My First Book Of Money: Counting Coins

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Using Kumon’s step-by-step, incremental approach, this workbook introduces children to the concept of money. Your child will have plenty of practice working with each coin before moving on to the relationships between coins. Eventually, your child will understand the names and values of every coin worth less than a dollar.

8 ¼ × 11 ⅔ inches. paperback. 80 pages. full color. US $7.95 / C $8.95




Using Kumon’s step-by-step, incremental approach, this workbook introduces children to the concept of money. Your child will have plenty of practice working with each coin before moving on to the relationships between coins. Eventually, your child will understand the names and values of every coin worth less than a dollar.

8 ¼ × 11 ⅔ inches. paperback. 80 pages. full color. US $7.95 / C $8.95

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90 reviews for My First Book Of Money: Counting Coins

  1. J K.

    Best coin math workbook!Best book I’ve used for kids (K-1st) to practice money math with coins. Excellent!!

  2. Amazon Customer for a really long time

    Good bookIt is a good book and the kid did learn his coins, however, there are a few issues;The book doesn’t cover silver dollars, but I guess these are rare nowadays unless you live in a casino town.There are so many different types of quarters (state quarters, bicentennial, etc) that it is confusing to kids. The book uses the old style nickles (proper one in my opinion). The new nickles will cause confusion with kids.The book could have done with more ‘mixed’ coin problems. I had to get real coins and have the kid add up the value. The book does not teach the difference between number of coins and ‘value’ of coins. I had to do that myself as the kid was getting confused. For example, 7 pennies and 2 dimes is 27 cents (value) but only 9 coins (number of coins).The book does not have any complex problems such as how can you make 17 cents using exactly 4 coins or how can you make 17 cents using exactly 5 coins, etc. So, I had to sit down and do that with the kid myself.The book only teaches ‘CENTS’ and does not teach that 100 cents equals one dollar. The book does not teach paper money or dollars at all. This is purely a ‘cents’ book and does not explain what cents are so you will need to explain that to the kids.The book contains 80 pages of problems and averages about 6 to 10 problems per page. It took my 1st grader about a week to complete this book working about 30 mins to an hour per session per day.So the book is a good starting point to learning coins, number of coins and value of coins, but it is very basic. You will need to grab a bag of coins and teach advanced topics yourself. I gave the book 5 stars because it is good for what it is, but just be aware that your kids will not master coins simply doing the 80 pages.

  3. Mesha

    Love love loveGreat resource to support in-school learning as a parent. It is really working for my sweet 6 year old. She was struggling with connecting skip counting to money. The building approach that Kumon takes really works well for her. I’m not ordering other books and returning a few other workbooks that I’ve purchased. I’d rather try to the Kumon method.

  4. Coco Elfow

    CoinsThis workbook is great for introducing new concepts and for kids who are struggling with coin recognition. My kid struggles a bit so this book has been great for him. The pages are colorful and he gets to practice counting and writing numbers/cents correctly. I would not recommend this book for kids who are advanced and can recognize all the coins already. However, I highly recommend this book for kids who need some help on coin counting.

  5. homeschool_mama

    Great Book For Learning How To Add Money!The Kumon series of books works by empowering children to succeed on their own. The books get successively more difficult as they build upon skills learned from the previous pages, so that by the end of the book the child has a sense of accomplishment and be ready to move on to the next level. The instructor is more of a mentor or coach than a teacher in a classroom.The Counting Coins book is designed to help teach about counting and adding using money. It starts off with a review of numbers 1-100. Then goes into simple 1+1 addition using pennies all the way up to 20. It asks the child to write in the number in a box. It shows both front and back of the penny and introduces the cent symbol so your child can become familiar with what it looks like. From there, it gets progressively more difficult. It then goes on to the nickel, dime, quarter, and half-dollar. This is where it’s good to become familiar with skip counting: counting by 5’s, counting by 10’s, etc. By about the middle of the book, it then mixes the denominations of the coins so that you’re adding nickels with pennies and dimes with nickels. By the end of the book, all the denominations are mixed and you’re asked to add them together. There’s a fun review section at the end which asks you to add up the coins in some coin boxes, coin banks, and registers. This is a great book to use side by side with play money so they can copy what the book is doing.Highly recommended workbook for learning numbers 1-100, skip counting, adding, writing skills, and becoming familiar with money!

  6. Wanderlust07

    A great way to introduce the concept of moneyThe media could not be loaded.

     We travel a lot and my daughter five is very curious about currency and money. I picked up this book for a recent vacation.I have used other books from the Kumon series and this is what I like about this particular book:1. Thick pages: allows you to erase and have your child repeat a page.2. Starts with basics: has your start with writing numbers up to 100 and then introduces the ‘penny’ concept3. Slow progression: it moves along at a nice pace so your child confidently learns and doesn’t feel frustrated.4. You get your money’s worth: the book has 88 pages and it’s a good amount of practice.5. Good for different types of learners: the coins concept is introduced in writing as well as pictures of the coins. I give my daughter some change to practice with. I believe touch is an important learning pathway and helps reinforce memory.

  7. KO

    This was a great book for my six-year old first graderThis was a great book for my six-year old first grader. The first couple of pages solidifies the skill of counting to 100, so skip this part if your child can already do it. The book progressively introduces each coin, from penny, nickel, dime, quarter and half-dollar, and how to count each coin in multiples. Pennies count by 1s, nickels count by 5s, dimes count by 10s, quarters count by 25s. Along the way, the book then teaches how to count combinations of coins, going from counting the largest to the smallest. There are some pages where it will appear that your child will “trace” the answer, but what your child should really be doing on those pages is to do the counting without looking at the given answer, and then use the given answer to check for accuracy. When we got towards the end, my child was counting coins like an ace and was super excited to finish the book! This was also great practice for general addition skills, and prep for doing multiplication.

  8. Blessedmomof3

    Great Reinforcer!! Kumon Rocks!!I homeschool my 4 yr old and plan on doing the same for K. This book is great as it starts off with one concept and then builds From there. It is a great reinforcer. The penny section is very easy for her, but I don’t mind because practice makes perfect. I am also able to skip around to dimes, nickels, and quarters and have her practice a few pages based on her level of understanding. It allows me to see where she struggles and I can then have her go back and focus on that specific area. Same deal if a particular section is too easy for her. I can skip to the next few pages. Good buy.Update:5 years later…I used this book with my second daughter and now with my son. He is in K and we’ve just started identifying coins. So grateful for Kumon books!!

  9. LaBelle Gal

    Good valueI use this book every week for book work, for my adult clients with disabilities, to work with money. Lots of pages for counting money.

  10. S. Condon

    Great SupplementMy daughter did not do well learning money from long-distance pandemic learning. We gave her one page of this/day, then used other subsequent money learning books. Where crisis learning failed, this was able to pick up for my first grader. Very pleased.

  11. Tieden

    An essential element of our homeschool curriculumI love Kumon workbooks! They are an essential element of our homeschool curriculum.Kuman workbooks are very repetitive, which I believe is essential to building a complete understanding of a topic. Other workbooks spend 1 page on a topic before moving on to another. Kumon workbooks are designed for students to “master a skill and gain the confidence to keep advancing”. And this is exactly what they do.This specific workbook teaches the skills of counting coins and focuses on just that – counting pennies, nickles, dimes and quarters – separately and together. Very well done.

  12. Jorge A

    Kumon Money BookI loved this book. It is very constantly when you want to teach your children how to count the coins.

  13. Kindle Customer

    My kids love this workbook.Kumon does a really good job of helping kids learn a specific skill. This book is fantastic. My kids ask to do this workbook, they think it’s fun.

  14. Shanthan Ramidi

    Waste of moneyLot of repetition and it’s only adding Pennies 😒😒 don’t waste ur money

  15. Sandra

    Learn coins easily! Perfect for kids!Another great addition to Kumon workbooks. Perfect for beginners who need to learn what the coins look like and value. Great book to start prior to Coins and dollars from Kumon

  16. Heather Johnson

    I like the slower pace and the skip counting activitiesI introduced money to my daughter using the My First Book of Money: Counting Coins workbook from Kumon. The workbook introduces little learners to the concept of money by providing plenty of practice working with each coin before moving on to the relationships between coins less than $1. I like the slower pace and the skip counting activities, which have helped my daughter better learn to count money.

  17. Amazon Customer

    No commentNo comment

  18. Heather Castle

    Great book!Great book! We are having a lot of fun with this one. My son is 6 years old and he’s beginning to understand the concept of money. It has been fun learning about the coins and also promotes learning to skip count.

  19. Baker214

    I would say it’s too easy for a 7 year oldUsing this for helping my son with school readiness. It is challenging enough that he feels he has accomplished something, without being frustrating. He is 5 years old. I would say it’s too easy for a 7 year old. Fun pages, and good simple design. I have tried several Kumon products and been very happy with them.

  20. william e young

    Mostly good pages for teachingI do not like the pages that have the answers written on them, but the activities on the pages are good.

  21. Oksanka

    Amazon, you have a problem!What a shame, Amazon!Packaging was not damaged!You just put a defective book into the envelope. 😡😡😡

  22. Adam and Jennifer

    Great bookVery helpful, really appreciate this book.

  23. Tracy

    Just what we needed!My 7.5 year old son is excellent in math. Very strong. But the one area he could not seem to master was money. He was horrible at money. 100% on math always, and then when it came to money everything was always wrong. We used this book and the one that follows (Counting Dollars and Coins) and it has clicked for him. !00% on math now INCLUDING money. I highly recommend this to anyone with a child struggling to understand money.

  24. Stu & Wendy Talene

    Great beginner money bookThis book is perfectly organized and presents the concepts in the perfect gradual order and pace. Realistic photos of the money are also helpful.

  25. anidin

    Geared for 4-5 year oldsGreat book for learning coins. Takes it a bit slow for my five year old also a lot of filling in the hundreds chart. I would purchase a different book if your child already knows his|her numbers

  26. TWCA

    Love Kumon BooksIts always good to train your child early, so I always thought the kumon method is great. So I have a lot of collection of Kumon. This is one of the most recent one that I buy to start train my child with coins. Not too bad since she likes penguin she is “fine” to practise using the books.

  27. Lacretia Short

    Excellent workbook.The lessons are well broke down into baby steps to counting money. We enjoy it.


    Four StarsMy 6 yo son loved it. I loved it as well. Would buy again for my 4 yo 🙂

  29. RH

    For absolute beginnersI was disappointed when I ordered this book for my 5 year old. She needed practice counting a combination of coins, however, this book started out too easy for her- some pages seemed like repetitive busy work. She did not look forward to doing her homework in this workbook because it was either too easy or too hard on some pages. I felt like many of the pages were wasted because the answers were already filled in by the authors of the book.

  30. BunBun

    LOVE KUMON!!Excellent…I just wish it had some more pages.To the parents complaining about too much tracing…make your child COUNT the coins THEN trace. If your child won’t count, sit down and do it with them.

  31. Jones

    Great tool for counting moneyOur son who’s 4 loves these workbooks. I bought these for him to work through during the summer to introduce him to things he will learn in kindergarten. He’s enjoys learning to count money.

  32. A S

    A great workbook! Simple to work through and well put …A great workbook! Simple to work through and well put together. My 5 year old almost six is doing it, but she’s really good at math so it could easily be used for a little older child.

  33. JOHN

    HomeschoolingGreat book for doing homeschooling

  34. Amazon Customer

    Good for age advertisedLove this book for my 5 year old who I’m teaching about wants and needs and coin recognition

  35. Mary Beth Kierstead

    Love the Kumon booksI teach third grade and I love all of the Kumon practice books. As a matter of fact, I don’t use a text book but rather use the practice books to accompany the concepts I am teaching. I used the money book last year when I was teaching 1st grade and used it for review this year. It is linear and very easy to understand for all students.

  36. Michael

    Great book for dealing with money.The beginning was a bit laborious (review of counting), but perhaps necessary.The coin counting part is challenging for my 5-year-old, especially counting by quantities other than 1. I would recommend this book for anyone of this age.

  37. Amazon Customer

    Lots of prefilled answers.Very very slow paced, too slow paced for my preference. Too many answers are given. I could understand a couple per page, but there’s entire pages of answers. Knowing my daughter she’s not going to truly count, she’ll just trace the numbers and not learn anything.They are very well organized and good looking work pages, so it’s a let down.

  38. Gramma Linda

    Counting Coins BookThis is a great book for learning money. I bought it for our 5-year-old granddaughter, but haven’t given it to her yet. I only wish it had pockets to insert coins into, instead of just coloring them.

  39. Kindle Customer

    Great bookMy middle niece said “Auntie I don’t know how to count money.” I haven’t given her the book but I learned in school with books like this. Great starter book.

  40. jnaomi

    Counting CoinsI like every Kumon book that I purchase and there is no exception to this one. This is a great book for Kindergarten age to learn about money. I like the way that Kumon books start out simple then slowly progress throughout.

  41. Peanut


  42. Amanda

    Love itThis book is great for my homeschooled child.

  43. coolbrz

    … to work on over summer and my kids actually like them. They do a couple pages a dayWe bought these to work on over summer and my kids actually like them. They do a couple pages a day. I would highly recommend them!

  44. Amazon Customer

    Match the expectationsMatch the expectations

  45. MomofFour

    Excellent Content – wish for perforated pagesJust as said in the title 🙂 we love this series of educational books for home use. That said, I do wish they would start producing them with a perforated edge.

  46. george c. luckette

    First book of counting moneyThis complete series of books have been a great help in teaching basic skills to a special need child, I urge you to continue you service to the world.

  47. Kris

    Exactly what was needed!I was concerned that a friends 3rd grader did not learn how to count coins yet. She loved it and did 25 pages by herself.

  48. Mel L Johnson

    Great buy. The teaching progression in this book is …Great buy. The teaching progression in this book is easy to follow & will be used as a first teaching tool for money.

  49. zjg2014

    Ok.This was an ok book. Easy to do one page at a time, but did not give a good overall picture of learning about coins. My child kept confusing some of the coins, but this wasn’t apparent until the end of the book.

  50. Donna

    bookthis was for my 5 yr old to help him learn to count and identify money. book was very helpful.

  51. E. Rice

    Great for Kindergarten to 1st GradeMy 6 year-old has enjoyed this book very much over the summer. He has become very adept at understanding the value of money, how to exchange coins, etc. Overall great activity book!

  52. Ms.Jay

    Five StarsLike the way each coin was introduced to the students. Easy to understand.

  53. Carolyn

    Five Starsthorough- easily understood by first grader. I used it with play coins and it really helped

  54. Salil Kapoor

    Four StarsGood content.

  55. Oren

    It is good.Very good serves and help. I like my first book of money: counting coins very much. I think it will work very well for my child.

  56. oter

    Five StarsVery good beginning skills…..advanced skills build on simple skills.

  57. Stephanie Hutchison

    Great!I have purchased other educational workbook from Kumon Publishing in the past. Just like the other books…this one does not disappoint.

  58. Faye

    Great workbook!It’s a great workbook. My son was able to count by 5 after writing a few pages of nickle exercises. He loves it!

  59. ColinBeth

    Five StarsLots of basic review

  60. Yelizaveta

    Teaching toolWe are fans of Kumon workbooks. This is just another one of their wonderful products. Fun and challenging for children.

  61. adagrammy

    My First Book of Money: Counting CoinsBought this for my granddaughter. Her mother uses it with her and it seems to be working well for teaching. Arrived on time for Christmas.

  62. kidzshoe

    Four StarsHighly recommended!

  63. Kaina Girl

    Five StarsGreat book to keep your child on track.

  64. Angie

    Five StarsGreat resources for young children learning money and math concepts!

  65. Kathryn Bancroft

    Five StarsAwesome counting book.

  66. Dani_Bear_09

    Five StarsThis is a very helpful resource to use with my EC students!

  67. Lashonda Ramdass

    Five StarsMy 6 year old finished this book pretty fast!!

  68. Tbglover

    Five StarsGreat first book for teaching about money

  69. Tiffiny1331

    Five StarsLove this counting money book! Lots of practice pages!

  70. Phoenix

    highly recomend for homschoolers.Using for homeschool. Awesome!!!!

  71. Banu

    Five Starsfun, but easy

  72. Heidi Spangle

    Five StarsGreat book!

  73. Luz Elena Iglesias

    Five StarsGood for children.

  74. darlene bivens

    Five StarsBest workbooks!

  75. Aymara Reddoch

    Five Starsok

  76. CJ

    Five Starsgreat book!

  77. aphadelite

    A lot of tracingThe concept is good. but it demands a lot of tracing focusing on memory not on how. so it it’s good for refreshing the concept if the child knows it. The concept is good. but it demands a lot of tracing focusing on memory not on how.

  78. Jennifer Nunemacher

    Might be good for homeschooling, but not for usFor whatever reason, my kids just weren’t interested in this. We ended up not using it very much at all.

  79. Getiton

    I wish I got this many answers in schoolTracing answers is not helpful.I’m counting the money I wasted

  80. jisoul

    worth every penny!i was a little hesitant about purchasing kumon books for toddlers… but i order a few different kinds and i would say these books beat leap frog and scholastic out of the competition. books are extremely high quality and the illustrations and directions are extremely well presented. i use the book as a master so i make copies of them and have my toddlers do them a few times… for my 6 year old niece who is extremely smart i order a few ages up age 8,9, even 10. but for preschool level it’s amazingly similar to early intervention lessons!give it a try. i was very impressed.

  81. Inger Dobson Slade

    My First Book of Money: Counting coinsMy daughter used to be so frustrated in counting money. She would just shut down at the mention of it. However, this book is a great resource for helping children make the connection of counting by 5’s and 10’s and how it translates to money. The visual layout and constant reinforcement of identifying coins by number and by sight really helped my daughter to “get it”. THe book allows her to work at her own pace. Now she’s ASKS me if we can count money! This is the best book ever for teaching how to count money!

  82. GDSouza

    Kumon momI needed extra math and reading/writing practice for my kids in 3rd and 1st grade. These books are easy to understand, very systematic and kids love it. we take them along in the car even for short drives. It keeps the kids busy in the back seat. would recommend these to any parent that would like their child to excel academically. who doesn’t?? I’ve purhased about a dozen plus Kumon books from amazon already and intend to purchase many more.

  83. Anthony Laudicina

    Five StarsExcellent

  84. homeschoolmom2girls

    BORING for the accelerated learnerI have a 4 year old who loves worksheets – usually from School Zone. School Zone goes incredibly fast, so I wanted to get her something to slow the pace down a bit. Well these slowed her WAY down. It takes about 10 worksheets to learn one single concept, with 20 questions per page of the exact same question, just slightly different numbers. She’s bored with them. Now I skip about 5 worksheets for each worksheet she does. Sometimes I cut worksheets in half and throw the other half in the trash. It’s just too much busywork, and would cause her to hate school if I made her do it. She is learning well from this book, but with most of the book being skipped, I feel we wasted our money buying this one.I would highly recommend KUMON for a subject your child is struggling with. The slow pace is perfect if your child gets frustrated easily. It is definitely a quality workbook for that purpose, and the pages are somewhat colorful.

  85. cc

    good!My 5yrs old loves this workbook,and She learns a lot about simple adding coins together.

  86. Amy Eisenbach

    Worth itGreat for teaching

  87. JC

    US version – using cents, nickels etc.We have most of the Kumon books and they are usually fab. But this book is all in US money – cents, nickels etc.No good for a child in the UK.

  88. MRS S.

    AMERICAN CURRENCYPlease be aware this book is in dollars and cents

  89. Amazon Customer

    Not for Canadians only teaches American coinsAmerican coins and I’m in Canada.

  90. YummyMummyM

    Counting for tourists….Happy with the entire kumon range, my children enjoy their “home work” and view these books as fun learning…..problem then? It is in American currency!!!! Makes no cent$ to me :(((

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