,&6 year olds, not 3-4-5. However, with that caveat, I have not seen a better beginning drawing book. Here is my four year old working with it.

  13. Amazon Customer

    Great workbookSon loves it! Easy to plan with!

  14. Wenlong L.

    good productMy daughter likes it very much.

  15. Love Prime

    drawingGreat way to teach how to draw, my daughter loves these, they are great quality and really colorful. I like to put a clear page over and let her use dry erase markers to be able to redo pages.

  16. Becky Krueger

    Like it!My 11 year old is challenged by the last few pages, he is a beginning drawer. The first pages challenge my 3 year old. They should make more drawing books! Like it!

  17. Wildflower

    I bought this to supplement my kindergarteners drawing activities for …I bought this to supplement my kindergarteners drawing activities for hoeschool and he oves it. Now in first grade he still refers to it. It is

  18. Portland Mom

    ON time and as Advertisedeasy to enjoy

  19. Amazon Customer

    This book is so great at teaching kids how to draw common objects step …This book is so great at teaching kids how to draw common objects step by step! My son loves learning now to draw these things!

  20. Pleased

    Love it.I am a big fan of Kumon. Keeps the little one busy and great repetition. Use these on top of what the school gives. Can’y go wrong.

  21. dnc89

    Used for homeschoolingNice copy book to help children make simple pictures. Wish they had a Drawing part 2 book in the Kumon series. I, overall, like the Kumon workbooks

  22. Faye

    Great workbook!It’s a great workbook for sequencing and fine motor control. Maybe streching for suitable for 3 year old. Other Kumon workbooks are recommended as well.

  23. Bala Murugan Sivanadam

    Must have for kid’sGreat book, my daughter enjoying the activity given in the book.After several pratice she would be able to draw on her own.

  24. T.S.

    This a great book to teach toddler drawing.This a great book to teach toddler drawing.

  25. Nyssa Thomas

    three year old lovesI’ve been very satisfied with all the Kumon Books I’ve purchased. This one is a good introduction to drawing freehand.

  26. Angel M.

    Five StarsNice workbook to help improve drawing skills.

  27. Susie Consigny

    Very challenging for ChildrenMy nephew loves these book!!!!!!!!!!


    Five StarsLoved it!

  29. Monica

    Five Starsbought for a friend

  30. Matt

    Not for 4 years oldDo not buy this! Awful! How could u ask a kid to draw oranges for a whole pages! So time consuming!

  31. AstraDaemon

    For All Aspiring ArtistsThis is a GREAT way to teach little kids how to draw common objects. Each picture has four squares, one for each stage of drawing; the last square is the complete picture, which they are encouraged to color in. Very simple lines, very easy to copy. Each page with the four stages is followed by a big blank page, where they can try out what they just learned.There’s not much to it, but the objects range from toys to animals to people, etc…all things kids are most likely to be drawing on their own.I would recommend getting a 


     for your child to continue using their new drawing skills. Since my son is still learning how to read and write on his own, he has a sketchbook that he draws pictures in to remember his day. The Kumon drawing book has given him more confidence with his pictures.

  32. AZ Customer

    Really good book for very young developing childrenThis is a really good book for very young developing children to practice their hand eye coordination skills. It has clear step by step instruction on how to go on to the next step, along with the final finished drawing example for my kids to refer to anytime they want. As I flip through the book, I see that it starts out with the basics, simple shapes and form and then goes on to more challenging drawings that uses techniques that have been learned in the previous drawings beforehand. The drawings included in the book contains objects of all kinds and my kids have a blast doing this and it keeps them busy. When they do put the book down in search of something else that’s fun, they always go to that bouncing deer, another product I bought for them on Amazon. It’s great because the kids have fun bouncing around the house and when they get tired, I offer them this book to work or they just take a nap. I highly recommend this!

  33. Elizabeth

    Uninspiring selection of drawings?I started buying Kumon workbooks some months ago for my now almost 4year old. The workbooks were a success for the most part with some exceptions this one being one of them. I don’t know if there is a logical reason behind the selection and progression of the drawings, but in general I can say that there are too many that do not seem all that appealing. I have not given up on it, but I don’t think this on will be a favorite (does a 4 yr old really care to learn how to draw a mushroom, an eggplant, a single boot, a spoon, a pan,..).

  34. Lovely Rita

    Great to practice fine motorMy son enjoys this book. I read some reviews that complained that their child did not improve their drawing skills with this book. I think the book is intended to improve fine motor skills in general. When my son looks carefully at the picture and tries to copy what he is looking at, it helps him practice doing the same with his letters and numbers. My son is 5 and in kindergarten, but he has that stereotypical boy handwriting and little interest in making it look “pretty.” All these kumon books are good for sneaking in a little extra practice!

  35. Steve

    Kids love these books!I have young twins. One of them will grab these books and a crayon and traces & draws nearly an hour. He won’t even watch TV that long. He goes from front to back of the book and when he’s done, he starts at the front again. He doesn’t even care that he already has drawn on a page, he just traces again over and over. I have bought every book in the series.

  36. Native Connection

    Excellent as AlwaysLove the Kumon System, it is the best for teaching children basic skills

  37. Amazon Customer

    Excellent book that helped my 6 yr old son who …Excellent book that helped my 6 yr old son who is obsessed with only drawing all the mechanical and robotic things out of the Star Wars saga, to have a better appreciation of simple art like flowers and cupcakes and a cute little dog…so on Valentines Day I get hearts and flowers and pictures of a fruit basket and not a robot themed Valentine’s Day card. The book gives a traceable step by step imitation of the object to be drawn then allows space for the child’s own drawing. Great for practicing!

  38. Ana

    Nice bookIt teaches children to draw with 3 easy steps easy things like an apple and increases the challenges until the end of the book but nothing too hard.

  39. Mohammad Merazul Hoda

    Best for practiceBest work book for drawing

  40. avalpin

    Great, although my kid wasn’t the sit down and …Great, although my kid wasn’t the sit down and draw for long periods of time so very few pages were finished.

  41. Mohan

    Best productBest product

  42. ivanshops

    ¡Muy buenos!Todos los libros de la serie Kumon que he comprado son muy buenos.Sólo dejo comentario de uno de ellos pero no hay ninguno que no me haya gustado.Los recomiendo, de hecho los sigo comprando según se van completando.

  43. Douglas

    Muito bom!Ajuda as crianças obterem um traçado mais preciso. Prática necessária para a escrita.Altamente recomendo.Obs.: Os desenhos são caricaturados, portanto, quase não ajudam com o desenvolvimento do imaginário, porém para o intuito de facilitar o processo da escrita, tanto letras de forma quanto cursivas, eu altamente recomendo.

  44. Pallavi

    Five StarsEasy line drawings children can trace over again and again.

  45. Shelly Oosthuizen

    a great first drawing bookI love this entire series. My daughter who has had numerouse issues just loves these books and is slowely working through all of them. Well worth buying.

  46. Nzk98340

    Could be betterIt’s an ok book. Teaches your child how to draw basic things. Not very elaborate. My boy got bored father quickly

  47. JMD

    Five StarsGreat book. Excellent price

  48. J. H. Condliffe

    Gift for my grandsonBought this for my grandson, who loves drawing. Felt this would encourage him to develop the basic skills needed to make progress in drawing.

  49. Maria Luisa Pont Verges

    Five StarsMy 5 year old learned to draw with this book

  50. Marta

    Dibujo dirigidoLa verdad es que no es exactamente lo que me esperaba. Se tratada aprender a dibujar un objeto siguiendo unos pasos que marca..pero personalmente no me gusta dirigir los dibujos de los niños tan pequeños, creo que con las actividades creativas tan dirigidas pierden creatividad..

  51. Amaia

    Nos ecantan los libros Kumon, menos esteA mis hijas les encanta pintar y los libros Kumon, pero este en particular no les ha gustado nada. Los dibujos son muy básicos y no les motivan, no nos ha gustado, solo han hecho un par de hojas y se han aburrido del libro.

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