Pre Algebra-Grades 6-8

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With this workbook, your child will master each topic in pre-algebra in a step-by-step manner, building both understanding and confidence. Topics include fractions, exponents, order of operations, positive and negative numbers, algebraic expressions, and more.

8 ½ × 11 inches. paperback. 192 pages. color. US $14.95 / C $17.95




With this workbook, your child will master each topic in pre-algebra in a step-by-step manner, building both understanding and confidence. Topics include fractions, exponents, order of operations, positive and negative numbers, algebraic expressions, and more.

8 ½ × 11 inches. paperback. 192 pages. color. US $14.95 / C $17.95

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6th Grade, 7th Grade, 8th Grade


Pre-Algebra and Algebra Workbooks



85 reviews for Pre Algebra-Grades 6-8

  1. Kindle Customer

    Love itMy daughter is 9 years old and she love this book I love this book

  2. JenV

    Great math book to supplement schoolThis is exactly what my child needed to review and practice current math skills.

  3. Amazon Customer

    Keys concepts age appropriate.Good series of practices tailored to students needs.

  4. sunny

    Summer math refresh made easyPictures are from me flipping pages throughout from left to right. Part one then answer key. Part two and the answer key. All in one book.

  5. Elizabeth Nordhaus

    AmazingI like how much practice it gives.

  6. Terry

    Updated ReviewI don’t know how I missed it but I missed the reviews that stated the Answer Key in the back of the book did **NOT** match this text! I thought I was going crazy for a moment. 😡I was so frustrated that I contacted the publisher about the Answer Key.The Answer Key for Workbook I (front 1/2 of the book) is in the Middle of the book.The Answer Key for Workbook II (second 1/2 of the book) is the answer key in the very back of the book.So yes, it is the correct answer key(s).

  7. Kaitlyn T

    Nice workbookI have two middle school aged children, and I bought this to help the keep up with math. So far we have only done a few pages, but I do find that it is helpful for them. Especially my 8th grader because we started from the beginning and she is reviewing what was taught in 6th grade. I believe this will allow her to be more prepared for testing in high school.

  8. Lily

    Kumon Math Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Intro-Geometry, Geometry Will Make Kids Become Math Genius!!!Before I bought Kumon Algebra & Geometry series, I bought a dozen available other Algebra Geometry workbook for my 11 year-old son. That was total waste of money. My son finished Kumon Pre-Algebra and Algebra 190 page two workbooks this summer vacation within 1 month, and suddenly became a Math Genius, since he is only 11 year-old and 5th Grade. And now he found the Kumon Geometry 2 workbooks are exactly the same style, super clear, super easy to follow, and the middle school math suddenly became a piece of cake!!!Actually, I bought all available Kumon workbooks for my son since 2 years ago. He loves it! Math life became so wonderfully simple, and we are very grateful to Kumon Genius Math series…

  9. Ava Collopy

    Good stuffPretty good book to help a young person hopefully survive high school algebra (when they get there.)

  10. sanDi

    Endless prepI liked how the book walked my son through concepts and reinforced the practice. He did as 6th grade summer practice and went through the entire work book in 1.5 months.

  11. Diana DeSouza

    Concise and accurateThis book is exactly what I wanted for my fifth grade son. He’s gotten a little complacent and got his first B on his report card. If you’re like me, my child’s education is in my top 3 priorities. I am going through each chapter/concept of this 6-8 book for which I know he can handle, and then having him work through the entire book before transitioning to middle school. Good luck to you and your kid(s)!

  12. Alicia

    Very nice. Would purchase for Kumon again.Very nice. I am definitely pleased with this book. My grandson who hates studying math actually wanted to work more pages than he needed to. Great layout and answers in the back. There weren’t any clear explanations on how to work the problems, but a quick look at a few online videos remedied that. Other than that this is a well made book with great math problems and plenty of room to work them out. I would purchase Kumon books again.

  13. Natalie Wahl

    Great Math Program for math savants and the math challenged!My son hates reputation and can do math in his head. These books have great examples and build on themselves in a way I can understand. There are enough questions/problems for him to solve for me to know he understands the concept, but it is in units and a format that does not overwhelm him. Later review reinforces previous concepts and ensures retention. I homeschool my son and he has ADHD and high-functioning autism. Regular textbooks were too much and he would meltdown before he started. He breezed through these assignments and I felt like he was still learning and challenged. The answers are in the back so I did have to remove those at the beginning, but it made my life easier.

  14. Amy Moyer

    Wonderful BookThis book has a lot of review problems, taught in a way to teach mental math. It slowly increases in difficulty. I highly recommend this book to any middle schooler.

  15. Keith c.

    Excellent WorkbookI dont have a problem teaching my kids the math. I just need more worksheets to give them. This book is exactly that. Filled with tons of great worksheets. Love it

  16. Luyang

    Accumulation of knowledgeDuring the summer vacation, children just play games at home, and learning the contents of the book every day is also helpful

  17. TwinMom

    Great book for reinforcement!Very good book. I wish there were more instructions. This is more like extra practice. This works fine for my needs with my twins, but this may not work for someone needing guidance. This is typical of most Kumon books. As I stated they work for our needs, but if your child needs more guidance this may not be the book for you.

  18. Jesse

    Ok for pre-studying Pre Algebra and a good review.Bought this book for my daughter to practice over the summer to prepare her for Algebra in the new school year. It seemed a bit too easy for her. It’s good for pre study and review of Pre Algebra. Wish there are more practice questions and better explanation and examples on how to solve each type of problems. I think the book might be more suitable for pre-studying before they actually learn PreAlgebra in school.

  19. Tammy Bayly

    in a math teacher’s opinionbought this for my grandson to practice his skills over the summer. Was a great practice book and is what they need to know for the next level

  20. Amazon Customer

    HELP—-remote classes??!!??Now that we are now using remote learning, I found this useful to help my 6th grade granddaughter review math.

  21. Ximena Y

    GreatIt was great and could also teach you how to do the equations.

  22. Gantulga

    Recommend!!!I actually like this workbook. My daughter finds it challenging and she’s learning lot. I think I might purchase the next workbook once she’s done.

  23. Amazon Customer

    Best book ever!I strongly recommend this book. It is just perfect. They explain step by step what to do and there are a lot of problems for practice The prize was perfect!

  24. trent r.

    Very helpfulGreat product easy to use and follow along. Answer key in the middle and the back of the book!

  25. Christy Scherffius

    Its a good buyWe have been pretty happy with this book …my daughter says she enjoys doing math

  26. The Claussens

    A 5th grader likes it, not easy but not frustrating hardUse it during pandemic. Our kid hates Dreambox math app. This book helps him be ready for middle school algebra.

  27. Amazon Customer

    My son is already working on the book and so far his doing great!!Thought my package was lost but I finally got it.

  28. Lake House Granny

    Great workbookI get these for the grandkids for their “gap” months over the summer so they can stay up on their skills Love them and they do too.

  29. fuujinsrock

    Great examples the relate to questions askI thought the progression was smooth and developmental. Exercises all skills and helps refresh weak areas. All answers in the back of the book. Great examples the relate to questions ask.

  30. Amazon Customer

    Good to haveGood one with reviews and accelerating

  31. JeCanyon

    Four StarsProvides enough material for my son to practice and reinforce his pre-algebra skills.

  32. Sean G

    Good bookPretty solid book for middle schoolers.

  33. Kia Smiaz

    very effectiveloved this. bought it for all 3 of my kids, year after year. it helped them understand the material in class so they were not baffled.

  34. Jessica

    Kumon Boring workbooksNot many subjects were covered in the book.Work problems keep repeating from this chapter to the next one.

  35. Andrea Mendonca

    Great bookReally good for 7th graders and 6 graders who are advanced

  36. T Scott

    Three StarsThis is ok for a supplement book. There is not enough description to use it to learn new skills.

  37. Y.G.

    not very usefulYou won’t need this book if you have been working on other Kumon books of individual subjects before Algebra. If you haven’t, then this book alone will not help much either. It is full of practices that covering many topics required to start Algebra, but not enough for any single one of them.

  38. KC_KC

    great product with high qualitygreat product with high quality

  39. christel forney

    We like it.Our son likes this book. Very easy to navigate through on his own.

  40. Neerja Ginotra

    Lot of practiceGood practice book for kids.

  41. Denise Bruerton

    Love kumonGreat summer study book.

  42. Tildon D.

    awesome love it,love it

  43. Theresa Paysinger-Montoya

    I love the booksI will do the books later this year

  44. Sheltie Love

    GoodGood practice

  45. Amazon Customer

    Nice bookGood book for pre-algebra!

  46. Edward D. Booth

    Useful compilation.My students found this text quite useful and accessible.

  47. Jayerdu

    Five StarsPerfect for summer review for my 11 year old son.

  48. Reeca Evans

    Great book, beat up in transitThe book came pretty banged up. My son cant do the bottom half of the book due to this. Book itself would be great if it was usable.

  49. Ves

    Appropriate contentAppropriate content

  50. Josephine Mendiola


  51. Josh&jess


  52. ellisisland

    Five StarsGreat book to practice your algebra for higher math.

  53. Darrelynn A. Garza

    HelpfulVery good

  54. C. So

    Five StarsGreat books for repetition and for helping to make concepts stick!

  55. zippypeach

    Good practice but easyThis is a good book for 4th/5th grade level math, not necessarily what is learned or taught in true pre-algebra class. Disappointed.

  56. MP

    Love it.Awesome.

  57. Beltha M. mboh

    Five Starsgood

  58. John

    No teaching in book, only problemsThere’s no teaching in this book, and there’s no room to do problems. So unless you can teach your studeo pre-algebra, this book is not for you. Disappointed

  59. Robin Hinman

    Five StarsGood for a student that is struggling.

  60. Max Tang

    Not intuitiveThe teaching is not intuitive. My child struggled with their way of adding mixed numbers until I showed a better shortcut. There are probably better books

  61. bg

    Five Starsa

  62. Fonsy

    Answer key torn outThe book is probably fine but the answer key had been torn out of the back. It’s obvious pages were missing.

  63. Mmg

    Answer key does not match.The answer key does not match the questions at all. Did I get a misprint? If the answer key would match I would give it 5 stars.

  64. GS

    Way too easyMost problems are just calculation… Not like pre algebra…

  65. Tom

    Don’t buy it’s a scamTo easy it’s for 4th grade.

  66. Laura Garrison

    One StarAnswers in the back did not match problem

  67. Y. J.

    4 starsThe book suits for 6th grade students or home schooling kids. It’s a workbook with lots of questions and brief reminders. As there are so many redundant questions in each chapter, if you ask your kid solving them all, I guess he/she will hate you and the book. Solving one or two questions in each page is good enough for kids to understand its concept and find a way of problem solving. The book will help building basics of arithmetic operations of fractions, order of operations, conversion of fractions to/from decimals, exponents operations which are fundamental to more advanced Algebra. I found there were several wrong answers, and I deducted one star with the reason.

  68. Amazon Customer

    Great, but tough practice problemsI use this book (and Kumon’s algebra and geometry books) nearly daily as a private tutor, and I really like them. I have found that there is something in them for almost all of my students.The only reason why I gave it 4 stars is because of its heavy reliance on fractions in practice problems. Sometimes I wish that there were more problems without fractions, but overall I love the rigor of the problems in the book.

  69. Rachael

    Firm Foundation For AlgebraSome reviewers have complained that the answers are not included or cannot be found. This is not true. Rest assured that ALL ANSWERS are provided. The book is simply separated into 2 parts, and the answers proceed each section.My daughter and I love the Kumon method and rigorous learning experience, so we decided to purchase this workbook to finish off her school year. It is filled with 86 lessons that contain 16-20 math questions per lesson. This is an excellent math curriculum for necessary daily practice and provides a firm foundation for algebra.

  70. Chandra

    good bookMy daughter like this book

  71. JennV

    Supplement onlyThis makes a great supplement for added practice. It does not explain.

  72. G. Farnsworth

    My 11-year old loves this bookThis is a good math book. Just about right for an advanced elementary or basic middle school student. There is only a little bit of explanation, but that’s all that’s really needed. Mostly it’s a bunch of problems. They are about the right size so a page of problems doesn’t seem like too much work. Nor does it patronize the student And they are broken into very small topics–just right for one-page-a-day for a homeschool student. We have other workbooks but this one has been my daughter’s favorite.Definitely best if there is an adult around who can help clarify things, though. I wouldn’t call this completely self-contained for most people.Lots of fractions stuff in this book. By the end the student should be very good at fractions.

  73. prosenfield

    Fast deliveryDaughter loves it, she wanted to get ahead in school

  74. Sngglbnny

    Very good book!We bought all the books for math in their series (pre-algebra, algebra, intro to geometry, geometry and word problems). We are all set until the end of grade 8. We bought them for our 2nd grade daughter because she is advanced for her age in math. She does certain sections of this book for fun e.g. fractions and decimals – comparing, ordering, adding, subtracting, LCM and GCF (she has not yet done exponents, order of operations).There are plenty of problems = lots and lots of practice.Good quality paper and print; sturdy build. Answers are at the end of each section (thankfully without explanations). This is a workbook for practice; not a textbook – so, it is not rich in (or intended for) explanations. We discuss the topic, I explain to my daughter how things need to be done; I also teach her different ways (if there is more than 1 way to solve a problem) of coming to the same solution – that sometimes, one way works better than another, etc. We do the teaching; the book is for practice, to see if the student has understood what has been taught.

  75. f

    ExcellentExcellent. Nous nous en servons comme cahier de vacances bien que ce soit assez épais. Si vous avez apprécié les mathématiques de Singapour c’est le top. Le fait que ce soit en anglais n’est pas dérangeant. Je vais commander les autres.

  76. Nino

    Good couchEasy workbook. Kids enjoy to work

  77. Sheena

    Answer key is for another workbookGood

  78. D. Caron

    thumbs downthumbs down

  79. Jennifer Stroesser

    Really good for homeschoolingReally good for homeschooling

  80. Stargazer

    Arrived quicklyArrived quickly and as described in picture and information on product

  81. meng zhang

    very goodthis book is very helpful for grade 6 children to learn basic fractions

  82. Arturo Figueroa

    ExcelenteExcelente libro

  83. SHAFT

    Might be Kumon Maths doesn’t provide enough rigour.Was expecting more practice exercises like the work booklets- didn’t’t happen. Wasted my money.

  84. Cristiane santos

    PerfeitoExatamente o que eu procurava ,ótimo para exercitar em casa,muitos exercícios para reforçar a atividade escolar .Como no método kumon mesmo

  85. Coutinho, edson vieira


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