My First Book of Mazes

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Young children love tracing mazes with a pencil. Mazes let children have fun while at the same time improving their judgment and pencil-control abilities, both of which are crucial elements in their future studies. The aim of this book is to improve children’s reasoning and motor skills.

8 1/4 x 11 2/3 inches. paperback. 80 pages. full color. US $7.95 / C $8.95




Young children love tracing mazes with a pencil. Mazes let children have fun while at the same time improving their judgment and pencil-control abilities, both of which are crucial elements in their future studies. The aim of this book is to improve children’s reasoning and motor skills.

8 1/4 x 11 2/3 inches. paperback. 80 pages. full color. US $7.95 / C $8.95

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213 reviews for My First Book of Mazes

  1. Amazon Customer

    EducationalEducational and entertaining for kids

  2. Riri Birgitta

    EdicationThis book is so helpful. My son did the maze and he very like it . So i order many more ! I like the way he learned while playing .

  3. YR

    great mazes – beautiful and in various levels to help the kid progressgreat mazes – beautiful and in various levels to help the kid progress

  4. Sarah Laugavitz

    Great bookThis is one of my daughters favorite activity books to do! The pages are thick and great quality! The educational foundation is solid as well!

  5. Thinking Out Loud

    Another Great Book in the Kumon Maze SeriesThis book of mazes is recommended for ages 3-4-5, and we got it for my son when he was 3 years old. He had previously worked through “My Book of Easy Mazes” (for ages 2-3-4), and within a few months, he was on to the next book, “Amazing Mazes” (for ages 4-5-6). I like that there is a series, so there is a clear progression of difficulty, and even if my son does not match the recommended age range exactly, we can still gauge which book is the appropriate next level for him.I like mazes because they encourage my son to pause in the thinking process to look ahead to see which path will pan out – this seems like a good cognitive ability to have. Also, it gives him a chance to practice his pencil grip, which is something I think about because I never corrected my daughter’s pencil grip when she was a pre-schooler (I didn’t think it mattered!) and now, as a 7-year-old in first grade, she still holds a pencil incorrectly (which makes her writing messy, and her hand hurts after even short writing assignments).My only complaint about this book – and all Kumon workbooks – is in regards to the workbook’s binding. The spine is thick enough so that when the workbook is open, the book and pages do not lay flat, making it difficult to write on them. For every new page my son works on, I have to REALLY press down on the binding to open up the pages and keep them down. My son could easily be self-sufficient while he works on his mazes, except that I have to be always nearby to push down the pages for him, otherwise he gets frustrated. I don’t know if the binding is a function of the paper quality – which is very good – or what, but I just wish the pages would stay flat when opened, or at least be perforated so they could be easily removed and used as worksheets.

  6. A. Allen

    NOT the first maze book in the Kumon seriesWarning: This is NOT the first book of mazes in the Kumon series. I bought this after going through their two tracing books with my 3-year-old and wanted the next step up. I should have looked more closely at the charts provided on the back of the Kumon workbooks because this actually comes progressive AFTER “My Book of Easy Mazes”. We will be buying that book next, but because of the progressive nature of all the Kumon material, I wish I had provided the books to my daughter in the correct order.That said, this is a fun, engaging book of colorful mazes on high quality paper. Difficulty progresses as you move through the book. Every other maze is a colorful scene (e.g. help the airplane fly through the clouds) with the one on the back being a color print, but more monotone and geometrical mazes (traditional mazes if you will). They are equally difficult, but my children (3 & 6) both prefer the more character driven mazes, about which they’ll make up stories (i.e. “We have to help the butterfly find her friend.”) Although they don’t LOOK harder to me, my children will also occasionally complain that the purely geometrical mazes ARE harder.My 3 year old is halfway through this book and overall really enjoys the mazes. A few of the more recent ones have been more challenging for her and occasionally I have to help her through them, but she keeps trying all the same. For an older 3 year old and certainly 4s and 5s, the first mazes may seem too easy, but they will quickly take on a quality that is very do-able, but still challenging.

  7. A. Owen

    Excellent BookMy child just turned 3. He loves learning, can already read, but used to demonstrate a little resistance to drawing or gripping a pencil. This book made him turn around. He loves completing these puzzles and in less than 2 weeks he is already almost done with this book! He has been getting better and faster each day. I’m pleased and will for sure buy the next ones in this series.

  8. Susan

    My little boy loved this book!Kumon’s MY FIRST BOOK OF MAZES is a wonderful introduction to mazes for children. They recommend this book for a child aged 3-4-5…well, I would find it hard to believe a 3 yr. old could do some of these mazes! My son is 8 and he had lots of fun with this book. Some were very easy, but some were challenging. Note the cover art is nothing like the inner art. The inner art is beautifully done, with the even page mazes up to page 28 being softly colored 3-D looking mazes of city streets, a forest, a farm a zoo, a garden, a racetrack, etc. The odd numbered pages have mazes in black and white and are flat, in various creative designs, and are more challenging than the 3-D style mazes. Mazes #29 on are of animals: work your way through a soccer playing fox, a doggie waiter, a pig out shopping, a lion king…very fun! The animals are done in black and white with colorful backrounds. A very nice book printed on heavy paper, nothing cheap and junky in the feel at all. I have heard of someone who had their child move a counter or plastic chip along the maze to find the way through, and then have them go again with the pencil or crayon. This prevents frustration with erasing because of wrong turns, and aids in remembering how you went through with the chip. When your child has done this book, they would probably enjoy Kumon’s AMAZING MAZES, similar to this one, but a bit harder. These would make great gifts for a child who has everything. Kumon has many many wonderful workbooks that any child would love…check them out! Books on cutting, pasting, crafts, numbers. Enjoy!

  9. Wondermom

    Simple and goodI have a very reluctant writer who does not enjoy writing, coloring, drawing or anything involving using a writing instrument. I’ve gotten chalkboards for him, various types of pencils, crayons, and markers, all in the hopes of enticing him to write/draw and improve his motor skills in writing. This book of mazes was a hit with him. He convinced himself that each page was a harder level, and each maze he completed was an accomplishment for him. Visually, they are SUPER easy for him (he’s 5), but mechanically, he still had a really hard time staying inside the lines when he completed each maze. I didn’t get picky with him about that. I was just elated to see him wanting to put crayon to paper. He blew through seven or more pages the first time he opened this book. I had to make him stop to come eat dinner. These books are pricey for what they contain–simple mazes or puzzlers for children–but if you don’t have time to make your own or troll the internet for a collection, then it’s worth it to buy these books. We now keep this or something similar in our going-out bag to keep the kids occupied/entertained at restaurants. Most “child” menus and placemats are too difficult and not yet engaging enough for my non-readers.

  10. Janet in NJ

    YOUNG MAZES LOVERSOur 4 year old grandson enjoyed having a book of Mazes. Previously, he had only had 1 at a time, like on a cerealbox or on a restaurant’s paper placemat. It was nice to see him concentrate on something for more than just a minute.

  11. Educated Mama

    Well done progressively difficult maze “teaching” workbookThis book starts off for a true maze novice, but progresses in a very well thought out way. For example, at the beginning there are easy forks in the path, but then the child needs to learn to right (under a right hander’s hand), etc. There are two styles of mazes in the book. On the left are more typical looking mazes. On the right are scenic mazes that look more like a picture. My 4.5 year old really liked this book and encouraged him after some frustrating experiences with mazes that were to hard. He learned how to look ahead, pause at choices, and make sure he wasn’t missing something under his hand. It is a significant jump from Kumon’s Easy Mazes book, and if your child is

  12. Mark

    A favorite in our house,great qualityThis happens to be my daughter’s favorite at the moment. Although my daughter loves all the Kumon books I ordered. I love that it helps her with prewriting skills and is affordable. If I am feeling rambunctious, I can erase her lines so she has it to do again on a different day. Love the price, the pages are not thin paper and won’t easily tear. I cant recommend this book enough for 3 and up.I ordered this book originally so my youngest would have “school” things like her sibling and I am so grateful I did. I definitely will order more in the future.

  13. Coco de Paul

    Worth it.This book of mazes is great! The pages start out easy and get more difficult as you go along. I got this for my two-year-old, now three for Christmas and he loves it. The pictures are attractive, making little ones want to take the correct path to get to the end. I would definitely recommend this product and I may end up buying a second one to laminate so he can do the mazes over and over. I also am a big believer in the Kumon approach to mathematics, so this is a nice step in the right direction of my toddler’s education. Great buy!

  14. toomanybooks

    Great book!My son just turned 3 a few months ago and this book arrived today. He has a broken arm this summer and I wanted to find something low key that he could do. I chose a maze book because he likes a Curious George episode where George likes to do mazes. Apparently my son does too, he loved it. He did the first 20 pages- the equivalent of 40 mazes- in one day. He does prefer the mazes that are in full color, but he did the mazes on the back too. This book has made me very interested in the Kumon program. I’m going to look into it. My son doesn’t like to draw that much and has a hard time holding a pencil properly and this helped him with that right away. I’m going to order the Easy Maze book too just so that he can practice using a pencil.

  15. CG

    Maze bookIt is a great book. It is perfect for a 3 or 4 year old. It starts of easy and it gets slowly harder and harder. If you compare the first maze and the last maze then you will notice that there is a huge amount of skill that your child learned while doing this workbook. It is a great workbook. Just be aware that there is an easier maze workbook that is good for 2 year Olds that is called “My Book Of Easy Mazes.”

  16. Suzanne Z

    This introductory maze book is nice in that it slowly goes from easy to more challenging mazes. Recommend for 1st timers.Great introductory book for a child’s first time with mazes. My grandson, age 3.5, already did a book similar to this, so we moved to the next age group. You only need one book. This book is nice in that it slowly goes from easy to more challenging mazes. You can copy one first, and let them mark up the copy. Grandson used a finger only.

  17. ArLock

    Great for Exercising the Young MindMy 4 year-old son is left-brained like his dad and he *loved* this book and was so proud of himself when he completed the whole thing.I like how this book progresses in difficulty and has a variety of types of mazes. The 3-D looking ones are really fun and are one of the main reasons I love this book. My son developed his visual skills, greatly improved his writing skills (how to hold a pencil correctly and draw straight-ish lines) :-), and learned that it’s ok to make mistakes and to keep trying, even when it gets challenging.I highly recommend this book, especially for the visual learner, to help exercise the young mind and build confidence!

  18. Ashley B.

    Great for learning to control a pencil!My son is almost 4 and loves these mazes! I think he is about halfway through the book and they are starting to get more challenging for him, which is great. He has the book before this one too, and he was able to get through them all fairly easily which built his confidence before moving to this one.

  19. LauraLea1018

    Great pre-writing exerciseI have been putting off starting handwriting with my two children because I thought it was going to be a big battle. I bought a stack of Kumon books and we’ve started with this one. The children are excited to do their mazes everyday. I didn’t see how mazes were going to help all that much with pencil control but after just a few, I can see noticeable difference in especially my 4 year old daughter’s control and staying within the path. I definitely think this is helping us move towards traditional handwriting.

  20. Adrienne

    she still loved the idea of itI purchased this for my granddaughter, when she was very young. Although, she could not do mazes, she still loved the idea of it. Now that she is 3, she seems to get the idea and her skills are improving. No matter what the age, kids seem to love to do mazes. It is wonderful to see how children grow developmentally and have a first row seat witnessing how their skills change over time. This is a book my granddaughter picks up frequently, with enthusiasm.

  21. T

    I’m very happy with this bookI’m very happy with this book. My 3 year old asks every day if he can do his mazes. I filled out the certificate at the end and gave it to him. I didn’t think it would mean much to him, but he proudly posted it up in his room and shows all his friends his certificate.

  22. MissL

    Great purchase!My daughter is in her 2nd year of preschool and loves doing this book. I like that there are several levels of difficulty scattered throughout the book. Some are quick for my daughter to do on her own, and others she has to retrace her steps. I definitely recommend.

  23. Shauna W.

    but he sat for a good 20 minutes just doing the mazesMy just turned four year old loves his maze book! He is one who doesn’t sit down for more than a couple of minutes, but he sat for a good 20 minutes just doing the mazes! Thank you, thank you! I love how the mazes went from easy to harder. It was a great way for him to learn how to do mazes and not get frustrated. Now he’s ready for the 5, 6, 7 age book!

  24. MomShannon

    A-maze-ing! Great quality for the price.Kumon maze books are by far the best quality maze books out there. We have tried many other brands and they are either too easy, too flimsy, or too boring. This is the perfect level of challenge while still havin interesting pictures on every page. A clear start and finish really help my preschooler be independent while using this book.

  25. Kindle Customer

    Loved by my clever 4 year old nephewThis is such a fun book! Your child needs to be able to draw lines well with a marker, pen or pencil. Teaches problem solving as well as puzzle solving. More please !!

  26. Dennis Chau

    My son enjoys it!My son is 4 he really enjoys the mazes we started off with the beginner one kumon offers now we have this one

  27. Amazon Customer

    Fun for kids who love mazesMy three year old son loved this book. All of the mazes were super fun for him and I agree that it starts off very easy and gets progressively more challenging. Worth the price. I want to try more Kumon activity books.

  28. tspia

    Terrific value, perfect for a 4yoTerrific little book, mazes very well designed. One page has a 3-d maze, the other facing page has a line design. 4 yo loves the 3-D ones, does 10 at a time. Won’t last long if she goes back and does the line drawing ones! Because they are so large, it’s easy for her to use the marker. We talk about ‘choice points’ and then used that when walking in the woodland paths – you can ‘cross a line’ in real life by climbing over the fallen trees.

  29. reviewmom

    Enhances Critical Thinking SkillsMy 4 year old loves this book! Each maze gets a little more challenging, but not too challenging that your child gets frustrated. My son has worked in sever Kumon’s mazes books starting when he was 4 years old. He is now 4.5 and he has become savvy and successful at solving the mazes. Now he breezes through them, needing little help. I really think these books will help enhance your child’s critical thinking skills.

  30. JN193147

    Age recommendation seems too young …Normally we love these workbooks but I would say this is not so much for ages 3-5; rather older kids. My 5 year old is in third year preschool and I would say 80% of the mazes are more complex than his very average skill level with a pencil. I would say this could be great for a child in K-1 more than a preschool crowd, or even a child with more than average pencil skills who is younger.

  31. Portland Mom

    Fun Easy MazesThis is a cute simple book of mazes. Great for plane/ car rides. It really good exercise in small motor control for 3-4-5 year olds in a fun way. It is pricey for mazes. And you can probably get a bigger bang for your buck at the dollar store. However, I don’t regret purchasing Kumon since the paper and illustrations are always high quality so that it can be easily copied.

  32. Kerry B.

    Five StarsGot this for two 4 yr old boys and they love it. Pictures inside are pretty, mazes start out simple and progress to more detailed ones. There’s even a slot at the top of each page for us to write their names, so they’d know who did which one.

  33. Emma

    Great for preschool pencil skillsMy son has little interest in doing many of the other preschool prep books but he absolutely loves these mazes. This book is the best one for him as it has loads of mazes in city layouts which he just loves. He has really developed his pencil skills, as well as problem solving.

  34. cdl

    Our son loved this bookKumon is always a good brand. Our son really liked this book of mazes. They are pretty simple, and he was really proud each time he finished one.

  35. D. Maloney

    Nice mazesThis is a great book of mazes, however, only a handful challenged my just-turned-4-year-old. He loves mazes, and successfully completed 32 of these in 10 minutes. I was hoping they would be a bit more challenging since it is labeled up to age 5, but perhaps I just need to get him the next one up! Would definitely recommend for a maze loving kiddo, though.

  36. Dan

    Awesome!4 year old son loves it.

  37. MamaBrugs

    Great book for my preschooler’s handwriting development!Great book for my preschooler! His writing has dramatically improved just after doing a handful of these mazes. Much better price on Amazon than in local book stores. Highly recommend. My son LOVES to do his mazes!

  38. Maria B.

    Great book but for younger kidsGreat book of mazes: clear print, large pages, yet it is too easy for my 4.5 years old. I would say it is more appropriate for a 3-4 y.o.

  39. Steven Elfant

    Don’t hesitate – just buy it!I purchased it for my son who loved everything about it. If your child likes mazes – don’t hesitate and buy this already. 🙂

  40. Yarx

    Happy4 year old Daughter asks to do the sheets and wants to do a bunch at a time, I keep it to 1 pages (front/back) at any setting. Has gone from not understanding what a maze is to easily and quickly solving complex appearing mazes. Good for fine motor control.

  41. Mary J. Steimle

    Great way to teach mazesI brought this book for my 4 year old granddaughter, and she loves it. The pictures that appear in the maze make it easy to teach the concept of mazes. For example, the first maze has a hedge bordering all sections of the maze. My granddaughter understood following a path when I told her “you can’t jump over or go through the hedge”. She had so much fun that she just about finished the book in one sitting.

  42. MG

    Great first maze book.Perfect for my just turned 4 year old. He was just starting to get into mazes. This was a great first maze book. Plenty of easier mazes to help him master the concepts. Also big enough path ways for him to easily guide his crayon/pencil through.

  43. Priscilla

    Great QualityLove all of these books! My daughter has already completed several and gets excited every time we start a new one!

  44. J. Terrell

    Cute and very easyNice book — but too easy for my 4 year old.

  45. Katherine Schiselr

    Kumon MazesKumon is quickly becoming a family favorite. My 3 year old love puzzles and the Kumon workbooks are easy to follow, give direction to parents, and make it easy to get the next book in your child’s progression.My 3 year old is telling time by looking at a face clock. I know the Kumon series of books is helping him every day. They are fun and he is eager to learn using them.

  46. Nicole

    My 3 year old loves it.My 3 year old has really improved her problem solving skills thanks to this book. In just one short month, she went from struggling with the mazes to zipping through them effortlessly. These are great for a child entering preschool and preschool age children. My 3 year old who will be entering preschool this fall enjoyed these mazes.

  47. Erica V

    Motivated my son to learn to hold a pencilMy 4 year old son loves these mazes. I wanted something to help her learn to hold a pencil, so I got the Kumon Maze book that is a level below this one. It did the trick. Now he is writing letters, writing numbers and drawing more.

  48. Mila

    Really good bookLove this book. Really feel that it helps to develop intellectual skills and logic. These mazes are not easy and sometimes I experience some difficulties doing them with my 3yo therefore I’m really happy when he gets through with them.

  49. Love Prime

    first book of mazesMy daughter loves the mazes and my husband and I love watching her, being amazed at what she can do with a little direction (she is doing quite a few at 2 1/2, although we got her the easy mazes and tracing book too so she would have more to do as they got more difficult.

  50. MomLife

    Good maze book for preschoolersMy 4 year old breezed through a lot of it. I’m hoping it’ll get harder as she progresses thru the book.

  51. Julie Rozanes


  52. JT

    Goid variety of skill levelsLots of mazes. Starts simple, then gets increasingly harder so skill level can advance. My preschool grandchildren love this.

  53. Jessica Day

    Great book for 3+My three year old loves this book and the best part is that is starts out easy enough for her to do on her own but then gradually gets more challenging so she is motivated to keep going.

  54. TLK

    Starts easy, gets more challenging. Great!My 3 1/2 year old is really loving this! Every other page is full color. Others are black and white. Varying levels of challenge so he is doing the ones he can do now and will work up to others. Nice book.

  55. Ha jung ko

    Amazing book!!!My son, 3 years old, loves it !!one side is easy and the other side is a little bit harder.This book challenges my son.

  56. S. Holder

    I recommend all of the Kumon workbooksMy 4 year old loves this book! The first day we sat down to work in this book he did 40 pages straight!! I recommend all of the Kumon workbooks!!

  57. sali

    Great.My son started this when he was 2 and still is using it at 4.5. I can see his improvement and progress, especially as the mazes get harder and narrower. Sometimes, I put it away for a while, and bring it back out so it seems like something ‘new’. He loves it.

  58. Mindeeeeee

    It was easy yet challenging enough for my four year old to …Cute mazes! It was easy yet challenging enough for my four year old to accomplish on her own. We will probably be picking up the other books as well.

  59. Ann Eliza

    Happy four year old.My 4 year old was very excited to try this and got the hang of it quickly. She was so pleased that she could do it – albeit with a wobbly hand.

  60. Mary Jane Childs

    My grandson loves these.It’s a great way to keep squirmy children entertained.

  61. busy mama

    very helpfulThese are fun for my 3 year old, and it helps him with fine motor skills. I wish they were a little longer for the price, but I guess by the end he is ready to be done with it anyway.

  62. Larke

    Great first book of mazes for my 4 year old …Great first book of mazes for my 4 year old grandson. They are pretty easy but the success is very motivating to him.

  63. Nut Lover

    Awesome mazes – my almost-4-year-old loves theseAwesome mazes – my almost-4-year-old loves these. Sturdy paper and he always asks to do more mazes!They are a bit hard to rip out – as long as you’re careful they will come out just fine. Very colorful and just challenging enough!

  64. mamasmiles

    Wonderful first mazes book!This is a wonderful first maze book for little ones! The maxes start off very simply, and slowly get more complex. Each maze has a fun picture/theme to it. My 3yo thoroughly enjoyed this book, and it was great pre-writing practice for her as well as problem-solving!

  65. Sunny

    LoveMy 3y daughter almost finished this book. She loves maze.

  66. J. Ritchie

    Some are challenging but that is a good thing.My 4 year old grandson loves mazes. He really likes this book. Some are challenging but that is a good thing.

  67. a

    Complex and engagingComplex and engaging. 4 year old loved it

  68. RMW

    great bookgot as a gift. child liked. recommend maze books in order to build up childrens eye muscles for later in life when learning to read!

  69. Nicole

    LOVE THESE!This book is great for kids. They have ones that suit all ages. I have a 3 year old and 5 year old and they each got one. The mazes are designed for their age. And now the little brother can be just like the big brother.

  70. D. Owen

    The three year olds loved it.I’ve given this book twice this year and each time the child loved it. At first it was a lot of scribbling but then they realized there was a purpose.

  71. CV

    Great!My 4 year old loves doing the mazes in this book! The mazes are pretty easy for him to complete, however staying on the white lines is great fine motor skill practice for his age.

  72. C. Hendricks

    Perfect for 3 & 4 year olds!My Kids love these. They are simple but fun and the colors are very vibrant. My only complaint is that they are hard to tear out of the book. It would be nice if they were perforated.

  73. Jen

    Head the title- it’s a first book of mazesVery nice quality book, but too easy for my 4 1/2 year old. I’ll probably look for the next stage up as far as complexity.

  74. Juanita Mcmullan

    My grandson loved itUnfortunately, my grandson is a very smart little cookie and did all the mazes in one sitting, but he really enjoyed them. He has graduated to more difficult maze books since.A good beginning book though for a child who loves mazes.

  75. Susan Anthony

    Love this book so much, got it for my 2nd child.Very simple mazes. My 3 year old is really enjoying it. My 7 year old had one long ago and has the younger one was learning to hold his pencil, I bought another as it is a fun way to practice!

  76. proud parent

    Fun and challengingMy 5 year old had a great time going through the mazes. He would have completed the book in a week if I’d let him do nothing else. It was challenging at the higher levels but he sure enjoyed the challenge and wouldn’t put it down.

  77. Sweetpea

    Great book!80 color pages (back and front)

  78. Dimples 22

    Young grandson is good at it already!I like the idea it is good for different age levels as children grow up so fast! It is so much fun watching him grow up…as long as it doesn’t happen too fast.

  79. E S

    and these are great. I like to laminate the really nice onesMy 5 year old daughter LOVES mazes, and these are great. I like to laminate the really nice ones, though, so I wish the pages were smaller and perforated. If they were it would be an easy 5-stars

  80. Amazon Customer


  81. Mary Gilbert

    Don’t buy used maze booksI bought this maze book for my grandson, who has just turned 4. I wasn’t surprised to see that many of the mazes inside had already been worked, but I was taken aback that most of them had been done with ball-point pen. Those that had been done in pencil I was able to erase so they could still be of use, but I was unable to give them as a gift. They now get use – with pencil – on the occasions of visits to my house, and I erase them after they have been done.The book itself is quite good, with pleasant graphics on good quality paper. I do recommend the book. Just don’t buy a used copy!

  82. RPG

    A really great maze book.Perfect for our preschooler.

  83. Barracuda

    great work bookAbsolutely love Kumon books. This is one of many I use to prep my 3 year old to the pre-K and school.

  84. Kaede

    Five StarsPerfect for my 3 year old.

  85. Kaitlyn

    Good qualityGood book for pre writing skills

  86. tsmom

    Five StarsGreat for our 3 year old twins!

  87. Richard and Liz

    Kumon Mazes are the best!We have purchased ALL the Kumon maze books throughout the years and more than once! We have not been disappointed with any of them. The kids love them and are eager to do them. Teaches eye/hand co-ordination, thinking skills etc.Highly recommended.

  88. Mother Brown

    good for preschoolersvery nice maze book for pre-schoolers. my 3 and 4 year old daughters have both been enjoying it. Too easy for an older age, but perfect for those just learning to write/ to take control of the pencil. the pictures are varied enough that it retains their interest

  89. Amazon Customer

    Promote pencil skills for 3 yr oldMy 3 yr old granddaughter enjoyed working the mazes. Promoted good pencil skills & problem solving. We spent hours together working many mazes.

  90. M. F. S. Vargas

    I definitely recommend these books toMy child loves these Kumon books so much, he tends to want to do 10 pages on one sitting!!! I definitely recommend these books to parents

  91. Armygirl123

    Good book!Perfect for toddlers who need to work on their hand writing!

  92. A.P.

    4.5 year old likes it!This kept my 4.5 year old busy for a solid 20 minutes. That’s a win in my book!

  93. Michelle

    Five StarsMy 4 yr old loves it!

  94. TheSteadyHand

    Fun to doFun book. My 4-year-old daughter loved it and it kept her entertained for a few hours. The mazes get harder as they go so it makes it more challenging which is great.

  95. Tina

    Fun mazesMy 3.5 year old really enjoys mazes so this was great for him. The front side of the pages were awesome, interesting and he was excited about trying them. The back side of the pages didn’t hold his interest much and he preferred to skip them.

  96. Martyman

    Five Starsworks great for kids.

  97. Isabella Weber

    Five Stars3 year old loves this book.

  98. Lace

    Huge hit with my 4 year old!This was such a big hit with my son that he finished it in 2 days. Lots of fun mazes!! I love the Kumon books!

  99. donna pines

    Five StarsOur four year old grandson loves it!

  100. BT72

    Five Starsmy 3 yr old loved trying to do these. tons to do and last good while.

  101. TAP

    Great quality, variety of mazes.Purchased for my 4-year old. Some mazes are easy and some more complex. Good illustrations. I like the large size of the book – very good quality.

  102. Amazon Customer

    Five StarsMy 3 year old LOVES the mazes!

  103. jbro

    Five StarsGreat gift for a young one

  104. Vegas Mom

    Great!I love the mazes. They’re easy enough where my son (5) is successful, but hard enough that he has to think, look ahead and plan.

  105. Snoooopy

    Five StarsGood for my 3.5 yo.

  106. D S

    Perfect for preschool hand eye coordinationGreat to practice hand eye. Cute pics to color. Perfect for preschool

  107. Linda Wilson

    Great Time OccupierThis was one of my granddaughter’s “most very favorite” presents she got for her 4th birthday. She sat right down with it and started working in it.

  108. Honest Reviewer

    Five StarsLove this!

  109. Monika

    Nice but easyNice, but too easy for my 4-yr-old

  110. EXTOL

    My son loves theseMy 4 year old loves these books and he is now addicted to mazes. This is our second or third maze book.

  111. Amazon Customer

    Wonderful MazesA wonderful book of Mazes. My 3 1/2 year old is just getting into mazes and this book is perfect. It starts out with easy mazes and gets more advanced as you get more into the book! Highly recommend.

  112. Amazon Customer

    Five StarsI love all the Kumon books. There really great.

  113. L R Olsen

    Fun and challengingThis book has a good variety of mazes for different levels of challenge. I would recommend to anyone with young kids who love mazes.

  114. CC

    Five StarsMy 4 yr. old granddaughter enjoys these simple mazes

  115. MamaLlama

    Great maze book.Great book for my 3yo.

  116. Ivy Oliver

    I recommend it.My four-year-old really enjoys doing the mazes in this book. I recommend it.

  117. DonahueCrew

    Amazing!The kids love doing these mazes, good for critical thinking, develops skills and they still think it is fun. Perfect for trips too.

  118. Jon and Amy Larson

    Nice Maze BookGreat Book. Just right for the age group listed.

  119. AS

    cute maze book!cute maze book!

  120. Pug Owner

    Fun fine motor practice while developing maze skills!These get hard but are fun! They are great for learning pencil control!

  121. scottsdale

    Five StarsGreat maze book, my 4 year old loves it!

  122. JN

    Five StarsMy 4 year old loves doing the maze book.

  123. Cooking Mary

    Five StarsGreat book.

  124. Sandy Leonard

    Five StarsMy grandson enjoyed it.

  125. kaobri

    Five StarsGreat for my 5 year old.

  126. GrammaKGW

    Four StarsGrandson loved them/

  127. toddlermom

    Love this book!My son loves mazes!

  128. Doctor Rich

    a-MAZE-ing!Great book. Excellent content for a 4 yr old.

  129. Honey Lover

    Five StarsGreat to little hands. Different activities. My daughter loves it.

  130. Dianne Pearce

    Fun for little onesThe book is fun for little kids to learn how to hold and guide a pencil, as well as, figuring the solution of picking the right path.

  131. motoxracer

    Five StarsPerfect, just what we were looking for!

  132. Elke Martin

    Five StarsOur little niece loves them!

  133. some one

    Five Starsawesome! my four year old loves this book!

  134. pagirl4life

    Five StarsGreat maze books son loves it!!

  135. SB

    Four StarsMy 3 yr old finished this in days. Just a tad bit too pricey.

  136. Sanjoy

    It’s a great way to get them interested in puzzlesOur daughter loves doing these mazes. It’s a great way to get them interested in puzzles.

  137. Pam Bhatti

    Perfect for my preschooler!He enjoyed figured out these mazes and they were simple enough not to frustrate him into giving up too quickly.

  138. tbone

    Five StarsGreat for the restaurant.


    Great book! my three year old love itGreat book!my three year old love it!

  140. Jasmine Cook

    Five StarsAs described, thanks.

  141. Bruce C. Ream

    Five StarsBooks for the Grand Children

  142. Laurie Gibson

    Great BookThis is a great book of mazes. Some are very simple some are much harder so you can work your way up as you get better. The mazes are bright & have fun pictures too.

  143. mar

    Five Starsthey said the kids loved these books.

  144. Ed

    Five StarsGreat Book !!!!!

  145. Slittlemax

    Five StarsGrandson loved it

  146. Maggie Xia

    Five Starsgreat for little kids!

  147. Karla

    Five StarsExcellent!

  148. Chi Hsuan Huang

    Five StarsGreat book!

  149. pokey2

    Three StarsGift

  150. Northern_grl

    Perfect!So much fun! The mazes get more difficult as you go along. Perfect for a 4 year-old. I might buy another one, so he can do them again.

  151. MamaSaidSo

    Fun and Good quality for preschoolers!This has been a fun way to practice coordination and proper pencil grip. I use these mazes with my four-year-old and after the first ten he could complete them easily and happily. The Mazes are double-sided on thicker paper which is good for heavy-handed drawing and multiple erasures. There are 40 double sided sheets in the book. The first side is an easy maze and a longer more challenging maze is on the flip side. At the top of the first side there is space to write the name and date. We’ve enjoyed the book and will be purchasing the next maze book. The only downside is removing the mazes from the book isn’t easy, it leaves the edges frayed with torn bumps. I have used a box knife and a ruler which works nicely.

  152. Stacey Trujillo

    My First Book of MazesI got this book today and my 3 (almost 4 year old) son finished the whole book (80 pages) in one day! He LOVED it! It looked a bit easy at first but I thought it might be more of a challenge as he went along. I guess he was more advanced than I realized and my only regret is how quickly the money was used up. I’m planning on purchasing the next maze book in the series. On a side note, this was my first Kumon purchase and although they are more pricey than books without color, I think they will be worth it for certain activities.

  153. Georgia

    Excellentperfect book for younger ones just learning how to navigate a maze. Hours of fun.

  154. homeschool_mama

    Great Book For Developing Reasoning Ability!The Kumon series of books works by empowering children to succeed on their own. The books get successively more difficult as they build upon skills learned from the previous pages, so that by the end of the book the child has a sense of accomplishment and be ready to move on to the next level. The instructor is more of a mentor or coach than a teacher in a classroom.The First Book of Mazes is designed to help develop pre-writing skills and help develop your child’s reasoning ability. The child is asked to trace along paths, either streets, paths, walkways, or animals. It’s designed in a manner that is very engaging with fun illustrations of cities, gardens, and nature paths to find your way through. My 3.5 year old started at the first page with a simple z-shaped town maze and is about a quarter of the way through. The tracing path starts out wide and gets narrower and more complex with dead ends and twists and turns as you go along. By the end of the book, it asks you to make your way through the back and forth, dizzying maze of a King Lion’s body.One tip: If you have more than one child, make copies of the pages for your children to trace instead of in the book itself. That way you can make as many copies as you need, especially if your child likes one in particular and wants to do the same one again and again.

  155. Jeremy & Amelia Constantino

    My very bright 4yo loved this book of mazesMy very bright 4yo loved this book of mazes. They are pretty simple, gradually increasing in difficulty. Toward the end of the workbook, the mazes were significantly more challenging than at the beginning.

  156. andone

    Five StarsBetter than paying $100 for Kumon!!!

  157. PRichmond

    Good Tool for Stetching, Growing MindsI started this book after My Book of Easy Mazes and my kids loved it. It offers more of the same type of learning (problem solving and pencil skills) but gives them a chance to stretch what they’ve learned further using the Kumon method. It has worked for them when they were 4 and it really helped them build their confidence. Overall, a great tool and something that I didn’t have to constantly be printing off or finding on the internet. Worth the cost and time savings.

  158. shopper

    One StarI returned it – it looked very boring and uninteresting.

  159. Mommy of 6

    My 3 year old LOVED this book!We have many of the Kumon workbooks and love them all, but this one is my son’s favorite. It’s perfect for 3 year olds. It starts with very simple mazes and then each progressive maze gets a little bit harder. When we first got the book and I looked towards the end of this book, I thought there was NO way my son could do this at three years old. . .but the book gradually increases the difficulty level so slowly that it WORKS! This is the one workbook that my son BEGGED to do and would do three or four pages at a sitting! And now he’s on the next “Amazing Mazes” book in the series.

  160. SV650

    This is the best maze book we’ve found so farWe’re on our second one, because our 3.5 year old LOVES mazes. This is the best maze book we’ve found so far!It would be better if there were perforated pages, but we can’t complain too much about that…

  161. Sandy P.

    A good bookA full afternoon of fun though perhaps a bit too easy for a bright four year with good spatial skills

  162. E. Herrera

    Great Book For Four Year OldPurchased for my niece and she loves these mazes. Each page is double sided with an easy maze on the front and a harder maze on the back. She finds the harder maze a little difficult so I place numbered clues throughout the maze for her to follow.She prefers working with the the pages out of the book, which you can do if you work on it a little. Instead of cutting, you can pull the front cover all the way back until the seam is exposed, and remove the pages one by one without ripping any pages.

  163. Elizabeth Mazak

    Wonderful maze book for 3-4 year oldsI recently bought this book for my son’s 5th birthday. He loves maze books. I also bought the Kumon animal mazes for 4,5,6 year olds. He was not as challenged with this first book but loved the animal one. When you open the book on the left is a more challenging maze and on the right is an easier one. Half of the right sided mazes are colorful 3-D looking scenes and the other half are animal shaped mazes.

  164. E. Evans

    Kids love itWe got the Upper Case Letters book first and the kids really seemed to enjoy going the work. They really love doing this book. It’s more like play then school work for them. Our “I can’t do it” 4 year old doesn’t want to put it away! The progressive hardness of the mazes is so gradual the kids don’t have trouble transitioning through it. The patterns, colors and characters are VERY kid friendly and easy on the eyes. The whole Kumon system really has me impressed!

  165. ALJW

    Nice Maze WorkbookMy four year old enjoys this workbook.

  166. Micole Roy

    More Marvelous MazesThis book is pegged for children ages 3 – 5, and that seems about right. My three year old son had a blast working these delightful (and sometimes challenging) mazes. There are 80 mazes in the book, and there is a certificate of achievement at the back of the book.Highly recommended.

  167. M. Cunningham

    Age Appropriate — He loved it.The book itself is paperback but it’s a hard paperback so it’s able to withstand a little more punishment from icky fingers. The mazes are age appropriate, our four year old nephew was the receipent. He’s a maze lover and this book is full of mazes galore.

  168. Mom of J&J

    Great for learning to WriteThis book gave my 4 yr old daughter the confidence to start deliberately moving the pencil in a certain direction. Since she started these mazes she’s more comfortable tracing letters and learning to write her name.

  169. Kevin L

    my 3year old son loves it!My son is loving maze recently, so I chose four books for him., this is the best! Till now he has finished half books. Both of us enjoy it!

  170. Amazon Customer

    Worth experiencingIt’s worth investing in this book, the skill of the child are so very well polished. The analytical skill, gross motor skills and pincer grip of the child. It’s an amazing series of book. My child is 3.5 years older and we have finished this books MD have moved to the next level.

  171. Ellen

    Really funOnly downside is my daughter tries to do too many pages on her own when she’s supposed to go to sleep. She loves it.

  172. Grace

    Wonderful Beginner BookI bought this when my son was 2 years old and it was a great book for him to begin to learn how to hold his pencil and practise his fine motor skills. He is now 6 and works in Highlights activity books. Definitely would recommend this product for ages 2-5.

  173. Tonia Kumynska

    Great qualityReally beautiful pictures, excellent quality paper. There’s a lot of mazes but it’s still a super quick one. Do them with a pencil and you can erase and do it all over again!

  174. Bluecashmere.

    Amazing.Without entering into the world of labyrinths so demanding that they would challenge the most intelligent of adults, it is hard to imagine a better collection of mazes than those assembled here. Many puzzle books are very cheaply produced, but here there is quality throughout, in design, in materials, in colour and in the thoughtful escalation in difficulty as the book proceeds. A bright three year old will be drawn into the fun by the relatively easy challenge of the first puzzles, but will soon find that all is not as simple as seemed at first. By then, the child will like as not be hooked and more than willing to wrestle with the demands of the later mazes.Without doubt this is the best book of its kind I have encountered.

  175. Trevor Rees

    For developing Fine motor skills/gripMy 4 yo daughter loves doing these mazes before bed. She likes the ones w/trees, fruit, animals. She avoids the geometrical ones for now. The mazes do make her think for a second and trace in her mind first. I can see

  176. Óscar

    Muy buenoA mi hijo le ha gustado muchísimo. Tiene tres años y medio y eran un poco difíciles para él, pero aún así le han encantado y no quería parar de hacerlos… Además le ha venido muy bien para desarrollar su manejo del lápiz

  177. Amanda K

    NiceNot worth the price it is a really nice book but it shouldn’t be any more than $3 even that’s too much just like 60 mazes pretty simple little too simple for my child but it is nice though to just so expensive that’s all

  178. Amazon Customer

    Its a book of mazesvoila!

  179. Ryan

    goodmy 4 yo enjoys spending time on it. helps him concentrate

  180. Amazon Customer

    ExcellentI bought this book for my 5 year old daughter as a gentle introduction to Kumon with a view of progressing to the alphabet and number books.She loves it and is racing through it. There are around 40 mazes and one on each page.The quality of the book is excellent and the mazes are really colourful. I had to drag her away from the book to get her in the bath – I’d highly recommend this book.I also bought the cutting book which she also liked, but she seemed more enthusiastic about this book.

  181. Amazon Customer

    GreatGreat for kids

  182. Vitalia

    Very Good Thank you!Very Good Thank you!

  183. Silvia

    GoodSon loved it. Did 15 pages in 10 mins as soon as it was in. A little overpriced for mazes but good quality book.

  184. CharlotteD

    4 year old who loves mazesMy just 4 year old loves mazes. He’s not so keen on writing letters though so I’m happy that he can practise pen control in a way he enjoys at this stage. This book is a perfect level for him and he did 40 pages in one go because he enjoyed it so much!

  185. Pablo

    RecomendableBuen libro para desarrollar la atención de los niños de forma entretenida.

  186. Amazon Customer


  187. 999666333

    great bookKids have always enjoyed the Kumon books and this one has a range of mazes at appropriate level of difficulty to assist in developing pen control. Would recommend

  188. Laurie Pittman

    Awesome – just what we had hoped.Bought this book for my almost-4 year old. The mazes vary from fairly easy to more challenging and she loves doing them. I love that I don’t have to help her read the instructions for every page too, it’s a nice activity book she can pick up whenever she wants.

  189. yolanda

    Develops great thinking skillsMy son showed great interest in the book.

  190. Nishtha

    Good buyExcellent to help develop cognitive skills.

  191. Diana Veloso

    Topmuito bom livro

  192. C.D.

    Très bon cahier de labyrinthesComme tous les fichiers Kumon, c’est intelligent, une progression très bien pensée, à recommander dès 3 ans sans hésiter. Mon fils de 3,5 ans en raffole (les premiers labyrinthes sont mêmes faisables vers 2,5 ans car ils sont assez faciles).

  193. Shelly Oosthuizen

    My 4 year old loves itMy four year old is not keen on colouring but loves doing these mazes so it is a great way of getting her to practice holding a pencil for school. She has been known to sit and do between 10 to 20 in one go. The paper is excallent quality so you can rub out and reuse it.

  194. ARP

    Five StarsNice book…but my son finished in 3 days! Need to order the next one in series now 🙂

  195. stephanie

    Four StarsGood Size!

  196. Emily Chen

    Good quality and funfun mazes for my 2.5 yr old, he completed all pages without much help.Good quality paper and printing.

  197. SJ

    Great maze book for 3-4 year oldsGreat maze book – bought to encourage a 4 year old to use a pen/pencil and it’s definitely helped. Lots of mazes that get more difficult as you go through.

  198. Cristina Arciniega

    Five StarsExcellent quality and very educational book

  199. Maureen McWaters

    Five Starsgood size and challenging,

  200. Lucy

    fungood quality book. Each page is coloured and has a different maze. My 5 year old loves it but it isn’t much of a challenge for him.

  201. Harpreet


  202. Chi

    My daughter loves it but maybe too easy? She finished pretty quickly( she is about late …My daughter loves it but maybe too easy? She finished pretty quickly( she is about late 3 year old, nearly 4)

  203. Victoria

    okbought for my second 4 years old boy, a book is perfect, good quality and very funny mazes. Bought six Cumon books after this one

  204. Christine Bancroft

    Expensive to be used only onceClear instructions and enjoyable for adult and child. Try pencil then book could be used more than once.

  205. M. ayre

    I would recommend this book to anyone my 5 year old loves …I would recommend this book to anyone my 5 year old loves it his pencil control has come on loads.

  206. Inge Dorothea

    Muito bomO livro é ótimo! Todos os livros de atividades da Kumon são maravilhosos. Minha netinha de 4 anos adora e fica horas desenhando, recortando, pintando.

  207. Narelle

    Five StarsMy 3 1/2 year old loves mazes and this book has lots of different ones to practise on

  208. anu chanda

    Five StarsIts a great book!!

  209. Daddy-O

    Great BookThis is a great, fun maze book. Lots and lots of mazes and colourful tricks and illustrations. Just add child and pen.

  210. Lisa

    Two StarsKids aren’t interested

  211. yyyoooo

    Five Starsmy 3year old loves this.

  212. JasTiV

    Five Starsrecommended

  213. Alexia Petridi

    Five StarsGreat

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