Numbers 1-30 Write & Wipe

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These extra large and thick write & wipe flash cards allow children to count abstract objects (dots) and identify them with a numeral. Using a dry-erase marker and following the strokes in order as they are outlined on the card, children will learn not only how to count, but also how to write the numbers 1-30.

6 x 8 inches. 32 hard plastic cards. dry erase pen. color. US $9.95 / C $10.95




These extra large and thick write & wipe flash cards allow children to count abstract objects (dots) and identify them with a numeral. Using a dry-erase marker and following the strokes in order as they are outlined on the card, children will learn not only how to count, but also how to write the numbers 1-30.

6 x 8 inches. 32 hard plastic cards. dry erase pen. color. US $9.95 / C $10.95

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35 reviews for Numbers 1-30 Write & Wipe

  1. Barb

    Makes learning funI just love these write and wipe series of cards. They are a nice size (approximately 5×7) and made of very sturdy, glossy card stock which makes cleanup easy with the eraser head that comes attached to the marker. My four year old grandson loves these cards. This set includes numbers 1-30 and reinforces what he learns at daycare. I think he enjoys erasing the cards just as much as he enjoys tracing them. One of his favorite things to do when he comes to Grandma’s.

  2. Natasha

    We love the set but there are two things I wish …We love the set but there are two things I wish were different – the cards have two sides. Only one of them can be wiped with the marker. I wish both sides could be wiped as my son is very creative and there is a lot of “articstic designs” on the side with dots now. I wish it came with more than one pen – for one, he has hard time switching the same pen between writing and wiping – if it has two, he could just write with one hand and wipe with another. The second is the pen dries out very quick. Now I am looking for the replacement pen.

  3. John G

    Wipe off is not as expectedThe surface could be thicker.

  4. Sarcasmo

    Will Result in Acceptance to HarvardI just wanted to put down a 5-star review but amazon wants more out of me. So you’re going to get it.Love them. Have victimized others with appropriately aged childrens with gifts of them.One thing I don’t really like is that only one side has the wipeable finish. All the other reviews might say this but I didn’t read them. Because I’m a goddern cowboy–that’s why.Oh, and that Harvard thing is bull. But seriously, they’re pretty cool and my kid likes them.

  5. Adam

    The dry erase markers don’t work.The flashcards are good quality. The markers don’t work. Its a good thing to buy extra markers, with an eraser!

  6. chanel smith

    The BESTI purchased all three of these wipe and write flash cards. Large numbers make it easy for my 3 year old to trace. Super easy to clean.

  7. Mom&Son

    GreatMy son loves to practice writing using these cards. The large space around the letter and the arrows indicating the direction of the pen to form the letter is all they need. Highly recommend.

  8. Cherise

    Marker dried up on deliveryOverall this is a good product that my son enjoys, however I was displeased that the dry erase marker was already dried up when we opened the package. Hopefully when you order this product you already have dry erase markers in the house.

  9. sidspappy

    Excellent Tool in Teaching How to Read and Write NumbersMy 5 year old daughter can recite her numbers up to 100 but she has difficulty in reading and writing her numbers after 10. We received these cards yesterday and did them last night. She loved it. She said it was the “best game” and looks forward to playing it again tonight (instead of her Nintendo DS)! I wish they had these cards for higher numbers (50-100). We’ll probably just have to make our own.

  10. Janet Reynolds

    Great teaching toolMy 3 yo granddaughter loves these cards and her numbers get better every day.

  11. Happy Mom

    Great Product!Like everything from Kumon, we love it! Easy to 2 yr old can easily do it. The marker that comes with it last a very long time. We have had this for 2 yrs now and it still works 🙂 Definitely worth the money. We also have the alphabet ones and love those too.

  12. Lauren

    Not the best product for our needsI wish these had the dry erase material on both sides of the cards… my 3 year old wants to draw on the picture side but the marker does not erase. The pictures are also pretty terrible… see my photo. The green color doesn’t help a little kid identify many of the generic ones and others are just kind of… really? Of all the words that start with that letter? X = boX… hey guys what about xylophone or x ray like every other kids alphabet uses? The dry erase on the letter side is fun and worth it at least so they’re not a total waste.

  13. Nicole

    Good practice for fine motor skillsThe cards are so large that I do not believe they will actually help my daughter learn to write the numbers, but they are good practice for holding a pencil and tracing. She has little hands so right now the concern is improving her fine motor skills so this product is perfect. My only complaint is the pen that comes with the cards does not come out of clothing.

  14. Sarah Davis

    Depends on what you need this item forPRO: This product helps with number recognition, number order, counting dots correctly, and writing numbers.CON: The front of the card has only one number to trace & then on the back are dots to count. I think this item would be more affective, if there were more spaces for the child to trace each number.I recommend Brain Quest Write & Erase Set: Numbers instead if you want your child to have more practice writing & tracing the same number at a time.

  15. MariJ4

    Great for young kids!I was skeptical that these cards would actually wipe off well, but my son can trace the letters and the ink really does easily wipe off without a trace. Not sure yet how long the marker will work but I’m happy with the purchase!

  16. Sunshine

    Five StarsLove the big flash cards. Easy to clean.

  17. JFS

    Good find!Large cards and easy to read with my daughter. We practice her numbers and I erase the marker while she reads the numbers aloud and attempts to draw within the lines.

  18. FOnn

    Four StarsI love this set of kumon. Only wish if kumon make the card will be eraseable in both sides.

  19. MommyDiva

    Numbers Write and WipeThese cards are great in getting my son to practice writing his numbers. The dry erase markers eliminate the need to focus on pressure while writing and allow for attention to be on the formation of numbers.

  20. Avid TX Reader

    OK … could be improvedThey are nice and large, but I would have liked for them to be a little more sturdy and lamenated on both sides.

  21. J H

    Great, amazingAmazing I would recommend for any mother

  22. Missy B.

    Wonderful…My daughter loves these. The only thing I wish is that both sides were slick. So, if you accidently get a mark on the other side you can wipe it off.

  23. Hilda Perez

    Five StarsGreat and fun learning tool

  24. charles

    LearningExcellent for my kid

  25. A. Koffman

    Great Product!My 4 yr old twins love these! They really enjoy writing the numbers on their own and “erasing” them with the cool marker eraser.

  26. Jasmine

    Laminate-Then write on BOTH sidesFor those expressing a desire for BOTH sides of these flash cards to be write-and-wipe, simply laminate the card and use a dry erase marker. Doing so makes the cards more durable and both sides can be written on and erased.

  27. MamaK

    Not the most durableI like the design of the cards ok, but my biggest complaint is that they are not laminated well and not very durable. The the write-on-off side is just glossy and the side with the dots is completely unlaminated. I can get (most) marks off the writing side but my son flipped a few over and colored on the back side too when I wasn’t looking. I also would prefer the dots in a more random pattern than the way they are lined up. Oh and the pen/eraser kept falling apart too. Overall, they are just ok and could use a few improvements in my opinion.

  28. M. Jasmin

    Two StarsThe cards are only erasable on one side. The kids often mistakenly draw on the wrong side.

  29. one_two_three

    Good set of flash cards.I have bought 2 sets of these cards for my twin 4yo daughters, but found that, unlike with other KUMON products, one set would be enough for both girls. The numbers tracing part is nothing special, but probably helps them to remember the numbers better. I found that there is a very, very, VERY big difference for my girls between simple tracing and writing the symbols (numbers or letters) on their own. For purely tracing purposes to develop pencil skills I strongly recommend KUMON Tracing and Mazes series.Small tip: at the moment we play the following game with my girls — I show them the card and they should tell which number this is. Whoever tells correctly gets the card, otherwise I keep it. In the end we check who is the winner — who got the most cards.

  30. Gloria Booth

    Great tool to learn numbersGreat practice in writing but would be better if washable markers worked. You can only use the one supplied

  31. Amazon Customer

    Good but wish they made it so you can use both sidesMy son loves them but you can only draw on the one side. If you use the marker on the other side it doesn’t wipe off. Mainly because your not suppose to draw on the other side but kids will be kids.

  32. compgeek

    Good purchase to teach 3 year old to writeVery easy to use, my son learnt to write ‘1’ in about two weeks.That a marker with eraser comes with the set is handy.Overall, a good buy for the price.

  33. JoJo

    Einfach tollFür die Schulvorbereitung sehr zu empfehlen. Leider hat unser Stift nach kurzer Zeit aufgehört zu schreiben, muß uns ein neues besorgen. Sonst sehr gute Qualität, kinderfreundlich. Kinder lernen einfach nebenbei durch Spielen/Malen

  34. Silvia

    SuperNette Ăśbung fĂĽr das Zahlenverständnis und erstes Zahlenschreiben! Praktisches Kartenformat … hält einiges aus! Meine Tochter hat viel Freude daran!

  35. Neeyor bose

    Pen dried outPen was dried out completely. Made the product useless in my opinion

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