My First Book of Lowercase Letters

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This sequel to My First Book of UPPERCASE LETTERS encourages children to begin with lowercase letters that have simple strokes such as l, t, and i and gradually moves on to letters containing diagonal lines and curves. Through a series of connect-the-dots and tracing exercises, children become familiar with the shapes of letters naturally. Although this unique approach to the alphabet may seem roundabout, learning to write letters effortlessly will speed a child’s recognition of the alphabet later.

8 1/4 x 11 2/3 inches. paperback. 80 pages. full color. US $7.95 / C $8.95




This sequel to My First Book of UPPERCASE LETTERS encourages children to begin with lowercase letters that have simple strokes such as l, t, and i and gradually moves on to letters containing diagonal lines and curves. Through a series of connect-the-dots and tracing exercises, children become familiar with the shapes of letters naturally. Although this unique approach to the alphabet may seem roundabout, learning to write letters effortlessly will speed a child’s recognition of the alphabet later.

8 1/4 x 11 2/3 inches. paperback. 80 pages. full color. US $7.95 / C $8.95

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140 reviews for My First Book of Lowercase Letters

  1. Jenee Melgoza

    Best Preschool Introductory Lowercase Letters Workbook!The Kumon My First Book of Lowercase Letters is meant to be used after the Kumon Uppercase Letters workbook and is the best introductory preschool workbook for learning to write lowercase letters. The letters are not taught in alphabetical order, but this should not be a problem if you are going to use Kumon, Handwriting Without Tears and/or Zaner-Bloser handwriting workbooks. I love how big the letters are on every page and the review of letters learned. This workbook is not meant to perfect handwriting in a single workbook, and you will need to select other workbooks to build upon this one. The Kumon books are a great intro workbook to use before starting a more formal program. We used this book along with the uppercase letters workbook before starting the Handwriting Without Tears program. This workbook also reinforces how to hold a pencil correctly. Ages: The four to six years old age range is appropriate for this workbook although my kids completed this workbook at four years old. Multiple Children: A workbook is needed for each child.

  2. F. Raider

    really well doneI bought four Kumon workbooks for my 5 year old. This will be our first year homeschooling and I am totally thrilled. With all of the workbooks there are about sixteen full color pages and after that they are printed in two-color. They are all very well organized, incremental and simply laid out. The illustrations are great – they make the pages interesting but they don’t get in the way of the work. Some children might not like how similar every page is to the next, however for my child this will be absolutely perfect! She likes being confident in what she is supposed to do and enjoys doing the same (or similar) thing over and over.The one thing about this particular book that I don’t like is that I don’t think it has quite enough review work. It goes like this: two pages of a new letter for three letters, then two pages of review for those three letters. The ten pages of a-z review at the end. I think I’ll photocopy the review pages to have her do over.I love the book and am confident that it will work really well.

  3. The Chupacabra

    Great book to help teach kids to write lowercase letters.Great book to help teach kids letters. I have actually used this book several times with my 8 year old. He writes letters, but sometimes can be a little sloppy. When he starts to get sloppy we bought another set of upper and lowercase letters and make him start over. They are quick easy books. Starts off with straight lines, then goes into 3 letters, then review of the letters in the start of a word with a picture of that word. Kumon makes good products and this is another good one.

  4. J Jones

    5 year old grandson with special needs used Kumon to prepare for Kindergarten. Wonderful!very sequential – teaches letters in the order in which they will be easiest to learn to write. My grandson, 5, with special needs finished it and other Kumon books to ready him for Kindergarten. We waited an extra year for him to start Kindergarten and prepared him with Kumon materials to ready him for Kindergarten. Each time he finishes a Kumon book, he gets to either put the certificate on my wall or take it home to mom and dad. I also give him his choice of a small prize for each workbook he completes. But the greatest prize he gets is the good feeling that he can learn. My prize is seeing the pride in his face and his increased calmness.

  5. Warrior Mom

    Kumon books lay an excellent foundationGreat foundation skills. For the parents who complain that there isn’t enough individulal letter practice, please know that they will get all of the practice that they need in “writing words”. The Kumon curriculum is excellent and I am continuously amazed at how well the curriculum suits my son. Things that I iniitally think “this is too easy for him” prove to be just right. i can see him developing solid foundational skills page by page. I feel that this curriculim is filling the gaps left by the school system.

  6. MVEI

    Perfect for Prek or KinderMy 4 year old loves this book. I bought her a couple of Kumon books and they’ve been a big help, especially now since we’re out of school due to COVID 19.

  7. Angela

    Better than the Upper Case BookUnlike the uppercase book which is just pre writing skills then basic letter practiceThis book uses practice time to introduce words and beginning soundsI wish the upper case I bought had dual skills as well

  8. Legally Blonde

    Great book, nice picturesGreat book, nice pictures. Helps you have a guide to teach your little ones. I would recommend that you buy a pad of lined paper for your child to practice the letter you are working on since you only review them a handful of times. It does not have enough pages for your child to repeatedly practice so they learn the letter and work on penmanship. Other than that it’s a great book.

  9. Butch Flarida

    I like it – veru helpful for my daughter- just wish it was more eye catchingI like the book and it is very helpful I just think the blandness of it does nothing to attract my daughter to want to use iteven incorporating sounds might help? in lieu of more vibrant pictures, or adding a texture to cover?Just my two cents as my daughter is very much the kind of child who is drawn to ‘loud’ colors and thingsIt serves its purpose its just not very funI think its better for older children maybe? My daughter is almost 5…

  10. Donnie

    Excellent practice outside of school.I like this whole series. It’s great practice for my kindergartner.

  11. Peter Parker

    Good buy for kindergartenersNice big book for learning lowercase letters.

  12. carey knecht

    Great productMy 18 month old loved these now he knows his alphabet!! And some words that start with that letter!

  13. R Fitz

    Great!My 3 year old loves this. I love that the pages are back to back, so I can rip one page out and have it be one full lesson (front and back). A lot of other books are side-to-side lessons, so you almost need to leave all the pages in the book while your toddler works on them, which is difficult for a 3 year old to handle. It’s much easier to have pages that are ripped out and on a flat surface.

  14. Nitin Bhandari

    Big tracing letters are good for visual learningExactly what I was looking for !!! My little one is 4 and he is starting to read ,this book is quite engaging and motivates kids to read . Big tracing letters are good for visual learning !!best part is , I don’t have to sit and tell what to do he does it himself 😉

  15. FranS18

    Great homeschooling workbook!This was a great book for my son for homeschooling last year! It helped him with learning how lowercase letters and how to write them!

  16. HomeschoolMamaofIrishTwins

    Homeschool CurriculumHomeschooling Irish Twins for Kindergarten. This is part of our Language Arts curriculum for the Fall. We do 2 pages a day, the days we stay home to homeschool. The girls would actually like to do more in one sitting, but this is just for the Fall and then we will have another workbook for the spring.

  17. M. Schouten

    My kindergartener who just turned six just finished this lowercase …My kindergartener who just turned six just finished this lowercase letter workbook while on vacation doing a few pages after breakfast each day. His report card said he needed to master his small letters. In two weeks he had! He needed the structure of Kumon to do so. N Both my husband and myself were impressed by his progress.

  18. Keros

    works for meI bought this to start getting my 4 year old son ready for kindergarten because the teachers told me he should be able to recognize lowercase letters. He is still working on his fine motor skills and has difficulty writing the letters independently though he can trace them somewhat okay. Is it me or are all 4 year olds supposed to be able to know the entire alphabet in lowercase and uppercase.

  19. ally

    Great quality but not sufficient for kindergartenersThis workbook is made of quality paper which allows for multiple erasures, which is good because multiple erasures will be needed due to a lack of practice area. It is a letter tracing book, with only the final page (p 80) dedicated to freehand letter writing (each lowercase letter is written once, and beside it there is a box where the letter is copied and written). Overall, great book for beginners, under 5’s, but not suited for kindergarteners, who need to practice writing out the letters. Also, as with all Kumon workbooks, the pages cannot be torn out, which makes writing on the left side of the workbook extremely difficult.

  20. theresa l. XXXXXXXX

    Perfect for a 4 yoIt has helped my granddaughter to be ahead of her classmates.

  21. HippieMama

    Always a go to book for my preschool kidsIt starts off with just lines so your child can practice just holding a pencil and increasing ther dexterity . It’s nice to have something like this instead of having to look up worksheets online. Each book comes with a certificate of completion which really motivated my younger children .

  22. Amazon Customer

    Great resource for learningI really love this book.

  23. Kindle Customer

    Kumon gets it right!For early learners this is one of the best tools to use with parents.

  24. Foxface

    Great!It’s a colorful book for my 4 year to practice his lowercase letters. I was a bit surprised to see that the alphabets are not in the alphabetical order. I don’t know if this was done on purpose or not, but I expected and prefer if the letters were in alphabetical order. Other than that, it’s a great book to use as a extra fun practice.

  25. Cheryl Ernst

    Kumon booksI ordered several Kumon books for my 3 year old grandson. I am lucky enough to be his childcare provider while my son and his wife work. I was looking for something more than the “Big Book” stuff. These books are excellent. I scanned them onto my computer so that he can practice the exercises he needs a little more work on. His 4 year old brother, who is in preschool also enjoys doing some of the exercises. Great books.

  26. J.Richardson

    Maybe a little tough for 4 yr oldWe are a homeschool family and this is a great book for seat work for the younger when I’m doing one-on-one with the older. However, plan on being close by if you have a 4-5 year old. It’s not a do-it-yourself book. Well, it could be if you don’t mind the order in which pages get finished or what gets randomly colored or filled in :).

  27. ckmommy

    Love!Like all Kumon books we’ve ordered, this one is a major hit with our son. He has special needs and struggles with writing. He just loves these books, and they help to build his confidence! Great quality!

  28. Meena

    Its definitely usefulMy 31/2 year old loves kumon books . He is done with the upper case letters and he can write all of them on his own now. So we moved onto lower case and he likes these books . (dont forget to tip the kid with lots of appriciation and stickers .!!!! ) . The certifiate at the end makes him feel that he achieved something and that also makes him go. I would definetely recommend this book to the parents .

  29. Kristi K-R

    Minimalist and appropriate.Kumon’s entire approach is a winning one, for me. The fact that there is a minimal amount of stuff for the children to focus on (unlike most workbooks, which are full of embellishments, graphics, and other frivolous nonsense), puts Kumon a cut above the rest. Clear, instructional, and helpful. I haven’t seen a better set of learning materials, yet.

  30. GGMcMurray

    Tracing books, great for kidsMy granddaughters loves doing these. These are great to teach kids out to correctly write a letter. Great for little ones to do while older siblings do homework.

  31. Sarah Davis

    Best Lowercase Writting BookMy son starting learning how to write lowercase letters in this book when he was 3 almost 4 years old. This book is perfect for teaching children how to write clear lowercase letters and gives them the confidence they need to excel in future writing endeavors. If you’re looking for a good writing workbook then look no further. Buy this book! It’s focused solely on writing, just what my child needs!

  32. Chintan Pandya

    abc’s are fun againLearning to write your ABCs need to be fun and this book is great at teaching my 3 y/o with tracing and writing the letters correctly.

  33. Meeka

    Great Lowercase BookGot this for my 4 year old son as most of his letter writing books are mostly uppercase letters and I needed him to learn his lowercase letters for KG. So far so good. Its very informing.

  34. Caleya

    Great great for my 5 year old son you have …Great great for my 5 year old son you have to buy this book for your kids

  35. Tina M. McCallum

    Highly recommend.My 3 year old loves playing school so we have used these workbooks to play. They have really helped her to learn her letters and how to write them very well. Highly recommend.

  36. amie

    All of the Kumon books are great and the lessons are very well thought out and …All of the Kumon books are great and the lessons are very well thought out and short enough that it can keep a preschooler’s attention.

  37. CTmama

    My kids love this bookMy kids love this book. They think it’s a game. Great quiet time activity. We own Uppercase and numbers book by kumon and they are amazing, too!

  38. VioletSSF

    good practice for toddlersgreat workbook series for preschool kids. gives them lots of practice with their alphabet.

  39. Rohit Bhatt

    Great practice bookEasy to follow

  40. Ashley Whittaker

    Not as good as the other booksThis workbook isnt as fun as th eother Kumon books we have gotten. Usually they are very bright and visual with fun activities. This one is just letter after letter with nothing much entertaining. Usually my son absolutely enjoys kumon workbooks and finishes them on his own. Not this one. Disappointing. Needs more pictures!!

  41. Brian M. Lewis

    Great bookSon had no issues completing this book At 4.5 years old

  42. jill witherspoon

    Super book.Great book. Exactly what I was looking for.

  43. M. Liburdi

    Great for the preschoolers!Great book to help your preschooler learn their letters. I have the uppercase letter book as well and they are great tools to help facilitate this learning as well as a great activity for rainy days or when you need some quiet, focused activity.

  44. Odra O. Onate

    Kumon lowercase letters reviewMy kids love these books, they are learning so much too. They were not so great with their lines and making their letters, this book is a great source to help your kids. I highly recommend to parents.

  45. keep it simple

    Colorful and practicalKumon books have been the best for my son! The pages have color, plenty of space for each letter and plenty of practice. Love them!

  46. Jay Smith

    Awesome book, but for it really work you have …Awesome book, but for it really work you have to consistently do it with child. I recommend just going to Kumon 🙂

  47. August

    EnjoyedFor year old loves this book asks to do it.

  48. María García ferrada

    Five StarsThey arribe yo argentina perfrct and do fast – Great

  49. sunshinerainbows

    Excellent!This was super nice to have over summer before my son went back to his 3rd year of preschool. It really helped him keep his writing skills up to par.

  50. Amazon Customer

    Five StarsGreat for homeschooling, getting started or catching up.

  51. Kim

    Love the Kumon booksMy 3 and 5 year old boys love all the Kumon books. They never notice that they are learning but have tons of fun when it’s time to sit down and do their workboods.

  52. Kelly Wilson

    GreatGreat starter book!

  53. RMK

    Best book for a preschoolerWe purchased pretty much every book by Kumon series. These books are awesome, very well structured, it serves as a perfect guide to teach little ones their letters and numbers the proper way.

  54. Amazon Customer

    Not what I thoughtExpected more from Kumon. The books need more practice pages. I bought this for my kindergartener to practice at home with. Very disappointed in the product.

  55. Akil Loganathan

    Very usefulVery useful for my kud

  56. Monroe

    Five StarsGreat practice book

  57. jtizzle

    really love these kumon seriesi bought for my 3 year old to practice lowercase. we love kumon series and will continue to order in the future. great book for any age 3-6 to practice.

  58. avi

    Five StarsGreat workbook for little ones!

  59. Noelle

    Five StarsGreat for beginners!

  60. Lindsey Dick

    8 pages filled out already..Not sure why this wasn’t cheaper as many pages of the workbook were already filled out by another kid

  61. J. Adelman

    Great bookGreat book! My four year old loves these, and does them voluntarily on his own. He would do one book a day if I let him…

  62. Cindy

    Five Starsbeautiful book

  63. John Spencer

    Five StarsGood book!

  64. jae hoon kim

    but this is like a new oneIt is so difficult for 4 age. I ‘m aware of it. so I bought used book. but this is like a new one.

  65. Chilly Winters

    Five StarsExcellent book for parents who want to give their children a head start before they enter into pre-k

  66. Ms Customer

    Five StarsGreat for learning lower case letters. Has certificate in the back for acknowledging completion

  67. Nadia Talukder

    Five Starsexcellent book

  68. Jesse

    Five Starsjust as described and shipped quickly

  69. A.c.daveluy

    GreatMy 4 year olds love it, they are working through the book and learning as they go! It’s a great buy!

  70. Sunny

    Five StarsMy kids learned so much!

  71. karenr

    greatBought for my 3-year old grandson – he loves them and draws in them all the timeWill buy him more in the future

  72. Amazon Customer

    Five StarsGrandson is enjoying and learning from these books! Thank you

  73. veronica cachiarelli

    Five StarsExcelente

  74. nanajoy

    Great bookGranddaughter learned her letters but started to get abit sloppy….this is a perfect corrector 😀

  75. Carolyn A. Brown

    Good qualityLetters grouped so by strokes. Good quality paper for easy erasing for more practice.

  76. Mary M.

    Five StarsFun learning tool!

  77. Mona Kelleher

    Five StarsLoved the books for my 4 year old!!

  78. Amazon Customer

    Five Starsawesome like all kumon books

  79. Brenchris

    Great for kids.Kids learn from this book.My grandchildren learnt lots of letters and words.Will recommend this first book for kids.

  80. bungiegirl

    Great workbook! My 4 year old loves working in …Great workbook! My 4 year old loves working in it.

  81. madison ind

    Five StarsGreat book

  82. Alade Family

    Five StarsExcellent

  83. Constance M Wheeler

    Five StarsVery pleased.

  84. S Wong

    Five StarsWonderful practice for young children

  85. carla

    Five StarsLove Kumon my son loves books.

  86. Joyce Chapman

    .I am using it for a special needs child in my kindergarten class and it is helping him develop his fine motor skill.

  87. KM

    useless as practiceThis workbook was useless for both writing and reading enrichment. Each letter gets two pages, but hardly any room for writing practice. (See pictures.) For reading support, some of the letters have images that cause confusion by not keeping the sound consistent. Ex. ill, igloo, itch, and then ink.

  88. ji

    Five StarsGreat Book!

  89. paul

    Four StarsLike this book

  90. SS

    Five Starsgood books My 4 year loves them.

  91. Edubb

    Five StarsI love it.

  92. John

    Kids love itGreat tool for learning

  93. Chi Hsuan Huang

    Five StarsGreat book!

  94. Aymara Reddoch

    Five Starsok

  95. Prudence B

    Five StarsVery helpful.

  96. Michael Kelly

    Five Starsperfect


    Three StarsOk

  98. Elizabeth U

    book half usedthe book was half used and was sold as new.

  99. Rachel Henderson

    Great book hared to openI wish that these books were spiral bound so that they would lay flat while my son learns to write. Seems like a basic oversight in the design. I have to spend about 5 minutes prepping the book, breaking the spine before he can use it. Otherwise it’s a great book.

  100. PRichmond

    Mastery of Lowercase Letters Clearly VisableI’m a homeschooling mom and I’ve used this book and the book of Uppercase letters on 2 of my 4 children. I plan on using it on the younger 2 as well when they get old enough. I start this book after they’ve finished the first book on Uppercase (about age 4 1/2) and it really is a great tool to use. It teaches them how to write lowercase letters and also gives them the opportunity to re-examine letter sounds. We normally do one letter a day and then, on the review pages, we do the first side one day and then the second side of that review page the second day. When they are done with the book, I feel both of my children have had a command of lowercase letters. I highly recommend it.

  101. Warren J. Dew

    The first stage of preparation for readingAt first glance, this book appears to be a simple workbook to help learn to draw lowercase letters. It is that, but used according to the instructions, it’s much more than that. The book also introduces the concept of letters being parts of words, and critically, it teaches the association of the letters with their sounds, the first step toward being able to sound out words and read.The workbook introduces the lowercase letters one at a time, in an order from simplest to most difficult to draw. Thus it starts with a letter that requires only a single straight line – l – and ends with the letters that involve combination of curves with straight lines, like d. For my two sons, starting with such an easy letter helped create enthusiasm for the book; the fact that the first word in the book is “lion” probably didn’t hurt either.Each letter, when introduced, is introduced with two words beginning with that letter. The words are accompanied by pictures, so the child can usually guess the words without knowing how to recognize the letters. The child is supposed to “read” each of the words – in cases where the picture is ambiguous, an adult may need to read it and let the child repeat it – and then the child traces the letter five times while saying the sound of the letter. Saying the sound – not the name – of the letter, while writing it within a visual tracing guide, provides an association between the visual, audible, and proprioceptive value of the letter that is extremely helpful in learning reading and writing skills later on.On the back of the page for each letter are four words that begin with that letter, each word appearing twice. The child is to “read” the words, then say the sound of the letter as it is traced at the beginning of each of the eight word appearances. This gives the child the experience of writing letters as parts of words and further reinforces the association between the letter and its sound.After every third letter – the first three being l, t, and i, for example – there is a review page that includes tracing of each of the three letters four more times by itself, then on the back of that page, tracing each letter at the beginning of two words that begin with that letter. The individual letter pages and review pages make up a total of 70 pages.After all the letters have been completed in this way, the letters are traced in alphabetical order in two ways. First, they are traced nine at a time – for example, a through i – twice, on a total of 6 pages. Then they are traced with the entire alphabet on a single page, three times, with progressively lighter tracing guides, making 3 more pages. Finally, there is a page where the entire alphabet of letters are written in squares with no tracing guides, being copied from a small printed letter beside each square rather than being traced. In the end, there are a total of 80 workbook pages, and each letter is traced or written 25 times.Before starting this book, the child should have some fine motor skill – say, being able to draw a recognizable stick figure of a human – and perhaps be starting to learn the alphabet. Having already memorized the alphabet is nice but not necessary. If the child has trouble drawing a stick figure, but can use a pencil grip, it may be better to start with the previous book in the Kumon preschool English sequence, 

    My First Book Of Uppercase Letters (Kumon Workbooks)

    . If the child cannot yet draw within a half inch wide guide, the best starting point may be the first two books in the Kumon preschool series, 

    My First Book Of Tracing (Kumon Workbooks)


    My Book of Amazing Tracing (Kumon Workbooks)

    .The next book in the sequence after this lowercase letters book is 

    My Book of Alphabet Games

    , which provides additional practice on both uppercase and lowercase letters, reinforces alphabetical order, and reinforces the association between the uppercase and lowercase forms of each letter. That book also addresses the point made in several other reviews that many children could benefit from more repetition than is in this lowercase letters book. Alternatively, the child may skip directly to 

    My Book Of Rhyming Words (Kumon Workbooks)

    .My older son completed this book at age 5 the summer before kindergarten. By the end of the book he was able to form cute but highly legible letters without the tracing guides. For him, I skipped past the alphabet games book to the rhyming words book. That way he could start working on words and not just letters, in preparation for actual reading. After the rhyming words book and the subsequent rhyming words and phrases book, he could reliably sound out simple words and was ready to start learning to read. The down side was that he was not immediately clear on the differentiation between uppercase and lowercase letters, which took some time to learn.My younger son worked through this lowercase letters book when he was three. By the end of the book, he had mastered the sounds associated with lowercase letters, but was not yet able reliably to draw letters clearly. He proceeded to the alphabet games book, which gave him more practice drawing letters and mastering the lowercase and uppercase alphabet, but at the cost of some confusion between letter names and letter sounds. This confusion was largely corrected while working through the subsequent rhyming words and rhyming words and phrases books.As with all Kumon books, this book is self paced. You may have noticed that my younger son, at 3, was not in the recommended age range for this book of 4-6 years old. That is because he loudly voiced a desire for workbooks like his older siblings had when he was 2, so he got an age appropriate book to work on, the first book of tracing. He then worked though that and two additional workbooks in the series, and the lowercase letters book was next in line. His young age may have had something to do with his imperfect letter drawing, but he learned well the associations between letters and sounds, which was really the key foundational skill of this book for later reading.In summary, this workbook teaches how to write lowercase letters, and when the instructions are followed, also teaches sound and letter shape associations critical for later reading and writing. It is an integral part of the Kumon toddler and preschool sequence of workbooks. I strongly recommend this series to provide the foundation for strong reading and writing skills later on.

  102. Laura Beagle

    Great Introduction to writing lettersThis book is a great introduction book to writing letters. The paper stock is good quality and can be erased so your child can use the page more than once. You can erase the book 4-5 times (I paid a neighbors child to erase the book) before you have to buy a new one. I love the book so much that I ordered another copy of the my daughter can do this book again as her letters still need some help. The book has 26 letter lessons and 14 review lessons. Each lesson is 2 pages and can be completed by my daughter in 3-4 minutes.

  103. luv2shop

    Bought the setMy Little one loves these! He doesn’t even know hes learning! :)I bought the whole set.

  104. kuri

    Quality booksgood quality books will purchase again if needed!

  105. Steve

    Kids love these books!I have young twins. One of them will grab these books and a crayon and traces & draws nearly an hour. He won’t even watch TV that long. He goes from front to back of the book and when he’s done, he starts at the front again. He doesn’t even care that he already has drawn on a page, he just traces again over and over. I have bought every book in the series.

  106. Katherine Wolter

    Awesome ResourcesThese books are by far the BEST tools I have ever used for my preschool children. It teaches work ethic because they are simple and the children can work on them on there own after giving them instructions once. This is specific to my children who can not read yet. We set the timer for 20 minutes and that is our ‘homework’ time for my 2 & 4 year old. They love it and I’m teaching them to work independantly.I can’t get enough of these books!

  107. Mother of all Battles

    Fun way to learn lower case lettersMy 4 year old son learned to write his capital letters last year, and he was ready to learn his lower case letters after starting preschool. He went through this book in 1 week. I never asked him to do his “fun book”. He just went to his table and worked on it whenever he felt like it. He had so much fun looking at the great pictures—he didn’t think of it as work. Now he just finished the Rhyming Words and Phrases book. Another great Kumon workbook! Highly recommend it!

  108. Beth A. Wilson

    great help for preparing for school!!!not only do i love this book, but my 5 year old LOVES it too! he thinks it is fun and is eager to practice. it is not only great for practicing writing the letters but also is a tool for learning the lowercase letters. a must have for kids getting ready for kindergarten!

  109. A. Claggett

    depends on what you want the book for.I was surprised to discover that the ONLY type of activity in this book is tracing letters and writing practice. My 4 3/4 year old needs some practice identifying lowercase letters, but isn’t really into writing yet. Other workbooks we have done (cheaper ones from the drugstore) break up writing with other activities for variety. We’ll save this one for later, until he’s ready for writing practice. The quality of the book is excellent though, it has nice paper and is colorful.

  110. Abeauty

    Always a Go-To for kidsThis Kumon book is always a go-to to teach kids to write letters.

  111. TK

    So helpful and 3 year olds do great with these!I am a nanny and use these for my Nanny boys and it has been a great addition, I use all their books!

  112. Tania

    Genial!! Letras imprenta !!!Genial! Para primer contacto con las letras y el abecedario esta genial. He contado muchas fotos porque me gustan muchos estos libros y la verdad que en ninguno hay fotos del interior y tampoco nadie las cuelga y es interesante saber cómo son para ver si son lo que unos está buscando y se acerca al nivel de tu niño. Se trata de hacer cada día dos paginas o más según el niño yo le hago más o menos pero sin que se agobie. En las primeras paginas empieza por cada letra del abecedario y por detrás ejemplos de palabras que empiezan con esa letra. Cada tres letras hacen una página conjunta de estas y la traerá también con ejemplos. Una vez ya se ha hecho todo el abecedario vuelven las plantillas de letra por letra con su página posterior de ejemplos. Cuando estás de acaban empieza el abecedario letra a letra en una misma página. Primero con puntitos y camino para reseguir, después solo con puntitos y finalmente con huecos para que el niño lo escriba solo con el ejemplo chiquitito al lado. Creo que está genial como primer libros para reconocer las letras, sus sonidos, etc… Siempre hay que tener en cuenta que el niño debe hacer estas paginas con la ayuda de un adulto para que vaya diciéndole los sonidos y poco a poco ya vaya siendo el niño quien los diga para así ir aprendiéndose todo el abecedario. Y sin mencionar que creo que es muy bonito… que en la última página del libro viene un diploma para que cuando el peque acabe el libro se lo entreguen. Genial no tengo ningún contra. Cada día 15 min es ideal 👌🏼.

  113. ally

    Daughter loved it!My 3-year-old flew through this workbook after finishing the Uppercase book. She loved it and would just do page after page with no supervision required (vs the Numbers 1-30 book, which I have to assist with). Her motor skills improved a lot and I love the progression of the Kumon books. I will never buy a different brand of workbook again, Kumon is vastly superior. I hate how other workbooks such as Brainquest teach letters, Kumon is much better. I also like that they practice saying the letter sounds and understand how they start words, it is a great way to get ready to read.

  114. Verena

    Value booksGreat book for kids practice the alphabet. I am highly recommend and very satisfied with the price and book. My daughter is 4.5 and she loves it

  115. Deepak

    Kumon book are the bestHere is one more classic from kumon.. My daughter enjoys it 🙂

  116. Gulcan D.

    Over priceBook is in good quality (paper) but It is a bit high price for the information inside.

  117. Edyta


  118. MrsPB

    Very inviting pages for little onesThe only unfortunate thing was, that my child decided to do it all in one sitting, when I wasn’t paying attention….Thus, we did not manage to achieve the aim, which was to learn the sound and name to each letter.Otherwise it could have worked with it’s colourful layout, tracing, writing and playful exercises.

  119. Goldberg

    Very nice!Good quality!I like it 😁👍

  120. Julie B.

    Great!My son loves these Kumon books. Kumon workbooks are well thought out and move along in a very logical order. All my children all enjoy using them.

  121. Johndog

    Fantastic Learning ToolI bought this to help my 4 year old twins. It is a fantastic tool to keep them engaged whilst making learning fun.

  122. Raghu


  123. Cliente Amazon

    Bien para aprender el abecedario en inglésA mis hijos les gustan los libros de Kumon y este nos lo hemos usado para ir aprendiendo el abecedario en inglés. Me gusta particularmente por uno de mis hijos, al que la letra enlazada le resultaba más dificil, y esta al ser el modelo de imprenta se le ha dado mejor. El precio me parece muy bueno.

  124. Sima Kerai

    Great seriesThe kumon series of books are great. My son loves them, they keep him interested for a good amount of time and he enjoys learning with them.

  125. Megan

    A good buy!Great book! Good price and fast delivery, would recommend!

  126. Samir

    Five Starsgud one

  127. Geoffrey Pearse

    very good qualityGreat sturdy paper and keeps kids interested.wish the pages could rip out easier, because the book likes to close while my son works in it.

  128. Stylen

    Five StarsMy child enjoys this book it’s so beneficial

  129. Caesarific

    Four StarsGood content, but these books really ought to be ringbound so they are easier to use.

  130. MarinaThodeSanjuan

    Libro imprescindible del método Kummon para iniciarse a escribir a los 4 años.Libro imprescindible del método Kummon para iniciarse a escribir y lecturas a los 4 años. Muchos ejercicios de fácil a difícil.

  131. mom of twins

    Five Starsvery helpful

  132. Sesquinas

    EducativoComo el resto de kumon, muy educativo, aunque en inglés eso sí.

  133. David Toffer

    Great for home learningSimple kids book to encourage pen holding and writing technique, follows the Kumon philosophy of continuous and mind numbing repetition. Great for young minds who know no better.

  134. Juan Carlos Carmona

    Muy padreMe encanto! Ideales para que los niños practiquen las letras y aprendan a escribir! A Mis hijos de 4 años les encanto

  135. Pavan Khosla

    Five StarsGood

  136. Shopping mum

    Five StarsHelpful

  137. fiona

    Five StarsI love all the Kumon books.

  138. christine cranley

    Five StarsLove these books

  139. Melonie J. Celestine

    Five Starsgood

  140. The 1% fight back.

    Five Starsfab thank you !

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